Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy

Team Assault - Team devoted to assaulting the primary robot base early in an attempt to distract robots from Rainwalk and possibly end the robotic threat before Texas must be flooded! Maybe save a few civilians? Who knows!

Isidora - Assault
Max - Assault
AI Emily - Assault
Wendy - Assault
Vigil - Assault
Devana - Assault
Cass - Assault
Simon - Assault
Bald Eagle II - Assault
Lone Star - Assault
Cobra King - Assault
Watchwoman - Assault
The Rookie - Assault
Tlaloc - Assault
Agent Helen Hung - Assault
Casey - Assault

Team Flood - Team devoted to uncovering the ancient ruins beneath Rainwalk and flooding Texas!

Yasmine - Flood
Alexandria - Flood
Dragonfly II - Flood
Solar Flare - Flood
Blue Armored Lady - Flood
Maria - Flood
Emily - Flood
Nick Urias - Flood
The Demon - Flood
Don Diamante - Flood
Athena - Flood
Adrasteia - Flood
Chalchi - Flood
Sir Kenneth Bevill - Flood
Agent Jasper Wolfe - Flood

Ship Team - KNIGHT personnel staying behind on the ship to provide air support and civilian extraction.

Agent Mona Hudson - Staying behind on the ship
Agent Amanda Caldera - Staying behind on the ship
Agent John Grimm - Staying behind on the ship
Agent Andrew Chen - Staying behind on the ship
Agent Alan Hawke - Staying behind on the ship
Agent Richard Hawke - Staying behind on the ship

And so two KNIGHT stealth transports were loaded up with various heroes, agents, and the occasional god. Blasting off from the KNIGHT ship's hangar, they both went off in different directions. One went towards the central Permian basin, while the other went towards Rainwalk. The dropships were both identical, having ten seats on each side of the ship facing one another, along with two seats at the front. One for the pilot, and one for the co-pilot. The Flood Dropship was piloted by Agent Jasper Wolfe, while the Assault Dropship was piloted by Agent Helen Hung. Each dropship had doors at the side for jumping out, as well as a rear loading ramp.

So feel free to make conversation as your dropships head towards the mission area. I'll be keeping the thread united, since making PM adventures with such large groups would be hard.

Whoever posts first from each team can decide on a color. That color will need to be used in all future posts from each team, to keep things clear.

So if Team Flood picks blue, that'll be the color every member of Team Flood posts in until the groups are reunited.

Same goes for Team Assault if they pick red (as an example).

WOO! Good luck, guys. I'm giving you a last chance to socialize before the missions begin properly.

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