Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Akira regained control, tried to throw Simon, but found that she wasn't strong enough to throw a guy in heavy power armor three-hundred feet vertically into the air. Simon went about ten feet up before coming down and landing on the ground. Welp.

Akira then turned and charged the alien admiral, dodging around a few plasma blasts before punching the shield with astounding force. Layla then did another divebomb, lasering the shield again, before the shield suffered yet another Starburst from Lex. Desmond shot a massive burst of electricity at the shield, while a massive burst of fire came down, finally breaking the admiral's concentration!

Casey then regained control. The admiral was about twenty feet in front of him.

He had this. He could do it.

He started rushing forward just as an electro-shock arrow entered his leg, sliding between the armor plates. It didn't floor him, but it FUCKING HURT. He stopped in his tracks...just as Elena also regained control.

She immediately plowed forward, tackled the admiral, tore off his helmet, looked him in his terrified eyes, and snapped his fucking neck.

Around the atrium, water surged around, knocking over enemies as Gabriel and Sig both fired on them with their plasma weaponry. Sharie pulled the unconscious Bevill behind cover, firing at aliens as she went, and Marcus fired arrows down while simultaneously sneaking around, cutting the occasional alien throat.

Max made a run across the catwalk, rewired the security room door, and entered to find himself face-to-face with an alien engineer. The engineer was aiming a shotgun directly at his head, and looked prepared to fire.

From Maria's perspective, she spotted a shadow burst out of the vent and rush across the catwalk. She couldn't react in time to stop it from entering the security room, where it pounced, tackling the engineer to the ground.

The alien one, of course. She tore the alien engineer's throat out, securing the security room for Max. The inventor quickly spotted the teleportation inhibitor (having been briefed on its appearance on the way up), unloaded his toolbox, and got to work. A few moments later, the inhibitor was down.

And that's when the fun started!

Bald Eagle appeared on his glider blaring the Battle Hymn of the Republic as he flew around, blasting aliens with plasma fire and missiles.

Nick Urias, sporting his usual trenchcoat (with a simple combat vest underneath) began firing on aliens with a plasma pistol, all the while throwing a lot of fire around. He was around six feet tall, with nearly brown hair and a confident smirk. Looked kind of like a hobo. Wonder where Desmond got that from.

The Demon of Angel City also appeared, wearing heavy polymer combat armor, a heavy demon mask, and carrying an energy sword in her off hand, and a plasma pistol in her primary. She immediately started combatting the aliens.

Also appearing was Lone Star (who was, of course, dressed as a battle-armored cowboy, with two magnetic pistols and a whole lot of joyous screaming), the Lioness (a rather fearsome orange-armored helmeted woman who was wielding an energy spear for the occasion), a humanoid blue moth of some sort (whom Elena would recognize as Kat), a crazy golden-haired guy in a gaudy gold outfit who called himself Solar Flare (who seemed highly-capable in both flight and shooting beams of energy), an absolutely ridiculous guy in a silly red and white outfit with a giant maple leaf emblazoned on the front, and finally: a tan streak was moving around the alien ship at impossible speeds, swiping the helmets off of every alien in sight almost instantaneously.

They were accompanied by dozens of KNIGHT agents, all armed and armored with the best weapons available. (Agents Caldera, Litton, Blackford, Grimm, Palmer, Arcuri, Jasper Wolfe, Alan Hawke, and Richard Hawke were the recognizable ones for certain people in the group).

The cavalry had arrived, teleporting onto the atrium floor. And with them came a rather large (motorcycle-sized) glowing egg-shaped device filled with a strange swirling aura of energy and electricity. A bomb!

They were all on the team communications frequency. Except for the strange tan streak. Nobody knew what was going on with that.

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