In Progress GODHOOD: Acts of God
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GODHOOD: Acts of God
Godhood: Acts of God

In the beginning, there was nothing. Of course, this was not the beginning - even the most dimwitted of deities could work out that much. However long it’d been here, though, there wasn’t much left.

In a word, the system was unfinished. A void of half-baked placeholders for things possibly-yet-to-come, left in a quite frankly embarrassing prototype stage. Generic, near-formless creatures, hastily cobbled-together worlds of barely-differentiated divine matter… A canvas abandoned bearing only the underlying sketch of reality.

There was no sign of these world’s creator - or creators - anywhere, no indication of where they may have gone. Nothing but a few misshapen planets orbiting a large, rust-red star. There was potential in this universe - potential untapped for millennia.

As it usually goes in these situations, enter several Gods. They should be careful with this empty canvas, though, lest they attract unwanted attention...

Some Rules
  • Everyone gets a certain amount of Acts, an abstract unit of measure for godly influence. Any action that goes beyond superhuman levels requires one Act minimum to make sure it at least succeeds to the spirit of the letter. You can increase chances of success by spending more Acts on a single action - and either way, more Acts spent means the result will likely be more spectacular.
  • This is not to say that success of your actions will be left entirely up to chance - your actions will usually work on some scale, though stretching your divine power thin may have interesting or unfortunate results (attempting to make a sun with one Act, for instance, may have widely-varying results).
  • Certain minor actions may be performed for free, and in some cases multiple things may be done with a single Act - for example, seeding a world with a wide variety of simple plants, changing minor aspects of most things, and stuff like that.
  • One Act can grant you indefinite person-to-person interactability with mortals for a Turn. At the end of the Turn, all deities have to ascend back and so require another Act to go back again.
  • Absolute destruction is not possible. You can explode a planet at your whim (and deal with the repercussions later) but you cannot atomize a planet to non-interactability or render an intelligent species utterly extinct.
  • Acts don't persist between turns. Just use them.

Deity Name: A name holds power. Pick wisely!
Domain: Ranges from mundane to fantastic. Influences the results of certain actions.
Description: How you represent yourself to puny mortals and petty deities. May be inconsistent. You can also describe your personality if you want to.
Biography: Secret or not-so-secret origins of your deity. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Hello, this is yet another collaboration between me and the one and only Pharmacy. We're trying to refine things a bit to keep the game flowing better. Let's see if this works out. Probably taking about 6 players. Signups will last... oh, I don't know, a week? Something resembling a week, or whenever they die down.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God

“SUN” - A red, moderately large star. Currently in the slow process of dying.

“ASTEROID BELT” - A ring of floating space rocks. Has the essential seeds of life. Probably.

“PLANET” - A large white orb. The only astronomical object that orbits the sun that can support “LIVING THINGS” but otherwise it is devoid of any interesting features.

“STARS” - Little, glowing chunks that populate the gravitational pull of this solar system. Seems to exist here for ornamental purposes only.
“PLANT” - A sort of grayscale grass distributed uniformly across the surface of “PLANET”. No distinguishing characteristics whatsoever.

“HERBIVORE” - A species of small, grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Incredibly generic-looking, almost as if they were sculpted from clay. They reproduce via mitosis, and eat “PLANT” despite having no mouths.

“CARNIVORE” - A larger species of grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Barely distinguishable from “HERBIVORE”, except that they eat them. Or rather, absorb them whole. They have neither mouths nor digestive systems.

“PEOPLE” - A species of two-legged, grayscale humanoid figures inhabiting “PLANET”. They have no facial features or other characteristics of note. They seem to be sentient, though they lack any semblance of language and live entirely in the few caves the surface of “PLANET” actually has.



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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Lothio Vizzini
Domain: Commerce
Description: A flamboyant man with a feathered cap, lots of gold rings and necklaces, gems, and big sacks of money.
Biography: Lothio started out as a trader for Pan-Galactcorp under Trade Master Greenish, on the "Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances. He flourished in bringing commerce to all corners of the galaxy. Lothio, however, also had a bit of an ego, and that got to him in the end. Who knew that those uncontacted people you just sold those phasors to would start worshiping the giant golden statue of yourself that you left behind? In any case, Lothio flew across the galaxy, completely oblivious to the fact that he was being deified by some very grateful hunter-gatherers. Oh well. A trade deal gone sour later, some pirates chased down Lothio's escape pod, and despite his very lucrative offers, they blasted it to smithereens.

And then, he felt liberated from his body, and found that he had godlike powers. So of course, the first thing Lothio did was to withdraw all his money, and then hightail it out of the universe to find somewhere else to set up business.


The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Provorus

Domain: Discovery and Pioneering!

Description: Simultaneously rugged and refined, the figure of Provorus is mutable to the situation. Like many gods, they take the anthropomorphic form of the local species, though Provorus' skin/scales/fur/etc is always seemingly made of burnished copper and he is always garbed in the rugged clothes of a ranger or frontiersman. Sometimes depicted carrying telescopes, maps, gunpowder weapons, and all kinds of traveling gear.

