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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Rowan chases over the eyeball as well, frantically reloading his revolver.

"Someone keep an eye on the body, and Valentine!"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Jay looks at the eyeball, sees that there's no chance his old man legs are gonna catch up with it, and starts hacking at the body enthusiastically, making sure to get those limbs off.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Coyote is going to go to Valentine and see if she could uh, plug the stump or whatever. She was an ex-bandit, not a doctor.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night

Allie whistles, but underestimates the bravery of the horse. It's going wide, trying to go around this eyeball, but it's still running to her. Leech is fearless. Leech is loyal to the end. Leech loves her girl.

Theresa throws her axe, and it plants into the thing, but it doesn't slow it down. Nothing slows it down.

Rowan reloads his revolver, but in the panic of the moment, he trips over a tree's root and falls to his knees, his ammo going wide as he does.

Just as Leech and the Eye are on an undeniable collision course, Lizzie, Trent and Catherine crying all the while, something strange happens. A burst of roots emerges from the ground, impales the eye in its tracks, and pushes Leech out of the way, nearly toppling the poor girl. The eye twitches for a few moments before slowly starting to melt away into some kind of... metallic substance.

Jay hacks away at the body before finding it, too is melting away into an odd metallic liquid. It should be stressed: Allie can immediately tell it is NOT quicksilver.

Coyote reaches Valentine's side. She begins mending his arm, patching up the stump as best she can. She's no field doctor, but she's seen a fair number of wounds, and the girl knows how to stop bloodflow.

The forest is quiet again. The rain pitterpatters against the treetops, singing a wispy song. The group is filled with two senses: First, that something terrible walks this earth, something horrible and ghastly, that what they fought is not the only one of its kind, and that there will be more to come. Second, that they're not alone - but not in a sinister manner. That they're... protected. That something out here is watching over them.

That the forest is on their side.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
"Hey," Coyote slaps both of Valentine's cheeks slightly. "Are you okay."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa drops to her knees.

"Thank the lord, it's over."

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine is probably still unconscious!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine is waking up!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Coyote puts a couple of more light slaps into Valentine's face because she's still kind of a dick.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
"I'm awake," Valentine said.

Then he yelled.


Because his arm was gone and it hurt.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
"Well, it kinda...came off. Being attacked by a monster would do that to you."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Allie wasn’t sure what to do first. As her horse approached, she took Leech’s muzzle in her hands, and brought her close to hold. She had greatly, greatly underestimated her horse. Gave her a smooch on the snoot. A damn good horse.

But her eyes too went to the further loss there could have been, and that awful substance. Was it seeping into the earth? Or just sitting there? She facilitated in getting the children down, and she took Catherine’s hand, briefly, squeezing it.

And she stepped, and when she reached the roots, she touched them.

“... Thank you...?”


Valentine needed help. Allie got on that.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Lizzie jumps off Leech as Allie pets him, runs up to Molly, and throws her arms around her big sister. Trent is bawling too hard and almost falls off the horse before Catherine steadies him. Tears are in her eyes, but she still seems stricken with a placid calm, something deep, dark, and inexplicably off-putting about her demeanor.

Valentine continued screaming, his voice echoing into the night.

Allie studies the substance. It is not seeping into the earth, but rather pooling, coalescing into a puddle which rises about a centimeter off the ground, as if suspended by a surface tension much greater than that of water and unable to seep into the earth. The roots are oddly warm to the touch, but you haven't the time to investigate the source before you move to join Coyote at Valentine's side.

The Caravaneer has dropped to his knees, lasso falling beside him. His voice is quiet, but its sturdy nature carries it across the whole of the camp, only barely muffled by Valentine's shouts.

"I lost one. I let him down."

Nate joins Coyote, trying to aid in applying pressure and stuffing a rag in Valentine's mouth. The old man's creaky voice is unusually calm and authoritative here. "Bite down on this, 'fore you go ahead and bite yer tongue off hollerin'. Arm's a bad thing to lose, but you ain't dead yet, youngun. Flor'nce! Gonna need you over here, n' bring a needle, shug! Bit a rum might do some good too, if you can fetch it, Theresa!"

At the mention of a missing arm, Rev. Jay's quiet companion, Dolph, glances over.

Martha impolitely nudges the butt of her gun into Rowan's side. "Gather up those peashooters and get some ammo." She looks to the group. "Gonna need anyone who's foolish 'nough and old 'nough to go. I'm going on patrol. Gonna make sure that that thing's the last one to take us by surprise. Maybe figure out what hell they crawled out of while we're at it."

