In Progress Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
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Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
An Adventure through the Wastes

1860s America.

No one knows how the world died.

It started with quiet. The sun rose silently over the eastern horizon. There were no birds chirping with the dawn, no beating horse hooves from out east. Three weeks, it would be, before they sent someone to find out what had happened - why there were no more travelers, why no one answered the telegraph, why even the war seemed to have gone quiet.

They never came back.

The world seemed to stop turning after some time. The sun drew up into the sky more slowly, it hung above their tiny town, it stared down at them, like an indifferent observer wondering with meager surprise why all of them kept hanging on to hope.

Then the land started to die. It dried up, turned to dust. No amount of water and fertilizer could make that soil sustain life. There was nowhere to buy food from. The surrounding townships were suffering the same fate, and still, the east was silent.

The people starved. They scattered. Some survived. Some did not.

Theirs is a story much like your own. It is not an uncommon story anymore.

You have gone from wandering alone to wandering with a group. It's safer that way. Still, the sun hangs in the air. Still, it stares down at you, as if wondering why you hold on to hope so adamantly.

Still, you do.

This story is not foreign to you. The people of your caravan have lost much. You've lost your homes, your livelihoods, and for many of you, your families. You've lost everything you used to know, everything you once held dear. You've lost your hopes and dreams. Those ambitions that once seemed to direct the course of your future have long since died.

There's no looking back. The world of the past is dead. All you can do now is walk on and hope that this road ends somewhere pretty.

People say the West is some sort of promised land. They say there, the food still grows, the buffalo are plenty, and there's hope for a better life. Some say there's still civilization if you go out all the way and reach California.

You hope to God that's true.

Character Application:
Name: How do you like to be called?
Age: How old are you?
Appearance: What do you look like?
Former Occupation: What did you used to do?
Background: Who did you used to be?
Relations: Who did you used to know? Friends, family, rivals and acquaintances? Where are they now? (NOTE: They can be with you, but they will count as mouths to feed.)

Quick Details:
This is basically gonna be an RP taking place in a semi-serious-sort-of-insane Mad Max-inspired Old West. No mechanics, just straight RPing. If you have any questions, feel free to drop 'em on me in a PM. You can include up to two players in your relations. Exploitative relation chaining is highly discouraged.

You can't start on the east coast or California. You can have a background that takes place in any of those areas, but when shit went down, you've gotta be in one of these states:

[Image: vFY2voE]

The Caravaneer - leader of the caravan. a black merchant in his early 40s who doesn't talk much about himself but is always happy to lend a helping hand or listen to the troubles of others and offer advice accordingly. pretty level headed and a bit of a softy, he finds it hard to turn away anyone who needs help during these hard times. Doesn't like leading much, but he's accepted the position of leader because his relatively small caravan has like, sextupled in size and the driver of the cart is a pretty natural choice. still leaves most decisions up to a vote because he's not super willing to take other peoples' lives into his hands.

Old Nate Mulligan - The caravan's cook. an aging white man, he's incredibly old to be traveling (probably mid-to-late-60s) but has been with the Caravaneer since before the apocalypse - he won't let anyone forget that he was the first member of the caravan. like the caravaneer, he doesn't talk much about where he comes from or why he's involved in trade at such an old age. he's a bit crotchety, him and the Caravaneer argue a lot about decision making (as they somehow always end up on opposite sides of the argument), and he has a tendency to complain a lot. Still manages to be pretty sweet sometimes, particularly in taking the needs of other into consideration and complaining on their behalf (though whether or not they'd like him to is questionable.)

Miss Martha Mailer, the caravan's chief hunter. A white woman in her mid-to-late thirties, she was a tailor before the apocalypse. A bit of a bulky woman - both tall and stout - she's fairly quiet most of the time, and surprisingly bashful. When she speaks, it tends to be frank and to the point. She's open about her past (unlike the other two pre-apocalypse caravaners) but tends to put it in fairly bland terms: Her parents both died before the apocalypse. Her twin sister died when they were young - she was just fifteen. Martha never got married, nor did she really ever desire to. She became a tailor and opened a shop in a small town in Illinois. Some fellows got awfully mad at her and burned it down while she was inside. When pressed to answer why, she simply responds with a shrug and a "doesn't matter much now, does it?". After that, she joined the caravan. She's protective of those she's close to, particularly the children of the group.

Bartolomeo - An italian immigrant and anarchist/socialist/feminist sympathizer. Lived in New York where he could get no work, then came to Chicago where he could only get bad work. He was attempting to form a union at his meat packing plant when the apocalypse went down. Generally good-humored and humble, though he has a propensity for tall tales when he's had enough to drink.

Rosa - A feminist and abolitionist from South Carolina. Fled the south at the outbreak of the Civil War, leaving behind a confederate husband and parents. Wandered about for a bit before finally ending up in chicago and working as a teacher. Eternally optimistic, to the point of trying to crack jokes and keep people's spirits up at really inappropriate times.

Emma - An elderly suffragette whose health has been in decline for years but still seems to have plenty of life in her. Born to a wealthy family before the turn of the century, she still has a fairly old-school social viewpoint on how women ought act, in spite of her unbending desire for political emancipation and would fight for the right of another woman to act and dress as she wishes, even if she might otherwise call her a variety of rude names for it. Similar to Old Nate, she feels the need to express her opinions even when others might rather she didn't.

Carmen - A friend of Theresa's from the convent. Has taken to the apocalypse by letting loose. A heavy drinker.

After a near death experience, Carmen begain rethinking how she'd lived her life. She is now trying to kick the sauce, though she remains teetering on the brink of oblivion.

Lizzie - Molly's younger sister. Precious. 12 years old. Searching for her purpose in life, desperately trying to find her talent.

Trent - Molly's younger brother. Garbage.

Catherine - A young girl found captured by Mormons. Her entire family was slaughtered in front of her before she was captured to be shipped back to Zion. Currently trying to work up the ability to trust the party. Still suffers from what will later be defined as PTSD.

