Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy

Real Name: Dr. Emily Hartmann, MD

Alias: Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a superhero!

Home City: Mishawum

Character Description: A rather tall woman of mixed descent, with dark skin and mid-length black hair which is pretty much always tied back in a ponytail. Reasonably athletic build, in a sort of “goes to the gym once a week” way. Looks tired all the time, because she’s a doctor. Have you ever met a doctor? They don’t get to sleep.

Character Personality: Friendly, if a bit distant. Tends to get very focused on everything she does, which 95% of the time is her work. Tends to talk quickly and tersely, especially when she’s busy, and doesn’t like to be interrupted. Incredibly driven to succeed, and takes each and every one of her failures very, very personally. Relatively selfless, and commits herself very strongly to the wellbeing of everyone around her. Kind of a huge nerd if you manage to catch her off work, and she’ll talk for hours about some weird subject like trepanning in the Byzantine Empire or something like that.

Character Background: Emily’s has been a life of ups and downs. Scarcely enough ups to counteract the downs, but you know, take what you can get. Her father, a doctor himself, died in a car accident when she was young, and sometime after her mother remarried the family fell on hard times. They moved around a lot for her stepmom’s job, and after just a few more years, her sister died of leukemia. Left an only child being bounced around the country constantly, Emily’s childhood was a fairly miserable one.

In spite of everything, Emily’s parents still managed to send her to college, albeit with some hefty loans involved. She came out as transgender during her freshman year, which fortunately went pretty well. Her family and friends were cool about it (the few friends she had anyway). She pursued not only a degree in molecular biology, but a medical degree as well. She also supported herself on the side by working as an EMT, growing ever more dedicated to saving lives - inspired by those she’d lost, no doubt. Emily was sick of Death’s shit, and she was going to help save every damn person she could.

In 2016, Emily graduated medical school, receiving her MD on what was one of the happiest days of her life. The celebration didn’t last long, though, as Emily saw the warning on the news - aliens were invading Earth. There was no telling why they’d come, no telling how many of them there were. But it was only hours before Mishawum was attacked by a massive alien ship in what most people were fairly certain was the end of the world. Worse still, the Dragonfly was nowhere to be seen - Mishawum’s own hero had been taken to DC to fight a different, apparently more important ship. Having the Dragonfly around was always comforting, knowing that when some megalomaniac turns a killer whale into a monster or some giant butterfly-man decides to stab the shit out of some people, there’ll be someone around to stop them.

No such luck for Mishawum. As her fellow doctors mostly stuck to the hospital treating everyone that was brought in, Emily took it upon herself to seek out the injured in the middle of a fucking warzone and do whatever she could for them. Maybe she wasn’t a superhero, but she sure saved some lives that day, and all she suffered was… well, some plasma burns and a missing right arm. It wasn’t a very minor injury.

More tragedy was still lying in wait afterward. Emily’s stepmom was killed by an alien trooper. Her mom managed to beat said trooper to death with nothing but a potted plant, but it was too late at that point. Barely enough left for a burial. Her friend Gerald, a fellow doctor, was similarly killed in the war - he was evacuating patients from an unstable part of the hospital when it collapsed on him, killing him instantly. Emily was quite justifiably devastated by this turn of events, but as she always had, she steeled herself and kept on. There were still lives that needed saving. There were always lives that needed saving.

The next year was a fairly uneventful one, all things considered. Sure, there were those STORM guys, and they were an abomination against all that was good, but it’s not like she could do anything about them. There was a string of oddities in the area that she had to deal with. Natalie Ng, a college student who broke her arm in an arm wrestling match, but then walked out five minutes later like it was no big deal. Abigail Rodriguez, who’d been struck with a coma after a mysterious accident related to her weirdo of a father, and who was struck with another coma a couple weeks later that took much longer to recover from. Emily McKellar, who claimed to be from the future and also claimed to have been injured in a time machine explosion. Emily only came to believe her when she suddenly vanished into the timestream once more. And finally, an unnamed old woman who claimed to be an ancient Egyptian queen who’d escaped from an exhibit at the local history museum. Turns out she was just really old and not an actual mummy (and happened to be off her meds that day).

The most recent of her patients at the ER was one Sydney Escher, a local celebrity critically injured in a car crash. Emily overworked herself (as she always does) trying to keep her stable the first day, but she failed to report in for work the next day. Fortunately, Sydney made a full recovery in record time thanks to a certain bug symbiote, but that’s not really important now. That first night, Emily had slept fitfully, with some horrible fever dream about wading through piles of corpses and the horribly injured, trying to save those she could but only managing to pull herself deeper and deeper into the sea of bodies. You know, real fun dreams. She woke up around 4 pm the next day, with numerous messages on her phone and an alarm that had been going off for 8 hours straight. She also felt absolutely exhausted even then. But that wasn’t the weirdest part, no. The weirdest part was that she’d managed to grow her missing arm back in her sleep.

With some experimentation, she came to realize that no, this wasn’t some regenerative power, but rather some latent mutant power or something that just happened to make her much, much better at her job than anyone else had ever been.

And that's about when the global internet started failing and the president issued an urgent request for any and all superheroes to head for DC. Emily's not exactly a hero, and she's certainly not a fighter (and doesn't plan on becoming one), but she couldn't just ignore that with her newfound abilities. And so, Dr. Emily Hartmann boarded a train for DC to offer whatever help she could.

Costume Description: A… like, a labcoat? She’s a fucking doctor.

Character Advantages: Virtute medicinae - Emily can heal people. That’s literally her only power. She can touch people to heal wounds, diseases, and more. This isn’t infinite, naturally, as more severe healing (like regenerating an eye or limb or something) will fatigue her or knock her out entirely. She can also use this power at a distance, but it tends to sharply fall off in power the further away she is. She also can’t bring people back from the dead, except maybe when they’ve just died and there’s still hope of recovering them.

Medic! - Has a medical degree, a year of experience in the ER, and several years of EMT experience. So, she’s pretty good at mundane medicine.

May or may not have other bizarre mutant powers, but if she does they have yet to express themselves.

Friends and Family:

Dalia Hartmann - Mom. Currently unemployed, lives in Washington. Emily looks up to her and tries to stay in regular contact. Loves animals.

Dr. Manisha Patel - Friend from medical school, works at the same hospital as Emily. Avid fan of superhero media, even if there are real actual superheroes everywhere now.

Sofia Kovac - College friend. Lives in Albatross City, but stays in regular contact with Emily. Sort of an outdoors-y type, loves camping, hiking, and archery. Killed more than one alien with her bow during the alien war. May be considering further superheroism.

Kiana Leyton - Another friend. Lives in an apartment in Mishawum, not far from Emily's. Works as a veterinarian; also a hobbyist blacksmith in her free time.

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