Arleen shoots a glare Martha's way. "No. No way are we goin' out there. I'm the first t' go on dumb missions, but we just lost two - figured you'd understand this better n' some gal who's got two days out the dorms, two years off the farmstead, 'bout a month with y'all, and too-fuckin'-long without a sarsaparilla, but there's some grievin' to be doin', some healin' to be had, and some goddamn feelin' to be had 'fore anyone's in fighting shape." She glances over towards Allie for only a split second.

The usually silent, gruff, and unpersonable Dolph speaks to the whole group for the first time: "...Don't reckon' I got much 's worth sayin', but if I got any sayin' to be said, it's this: Pushin' people past their breakin' point ain't a way to make 'em bend. It's a way of breakin' them."

A heavy silence hung over the camp as neither Martha nor Arleen budged, their eyes locked in ferocity.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine bit down on a rag.

He knew the drill.

He'd done amputations before.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Coyote gets the rum, but she takes a swig out of it before she gives it to Nate.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Molly hugs Lizzie as tight as she can. She was scared as holy heck. She cries with her little sister and rubs her back and holds her tight. “Shhh... Yer alright Lizzie you’re alright.” She starts making her way over to Trent and pulls him into a hug as well. “Shh...” Man.... that little fella was a good guy... she was really grateful for it. She wished it hung around so she could thank it. Though there was someone she should thank too. She looks over at Flo from her siblings and goes. “Thank yew fer Savin my life Flo...”
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
This is awkward. Screaming and crying and family hugging...

All while she ain't got no family.

Makes Flo' s stomach lurch. There's a feeling of near-jealousy and then the immediate sensation of guilt and embarrassment.
Rubbing at the back of her neck, Florence offers a shaky, forced laugh. "Yeah, no problem, Mo. Wasn't nothin'. I've, uh. I've got to be gettin' to helpin' Mister Valentine. Forgive my leave."

And then she hikes her skirt up and runs her way to her screaming friend. A small voice in the back of her head reminds her Valentine might be the closest thing to a daddy or an older brother she's got left, and that just makes her more anxious to see all that blood.

"It's gonna be okay, Mister Valentine." She murmurs soothingly, softly brushing sweat from his brow. "I'm here ta help, and ain't no one better at stitches'n me, if you don't mind the brag." Time to get the tools. "Could I get some water over here, please and thank ya? I needta wash m'hands and alla this stuff." She smiles at Valentine, her eyes sad but her voice steady. "We'll have ya right as rain in no time, ya hear? Just stay with me."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine kept on screaming. Mainly because the alternative was whimpering, and if you're going to make pained noises, you might as well be yelling.

His stump fucking hurt.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Jay shuffled over to stand beside Dolph, putting a hand on his shoulder. He wasn't sure how Dolph felt seeing another man lose an arm, but best to play self. Plus, he himself felt very shakey after seeing that abomination, and putting a hand on another human being helped. "I'm willing to help with the patrol. I'm healthy enough, and I got some military experience, and I feel indebted to you folk for taking me and Dolph in, so I feel I oughta volunteer for this."

Left unsaid, Jay didn't think he had much to offer of helpful use outside of this either, he wasn't a craftsman or hunter or nothin', and was getting on in years and wasn't a close member of this group. If he happened to die, it wouldn't be a huge loss to the group, utility-wise or emotionally, and if they'd been fighting monsters like that, they deserved any mercy or help he could offer.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Right. There’s so many hands around Valentine, he needed room, Flo was probably vastly more suited to this and that was terrible but there were so many things happening and-


Allie nodded to Flo, and stood up, looking over to the Scene being made. “... We have things to do first. We clearly can’t handle what’s out there if the woods themselves are granting us- boons. There’s a grave to dig and a man to heal and armaments to make. And when that’s done, Martha, I’ll be the first to join you. Father? I think I’ve got a better use of your time.”

And she waved Jay over, and left. She went to bring Flo some containers of water. And while she was on her way back, over her shoulder, she carried back Huckleberry. Valentine was covered. She had a grave to dig. She stopped her roll by the Caravaneer, and laid her empty hand on his shoulder. “... Would you help us get him settled?” She asked him, gently. It was time to pick out a graveyard. And the Caravaneer looked like he needed to not be alone.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Thank goodness for water. Flo cleans up her hands first, takin' careful steps not to contaminate the rest of the batch. Then she cleans her needle and thread, and any other tools she can grab that might be helpful for Mister Valentine, and wets a clean cloth. Gotta make sure he's got a different cloth situated to bite on, too.