Thaddeus Thatcher and Winston Winterbottom - a pair of English explorers archaeologists seeking treasure artifacts with which to enrich their countr bring glory to the Queen.

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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Gritty McMailman, backup character:
Name: Boren Winter

Age: Mid-thirties. Last birthday he celebrated was 35, not sure how long it's been since then.

Appearance: A tall man with long hair tied back. Starting to grey a bit at the temples. A few scars here and there, from old bullet wounds. Walks with a bit of a limp, but rides just fine. Wears dusty clothing, leather gloves and boots, and carries around several guns. For protection. Has an old satchel with mail, doesn't know if any of the recipients or senders are even still alive. Sometimes reads the letters in the night.

Former Occupation: Mail Courier and Ranger

Background: Veteran of the Mexican-American war, Boren feels a disconnect between himself and other people. He prefers the wilderness and wandering, and he got a job running mail and keeping an eye out for bandits after it. Funny, how things turned out. Now, the one thing he misses is other people.

Relations: Parents, Joe and Martha, probably dead by now, a wife, Francine, and son, little Joe, both disappeared from the old homestead, and a kid brother Winston, he enlisted too, no idea if he's still alive either.

Religious Nunlady, main character:

Name: Sister Theresa Saincroix

Age: 21

Appearance: A modest, pious woman. Used to wear a wimple, but now only a cross around her neck. Dresses in drab, severe clothing.

Former Occupation: Catholic Nun/Religious Sister

Background: Theresa was a bad nun, back at the convent. She didn't want to be a nun, but her parents (strict, cruel parents) forced her for her "indiscretions" when she was younger. She was always sneaking out to join the young ladies of the town, barely making it back before matins were over, going to concert halls and dancing, meeting young men... She was no stranger to being punished for it too. Strange, how calamity can inspire religiosity in people. And in some cases, true piety. Now she walks the desolated earth, giving services to the few who still believe, and wondering, what great sin had Man committed, that the Lord would strike them down so?

Relations: Jacques and Prudence, parents, very disapproving of her, no idea if they're still around. Henry, a kind uncle, snuck her out of the convent when things went bad, travels a lot with many caravans to carry news and help people. Sometimes catches up with Theresa to tell her about what's happening in the rest of the country. Carmen Piper, another novice who survived and escaped with Theresa, currently travelling with her. Carmen has gone the complete opposite route - having lost all faith, she indulges in earthly pleasures. A sort of foil to the pious and introspective Theresa.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Dr. James William Valentine
Age: 26
Appearance: Average height, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion, slim in build. Generally wears rather nice suits that befit his respectable and gentlemanly occupation, when he can.
Former Occupation: Doctor
Background: Valentine is from Pennsylvania. In his youth, his father (a veteran of the Mexican-American War) taught him to shoot, and since then the good doctor has had an appreciation for loaded guns. Despite this, his early life was rather free of violence, and he underwent a rather extensive classical education. He also received a medical degree! After receiving his degree, he traveled to New Orleans to establish his practice. As the Civil War heated up, however, he decided to try his luck out west, where he made a living through surgery, gambling, and house-calls.
Relations: His father, Colonel Daniel Valentine, was (as previously mentioned) a war veteran. An officer and a gentleman! Sadly, he passed away in the year 1862, fighting in the Civil War. The good doctor's mother died when he was quite young, giving birth to Valentine's younger sister: Florence. Florence grew into a proper northern lady, and married some rich industrialist shortly before the doctor moved away. Valentine and his sister were not close. As for significant others? Well, Valentine hasn't found the right woman yet.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
EDIT: I'll sit this one out, sorry guys!
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Mayor Rodgers
Age: 67
Appearance: A grey haired man in neat clothes and small glasses..also sports mutton chops and had blue eyes. For being on the road his clothing seems remarkably well kept.
Former Occupation: Mayor.
Background: Rodgers came to the west as a prospector in the great gold rush and traveled along wilds of the west.. Although (and most likely because) his own venture never bore success. he settled down in one of the main camps where most of the prospectors had their base and after quelling a fight within he camp he got the role of a defacto leader of the camp. Settling disputes, auctioning 'spots' and giving tips to new arrivals.. Over the years the camp became a town and Rodgers was voted into office, He spend his twilight years running the town fair and just and was quite beloved for it or so he claims

Rodgers was met the caravan in a burned out ruin. still pretending like nothing was wrong... he just stuck around after that.. No one complained cause he had a ton of dynamite

Relations: The townspeople: Yeeeaaaah they are dead. probably.

Name: 'Buffalo'
Age: Middle aged.
Appearance: A rather large and bulky man. His skin slightly yellowed and he has squinted eyes signifying he is from the orient. He has unkempt black hair and a stubble. He usually wears just pair of scruffy trousers, a smudged white wife-beater. Has some straps made of leather that hold a few sticks of dynamite and a sledgehammer tied to his back
Former Occupation: Railroad Worker.
Background: 'Buffalo' was contracted to work on a new railroad and lived in a nearby town, everyday he give back and forth to the railroad, even if many of his colleagues didn't, Honestly he just wanted to get paid its not like he liked his co workers and his tendency to accidentally break things didn't make him popular to be around.

Once it became apparent that no one was going to pay him anymore he simply looted the work-site and left, wandering the wild west living of petty thievery and simple errands until he met with the caravan, The problem is 'Buffalo's English isn't much up to par, so when he was asked his name he simply pointed to a nearby buffalo and thus he was nicknamed after it.
Relations: None. Anyone he knows is still in the orient or he doesn't really care about.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Adelita (Allie) Nikola (Nick when she doesn't feel like being impeded in her new efforts) Kaufman

Age: 22 (March 12th 1841 so i remember if it ever matters) when it all went down.

