Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Lex fired off her burst of sun energy into a dropship, melting the front and weakening its incredibly thick armor, but otherwise not getting through. It was unknown how Cass gave a fucking soccer ball such armor-piercing qualities, but hey.

Then Valence fired off an emotional laser at the same dropship, blasting it further. Its engines began to smoke.

Finally, Max hit it with his supercharged electro cannon, causing its engines to finally catch fire before it hit the ground.

Isidora fired on a few of the robots on the ground with her magnum, killing three spiderbots, two troopers, and distracting a goliath as they charged the lines down on the ground below. There, the soldiers, tanks, and artillery were all firing into the approaching robots.

Marcus and Devana both fired into the robots below with their thermite arrows, killing several robo troopers in the process! The one called Blackheart was nowhere to be seen.

Maria and Eva flew towards one of the intact dropships and zoomed inside, Maria sifting through the cracks in mist form while Eva phased through. Inside, they found that there wasn't anywhere to really materialize. It was all compact and tightly built, with no room for any organism larger than a half foot. Tiny automated robots went around repairing the insides. The dropship had no interior. Its payload was carried underneath.

Cobra King was wildly throwing cobras down at the robots. They seemed...metallic?

Cass was tired, but her strength was recovering!

Bald Eagle was firing his glider's weapons down at the robots on the ground, but was avoiding engaging the dropships in close combat. They seemed to have pretty strong point-defense weapons.

Solar Flare was flying around as well, blasting robots on the ground with sun beams. His flight seemed a lot slower than usual, and his sun beams were pretty weak. It was almost dusk, and the sun was setting.

Finally, Diamante jumped off the roof onto the ground below and rushed towards the robots, punching them with his diamond fists.

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