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Most stories are about characters the audience sympathizes with.

Most stories are about heroes saving the day, a great struggle against darkness, a band of motley protagonists banding together to preserve law and order.

This is not one of those stories.

Dark Lord Agar, formerly Agar the Malified, formerly Agar the Twisted, formerly Agar the Disgraced Mage of King Tyron, formerly Agar the Green, is preparing for his master-stroke plan. Thanks to the Soulthirster Gem embedded in his chest, he is prepared to absorb the power of the Cosmic Cornerstone and become a god. Though the Paladins of Light have his keep, the Maw of Malice, besieged, they can not bring down his walls in time to stop him. This is his moment. This is the time that law and order fall, and that the kingdoms of man are usurped by that they sought to stamp out. They will all know woe, and he will have the last laugh.

You are not Dark Lord Agar, but nor are you a Paladin of Light. You are a servant of a Dark Lord, one of his top lieutenants. You are vital to his forces and his plan. So much so, that you have a visible faction and/or position within his Forces of Darkness.

This is a game much in the spirit of games such as Spheres, where you help create the setting. I've been purposefully vague on factions, only two as of now matter: Dark Lord Agar and The Paladins of Light of King Tyron. Keep in mind, the setting is high fantasy. This gives you a lot of options, but at the same time I'm not going to let you play a Terminator.

Character Name:

Character Description:

Character Skills:

Character Background:

Why Are You Evil:

Why Do You Support Lord Agar:

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces:

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:


DARK LORD AGAR: Dark Lord Agar's had quite a life. For a while, he was the Archmage under King Tyron of Agloria. It was not the best life (Tyron was an insufferable boss for a mage to answer to) but it was a comfortable one. Then, The Accident. Agar found himself with a Profane Artifact embedded in his chest. Rather than try to save his Archmage, Tyron wanted him put to death in order to secure the artifact, the Soulthirster Gem. Agar was rather understandably not aboard with that plan of action, and, utilizing his magic, escaped. Disgraced and wanted dead by his King, Agar fled to the wilderness, where he discovered the Soulthirster's ability to... Well... Thirst souls. The gem could also absorb any magical energy, feeding the power into him.

Agar decided to use this power to turn the tables on Tyron. And he would. Finding six skilled individuals, he raised his Forces of Darkness, seizing an ancient fortress and gathering other Profane Artifacts as part of a grand plan to seize ultimate power and destroy the status quo. And now that he's recovered the Cosmic Cornerstone, he finally had his chance.

King Tyron, fifth of his line, is a militant leader to put it lightly. He believes himself to be the earthly manifestation of the will of Light Itself, and, with his Paladins of Light, he has been waging a campaign to seize powerful magical artifacts within his borders and contain them.

King Tyron does not tolerate anyone defying his will. That is defying the Will of Light, a crime punishable by death.

VELOS THE IMMORTAL - A long-dead shadowmage, who once terrorized the Kingdom of Agloria, then named Veloria, and declared himself its undying leader. He reigned from the Maw of Malice. Eventually, the people united against him, bearing torches, magical weaponry, and a seemingly-divine power against his troops and his mythical shadowbeasts. He closed the Maw off, allowing the magma curtain to flow over the gate, deciding to force them to siege the inhospitable volcano. Unfortunately, Velos was not as immortal as he thought, and a flesh-eating malady had its way with him. He lost consciousness before his people could convince him to cast the spell open the lava curtain and unseal the city. His people, as a result, either died of starvation or, in moments of despair, by their own hands.

The Maw was seiged for two hundred years before the third king of the new Kingdom of Agloria decided that the shadowmage must have met his own end. Writings of Velos, against all odds, survived the torches of followers of The Light, falling into the hands of church officials, who decided, rather than destroy them, they'd seal the tomes in a chamber deep within Agloria's capital. Since then, they've used the chamber to store similarly dangerous tomes, and it's sometimes rumored that mages and church officials have visited the chamber for reasons unknown. These rumors aren't spoken of lightly, however, and are usually brutally repressed.

SIR MIKAEL THE MODEST - Mikael the modest is, according to the Church of Light, "the model paladin, quiet and reserved, not boasting of his accomplishments."

To be frank, Mikael is simply a silent engine of destruction. A towering man in white plate mail, whose banner bears the image of a clenched gauntlet in front of a stylized sun, Mikael is brutal in battle and holds no punches. His blessing from the God of Light comes in the form of enhanced strength and durability, and when Mikael hits the field, most people run.

Mikael wields a tower shield and a long-handled morning star that is basically long enough to serve as a polearm. For Mikael, however, it is a one-handed weapon. It is made from purified silver and burns magical/unworldly entities.

Leonne is a paladin who prides himself on resisting his "baser desires." He boasts of never bedding with a woman, doesn't touch a drop of drink, and trains daily to better serve his king. However, gossip tells that Leonne doesn't "resist" women, but loathes them entirely, and most of the Paladins of Light consider him insufferable at best. As such, he is often paired with Mikael, who never so much as responds to a word Leonne says. His banner is a sparrow in front of a stylized sun.

Leonne wears lighter chainmail and wields a slender rapier, which, though very narrow and long, does not bend or break, rumored to have been crafted from a rare star metal. His helm is unique as well, looking to be a short-brimmed hat with a chainmail coif. The God of Light blesses him with enhanced agility and illusionary effects, and as such, when he moves, he is difficult to keep track off, leaving after-images behind him.

SIR CARGIN THE BRAVE - Sir Cargin is an intimidating man in gleaming, spiked plate-mail. He is usually on the frontline charge of the Paladins of Light, and is both famous and infamous for throwing himself headlong into any danger. He is also rumored to be abrasive and easily agitated, but these rumors are suppressed by the church. His banner is the head of a lion in front of a stylized sun.

The God of Light blesses Cargin with the ability to... Set himself on fire? Flames do not hurt him, in fact, they embrace him, dancing upon his form like writhing serpents. This ability extends to his greatsword, Smitefire, a blade of blessed steel capable of reaching intense temperatures without melting.

SIR CETO THE WISE - Sir Ceto is a mysterious figure, clad in chainmail, hooded robes, and various holy symbols. His face is hidden with cloth wrappings, but his voice is as deep as the ocean. He tends to prefer studying in his library in silence, but will always heed the call of his King should he need to take to the field. The church uses Sir Ceto as a representation of how studious and reserved a worshipper of the Light should be, a representation Ceto does not object to. His banner is an all-seeing eye in front of a stylized sun.

Sir Ceto wields a long trident, however, he also commands powerful magic over water and ice. The God of Light has blessed him with sight that can pierce all veils, meaning that nothing can obscure his gaze.


A towering, extremely portly man, Sir Gullin is beloved by the people of the nation. He often spends his evenings in taverns, drinking with the common workers, and he's very fond of hosting feasts on holidays. His family is mostly consisted of farmers and traders, making him the most well off of all the Paladins, but that doesn't mean he's the least capable. Sir Gullin is also famous for tracking down legendary beasts, slaying them, and making meals from their corpses. He's not someone you want to mess around with, appearances be damned. His banner is a mug of ale in front of a stylized sun.

Sir Gullin wears platemail custom-made for his figure and wields a large greataxe. He is capable of creating rifts in the earth with a stomp of his feet, something believed to be an innate magical ability. The God of Light has granted him the ability to hurl orbs of extremely bright light, something he uses to blind his enemies before going in for the kill.

Sir Rameus is a slender man wearing a billowing cape and sporting a long beard, raven black, starting to gray. He is known throughout the realm to be a strict adherent to the law, and has declared it his personal mission to bring those who violate it to justice. Before joining the Paladins of Light, Rameus was a judge, however, after taking justice into his own hands, he attracted the attention of King Tyron, who requested him to serve. Rameus did not refuse. His banner is a set of scales in front of a stylized sun.

Rameus wields a longsword and a shield, both made of blessed steel. Engraved upon the shield is a set of scales, and it has the unique ability to reflect the force of whatever strike it receives back to the wielder. The longsword sings the sins of its opponent as it swings, which, while this doesn't sound very intimidating, is much more distracting to deal with in practice. The God of Light has blessed Rameus with the ability to detect lies, something that isn't as useful as other blessings in combat, but Rameus' ability easily makes up for it. It is said he is one of the more martially skilled members of the Paladins.

SIR BELLEROS THE PROUD - Sir Belleros is a man of average height, in plate-mail painted stark white, with the Sun of Agloria painted on its chest. His face is covered by a full-helm, though his voice booms triumphantly from behind it. He has declared himself to be the embodiment of "the people's hope", and tends to show up at battles when things are looking grim. He is also one of King Tyron's personal advisers, and, it is rumored, a good friend.

Sir Belleros wields a spear, the tip of which is fashioned to look like a sun. It is made from blessed steel, with a lining of blessed silver on the tip, burning magical entities and those not of this world. The God of Light has granted him the ability to move in a flash of light in short distances, at about a twenty foot radius. This, in combination with his highly-trained martial ability, makes him one of the most threatening Paladins to encounter on the field of battle.

CALLISTO, CHILD OF CARCURA - Captain of the mercenary company, Carcura's Fang. A group of zealots dedicated to the God of Transformations, the Fang is less your traditional group of mercenaries and more a group of assassins. Still, they accept any job, and are known to have participated in proper wars with equal aptitude as their shadier enterprises. It is said they will take any job, as long as it doesn't serve a rival god's agenda, and their insistence on taking pay in medicinal herbs makes them popular among powers abroad. However, lesser known is their propensity for looting, something that equips their people, whether that be by taking superior arms of enemies, or selling what they steal from the battlefield to pay for Nimboorian enchanted weaponry.

Callisto is emblematic of the ideal servant of Carcura: reserved, silent, and ever-willing to serve their god's ideals. Their origins are a mystery, but their rise to power is said to have been a combination of incredible luck and incredible ruthlessness. They change appearance and gender on whim, and it is not known if they have a 'true' face. When asked on occasion by a singular bold individual, Callisto offered a rare smile, quietly stating that all their faces were true, that they were a true child of Carcura, ever-shifting.

RALTON AND RIKKI RECOVERY - A company specializing in the recovery of magical artifacts. Stationed in Midland, it's led by Professors Ralton Ralson and Rikki Ravvi, the former a portly, bellowing fellow with an impressive mustache, the latter a willowy, shrill-voiced man with impressive spectacles. Both have an intense curiosity of the Great Continent's magical history, and use their company's expertise as a means to research relics that they'd otherwise have never known about.

R&RR are popular in Midland and Nimboors. However, recent changes in attitude from King Tyron of Agloria have left them less welcome within his realms, though pressure from Nimboor has kept him from forbidding them outright.

The Incarnate - A Dark Lord of Zhaled Tyr, the first of the order of Dark Lords who brought terror to Tamesria. Skilled with blade, dark magicks, and speech, The Incarnate was obsessed with uniting the Tamesrian realm and performing dark rituals to achieve... Something. He never told anyone what. His final ritual ended his reign, annihilating his earthly form and tainting the land around the tower with an aura of decay. The skies above the tower went dark, though the darkness wouldn't spread to the entirity of Tamesria until the demise of the last Dark Lord, The Blood Queen.

DARK LORD SHADOWMASTER AVLEHAN - A jerk who was especially skilled in shadow magic, Avlehan wasn't well-liked. That just happened to be the result when your method of dealing with those who disagreed with you was sicking creatures composed of fetid darkness upon them in the night. Still, Avlehan, coming to power after the Incarnate's fall, managed to reform the Dark Forces and bring them under control, getting them once again to respect an order of hierarchy. Too bad once he finished he got eaten by the very shadows he once controlled.

DARK LORD CRAGRITH - Sometimes referred to as Dark Lady Cragrith, Cragrith Rocksmasher was a human chieftess of a canyon tribe renowned for both her ability to employ rocks as weapons and a penchant for suplexing large boulders, just because she can. She was a Dark Lord of Zhaled Tyr, ruling after Avlehan, having seized the position through brute strength. Curiously, her tribe wasn't even part of the Dark Forces. How she came to be at the Spire when Avlehan was devoured by shadows is up to debate by historians. Regardless, she defeated any challengers for the position by caving their heads in with large rocks, and she ruled for about ten years before disappearing tackling a troll off a cliff. (the circumstances of the tackling are highly debated.)

She returned five years later, killing Dark Lord Firedancer Dramonar with a pair of rocks, shattering his skull like an egg. Once again, it is unknown how or when she returned. She ruled for another ten years, teaching the Orcish Forces a unique style of grappling and, oddly, pushing for a maternity leave system for female members of the Dark Forces, before deciding she didn't like the God of Light so much. (No Dark Lord did, but Cragrith notably stayed clear of the order's religious dogma for quite some time.) As a result, after finding a rift leading to the Divine Realm, Cragrith took the largest rock she could find and set foot into it, intending to beat the God of Light to death. Nothing has been heard of her since. She left behind some relics, which is quite odd, since she never was known to enchant a thing.

DARK LORD FIREDANCER DRACOMAR - An expert in fire magic, Dracomar used his skills to beat other contestants in the civil war following Cragrith's first disappearance. He was known to enjoy flashy clothing and stating "I'M THE FIREDAAAAANCERRRRRRR!" He ruled for three months, showing promising governing skills, before Dark Lord Cragrith unexpectedly showed up behind the Dark Throne one day, shattering his skull and a portion of the throne's upper half with two mighty hunks of obsidian.

OBUNORIM THE LUSTFUL - A elf nobody liked, other than those that personally met him. Most of THOSE ended up sleeping with him. Obunorim slept his way to the top after Cragrith's disappearance. Claiming to be skilled in "ANCIENT SEX MAGICKS", whether his claim held any truth is up for debate (well, by a select few, most agree he was full of shit), but it is known that Obunorim did end up bedding most diplomats sent his way. And most of his personal guard. And most of his senate. And pretty much anyone of note in his kingdom, with some exceptions. This, however, proved his undoing. After fifty years of getting his freak on, Obunorim was slewn by his bed partner, a vampire known only as the Blood Queen. Why he thought bedding a vampire known as the Blood Queen would be a good idea is unknown, but most assume that was just one of his many, many fetishes.

THE BLOOD QUEEN, THE LAST DARK LORD OF ZHALED TYR - A vicious vampire who dedicated herself to uniting the Vampires of Tamesria, the Blood Queen began her reign by cutting off Obunorim's head after an orgy, carrying it down to the Dark Throne, and dropping it at the base. She ruled mostly uncontested for two centuries, and those that DID oppose her met horrible, horrible fates. Obsessed with the culture and fads of human royal courts, she turned the Vampires of Tamesria into a twisted image of them, naming her nobility The Darklords. Her reign was looking bad for the rest of the continent, set to install total vampiric supremacy, until the Blood Queen decided it was a good idea to attempt a Dark Ritual to become "The Night Goddess." After sacrificing ten thousand virgins (most nations remember the year of this even in mourning), she ascended to the top of the spire to receive divine power...
... And receive it she did, incinerated by a bolt of divine energy, shattering the tower and spreading the curse of Darkness to the rest of Tamesria. Though this was a boon for the Vampiric Race, losing their Queen decidely was not, and the Vampire Court has been in disarray ever since.

THE BRONZE BROTHERHOOD - An order of leprosy-afflicted knights, formerly of Hope Lost, who travel the world helping those in need. They have the favor of the common man, though the nobility despises and fears them due to their affliction. They claim to serve the God of Light, though their powers have a different... Aura to them than those of the Paladins of Agloria.


THE TWIN MOONS - The two great moons that hang in the sky. One sets and rises opposite the sun, while another hangs silently in place, mostly invisible during the day. The moving one is Kro, the static one is Mos. They are considered the manifestations of the Two Gods by the Jyaan, and worshipped outright alongside a water god by the Dark Elves.

THE GREAT CONTINENT - The continent upon which most known nations are based. It has a mountainous North, an arid, inhospitable South, a nearly barren West, and an East that is cursed with constant shadow.

AGLORIA, KINGDOM OF LIGHT: A militant kingdom, kept in line by a powerful order of Paladins, seemingly blessed by some deity. They follow "The Will of Light", which is, currently, embodied by the eldest male of their ruling family, currently King Tyron. They devote themselves to collecting and locking away powerful magical artifacts, and, as such, employ mages as well, though the mages aren't always treated greatly. They are xenophobic of foreigners and isolationist on the whole, and not very well liked by their neighbors.

THE BLACK CASTLE - The burned husk of a castle that once belonged to a noble family who challenged not just Agloria, but the God of Light himself. After a brief civil war, Tyron's father had the inhabitants slaughtered, the castle burned, and the ruins left as public display of what happens to heretics. Its courtyard is still a popular location for the occasional witch-burning.

