Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Max rushed behind cover, stacking some benches with the help of Gabriel and swiftly modifying his magnet gun. Firmly welding it to his arm and boosting the power with the help of his suit's energy core, he found that he could use it as a jury-rigged grapple gun! It had a range of maybe twenty feet, though.

Elena unloaded her tank gun on the mech's shields, and the alien responded by firing a salvo of plasma missiles at her location.

Elena's armor was melted to shit, her tank gun was blasted in half, and she was launched back into the wall, striking the ground hard. She was still alive, and she was already healing in the places she'd been injured, but fuck that hurt!

Marcus threw a smoke grenade, then shot his grapple hook up towards the upper atrium, climbing up rapidly using his spiderlike agility! He got to the third story and hopped off, getting a good vantage point over the atrium.

Akira rushed around the mech and jumped on its back, trying to climb up. Seemingly noticing her actions, the shields immediately discharged a massive electrical burst that shot her off, across the atrium, and sent her smashing into a wall. Fuck.

Casey lied on the ground where he'd been crushed, and found his strength returning as his body healed some of the damage. He could probably get up and continue the fight, if he willed it.

Lex rushed behind cover. Then, preparing her scepter, she jumped out and shot a burst shortly after Elena's tank gun blast. It was an INCREDIBLY powerful blast that smashed into its shields hard, causing the mech to recoil a bit. The shield flickered a bit, but held strong. The mech then turned its guns on Lex, firing several massive plasma blasts.

Which were opportunely intercepted by Gabriel's shield! Sadly, the plasma overpowered the shield after a brief moment and struck his armor, melting through the left arm and torso plating. The armor was henceforth compromised. He then grabbed Lex, and got her back to cover.

Desmond and Simon started shooting out the atrium's lights, making good progress. Unfortunately, as they took them down, the vents and hatches throughout the atrium began to open up, spewing forth countless drones (similarly to what happened in the hangar). Simon started firing on those, while Desmond kept shooting the lights.

Sharie took cover, taking pot shots when she could! The shields didn't go down, so she kept her head low. She shot drones when they got too close, but otherwise kept a low profile.

Maria focused hard and managed to bring together a rather enormous amount of water from the fountains, coalescing into an absolutely titanic water construct that towered above the mech. It began smashing into it, trying to batter through the mech's shields its force. Parts of the water also covered Maria from the drones as she ran up the stairs, making it to the second story.

Layla flew around the mech, shooting off powerful blasts of energy at its joints and seeming weak spots. A few of the stronger ones caused the shields to flicker, but they still weren't down.

"STAY DOWN FROM THERE!" yelled the mech, firing a salvo of missiles into the stairwell and elevator shafts, blowing them all to pieces on the second story. Getting upstairs would be a bit more complicated now.

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