Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Max and Vigil set up some traps in the corridor leading up! Hopefully that'd thin the enemy ranks a little. A few of the soldiers helped them in this!

"I can handle it," AI Emily told Simon.

Simon lent Vigil and Max his grenades, then started setting up a fallback point further down the stairwell. A few soldiers also helped him with this, stacking various hard pieces of furniture and whatever else happened to be nearby to act as cover.

Valence sat and recovered, and realized that her head was ABSOLUTELY KILLING HER. The strain of all this combat was really starting to wear on her. She'd need a more serious rest before long.

Solar Flare walked over to the window, then looked back to Lex, nodding his head.


He got fucking blasted, and immediately directed that energy down towards the tanks, yelling out as he did so. One of the tankbots was completely destroyed.

Isidora, Diamante, the blue armored woman, and Casey all saw this as they fought below. Some of the soldiers cheered, but most kept fighting. Things were desperate, but the destruction of a tankbot really did help morale. Isidora was actually taking a moment to recover from the sudden loss of her ability when Casey popped up next to her, having escaped the goliath by tunneling beneath the dirt.

He immediately began punching things.

He was good at punching things.

He was also joined by a familiar black tiger who crawled out of the dark hole after him, tearing a robot trooper in half before quickly retreating back into the hole. If Casey could make some more shadows, Ceridwen would probably be a lot more effective.

Upstairs, the robots began to rush down into the foyer, and the traps began destroying robots left and right as they rushed down. They seemed endless, but all knew that they weren't.

"HOLD OUT A LITTLE LONGER!" yelled Bald Eagle as he flew in through the foyer window on his glider, blasting several robots as he entered. "BACK-UP IS ALMOST HERE!"

Lone Star began lighting sticks of TNT (where the fuck did he get that?) and throwing them into the approaching robots. The Demon and Nick were firing their weapons up at the robots, occasionally throwing up shields, while the Rookie and Dragonfly had seemed to team up. The Rookie was charging into battle in front of the Dragonfly, hitting away any tasers or electrical attacks that came her way. She, in turn, was smashing robots with her fists, random improvised weapons, and whatever else she could find.

Finally, Eva fired down at the robots from the roof with her shotgun. Considering the shotgun's spread, it wasn't particularly effective.

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