THE MAW OF MALICE: An ancient citadel, built into the side of an active volcano. The lava acts as a natural defense, forming a curtain over the side of the citadel. As such, it is nearly impossible to invade, and it was left untouched for centuries. Agar, however, discovered an ancient rite to allow entrance to it, and reclaimed it for his own forces.

THE GRAVE SWAMP - Located in the Southeast of Agloria, the Grave Swamp was formerly the home to a peaceful, if isolationist, city-state of Keres, horned humanoids with a born gift of necromancy. For decades, their existence was tolerated by the Kings of Agloria, as their swamp was deemed too foul and dangerous to be of any use, and the Keres never strayed from it. Still, recently, King Tyron led a crusade to clear out the Keres, killing all he could, based off a vision he claimed was sent to him by the God of Light. Tyron, for lack of a better use of the land and not wanting it to be reclaimed by wicked races, decided to use it as a dumping ground for the human waste of Agloria. Prisoners of debt and criminals are forced to haul sealed basins of human waste there for dumping. It is not a pleasant job. The logic of the decree is questionable, but any who publicly question it are usually sentenced to waste hauling by the wisdom of King Tyron.

The Grave Swamp was ruled by an undead senate of liches, however, all are reported to have been slain, having been a high priority in Tyron's attack upon the Swamp.

HOPE LOST - Formerly Hope's Haven, a leper colony, established as far away from Aglorian civilization as possible. Unfortunately, it was also relatively close to the Dark Lands. Over time, the leprosy of those living their began to... Change. Flesh that fell away from the victims gained a twisted life of its own, forming together into masses to attack mankind indiscriminately. The Paladin order helped put the torch to the colony, but, surprisingly, they had help from the last unaffected colonists. These colonists went on to form a traveling band of knights, and, though they're not popular among foreign nobility, the Bronze Brotherhood have won the trust of the common people of Agloria, Nimboors, Seloran, and Midland alike.

THE ANARCHIST STATE OF MIDLAND: An intellectual state to the Northeast of Agloria. Composed largely of universities dedicated to studying the ruins of a technologically advanced precursor race, Midland is largely isolationist and doesn't interact much with its neighbors, keeping its research and technology to itself. Their army uses a mix of magic and ancient technology, which, in combination with the Mirror Wall and the mountains surrounding most its borders, has kept them safe from would be invaders. Most of their conflicts come from within, but they usually sort things out.

Midland has grown rather disliked in the Great Continent as of late for two major reasons. First, despite a communal agreement not to spread their weapons technology, an illicit weapon trade has brought their magically-powered projectile weapons, 'Spirit Guns', out into the world. Secondly, while many Midland heroes have traveled abroad, recently, increasing reports of "villains" with Midland degrees of education have been sighted abroad. Community officials within Midland have sworn no knowledge of any "University of Evil and Evil Tech."

Midland's military is helmed by commanders who are elected through a democratic system. They operate based off of small squads (10), supported by their superior scavenged technology, organized into platoons (100), further into regiments (1000), and, finally, an Army, which is a collection of regiments, with a historical maximum of 10000 men. Their military is purely voluntary, which results in low discipline but high morale, each man fighting not for nationalism but for shared, actual goals, and also for the chance to get a free Spirit Gun, shooting those things is pretty sweet. "Like Midland Target practice" is a slang term used by neighboring nations to describe an otherwise pointless yet really enjoyable action.

THE MIRROR WALL - A long, ancient technological marvel, a wall made of mostly a metal frame, with occasional tower, extending from the mountains on either side of the pass leading into Midland. Most of the wall seems to be thin air, however, trying to pass through it reveals otherwise, as trespassers are hurled back by an invisible force. Hurling missiles of any kind at it ends similarly poorly, with the projectiles reflected back at its wielder. Formerly known as the Wall of Light, before the name was changed, by Midland itself, not wanting to be associated with their increasingly cultish Light-worshipping neighbors to the Southwest.

WALL WATCH - Wall Watch is a city that houses the order of engineers who dedicate themselves to maintaining the technology that powers the Mirror Wall. They are reclusive and attempt to refrain from sharing knowledge with those not from Midland. They're somewhat famous for being the most adept of Midland at adapting Precursor tech into new technology.

DEEPMINE CITY - Midland's economy isn't based solely off of scavenging Precursor tech. Deepmine produces valuable ore, metal, and other mineral materials used by the Wall Watchers and various others within Midland. Deepmine is one of the few known locations that produce Mystiquartz, a form of crystal that gathers natural magical energy from its environment over time. There's also a rumor that Deepmine is also deeply corrupt, and that the mineshafts here are also used to smuggle Spirit Guns and other illicit technology onto the international black market.

THE MIDGATE - The only gate in the Mirror Wall, and the way in and out of Midland. A small city is built on either side, catering to travelers waiting to be granted admittance. As Midland has no central power, travel through the Gate is overseen by a council of local leaders from both sides of Midgate, Deepmine City, Wall Watch, and the Free City of Midland itself. It is not unknown for public unrest in Midland to shut down immigration traffic until a policy can be re-thought or re-decided, and it is infamously much easier to leave Midland than to enter it.

NIMBOORS - A "magic-ocracy" to the Northwest, separated from Midland by a thick range of towering mountains. A stalwart ally to Agloria, despite differences in religious beliefs, though this tie has been threatened as of late by a worrying trend of xeno-phobic nationalism starting in both countries, primarily among the youth. Nimboors is consisted of one large, impressive city, consisting mostly of marble structures, and several smaller woodcutting villages. Home to the Jyaan, a race of magically-inclined humanoids. Aglorian myth suggests that they are descended from angelic servants of the God of Light.

THE SHRINE OF CARCURA - Home to Carcura's Fang, the Shrine is a small fort that houses the mercenary group with a large shrine in the center. The shrine is forever being renovated and changed, and the statue of the God of Transformation is modular, composed of several pieces which are switched out with variations on a whim.

LOG FALL - A simple, honest community, made up of a mix of races and cultures, that make up Nimboor's wood-cutting and paper-making community. It's not unknown for writers to travel here to seek woodsmen to guide them into the Northern Great Forest, wishing for inspiration.

THE NORTHERN GREAT FOREST - A great, verdant forest. Deep, freezing during the winter, and, as you get closer to the center, strangely forboding, this forest is known to be a place of great peace and wisdom. Those who harvest from it follow a certain set of ancient rules as to not anger The Great Gardian, a hugely massive brown hawk with needle-sharp antlers. All attempts to slay the Guardian have failed.

THE SOUTHERN GREAT FOREST - The Southern portion of the Great Forest, less Great now since King Tyron had its Guardian slain so that Agloria could begin clear-cutting it for timber. At least, he thinks the Guardian is dead. Who can say.
The magic of the forest still exists in deep sections, but it is slowly being destroyed by the wanton destruction at Aglorian hands.

THE LANDS WITHOUT HOPE/THE DARK EAST/VAMPIRE CENTRAL/KRUVZEMYA/TAMESRIA - Dark lands to the East, cast in constant shadow and twilight, depending on where you are within them, blamed on some ancient curse, or, as the Church claims, on "the original sin of their ancestors, damning them for all eternity." Composed of various vampire-controlled kingdoms constantly at war with each other, with the exception of The Twilight Fort, a human-controlled city led by the Von Bellsing family, a line of monster hunters well-feared by the forces of darkness. The Twilight Fort also houses the Royal Family of Tamesria, who hold no actual power whatsoever despite vocal plans to one day "unite the realm" and "beat back the vast dark." They're very popular at Aglorian parties, however, and occasionally make the dangerous trip out there, well-defended by Von Bellsings, who apparently owe the royal family some sort of debt.

The Twilight Fort subsists off a mix of farming surface fungi and hunting Great Beasts. They've infamously domesticated Dire Badgers, raising them for their (very tough, very lean) meat, fur, and even milk. They're fond of importing foreign "sunny foods" but not reliant on it. Their people are stalwart and quiet, and, like most humans in The Dark Lands, they've been changed by living there. Their skin is pale and sensitive to sunlight, resulting in them wearing thick layers of clothing abroad. Citizens of the Fort are required by law to wear circlets of purified silver, and upon entering and exiting the city are required to be spritzed with holy water and dip their hands into a bowl of purified salt.

The Von Bellsings are known for their custom made weaponry, considered revolutionary by all nations except Midland. This consists of "trick" weaponry, such as purified silver swords that expand out to be spears, spears that fold to be scythes, and hammers that can become chained flails. The favorite weapon by far of the Bellsing, however, is the repeating crossbow. Their bolts tend to be either tipped by purified silver or blessed steel. Rivals of the Bellsing family are known to sarcastically joke that a Bellsing solves a problem by making it much more complicated.

As for the non-human inhabitants of the Dark Lands, the Vampire Courts are an ever-changing mess of fighting vampiric kingdoms, reclusive Fell Dwarves guarding entrances to the Caverns of Shadow, savage Dark Elven villages spotting The Vein of Shadow, the biggest river in the region, as well as it's offshoot, various goblin and orcish settlements, and countless rumors about other intelligent races out in the vicious dark wilderness.

THE RUINED FORTRESS OF ZHALED TYR - A collapsed tower, the ruins are composed of three parts. First, the great base of the tower, said to hide mysterious chambers beneath, secondly, the tower body, lying collapsed on its side, and finally, the tower peak, lying half-buried in a shallow crater. The Tower Fortress of Zhaled Tyr, also known, among other names, as the Spire of Sin, used to, before the East fell under darkness, be home to a series of malevolent Dark Lords throughout history. During the rule of the last, The Blood Queen, something occurred that sundered the tower, knocking it over, and tainting the Eastern Continent. The Spire itself is the most greatly affected by whatever curse has befallen the land, being pitch black, any light therein barely piercing the shadow, and having an aura that eats away at the minds of those who enter, making their fears manifest.

THE COURT OF THORNS - Said to have been the home of nobility before the East fell to shadow, now this glamorous city houses a court of vicious vampires. While not every noble vampiric family lives within the Court, all have a representative here. The seat of Blood Regent remains vacant, as the Blood Queen left no heir, and none have proved worthy for the seat since her. So the vicious vampiric viscounts amuse themselves by backstabbing each other to their withered hearts' content.

THE BITTER SEA - A cursed inland lake surrounded by abandoned hamlets and villages, the water of the Bitter Sea is non-potable and chills to the touch. The fish within have been twisted into monstrosities, large and menacing, dark, slimy forms that patrol deep beneath the lake's unnaturally still surface. In the center of the lake is a sunken ruin, said to be a once-great city that was built by a prosperous duke. But none have ever tried to venture out to it, for the darkness and the treacherous waters prove too much for would-be explorers, and descriptions of it exist only in legend.

THE CAVERNS OF SHADOW - Great, expansive caverns beneath the mountains of the Dark Lands. All known entrances are guarded by Fell Dwarf settlements, who refuse to allow any travelers in, and will attempt to kill non-Fell Dwarves on sight. Legends claim that the caverns are full of horrors, beasts of shadows, and are the origins of the Vampires. There's no way to confirm these, and the Fell Dwarves aren't talking.

ORC-LAND - A mythical Orcish city deep within the Dark Lands. Orcs are a rare sight in the Great Continent, and one of the few races that can survive in the Dark Lands without adverse affect. None speak of Orc Land, however, not even under torture and great stress. Some believe it is an invention of dream-addled human historians letting their imaginations get away from them.

SELORAN - A remarkably impoverished nation to the West of Agloria. Remarkably infertile, it's a miracle anyone calls the rocky wastes of Seloran home, and yet they do, in fact, Seloran is composed of several cities. Though they lack the might to challenge their neighbor Agloria, they've managed to resist subjugation due to their alliance with the Dwarves residing in the mountain ranges in the South. Fortunately, though they lack arable land, they do possess a valuable ocean port, and their lands have considerable mineral resources. Gold and silver mines dot the nation, owned by various nobility, also keep the nation afloat, though the wealth they produce generally only goes to the nobles who own them, while the common man continues to suffer in poverty.

THE ISLES OF FARLEON - A chain of somewhat sizable islands far off the coast of Seloran. Thought to have been uninhabited, and untouched due to superstition and ancient myths, about fifty years ago warships crewed by Elves began chasing away any human ships in the waters around it. Two Elven emissaries visited Seloran, informing them that the Isles were property of the Elven people and that any human that set foot there would be slaughtered. The Isles have been a source of stress and worry for Seloran since.

THE SHATTERED ISLES - Far beyond the Isles of Farleon is a series of islands, shattered and sunken by some great disaster. On the less ravaged of these isles resides the Mbwiru Carann, a tribe of gilled-humans, who, despite being able to breath underwater, require dry land to live on. However, they consider their islands sacred and, largely, do not leave them. They openly trade with other powers, trading a seaweed only they know how to grow, the Sesirru. Sesirru is remarkable for it's healing properties, but, unprocessed, is also a potent hallucinogenic. Recreational use is banned by the Church of Light.

THE SHIFTING SEA - A sea tainted with strong chaotic magicks, ruined to be the result of the violent dethroning of a god of Chaos. Such rumors are repressed by the church. All that's known for SURE is that the layout of the islands and waters there are constantly shifting, and that anyone that sails the sea for too long comes out... Wrong. They're south of the Shattered Isles. The only reason anyone braves the Shifting Sea are for the crystals naturally found on the isles within it, which carry the Chaotic Magicks within them, but even then, not many are greedy enough to risk the trip.

THE DEVENION EMPIRE - An empire consisting of a range of Dwarven cities in the mountains South of Seloran. They are a militaristic empire who seek to expand to any mountains near them, though Dwarven Colonies are infamous for failing spectacularly, resulting in the Empire's actual growth to be remarkably limited. They build their cities within the sides of the mountains themselves, sometimes going deep within, decrying any surface building as being "unglorious." Their current Emperor is Gargarius the Uncrowned, so named for his refusal to wear a crown, claiming that the "TRUE CROWN OF DEVENIA" has been "BORROWED BY THE GODS THEMSELVES" and "WILL RETURN, WHEN IT FEELS LIKE IT." A vast reward has been promised for the Crown of Devenia, though imposters are destroyed, and those who turn them in, summarily executed.

THE CULT OF VITAE - Less a location and more an organization, the Cult of Vitae is a vampiric cult dedicated to... Blood. They were founded by the Blood Queen, though they loss membership after the Blood Queen killed herself trying to become a god. In present time, within the Court of Thorns, they are less a cult and more a fashionable movement.

ARSHAG, THE DEMON REALM - A realm colonized by a race that used to colonize multiple dimensions, colloquially known to this realm as "demons." Unfortunately, they colonized this particular realm while in the midst of an interdimensional war, one which they lost, driving them back to what was meant to be a mere colony. This realm, already depleted of resources, was unable to support them, so they offered their services to mages and mad scientists as interdimensional mercenaries, with the ulterior goal of setting up an invasion so that they can claim a realm with actual resources for themselves.

Due to a unique quality of the realm, a gate requires Soul Magic to establish. At least twenty five living souls must be sacrificed, along with a lengthy ceremony, and any gate can be disrupted by either disrupting the sigils at its base (a little harder than it sounds) or magical attacks (surprisingly easy).

Notable locations within Arshag are: The Bleak Tower, a former military installation, Redwine Keep, a former wine-producing city, now bereft of grapes, painted blue, and serving as their demonic capital, the Chasm of Doom, which used to be a canyon of wonderful crystal, overharvested by the demons until it became a lifeless, barren husk, and, finally, Zenothos' Gate. Zenothos' Gate is a broken interdimensional gate made of obsidian that the demons originally invaded Arshag through, now shut down to prevent their utter elimination. Each Demon leader swears that, someday, they'll re-open the gate to reclaim their homeland. A graveyard of inter-dimensional warships lay nearby in the dust, most broken and stripped of parts, with a cluster of three remaining intact, yet non-functional. These three serve as holy sites, memory of a time when Demonkind were feared and respected throughout all dimensions. The other broken husks house a colony of those who decide to reside nearby.

THE WILDS: An entirely too thick rainforest south of Palmert's Oasis, unexplored by civilized nations, mostly due to the fact that explorers need to brave the Horselan Plains, Thirsting Sands, and the Oasis to get there. Overgrown, full of life that the majority of which is capable of killing mankind, and rumored to be the home of an antisocial god, The Wilds resist all attempts of mapping.

THE SOULTHIRSTER GEM: An ancient magical gem, it's full history unknown. It was recovered from a heretical sect of mages by King Tyron's paladins, and attempts to destroy it resulted in it embedding itself into the chest of his Archmage and bonding itself to him.

THE DRAGONKILLER - A simply named weapon made by a "mad Jyaan enchanter". It is a large, portly lance, with an incredibly fat base. A hinged, locked metal door to its innards is on one side, and the other, a crystalline interface. When used by a trained mage (and it better be a trained mage) it fires a seeking magical projectile so powerful it can pierce even a dragon's hide. It WAS stored within the Transformation Library, but after a recent fire, it has been moved to an Aglorian vault for safe-keeping. It doesn't matter, the last mage who was trained to use it disappeared into the mountains ages ago, and they haven't bothered to train anyone since, because even if dragons ARE still around, they don't bother with humanity.
... Right?

