Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Wait. Umm. A FOUNTAIN you say? Well well WELL, first things first, Maria started taking, and taking, and- Oh GOD. "K-KANE!" Uhh, Shit, Maria kept taking and taking water, forming it into the horrific ghoulish titan she had before, as she bolted away under cover of smoke and mist. Thanks for that, Vigil, Raven. The titan was probably SOMEWHAT DISTRACTING, considering how fucking big it could be getting there, which is what she hoped for. She'd try to take attention away from Casey since she couldn't exactly- OH JEEZ FROM LEX. AWAY FROM LEX, IS WHERE THE TITAN WAS DOING DISTRACTIONS. But it seemed that wouldn't be needed for long. Holy cow, everything was happening too fast. Good! Hopefully that meant the anime-ass mech they were fighting would have a more difficult time wiping the floor with all of them. If the ridiculous bombardment the mech was receiving broke its shield: then the titan would form over its right limbs (since it seemed Sharie had attention on the left arms), one at a time, looking for places it could get inside. It would remove itself from limbs when it was done searching, so people could fire on it. If there were actually places it had been blasted open (via Elena or Lex's attacks), those would take priority. Since she didn't exactly have to look at it anymore, she could take some liberties trying to figure out how to get in there and drown the asshole.

As for her physical self, she started running up the stairs. She could take... a hit... right then... hopefully... She hoped... Fuck it. If she was dead meat distraction, that was fine, but she couldn't do much on the ground. She'd try to climb in whatever direction the mech was turning away from, or not looking at, but she was going, damn it. Her grappling hook in hand, just in case she had to bail very quickly.

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