Appearance: Just like mom, small and thin with thick, dark hair and a fawn sort of complexion. From her papa, her bright blue eyes and stern, mannish features. Honestly, if she didn't used to do her hair so nicely, if her mother didn't teach her just how to paint her lips and pinch her cheeks for an uplifting sort of glow, she would have always looked as she did now. Sick. Not boyish or girlishly sick, just sick. These days she's taken to wearing a thick mask, to keep the dust out of her frail lungs.

Former Occupation: Student of the sciences. (IE sorta useless)

Background: Allie's folks were well off, explaining, well, how she survived infancy. She was always sickly, and though her problems never subsided, what little modern medicine could offer her was always on hand, offering her enough respite for troubled sleep. It was clear when she was older that she wasn't fit for the traditional pursuits, so they sent her off to Lidenwood, to continue the education she had thusfar been excelling in. About halfway through a standard formal education in the sciences, well, all fell to hell. Heck if she knows what she's doing anymore, riding along the wastelands with a horse and a cart full of books and equipment.

Relations: If her parents are alive, then they'd be found just northwest of where the Pecos and the Rio Grande meet. Only other person she'd know well enough was a friend from school, Arleen Carter, whom she dearly hopes fared well when she left the school a month prior to the end of it all.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Molly Beckett
Age: 14
Appearance: 5' Dirty blond hair with brown eyes. Uneven bangs and wavy hair past her shoulders (also uneven). Light freckles under her eyes. Light skin but heavily tanned. Is pretty sturdy from her years on the field, but she is fairly skinny due to giving most of her food away to her siblings.
Former Occupation: Farmer
Background: Lived a relatively simple life on her family's farm in Iowa. Was taught by her father about farming to help tend the fields and to help teach her brother. It was hard work but she was happy she was able to help her father. They were a happy family. When the end happened, the town quickly turn against her family when the food stores ran dry. A mob came to their door accusing them of hoarding food. Her parents gave her a pack of what little they had left and told her to run away with her siblings. She refused to at first, but when she heard the door break down she was terrified. She grabbed her siblings and ran. Since then she's been surviving by scavenging from town to town and trying to pray on the sympathies of others.
Relations: Mother and Father murdered by village. Younger sister Lizzie at 11 is pretty shy. Younger brother Trent at 10 is spoiled. Both are traveling with her.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Copper-teeth Pete

Age: 31

Appearance: A man who looks older than he is, Pete is a wiry man of average height, with a long, scraggly beard, the hair of a wildman, and is constantly covered in dirt. He is always wearing a dirty pair of overalls, a pair of leather boots, and a very floppy brown hat.

Former Occupation: Prospector!

Background: Copper-teeth Pete, who actually only has two copper teeth, was a prospector in the Old World, but never a successful one. Several failed ventures (including one involving the noble sacrifice of a companion's leg) left him with a stinging sense of failure, never having found his jackpot of gold.

And then the world ended.

But fuck it. Isn't it mostly the same? Yeah. Same old world. And there's gotta be gold out there somewhere! And Copper-Teeth Pete isn't giving up until he finds it!


Hobblin' Hal - A former prospecting companion, they lost contact after surviving a near-death experience of being stranded, starving, in a canyon. Fortunately, Hal was brave enough to sacrifice one of his legs to feed them both. And totally out of his own will, too!

Huckleberry - Pete's trusted, valued pickaxe. He loves it. He sleeps with it at night. The two are never seen apart.

Cow-pie Clyde - Failure of a bandit that's robbed Pete five separate times. The last three were by accident. Pete never has anything worth stealing. He isn't even worth the time to rob. The last time, Clyde just stole Pete's shirt and a sack of potatoes.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Sign ups will close in one week! Get your apps in while you can!
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Susanne "Coyote" Lowkey

Age: 30

Appearance: Coyote is the platonic ideal of handsomely beautiful (or is it beautifully handsome?). Her fashion tends towards the functional cowboy. You know, duster jacket, chaps, etc. She isn't really a big fan of ribbons and frills.

Former Occupation:
Criminal scum. More specifically a highwayman.

Background: Coyote came from a family unfairly impoverished by others. Her childhood was harsh and hopeless until one day, Susan realized she was really good at actions generally frowned upon by society. Almost too easily, Coyote became a bad woman - lying, cheating, and stealing her way through life. Her parents would be almost disappointed in her if they are still there, but she don't care.


The Magnanimous Seven - a gang of mercenaries that Coyote formerly ran with. The name is a bit of misnomer because only two of the members survived after a mass shootout, Coyote included.

An Ungodly Amount of Pinkerton Agents - Pinkerton Agents were basically the FBI before the FBI existed in the first place. Anyway, the entire agency is incensed at Coyote, mostly because of a certain incident involving the Mexico border and a large tankard of gas.

Rowan Runner - A highwayman who she pulled into a life of crime. Her best friend, her worst enemy, and a perpetual thorn in her side.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: "Rowan Runner", Jack Handler

Age: 32

Appearance: Clean shaven and well dressed, like a banker who decided to try being a cowboy without any experience. Has a lot of pockets and hidden belts under his coat that allow him to just be lousy with random crap and small arms.

Former Occupation: Shopkeeper and eventual highwayman

Background: Grew up in a fairly boring Oklahoma township, and lived a fairly boring life as a farmer's son. He was the first member of his family to go to a real school, and he gained a lot of knowledge and skills that would help him later in life. Became the (relatively) successful owner of a (relatively) important general goods store for many years until he was robbed by a group of bandits. His business never really recovered, as competitors quickly took all of his business before he could rebuild. He definitely didn't turn to a life of crime in desperation, and even if he had he extra definitely didn't find it more rewarding and enjoyable than his previous, more legal occupations. He certainly never caught up with one of the bandits that robbed him in the first place, screwed them by accident, and got caught working with them later trying to steal from the US government. Any fiascos along the Mexican border that he may have been reported as being part of are false. Really, him being sentenced to death just prior to the end of the world was a terrible mistake and also all Lowkey's fault.