CRAGRITH'S HIDE - A hide cuirass said to grant great strength to its wearer, though at the cost of imbuing them with an ancient warrioress' fighting spirit.

THE HAMMER OF DEVENIA - An unassuming hammer with a ruby at the base of the hilt, the Hammer of Devenia has been passed down through the imperial line for centuries. It is said that a strike from the Hammer will shatter anything it hits. While this claim has not been tested, the last documented use of the hammer was by Emperor Gargaros against Count Ranheim the Steel-Plated. The Count, who challenged Gargaros' right to rule, was known for his enchanted suit of steel plate, said to be capable of taking any blow. When Gargaros hit it, it exploded off the other dwarf's body, shredding his corpse and embedding pieces of steel in the throne room around him. Gargaros was not spared, taking various wounds, but had the splinters removed from him fashioned into a necklace. "Such a pretty piece of jewelry the fool wore, shattered by the hammer of the rightful emperor, would be a shame to waste all of it."

THE MOONSTRIKER - The MOONSTRIKER, which people are incapable of writing without using all capital letters, even in languages that don't have a system of capital letters, is a mythical superweapon from ages past, long lost. Unlike MOST lost weapons, however, the location of this one is known, a dormant Volcano in the western portion of Palmert's Oasis. However, the locals passionately defend the ruins that house it, and no one has ever been ever to survive their hostility long enough to figure out how to operate it.

RAZDOR'S TEETH - A strange weapon of magical nature. A thick blade with sharp teeth that move on their own, Razdor's Teeth is a weapon that the god of Chaos and Fire always gave to his chosen. Unfortunately, after the Twin Gods were ousted, it has yet to be seen again. Which is perhaps for the best, giving Agloria's penchant for stealing away magical items.

THE INCARNATE'S SHELL - A full-body set of armor rumored to be lost within the ruins of Zhaled Tyr. The armor covers the user from foot to face, causing their eyes to blaze with crimson fire and their voice to boom with the force of thunder. It is also rumored to be nigh-invulnerable, which is why many claim it survived The Incarnate's fate.

THE SHARP SISTERS - Two large hunks of obsidian used by Dark Lord Cragrith to kill Dark Lord Dracomar. It is rumored they both absorb infinite amounts of hit and are absurdly sharp on their edges. How Cragrith used them with her bare hands is unknown.


THE BLOOD QUEEN'S AMULET - This amulet is a sign of the ruler of all vampires, and grants the wearer the ability to survive sunlight and resist magick. Unfortunately, any vampire who has tried to claim it has been summarily murdered by other vampires. As a result, it sits unclaimed on the Throne of the Blood Queen, in the Crimson Palace within the Court of Thorns, until some vampire is foolish enough to think claiming it is a good idea.

THE FLAMESCARRED GREATSWORD - A large, unwieldy greatsword which is far too heavy to be used by your average soldier. Enchanted by Firedancer Dracomar, this blade feeds of the souls of its enemies to burst into an intensely hot flame. Rumored to be the true identity of the blade SmiteFire.


HUMANS - A bipedal race which dominates most of The Great Continent. They are fairly average, but capable of great cunning, great ignorance, great good, and great evil.

DARKLAND HUMANS/TAMESRIANS - Humans who have spent generations living in the Dark Lands, coming out changed. They are pale, with hair that is either black, platinum blond, white, or silver. Their eye color tends to range from pale white, to pink, to red. They have naturally superior night-vision to the average human, but their skin is easily agitated by sunshine. Likewise, bright light is unpleasant and blinding to their eyes, and they are known to wear darkened spectacles and goggles abroad.

JYAANS - A bipedal race with inherent magical potential. They usually have a tanned complexion, black or brown hair, horns, and eyes with a reddish-brown sclera. They originate from the mountains to the Northwest, where they progressed from a mountain-dwelling civilization, to a stone-cutting one, building the Great Frozen City of Nimboors.

VAMPIRES - Believed to once have been humans, Vampires had their very beings and essences twisted in order to gain the gift of immortality. What did this varies depending on the vampire you're asking. Some claim the first Dark Lord gave them their power, others claim their line predates him, while still others will claim to have descended from a race that once lived beneath the Dark Lands themselves. While abilities can differ clan by clan, they all are pale, weak to sunlight, fire, and holy magic, nocturnal, and reproduce by infecting thralls with their blood. Vampires also require mortal blood for sustenance, and while this doesn't have to be human, some say the type of blood a vampire lives off of affects how their line develops.

DARK ELVES - Elves don't like talking about the Dark Elves. Isolationist and distrusting of any and all outside forces, Dark Elves gather in villages off the Vein of Shadow, a great river running through the center of the Dark Lands. They subsist off the river and the fungi forest thriving on its shores, attacking and killing anyone who trespasses through their realms. Their culture largely surrounds worshipping the river itself, and it is rumored that some have received magic from their "River God", a toxic power to be wary of. The Paladins of Light kill any Dark Elves they encounter on site. They are also infamous for wielding poisonous fungi as weapons, in particular, the deadly Spearcap, which is sharp, dense, and full of spores which embed and feast upon raw flesh with contact.

ELVES - Living in the Isles of Farleon, the Elves are isolationist and highly defensive of their waters. The sailors of Seloran give them wide berth. Not much is known about the Elves, other than that, prior to fifty years ago, Elven societies were unknown of, and the Isles were considered uninhabited, avoided out of superstition. Seloran sailors have reported an increasing number of Elven ships as of late, something that is very worrying most nations in the Great Continent.

MBWIRU CARANN - Residing on the Shattered Isles, the Mbwiru are a race of dark-skinned, gilled humanoids with webbed hands and toes. Despite their aquatic affinity, they cannot live underwater, nor can they live far from it. They consider their islands holy and most do not wish to move from them, as ruined as they may be. Their tribe was on the decline until they met Seloran traders, at which case they discovered the value of one of their crops, the Sesirru, to the Continentals. Thanks to this, they've been growing in power and influence, as well as looking into ways to reclaim some of their more ruined islands. Their culture puts a great focus on the spoken word, and most history is passed on through family lines through stories and songs. Though not a formidable military power, they utilize spears tipped with coral native to the area which secrete a powerful toxin. This, combined with their ability to swim great distances, makes it easy for them to defend their islands from naval invasions, though any naval invasions would have to navigate the dangerous waters around the Shattered Isles to begin with.

DWARVES - A hardy race known for living in mountainous and sometimes arid regions. The most famous Dwarven civilization is the Devenion Empire, though they are hardly the only ones. It is said there was once a Dwarven Republic in the mountains of The Dark Lands, as well, though nothing is heard of them now.

FELL DWARVES - Fell Dwarves are the remains of a rumored Dwarven Republic that once called the mountains of the Dark Lands home. Their skin is so sensitive that they are clad in silks and armor completely, not an inch of skin visible. They are highly aggressive and xenophobic, and reject any strangers that try to set foot in their lands. What little communication has been extracted to them amounts to "You will not profane the Caverns" and "Foreigners caused this and will only make it worse, leave the Dark Lands or else."

KERES- The Keres are a race of horned humanoids who formerly resided in The Grave Swamp, a great swamp in the southeast of Agloria. They were isolationist and didn't bother with outside powers, but their born gift of Keretin Necromancy always made them unwelcome in human settlements. Somewhat recently, they were victim of a crusade led by King Tyron, who claimed a vision warned him of "the treachery of a dark god, long dead, but still powerful." This has resulted in their scattering. A majority fled Northeast, to the Anarchy State of Midland, while some others were welcome in Nimboors, out of curiousity, if nothing else. It is said that some have even reported to be refugees in Devenion settlements, while still others fled to The Dark Lands, hoping they may be immune to the adverse effects of living there.

Their society has an odd military tradition. Every citizen must serve two years within their military, the Undying Legion (locally known as the Corpse Corps.) . Afterwards, when they die, they allow their corpses to be used as members of the undead forces. Most when raised come out as normal zombies, due to having agreed to the contract before their death, but sometimes, some are bitter about having their eternal rest disturbed. These angry undead turn into undead abominations, gaining eldritch powers and massive abilities, at the cost of their ability to focus on an objective, making them emergency shock troops. Still, neither these, nor the necromantic Undying Legion managed to stop the Paladins of Light from defeating them.

DRAGONS - Large, winged reptiles, Dragons have no cities of their own, residing in mountains and arid regions. They tend to be feared by human populations, for their mighty scales and fangs are said to be denser and sharper than the best human steel. Though sometimes they do form clans and families, these inevitably disperse due to internal power struggles. Dragons have become a rarer sight as of late, ever since a fad of dragon hunting drove them off around five centuries ago, though it is rumored that the last terrible dragon was a black dragon that terrorized parts of Seloran. It is also rumored that these creatures can shape-shift, a claim that has been decried by the Church, for if such a thing was possible, the beasts could very well be living amongst us.

PRECURSORS - A race of insectoid beings who left behind ruins and technology in the Anarchy State of Midland. They also left behind great subterranean colonies, but only a few have ever been breached, as the metal their walls and doors are made of are hardier than anything man or dwarf has ever produced. Their art depicts them having a great fascination with stars.

DEMONS - A race of former interdimensional conquerors who were stranded in a former colony world that had been stripped of resources. They seek to invade another realm so that they can gain resources to invade and reclaim their homeland.

Demonkind is divided into castes based on skin color and appearance. Red Demons make up the brute fighters, Grey Demons are spies and scouts with shapeshifting capability, Blue Demons are the intellectuals, making up the bureaucracy, and Green Demons, who are... Not really useful for much. They're much more acrobatic and agile, and since that's all they have, they're the lowest caste of all the demons, basically serving as a slave caste.

SKYREAVERS - A non-sapient race of large, sky-faring beasts, shaped like serpents, possessing thick natural plates of carapace armor and multiple fins, these creatures subsist off a diet of trees and do not harm civilized races unless they attack them first. If attacked, these creatures ram themselves into the ground, leaving large craters behind, utilizing psychic shielding to add to the impact. They are considered unkillable, as no records of corpses or successful kills are on human records.

THE PALAI - A race of plant/humanoid hybrids who reside in Palmert's Oasis. They serve the Earth God very closely, defending the Oasis viciously against outsiders, but it's also rumored they come from a sinister origin, being the children of outsiders converted into inhuman horrors. The truth is not known, as they do not interact with outsiders at all.

Lecyth: A race of fungoid plant people living in The Wilds. They worship Umbrakon, and thus prey upon vicious insectoids of the Wilds for both food and ceremonial garb and weaponry. They make weaponized wrist-guards sporting three long, claw like protrusions, normally fangs or claws of slain bug creatures, stylized like the weapons of their god. They are surprisingly chatty with outsiders, with an uncanny gift for deciphering foreign languages, but they are also fond of informing outsiders that The God of the Hunt will be after them soon. This hardly ever goes well.


THE GOD OF LIGHT - A vaguely defined deity that only lets it will be known through vague visions and the granting of divine powers. Some writings by the Church of Light have conflicted in the past, and if it's ever directly interfered in human affairs, no one knows for sure.

THE DARK ONE - A vaguely defined supernatural force of evil. There's been no solid proof of it's power, unlike the God of Light, but the Church insists it exists, seeks to corrupt humanity, and must be stopped.

CARCURA, THE GOD OF TRANSFORMATION - A god of constantly shifting appearance and gender, that, their followers insist, has overseen the change of society since the beginning of time.

KILMURO, GOD OF LIGHT - A god of light, said to be the partner of Carcura. He is the patron god of the Jyaan, and a temple to him resides at the heart of Nimboors. Notably different from the Aglorian God of Light, Aglorian texts label him as a servant of the True God of Light instead.

THE EVIL EYE - A malevolent entity that terrorizes the dreams of men and seeks to drive people mad. It is especially fond of terrorizing mages. An ancient prophecy warns of the day when it will gaze down upon all mankind, giving them great despair.

THE TWIN SERPENTS - Twin gods who used to possess plenty of power before being ousted from the Divine Community by the God of Light: Zakon, Goddess of Order and Water, and Razdor, God of Chaos and Fire. It is said that The God of Light ousted them both because he considered Zakon's Order doman to be trespassing on his divine territory, though official Aglorian texts simply state that the Serpents were malicious and needed to be disposed of. A small cult of followers survived, but most have scattered to the corners of the world.

THE GREAT SILKWORM OF FATE, MINGYUN - A silkworm of size that boggles the human mind, which weaves "The Great Threads of Fate", which determine the fate of every human being. While they do not share the Threads with any god, it is rumored that the God of Light has pressed them to weave favorably in their manner. This likely won't turn out well, as fate serves no one man or god.

UMBRAKON: The God of Hunting and Stealth, at least according to what little sapient life found in the Wilds, Umbrakon hunts any and all intruders to his realm relentlessly. Until they tread into the Horselan Plains, at least, at which then he backs off. It's rumored he doesn't want to intrude on the realms of the God of Light, much like the Earth God Palmert.

THE WIND MOTHER - A goddess rumored to be dead, but still worshipped by the tribes of the Horselan Plains. It is said she hears the prayers of anyone who speaks from Wind Mother Mountain, the capital of all the tribes. Though the Horselan Tribes claim she speaks to Her Chosen always, no divine action has been attributed to her in decades.

[Image: MarchMapRough.jpg]

I'm looking at six spots. Best apps will be selected.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Vekna

Character Description: In her “original” form, Vekna is an enormous, 20-foot serpentine creature, coated in highly-reflective, crystalline scales. She has two pairs of large wings with crystalline feathers, and no other limbs. Hundreds of eyes, all over her body. Her head is entirely detached from her torso, levitating immediately above it and surrounded in a holy fire. She has no eyes on her face, though she does have a very wide mouth with altogether too many teeth.

Of course, being a shapeshifter, Vekna need not look like this all the time. That form is mostly for show, and for fighting the Paladins of So-Called Light. When working in Agar’s fortress, it’s far more convenient to appear in a humanoid form. She takes, perhaps, the vaguest shape of a human, albeit with her usual scales, eyes, and levitating disembodied snake-head. She has a pair of legs with taloned feet, a long, whiplike tail, and (usually) no arms. In this form she usually wears a fancy bluish dress, near-pristine in appearance regardless of her current activities.

Character Skills: CHANGE - Vekna is a shapeshifter, although a somewhat limited one - though she can take on a variety of forms, they will invariably be headless, with her usual “eyeless head wreathed in holy fire” levitating above, scaled up or down. She also can’t get too much smaller than a human, or any bigger than her snake angel form.

CAST - Vekna has a reasonable array of order-based divine magic, which is both very destructive and very orderly in its destruction. Lots of conjuring especially shiny crystals to do things like trap someone’s feet or bloodlessly stab them, somehow. Admittedly, using divine magic from a god who’s no longer around is somewhat limiting, but it still works well enough.

LIFT - Vekna, in most of her forms (if not all of them), has no hands. Instead, she has telekinesis - not strong enough to, say, fling someone across a room or rip out someone’s spine and beat them with it, but strong enough to lift moderately heavy objects within ten feet of her or so.

FIGHT - Vekna is moderately skilled in the use of conventional arms, preferring in particular the use of a large, intricately-carved crystalline spear. Her crystalline scales provide moderate protection, but only moderate.

Character Background: Vekna was, once, a servitor of Zakon, Goddess of Order. Specifically, she was tasked with keeping watch over Zakon’s worshippers - appearing to them in times of crisis, intervening (and occasionally fighting) in holy wars, that sort of thing. Holy wars fought, most often, against the forces of The God of Light. The two faiths had been enemies for as long as anyone can remember, for as long as Agloria had existed, for reasons few now remember, and probably not for the reasons everyone makes up. The paladins of Order were widespread then, enforcing Zakon’s will - keeping peace, fighting injustice, and creating all manner of possibly-dangerous artifacts in the name of Order.

It should be said that Zakon’s definitions of Order don’t extend to creating things that could be used for the opposite. Really, as far as gods of order go, Zakon was pretty irresponsible.

But as the forces of Light grew to prominence, the followers of Order - and the followers of the closely-related god of Chaos - faltered and weakened. Churches were destroyed, towns were pillaged, and artifacts were captured and locked away. It was a gigantic mess for everyone. Vekna spent the later days of the crusade desperately doing anything she could to bolster their strength, bringing in all manner of monsters and fighting on the front lines herself. Ultimately, though, it was for nothing. Everyone died. Vekna was banished to the aetheric realms, critically injured and now practically powerless.

