Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"Thanks. Same to you," Devana said to Vigil, though she pointedly didn't actually AGREE to not take wild risks.

Auto-assigning Simon since Pala never responded.

-Cobra King

Gate Team:
-AI Emily
-Lone Star
-The Rookie
-Bald Eagle

Casey dug his way under the earth, eventually managing to surface into a storage closet located within one of the factory buildings. It was pretty close to the gate, so it'd probably work. He quickly dropped them off, continuing on his way.

At that point, the Gate Team peeked outside the storage closet. There were a lot of big automated machines working away inside the factory, and there were also a lot of cameras and drones buzzing around. It'd probably be pretty hard to sneak through, but it didn't look like there'd be much hard resistance within the factory.


Casey continued digging, ending up on the other side of the compound. It was a big outdoor storage area filled with raw resources. Probably good for distraction efforts.

Tlaloc began creating a localized rainstorm, and Watchwoman threw a number of smoke grenades around, obscuring their presence. Devana crept off, likely going to find a good vantage point.


And then, suddenly, the ground began to shake. Texas would soon be flooding.

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