Biography: There has always been superstition on the frontier. Legendary figures, sometimes literally larger than life, pop up wherever progress marches, only to be forgotten or turned to small stories once the frontier has moved on. But wherever the frontier expands or retreats, there is always that uncertainty, that potential for belief, the grasping for something bigger to light the way when staring out into the unknown, that allows such superstitions to thrive.

Provorus was born from those superstitions, growing amidst mesas and dunes, where every person had to rely on themselves and - if they were lucky - their families and close friends, where civilization was still staking its claim and where there was the potential for making it big beneath every rock. He thrived there, a legend of the frontier, a copper gunslinger walking the sands, offering aid to the lost and wreaking vengeance upon those who sought to cheat the frontier and profit from others' hard work. He did well, his legend lasting until the end of the frontier, when it passed into another small tale, an oft-forgotten piece of a great nation's identity.

But Provorus himself had taken on that belief and trust, and ascended to become something more. All across the multiverse, there were frontiers waiting to be explored and people heading out into them. From the first migratory tribes braving new lands to the vast voids of space, the conquest of the unknown was like home to him, calling him on to new things...
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Guzo

Domain: Lasers

Description: A massive eel-like creature, covered in scales that change with the color of the sky in a semblance of camouflage. Innumerable fins line opposite sides of its body, and there are huge dorsal fins on the top of its body. Guzo has an enormous maw that is lined in teeth the size of trees, as well as housing a forked tongue. A red light regularly pulses from within Guzo's body, growing brighter when Guzo fires off a laser.

Biography: A heavenly weapon, Guzo had always been a component of war. Brought into being by an advanced species that prayed to the cosmos for a trump card in a millennium long war that had ravaged their very solar system, the god of lasers was a gift of mercy to the species that had lost so much and sacrificed even more. At the beginning, Guzo was a mindless weapon. It spiraled through the skies, raining divine red death upon the species' enemies. Countless beings were ravaged by Guzo's blasts, which leveled planet spanning cities and sky blotting armies. It was fueled by the prayers of the species, who begged for forgiveness for the actions they requested Guzo commit.

Upon the end of the war, fearing that one day the mighty Guzo's power would be used against them, they prayed once more for Guzo to vacate the system, never to return again. And so Guzo left. It traveled from world to world, system to system. It found itself drawn to places where wars were starting, on-going, or ending. Guzo found that it was much easier to heed the call of warriors and soldiers than ignore them. And so where war was, Guzo could be found, displaying its godly power for any who had the (mis)fortune to see it. However, with each war it fought in, Guzo realized that it was growing more and more adverse to causing death and destruction. It knew the scope of the power it held, and began to find it lamentable that its mighty abilities were used merely to take away from existence. And thus, one day, Guzo resisted the call of battle, slithering past a world that called out to the void for a end to its violence. It bypassed a system praying for a way to smite its enemies and avoided a cluster of planets that were on the brink of war. Instead, Guzo headed away from these pleas for conflict and searched for a quiet place to rest, and to think over its view on existence.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Bughum

Domain: Secrets

Description: a pitch black shadow of a scrawny human in a wizard hat, arrows of light embedded in its skin

Bio: Normally when the creator of a young universe decide to call it quits, young gods from other places flock to the new world, like vultures to fresh carrion, except the gods are usually much, much more messier. Bughum is an exception, as he had wandered in through complete accident, as he was following a cosmic butterfly. Not because it was pretty, but because the butterfly was carrying the details of a possible alternate future that would have came to be, had he not interfere with the history of another world, and he wanted to know if he did the right thing. Making people forget where the nuclear missile bases were was a good solution, right? Once he entered this new universe, he completely forgot about his quarry. A fresh new space bubble! Perhaps he could set up shop here, instead of being a traveler god. Maybe for one, instead of learning and manipulating existing secrets.... he could be making entirely new ones this time.

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
If reserves are allowed, I reserve. Otherwise... I probably won't bother making an application out of fear of working an hour on an a character then not getting accepted.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Pellenór, Maiden of Tales, Sagas and Legends
Domain: Stories.
Description: Pellenór has many incarnations depending on her mood and what state her surroundings and 'tale' is in. She seemingly always appears as a dark silhouette of a long haired female of the species she interacts with with no other distinguishing features. One day she might appear as muse plucking the strings of inspiration among artists, the other day she might appear clad in armor holding high the banner of heroics, even other times she might appear as a aged and wise scholar holding a tome of knowledge past, Sometimes she dons the guise of a old crone watching at the end all things...
Biography: Pellenór was once a maiden fair,
Kept pace with the horsemen atop a mare,
The lass was raised with song and tale,
About her people strong with sword and mail,
Through the years, she learned much and had many tales shared,
A bard and friend of the royal court she was declared,
She diligently chronicled her liege's actions in song, word and speech,
But fear griped her heart once her kin vanished into the breach
Legends once of hope turned into tales of dread,
As the lands of mortals descended into evermore bloodshed,
It was at this passage Pellenór shut the book closed,
A tale of this universe had now been composed,
Pellenór would go on, stories in mind and satisfied,
To where the next universe would collide.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Chief
Domain: War
Description: Always as a scarred and grizzled looking member of the species he appears to. Sometimes going so far as to be missing limbs or appendages. Wears the armour and weapons of the era, changing as needed to each aspect of war, be it to melee or ranged warrior or otherwise. At base, a humanoid shape in a plain uniform, with a medal of his symbol.
Biography: WIP

