Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Lex fired another blast at Solar Flare, and he directed the supercharged blast at a tank, destroying it.

Max started putting together a stronger transmitter, doing everything he could to power it up to a sufficient level.

The super-spiderbot's weapons were mounted on rotating swivels to give 360 degree up-down coverage on its undercarriage and top. It'd be blowing the hell out of whatever came near it.

Marcus stuffed a football with EMPs.


"All right, kid! I'll follow your lead!" Diamante yelled to Casey.

And then the super spiderbot's laser finished charging, firing into the Pentagon and immediately blasting right through the outer wall...


Inside, the laser blew right through the entire building, causing an enormous explosion of dust, debris, and heat to ring out as the Pentagon collapsed. Concrete came crashing down, the stairwell collapsed, and the walls fell inward. Glass shattered, filling Lex and Solar Flare with glass shards as they were launched off the second floor to the first, where they were partially crushed by concrete blocks. Lex's left leg was utterly crushed under a giant block, while Solar Flare's right shoulder was impaled on a piece of rebar.

Dr. Emily was protected by Valence, who flew in and threw up a shield that defended her from the debris, rebar, and glass as the building wend down. Thus, both Dr. Emily and Valence were fine. Vigil and Devana both fell through the collapsing staircase, hitting the ground hard and breaking their legs before debris fell on top of them. Vigil knew he was still alive down there, albeit with several crushed limbs and a piece of rebar through his gut. The ironic thing is that it wasn't the first time he'd been crushed beneath debris that week.

Nine, on the other hand, managed to perform some expert gymnastics as she ran and jumped down the collapsing stairwell, but still ended up crushed beneath several chunks of concrete, her left arm and right leg very broken, and several pieces of rebar through her.

Lone Star fell through the collapsing staircase, struck his head hard on a pillar, then disappeared beneath a pile of debris. Max Volts and Emily were both showered with debris, and Max ended up beneath a pile of debris, with a massive chunk crushing and pinning his right arm into the ground. He was also showered with glass, and he suffered numerous painful lacerations. AI Emily was also crushed beneath debris, though where she was beneath it was unknown.

Isidora, being near the entrance, was blasted back out into the battlefield by shattering glass, suffering countless lacerations and being directly impaled by glass in her arms and legs. She hit the ground hard and lied there, in severe pain. Many of the soldiers around her were dead or dying.

Nick Urias and the Demon, who had been fighting side by side against the advancing robot hordes, formed a combined shield against the debris and were battered and smashed down through the staircase into the ground. Using telekinesis to slow their fall, they managed to avert heavy damage via magical shielding. Still, they were buried beneath several floors worth of debris (as was everybody).

Cobra King and Watchwoman both disappeared beneath another cloud and shower of debris, while Bald Eagle was knocked off his glider by the blast and showered with several floors worth of concrete. The Dragonfly was unable to grow to massive size due to her armor, and instead just knelt down, doing her best to survive as several massive chunks of concrete landed on her, burying her along with everybody else.

Simon fell through the staircase as well, ending up pinned beneath a chunk of concrete with a massive piece of rebar through his arm.

Everybody except the Rookie, that is. He'd managed to hit every single chunk of debris away from himself and back at the super-spiderbot, causing substantial damage to the robot as massive high velocity chunks of concrete smashed into its front, damaging several important systems and causing it to stop. Numerous tiny drones came out and started doing repair work on it, but it'd be out of the fight for the time being.

By the end of it, the defended side of the Pentagon was completely collapsed, and everybody inside (including Valence and Dr. Emily, who were together) were buried beneath several floors worth of debris with varying levels of injury. Fortunately, those two had a sphere of protection around themselves.

Outside, Casey, Diamante, Siren, and the blue armored lady looked on. They'd been showered with glass, dust, and small chunks of debris, but were relatively unscathed. And the super-spiderbot seemed to have been hit hard by something.

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