The fact that a gang escaping the eastern destruction attacking the town he was imprisoned in days before his execution was definitely not just a freak lucky chance. Rowan likes to think that it's karma paying him back for what was clearly not his fault. He's now been travelling west as well, hooking up with a band of refugees since lesson one he learned was there's some real strength in numbers.


Lowkey - The bandit who robbed Rowan and turned him to a life of crime. Best friend, nemesis, partner.

The United States Government - Captured by Pinkerton agents after a particularly botched train robbery, Rowan was offered a lifetime in prison (best case scenario) or to handle a discreet mission and get set free with a good paycheck and a clear record. Said confidential mission ended with a big fire and Mexico declaring war on the United States just as the end of the world started hitting the east coast.

First Mexican Republic - See above entry for how they feel.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Due to some requests I've gotten, I'm extending the deadline to Saturday evening - The results will be announced on Sunday and the game should be ready to begin on Monday!

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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: El Dolor. He gives no other name.

Age: Looks to be in his 30s. Maybe.

Appearance: A heavily-muscular, wild-looking man of Mexican descent. Has medium-length, messy hair, and an equally-messy beard. Wears clothes reminiscent of a train engineer’s, albeit with the sleeves ripped off and with various metal plates welded together and attached all over it. His clothes are dirty and his boots are worn, as if he’s traveled long distances on foot. His right fist is covered in some kind of unwieldy metal gauntlet, a sort of steam-powered piston fist. There is no way it’s practical.

Former Occupation: Train engineer. Mechanic. Wrestler. Vigilante. He’s done a lot of things, really.

Background: El Dolor doesn’t talk much about his past. He’s a lot more concerned with here and now. Even before the whole “world ending” thing. You have to wonder, though, what would drive a man to wander the desert, punching out bandits and criminals and the occasional cougar, all in the name of justice.

...Well, it all started with an unfortunate train robbery that left several people dead and El Dolor himself stranded in the middle of the Mojave desert. They sadly never caught the hooligans responsible for it (at least, as far as El Dolor knows) - they got away to wreck even more trains and ruin even more lives. The nerve!

Anyway, left to fend for himself in the middle of the desert, El Dolor did what any slightly-crazy man suffering from heat-induced delirium would do: Cobble together a dangerous fist-based weapon from the wreckage of the train’s engine, and wander across the wastes with nothing but the clothes on his back. Though he made it back to civilization in one piece, he had a new mission now: make criminals pay. Make the world a better place. He’d become something more than a mere man. He’d become a symbol. Something criminals would fear! He’d become…


And then the world ended.

Relations: Any family El Dolor might have is back in Mexico, and who knows how that’s gonna turn out for them. He’s also got rather… poor relationships with law enforcement in half the towns across the Mojave, and a few Pinkerton agents here and there. No one likes a vigilante.
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
Name: Amanda Starling AKA "Michael Gelding"

Age: 24 at collapse

Appearance: A small girl, with brown hair pulled into a sidebun, a pale and be-freckled face, and dull green eyes. She wears a set of men's clothing; a simple brown vest, a heavy overcoat, a rather plain olive-tone shirt, and equally drab trousers. The only thing about her that could be said to *not* be simple, are a sturdy pair of Wellington boots, taken as a gift from the late Master's son after a short romance on the trip overseas.

Former Occupation: Governess/Lady-of-the-House (Writer)

Background: Born to a governess and a soldier in the city of old York, Amanda - Amy to those on less formal terms - was raised and educated alongside the house's children, her father almost always abroad with the East India Company. She was but 2 years old when her father died in the First Opium War, and the lady of the house, valuing her mother and seeing the practicality, invited the widow into the home on more permanent terms. Educated in the line of her mother, and having access to the Master's library, she took to writing articles in a local newspaper, and the most innocent flirting with the eldest son.

Under her pseudonym, Michael Gelding, she expressed feminist and individualist sympathies, drawing on the works of Stirner and Proudhon. Still, she had to retain her position, and began taking on the care of the house's eldest son, following him to the new world when he moved to Chicago to explore a formal career in industry. On the boat ride over, they had a passionate affair, and were wed in the Americas, Amanda being 17 at the time. It was a shortly lived romance, however, due to an "un"-fortunately timed case of arsenic poisoning, which left her with a modest home and a plump wallet. Using these resources, she began helping downtrodden women get a formal education, and helped the fledglings of a feminist movement... However, just weeks before the planned publishing of her first book, "The Error of Androcentric Thinking", the disaster hit, and was compelled to, with the aid of her associates, take care of the sick and needy as the first waves of chaos disrupted life.

For months, she stayed in the walled estate, with sympathetic workers, socialists mostly, doing their best to help gather and produce food. It took a single night to turn everything upside-down, and a greedy man let the re-wilded outsiders into the estate.
The night was stained red with blood. Right before her eyes, she saw good men and women killed, children taken from their mothers' arms. She rushed away with the few she could save, and a few others followed lead. With a couple sabres, a handful of books (her own included), a breach-loaded carbine, and a 6-shot percussion revolver, the group headed west, away from civilization, by some misguided hope that the going would be easier.
Turns out it wasn't, and they eventually met up with another caravan that was camping for a moment's rest, heard stories about the otherside of the Great Plain being fertile. Amy figured that, if she was bound to die in this waste, it might as well be with hope of reaching some Eden on the other side. The Mississippi River should be up ahead here soon...


Feminists and Sympathizers - While only 3 are with her in the moment, it is certain that others escaped the bloodshed at the estate. Perhaps they would prove friendly if encountered in the massiveness of the waste.

Family? - The last of her family died in England, although perhaps a brother-in-law might still be kicking somewhere out east.

Other - Due to her lifestyle prior to, and during the beginning of, the stopping of the Sun, she has helped many down on their luck, and offered aid to those she could. Some might prove to have sympathies in return.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes
And now that I'm home from class, I'm going to declare Signups officially closed as of...