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Silkenbeard

Domain: Adventure and Bravery

Description: Silkenbeard's appearence varies but he is always generally a tall man of wiry physique, his skin the greyish-blue of a drowned man and covered in scars, his eyes are yellow with the slitted pupils of a cat, though one appears milky and faded, he always has a collossal black beard through which gray mist always exudes and proceeds him. He appears most commonly as either a pirate with an oversized coat, a chipped sabre and covered in chains that have caught the kelp of the deeps, or as a soldier with broken and battered armour and a spear twice his height, or as common begger, in the clothes and rags of those who have died in the winter's chill and nought but a gnarled walking stick.

Biography: Silkenbeard is an old god, though he will never tell you such, he has seen a lot, and had more than his fair share of troubles.

His domain is that of the desperate, the determined, the brave and the foolish. As a god of adventure, he draws power from and encourages the bravery and foolishness of youth, those who take risks, those who throw their lot in with the gods and throw caution to the winds and take up sail or horse for fortunes yet unknown. His are those who cry upon him for courage to overcome their fears, his are those who fear the judgement of his pitiless gaze more than the spears and barbs of their adversaries and his are those who love the fierceness of his grin and his laugh of approval more than all the schemes of the despicable and the damned around them.

Silkenbeard is fiercely protective of mortals and adores them for the courage in the face of the pitiless realities of the universe, but he has no place for cowards and he will actively punish those kingdoms and races he sees as unworthy of the gods' attention.

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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Warble

Domain: Birdsong

A stout bird, of a handspan tall,
Red in plumage but green in the fall,
Chirping merrily with all its heart,
Flitting happily beneath the stars.

Eyes beady and black it bears on its face,
That beak adorned with fine golden lace,
A circlet o' notes crown the place

Where a plume of silver and blue
Raises like the trill of a flute.

Birds are cute. Don't doubt - that's true.

Contrary to expectations, Warble speaks in a deep, gravelly voice.

A god born from the detritus of nature, Warble's origin is not particularly clear.
"If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it..."
This question leads closer to what Warble is, in respect to "gods whose origin is not found in belief."

Even if a tree falls, the tree hears it. The other trees, for they are similar, hear it.
Thus do the cries of birds, the calls of birds, and the incessant songs of birds bring about a divine phenomena beyond the expected.

Yet, the life of a tree is only comprehended by other trees, and even the greatest of normal trees in the end is merely also a normal tree. If the tree enters the world of animals, can it be understood? Can it become an animal and not a tree? No - even though such trees interact with the realm of animals, it cannot be said to be an animal even if dubbed thus, even if given some of their aspects. And if all aspects of the "animal" are given to the tree, then it ceases to be a tree, and its name is thus lost. In this way, Warble walks the edge of "bird" and "god."

What is an ice sculptor to the wastes of Antarctica?
What is a surfer to the countless denizens of the sea?
What is a skydiver to the minute creatures of the sky?

Yet, the old died out, and Warble remained. The forest, not the tree, had fallen, and there was only one left to hear it. Then, what is the place of such a creature that straddles the boundary of those two worlds?

Leaving the nest for the first time, Warble took flight. Without "birds," it became a "god."

But still, the question was unanswered.

What are birds? We just don't know.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Holy shit Kaynato! Where've ya been?

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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Sarthesa
Domain: Civilization, Order, Law
Description: Sarthesa is the Dragon-Goddess of Civilization, Order, and Law! Despite this, Sarthesa herself doesn't generally abide by laws, since laws are relatively regional things. Rather, she fosters the growth of civilization, which promotes order, which encourages the creation of laws. Cause and effect, really. She commonly takes the form of a gigantic dragon, the color of which is based on her mood at the time. However, she can also take the form of a human-looking figure, or a giant lizard, or a lizard-human, or a variety of other things. It really depends on how she feels at the time.
Biography: Sarthesa originated in the distant ancient past, where she was once a normal dragon of no great power. Her lack of supernatural power bred a curiosity for the arcane, which in turn led to her mastering the arcane, which then led to her overstepping her bounds and tapping into the power source for the arcane. Then the God who created the arcane felt threatened and tried to crush her. She was too clever, and devoured him, consuming his existence. It was through this that she became a Goddess. The other Gods of that pantheon found this incredibly worrying and banished her to the space between spaces, where she chilled until she started entering universes to guide civilizations. She took a liking to order, ironically enough.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Deity Name: Alchahan
Domain: Beasts, Injuries, Abandonment
Description: Alchahan appears as a tall but malnourished human man, bearing a mane of messy black hair. In place of a left arm, he sports a tangled mess of discolored muscle, forming the shape of a bird's talon, as if to imitate a grasping hand. His left eye is shriveled in its socket and sports a nasty-looking scar that glows with a pulsating red glare.
Biography: Alchahan was once a man who died alone and forgotten, but was brought back as a god through the depths of both his spite and regret. He has since become the guardian of the downtrodden, the forsaken, the outcast and those left behind, aswell as the father of all manner of monstrous beasts. His influence is found on the fringes of society, lurking in dark corners and deep caves for a chance at retribution. Yet despite the freedom his godhood has granted him, he seems to know no other want, almost as if even he doesnt know what it is that he truly desires.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God

