Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Simon nods. "Me too. But in Neutaven, that's where I'm from. I know KNIGHT saved the city, but I've only heard back from a few people. As for the rest of it, I don't think much is going to be fully okay for a while, but we'll just have to rebuild all the damage."

He looks back towards the sound of helicopters and decides to follow his own advice. He leans against a nearby tree, and with a click his helmet comes off. A sweat drenched balaclava is then pulled up to his forehead. Simon, covered in shadow, dirt, sweat, and just a bit of blood, looked so different from his media friendly self that they might as well be two completely different people. He takes a couple of bites and pulls the hat back down.

"And hey, if you ever want to talk about all... this let me know. It was important that we did what we did but it doesn't mean that it wasn't hard or that you're crazy for thinking so. Hopefully after a debrief and permission to go home and not another mission.". His voice sounding a little more hopeful, Simon puts his helmet back on, letting the distortion in his voice return.

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