Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"...why?" asked Dragonfly.


"Indeed. A handful of people is not none, but it's far fewer than the millions that are dying right now," Athena told Isidora. "Fortunately for the sake of humanity and Earth as a whole, you are not the only one making decisions."

Athena looked towards Simon.

"There are no large concentrations. Hermes is, however, saving who he can."

"I'll dedicate the ship to rescuing as many people as possible as well," Bevill said. "Once we are dropped off, it'll have no use until the heavy combat starts. The shuttles are prepared. One is headed towards Rainwalk, and the other is headed towards the robot compound. Make your choices individually, I shall not attempt to infringe on your beliefs, though I would advise that one of the water gods travel with the assault team. If only to protect the assault team once the flooding begins."


TEAM ASSAULT is going to the robotic citadel to disrupt the citadel with a massive distraction. This may be a good fit for the stealth-minded characters or characters with stealth-based powers.

TEAM FLOOD is going to Rainwalk to infiltrate the ancient ruins buried beneath and activate the terraforming system. It is unknown what dangers lie in wait beneath the city, considering the ancient lizard city of old fell to eldritch horrors. Robots are also garrisoning Rainwalk, which might prove to be an obstacle. A heavy combat team might be needed.

Both teams will need support people, of course. A healer like Dr. Emily or an engineer like Max can always find use.

Ultimately, though, it's up to the beliefs of the characters involved. NPC heroes and KNIGHT operatives will be going along with the various teams too.

Good luck!

Oh, and another thing. If the flood team is successful and survives, the KNIGHT transport ship will be waiting for you on the surface to take you to the assault. Unless you are Siren and can swim there faster than a transport could take you. In which case you'll just swim. In short, both teams will meet back up with each other EVENTUALLY so don't sweat it too much.)

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