The following gods have been accepted:

Vancho: Lothio Vizzini
Demonsul: Provorus
SupahKiven: Guzo
ProfessorLizzard: Bughum
Kaynato: Warble
Cidellus: Sarthesa
chimericWilder: Alchahan

Sorry if you didn't get in. Sadly we couldn't just take everyone.

The game begins next post! Scroll down!
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Silence. Still, uncomfortable silence, permeating the almost-empty void. Though it had life, this universe was about as barren as they come.

Enter seven gods. Before them, nigh-unlimited creative potential. And just the vaguest sense of creeping dread at the corner of consciousness. Probably nothing.


Lothio Vizzini: 3
Provorus: 3
Guzo: 3
Bughum: 3
Warble: 3
Sarthesa: 3
Alchaham: 3

“SUN” - A red, moderately large star. Currently in the slow process of dying.

“ASTEROID BELT” - A ring of floating space rocks. Has the essential seeds of life. Probably.

“PLANET” - A large white orb. The only astronomical object orbitting the sun that can support “LIVING THINGS” but otherwise it is devoid of any interesting features.

“STARS” - Little, glowing chunks that populate the gravitational pull of this solar system. Seems to exist here for ornamental purposes only.
“PLANT” - A sort of grayscale grass distributed uniformly across the surface of “PLANET”. No distinguishing characteristics whatsoever.

“HERBIVORE” - A species of small, grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Incredibly generic-looking, almost as if they were sculpted from clay. They reproduce via mitosis, and eat “PLANT” despite having no mouths.

“CARNIVORE” - A larger species of grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Barely distinguishable from “HERBIVORE”, except that they eat them. Or rather, absorb them whole. They have neither mouths nor digestive systems.

“PEOPLE” - A species of two-legged, grayscale humanoid figures inhabiting “PLANET”. They have no facial features or other characteristics of note. They seem to be sentient, though they lack any semblance of language and live entirely in the few caves the surface of “PLANET” actually has.



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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Well, what do we have here?

Provorus stood upon an asteroid, looking up at the sky rotating past set with a dying sun, and tilted his hat to shade his copper eyes. What was going on here? Looks like someone had gone to the trouble of setting something up, but had moseyed on out before they'd made anything interesting of it. Or perhaps it'd been built by a god of boredom, or formed on its own out of nought but grey. The place was quiet, and empty.

At least, it seemed empty. You never knew with a universe that just opened up like this.

"Any folks 'round these parts?" called Provorus into the void. "This place looks like it could use a bit o' work, if you don't mind my sayin'."
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Stars flew past Guzo as it spiraled through space, detecting something far in the distance. It was warm and large. A sun, likely. Guzo let out a rumble, picking up a bit of speed. The place ahead seemed secluded enough, no loud calls for violence or bloodshed. Perhaps it could rest there and formulate a plan.

It wasn't until Guzo entered the universe that it noticed the godly figure within. Guzo had fought gods before. Not often, and not always successfully, but Guzo had found that gods usually had mercy when it came to other gods. Usually.

"You." it said, addressing Provorus. "Creator?"
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Provorus looked upon the giant star-studded eel that had decided to swim up to him through space. "Nope, wasn't me," he said, looking around. "I'm just lookin', same as you. If this place is as grey and empty as it seems, I'm gonna stick around and give it a lick of color. What about you?"

He sat down on a comfortable rock, rested his hands behind his head and put his feet up on a boulder.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Me?" Guzo asked, coiling up slightly as it looked over the universe. The place seemed quaint, if bare. It was far better than being needed as a weapon, Guzo supposed.

"Sure." It replied. "Creation... is foreign."
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Well," said Provorus, tipping his hat over his face and patting the asteroid ground beside him. "Pull up a rock, partner, and wait for company to show up. There's probably gonna be more on the way, and it's only friendly to say howdy when they get here."
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"..." Guzo gave what little the universe held another once over. There wasn't a lot. And because of it, Guzo didn't have much of an idea of what to do. "...Okay." Guzu curled up around an asteroid that was close to the one Provorus was sitting upon.

In doing so, it put itself into the path of a smaller asteroid. Before the space rock could make contact, Guzo's glow grew ever so slightly, and it opened its mouth and released a small laser. The asteroid found itself rolling out of the asteroid belt and eventually becoming trapped in an orbit around the sun. Guzo watched it with interest before snorting and laying its head down.

-1 Act: Putting a small asteroid from ASTEROID BELT into orbit around SUN.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
A swish of cloak. An exasperated sigh.