Fast forward a hundred years. Lord Agar, setting up the whole “supervillain lair” thing, decided he should summon a powerful monster from another plane to guard the place. Technically he succeeded, managing to pull Vekna back into the world, though “palace guard” wasn’t particularly a role she found suitable. Instead, she weaseled her way into a position of more power than that, with the intent of eventually using Lord Agar to her own vengeful ends.

Why Are You Evil: After the Followers of Order were scattered to the winds, the God of Light took things a step further and ousted Zakon from the realm entirely, never to return as long as it was in power.

So it’s simple. Vekna just wants to kill God. Or at least, as a first step, destroy Agloria. She’ll figure out the next step from there.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Means to an end. Lord Agar in an actual position of power would, arguably, be an even bigger problem than the Paladins of Light. But, well, enemy of her enemy and all that. If he can destroy Agloria, great! Or even cause chaos within Agloria that could make their destruction easier.

You wouldn’t think an angel of order would be so okay with causing chaos, but that’s Zakon for you. The two need not be exclusive.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Director of Human/Inhuman Resources.

That, and a guardian of Agar’s inner sanctum, if absolutely necessary. She’s not too keen on fighting to the death on his behalf, though.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:

The Shifting Sea - For reasons not quite clear, the ocean to the west of the Great Continent is… wrong. Islands spontaneously appear or disappear, or sometimes change location. Tides rise and fall suddenly, currents come and go at seemingly random, and space itself shifts in strange ways. Many an adventurous sailor reports sailing due west for weeks, only to find the coast they’d departed from looming ahead. The beings that dwell in the Shifting Sea are hardly better, having bizarre or improbable anatomies, or sometimes looking like several species mashed together in less-than-aesthetically pleasing ways. It’s also said that those who disappear on the Shifting Sea occasionally come back wrong.

The sea was normal a hundred years ago.

Moonstriker - An ancient weapon of unfathomable scale, concealed within a dormant volcano in the south. It resembles a cannon hundreds of feet long, though its “barrel” mainly consists of two long magnetic rails of unknown purpose. Possibly magical, possibly mundane, many a megalomaniac has tried and failed over the years to determine how to switch it on. Attached to it are the ruins of a sizable control facility, heavily decayed over the years but still intact. Diagrams found inside of the ruins suggest that the weapon is responsible for the moon being shattered into several pieces millennia ago.

The Twin Serpents - Former deities of this world, great snake-gods of chaos and order. One, Zakon, associated strongly with both order and water, while the other, Razdor, associated with chaos and fire. It’s said they weren’t present at this world’s creation, only appearing later on. They were both ousted by the God of Light, leaving but a few scattered followers behind. Whether they’ll weasel their way back into the world, or depart for another, is unclear.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Xyrnthix

Character Description:
The Imperatrix of Inferno, the Countess of Conflageration, the Baroness of Burning Blazes! Xyrnthix is a fire dragon, black of scale, massive and imposing! Her eyes red as fire, her scales dark as midnight, her tail like a massive mace and her claws greatswords. For a few centuries, she was unfortunately trapped (by the curse of a cleric) in the body of a human. In this form, she was tall by human standards, with black hair and irritatingly hazel eyes. She wore fine robes or armor, depending on the situation, and carried both an arming sword and a staff. She could probably be considered stunningly beautiful by human standards, but by Xyrnthix's standards, she was an ugly, tiny, squishy human. Fortunately for her, she eventually managed to lift the curse, and is mighty once more! Furthermore, she has gained the ability to shapeshift between her human and draconic forms! She chooses to remain in her draconic form most of the time, for obvious reasons. She is roughly nine-hundred years old, having spent four centuries as a dragon before the curse, three centuries as a human, and two centuries as a dragon since.

Character Skills:
Draconic Body - Xyrnthix has all the powers and abilities of an enormous fire-breathing dragon, but only in her dragon form (obviously). In her human form, she is still immune to fire, and possesses slightly increased strength and agility over an ordinary human.

Draconic Mind - She possesses the mind and willpower of a dragon, giving her increased resistance to mind control and mind-altering effects.

Draconic Soul - Xyrnthix has the blood, body, and soul of a dragon! They give her access to powerful draconic magic utilizing her own blood. However, she can only perform said magic in her human form. It's really irritating.

Draconic Pride - Xyrnthix can never refuse a direct challenge, which tends to get her into a lot of trouble. She is also unbelievably greedy, arrogant, proud, and self-centered.

Draconic Appetite - Xyrnthix has an appetite fit for a dragon as a lingering curse from her human days. In her dragon form, her appetite is normal, but in her human form? She must still eat six times the ordinary human amount. This is aided by an unnatural ability to consume vast quantities of food at a time, but it's still insanely expensive and rather embarassing.

The Sour Gaze of God - Another lingering effect of her past curse. Clerics and Clergymen always react poorly to her, as if being told "This lady is fucking sketchy" by the Gods themselves. While they likely won't try to outright execute her or arrest her, they will not trust her by any stretch of the imagination.

Adventuring Experience - Xyrnthix was a human for a few centuries. As a result, she has combat training and adventuring experience. She's really rusty though, considering she's been a dragon (again) for a few centuries now. Who the hell fights their battles as a human when they can fight them as an enormous fire-breathing dragon? Against anything more than a regular old army veteran, she'd probably have a very tough time without her magic.

Character Background:
She was born a dragon, a daughter of two mighty black dragons! She lived several centuries as such, eventually growing into a terrifying monster of destruction and devastation. Fearsome she was. The younger dragons paid her respect, the pathetic human lords and petty kings paid her tribute, and all was well in the world. Her hoard unparalleled, her power unmatched. Or so she thought.

During a rather routine burning of a small town (some people didn't pay without a little show of force), a foolish human cleric appeared amidst the carnage. He voiced a challenge to the mighty Xyrnthix, and the dragon came, descending to burn him to a crisp. That's when something strange happened, for some kind of force shielded him. He shouted a curse, his gray hair and beard flowing in the ash-ladden winds as his voice boomed above the fire, his mighty warhammer in his hand.

And then Xyrnthix fell from the sky, landing before the cleric. Through some kind of divine intervention or ancient magic or horrible curse, she had been stripped of her draconic form. Constricted to the form of a human, she was at the mercy of the cleric.

And the man, his eyes fierce with rage, chose to let her walk away. Xyrnthix is not certain if this was mercy or punishment, for her existence from that point on was painful to her. She was forced to do a good deed once a week, priests automatically distrusted her, and she had to eat almost as much as a dragon!

She learned draconic magic and swordplay during this time, and became a wandering scholar. Almost her entire being was devoted to lifting her curse, but she didn't succeed until she sacrificed herself to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying a city. She would claim that she had no choice, and that SHE was in the city! And that she didn't rescue any children from a burning church...nor did she slay a group of bandits who were in the process of robbing an orphanage. She did none of those things! Regardless, her curse was lifted.

...aaaaand she went right back to being a murderous, fire-breathing, tyrannical dragon. She didn't learn a DAAAAMN THING! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

She eventually came into the employ of Lord Agar, and the rest is history.

Why Are You Evil: Because she's powerful, and mighty, and strong, and above all those she brutalizes! She has no soft spots! NONE!

Why Do You Support Lord Agar:
Listen, it started as an alliance, but Lord Agar SEEMS TO THINK he's better than her or something. Turning himself into a God?! She FUCKING HATES GODS! Creating another one goes against everything she stands for. Perhaps she should sabotage his ritual? That'd teach the bastard.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces:
Xyrnthix is both a Draconic Sorcerer in her human form, and a mighty behemoth of destruction in her draconic form. Take your pick.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:
-Dragons are gigantic behemoths of destruction, but they are solitary and territorial creatures. Clans are a rarity, and families often fragment as soon as the drakelings can care for themselves.

-Draconic Magic is chaotic, highly destructive, and very difficult to control. Similar to dragonfire!

-The Spire of Sin: In the days of old, before Velos the Immortal, there were many other Dark Lords. They ruled from the giant, constantly expanding fortress-tower of Zhaled Teyr, often called the Spire of Sin, the Sinister Spire, or the Spire. The Spire overlooked the eastern lands of Tamesria, or the Darklands. The Spire was an imposing structure, possibly the largest man-made structure in the world, and was created through ancient and powerful magic. Against enemy armies, it was practically impenetrable, and acted as a focal point for much of the evil in the world.

-The Darklands of Tamesria: Lands far to the east. Also called the Land Without Hope, the Realm of Shadows, the Dark East, among other things. The Darklands are a vast, rocky, and seemingly inhospitable region to the east, constantly shrouded in supernatural clouds that leave it in constant night. Despite its lack of fertility, Tamesria supports a number of cities and towns, many beneath the surface. The underground cities subsist off a large variety of fungus and underground species, such as giant cave rats and mole bunnies. Those living on the surface usually live in fortified valleys and canyons, which are more fertile than the rocky wastes. The Darklands are mainly ruled by a large array of vampire clans, all warring with one another for supremacy. The citizens of the Darklands are rather diverse, though all are descended from the former servants of the Dark Lords. These include humans (twisted by living in the Darklands for so long), goblins, dwarves, elves, orcs, and kobolds. At the center of the Darklands stands the foundations of the Spire, with the Spire itself having long since been destroyed.

-People of the Darklands - The people living in the Darklands (with the exception of the orcs, vampires, and goblins) are twisted shadows of those living outside. Humans (for example) are ghostly white and stocky, with red eyes and sparse hair. Their night vision is impeccable, but bright light blinds them.

-The Dark Lords of Zhaled Teyr: The Dark Lords of Zhaled Teyr are an ancient lineage of malevolent sovereigns dating back at least a thousand years. What is known is that the first among them was one simply called "The Incarnate".

Following the Incarnate's disappearance, the dark armies fell into disarray, and were pushed back into Tamesria by the great heroes of that age. The various lieutenants, warlords, and vassals of the Incarnate fought for supremacy, and a variety of Dark Lords succeeded him.

Shadowmaster Avlehan was the first Dark Lord to unite Tamesria after the Incarnate's downfall, utilizing his mastery of shadow magic to brutally and efficiently subjugate the Darklands. He was swallowed by shadows a decade later, and power was quickly seized by Cragrith Rockthrower.

Dark Lady Cragrith was a human chieftess of a canyon tribe and a peerless warrior, who (according to legend) managed to defeat the other pretenders through her ability to throw boulders. She disappeared while tackling a rock troll off a cliff, and a five year long civil war followed in which Firedancer Dramonar became the next Dark Lord through his ability to pacify vampires with fire.

Dramonar was killed when Cragrith returned, having apparently been trapped in a cavern filled with giant murderous cave fauna (and flora), and Cragrith reigned as Dark Lady for another ten years until going through a rift to the Divine Void to beat the God of Light to death with a rock.

Following her, an elven mystic named Obunorim (whether that was his real name or not was unknown) seized power. He beguiled and entranced many powerful beings to his side, and ruled with great debauchery and lust for many decades. In his fiftieth year of rule, he met his match when his bed partner slew him, then seized power.

The Blood Queen was the final Dark Sovereign of Zhaled Teyr, having brutally murdered Obunorim in his bed. She seized control over the vampiric clans of the Darklands, consolidated her reign, and reigned for two centuries. In her time, she established a twisted vampiric mockery of feudalism. The Blood Queen would reign at the top, served by her Dukes, then the Nightlords, then the Blood Knights. It was during her reign that the vampires became the concrete ruling class of the Darklands, oppressing and preying upon all other races. In her two-hundred and second year of reign, she used the blood of ten-thousand virgins in an attempt to become 'the Night Goddess'. The aftershocks of the ritual destroyed the entire Spire (with the exception of the foundations), and left her Vampiric Kingdom leaderless. This has led to the current state of affairs in the Darklands: Countless feuding vampiric clans and bloodlines fighting for supremacy.

-The Incarnate: What he was an Incarnate of is a matter of debate, but it's generally agreed that he was the most terrifying Dark Lord to ever grace the world. Powerful in sorcery, blade, and charisma, he overthrew the monarchy of Tamesria and led a brutal campaign of subjugation and slaughter. Using his dark power, he raised the Spire at its center, and ruled Tamesria with an iron fist. Uniting the vampires, subjugating the dwarves, beguiling the dark elves, and otherwise ensnaring others to serve under him. Using his power, he created countless other abominations to serve his war effort, and twisted many of those that served him to meet his needs. His reach began to grow, expanding into the other kingdoms as he smashed army after army, razing temples to the ground and massacring their clergy. As his hold became absolute, and as his armies moved throughout the land, he returned to the Spire for one final ritual. What the ritual's was is known, but it proved disastrous for his reign and for Tamesria. The land was shrouded in permanent darkness, and the very ground warped, shifted, and hardened throughout the region. A faint scent of decay would forever mark the region around the Spire, and the Incarnate would never be seen again.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Anisim Kozlov

Character Description: Normal sized human with a slim build. Wears the common uniform of Agar's forces. Olive skinned with black hair and green eyes.

Character Skills: DO YOU GUYS NEED GLASSES?: Can actually shoot straight, unlike most mooks.

LUCK AND PLUCK: Has boundless sources of willpower and an eternally optimistic outlook on life!

SLIGHTLY STURDY: Has a few more hit points than your average mook!

I GOT A DEGREE!: Has a B.A. in English from the Midland University of Evil and Evil Tech (AKA Central Midland Vocational Institute.)

Character Background: Anisim's father, Ioann, was the model of a perfect minion. The man took two jobs for two different Dark Lords to support his family and never missed a day of work. He scrimped and saved to pay his son's way through Evil University, fueled by the hope that one day his son would make an evil empire of his own - something grand, something to be proud of, something that would make the years of backbreaking and demeaning work all worth it. He might not have had the best life, but his son would. Ioann would make sure of it.

Unfortunately for Ioann, Anisim was not cut out to be a King of Darkness.

It wasn't that the lad didn't work hard - he did. He studied all night and day, eager to meet his father's expectations. He just... Didn't have the right stuff. His professors made it clear time and time again: Anisim would never be more than a grunt.

Still, he worked in spite of the pressure. Each negative comment gave him drive to work harder and improve next time. By the time he graduated, he'd surpassed all of his instructors expectations: A solid B-/C+ average!

Unfortunately, this didn't even come close to meeting his father's expectations. No self-respecting mook would sign on with a Dark Lord with that kind of grade point average. At best, Ioann figured, Anisim would be a red-helmet - a glorified mook given a slightly more expensive set of armor that could take, at most, one extra hit. In a fit of rage and depression, Ioann disowned his son.

Never one to let adversity bring him down, Anisim persevered. He'd prove his dad wrong and earn the old man's respect, one way or another! He took up work as an intern for a warlord, which led to a spot as a mook for Lord Agar. Anisim quickly distinguished himself from his fellow mooks with his ability to actually hit targets and almost boss-like ability to take more than one hit in any given fight. In due time, Anisim was promoted to Head Mook, a title he wears with pride.

He sends letters to his father detailing his progress and exploits every month, hopeful that one day his beloved pop might write him back.


Why Do You Support Lord Agar: My career path led me here - I'm gonna do my best to excel and make a name for myself so that one day I can be a Dark Lord too!

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Head mook!

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:

SPIRIT GUNS. Guns powered by willpower! They fire solid projectiles that glow bright colors, appropriately color-coded by the shooter's alignment.

EVIL SCHOOL. College for up-and-coming warlords, sorcerers, dark emperors, and all-around badguys.

MIDLAND. A kingdom that is neutral in the conflict between good and evil. Mostly untouched by war.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Deathknight Kerrigan

Character Description: At a distance, he looks like a normal person standing around 6 feet tall clad in full plate armor, which conceals his no longer human form; pale transparent skin with a frothing black liquid within. His eyes are completely black with a creepy mist emanating from them, and he has an exceptionally powerful scent; the scent of the undead.

Character Skills:
Supernatural Strength: Deathknight Kerrigan has long since ceased to be human. Fueled by ancient magic which is in turn fueled by hatred, this creature is able to smash through walls and bend iron bars with ease and swing around weapons far too massive for any normal person.

Aura of Corruption: Deathknights are head and shoulders above the common zombies and skeletons. The mere act of being anywhere near this monster will wither plants and cause a myriad of illnesses. Worse yet; the victims of this monster will rise up as zombies and ghouls and turn upon their former friends. This form of necromancy is highly unstable and undead created this way will become lifeless upon leaving the aura of corruption.

Immortality Curse: You cannot just stab a Deathknight and expect it to die. Its aura of corruption will bring it back up to its feet again and again. If you want to get rid of it permanently then you'll need to restrain it and cast a powerful cleansing ritual. Theoretically you can also convince it to let go of its hatred to dispel the magic that fuels it instead, but good luck with that.