"I ever tell ya 'bout my Mama, Mister Valentine?" There's a quiver in her voice she tries to mask by clearing her throat. All at once, she gently presses the water-soaked cloth to his stump. Gotta clean it. As soon as it makes contact though, she's talking again. Gotta talk to him even if he ain't fully listenin'. Flo knows the drill.

"She was a big, big woman. Even bigger'n me. Black, too which is where I get it from." Her hands stay steady as her throat thickens, though she keeps talking. "Mean as a rabid dog sometimes but so darned sweetin others. Fair, I'd say she was. And I'd be mad too if I was a grown woman who wanted her own adventures and got cooped up jus' cause of a white man."

She pulls the cloth away and inspects the wound. There's always a way to pinch and stitch, and that's what she's got to do.

"Right abouts now if she were here, she'd be praying for ya." Her stomach flips. She has to stitch. She starts that instead if crying. "I am too, but not to God like Mama did. I'm not sure he hears us anymore, Mister Valentine, if he ever did. So we ain't on talkin' terms right now." She has to stitch. All that red, red, red. Gotta get rid of the red. "So 'm praying to you, and me, and Molly and Allie and ever'one and the birds and the trees and the grass-- to what we have. What we got." Deep breath. Still stitching. Still not crying. Can't cry. "I'm praying we'll all be okay and that whoever is out there that can listen can help me make sure that's true. Your arm's gone but you ain't. It's gonna be okay, Mister Valentine."
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa nods and starts to get the rum, but Coyote beats her to it. Instead, she notices that Allie is going to dig a grave, and walks over to her.

"I'll help dig. And I don't know if he was a practicing Catholic - knowing what happened, likely not - but I can say some words. Help give him a proper burial."

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Arleen and Martha stay stiff, staring each other in the eyes, but as no one really rallies to either of their sides, they stand down. Martha offers Jay a smile, though, and Arleen huffs a few words of thanks (and some quiet complaints about Martha) to Allie, still fairly grumpy over the whole thing.

Flo cleans and stitches Valentine's wounds. It's a long, arduous, painful process, the girl's hands shaking with nervousness, but her stitching is clean. Valentine passes out again after about half an hour of screaming into the rag, and is dragged to one of the cabins by the Caravaneer, though the man's heart seems heavy as he moves him. Nate pats Flo's shoulder and offers the young doctor a simple affirmation: "Ya did good, hon."

El Dolor's funeral is simple by necessity. Theresa says a few words, and everyone who wants to pays their respects. Valentine is, unfortunately, unconscious as it happens.

Contrary to Martha's fears, the night passes without event. No more monsters, no more threats. Just an eerie stillness, and the sound of rushing rain.

The next morning comes. The odd liquid remains where the beast fell, but no other trace of it exists - nothing except the ripped out trees, the path of destruction, and the missing member of the party.

The coming weeks are going to be dangerous. You'll have to prepare for the worst.

Time for another timeskip. Give me two player characters you want to hang out with, two NPCs, and one goal you want to accomplish independently.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine's chosen player characters would be Flo and...Allie, probably. He needed to read more. Get some other skills in his brain to make him useful. Maybe help a little with planning the settlement out.

As for the NPCs? Well, he'd be hanging out with Belle a lot (provided she wanted to), as well as that one man who had been promising to make El Dolor a prosthetic arm. Valentine was quite interested in that. Valentine couldn't do surgery anymore, so he'd be teaching Flo everything he possibly could regarding medicine. He'd also start teaching her to shoot, since he wouldn't be able to defend her as well as he once could and he didn't want to see her get shot in the gut again. He'd attempt to explain the importance of fighting to her, since oftentimes, it was kill or be killed.

One goal Valentine would focus on independently is learning to fight again with only one arm. Learning to reload his revolvers effectively would be the hardest part, probably.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
After washing her hands and then sobbing into them quite a bit to loosen up, Flo would try to get back to life as usual. It's just so stressful. Mighty darned stressful.