"This journey was too long. I am glad I can meet fellow travelers, instead of resting alone. Please tell me all about you, new friends."

A tipping of hat. Arrows rustle. A glance upon the formless creatures. Blind beasts crawling upon unshaped lands. An inquisitive hum. Celestial eyebrow is raised.

"Poor creatures, unfinished and abandoned. Who could have done this to them?"

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
A small bird hopped, alone and confused, on the orbiting asteroid. Where were all the other birds, where were the sounds of the forest? It was awfully quiet.

There were a bunch of really large and distinctly non-bird things flying about in the darkness of space, saw Warble. It chirruped, chirped and chirped as loud as it could. Could they understand its question for direction?

Then again, there weren't many other birds around.

Warble thought very hard and remembered when the forest was taken away, a long time ago, before they gave it back. There were big walking things with big flappy mouths. Their gods tended to be bigger, and different, but it was obvious that they were the large walkers' deities.

In fact, some of them were here right now, speaking in the same voice!

Stopping its birdsong, Warble hopped a few times, opened its beak once more and imitated the voices of those strange gods.

"Where are the birds?"
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Stepping through the veil, Alchahan arrives, drifting through the half-formed world of things left behind.

The world was gray, dull, meaningless and unformed, like something that had been abandoned to lie and rot in a road-side gutter, forgotten in this fold of reality. Strangely, he found he liked it.

Alighting on the lone planet, he looks around with his one reddish-radiant eye, scrutinizing the few living things that were present, unshaped and unstructured, a work left unfinished. Oh yes, that was very good. Very good indeed.

"Where is the one responsible?" He asks of the void, echoing the question of another godling.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
At the sound of three new voices, Guzo cracked open an eye. Its light pulsed a little bit, indicating that it had heard the others.

"...Unknown." It answered all three questions in one fell swoop, then grunted. "Creator absent." Its open eye scanned over the three, and then over the bits of universe it could see. Guzo once again found itself interested in the asteroid it had knocked into its own orbit.

"Empty on arrival." Guzo added, closing its eye and letting out a quiet snort.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
A head is shaken. Below, worms squirm.

"This is a dark world."

New beings arrive? More hands to help cracking mysteries.

"Perhaps destined to stay in the dark? Away from the deceptive light?"

Wave of a hand. A few of the "PLANTS" become brilliant blue, pulsing. The leftover grey ones, grow large 'flowers' release glowing spores in the night. (-2 act)

"Or these forsake creatures, and 'people', could be the light it needs."

A turn of a hat.

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
There were no birds at all in this world? This wouldn't do, the silence wouldn't be right at all, and Warble felt its little divine heart would give out if there wouldn't ever be any birds in this world.

With a great call, Warble sprinkled sparkling dust onto the PLANET of the HERBIVORES.

The unshaped creatures touched by these sparks were enveloped by golden light, sprouting golden plumage, wings, and beaks, singing for the first time in their admittingly short lives. [-2 Acts]

As the light died down, Warble descended to the planet to mingle among these new "birds."
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Provorus stirred from his brief reverie, pushing his hat back on straight. "Here comes the cavalry," he said, taking a step up off of the asteroid and into space before arriving in a small swirl of dust on the grey surface of the planet. Already it was starting to bloom with a mix of flowers and cobalt blue.

"Looks like y'all are already paintin' the town," he said, surveying the scene. "But it's still flat as a desert, everythin' spread out everywhere. Gotta have some differences if you want anythin' interestin' to happen!"
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Noting that its companion got up from his place on the asteroid, Guzo let out a low rumble, uncoiling from around the asteroid it rested on. It observed the planet from the atmosphere, its titanic size not lending well to the planets comparatively small stature.

As it slowly slithered through the somewhat thin air, Guzo noticed that the planet was rather... monotonous. Most of the planets it had seen throughout its travels had some sort of attention catching features.

Guzo was far from familiar with creation. But it was familiar with the way destruction could lead to new ways of life. And so Guzo's body lit up a bright red, and it opened its mouth. A piercing red laser shot out, carving a huge gash into the porcelain planet. When Guzo closed its mouth, it found itself staring at a huge canyon, molten rock still dribbling down towards the bottom as it cooled.

-2 Acts: Carving a huge canyon into PLANET's surface.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Swirling into existence, an absolutely enormous silver dragon appeared. Eyeing the rest of the Gods, she waved.

"HEY GUYS!" she said, waving excitedly. "I'm Sarthesa, Goddess of Civilization, Law, and Order. All those nice things. Great to meet you!"

She looked down towards the planet and shuddered.

"And even I think that place is boring as hell! Wow, that's just awful! Like, who MADE this place!?"
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Ponderous smile at the depths.

"A deep gash in the earth? Perfect to be filled with mystery. But I must concur, we might also need tall mountains, so philosophers have a place to gaze upon the world from."

An arrival, followed by a smile. A familiar question, followed by a shrug.

"Greetings, Lawful one. We don't know who is responsible.... but we will find out, oh yes, we will. And the PEOPLE might help."

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Warble, overhearing the suggestion of making mountains, was intensely excited.

