Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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Real Name: Cassandra Caldwell "Cass"

Alias: Number Nine, #9 (She is called this because it's the number on her Jersey.)

Home City: Hooverville.

City description:
Located East coast. Its main industries and economic cornerstones are Biopharmaceuticals, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Technology. It doesn't really have a culture. It's aesthetic is livable trash town. It has pretty wide income gaps, some gentrification going on, slums, middle class houses on the outside of the city. It doesn't like putting a lot of money into parks or other miscellaneous projects, mostly putting its income into infrastructure and government run facilities.

Character description: Cass is 23 years old. 6 foot even. White but tanned. Brown hair pulled up in a ponytail. Her ponytail is fuschia dyed at the end tips. Green eyes. Very athletic build. Freckles over nose/cheeks and shoulders. Usually seen wearing some form of BelowBarrier (Knock off of Under Armour.) Also Bikey gear. (a knock off Nike)

Character background: She had a pretty average American childhood. Did well in high school. Was the star of her soccer team while also doing hockey during the winter. She got an all expense scholarship to Hoover University (Hoo U). Her major was Physics. Her minor was Business. During a heated soccer match for the finals, she legitimately thought she had found her match against this team. It was an intense game and it almost looked like for sure Cass's team was going to lose. Cass didn't want to lose this shot after working so hard all her life. With desperation she tried with all her might to win back the game. During that desperation adrenaline and faced with the conclusion of loss, something let loose from inside of her. A tremendous power surged within her as she went for the final kick to break the tie game. Her powers awoke, and her team progressed to the championship matches.

She didn't know what to do with herself after that. She didn't know what was going on. She couldn't kick a soccer ball without it looking like it would hurt someone. She couldn't face the Championship match knowing that she was cheating in some way. With a heavy heart she faked a leg injury so she couldn't play the last match of her career. She knew she couldn't move on to the professional level either. She spent the rest of her days trying to hone the power she got in her spare time.

Before the alien war and after she graduated college, she got a coaching job for a young girl's soccer team. She was just doing that until she found a more stable job. She thought about being a hero, but there were so many other heros about. She also didn't know anything about law. Plus there was the Red Reaper running about, that... was one of the main reasons she didn't want to attract attention. He was scary and she wasn't sure of his alliance. She would rather not have to deal with him, so she kept on practicing with her powers.

When the alien war hit, she was with her roommate Magdalen and friend Roland at the time. Well, lets just say she was glad Roland had his bowling ball in his apartment at the time. She fought the aliens off but that came with her friends knowing about her powers. Roland was super intrigued by the alien metal and made sure to take it from the aliens Cass defeated. After the ship was destroyed Cass found out that her parents were also saved! They hid out in a camp store and then got taken to the sewers by the one and only Radka Roykov. How fortunate!

She spent the year recovering and helping with the children and getting the children's sports league up and running, because they had nothing else to do that was fun while the internet was out. Her friends were insistent that she become a hero but she kept saying she wasn't ready yet. One day Roland gave her alien metal shin guards and a modified bike as more incentive to step into the hero roll.

When Storm announced itself... Well, she couldn't stay in hiding anymore.

Costume Description: On her head she has a Hockey Goalie helmet with a mouthguard. She has a fuchsia soccer jersey with white stripes running through it. It doesn't have a team name, just the number 9 in white. She has black track shorts and white sliding shorts underneath. She wears special alien metal shin guards with purple socks over them and metal cleats.

Character advantages: She has a mutant ability to enhance her body to superhuman degrees during athletic activities. Has only ever manifested when she does an activity related to sports. She can't use her powers indefinitely. She has to stop and rest depending on how much power she uses.

Friends and Family:
Patricia R. Caldwell - Mother. Has been Very supportive of Cass throughout her entire life. She's a workaholic and a busybody. Always has to be moving and doing something
Gerald Caldwell- Father. Pretty laid back. He used to be the one she went to as a kid to get anything thing she wanted. Doesn't know much about sports but supports Cass anyway. Would stop whatever he is doing to give her help or attention. Is a teacher.
Emily WeiƟ - She met Emily online at a music forum and they have been online friends ever since!
Roland Foster - Metal worker and Engineer. They met while he was showing off one of his metal works at a show case and hit it off. They keep in contact very frequently.
Magdalen Schaefer - Current roommate. They met during Business Class and came together to rent an apartment after their schooling. Currently working in the newly rebuilt Paracell.
Jerry Little - Old Coach. They don't keep in contact much anymore but she sometimes goes over for his sports parties and helping his current team out.
Emily Overby - Old highschool friend that used to be co captain in her team.
Entire College soccer team.
Youth Soccer and Hockey team.

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