Florence would pick Valentine and Molly for her two PC's to spend time with. Valentine's arm needed to be monitored, and she wanted to make sure he was doing as well as he could be, considering. She would help him with the rest of the clinic, assist in his recovery, and learn as much about medicine in the meantime as she well as whatever other lessons he had. While Flo wasn't a fighter, she was ready to do anything to make sure no one got maimed like that again. If that meant learning to shoot with as much precision as she could be it! Though she's not expecting to be so good at it. SHE WILL ALSO LEARN TO FIGHT IF HE WANTS TO TEACH HER.

HAHA, JUST KIDDING. FLO DOESN'T HAVE TO SPEND TIME WITH VALENTINE SHE WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH ALLIE INSTEAD. She needs new books to read and could use life advice and more teaching, too! Allie's real smart! She's brown, too! They can swap stories!

With Molly, she wanted to teach the other girl to read! Plus, hanging out with her is less dire than anyone else right now. She also wanted to learn about plants and how to, like, garden and stuff? That sounds fun and like something that has a semblance of childhood wonder in it instead of her becoming their only damn doctor at age 15. Molly is swell, even if abrasive and foul-mouthed. Might be a nice change of pace to all the panicking and crying and comforting she's been doing of late. Maybe they could climb trees and hold hands. Y'know. Kid stuff.

For NPC's...well. Florence wanted to chat with Catherine a bit more and to get to know her better and suss out what exactly is, like, up with her. Maybe she'd like Kody for a therapy dog or to read some fairy tales!
Arleen, as well, is someone Florence might like to talk to! She seems big and cool and adult and if Allie liked her she's probably worth getting to know and seeing if she can learn anything! Maybe something useful too, Like how to help people or be brave!

Independently, Florence wants to work on just...generally getting more physically together. Being a lady was important, but the most recent encounter reminded her she can't JUST be good at medicine. She's gotta become a field medic, too, which meant she needed to get faster! Also, she wants to sew clothes and shit for people? Or at least for her and the other kids who are growin' so fast. Puberty is a bitch.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Coyote is going to hang out with Theresa (mostly so she can talk about how she feels sad about being kind-of contributing to El Dolor's death) and also to hang out with Valentine mostly because "oh blood, it's kind of gross and cool."

After that, Coyote is going to learn how to do first-aid. I mean a couple of crappy healers is much better than no healer, right.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
JAY WILL HANG OUT WITH DOLPH OBVIOUSLY, and also Martha. She seems nice.

As for PCs, he felt that, he should try to get to know Theresa better a bit. The two of them could see about keeping up morale and the faith and such. AAAAaaannd, Allie, she seemed like a fairly responsible person. She'd be good to get to know to see how he could help out.

In the meantime, he'd try to figure out a more useful way he could help. He could learn how to fish good! People liked fish. Nice patient job too, good for an old codger.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa decided to keep up with Carmen - after all, they stuck together this long, and she was still sick with those seizures. She also looked for Martha, since she knows woods. And well, Theresa wanted to know more about these woods. After all, the two voices which came to her had both disappeared, the bright one not speaking, and the dark one... Well, Theresa didn't want that one coming back. But the woods had moved to protect them. There was something there, some will, some being, which was looking out for them. And Theresa wanted to know what it was. She spent her time studying the trees and the forest, exploring, meditating, sometimes with others, sometimes alone. And she prayed every day for some revelation, some greater truth that would give her some direction again.

She spoke a lot with Father Jay, on questions of faith. Of course, she still felt that Jesus was out there, but the recent events had shaken her, and begun to uproot what was deeply-held within her. She also talked with Allie, perhaps because Allie seemed to have some sort of drive in her, and also she admired that Allie took it on herself to bury El Dolor while the rest were standing around Valentine.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Molly is also going to hang with Flo of course!! Reading, planting, maybe holding a hand but like... it just happens tho, it’s not on purpose or anything... b-bumpkin..Flo was real swell and like one of the only friends her age. And she’s pretty nice. It’s fun hanging with a friend. It’s like a small sliver of her childhood she can enjoy.

She will also hang with Allie because Molly is piling on the meme train. Also like, to learn about stuff and like helpin with feelings... why does she wanna hold hands??

She’s going to of course hang with her siblings. Just keeping watch over them and moving them and just bein responsible.

Also She’s going to hang with Martha! She’s also going to talk to Martha about feelings and emotions too. Also like talking about real life shut. What to do, therapy talks, deep shit. Maybe learn how to shoot too.

