Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Lux and the Dragonfly returned back to the group!

Max did his work, and loaded Emily into the robotrooper body. She took control immediately, then glanced around.

"Good," she said, from her AI core's speakers muffled inside the machine. "...this thing does not have speakers. Great."

She started working with Max to take control of the other robots, with Emily taking it upon herself to wipe their components of any trace of the evil AI. It didn't take long.

With that done, though, she took a robotrooper aside, deactivated it, and began working on its body herself. She apparently aimed to modify it into a proper replacement for her lost body (meaning appropriate armor for the AI core, most of all).

At the same time, Vigil found Bevill walking towards the rec room and accosted him. Bevill quickly explained that he'd been imprisoned by STORM since the end of the alien war, when they dragged his unconscious form from his battered escape pod and threw him in the deepest, darkest hole they could. He was only rescued by Coyote and her friends a year or so later. Which was about a month or two ago. Afterwards, he promptly reunited as much of KNIGHT as he could and has been working to undermine STORM and whatever other threats he could handle since.

He then bid Vigil good day and entered the rec room.

"Important news! Our mutual hacker friend #Hero has managed to pinpoint which of the four bases the AI is actually operating from," he said. "An important discovery. The AI seems to be working from a growing factory-fortress city located within the Permian Basin. Simultaneously, they are using their other three factory-fortresses to produce obscene amounts of robotic soldiers for a rapid conquest of the Earth, which is already underway. I regret to say that much of the United States has already fallen, along with large portions of the rest of the world. The cost of life has been catastrophic."

He grimly looked at them all.

"Our only hope is to stop the AI here and now by throwing everything we have at them. The longer we wait, the stronger they get. That said, we're already en route to that location. Prepare yourselves however you can."

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