Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Yasmine went into the armory and found a suit of heavy tactical armor! After putting that on, she rushed down to the bottom floor, where she joined Isidora.

Isidora cleaved through the robots with inhuman speed and strength! While she wasn't as strong or as fast as Yasmine, she was a lot more skillful, and seemed to be ending the robots with great skill and purpose. Yasmine joined in, using her spear and newfound armor to deadly effect as she tore robot after robot apart. Casey also charged out with his new backback, punching and tearing robots apart with his bare hands. Diamante emerged from the metal tide, his suit in tatters, and continued his punching and kicking. The blue armored woman was firing explosive arrows from the sidelines, demolishing goliathbots and the occasional tankbot with her excellent aim.

Emily provided medical support to Cobra King, healing his wounds! She also healed the Dragonfly, whose entire nervous system was completely overwhelmed. She was also in human form, looking to be a woman of...possibly Southeast Asian descent? Whatever the case, she was quickly healed, and she transformed back into her dragonfly form upon regaining consciousness.

"Sure," AI Emily said to Max, glancing around. "If you create a strong enough wireless transmitter, I may be able to take control of some of the robots."

Around the Pentagon, enemy dropships suffered unfortunate damage at the hands of rogue grenades, which caused explosions everywhere. Seemed that Eva had done what she could up there.

Maria flew down, planting explosives on several tankbots and causing catastrophic damage! Hell yeah!

The robots began to tear through the roof access door, pouring down into a hail of gunfire from soldiers below, as well as Marcus and Devana! THEY WERE ADVANCING REGARDLESS. IT WAS BAD.

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