Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
The ranged blast from Emily gave Siren and Lone Star some pain relief. She made it to Cobra King, who was lying on the ground. Valence and Casey covered her as she worked.

"Ahhhh, the paaaaain. The humanity!" Cobra King wheezed. "The sssssnake filled void will conssssume meeeeee..."

His wounds weren't actually as serious as he was making them out to be. They were painful, but they wouldn't IMMEDIATELY kill the poor man.

He grabbed Emily's arm.

"Tell my sssnakes...I died a hero!"

Eva found some grenades in the armory, open for the taking! The dropships had all dropped off their payloads at this point, but they were circling around the Pentagon to open fire on the heroes. Eliminating some of them would cut back on enemy fire support, since the SAM batteries had been abandoned by the retreating soldiers.

Max and AI Emily retreated down the stairwell, firing as they went. Emily caught several bullets to the chest and right shoulder, but seemed to power through it.

Devana and Vigil both backed towards the stairwell, firing weak EMP arrows and thermite arrows to help the group escape!

Solar Flare stopped his blasts and flew back as quickly as he could, landing on the roof to help cover the others with his waning powers! Dragonfly was flying around above as quickly as she could, bending the dropship gun barrels with her super strength. When she reached one, she seemed to receive an electric shock, and fell towards the Pentagon roof unconscious!

Nine retreated as well, rushing down the stairwell as the others covered her! The various other unmentioned heroes rushed down with her, leaving the roof relatively vacant.

On the ground, Isidora fired her revolver into the robot troopers, downing one after another. They reached the lines, washing out Diamante in a tide of metal, and Isidora began fighting! She stabbed robot after robot, fighting alongside the soldiers in a desperate bid to defend the Pentagon!

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