My accepted character list should be posted between tonight and wednesday, depending on how much deliberation I put into it!
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RE: Hope Rides On: An Adventure Through the Wastes - Character Select!
With some last minute drop-outs, the process was expedited considerably! The cast of this game will be:

Susanne Lowkey, the Amoral Archfoe,
Amanda Starling, the Feminist Firebrand,
Theresa Sancroix, the Cloistered Comforter,
Copper-Teeth Pete, the Gilded Geezer,
Molly Beckett, the Fledgling Farmer,
El Dolor, the Ludicrous Luchador,
Jack Handler, the Reluctant Rascal,
Adelita Nikola, the Asthmatic Alchemist,
and James Valentine, the Perfidious Physician!

I will go about assembling the Skype chat tomorrow and then work out any pre-game stuff before making the first post!

Let the games begin!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden

The wastes have never been nice, but the world seems particularly unforgiving as of late. It took a while, but gangs of bandits have finally formed up with enough organization and in enough numbers to become an actual problem. The sun's unblinking gaze has taken its toll on the land and on your party. Sleep comes hard, and it's rarely satisfying.

The caravan took all of you in. Led by a generous man who merely calls himself the Caravaneer, this small group of wanderers took each and every one of you in. First came Little Molly Beckett, half-starved in the middle of nowhere with her brother and sister. Then came Allie Nikola, discovered mid-coughing fit. Then Sister Theresa, found offering a wounded traveler his last rites. Next was Copper-teeth Pete, who they discovered sifting through the sand in search for GOLD. After that, Doc Valentine came running up the road behind them and eagerly asked to join up for some reason. Then came Amanda and her group, reluctant to relate their story but polite all the same. Soon after, the group came across El Dolor in a field suplexing a rock. Most recently, you all discovered a curious pair bickering in the middle of the road named Coyote and Rowan.

In spite of the hardships of the wasteland, the caravan has made it through relatively unharmed. Your group has, thus far, wandered aimlessly in search of the rumored promised land. Old Nate Mulligan - the camp cook - has grumbled here ad there, going on and on about whether it really even exists. Miss Martha - the caravan's resident huntress - is fairly quiet on the matter, answering only that she's happy so long as there's still enough prey to feed all of them. Her words don't seem as reassuring as she wants them to be.

The Caravaneer pulls the caravan's four wagons in at an oasis, deciding to stop for a caravan meeting and for the once-every-so-often inventory inspection. The inspection reveals that your inventory is thus:
  • The Caravan has EIGHTEEN PEOPLE. With this in consideration you have enough food and water to keep everyone fed for nine meals, provided there's no unforeseen circumstances.
  • A single spare wagon wheel.
  • A ten yard long roll of cloth.
  • Fifty feet of rope.
  • Between the lot of you, sixty pistol bullets, eighteen shotgun shells, and twenty rifle rounds.
  • A single teddy bear, property of Molly's younger brother, Trent.
  • Allie's assorted books and tomes.
  • Huckleberry the pickaxe.
  • A single barrel of salt.
  • Several bags of seeds Molly saved from her family farm.

The caravaneer steps out before you all and begins speaking. "Now listen: I've been hearin' talk 'round the camp that says you all are startin' to lose faith. I myself think we're just east of Eden. That said, I can't say I'm basin' that on anything in particular. Lord knows how long we've wandered around this desert, and I'm not about to get you all killed just because I've got a hunch there's still hope to be had out west. We could find someplace nice enough out here, maybe find something we could call a life. Wouldn't be good livin', can't even promise it would be sustainable, but we might be able to find somethin'. I'm gonna put this to a vote. Simple majority wins. In the case of a tie, we flip a coin. Fair as can be. I'm votin' we keep on movin' forward. There's life to be had out there. I feel it in my bones. There's somethin' callin to us out there, and I think we'd be damned fools not to follow it." The Caravaneer sits down on the ground, signalling his turn to speak is over.

Old Nate, always happy to express his opinion, stands up and speaks, stroking his mustache all the while. "Now lissin here, folks, I'm not 'bout to go tellin' y'all how you oughta cast your votes, but this is a death trap! We ain't got no reason to think life out west is any better than out east. Hell, 's probably worse out there, if'n such a thing can even be true! I vote we find some life. Times'll be hard, but we've always made it before; why wouldn't we now? We can find a water source, maybe start up a farm if'n Molly's up to it, and the buffalo ain't headin' nowhere! I'm tired of runnin' for somethin' that's never gonna come. I say we settle down and find our peace!"

His piece said, Old Nate sits down. The floor is ceded to whoever wants it.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Doc Valentine stood up and walked out, his hand out in front of him as if he were holding a cigarette. Before the apocalypse, he'd been a heavy smoker. Force of habit, if nothing else. His two pistols were on his belt, and his pointed cowboy hat was resting on his head.

"I wish I could greet you by the time of the day, but I am entirely uncertain of what time it is, so instead I shall say good day to you all," Valentine said, bowing his head with a smile. "Those acquainted with me would be aware that, while I am of a most gentlemanly temperament, I also wish for a measure of excitement in my daily life. Plainly spoken, I believe that the tedium of a homesteader's life would wear quite heavily upon me. As such, my vote shall be counted towards the good caravaneer."

Valentine nodded, and went to sit back down.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
After a brief nod, Amanda stood, curiosity playing on her face.

"With all due respect, why should we determine this so simply? Those who wish to stay should not be chained to those whose idealism guides them. Simply put, the realists should be allowed their sedentary lifestyle, and likewise for anyone otherwise. Certainly, the group of majority would be better defended and equipped, however, so nobody should be held to initial fancies..."

She trailed off, glancing nervously at the increasingly heated caravaneer.

"But for what it's worth, I believe we should try to head to Oregon country, by way of Montana, and see what the Pacific coast's trail has for us. I'm under the impression that it's generally moist up that ways, and we can evade the Mojave oven... And unless the mountains have built a ceiling, the Rockies should be a far easier journey than they used to..."