"Mountains and high places would be a perfect place to sing from! We could gather there and ask so all these creatures could answer our questions!"
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Hmmn. A light to look upon. Yes." Alchahan mutters to himself, still wandering the surface of the nameless planet. He waves a hand, and large swathes of the new luminescent flowers twist and change, stems growing thicker and sturdier, becoming the trunks of trees and converging as they twist about one another, forming the towering bulk of a tree, interwoven from several separate strands of plantlife. As each new tree comes to rise above the previously-empty plains, leaves sprout from the twisting branches of their crowns, glowing with the gentle blue bioluminescence of the flowers they were derived from.

Creating a tree-variant of the new glowing flowers: 1 Act
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Well that's helpin' make this place much more lively!" said Provorus, nodding. "All y'all have got this place, looks like. I'll leave it to you until the folks here get a bit smarter."

With a step, he vanished in a swirl of sand and appeared once more amidst the asteroid belt. He stood upon some average rocky asteroid - a mere few dozen kilometers in diameter. In the sky, a few specks marked the nearby asteroids. With another step, he went to another rocky asteroid, and then another, walking across the belt until he arrived on the largest asteroid in the belt, almost as big as a dwarf planet. Here the gravity was actually noticeable, so it would be a good place to start.

Provorus looked back at the trail of swirling dust he left behind him, and nodded towards it, smiling slightly. The dust spread and split, settling across the surface of a number of asteroids across the belt, suffusing the surfaces and making it slightly sandy, filling it with bizarre nutrients for plants that had yet to exist. On this dwarf planet, he scuffed his boot repeatedly, throwing up more and more dust until it had spread across the entire dwarf planet, covering parts of its surface in ripples of gold and brown sand.

Enrich the surfaces of a good portion of the rocky asteroids around the asteroid belt, including the largest almost-dwarf planet, with nutrients. (1 act)

Then he sat upon the asteroid and looked at the sole of his boot. He plucked a frozen white plant stem from between the rubber cleats, where it had become lodged when he had stood on the surface of the planet. He breathed life back into it, secured it against the void and cast it into the air, causing it to multiply and spread throughout the asteroid belt. In the process, it turned the metallic color of brass.

Create and spread space plants across the asteroids. They seed with sufficient force to escape the slight gravity of the asteroids, can survive in the void of space unharmed and thrive on the nutrients Provorus just set out. Their life cycle would draw nutrients from and then return them to the asteroids, so that they would only grow in greater numbers over time. (-1 act)
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
The smell of flowers. But yonder: a cave.

"Aye, I would prefer the PEOPLE to be enlightened soon. But look how they hide in their caves. Perhaps they need a bit of a nudge. Perhaps they need a bit of a respect from the WILDLIFE."

Some of the carnivores befriend the PEOPLE, and won't hurt them, producing proto-HOUNDS, but not yet. (-1 act)

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God

Get your acts in if you haven't already. They don't carry over.
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Warble flew over the proto-hounds and the newly created golden birds, which were interacting with the PEOPLE, and heard Bughum's musings. 'The big head-plumed one had a good idea!' thought Warble. The diminutive god passed over a large swathe of PLANTS, whereupon the formerly bush-like creations surged upwards into broad-canopied trees. (-1 Act)

"If there is a forest, the PEOPLE can hide outside of their caves, and enjoy the company of the birds."
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Last to arrive was Lothio, who swept in on a tide of bills and with a jingle of coins. He settled in orbit and peered out at the planet.

"Oh my, what have we here? A planet ripe for the wonders of COMMERCE? There is even, gasp, intelligent life!"

He swirled around, noticing the other gods.

""Hm, and some local deities I see. Never fear, I shall add some color to this little planet.

Lothio floats down and pulls some gemstones from a sack. He scatters them around, and they bury themselves into the crust and expand. Some parts of the dirt burst open, revealing rich veins of gemstones and precious metals. (2 ACTS)

"Oh, but look at these poor PEOPLE, they can't even see the splendor that they could possess. Time to fix that little flaw."

Lothio gives some of the PEOPLE large, expressive eyes, which can see color very well. (1 ACT)

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Alchahan, still wandering about the surface of the planet, comes across one of the grayscale herbivores. He considers it for a long time as it lazily nibs at a plant, before striding up to the oblivious creature and promptly proceeding to rip it limb from limb with his talons, before casting it aside, leaving it behind as he goes about the grim task of repeating the process to a great many of its kin, leaving behind writhing, legless herbivores scattered all across the planet. Except, instead of bleeding out and dying, they begin to change and grow, becoming long and thin in form and growing a spiny coat of fur in various patterns of black and brown, covering all of them save for their soft underbellies. Unlike their previous forms, these new creatures have mouths, although no teeth at all, instead swallowing their food whole and digesting it over a long period, although with a diet consisting primarily of the various fruits and seeds the new trees bore. They would come to be excellent climbers, hiding in the treetops and in the underbrush alike, and with a shy or even fearful disposition towards pretty much anything else that moved.

Seeming satisfied, he names the odd creatures 'bels' and moves on.

