In Progress Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
At or Outside the Gates

Theresa's barrage of bullets takes out the mormon in question! She charges anyways and slices through the neck of another Mormon without losing any momentum, taking off his head in one fell swoop! A horrified Mormon quickly draws his shotgun and trains it on Theresa. He is stopped only once his life is cut short by a bullet from Coyote's gun. Molly and Flo are met by two Englishmen.

"What ho!"

"Howdy-do missus!"

"I'm Thaddeus Thatcher, and this is my friend, Winston Winterbottom!"

"Pleasure makin' your acquaintance!"

"We made a bit of a deal with your fine ladies back there!"

"Right-ol' negotiation it was!"

"And now we take our leave!"

"Right right! Toodle-loo!"

They ride off. The horde of horses join them, leaving only about thirty (in addition to the ones attached to your cart) behind.

As Flo and Molly run toward the carts, they find Trent, Lizzie, Catherine, and the Caravaneer huddled in the supply wagon. It seems they're safe.

Trent jumps at Molly and locks her in a hug, crying his eyes out. Lizzie is trembling, but she hasn't started weeping.


In Town

Allie, Arleen, and their group of ladies are joined by a wounded El Dolor. Allie traces a path through the fences - the same path Flo and Molly took. The group dodges through, doing their best to ignore the dead man lying (alone now) in the middle of the floor. Soon enough, they're at the gates!

The woman offers Valentine a grin. Her auburn hair bobs as she nods. "Sounds like a deal worth making. Enough talk, now! Get a move-on! We got bastards to bleed." She wastes no time hesitating, immediately blasting whatever's left in the shotgun into the crowd and reloading it. Seems she's taken the stance that injuring mormons is as good as killin' em in this situation. The two of them maneuver around the church fence. From within, the sound of screaming, shooting, and steel against stone can be heard.


In the Church

Rowan hits a candle, but there's not much to set alight in here! He pops off a couple extra shots for good measure, taking out one of the four laying down fire on him!

Pete pops out of the closet and uses the element of surprise wonderfully, swinging with enough heft to cleave even the sturdiest stone in two! The tight space makes it difficult for them to get off a straight shot as well. One Mormon, two, three, four, five...! It's as he's rearing up to hit the last one that he finally gets shot.

And when he hits, he hits good.

Pete takes a bullet straight to the face.

The man was taller than Pete. It hit him right below the eye, passed through the upper jaw, and exited through the cheek. Before the bullet finished tearing its way through him, Pete had his pickaxe in the man's skull.

He's brought to his knees by the pain. It's too much to even withdraw Huckleberry from his attacker.

Jesus fucking shit.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
Valentine keeps on moving!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
"Thanks, Coyote!" Theresa calls, grateful for the bullet that saved her from getting shot. She dismounts behind cover and takes the nearest dead mormon's gun, and looks for her next target.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
Rowan really hoped Pete was doing a better job than him in there! He keeps keeping his head low, firing a few shots at sacred iconography in hopes the Mormons will slip up and let him shoot them so that he'll stop destroying all of their religious bullshit - and if not he'll just go back to shooting them.
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
Molly looked at the two fellas and kinda just... stared and blinked. She had no idea where they came from or why they talk super weird. After they rode off Molly shook off her surprised and rand towards Lizzie and Trent! She hugs him and rubs Trent's back while he is bawling his eyes out. She turned to Lizzie and relief washed over her, knowing that they were both still unharmed. She speaks softly to Lizzie. "Hey... How are you guys doing? Are you okay? Did anything happen while I was gone?"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury
Yeah, them men are awfully strange. Funny accent too, but Flo's not able to formulate a response before they're riding off! They've got places to be, and so do she and Molly. Namely, they both gotta get the heck away from here.

Once at the carts, Florence seems...uncomfortable. She prods at the hole in her shirt while Molly greets her siblings, not really wanting to intrude.
Also, her mind's still kinda reeling from what happened, understandably.

"I'm thinkin' we might need to get out of here soon, Mister Caravaneer." There's an edge of panic in her voice, her eyes bright and scared as she looks to him. "Are-- are ya'll okay?"
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RE: Hope Rides On - Chapter Two: The Sound and the Fury

Pete focuses his thoughts on that sweet, sweet gold and tries to steel himself so he can stand and pull out the pickaxe. Gold. Gold was all that mattered right now.

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