Unbuttoning the collar of her shirt and opening her vest, with a sigh and a light frown, she heads back to her closer companions.

"That's another vote for Eden"

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Molly frowned and looked between the Caravaneer, and Old Nate. She chewed her lip slightly. She wasn't to opposed to either option, she just wanted to live, that was the long and short of it. She glanced towards her siblings, Trent was drinking up the water from the oasis greedily and desperately, so quickly he started to hack and cough. Lizzie paused drinking from her hands to give Molly a small smile. Molly returned it and turned towards the group with renewed resolve. There has to be a sanctuary beyond this place. For her family, she had to find it. The Lord would never be as cruel as to leave them to die alongside the world.


"If I have a vote, then I say we keep on movin'! I wanna find the perfect place to set up a new home! Hope is still still strong in me Mr. Caravaneer. I'ma keep my spirit strong and stick with it!"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Speaking of, Trent returns to the group. "What are we votin' on???"

The Caravaneer explains it gently to him. "I vote we stay!" Trent whines. "I'm tired of walkin' around everywhere!" He pouts.

Lizzie moves in after him. "W-Well I say we keep goin'! It's like what Molly said, if there's hope then we gotta keep movin' forward, right?" She beamed, glancing toward her sister for approval.

The Caravaneer chimes in, nodding towards Amy. "If anyone wants to leave, they can. So long as they're not takin' anything more than their fair share of the goods, they're free to head out. I wouldn't encourage it, considering how often we've seen the wreckage of other caravans as of late, but I'm not about to try and tie you to the wagon. I figure it's best we figure out what the majority of us want so the folks who're in the minority don't get the short end of the stick."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
The ever-wild-eyed El Dolor stood and cleared his throat, then spoke, voice a gravelly baritone, rough as the wastes around them.

"I've wandered these lands for months, and there's no hope to be found in them. Bandits, malcontents, and bears rule these wastes, from here to the Mojave and back. We could find a source of water, yes, but could we possibly hope to stop the flow of the lawless? To take this land back from those who think of naught but themselves? Maybe. Maybe they will come to fear the name of El Dolor, and the swift justice that must always follow it. But this is not just about El Dolor. This is about a brighter future for us all."

El Dolor was now standing on a rock, posing triumphantly, fist raised as his speech grew impassioned. "We must not lose hope and settled for mere dust. We must be as a beacon in these dark times, an engine of justice and truth, leading the sick and the poor to the fertile lands beyond. The bandits will fear our approach, and those that would cause us harm will flee or be crushed under our fists of truth. I will be heading west, caravan or not, heading to the lands that will be our salvation. EL DOLOR INVITES YOU ALL TO JOIN HIM ON HIS GLORIOUS PATH. THE PATH... TO EDEN."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Theresa sat quietly, her thoughts racing as she listened to the arguments for and against continuing West. She was afraid, as they all were, that their journey would be fruitless, and that they would perish somewhere in the wastes, forgotten and alone. She trembled at the thought of wasting away from hunger and thirst, and the west seemed no more promising than the land they just left.

And yet, she knew that staying would be to give up all hope. Maybe the West had escaped the devastation which had scoured her home. Maybe there was some place out there where they could live and thrive and rebuild the land. After all, how could God abandon his children, for whom Jesus had died on the cross at Calvary and came back from the dead? To give up hope would be to give up her entire existence.

Theresa gathered her strength and courage to stand up and speak.

"Friends, I know as well as you do the hopelessness and darkness of our situation. The world seems to have died around us, with nothing but dust left whence we came. I know the temptation is strong to find someplace which looks like it might feed us for a while, lord knows I've felt it too. I mean, we haven't found anything so far..."

She swallowed, looking around the group, before continuing,

"Yet I know that God still has a plan for us. He's been looking out for us, keeping us alive, and we can't give up faith. These trials will be over, I know it, and just as He led Moses to the Promised Land, he'll lead us out of this waste to our own Israel. But we have to keep the faith, and keep going."

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
There's a slow clap from the back of the group.

"The nun's right, sort of. Crazy Mexican too."

As Rowan walks forward he rustles Trent's hair before moving further to the centre of the group. "I hate it too kid. Hate it all. I hate waking up every day knowing that we have an entire day of marching ahead of us. I hate that there's more things out here trying to kill us than not. More than anything I hate having to live purely day to day, eating food faster as fast as we can scavenge it and doing even worse for water.

That said, we're still living day to day. We stop and we have no ability to survive in the short term outside of some lucky scavenging. At least out west we have a chance at real land, and we'll always have new lands to find new chances at living until we do.

As for the other suggestions, I gotta say..." Rowan frowns. "I don't think splitting's so wise. Especially if we're giving up our scarce supplies on top of it. Bandits and the like will pray on that weakness same as the wasteland - divide and conquer. There's strength in numbers after all. Someone runs off and the main group'd weaker, worst case we all die because we were missing that extra hand and skills, or week of single rations. No disrespect meant, of course Miss Starling, or to you our gracious guide, but the best I think we can do is hold together even if we disagree with a particular course of action the group takes."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Copper Teeth Pete hobbles forward past El Dolor, having totally ignored the man's impassioned speech, looking to Ol' Nate.

"Live where?! Here?! Are you doggone crazy?!"

Pete spits in the sand.

"There ain't no gold in these here hills! There's only SAND! And anyone who's ANYONE knows ya can't find nuthin' good in sand! I tell ya, I TELL YA, we need to find us a MOUNTAIN, or a STREAM. Or a STREAM goin' to a mountain! I don't dang care if we run inta Apache or the devil himself along the way, if we FIND gold, we can restart the gawd-danged global economy!"

He pulls out a chewed-corncob from his pocket, waving it wildly.

"Until then, my bit-corn won't have any dang value as a currency! Without gold, we're doomed, I tells ya, DOOMED!"

