Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Yes!!! Maria VERY QUICKLY swapped out her helmets while Max was taking down the teleporting blocker. An image of a coyote's face in alien blood greeted the cavalry, or at least incredibly quickly afterward. So much was happening, always, holy shit.

First thing Maria did? She went slowly, non-threateningly over to Ceridwen. Her visor lifted, enough to share another look with the cat. She was sorry. She was glad Ceridwen was ok, too. Closing her eyes, she nodded (not knowing if she could understand speech anyway), and then flipped the visor down, a smile creeping onto her face. KNIGHT was here. The Admiral was dead. And the aliens were fucked. She wanted to say something cool and supportive to Max, because he DID it, things were almost certainly decided, but she couldn't think of anything cool enough. Buh. Have to think about that. She turned to walk quickly back down the catwalk. Reaching the middle of the catwalk, she leaned over the railing to shout down at the... this guy? Who was being SO helpful. "THANKS, FAST DUDE!" Maria let out a short laugh, pulled her sword out of her sheath, and turned on her energy shield, as a whole bunch of water rushed... a lot of places.

She started drowning every single unhelmeted alien she could see, shoving water down their mouths and noses, not giving them opportunity to move out of it. For the floors she could see, assholes were drowning. Max had his own shit, some good armor, his helmet back probably, and Ceridwen, who was with them again. Yeah. He would be ok. It was time for the fun part. She looked to him, and smiled, tone conveying it where the coyote on her helmet couldn't. She had nothing particularly cool to say, but hey, sometimes things just needed saying. "Saved the damn world with this. Thanks."

Then she jumped.

An excitable yell could be heard through the atrium as Maria fell, and much of the water at her disposal surged up and caught her fall so it wouldn't kill her. She sunk down quickly, and continued her drowning quest, running out into the fray to take aliens out with her sword. She also may have splashed Beville's face with water. To see if that would help.

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