Character Background: When Agar opened the gates of the Maw of Malice he found that it was not entirely empty. The man known as Kerrigan was once a servant of the original creator of the Maw of Malice, a devastatingly powerful necromancer known as Velos the Immortal. In the ancient battle that brought about the defeat of Velos and the sealing of the tower, Kerrigan had been deep in the citadels dungeons and has roamed the Maw of Malice ever since.

Upon meeting Agar, Kerrigan was initially hostile. Upon catching a glimpse of the Soulthirster Gem which had previously been owned by his former master, the Deathknight was open to negotiations. Kerrigan seems to be convinced that Agar is actually Velos, which suits Agar just fine since it means this powerful undead warrior will obey his every command.

Why Are You Evil: The Deathknight is an undead horror that can only be created by the most powerful necromancers, who mold a mortals hatred into a self perpetuating form of magic. These monsters are made to obey their master totally, and feel no remorse for the terrible deeds they do. Also, back when Kerrigan was alive he killed his own brother, so its not just because he was enslaved by evil forces.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Deathknight Kerrigan saw a piece of his former master within Agar. Literally.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Deathknight Kerrigan is a Frontline Soldier, generally leading a platoon of lesser undead henchmen. Tyron's forces are strong and determined, but modern day paladins have not been sufficiently prepared to deal with the horror that is the Deathknight.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:
Velos the Immortal: A dark lord who once lived centuries ago who created the Maw of Malice. Though defeated long ago his legacy lives on to this day; for he was the one who gave darkness its bad reputation in the first place.

Deathknights: Extremely powerful undead warriors created by even more powerful necromancers. There are a few surviving members of this undead species from past wars, sealed away in old ruins and kept alive by their burning hatred for hundreds or even thousands of years.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Io Igoda

Character Description: Io is a member of a humanoid, magic based species referred to as Jyaan. Like most Jyaan, Io has deeply tanned skin and a pair of spiraled ram's horns. Her eyes are similar to human's eyes, except the sclera is a soupy red instead of white. She has fluffy brown hair that comes down to her shoulder blades and stands slightly taller than an average human male. Typically wears something akin to a white toga that comes down to just above her knees as well as a pair of sandals. Usually seen carrying around a bag filled with books, scrolls, a few inkwells, quill pens, and some pencils.

Character Skills: Io has an excellent memory, and she is extremely capable when it comes to organizing and keeping track of numbers and details. Her note taking skills are second to none. She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and her lack of magical abilities means that she can serve as a consistent and reliable, if impromptu, fighter if needed.

Character Background: Upon her birth, Io was cursed. Not literally, of course, curses are not overly popular in Nimboors, the city of her birth, but rather figuratively. Io was born without the ability to use magic. Lack of magic had always been a rare situation, especially in Nimboors, where magic was the norm. So for an individual to be born without the gift of magic, many assumed that Io was simply doomed to fail. How could an individual without such a mighty strength succeed in a magic based world anyway? The simple answer, of course, was that they could not.

From the moment that she could understand words, people in her home city were quick to inform Io that she was destined to fail. To get away from the constant abuse, Io found places to hide away. At first, she simply hid out in the attics and basements of her foster homes, but her search for better hiding places eventually led her to the twisting halls of the many libraries nestled in Nimboors' streets. These books exposed her to the idea that maybe, just maybe, magic wasn't the only thing that gave an individual worth. So Io did her best to learn, honing her analytical abilities even as her peers and neighbors worked on their magic.

Io was never really quite sure what exactly it was that prompted her to snap. Perhaps it was her school finally kicking her out. Maybe it was yet another foster family kicking her to the curb. Hell, it could very well have been the fact that somebody stole her favorite book the other day. Whatever the reason, that night, Nimboors found that a valuable city location, the Transformation Library, was up in flames and some of its books were missing. In addition, Io was nowhere to be found. As far as the city was concerned, Io had died in the fire.

In actuality, Io had skipped town with a few books from the Transformation Library, a few day's worth of food, and the clothes on her back. She spent the next few months as a drifter before she managed to get a job with a pair of adventurers known as Ralton and Rikki. The three of them, as well as a few others, worked on recovering magical artifacts. Io's final mission with the group had her searching for the 'Soulthirster Gem', a mission nobody else was willing to take. Io embarked on it alone, and eventually tracked it down... stuck in the chest of one Agar. Something about Agar intrigued Io, and she began following him around, much to his annoyance. Eventually, he seemed to warm up to her, and finally formally let Io travel with him once she displayed her skills and gave him the offering of a couple books from the Transformation Library.

Why Are You Evil: Due to her inability to use magic, Io has always been a target of ridicule and scorn from mages in her home town. Because of that, she has sworn to show the world what can be done without the use of magic, and has sworn to oppose the mages and magics of Nimboors. And since Nimboors mages typically ally themselves with the forces of good and Nimboors magic tends to err on the 'light' side, Io has declared herself evil. Naturally.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Io initially sought out not Lord Agar, but the magical artifact embedded in his chest. Upon actually meeting him, however, Io found herself interested in the reasoning behind the gem embedded in his body. She began following him around, and she eventually revealed her complete lack of magical ability to him after she'd stuck around with him after a while. He expressed interest in her magic (or lack thereof), as well as voicing some amount of satisfaction with her abilities because/in spite of it. She'd pledged herself to him ever since.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Serves as the head of the more... mundane aspects of managing Lord Agar's army. Things like organizing supply runs, dealing with public relations, informing Lord Agar of his army's needs and wants, and running numbers on stocks and soldiers are among her many duties. The army would be in shambles if not for proper organization and management, after all, and Io doesn't intend to let Lord Agar do it all on his own.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:
NIMBOORS: A large northern city with a history of magic, Nimboors is a typical 'frozen mage's city'. The city is subject to constant snowfall, and most of the buildings are composed of a white, marble-like stone. Nimboors' most notable feature is that it is home to many well-renowned and respected magical universities. Due to this, as well as the fact that most if not all of the residents are members of 'magic sensitive' races, the city has a very pro-magic bias and tends to be xenophobic towards those that are not able/willing to use magic. Though they are technically neutral, Nimboors is extremely focused on 'light magics' and, as such, tend to ally themselves with 'the good guys' in times of crisis.

JYAAN: The Jyaan are a species of highly magic sensitive humanoids. The typical Jyaan has a tanned complexion, brown to black hair, a set of horns, and eyes with a reddish-brownish sclera. Most Jyaan have a high affinity for magic, and Jyaan soldiers are almost always seen employing the use of magic in their arsenal. The race as a whole can typically be found in areas that are rich in magic/magical history, or in places where the use of magic is on the rise. Jyaan tend to act as teachers or soldiers, whatever their magical skills are of most use to in their place of residence.

TRANSFORMATION LIBRARY REMNANTS: A library of great knowledge, formerly situated in Nimboors. Within were many scrolls and books detailing the complicated art of transformation, from simple spells like changing a rock's shape or state to spells that had never been completed before, such as changing an individual's species. Unfortunately, it was recently set fire to by an infidel. Many a useful spell was lost, and those that survived, referred to as the Transformation Library Remnants, are being moved to a safer location in Agloria under the guise of a donation to the king. However, some of the valuable texts seem to be missing, and the group carrying them isn't exactly the most trustworthy...

CARCURA'S FANG: A religious mercenary group that does what they do out of service to the great god Carcura. Composed mainly of shapeshifters, Carcura's Fang is heavily armed and surprisingly placid. The group works almost any job that doesn't involve religious reasons, and accept payment in the form of large quantities of herbal medicine as tithe for their god. Currently running a dual mission of delivering the Transformation Library Remnants to Agloria and hunting down the infidel that burned down the Transformation Library itself.

RALTON & RIKKI RECOVERY: A company that specializes in the recovery of magical artifacts. They work as freelancers and focus on spelunking and dungeon crawling in order to find and secure the specified artifacts. Most of the members specialize in a certain environments.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Alexi II Von Brandenburg

Character Description: A rather young looking fellow of posh status and upbringing.. if you ignore the slightly pale skin and gaunt-ish facial features barely hidden with beneath a glamour or seven.
[Image: young_baron_alexander_of_brennenburg_by_...4tx1o3.png]

Character Skills:
Charming Devil: The Brandenburg Bloodline has attracted a lifestyle of socialites, hedonism and excess, This makes those whom are from the line highly popular among the carousers of the realm and people just like to be around them.
Manners of Monsters: They are familiar with the way of life of the nobility and thus also quite adept in courtly intrigue and the darker aspects of it.
Thralls of Excess: The Brandenburgs always had a great affinity for making and controlling their thralls, Serving a hedonist comes with its perks.
Alchemical Enhancement: A skilled alchemist, noting spices up a party then a potion or two!

Character Background:
Alexi the second was raised as the hier to the vampire court of Brandenberg, reigning from a rather ancient castle in a large shrouded pineforest within the Darklands. Thing is about all these old ancient vampire clans is that they routinely get utterly exterminated. either due to inter-clan rivalry or by the patriarch getting a little too confident and trying to declare war upon something urging the mortals to step up and do something for once. and thus Alexi the second awoke in a empty burned out castle with the chill of being indebted to the god of hedonism growing in his veins he quickly started to re-consolidate his holdings. enthralling a few people with poisoned wine, recruiting the banshee that was haunting his estate and reestablished some of his clan's power, He even just looted a cathedral of the 'holy light' out of pure spite for their puritanical dogma and made off with a relic

That is when he ran afoul of some Aglorian paladins who wrecked all he worked on the past few years and forced him to flee his ancestral tomb, eventually stumbling on Asgar's court in its early reign, He joined them posing as a impoverished noble from the border principalities and worked with Asgar uneasily ever since.

Why Are You Evil:
Alexi and his bloodline are victim of more then a few curses and have their souls semi-loaned out to the goddess of excess and pleasure and they kind of want to stave that eventual debt off..with anything they can get their undead claws on. Alexi and his kin are also kind of evil hedonist sadistic dicks.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar:
Alexi doesn't like the paladins of light much and has a feud with the holy church, It is downright puritanical and that gets in the way of more people leading the lifestyle Alexi desires... and they would probably murder him on sight. Being a vampire and all. At-least Asgar tolerates his lifestyle and does not really mind when a few peasants go missing once in a while.... He might also have been using some of Adgar's forces to assuage his soul debt to Vitae, the god of pleasure and hedonism... that might not go over well if Adgar finds out.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces:
If the the dark forces where combined into one person, Alexi would make up its affable smile.
His role is twofold, He provides places and practices for Agar's forces to blow off steam and strengthen their morale and he also corrupts the local populace and nobility who visit his establishments, in turn making them more welcoming to Adgar possible morals and generating coin and recruits in the process. All in the name of pleasure, hedonism and having a great time.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:

The Border Princes - A collection of noble kingdoms who occupy the border provinces, their courts are always ripe with internal schemes and plots and external small scale wars among each other and the people are barely kept in check by bread and circuses policies.

Cult of Vitae Worshipers to the god of excess and pleasure, as the result of her favor the afflicted must indulge themselves to starve off a deadly chill that gnaws on their souls, mostly by using other hapless victims instead. In return they get the necessary perks of course, youth, charisma, proficiency to a maddening degree.

The Eastern Dark Lands - A land shrouded in mystery and twilight. Tales of various vampire clans and the power struggles between them are usually from there. It is also home to a order of monster hunters whom are characterized with their rapid firing crossbows and their wide brimmed pointed hats. The Paladin and the Order just begrudgingly tolerate each other's actions and sometimes 'cooperate'.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Riachik, Lord Blodmayne

Character Description: Six-foot tall humanoid with blue and purple skin (blue skin + red blood). Has black eyes with glowing yellow irises, spiky black hair, sharp teeth, and clawed fingers.

Character Skills:

Demon Blood - Riachik is sturdier than the average human, his people having been bred for generations for combat. He also heals mundane wounds more quickly, though magic hurts him more than it would a human. There are also some special spells that can banish him back to the Demon Realm, in which case he'd need to find a way back.

Supplymaster - Five hundred pounds of grain to here, twelve carts of weapons there; few supply problems can hold him down. Riachik knows who needs what, and how much, and the extra can go to the demons.

Demon Mage - Knows some old and forgotten magic from the demon realm. Most of it is pretty inefficient compared to modern magic, but his knowledge of ancient and unusual magic comes in handy when trying to figure out how a magical artifact works.

Character Background: Demons, or Krefai in their language, are human-like beings who seek to expand to and conquer as many places as possible. Unfortunately for them, a concerted effort by various forces of good across the worlds managed to contain them on a small colony-world which had been mostly used up to supply the demon armies in their wars. Left there, the demons were deemed harmless.

Fortunately for them, there were many unscrupulous people across the worlds who were more than willing to summon some help in exchange for giving the demons whatever they wanted. In this way, the demons could survive, becoming mercenaries for whoever summoned them.

Riachik started out as one of these mercenaries. He would be summoned by some mage, fight his battles, and collect on his debt in the end. Though not the most powerful demon out there, Riachik was persistent in getting his due, gaining much respect among the demons. Soon, he was declared Lord Blodmayne, one of the commanders of the demon army-in-exile.

When Agar summoned him with his plans of apotheosis, Riachik saw a wonderful opportunity. This sorcerer clearly had a grudge against the people who rejected him, so he certainly wouldn't mind a demon army doing a bit of looting (or rather, a lot of looting) here and there. Thus, Lord Blodmayne made his honorary title real by convincing Agar to summon a large part of the demon army.

So, Riachik is now the commander of the demon part of Agar's army, as well as the person in charge of supply. He makes sure that Agar's forces are well-equipped and supplied, while also siphoning off parts of the loot for his own people. Hey, the demons have to eat, after all!

Why Are You Evil: Purely pragmatic reasons - this world is habitable, and ripe for exploitation and colonization by the demonic people.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Agar was one of the first sorcerers to actually summon more than a few demons at a time. Eventually, Riachik managed to convince him to open and stabilize a larger gateway to the demon realm, allowing the demons to provide him with a substantial army. In short, Agar is a means to an end (the demons getting a realm which is not total shit).

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: General, head of Logistics, leader of the demons.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:

Many Worlds - There are planes and entire other worlds which are only accessible by the most difficult and secret magic. They mostly tend to focus on their own problems rather than visit other places, the demons being the main exception.

The Demon Realm - Known as Arshag in the demon language, this world is a sad and used-up plane thanks to the prolific expansion of the demon people. Rumor has it that it once had much life before the demons invaded it and exploited it into the ground.

The demon people come in three varieties, each specialized in a particular way. The Red Demons are fiersome fighters, matching the greatest of humans in skill, the Grey Demons are spies and scouts, who have limited shapeshifting ability and are used as assassins, and the Blue Demons are the administrators and scholars, leading the demon armies to new conquests. Most demons are born into their caste, though some can change color later in life through difficult trials and complex magical rituals.

The Sea Kingdoms - Island-based kingdoms that are rumored to protect powerful magical sources, such as the Font of Purity and the Crystal Spires.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Strike-Commander Tarek

Character Description: A towering figure with a tauric bodyshape, Tarek's form is covered in an armored layer of interlocking chitinous plates. His lower body resembles that of a feline or similar predator beneath the plating, complete with clawed paws equally suited to flaying a foe, or simply crushing them with brute strength. He has a long, thick tail adorned by a multitude of jagged, chitinous spikes running along its left- and right sides, ideal for sweeping from side to side as a weapon in its own right. His upper body is largely human, though twisted and adorned with yet more chitinous plates, lending him the illusion of wearing a suit of heavy armor, his hands appearing more like clawed gauntlets, his head likewise sprouting a protective layer of chitin, looking somewhat like an organic open-faced helmet, leaving his gaunt face recognizable as almost-human and leaving his long black hair free to fall down his back. He usually carries a large, wicked-looking halberd.

Character Skills:
Made for Battle: Tarek's body is a killing machine, plain and simple. He is capable of overpowering any regular enemies, and most extraordinary ones, possessing enough strength to knock a horse over.
Augmented Form: Infused magic leaves Tarek able to perform slightly above what he physically should be capable of. More importantly, it renders him far more durable than any normal creature.
Seals of the Master: Inscribed in the swirls of his armor plating are five latent magical runes, each storing a specific magical spell of middling power. Though Tarek has no magical talent whatsoever, he can activate these at will, though they must be recharged by a mage afterward. Changing each rune to store something else likewise requires the assistance of a mage.
Lead the Charge: Though Tarek is hardly a skilled strategist or a cunning manipulator, he excels at leading a small force of frontline troops within the heat of battle by sheer force of presence, both inspiring allies and demoralizing enemies.

Character Background: Tarek used to be a regular man, though one who had fallen on hard times, trying and failing to feed his family though hard work and sweat, working in Agloria's mines day after day in an effort to keep ahead of a crippling debt, incurred by one of King Tyron's new laws when he failed to properly show deference to a military officer, essentially making him a slave in all but name to that man until the debt was paid off. It never was.