He tucks it carefully back into his front overalls pocket, reaching for a pan.

"Now, if ya'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pan for gold in the oasis! Ain't gonna find anything, but a man can hope! This feller here was goin' on about hope, right? Hope's good as gold! Except it isn't! Gold's better! We find the gold, then we can buy all the hope we need, I tell ya what! HahaaaAAAAA!"

He slaps his knee then hobbles off into the oasis to pan for sweet, rare oasis-gold.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Rowan turns to Coyote. "God bless Pete, he's a national treasure," he whispers.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
"We gotta get Pete into our schemes. Truly, there is nothing but potential in him." She smiles.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Before Nate can chew Copper Teeth Pete out (again), Miss Martha steps forward, rifle strapped to her back. Her face is grim, and she takes a deep breath before speaking.

"I've got something that needs saying, and now's as good a time as ever." She sighs, a deep, heavy sigh.

"I've been trying to keep this to myself. Figured I was just imagining things, or that it was the desperation of the situation getting to my head, but if we're making plans based on it, I've got to be honest with myself. I'm not imagining anything. It's really happening."

"The buffalo are dying out. The herds have been getting thinner and thinner. Used to be we'd find a herd of one hundred, 'hundred fifty, easy. I didn't bat an eye when it came down to eighty. Didn't think twice when it came down to fifty. 'Course they're struggling, I said, all of us are. As of late, though... Last herd I hunted was about twenty. Y'come across the skulls of the beasts littered across the ground. We're not the only ones hunting them, of course. We always knew that. God knows how many people came out here with the same idea we had. As of late, though, it's been ridiculous. You've all seen it. You come across a skull or a carcass what feels like once a mile. Of course the creatures are dyin'. Sorry Nate, but you know this land's no good for farming. Hell, nowhere is. That's why we're making this fool expedition in the first place. Call it 'Eden' if you want, I'd be happy to call it 'normal.' This promised land is our only hope. If we don't get where we're goin' and fast, we're done for."

She pauses, as if searching for words, and shrinks bashfully. "I suppose that's my way of saying I vote we carry on."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Allie hopped off of her wagon and began to untie her horse to take down to the oasis. She couldn't deny she'd been in a bit of a slump of late, but there was nothing for anyone here. Sure, she was bummed. One might even find some fancier words for it, and she wouldn't begrudge them. But there was only one way to even possibly be unbummed, and dying in the middle of the desert for nothing sounded like a pretty lame way to go. Plus, somebody had to take care of her dear Leech. She took Leech's untied reins in her hands and walked with her to the water.

"Then why entertain the idea of staying? There's nothing sustainable here, the only chance we've got of at least finding a place we can grow things is if we keep moving."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Old Man Nate stood flabberghasted. "I... No way, no! You're goin' crazy, Martha! There's no way the buffalo are runnin' out. What're you gonna say next, we're runnin' out of fish in the sea? Birds in the sky? You must be miscounting, or... Or maybe we're just not followin' their trails right! There's gotta be an explanation for this."

"No mistake about it, Nate. They're running dry. Not much of a shock. They're practically all we eat, nowadays, and I imagine you can say the same about every other refugee wanderin' around out here."

The Caravaneer nodded, a frown stretching across his face. "Think we've come to a decision then. Wish you would've let us know a bit earlier, though, Miss Martha. Looks like we're on a time limit now. I'm gonna resupply while we're here. Who knows next time we'll come across water? In the meantime, I suggest the rest of you get prepped too. Might be a good idea to have a couple of people standin' watch, if any of you wants to volunteer. That aside, I'd suggest you get some sleep. We're gonna be marching on double-time, now."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
El Dolor continued standing on the same rock, still posing.

"El Dolor will keep a vigilant watch. After all, justice... never rests. Any that try to harm us will learn this firsthand."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
"I reckon I'll take second watch. Just in case there is some scoundrels..." She winks. "Besides me of course."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
"Third watch it is then. I think that'll probably be enough, unless anyone wants to double up."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
With three of them already volunteering already, Molly figured that she could rest without worry.
She smiled at Lizzie. "Alright Lizzie," She turns to Trent. "Trent, it's night- er... Bedtime. I'll tuck ya both in." She said while walking over to the pillows and blankets, starting to set them up.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
It seemed pretty desolate here, but Adelita had been rather uneasy of late, and she turned from the oasis to the majority of the rest of the caravan. "I'll join first watch as soon as Leech is set to rest." She wasn't tired yet in any case. After bringing Leech back to the wagon to settle down, she refilled her canteen, and hopped up into her wagon. She seated herself on her throne of books (she wasn't too heavy, she certainly wasn't wet, it was fine) and looked off into the general direction they would be headed.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Amanda would spend the next few moments helping situate her collective, making sure they get as much sleep and comfort as possible. It'd be a long journey, and she knew that everyone, herself especially, would value them more if they got enough time to depressurize. It seemed like they had all become an analog of Sisyphus, and she was almost overwhelmed with helplessness when an idea grew from the soil of her turmoil, much unlike anything would in this land. She quickly approached Adelita's throne, sketching pencil in hand.

"Excuse me," she spoke as she neared the wagon, making eye contact so as to not surprise by any chance, "I can't help but draw my attention to the multitude of books beneath you. Certainly a rarity, two-fold, nay 3. A young educated woman, with ample works to verify.

"Would you entertain an idea that would cost but one of the tomes of your library? I feel certain that it would be of benefit to all of us, in the long term."

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Carmen stumbled out of the sleep cart, clearly hung over. No one had been able to figure out where she stashed her liquor, nor did anyone ask - she had a mean temper when she was drunk, and a meaner one when she was like this. She leaned against Theresa, still rather wobbly on her feet. "Heyyyyy, Terry! What'd I miss? Nothing important, right?"

