Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"I, MARCUS LOXLEY, being of sound mind and body, do declare upon my death that any finances remaining will be split between my family and Emma Parker, the latter being a troubled youth whom I was mentoring. I would also like ten thousand set aside for Old Man Jenkins, who has been a valued source of support in my life, despite not ever knowing anything about my personal hobbies. The contents of MY TOOL SHED will go to Emma as well, as well as any SPORTS EQUIPMENT I left behind. My projects with Burson Industries will go to Emily Lexington, to do with as she sees fit.

I wish, for my services in preserving the United States, including preventing a nuclear war, fighting an alien invasion, and resisting a robot menace (the latter which may end in my death), to be granted full presidential pardon of any pending criminal investigations and charges. I would very much like if an organization for rescuing and mentoring victims of childhood brainwashing and helping to reintegrate into society founded, not under my name, necessarily, but such a program needs to exist. Finally, I'd like for the government to step up any programs to combat white supremacy in all its forms. There is, of course, nothing I can do to ensure these conditions are met, I only hope that my service and sacrifice will be noted and appreciated.

Finally, I'd like to be brought back as a violent revenant of vengeance, because I don't trust KNIGHT or anyone to actually make good strides in the last two points above. I trust my more 'magical' friends to accomplish this, failing that, I'm sure some bored wizard out there will do that. If anyone reading this isn't in the know- yeah, magic is real, so are ghosts, and there's a murderous ghost mime out there to prove it-

Actual final note- wizards, there's a seal in Shermingham holding back a ridiculously powerful and bloodthirsty ghost, please check it every year to make sure it stays sealed. If anyone can destroy a ghost, please go destroy it. It only wants to kill. Please.

So I sign this will, with two witnesses,

Maria "Coyote" Forgotyourlastname -
Doctor Emily Don'tknowyourname, I realized you were here so I might as well have you sign this anyway-

P.S. Maria please help me make sure Devana doesn't die during this, maybe also if we can yank Lux out at last second that'd be nice, too, though she, like you, seems okay with the whole 'drowning a lot of people' thing so maybe it'll be alright."

"Yeah, so I need you to sign this. Doctor Lady, if you could sign this too, that'd be... Great? I guess? Also I'm going to give you a slip of paper with a name and address on it, I'll want you to seek them out after all of this but don't tell them or ANYONE I sent you. I'm serious, no one, no one can know I sent you to heal them. I'll write you into my will for a few grand if it helps."

Vigil extended the paper and pen to Maria.

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