Suffice to say, he was first in line to rally to Agar once he openly opposed King Tyron, and much later, he was chosen by Agar to become the next subject for one of his dark experiments, wherein he would meld a person to a body hewn from stone, giving it the life, soul and mind of the subject and in that process twisting them into something inhuman. Agar would go on to create a small force of such abominable creatures. Some subjects were willing. Some werent. Some were made from the minds of rapid dogs, becoming little more than uncontrollable monstrosities, to be let loose against the enemy when the time was ripe. Since his transformation, he's become bitter and vicious. In any event, Tarek has only succeeded in trading one slavemaster for another, though he is too caught up in notions of vengeance to realize it.

Though he believes his family dead, he does not know their fate for certain, and has not seen them in years. This is what he remembers them like.

Kirith, loving wife, seamstress and uncanny humorist
Viil, daughter of 7 (at the time), terribly clever and perceptive
Ethora, son of 5, fascinated by the soldiers and paladins of Agloria. Naïve, always getting tricked by Viil
Johann, close friend of the family, a carpenter whom Tarek grew up alongside when he was himself young

Ofcourse, since then he has gained a new family of sorts, albeit an exceptionally dysfunctional one. Only Tarek has any actual rank within Agar's forces - the rest are just soldiers and slaves. Largely speaking, Agar's experiments come in two forms for now; tauric ones, made from the fusion of person and a sculpted statue, each of them with their variations, and bestial ones, made with the mind and soul of a starving dog or other predatory animal and, again, a sculpted statue. They act as powerful shocktroopers, but once uncaged are all-but uncontrollable.

Seela, farmwife turned by Agar, one of the more mentally-stable experiments, though she has no courage at all
Vangar, a violent, sadistic brute who irregularly antagonizes those around him. only respects strength and power
Taru and Aharu, crestfallen brothers who most of all want to be left alone to wallow in their misery
Davian, a former Aglorian cleric. Whatever Agar has done to him, he's been cut off from his holy powers and subjected to compulsion strong enough to make him fight his own kin, if rather haltingly. Spends most of his time trying to punish himself for his perceived sins
Meriel, a fierce nordling warrior who willingly entered into Agar's service and subjected herself to his soulmelding experiments in order to become an ever-greater warrior

Why Are You Evil: He wants revenge against against a certain tax-collector, a certain paladin, and against King Tyron.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: He's the best way to achieve that goal. Also, Agar may or may not include subtle compulsion in the array of spells he subjects his experiments to. Besides, at this point, he'd be killed on sight anywhere else, so whatever the case, Tarek is thoroughly ensnared in his role.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Frontline Commander and appointed leader amongst Agar's various monstrous experiments, though Agar doubtless considers him little more than a useful pawn suited to keep his band of monsters in check.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:
Soulmelding: The art of manipulating souls and lifeforce, having been outlawed for thousands of years due to the abominations which the more advanced spells of the discipline tend to create; maddened monsters made from the conjoining of several souls and/or bodies, both natural and sculpted, or even constructed from magical energy. In ages past, sorcerors created entire armies of such beasts to wage war on their enemies, resulting in generations of strife and conflict when they were let loose on the world. Compared to the ancient soulmelded constructs of old, Agar's experiments are yet in the fledgling stage. Perhaps some of these ancient creatures, or the texts detailing their creation, have survived to this day, hidden away in dark caves or forgotten libraries.

The Shattered Isles: Off the side of the coast, there is a small stretch of the ocean that is constantly beset by raging storms, swirling whirlpools and lightning strikes, where the waters of the ocean seem to always move to its own whims, almost like a second tide, sometimes withdrawing, sometimes surging. And whenever the waters are low, the shattered isles are visible - hundreds, if not thousands of islands sticking out of the water, eroded by decades of tidal waves. The shattered isles stretch all the way from this central manifestation of the force of nature and all the way to the coast, the isles growing steadily larger and less weatherbeaten the closer to the coast you get, less ravaged by the whims of the sea. Some of the larger isles are only partway submerged by the sea, even when the tide is at its highest, and it is these islands that are home to the Mbwiru Carann, a tribal people who take advantage of the unique ecology of their isles to grow and harvest sesirru, a unique seaweed-like plant that thrives under the odd dichotomy of an abundance of sea water, and none at all. Legend among the Mbwiru states that they once lived across all the isles, but that they were thrust into the sea when the faithless priests of the great lost city of Ulatir angered the gods, and drowned for their troubles. But that is just a story, ofcourse.

Seloran: A poor kingdom, neighbouring Agloria. Exceptionally infertile, but still somehow populated, Seloran has long been a country of misfortune and hardship. Ruled over by king Nan Arrat and only a scant four noble houses, the relatively small elite of Seloran live in excess and luxury, while the rest of the country consists of dirt farmers and commoners, with practically no middle class. Seloran has long been jealous and resentful of the neighbouring Agloria, but, lacking the might to challenge the much stronger kingdom, they've largely been resigned to merely sneering at the vainglorious King Tyron and his order of paladins... Although in recent times, with the rise of Agar, they've adopted a decidedly different tune, calling instead on Tyron to protect them from the encroaching forces of darkness.

Flamescarred Greatsword: A massive sword of unconventional design, found lost in the far depths of some forgotten place. It is far too large and heavy to be wielded practically by any ordinary person, and is further made absurd by its ineffective form, which seems better suited to crushing its foes rather than cutting or stabbing them. However, the blade has two redeeming qualities; It is indestructible, and it bursts into flame upon striking a foe, consuming their soul in order to feed the inferno.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Hern

Character Description: A black suit of full plate armour, standing eight feet tall with silvery chainmail seemingly animated by a fell spirit. Its limbs and torso are encircled by ivy and lichen and moss, that browns and dies in autumn, withers in Winter, Blooms in Spring, and glories in colour and splendour in Summer. The helm has a tall, white plummage with red and gold streaks of colour and its visor radiates a white light. From the sides of the helm sprout two great ivory antlers, a magnificent crown of fifteen spikes apiece.

Character Skills: -Master swordsman: You do not fight Hern on even ground. You will lose.
-Illusionist: Glamour, can make himself appear and sound as anyone or anything
-Reader of Hearts: He can and will read the desires, though not the thoughts, of anyone who he lays gaze on from near or from afar, provided they are not shielded, protected, warded or otherwise safe from this kind of power.
-Lord of the Hunt: The forests and wildlands are his and woe betide those who flee his wrath in his domain. He will know you and find you in your hidden place. And should he be nearby, the animals that are not domesticated in that area will be set by his will.

Character Background: The Fae can be strange things. The Fae can be strange gods. The Fae can have strange gods. The Fae are nothing and nowhere. The Fae are many things, but one thing is always consistent, the Fae never lose to a mortal, neither in dares, in bets, in challenges, puzzles or feats and many is the mortal man and woman who have lost to them. Lost their loved ones, their livelihoods, their children or their very selves.

Kings, priests, merchants, scholars, warriors and wizards. The Fae has claimed them all, and the Fae have bested them all, for even if a mortal seemed to claim victory, they would in the end fall to their knees, and what they loved most would be taken from them into the Otherworld, never to be seen again.

Hern is what happens when the Fae lose.

And wherever he treads, they flee that place.

Hern is a distant being, judgemental, callous and hottempered, rarely taking lip from anyone who is not also a lieutenant of Lord Agar without dispensing with the offender. Despite this, Hern does odd things one would not expect of him. He almost never harms children when attacking a settlement, unless Lord Agar forces his hand, preferring instead to take them to be raised as Lord Agar's troops and while as one would expect, he adores animals, he seems to despise plant life in all its forms. Woe betide the man who draws his own attention to the plant life that perennially clings to his armour. Perhaps there is a remnant of the man Hern once was in the distant past.

Then again, perhaps not.

Why Are You Evil: Why is the sky blue?

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Lord Agar won a duel against him no less than three times, forced from him three boons, and had him swear an oath three times. So long as Lord Agar exists, he commands Hern's loyalty and restrains his freedom.

Hern resents his enslavement and does not hesitate to make this known when asked which Lord Agar only tolerates because he knows Hern will not take action against it and perhaps even delights in the anger it causes. Though Hern knows better than to badmouth Lord Agar to his troops or to others. He has seen what Agar does to those that displease him, he has found he has taken a liking to the work he takes part in under Lord Agar's command. Razing villages, destroying the enemy, conquest, glory fear. Such things inspire in him emotions long since forgotten and all too intoxicating to experience once again.

He continues in Lord Agar's service because he must. But he is using that opportunity to learn from him.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Hern is Lord Agar's hitman when it comes to ambush, supply line disruption, raiding, flanking manoeuvres, night attacks and other less savoury aspects of war designed to weaken or deliver fatal blows to enemy armies. When appropriate he acts as Lord Agar's armoured second, fighting his duels when he sees fit, delivering ultimatums when Lord Agar wishes to send a message but does not wish to suffer the indignity of having his messenger killed or otherwise acting as his second when it comes to sending a stand in for himself.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting: -It is said that the cup of life is to be found under the tree of death.

-It is known that one moon is true, and another is false, yet both are real, and both reflections of the sun's glory.

-It is hoped that angels will bear the mercy of God, yet who knows what angel bears another's face?

-In the Isles of Farleon lie three kingdoms. Once upon a yesteryear there were none and soon there will be more.

-There is an emperor who sits upon the throne of glorious Devenion empire. Yet why does he not wear a crown?

-He who controls the gold mines does not control the world. Now he who controls the food on the other hand does. It is only a coincidence both men are brothers.

-It is said the death of dragons is to be found in the hearts of men. Funny, if that were true dragons wouldn't find the hearts so tasty, now would they?

-The stars are nearer than anyone can imagine, and the doors to their faces farther than anyone can dream. Their eyes on the other hand, are right under our noses.

-Do not break your promises. You will never know which promise will break you, do not hand your enemy such a weapon, for some creatures wield it better than the greatest swordsman his blade.

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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: King Vanth, Matriarch of the Maw, Warlord of Agar

Character Description: Horned woman. Completely blind and soft of voice, Vanth does not strike an imposing figure, which is why she wears an elaborate crocodile-skin cape on top of her iron-wood suit of armor. Carries a big ol' machete. Always accompanied by an incredibly fat raven.

Character Skills: Necromantic spellsword. The magic is innate, but enhanced further with rigorous study and practice. Constantly dealing with the rituals of the undead also has a pleasant side effect of being pretty good at medicine, alchemy and other related fields of scientific/arcane knowledge.

Character Background: Vanth, her beloved husband Charun, and her kind lived in a remote, marshy village. While they had potent necromancy in their blood, they never had any aspirations of conquest preferring to use their “profane” magic to assist in farming and other back-breaking work. Unfortunately, Tyron saw nothing but absolute evil. He proceeded to eliminate this innocuous settlement off the face of the map and replace it with a sewer system.

Vanth and her kind scattered. She never saw her husband since then.

Charun - Vanth's husband and beloved. Alchemist, reanimator, and smuggler. Doesn't care for social norms but has more standards than you think.

Ker - Eldest. Nonbinary. A wizard freshly graduated from a smallish Midland university. Majoring in, you get it. Necromancy. Vanth and Charun would had celebrate their academic success but the crusade happened.
Anaplekte "Ana" - Second eldest. Female. A druid of decay and scavengers. Constantly at odds with Ker due to different career paths and sibling rivalry.
Achlys - Middle child. Female. Alchemist-in-training, apprentice to Charun. Really wants to explode/reanimate things but her dad won't allow her.
Stygere "Styggy" - Second youngest. Male. Necromancer bard (violin), which his family accepts more warmly than you think.
Nosos - Youngest. Male. Constantly ill but still kicking. Constantly changes his future career (he wants to do every single magic).

Why Are You Evil: Necromancy does not consume life-energy/souls but you have to admit raising the dead, binding them to your will regardless of sentience, and occasionally wombo-comboing corpses into a warsteed is a pretty douchey maneuver. Vanth sees no problem with this. Pay evil unto evil.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Agar met Vanth just after the tragedy of her homeland. He promised he could bring necromancy back to glory. He could bring long-due reckoning to King Tyron. He could help her find her husband…

Lord Agar was also more open to the concept of necromancy than the vaguely censorious Agloria. So that’s a plus too.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Vanth is Lord Agar’s right-hand (wo)man, which is something between advisor and occasional punching bag. Lord Agar was alright at first but he kind of got worse with more souls he um, "thirsted." At least, he paid well.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting:
There is a species of horned entities descended from a malicious but long-dead god of disease. Their profane blood gives them a natural inclination towards necromancy, which subjects them to much prejudice from the unenlightened Agloria.

Keres (also known as Swamp/Grave Elves or Erinyes) are a civilization of horned humanoids descended from a long-dead God of Disease. This gives them great necromantic power but unsavory reputations.

Description: Keres are fairly tall with faintly glowing eyes and sunken-in features. Their skin tends to the pale and their hair varies from white-blonde to the darkest of greens. Body types exist but most Keres lean towards the lean-and-mean side with fat starting to accumulating on the stomach first. Keres have horns of various size and shapes, although Keres who work with magic on a frequent basis tend to have bigger, fancier ones. Hornless Keres do exist, are healthy and accepted among society, although a few close-minded Keres find them piteous.

Despite their divine origins, an average Keres have a lifespan comparable to that of a human. Elderly Keres look young but they do not die of old-age. Rather, they die of disease that rapidly onsets as soon when they reach the end of their life.

Society: The city-state of Keres is fairly large due to the size of the Grave Swamp. Keres government is generally led by a populace-appointed family, generally the most historically influential one (because nepotism is still a thing), who appoints one or more rulers called Triachs (Patriarch/Matriarch if a ruler wants to be more specific) from themselves to represent the Keres in international matters and make important decisions that would influence their future. Lesser families are then handpicked by the Triach and their family to act as advisors and cabin-level departments, although there must be much care because a lot of lesser families would attempt to jockey for higher positions.

There is no set rule of how many Triachs can be appointed but the most acceptable ideal is generally three. Single Triach rulerships had existed. The max amount of Triachs ever appointed in one dynasty was nine and it was a political nightmare.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Angélique de Berget, Marquise de Château Noir, Maréchal de la Légion de Fumée, Voleur du Moteur d'Escargot, les Yeux Brûlants de la Nuit et Comtesse de Ferqueue Lac. You can call her Angélique, or just Angie if you prefer.

Character Description: As a smoke spirit, Angélique is the soul of a person burnt to death as part of a magical ritual. She has long, charcoal-grey hair and pale skin, and wears a simple black and grey dress, but as you look further down her form gradually disintegrates into smoke, to the point where she doesn't have feet but instead floats just off the ground on curling wisps of smoke. Her eyes are slate grey, with an ember in the pupil.

Character Skills:
Angélique has a number of abilities that originate with her being not only a smoke spirit, but a paragon among her kind. Like all smoke spirits, she can fly and transform her body and held and worn possessions into smoke to travel quickly and covertly, and she is resistant to mundane attacks. Beyond that, most smoke spirits have one of three abilities at some level of power - improved shapeshifting, allowing them to transform into other forms for combat or disguise, physical strength, durability and agility combined with the ability to carry heavier gear (such as a full suit of plate) in their gaseous form, or a natural gift of fire magic. As Angélique is a paragon, with her creation ritual enhanced by Agar's expertise, she possesses a limited share of all three abilities.

In terms of shapeshifting, she can disguise as anyone similar in proportion to her own natural form, or manifest magical swords of hardened smoke to wield out of her own mass. However, she cannot transform into great beasts of battle or manifest exotic smoke blades and change them on the fly, as more focused spirits might. In terms of fire magic, she can shoot a weak stream of flames from her hand or hurl a small fireball, enough to light a building or person on fire, but not enough to immediately incinerate or disable people. In terms of enhancement, she is unnaturally agile, which contributes to her skill in combat, but isn't exceptionally strong, fast or durable.

As for the natural resistances of smoke spirits, they are similar to other spirits, with the usual flaws. Though resistant to mundane weapons - which just pass through smoke spirits without inflicting harm - silver, blessed or magical attacks hit with full force. Smoke spirits whose specialty isn't strength and durability are in fact more fragile than ordinary people, being easily pulled to pieces by damaging attacks. They are hard to actually kill, but easy to defeat and force into slinking away to recover. As smoke spirits are unholy creatures, holy water and pure salt both burn them like powerful acid, and even a holy symbol brandished with strong faith can keep them at bay for several moments while they overcome revulsion and fear, and it can take hours to overcome that resistance if a smoke spirit tries to enter a church or holy place.

Angélique's personal skills mostly tie into her abilities - an agile style of combat using dual blades that focuses on striking quickly and avoiding being hit, a great deal of experience in stealth, spying, infiltration and assassination, and the bits and pieces of herbalism and curses she remembers from her life. As a result of Agar being her master and the one responsible for her transformation, she can't refuse a direct order from him.