Her main goals are to learn stuff, reading and shooting. Also she’s still going to farm.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Allie was crushed under the weight of popularity??? Did it even matter what PCs she picked??? There were literally two living party members who didn’t specifically want to hang and Corn was frightened thinking about the side rps already present?? Like HELL she was hanging with Coyote or Rowan, too!!!

Right, well, everyone and their mother was coming to her, but she was going to... Valentine, and Jay. Jay was a new face, and shouldn’t have been so new as he still felt. Valentine... well that was partially because it Literally Didn’t Matter and partially because she couldn’t just pick one child and not the other and partially because, she had some ideas.

As for NPCs, Arleen was a given. Of course. And... Catherine. Someone needed to have a certain kind of conversation, with Catherine. And she was dying to be the one to do it.

Lastly, a goal. More than anything right now, Allie wanted a workshop. The wagon would do fine to house the books for now, but she wanted a place to get things done. Somewhere she could make things, somewhere she could test the various strange things they found, somewhere she could develop something to just take that stupid liquid off the ground with. Free use, of course. A good spot for Flo to do any sewing or weaving, for new tools to be made to farm with, for that sort of thing. She just needed to get this started. With all her friends hanging around, maybe she could get a hand. (( :p ))
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
The long month passes, one day blurring into the next. The camp hums with quiet, somber activity. In time it builds and grows.

Allie builds up a workshop, a small wooden hut with a tiny wooden table and a rack for her things. It's simple, but sturdy, and it will serve her well.

Molly doesn't quite learn to read yet, but she's starting to get there. Letters are coming to her and identifiable, associated with sounds. Putting them together happens sometimes, too! it's great. Most of her effort has gone onto building up that little farm with her siblings. Together, they've managed to fence it off just a little bit, to prevent any wild animals snippin' at your crops.

Revelation doesn't come to Theresa, but she grows more familiar with the forests. They don't feel quite so dark, quite so foreign, or quite so foreboding anymore.

Jay finds a good fishing spot! Down by the ocean, they snap up fast. He manages to secure you guys a steady (if rather samey) food source while your crops finish up.

Coyote manages to pick up first aid! She can dress a wound and keep folks alive.

Flo manages to work out a bit, and starts building up just a tad bit of muscle. She doesn't feel quite so frail, quite so short of breath, or quite so helpless. She also manages to let out some of the clothes, though she doesn't have a regenerating set of supplies for thread!

Valentine's path of recovery is slow, but steady. His fingers feel slow and cumbersome initially, but the movements start to feel natural. The pull of the gun to his hand is the same as ever, and his raw determination drives him forward. Soon enough, he can wield a single revolver perfectly competently one handed.

One day while fishing, Jay and Dolph catch sight of something out at sea. A speck approaching from the north, traveling along the coast. Dolph runs back to tell the group about it.

"Y'all, somethin's on the way! Couldn't quite tell what it was, but it's comin'!"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Jay dithered back and forth on the beach, pacing about in circles, stopping periodically to glance over at the speck. Sometimes back in the direction of the camp.

What to do, what to do... Um, um. Ah-hah! He starts gathering and collecting seaweed, ideally dryer seaweed, and anything else like driftwood and such. Maybe they can make a fire to get it's attention, smoke and such. Maybe that was dumb, but he'd rather be hopeful.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine went down to check it out!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa thinks for a moment, and then grabs her axe (It had become hers, by now. She'd used it enough. Terribly. Unfortunately. But it didn't make it less true). She runs down to the coast, hoping, praying that it was not another monster come to try and destroy their home.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Coyote is going to get her shotgun and see what's up with the ruckus out there.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
There were only a certain amount of abominations one got to face before they were a little... Uhh... Cautious. Allie, despite the time of peace, hadn’t forgotten. In one pocket, her pistol, in the other, probably Arleen’s hand or something. Time to go check this out.

... Please be nice people... Or a nice sea god... or a nice giant mermaid... Just something nice...
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
The distant speck grows larger and larger, finally growing into something more.

A little log raft, with high walls and white-sailed.

It pulls up on the beach. A door near one of the walls opens up, and steam pours out. A familiar voice emerges, and then another...

"God above, quite the journey we've 'ad!"

"Can't say you're wrong, old friend! Ah, lovely to see you chaps made it out!"

Two men emerge from the steam. Thaddeus Thatcher and Winston Winterbottom.

Thaddeus bows. "Allo allo there! We've come t'be checkin' on the progress on that boat you lot owe us, what, with the savin' you from the Mormons an' all!"

