Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Cass had to kind of sidle around a huge mess of... What was it? It was hard whatever it was. She stood at about six feet tall and looked built and athletic. She was wearing a fuchsia soccer jersey with white stripes running down the sides. It didn’t have a team name, just the number 9 in white. On her wrist were support wrappings. She was also wearing black track shorts and white sliding shorts underneath. She had long purple knee socks and black cleats. On her head she had a styled white and fuchsia hockey helmet. Funny how that thing is able to keep her identity, it’s just like the comic books!
(She had brown hair ((fuchsia dyed ponytail)) and freckles on the bridge of her nose and cheeks, with green eyes. That’s only for those who could see past the mask.)

She was carrying a HUGE sports bag with various equipment sticking out because the bag couldn’t hold it all.

“Wow... I finally made it to the big leagues.” She said, looking at the big name super hero’s, star stuck.

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