Simultaneously, Rosa and Bartolomeo exit the meat-drying cart. Rosa goes to help the Caravaneer with the water while Bart heads into the sleep cart.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Allie heard Amanda out. It seemed well enough. Amanda wasn't one of the children so she wasn't worried about whichever book being ruined, and to be honest, she felt a little wary of some of her more eccentric new companions. Amanda didn't instill the same sort of unease that... Well, she wouldn't mince words, even in her head. Dear Ol' Pete and El Dolor and... Ok, she was out there with quite the cast of characters. In any case, Adelita wasn't worried about Amanda being weird, with her OR the books. She nodded, "These things are hardly worth their weight if I'm the only one going through them." She got up and off of the throne, kneeling beside it. "What do you need?"

She picked up a book from a side pile, to replace whatever she'd likely pull from the throne. Its structural integrity was something of a pride of hers. Who, after all, had the opportunity to build such a thing, or even the opportunity to throw their respectable natures out of the window enough to sit on it? Allie grinned, though not so easily perceptible under her mask.

"And, on the admission that I'm a nosy gal and not so many folk seem interested in them, might I ask what for?"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Amanda nodded, smiling at the opportunity to share ideas.

"Well, quite honestly, I just need something to write in; quick sketches of places, a brief detail of the area, a crude map, things of that sort. Had myself worried, what with the sun being useless for navigation, that we might get lost out here, come by the same oasis a few times..."

She trailed off, gathering her thoughts for a moment.

"I was going to build a marker of bone, about my height or a bit taller, to be seen from a distance, pointing the direct we took. Make a new one every once in a while, mark it down, sketch it out, describe the area, and repeat. A worth-while task, if only to keep my own clarity, if not aid everyone in these damned dunes."

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Doc Valentine walked over to the oasis and filled his canteen, drinking his fill. Afterwards, he simply stood around the oasis, wishing for a cigarette. Or a drink. Or a drink and a cigarette.

Really, all he wanted was a good high stakes card game. The end of the world sure had left things in a twist.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
It doesn't take long for those near the lake to recognize that something's wrong.

Very wrong.

Bubbles are rising to the surface of the center of the tiny lake.Tiny ripples spread across the water. The Caravaneer seems oblivious, but it's obvious to anyone paying any attention.

Something's moving in there.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
"Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but there seems to be something breathing down there," Valentine said, backing away from the oasis casually.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
El Dolor dramatically leaped down from his watchin' rock. He casually walked toward the lake.

"Aha, it seems we have a new friend down there! Worry not, friends. If it wants to get the better of us, it will first have to go through..."

El Dolor struck a needlessly dramatic pose. It's a shame he wasn't wearing a cape, or it'd be blowing in the wind behind him.

"EL... DOLOR!"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Allie nodded, scanning the throne's back and carefully switching one of the bound books within. "Here, then!"

She held the journal out to her, something wide and thin, and not terribly well bound. "Most of the pages are empty. It was a notebook, nothing so important. You can take out any used pages. Do you want help? That sounds like a good idea, especially since the dunes keep us from just carrying forward, you're right... I'm no artist but I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty, I mean," she paused for a breath, wavering somewhat with a nervous sort of laugh, "Well, if you find need of another hand, anyway."

Allie smiled. Talking with literally anyone besides the weird old men, she thought, must be adding years to her life. A true breath of fresh air. And in any case, it would amount to something being resolved that she too had been concerned about. All well.

Or, not so well. Upon the comments of said strange old men, Allie stood, peering over to the oasis. She tried to think if she knew of anything that would reasonably be there. Not that reason was much of a guideline anymore.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Amanda could hardly get out an obliged nod before the commotion took her attention. That strange latin fellow was being dramatic, but she wasn't sure if that'd be necessary. She would let Adelita know that help was always welcome, but the thought of life in the water made this pond even more noteworthy.

"I want to get a better look on the scene, we can continue after this critter gets sighted. I'd like to try and detail it in the book as well... If I can spot it right." She took a brisk pace walking back to the water, standing close enough to spot the bubbles, but far enough to feel confident about stating dry.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Molly was just about finished telling a small story to Trent and Lizzie when she heard everyone making a commotion. She frowned a little and finished the story a little more abruptly. "And then the Little Mermaid decided she didn't love the Prince and let him be with the Princess while she jumped back into the sea turning into sea foam as she entered the kingdom of heaven. The end." Molly finished quickly. "Alright have a good sleep, and try to ignore the sounds from outside." Molly leaned over and gave both of them a quick kiss on the cheek and then left the wagon to see what was going on.

"What's going on, didn't we decide to go rest?" She wondered what everyone was making a fuss about, but her thoughts stopped short as she saw the oasis. "Is... Is someone or something taking a swim...?"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
"What's the matter with you folks? There ain't no trouble he-..." The Caravaneer looked down. A hand came out of the water. Gaunt. Pale. Human.

A body began pulling itself out of the water. First came the arm - just as gaunt as the hand, and unnaturally long. Then the face, with holes where the eyes ought to be and without a mouth or nose. Then the torso.

And the torso... and the torso.

Whatever it was, its torso seemed four times as long as it ought to be. The thing seemed to have three sets of ribs and no hips. Eventually it dragged up what seems to be a shell behind it - hideously luminescent in the bright sunlight.

It screeched as the Caravaneer dashed away from it. It grabbed his ankle with horrifying speed and began retreating into the lake.


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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden

Without anything approaching hesitation (or for that matter, sense), El Dolor leaped from his position on the shore, aiming to tackle the beast and pummel the crap out of it.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Doc Valentine pulled one of his pistols and attempted to shoot the damn thing in the torso.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter One: East of Eden
Theresa sighed at the sight of Carmen. She held onto the other woman's arm and guided her back to her pallet.

"No, nothing important. We just were talking about whether or not to stop the caravan, and we decided to keep moving. Now get some rest, you smell like a distillery."

When she heard the commotion, she stuck her head out of the sleeping wagon.

"Something the matter?"

The one, the only, Vancho!

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