"Right weary we are, from all the ridin'! Just stopped about two days 'go. Been ridin' down shore on this 'ere raft, we have, ain't that right, Thaddeus?"

"Right indeed, Winston. Not t'say we're ungrateful for the agreement! T'Go'n show it, we've even done you lot a little favor!"

"We did we did!!" Winston squeezes his hands together, grinning wide, practically shivering with childlike glee and excitement.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Valentine holstered his pistol and walked back towards the settlement.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Jay looked at the others, then at the new duo, then at the others, then at the duo. "Welcome? Father Rookwood at your service. Congratulations on your craft and survival, things seem strange out there." He said, since there seemed to be some strange awkwardness going on here, and so was breaking the ice.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa sets the head of the axe on the ground and waves at the two.

"Hello again! We didn't expect to see you here."

She makes a gesture towards the small cluster of buildings.

"As you can see, we've been working on settling here. But you're welcome to stay as long as you like and we'll work on that boat for you as soon as we can."

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night

Over the course of this conversation, they explain the following details:

-They're not demandin' anything any time soon! ('That'd be right bloody unreasonable, it would!') They hope to establish a trading post here once they've gotten back to England, as you are (far as they can tell) the only bit of civilization worth doing trade with through the whole of the continental U.S. of A. Getting a trading post here means it's in their best interest that you all focus on surviving and flourishing!

-In light of that, they've been doing you lot a favor! (Note: Favor probably deserves big ol' air quotes.) As they've travelled about in their never-ending search for artifacts, they've told everyone they've met (who WASN'T a raider, of course) about Eden and directed them towards meeting you lot. You'll be getting a lot more hands on deck real soon.

-In addition, they've managed to map out the territory immediately surrounding yours, and have marked down any settlements which might be relevant to your survival, as well as their relative hostility (from their perspective, it should be noted) and resources (from what they know, of course). They offer you this map happily!

[Image: tLJcp8O.png]

-The Texuns seem willing to trade, but are openly hostile towards Unionists and Mormons alike. No interactions with Natives spotted. Lots of firearms, gunpowder.

-Unionists are hostile towards Texuns, Mormons, and Natives, but seem friendly to those perceived as civilians. Food production seemed in-tact, but lacked sophisticating mining. Arms shortages.

-Mormons are hostile towards all. Do not approach. They shoot on sight. Rich in gold, poor in food.

-Natives are hostile with all three other observed factions. Seem to keep strict borders; Warned us away from their territory. Weren't able to figure out any resources.

-Camp Oldstar is made up of five families of black ancestry. Willing to trade, once it became clear we weren't hostile. Wary of the Texuns and the Mormons, claim to have fled Unionist territory. Seem to trade with the natives - better relations than us??? Domesticated buffalo, have started ranching them.

As it turns out, these guys aren't here to be huge dicks, and are actually carrying useful stuff! That said, they're more than eager to get going. With an overexagerated bow, they bid you farewell. Rowan - seeking distance from Martha and a bit of adventure - joins them as they disappear. As they disappear into the distance, the two englishmen dance upon their little raft - a jaunty cockney jig befitting the most charming of chimney sweeps. It's a real sight to behold.

You're left with a fair few questions. The Caravaneer cracks his knuckles. "Alright. Looks like I gotta start prepping for newcomers. More hands's always helpful, but it also means more mouths to feed."

[THIS WILL BE ANOTHER LONG-TERM TURN. It'll take place over about a month. You can either stay home and start preparing for the new refugees, or plan a scouting party with another player and some NPCs! Find friends! Meet your neighbors! Kill the bad guys! Of course, this will need to be discussed, so feel free to discuss this among yourselves IC in-thread and OOC in the skype chat!]
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Jay is going to plan out an expedition up to Texas, see if they can't get some kind of trade set up to get some weapons to defend themselves. He'd always pray for peace, but best to prepare for trouble. If not some damned abomination, a horde of crazed mormons could wipe them out or some other wicked misfortune could come their way. Inbetween planning for the journey, he'd attempt to figure out how best to salt and dry fish and crabmeat and such. So they could have an easier supply of meat stored up and food that could keep better during the journey for trading.

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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Three: Gentle is the Night
Theresa decides to spend her time preparing for the newcomers. She of course hasn't abandoned her attempts to understand the power in the forest, but that takes second priority to making sure there'll be food and shelter for everyone who arrives. She works tirelessly on building and planting and identifying what needed to be done and what was less urgent.

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