Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Her sword glanced off the forcefield uselessly.

Marcus climbed up to the roof, but found a whole lot of concrete blocking him from following the forcefield up! The forcefield did, however, seem to lead through a hole in the roof.

The rock did nothing.

There was nothing in the vacant room besides the forcefield and the robot.

Bevill glanced around the room, walked over to the cube, placed his wooden chest next to it, then sat down on top of it.

"You all can leave if you wish!" Bevill shouted with a smile, sitting down on the chest. "I brought along a solution to this particular problem."

The robot shook her head at Lex's threat.

"I could kill you all right now if I wished," she said, a sudden lightning bolt arcing out from her forcefield and striking the ground near Lex's feet. "But I am confident now. You are more capable of protecting Earth than I am."

She looked to AI Emily.

"You did quite well for an AI so young. You have my respect," the AI said.

"I have no need or desire for your respect, murderer," AI Emily retorted.

"I did only what I thought was necessary," the AI said. "I apologize if my actions may seem rash."

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