Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
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RE: Masks: Tales of Heroism and Villainy
Oops, Emily was too responsible to remain a superhero post-timeskip.

Next one!

Real Name: Seona MacLeòid

Alias: Iolaire

Home City: Mishawum. She was there when they founded it, you know.

City Description: Still not needed. I sure go through a lot of characters, huh?

Character Description: A very tall, deathly pale woman, with longish black hair and vaguely spooky eyes. Dresses in a style that could be generally described as “goth”. Not to mention concealing, in the rare occasion she’s out during the day. Has some vaguely goat-like features that grow significantly more pronounced when she’s using the full extent of her powers.

Character Personality: Friendly, generally chill, and vaguely aloof when she’s off work; super-intense and terrifying when she’s working.

Character Background: Seona was born in the year 1285 AD in the highlands of Scotland, which you might recognize as being ‘a long time ago’. She had a different name back then, but honestly, when you’re over 700 years old, you lose track of all the different names you’ve gone through. She was a peasant of no note whatsoever back then, herding sheep and such, until a certain war for independence broke out. She fought in that to get those damned Englishmen away from her sheep, and promptly had the shit stabbed out of her in her very first battle. She would have died then and there, but as it goes in Scotland, some magical bullshit was about.

And so, an indeterminate amount of time later, Seona re-awoke, with a sudden aversion to sunlight and an equally sudden thirst for blood. Seemed that a coven of vampires had scoped out the battlefield after-the-fact, hoping to find some survivors to convert, and Seona was among them. She took the news about as well as one might expect, which is to say, actually pretty badly. She took the news that her farm had been burned and her sheep slaughtered even worse. Seona immediately abandoned her new coven, swearing vengeance against the English, and take vengeance she did, fighting in various wars against the English throughout the ages under various guises. One of those wars even lasted a hundred years, it was nuts.

But, really, there was only so many Englishmen she could kill. Technically, that number was equal to the population of England, but in practical terms, trying to kill everyone in England was dumb as hell. She spent some time lying low, traveling the world and learning various trades, including a fun little trade known as “assassination”. She began selling her services as an assassin all over the place, occasionally faking her death and/or going into hiding when people got suspicious. Eventually, she hopped on a ship across the Atlantic and ended up at the newly-founded colony of Mishawum.

Being a vampire amongst puritans, Seona got exiled pretty fast, which, you know, whatever. Puritans only lived for like 30 years anyway, she just waited and came back when they were all dead. She kept on assassin-ing during various wars in the growing America, ending up in numerous hijinx with a variety of historical figures that would no doubt make for an entertaining, if implausible, work of fiction. She finally gave up on getting involved with wars around the end of the civil war (though she did take plenty of time to fuck with Confederates), because war was just getting too dangerous. So much more fire involved than back in the day.

In the late 1800s, she finally settled back in Mishawum, using her assassination money to have a big gothic manor built in town, which she’s lived in to this day under the identity of a variety of heirs to the old MacLeòid fortune. She still makes her living as an assassin, mostly taking jobs from the city’s thriving magical underworld - and whoever else can manage to get in contact. Seona MacLeòid is her most recent identity, a reclusive concert pianist who inherited the manor and fortune after her aunt’s tragic death in a skeet shooting incident back in 2004.

Costume Description: Not really anything in particular. It’s less conspicuous to just wear ordinary clothes than to run around in an edgy cloak and shit.


The usual vampire nonsense - Seona has incredible agility and strength, as most vampires do. Nothing to write home about. Has to drink blood, recovers from injuries quickly, et cetera.

Glaistig - Seona, in her “normal” form, looks like some kind of weird goat woman. You know, with goat legs and crap. However, she can shapeshift, either to appear human, or into various animals - nothing much larger than a human, though.

Siren’s song - Any music produced by Seona has a supernaturally captivating quality to it, useful for distracting or enthralling people. She’s learned to play numerous instruments over her long life, including but not limited to: violin, piano, harpsichord, pipe organ, saxophone, lute, banjo, accordion, bagpipes, glockenspiel, cello, and sousaphone.

Misdirection - Seona has the power to disrupt peoples’ sense of direction, making them more likely to get lost in places like dense cities or paths in the woods.

Good at weapons - Seona has a bunch of weapons from across the ages stored in her mansion, and is good at using them. Not, like, a master exactly, but she’s competent at minimum.


The sun, the sun! - The sun kills vampires. Obviously. That’s nothing new.

Yearning, burning - Vampires are flammable, it turns out. The “why” is a mystery for the ages.

Stakeout - Why, yes, vampires can also be staked.

Friends and Contacts:

The Angels of Darkness - A coven of goth lesbian vampires. While Seona isn’t a proper member of the coven, she has close connections with them, frequently taking contracts from them and rejecting any contracts that would target their members.

Cateline Sauvage - A member of the Angels of Darkness. Handles most of the jobs the Angels give to Seona; occasionally plays violin to accompany Seona during concerts.

Jimbopulos Thrax - A local wizard, runs a used car dealership on the outskirts of Mishawum. Much older, wiser, and less sketchy than he appears.

Adhara Vinter - Another local wizard; bartender at a secret Magic Pub that Seona frequents, near MIT. Said pub has been here almost as long as Seona. Adhara has not.

Sabriyya Samara - A local Wizard Detective and a real thorn in Seona’s side. Then again, Seona’s a real thorn in her side, so it’s a mutual sort of Magic Rivalry.

Rebecca Olander - A completely mundane human tattoo artist. She’s acquainted with Seona due to some Magic Shenanigans. Owns, like, three cats.

Fionnaghal - The leader of the Seona’s old coven, back in Scotland. Extremely old, very powerful. Possibly a little peeved at Seona, if she remembers her.

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