Modifying some HERBIVORES into becoming fruit-eating, furry snakes: 2 Acts
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Well, that planet needs work. Know what else needs work? That shitty red dying excuse for a sun!" Sarthesa said, using her DIVINE POWER to turn that sun into a great big bright burning ball of GLORY it deserved to be!


She renamed the revitalized sun "ARCESA" and moved on down to the planet. She decided that the ecosystem was relatively bland, and thus she created a large variety of flora, from giant bell and star-shaped trees down to tiny corona-ridged glowing flowers and vines that were warm and pleasant to touch! She assigned each planet various properties, some were poisonous, some were beneficial to eat, some cured illnesses, and some caused strange effects. Mixed together, who knows what they'd do? These plants would receive their POWER from the GLORIOUS MIGHTY REVITALIZED SUN!


With that done, she created insects to maintain these wonderful little plants. These insects would create LARGE, WELL-ORDERED, HYPEREFFICIENT HIVES high above the ground! They would be called, uh, Honey...zees! Honeyzees! Zees, glorious zees! They'd have tiny insectoid wings, fat green bodies with black stripes, and little scorpion-esque stingers for defense!


Then she made Vants! Large colonies of similarly-minded orderly insects who would stir up the nutrients in the ground, making everything more fertile! They'd also scavenge far and wide, carrying food back to their hive and Queen! They would be very organized in war with other insects, and would overwhelm them through sheer numbers and tactics!

[-1 act - VANTS and ZEES!]
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Provorus lounged on the asteroids, watching the slow spread of metallic ferns and grasses across the asteroid belt. It wasn't long before he decided it had got far enough to push it forward a little further, so he reached down and plucked one of those new vants from the surface of the planet. He modified it to make it survive in the microgravity of space, feasting on the plants he had already seeded there.

They grew larger, turned a metallic navy blue, and gained additional legs and the ability to grasp onto things at any angle, as well as the ability to hibernate at will to travel through the deep void between asteroids. Finally as part of this adaptation, he gave them the ability to spin super-narrow strands of loose web, to connect between nearby asteroids to allow easier travel between them. As the asteroids moved on through their orbits, the creatures would have to constantly spin new connections to replace those that broke, and where they lived and died and where their webs fell, the asteroids would be enriched with more minerals to extend life even further into the void.

Creating space spiders to enrich the ecology of the asteroid belt. (-1 act)
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
After some enlightening conversation, the gods waste no time to get to work.

Guzo beans a good sized asteroid with his godly laser. The asteroid turns white hot and makes a speedy orbit around the “SUN.” This is likely not going to stop for a very long time.

Bughum hyperevolves the “PLANTS,” granting some blue brilliance and some beautiful blooms. Immediately, the flowers set to work filling the surrounding with mystery pollen.

Warble uplifts some of the “HERBIVORES” with birdiness. Glad that they are more than just hunks of living plasticine, they start warbling and cheeping with great gusto.

Guzo decides to let loose another mighty laser. Spiderweb-like cracks spread as the canyon materializes on the “PLANET.”

Alchahan ponders for a bit and makes some of the Bughum “PLANTS” super tall. The thin atmosphere gets a lovely tint of glowing allergies.

Provorus makes the “ASTEROID BELT” (including the speedy dorf planet) more nutritious and seeds it with many adorable plants to stabilize the ecosystem.

Bughum makes some of the “CARNIVORES” less assimilate-y and more friendly. Some of them start to hang out with the “PEOPLE.”

Warble makes the “PLANTS” taller for their new bird-friends.

Lothio comes and sprinkles the “PLANET” with pretty (and pretty valuable) gems. He also gives the PEOPLE beautiful anime eyes.

Alchahan makes some of the “HERBIVORES” into fuzzy, fruit-eating snakes. They adorably start crawling around the newly created canopies.

Sarthesa gives the “SUN” an extreme makeover (and a name). She also created a large diversity of sun-themed plants and some honeybee scorpions, some gardening bugs. D’aw.

Provorus decides to uplift one of those gardening bugs into a space bug. They started to float around, cheerfully terraforming the asteroids to large proportions.


The “PLANET” baked by the jumpstarted sun and the atmosphere thickens into a glowing fog, hiding all the biological diversity exploding on the surface. Birds and snakes start to populate the forested areas. At first they lived with the bright-eyed “PEOPLE” in relative harmony but the lack of resources eventually encouraged a good chunk of the populace to the canyon sun-forests, where they huddle behind the larger chunk of gems for shelter. Life was okay there, save for the occasional honeyscorpion or ant infestation and the two groups of people keep in touch by hound-barking.

Change wasn’t only limited to the "PLANET."" The spacespiders and spaceplants did a number on the “ASTEROID BELTS.” It was starting to look less like a ring of rocks and more like a grassy belt of space dirt. Some of the spacespiders and spaceplants inadvertently misplaced themselves on the speedy dorf planet and just stayed there. Maybe they’re lazy. Maybe they like the place. Who knows.

Anyway, life was good, but it could be better. That’s why you, the gods are back.

Everyone gets…4 ACTS to work with.

“ARCESA” – A yellow, life-giving star. It is pretty glorious.

