Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
As the mech prepared to fire off its missile salvo, Sharie rushed up to it and shot entirely too much pollen at the missile launcher. Rather spectacularly, the missile launcher fucking exploded, doing SIGNIFICANT plasma damage to the mech in the process.

Akira rushed the bot and jumped on, finding that she could now climb up with the shield generator destroyed. She immediately began punching, ripping, screaming, and tearing, doing significant damage to the mech in the process. Meanwhile, on the other side of the mech, a giant Elena was performing similar actions, bashing it occasionally with a huge chunk of debris. As they did this, Layla flew by, shooting several powerful blasts at the joints of one of the arms, ruining it.

And then a ton of water surged towards the mech from all directions, guided by Maria. Flowing in through the many newly-created holes in the armor, it managed to surge through, ruining a large number of sensitive electrical components. To avoid electrocution, Elena jumped off, while Akira was shocked away by the charge (powering her up). The cockpit rapidly filled with water, and while the Admiral couldn't drown due to his suit, his control over the giant mech was ruined.

So he pressed the eject button and launched himself out, landing about thirty feet away. The mech exploded in a massive plasma explosion that knocked Sharie, Elena, and Akira back. It scarred Sharie's armor, while Elena and Akira were both covered in burns. Fortunately, they'd heal rather quickly.

The alien admiral, now on foot with a plasma pistol in each hand, seemed rather pissed. He immediately produced a telekinetic shield, and began picking up debris with his mind, throwing them at random party members.

Meanwhile, other heroes faced off against the alien infantry. Casey plowed into them, using his strength and durability to pummel them. Several plasma bolts struck him, searing into his flesh, but he was able to tank it. He managed to put down several aliens with his fists alone.

At the same time, several grenades and explosive arrows landed near the advancing soldiers, blowing several of them to hell. Simon managed to shoot a few aliens, but as he tried to climb the rope in his heavy power armor, he found that the grapple hook above gave way. This caused him to fall the few feet he'd climbed, landing with a loud thud on the ground. Marcus would need to find another way up.

Having thrown his grenades, Desmond began throwing around lightning and fire. The fire was good for blinding the enemy aliens, while the lightning could occasionally impact their weaponry. However, it was Ceridwen that was doing the actual damage on his behalf, bounding through the room under cover of shadow, tearing the enemy limb from limb.

Gabriel covered Lex with plasma fire while she blew up a few vents. Once again, they were hard to close with a sheer blast, since she wasn't exactly welding a plate over it or anything. But, hey, it fucked up a lot of drones. That was always nice.

Finally, Max managed to climb up two more floors. He hadn't managed to rig his power cells into explosives (since he couldn't do that while climbing), but he was making good progress! One more floor to go.

And at last, Bevill was charging into the enemy infantry, howling like a madman as he blasted them with his grenade launcher. Once that was out of ammo, he dropped it (as it was attached to him via a strap) and lifted his plasma rifle, opening fire with that instead. Whenever an enemy got close to him, he'd produce an energy sword from his right wrist and cleave them apart. He didn't seem too attentive to his surroundings at the moment.

The group probably wanted to put on their anti-telepathy helmets at this point. Though they'd need to take off their power armor helmets to put them on. Unfortunately, Casey's and Elena's anti-telepathy helmets were both destroyed with their armor.

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