Character Background:
Angélique is the result of one of Agar's most successful gambits, originating from the days of his servitude with the king. Originally, she was a young apprentice to a wise woman in the village of Berget, training in the ways of herbal healing and warding off the evil eye. After becoming an adult, her studies took her further, to the capital, where she worked out for herself that people paid just as much to put curses on their enemies as to take curses off of themselves. Her curses were usually minor - boils, infestations of lice, an unshakeable feeling that someone was standing right behind you - she was never the world's best witch.

Regardless, her work angered the people and the church, and she was condemned to be burned at the stake as a witch by an ecclesiastical court. However, the court mage Agar interfered, seeing the opportunity to create a servant loyal to himself and the crown. He secretly performed a ritual during the sentence, inscribing a magical circle around the pyre, ostensibly to prevent the witch from cursing people from atop it, but in reality carefully controlling the punishment to turn this woman into a powerful smoke spirit under his control, her previous life being dead behind her.

Angélique, though initially resentful, soon embraced her new nature and even tolerated Agar's dominion over her. She became his agent, her existence a secret, performing covert missions for the crown at his behest. She even gained begrudging recognition from the king (who did know she existed but didn't know her exact origins), who gave her the purely ceremonial rank of Marquise of the Black Castle in recognition of her covert achievements in his name, though that too was of course a secret.

Though she had always been ambitious, sarcastic and a little sociopathic (given that she had been willing to curse anyone for money), the transformation twisted her further, worsening her uncaring attitude and turning her outright cruel. Agar confided his secrets in her, and she no doubt played some hand in his downfall, encouraging his slide into evil when the king turned against him, and sticking by his side by choice as much as by compulsion. She became his first dark lieutenant, and one of his most trusted, as she was bound by his orders, enforced by geas, not to share his secrets.

Furthermore, she was put in charge of overseeing the creation of a Legion of Smoke - an army of smoke spirits. Considering the work it took to capture a suitable person, create the ritual and burn them, not to mention that many spirits were hostile afterwards and actively worked to subvert their commands and turn against their creators, she found this an exercise in frustration, but she did eventually manage to pull together a small group of smoke spirits willing to follow her orders, expanding the Forces of Darkness.

After the business with the snail engine, she realized that Agar was becoming somewhat unhinged. Although he promised to release her from the geas and grant her the County of Irontail Lake when he conquered the world, she began to suspect that he was losing his mind, especially when he became obsessed with becoming a god. Even so, she's still loyal to him for now, though she's not above being a sarcastic bitch when she can get away with it.

Why Are You Evil: As if being an unholy abomination created from a corrupted soul wasn't enough, Angélique was always far too ambitious for her own good and uncaring about the fingers and faces she stepped on along the way.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: Agar was Angélique's creator, in a sense, giving her the abilities she loves and a new lease on life after getting executed by the church. Besides, she's been by his side for long enough that abandoning him now just seems unthinkable.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: Angélique is Agar's chief covert agent, performing all kinds of spy and assassin work for him. She also leads the Legion of Smoke, a group of smoke spirits bound to follow her orders and an important (if small) part of the Forces of Darkness.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting: Smoke spirits are not the only ones with vulnerabilities to holy powers. All unnatural abominations tremble before the power of the God of Light. Silver can strike true against all of them. Blessed weapons tend to injure them more severely than their defenses might otherwise allow. Holy water burns like acid. Hallowed ground can repulse them for a time. Holy symbols and charms can even provide a small amount of protection, more if they are properly blessed by a priest. Pure salt also burns other spirits and ghosts like it does smoke spirits, but not other kinds of unholy creatures.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Character Name: Vespera, Spirit of the Damned (formerly Spirit of the Forest)

Character Description: A magnificent and malevolent looking beast. Cracked and glowing scars riddle their way throughout Vespera's body, and her skin is blackened as if by some infernal oven. A long and sharp horn sits upon her head, and her mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth.

Character Skills:

Vespera has control of powerful nature light magic, though their use is corrupted by her evil. She is also a fast and brutal attacker with her horn, hooves, and barbed tongue. She also is capable of limited flight, also magically based. She is never lost in any wilderness, easily knowing where she and her enemies lie and always able to command the loyalty of the land itself.

Character Background: Vespera was the guardian spirit of the Great Forest, one of the first locations that Agar conquered in his quest for artifacts, revenge, and eventually godlike power. He slaughtered her and her guardians time again, and eventually the land could no longer revive her. Agar's twisted mercy saw him bringer her to life and twisting her purpose towards his own aims.

Why Are You Evil: Something about being reconstructed and raised from the dead half a dozen times by the dark lord and having your mind assaulted by his vile artifacts tends to warp you no matter how pure of heart you might have been beforehand.

Why Do You Support Lord Agar: It is the forced subservience of her humiliating defeats, her magical indoctrination that ties her loyalty to his remaking of her, and his control of the legendary Crown of Thorns, the artifact of the Forest.

What Part Do You Play in Agar's Dark Forces: (Not so) noble steed, and expert in good magic.

What Information Do You Want to Add to the Setting: Vespera is not the only guardian of the world, warped or otherwise.

All death was decided on eons ago. It is not simply a matter of learning how you are meant to die if one wishes to live forever, as the world always finds a way in the end.

There are worlds and gods mirroring ours. Pray that we never meet them.

Just as there are abominations of darkness there are champions of the gods of light themselves. However, there is a reason the first tenant of the holy books is "be not afraid".
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: Now Accepting Apps!
Right, so I was going to close apps tonight, but I have a family member that just came back from the hospital, so between that and work I'll be pretty busy for most of the remaining week.

I'm closing apps Sunday, the 28th.

You have until then to finish any apps (looking at you, Anomaly) or add any lore you want. If there's any lurkers out there, I heavily encourage you to get in on this and throw some apps in yourself. I know there's a "regular crowd" here that some feel receives bias, but I'm honestly wanting some fresh blood if possible.

Oh, and yeah, what I said about, "add any lore", feel free to do that, even if it means making a new post here in order to keep your character info uncluttered. Nothing wrong with more activity. The only thing I NEED to stay in your character app is any info pertinant to your character, such as family, friends, rivals and enemies. Look to how Acolyte Doctor did it, just make a new spoiler tag section.

Other than that, not much to say. Very pleased to see zero "bad" apps here. I was afraid I might run into Koruptionn the Hedgehog or something. Keep writing! And keep an eye on the codex, I'm adding new info there adapted from apps, and I will continue to do so!
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
I'm hesitant to spend much more time creating lore for a game that I only have about a 50% chance to get to play. it would really suck to get super invested in a game only to find out that I can't play it!
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
Misc Lore:

The Bitter Sea: The waters now known as the Bitter Sea were once unaffected with the curse that affected the Darklands in the present day.. It was described to have been filled with marine life and to be pure and healthy from its spring to into the ocean. This made the rivers and coast very bountiful and trough out the years had attracted a great network of fishing hamlets and small trade posts across its shores and riverbank, It was said the lands were controlled by a duke whom reigned from a city built inside of one of the great lakes.

Now however the waters are bitter and undrinkable by decent folk and seem to chill the touch, The fabled lake city seems to have disappears and its hamlets and villages are abandoned and decrepit.. in fact if one would attempt to catch fish the result would most likely be your disappearance beneath the waters, the few sighting of the creatures dwelling in these waters are rare sightings of monstrous and sickly looking fish monster carcass washed ashore.

It doesn't help the fact that a few of those rivers are dark elf territory and the spring lies within the fell dwarven holdings...and there are rumors going around about beings that consist out of these cursed waters..but those are just rumors right?

The Bronze Brotherhood: This group of hedge-knights are easily recognizable by their bronze coated armor and masks. This band of reclusive travelers usually avoid cities and bustling place due to their social standing and stigma.. since they are all suffering from advanced leprosy, their origin coming from a leper colony ravaged by war and evil, they took up arms across the land and traveled the courts lending their aid if needed, They have saved many a village from raids and slain many whom preyed upon the helpless in the name of the light.

What makes them different from normal zealots and 'paladins' is that they have a set of rules and a code of honor of their own. They posses no ranks and no leaders, Kings or Peasants, they are all brothers in their affliction. They usually are more popular with the common folk then the court of the lands they roam in. nonetheless they are dependable if somewhat disliked allies.

Soul Debts: The pact known as a Soul Debt originally came from cults in the south as a ceremonial rite commonly reserved for the most faithful among them. It involved one offering a part of their soul to their deity to become its champion and receive their favor. It is dubious if those pacts ever fully worked however, It is true that there is a lot of rumor about these so called champions and it was all together known that the church of light had a hard time stamping out the southern cults before they eventually succeeded.

This did not mean that the knowledge of Soul Debts was lost however, The practice might have been adopted in the worship of other gods whom might have twisted the nature of such a arrangement to their own ends, Being under the effect of a soul debt is a harsh burden to bear for the one indebted must heed the cause for the one whom he owes or lose a bit more of the soul instead which can have horrifying consequences. More entrepreneurial spirits might notice the payment of 'a soul' is fairly ill-defined...
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
The Journeys of Maveles

Maveles was a figure in classical myth, who may or may not have actually existed. He was a Helexian nobleman and sailor who traveled the Spiral Sea, visiting the hundreds of islands arrayed in the spiral pattern that gives the sea its name colonized by the ancient Helexian civilization, fighting monsters and pirates along the way.

His most famous Journey, and the one most recalled when people invoke his name, involved him attempting to travel from the island of Mav to his home on the mainland, but being waylaid by sea serpents, sirens and terrible winds that caused the journey to take many years. At one point, he became so lost that he sailed up onto a bank of fog and ended up among the clouds, traveling among the sky giants for a year. For the heroic feats that he accomplished along the way, the classical pagan gods sent Dovarius, a craftsman demigod, to build a lighthouse to guide him home.

Needless to say, the factual accuracy of this story is disputed.

The Pillar of Dovarius

This vast landform juts from a warm coast, offering unparalleled views from the summit of the surrounding land and sea. It is a small steep-sided mountain with a flat summit that is difficult to scale. Ancient pagan myth holds that it was built by the demigod Dovarius, who assembled a vast signal pyre on top out of olive trees to be the lighthouse to guide the classical hero Maveles home after his great odyssey across the Spiral Sea that cuts through the heart of the continent.

To one side of it lies a massive grove of natural olive trees, harvested by the locals for festivals but mostly wild. It was said to grow from where Dovarius shook the olives off of the trees he was using to build the vast pyre on top of the Pillar.

Of course, the Church of the God of Light is rather less than happy about the locals holding festivals in the honor of pagan demigods of long-forgotten classical faiths, and has tried to have the forest cut down before and replaced with something good and holy like a monastery. The king at the time held them back, since the unrest wouldn't have been worth it in his opinion.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
More Lore:

The Nordlings

The Nordlings are a nomadic group of herders who worship the Wind Mother Alvesta. Their society is matriarchal and they believe that they have been granted the sacred right to herd their horses across the northern steppes. The Nordlings are strongly militaristic, with ritual combat between warrior-women a regular part of society. Men are usually in charge of setting up and maintaining the tents, as well as magic, mysticism, and medicine. They also practice sky burial, where the bodies of the dead are left out for predatory birds, as they believe that in this way their souls can flee from the prison of flesh to join the Wind Mother.

Though the tribes of Nordlings are many, they sometimes band together in great hosts to raid and expand their grazing lands. The various tribal leaders hold a competition, where the ruler is declared Feathered Horse Queen of all the North. In recent years, they have been ruled by an unusual woman named Sees the Horizon Unclouded, who has been reaching out and cooperating with neighboring, sedentary peoples. Nobody knows whether this is a true about-face or if it is a trick to hide plans of future conquest.

The Southerners

The Southerners live in a lush and fertile land protected by their god Palmert, a fertility and earth god known as the Green Giant. The southlands are peaceful and bountiful, and the Southerners mostly stay within their borders. Many who travel there stay for their whole lives - indeed, the South seems to be a slice of paradise in this troubled world. The people are long-lived, though those few who die are buried deep within the earth with seeds so that their lives may sustain new ones.

A unique race lives in the South - the plant-kin, or Palai. They are seen as the children of the earth god, and come in many forms. Most who interact with humans look humanoid, but it is known that some forests contain old, tree-like plant people. They also serve as the military force of the South, protecting its fields and meadows from any who wish to despoil them. The Palai are often enigmatic - nobody is really sure why they let the Southerners live on their land, apart from their worship of the Green Giant. There are also rumors that they kidnap children and foreigners - especially foreign children - and turn them into dryads - part-plant, part-human creatures who work on secretive magical projects deep within the jungle.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
Skyreaver: A colossal creature, dwarfing even the greatest of dragons. It flies through the skies like a massive serpent, its hide like a thick layer of stone, sporting a multitude of fins, although what gives it its ability to remain aloft is a mystery, for they appear to only give direction as it navigates the skies. Despite its awesome power and inexplicable ability of flight, the creature is neither intelligent nor aggressive, seeming to live almost exclusively off of a diet of trees. They seem to avoid large gatherings of people, and are most commonly seen in the more remote parts of the world, though their transitory nature leads them across much of the surface of the world. Still, a skyreaver is a rare sight indeed, and is often seen as either a great blessing or a great curse, depending on local transition. Most people are sensible enough to avoid provoking the great beasts, though one story tells of a great king who once tried to subdue one. Naturally, the tale ended in tragedy, with the king left standing alone atop the tallest tower of his crumbling castle as the beast left.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
because I love lore

The Wilds/Umbrakon's Haven: An incredibly lush and dangerous land south of the Great Continent. All of the little charted land that makes up the Wilds consists of thick jungle, with towering trees far larger than any that grow upon the Great Continent. Everything in the Wilds, from the smallest fauna to the largest flora, proposes a danger to living things, and the nation (if it can even be called that) is constantly plagued with the sounds of conflict. Because of the thick canopy made by the massive trees, most of land composing the Wilds is bathed in natural shadow. However, this has caused much of the flora and fauna to develop some form of bioluminescence, and the Wilds are constantly lit up with blue/green light. The Wilds have also been nicknamed 'Umbrakon's Haven' by the one exploration party that had made contact with sentient locals, who attempted to claim the exploration party as an offering to their god.

Umbrakon: Not much is known about Umbrakon. A Southern god, Umbrakon is worshiped by the one race of sentients encountered in the Wilds. Umbrakon is apparently a god of hunting and stealth, and is said to dwell in physical form in the Wilds due to its darkness. Its followers are said to dress in its image, and thus is believe to have some sort of black carapace with four scythe-like appendages.

Lecyth: A group of sentient creatures that somehow inhabit the Wilds. They are bipedal and tend to be tall creatures with emerald skin. The Lecyth all have some sort of plant/fungal matter growing out of their bodies, usually some form of leaf or mushroom. Unlike most of the beings in the Wilds, the Lecyth don't seem to possess any sort of bioluminescence. Next to nothing is known about the Lecyth, aside from the fact that they worship Umbrakon and they chase away any explorers that try to enter the Wilds. The Lecyth, in their attempt to appear in their god's likeness, have a particular set of clothing habits. They cover their heads in full helms, arm guards, and chest plates made of some sort of hard, black material that resembles the carapace of insects. They also, curiously enough, make use of an unknown form of weaponry that appears to be something akin to a gauntlet with three curved, scythe-like blades on the wrist.
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
Well, the deadline is here. I am now posting to establish that I still have interest in this game, and I will be willing to make additional lore if my application is accepted.
08-30-2016, 08:55 AM
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RE: MARCH OF EVIL: App Deadline is 8/28!
Alright, applications are closed. I'm still working on some lore stuff, so I hope to have the game started by Wednesday, if not sooner.

Apologies, all, last night was a helluva night.

TLDR; I am posting to establish I still have interest in running this game, and I will be willing to make additional lore if my life doesn't implode.
09-05-2016, 04:02 AM
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So... Is this game still going to be a thing? I was expecting it to start around Wednesday.
09-05-2016, 04:59 AM
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I assumed there is a small delay due to life being busy for Kocel. atleast that is what i heard
09-05-2016, 05:04 PM
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Yeah, my Uncle's been in the hospital and had a surgery last Thursday, and things have been hectic since then.

Working on lore, I'm going to try to start it the first chance I get.
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Ooh. Looks like the game might be starting soon. That map wasn't there before.
Wow, I so totally failed at not getting too attached to this game before the players were even announced.
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Hey don't mind me, i just wanted like throw some more lore your way:

Insurrection of the Gaunt Lords: The Forces of Evil are no strangers to vicous infighting and betrayals but only few accomplish to be a threat to both the current dark lord as well as the rest of the free world, One of these events is usually revered to as the insurrection of the Gaunt Lords.

