Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Elena grabbed a mech arm and threw it at the admiral! Or tried to, anyway. As she lifted it, she suddenly felt an enormous pressure on her mind, threatening to force its way through! With stubborn anger, she managed to fend it off, but was left feeling rather light-headed and weak by the experience.

Casey, meanwhile, started fighting through the aliens with his fists. As he did so, he noticed that a lot of them were KNIGHT agents, or his allies, or pillars. Everything around him began to shift as his perspective changed, and suddenly he was back in Diamante's mansion surrounded by mobsters. They raised their weapons to fire.

Ceridwen, as she bounded across the ground to grab a soldier, suddenly stopped and fell flat. Struggling for a moment, she suddenly rose, then rushed back towards one of the vents.

As Akira charged the admiral, she was suddenly stopped by an intense pressure in her mind. She tried her best to fight, but her will wasn't strong enough, and she felt her mind snap. Her body fell under foreign control and immediately rushed towards Desmond and Simon.

As Desmond concentrated on blasting the admiral with fire and lightning, and Simon focused on fighting off the soldiers, they were both suddenly attacked by Akira. Desmond was punched in the ribs, denting his armor and sending him sprawling to the floor. Meanwhile, Simon was tackled to the ground and punched twice in the face, shattering his visor. Fortunately, the armor was holding up against Akira's onslaught. But for how long was anybody's guess.

Across the atrium, as Bevill slaughtered a swath of destruction through the alien hordes, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Then he turned towards Lex and Gabriel, reloading his grenade launcher as he advanced on them.


Lex's attempt to fire at the admiral was cut off by this sudden distraction, but they both managed to get their helmets on at least. This was bad.

Sharie drew her pistol, switched out her helmets, and started taking pot shots at the admiral. These were blocked by his shield with ease. Layla, meanwhile, divebombed down after switching out her helmets, firing several laser blasts at the shield (which were also blocked). A telekinetic thrust struck her as she flew away, slamming her into the second floor of the atrium before she tumbled down to the floor. Fortunately, she was wearing armor, so she wasn't too heavily injured. Still, it fucking hurt.

Marcus was going to zipline down, but he noticed several of his allies being mind controlled down on the ground. Fuck, that was bad.

Maria switched out her helmet, then shot a massive burst of water down at the Admiral. The sheer force seemed to make him struggle, but he held it off, standing in one place.

Finally, Max climbed onto the top floor, got his psi-helmet on, and rushed towards the catwalk. As he was about to step onto it, he was tackled to the floor by a massive shadow. Ceridwen was suddenly on top of him, snarling and slashing at him. She looked like she was about to tear his unprotected face off.

Everybody now has their helmets on (if it wasn't mentioned) except for Akira, Elena, Casey, Ceridwen, and Bevill. Anybody whom is mind-controlled can still control their vocal functions.

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