Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Valence can feel Isidora's blood boil as she marks off in her head people who are complicit. People who are willing to have blood on their hands over this. She gets a sense of terrible hurt and disappointment when Casey makes his choice, a worse one when the doctor does. She can feel a sense of dread and doom followed by a resolution as Isidora brings her glasses once more to her eyes with trembling hands, hides behind her scarf, and kneels in whispered prayer. This time, anyone who cares enough to listen (and has sharp enough ears!) will find she's not praying from scripture but rather offering up a feverish prayer of her own design.

"O God above, judge not too harshly the fear in my heart, the hesitation with which I accept the task you have laid before me. Judge me not, because I am no servant of fear, but of you, Almighty Father. If this be the hour of my death, then let it come as you wish it, be it swift or slow, soft or pained, let my agony last so long as you will it, let my death come at the hour you have appointed, and let-- let me be forgiven for my own helplessness, should you find it within your eternal mercy to forgive such a sinner as me. Please, Lord Christ above, know that it is not--- it is not willingly I accept my role in this evil, but only because I wish to do your will separate from it, understand that I struggle and suffer and will soon breathe my last not for arrogance or pride but for advancing your eternal glory, O Lord. I am nothing, but you have granted me strength that I may be something. Where I was weak, you gave me strength, and where I was sinful, you gave me salvation. Though I have sinned in my thoughts and words, in what I have done and failed to do, I implore you, Lord, grant me the strength to pursue righteousness, and if my death soon approaches, let it serve your righteous will. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, may I be delivered from my enemies. Amen."

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