Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Oh god, oh god so much was happening!!! Maria started almost doing a lot of things, then realized very quickly that her allies were taking care of some things. Ok, some things off the list. They were taking care of the problems. There was less she had to take care of. These guys were competent, she could focus on doing less, better. First thing, she split up some of her water. Three quarters of it stayed on the ground, pummeling aliens and drones down there, keeping them away from allies. They had some heavy hitters, they could take care of the shield, and the thing inside.

The other quarter of the water started coming up to meet her, and she took her grapple gun, and got up to the 6th floor. Max had looked like he was in trouble, and ooooOOOOOOH GOD CERIDWEN WAS HUGE! "MAX, COVER YOUR FACE!" Maria shouted, and she threw a fireball at Ceridwen, about a yard in diameter if she could manage it. (She'd know better than Corn what she could do...) She was scared of killing the cat, but more scared of Max dying. If he got his hands over his face, then she was hoping the heat from the fireball wouldn't get him too bad, since she wasn't hitting him with it directly anyway.

Oh god she hoped she didn't kill Raven's cat.




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