Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
"I extend to you an offer. Work with me to defend Earth," she said. "I can create armies in days, a star fleet in months. Together, we could keep Earth and humanity safe for all time, and never again will we have to worry about the Confederacy, or the Collective, or any other threats!"

Lex blasted the ceiling, dislodging a giant chunk of concrete that Vigil deftly avoided. Through the hole in the ceiling, Vigil could see that the forcefield fed into a massive generator. Seemed to be waterproof, as the sudden surge of water didn't seem to be affecting it. The AI glanced up, however, and saw Vigil closing in on the generator.

"Do you accept my offer, or will this be a fight?" she asked, looking to everybody.

"I would rather die than accept that offer," Athena said, simply.

"Agreed!" Bevill shouted.

"Yeah. Can't trust her," nodded Adrasteia.

"Nooooooope, nope nope," Tlaloc sighed.

Chalchi just shook her head.

Lone Star started firing his revolvers at the forcefield. Which did nothing. His bullets disintigrated on contact.

Bald Eagle primed his weapons systems, Diamante cracked his knuckles, and Cobra King...threw his cobra at the forcefield. It just bounced off.

Nobody seemed thrilled about the offer.

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