Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Maria sighed when Emily spoke, relieved that she’d survive, hopeful she’d be in fighting shape... and kind of glad she wasn’t conscious to feel this. She didn’t disturb her from her work, though.

And then Siren spoke, and she pieced together what had gone down in her absence. That... that was kind of heavy. And Maria wanted to be sicker, but after she’d... goofed that kind of decision on a much larger scale, she couldn’t find it in her to disagree. Bevill seemed sure. And he knew a lot more about this than she did right now.


Provided she could leave Adrasteia’s side for a minute, Maria went to her corner, disappeared, and came back with a spare shrine and a couple of candles in a backpack, handing it to Yasmin. She very deliberately grabbed onto her hand, and set the strap there. “... Siren.” She said, quietly. “This doesn’t make you a monster. Whatever has to happen. Whether you are just willing or you must. I will defend you to hell and back over it. Don’t let anyone shame you for being ready to do what has to happen to save everyone we can possibly save. You’re not small beans either. You’re good, anyone paying enough attention has already seen that. Don’t let yourself forget it. All the same. Let’s hope we don’t see each other until this is all over.”

She squeezed Yasmin’s hand gently, and left the bag in her hand, departing. ... Apparently there was an armory? Casey looked decked out. Maria looked for like, a hammer she could wield. Something better than a piece of rebar, just in case they DID get shot out of the air. She’d grab more hardcore guns if they had them, and looked for armor in Adrasteia’s size if there was any, since hers was sorta kinda ruined. She threw her bag of explosives over her shoulder, set to go whenever needed, and continued doing what she could to help Emily.

Got Doc Emily some water, too. Take care of yourself, Doc. Thank you, thank you, Doc.

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