“ASTEROID DIRT BELT” - A ring of interconnecting space rocks. Nutritious. Has a speedy dorf planet friend.

“PLANET” - A white, cracked orb, covered in an opaque, white-with-blue-dots atmosphere. Has a giant fuck-off canyon and a huge diversity of life.

“STARS” - Little, glowing chunks that populate the gravitational pull of this solar system. Seems to exist here for ornamental purposes only.

“PEOPLE” - A species of two-legged, grayscale humanoid figures inhabiting “PLANET”. They have colorfully shiny eyes. They seem to be sentient and communicate by blinking or hound-barking in certain patterns.

“BIRDS” – A species of small, yellow birds. They are great singers but they are also voracious herbivores.

“BELS” – Furry, fruit-eating snakes that live in forests. Harmless but freaks the “PEOPLE” out.

“GLOWING BLUE PLANT” - Aesthetically pleasing plant that pulses blue. A bit creepy.

“GRAY FLOWER” – Plants with large grey flowers. Releases glowing pollen into the surroundings.

“TALL GRAY FLOWER-TREE” – Trees with large grey flowers. Releases glowing pollen into the atmosphere.

“HOUNDS” – Hunks of clay that vaguely shape like dogs. Friendly with humans, barks a lot.

“BROADLEAF TREE” – Large tree with broad leaves. Hardy and tall, but otherwise mundane.

“SUNFOREST PLANTS” – an eclectic mix of plants both useful, poisonous, or in-between. Exclusive to the warmer regions of the Canyon.

“VANTS” – A eusocial species of insect that resembles a cross between scorpion and honeybee. Creature super-spicy honey that sometimes causes lethal allergic reactions in others.

“ZEES” – Aggressive, expansionist ant-bees. Make their surroundings more fertile, but also super bitey. So it’s a wash.

“PLANT” - A sort of grayscale grass distributed uniformly across the surface of “PLANET”. No distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. They are boring and probably going to die next turn.

“HERBIVORE” - A species of small, grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Incredibly generic-looking, almost as if they were sculpted from clay. They reproduce via mitosis, and eat “PLANT” despite having no mouths. They are boring and probably going to die next turn.

“CARNIVORE” - A larger species of grayscale, four-legged creatures inhabiting “PLANET”. Barely distinguishable from “HERBIVORE”, except that they eat them. Or rather, absorb them whole. They have neither mouths nor digestive systems. They are boring and probably going to die next turn.


“SPACE PLANTS” – A species of tiny, white plants that terraform the surface of asteroids. They can be surfacebound or floating in space. There is a subspecies on the Speedy Dorf Planet.

“SPACE SPIDERS” – An subspecies of “VANTS” that live on the belt. Their webs catch a lot of ambient minerals, which contributes to the enrichment of the Dirt Belt. There is a sub-subspecies living on Speedy Dorf Planet.


“FOREST PEOPLE” – A civilization of forest-dwelling “PEOPLE”. They live in caves, as their ancestors wont to do. Their shiny eyes tends towards the cool colors. They are mostly vegetarians, eating leaves and fruit of their forest.

“CANYON PEOPLE” – A civilization of “PEOPLE” residing in the Sun-Forests of the Canyon. They live under leant-to tents, reinforced by the giant gems. Their shiny eyes tend towards the warm colors. They are mostly carnivores, using their hounds to hunt.


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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Bughum hums, appreciating the world.
"The world is already coming along nicely. But pray tell, what is a civilization without discussion and exchange of ideals?" he said, ignoring the fact they seem to be able to cooperate by blinking, and hound signals. Bughum raised a hand, and gave the PEOPLE the gift of LANGUAGE, which in actuality, gave them the gift of having a MOUTH for making noises, and the capacity to form a language on their own.

He was eager to hear what they have to say, even if it is going to be just WOOP, GROOOAR, BLEP BLAP or AAAAAA for a while. Mostly the latter.


It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Lothio is happy that the PEOPLE are using the gems, though he wishes that they would exchange things and create commerce. An idea formed in his brain. He went out to the Forest and Canyon people, bearing pottery sculpted and baked from clay. He shows the people how pots are useful and great in pantomime, carrying water and whatnot in them. He then offers them the pots, gesturing that he wants gems for them.

Lothio teaches the PEOPLE both pottery-making and the concept of exchange for goods. A two-for-one deal! (2 Acts)

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Divine ears perked. "Will they use the new language to haggle?"

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
Lothio smiled.

"Of course they can! Communication is the essence of commerce, yes indeed. Thank you for giving them the gift of gab, good sir."

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"Indeed. I hope they will use this gift well. Hm. Perhaps they need one to cultivate it better."

Bughum whispers something in the ear of one of the People, and names it Wordsmith. What is the message, I wonder? [1 ACT]

"...that is all. Remember it well."

It is time time
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RE: GODHOOD: Acts of God
"The people - are they singing?" remarked Warble with wonder - "They could really experience the joy of song?

But their sound, though growing more complex, was not entirely melodious, and Warble began to consider teaching them the ways of music.

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