These Gaunt Lords were a group of five sorcerers whom rallied to the banner under The Incarnate These five, embodying death, pestilence, famine, war, and purest evil, became known as the Gaunt-lords. They outlived their normal life spawn by becoming spirits themselves and inhabiting their own bodies as unliving nightmares.. too keep tormenting the free world.

The Gaunt Lords were:

Thadúr the Ravager - It was rumored he was from Seloran and it seemed he despised the people who lived there, He was a master of poisons in life and after death he became the embodiment of Famine. Everywhere he worked his craft the land withered and died, crops failed and lands became dead. It is wildly suspected he was the cause of Seloran's pitiful state.. He was killed for good by adventurers while attempting to poison the whole of Seloran with a new concoction called Darkthorn.. ..the resulting bodies would be raised as a army to attack the wildly unpopular Dark Lord Avlehan and the forces of good. He considered the weakest of the five.

Ferndúr the Virulent - Long ago he was pilgrim of the site that would later become the leper colony of Hope Lost, the Armies of that site waged battle against the overwhelming forces of the dark lord. They worshiped Ferndúr, believing he could grant them victory. And indeed the plague he wielded stalled the dark armies more then could be anticipated..

He gave to them the plague, the Red Cloud, but they could not control it. The Men of that place who lived and worshiped at his court were laid low by the weapon they sought to wield. It was their undoing, but Ferndúr did not weep for them, though it cost him many servants. He merely laughed as the Red Cloud claimed its victims. as was promised to the dark lord.. He rose back up as the embodiment of Pestilence..

He was then defeated and killed in the battle of Hope Lost in which he, his infected monsters and a mercenary company fought against the paladins of Aloria and The Bronze Brotherhood. Where he sought to remake Red Cloud and unleash it upon both sides.

Drugoth the Death-monger - Drugoth has by far the most sympathetic story of the Gaunt Lords, In life he was a Keres, skilled in necromancy and fear inducing spells who hailed from the grave swamp he tried to ply his trade among the other nations of the world. He eventually got roped into maintaining the wights of Midlands University of Evil: Necromancy Course... Until he heard about King Tyron's crusade.. He then left the academy toward the ashlands where he was encountered by adventurers trying to raise a long dead dragon and was killed mid-ritual... while the dragon didn't live long enough to be named Drugoth's notes seemed to have been taken by 'Mortemia'

When he was resurrected he became the embodiment of Death and he was tasked to raise the wight army when Ivar refused to do it... He did so yet his resurrection was not without some complications.. perhaps by having inhabited the mind of a dragon. he came back a little off.. he locked himself into a mountain stronghold, raising the dead and having them fight each other over and over again.. sending forces to attack anything nearby like a cornered and wild animal.. which got the attrition of monster hunter.. who eventually invaded his hiding spot and ended him

Ivar the Blood-hand - A grim man from the north in life he orchestrated a near-war between the dwarfs and humans after having resurrected the king of a disaffected and unscrupulous dwarven line whom he had split off from the whole using them for his own warlike desires and then after their defeat he stole the dwarven crown (which was a artefact of some power).. He however died while in the service of the forces of darkness but due to his actions became the Embodiment of War... He was also the only one of the living gaunt lords that had something stolen from their corpse.. mainly the crown..

After his resurrection he was tasked with raising a army of wights.. he however had other plans and tracked down his stolen crown to the court of a noble house.. posing as a councilor he promoted them to blaspheme and challenge the paladins.. and when the soldiers came he stole his crown back and left them to their fate.

Due to his refusal of the orders he was given by Gortheron he was called back to his fortress to train champions of war to unleash against Dark Lord Avlehan and the rest of the world. He however had is own plans and in the middle of a assualt by adventurers and paladins drawn to the evil Gortheron had drawn to his fortress he lauched his own insurrection against Gortheron alongside his champions.. He was killed when Gortheron transformed into a Troll-like monster and squished him with his bare hands.

Gortheron the Doom-caller - Not much is known about Gortheron's past while he was still human.. He might have been a old acquaintance of Dark Lord Avlehan. Since he seemed to have the same sort of affinity for horrible shadow magic as Dark Lord Avlehan had.. Between the orders retrieved and the fact he practiced the same school of magic it was wildly suspected Gortheron might had something to do with his death by getting ripped apart by his own monsters..Nothing was ever proven of course..

After Dark Lord Avlehan's death, he began consolidating his power within his fortress which attracted the attention of adventurers.. and with Ivar's betrayal he was planning to open way for the shadow creatures to swarm over everything that stood in his way. He changed into a troll-like beast and killed Ivar and 'most' of the adventurers. Then he got tackled off a cliff by Dark Lord Cragrith, whom had found out of his schemes.. the adventures wisely fled... After-all the 'evil' was destroyed wasn't it?

Too this day the tale is still part of the Midlands Academy of Evil's classes on betrayals and coups.

The Blood-hand's Crown: Formerly the Crown of a obscure Dwarven king it was stolen by the gaunt lord Ivar the Bood-hand, whom's use of foul and evil magic had corrupted what ever previous enchantments ever had graced the head ornament. It was said the crown would affect the wearers weapons to leave wounds that never healed and fed on the spilled blood and the misery of victim. Warped the minds of the ones around it into scornful thoughts of wrath allowing a charismatic leader to bring them in a warpath of bloodshed. The crown changed many hands over the years, from smugglers whom tried to pry out the diamonds upon it to studious folk to underlings hoping for favor, yet it always found its way back to its owner until Ivar's own demise.. It is unknown what happend after and in whom's hands the crown now rests

Visual Aid:
[Image: The%20Gaunt%20Lords_zpswpyixwb0.png]
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uh... me too.

Princess Ameli / Ameli the Cleric: A strange and particularly notable instance in Agloria for more than one reason, Princess Ameli is not a member of the Aglorian royal bloodline. Princess Ameli spent a good portion of her early life living as a peasant girl on the outskirts of Agloria. However, she displayed an impressive amount of magical capability early on, equivalent to her hometown's strongest mage at the time. Under said mage's tutelage, Ameli was trained, by her own choice, in the arts of healing magic. Even with a small amount of training, Ameli was an incredibly potent healer, able to cleanse most physical injuries and maladies with ease. Word of her skill spread throughout the town, and then neighboring towns, and eventually caught the attention of the Aglorian royal family when they noticed that the number of people coming to the Aglorian Royal Apothecary for medicine had drastically fallen.

Upon further investigation, they eventually found young Ameli, and offered her a position as a cleric serving the royal family and an opportunity to hone her abilities in the name of Agloria. Urged on by her parents and hometown, Ameli officially became a royal cleric at the age of 17. For the next couple months, Ameli worked dutifully under the royal mages and clerics, displaying her shocking aptitude for healing. However, she did mention multiple times her distaste for the fact that not everybody who came to the Aglorian family for help was given the healing they requested. Despite that, the number of people requesting to see Ameli the Cleric rose dramatically over the time she worked under the royal family.

Out of nowhere, the Aglorian Royal Family one day proclaimed that they were adopting Ameli the Cleric into their family, stating that she was clearly blessed by the God of Light with amazing healing potential, for no mere peasant untouched by the God of Light could possess such raw power and ability. Given an offer she couldn't refuse, Ameli was basically forced to consent to the adoption, and officially became Princess Ameli of Agloria.

However, all was not well for Princess Ameli, as being a princess meant she was even more restricted from outside contact than she was as a cleric, and her powers seemed to solely find use on the royal family and the Paladins of Agloria. The final straw for Princess Ameli was the day that King Tyron had the Guardian of the Southern Great Forest slain. That day, she renounced King Tyron and the Aglorian throne and disappeared without a trace along with a few mages and soldiers. King Tyron has, curiously, put a price on her head, demanding she be captured alive under the claim that the God of Light has forgiveness for 'the misguided like her'. He has, however, ordered the deaths of those who disappeared with her.

Word of Mingyun: An arcane tome whose pages are said to be weaved from the silk of the Great Silkworm of Fate themselves. It is said to list out the life of whoever is currently holding it in its entirety, from birth at the front cover to death at the back. The tome has a variable amount of pages, and whoever opens it is said to always find themselves starting with a sentence about them opening the tome. It's current location is currently unknown, though there are rumors that it was last seen before the fall of Hope's Haven within the colony itself.
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The day of Dark Triumph is at hand.

As the forces of Agloria, led by King Tyron's Paladins of Light, lay siege outside the lava curtain of the Maw of Malice, Dark Lord Agar is perfecting the ritual that will make him a god, deep within the inner chambers of the Dark Palace. Those not by his side are likely overseeing the forces gathered in the city proper, ready to charge the enemy once the lava curtain is cut away, a physical god at their backs, ready to smite out the forces of Light once and for all.

You all serve different functions within the Dark Forces, so not all of you are gathered in one location for the event. It's a shame. Dark Lord Agar truly wanted you all to witness his apotheosis in person, but he also really wanted to get this "crushing Tyron and getting revenge" thing out of the way pretty quickly so that he can continue on to the "twisting the world in my image" bit. Just because you're a god, he explains to you, doesn't mean you should waste time.


You're in a curious position. Normally, Agar has you on hand for important events like these. However, JUST IN CASE any would-be heroes sneak into the Maw, he has you posted right outside the Magma Heart, the core of the Maw. So, instead, you sit in a chair, flanked by luxurious cushions and pillows, waiting on your own in a large, empty chamber. It's... Really boring. Ahead of you is the exit into the rest of the Dark Palace, behind you is a sweeping dual set of stairs leading up to the door to the Heart.

You are kind of hoping Agar's plan fails, but even if it succeeds, you rest easy knowing that even gods can fall.


Man, you never get any respect. That's why you're overseeing the Red Helmet Platoons of the Dark Forces instead of getting the chance to witness Dark Lord Agar's ascension firsthand. Your men stand in formation, behind the Abomination Legion, facing the bridge leading out of the Maw. You're all a fair distance from it, that lava curtain is HOT. Like... Sweltering heat, even this far from it. You don't know how the abominations are even putting up with it, but then again, they're... Not exactly human.

You're hoping this "become a god" thing goes well for your boss, that would certainly make a good mark on your resume. And hey, who knows, maybe you'd even get a raise! You know... The one you've been asking him about... The one he promised to give you a while back... He's been saying you're gonna get it any time now! Aaaaaany time now...

Well, better get back to keeping these men in line.


You can just SMELL those Paladins on the other side of the lava curtain, sweating in their armor like pigs in steam pots, waiting to be ripped opened and butchered. You almost salivate at the idea of giving them what they deserve... Or maybe you DO salivate. Being a horrible magical abomination made of man and statue kind of makes it easy to start doing that without noticing. Vangar drools all the time! Especially when looking at things smaller and weaker than him. Oh that Vangar, what a scamp.

Your Abomination Legion waits behind you, only a fraction of them being brave (or foolish) enough to get as close to the curtain as you. You're still a fair distance away from it, even YOU can't survive that much heat, but you've gotten as close as physically possible. Even still, you sometimes shrink away from the unrelenting heat, but your thirst for revenge is strong enough to draw you back to your limit. Vangar is a short distance behind, and you know that's just because his stubborn refusal to show weakness, insisting on being second only to you (and that's only after you beat him within an inch of whatever he calls life), and shortly behind him is Meriel. Davian stands behind her, incoherently muttering penance as he whips himself with one of his limbs.

Vangar is similar in make to you, covered in chitinous plates, though he has a pair of ram's horns sprouting from the side of his head (excellent hand-holds for pummeling him, you've found). A wild mohawk of crimson hair goes from the top of his head to the middle of his spine, bristly and rough to the touch. His lower torso is that of a scorpion's, with each of his six feet ending in barbed, jointed spikes, and a thick, thorned tail ends in large, spiked club.

Meriel has a more human upper torso (except for chitinous plates protecting her back, neck, and sides of skull), and as such is one of the few of you to wear armor, sporting a studded leather breastplate. A row of spikes go down the entirity of her spine, down to her tail. Her lower body is that of a lioness, albeit with stony scales instead of fur, and her tail is a deceptively long and narrow thing, ending with a spike that secretes a deadly venom. She holds in her hand a lance, long and made of blackened steel, and, from what you've seen in battle, she knows how to use it. Fortunately, she has no dreams of command, only wanting the rush of combat, and as such has yet to challenge your authority like Vangar has been known to do.

Finally, Davian... Oh Davian. The once-priest has the lower torso of a serpent, long, covered in rough scales, and tapering out into a narrow, barb-covered end perfect for lashing and strangling foes with. His upper body is... Mostly human. It has a humanoid chest, neck, and a regular enough head... But the arms have been made into a pair of chitinous clumps of whips, like cat-o'-nine-tails. Every strand of the whip ends with a hooked barb, designed to pierce and whip at the flesh. Davian's head is human enough, except with an abnormally large jaw, capable of unhooking to swallow prey live. A set of razor sharp fangs line his mouth, but he's not fond of showing them. Most of the time, he sulks in the background, hiding under the tattered hood of the remains of his monk's robe, whipping himself in penance. His hooks don't even pierce his scales. The penance is as useless in practice as it is spiritually. You suspect he's only on the front line either because his conditioning his drawing him towards the paladins, or because he just wants to suffer from the heat of lava wall.

You return your gaze to the searing lava curtain. You hope Dark Lord Agar succeeds. You want him to bring down the walls of Agloria so you can begin your bloodbath of vengeance. You want to see the look on King Tyron's face as all hope is snuffed out under the coming darkness.

There will be blood, and your halberd will bring it.

IO, THE MESSENGER - This is just... Fascinating! Well... From a certain standpoint, at least.

Sure, being the record-keeper of Dark Lord Agar's Apotheosis isn't the most EXCITING of jobs, but... You just think about how jealous those magical stuck-ups back at Nimboors will when Lord Agar conquers it. Right before you suggest they all be sent to the mines.

Agar's always been good to you. He's valued you just as much as any of his magical minions. Maybe even more than most! He says your head is put on straight, and that's a rare gift among anyone, but particularly among mages. He's been pretty supportive of anything you've undertaken while in his employ, and is particularly interested in your plans of revenge against your former Nimboorese peers. You've stayed up late discussing details with him, which always made him laugh or nod in approval. And that's not all you'd discuss, books, systems of organization, anything, Lord Agar would listen to you ramble on about pretty much anything. Recently, he admitted something to you, that he feels like you're the daughter he never had, but asked you not to tell any of the others, to keep order within his ranks.

So now you sit at a very nice desk, watching Agar perfect runic lines and circles, double check ritual ingredients, and re-read the lines from his forsaken tomes. You can't imagine him not succeeding at this, everything has led up to it! And when Lord Agar ascends to godhood, your people will PAY for how they treated you.


This whole ordeal is just... DREADFUL. There's barely any alcohol left in this keep, most of your clientele is outside waiting for a chance to march in war, your patron is set upon "becoming a god" (and you've HEARD how that tends to go), and you're bored right out of your fanged skull!

You're currently lounging in your base of operations along with your (rather small) vampiric guard. You have no interest in warfare. You're certainly no stranger to violence, and it can be quite fun, but a large-scale war? It's just not personal at that point.

The blood in your wine glass is starting to dry. You hope Dark Lord Agar gets on with it already. It's bad enough that as that Soulthirster Gem began to corrupt him he began to spend less time at your establishment. He used to be surprisingly affable, in between megalomaniacal rants. Oh, but who doesn't have one of those here or there. As long as nothing gets thrown, you're used to them by now.

You're expecting his plan to fail. Not horribly, hopefully. But even if it does go as bad as SOME apotheosis attempts in the past have, you're pretty sure you have an ace up your sleeve... A secret exit in your basement (this used to be some sort of church to a shadow deity, you think), hidden behind shelves of casks, leading into caverns below. Perfect for your kind. Maybe you'll turn a couple of the other lieutenants and take them with you. The Jyann would be useful, certainly, she knew her way around managing things.

Oh, but you'll decide on that when the time comes. For now, you'll sit, and wait... Because even if Agar... Dies or something... The lava curtain will stay in place, at least.


You just don't understand humans.

You have a perfectly good operation going. A dark army, perfectly capable of looting the countryside. A portal to the demonic realm, granting you even MORE forces. An... Angel... Thing... Your point is, Agar could easily take Agloria at this point. And instead, he decides to waste his time on this plan to "become a god." A waste of time, that's what this is.

But you're going with it, because he's more or less your patron. Besides, if he succeeds, then you can only imagine what a 'god' could provide to your people. You're not going to kiss his feet or anything for it, but, if anything, Agar's always been fair about rewarding loyalty.

You're currently standing nearby the portal to your realm, which is set at the rear of the cave within which the Maw's keep resides. Your troops make up the rear of the forces, something you managed to convince Agar was a good idea. "A strong flank is the best defense," you reassured him, with the real intention of making sure your people took the fewest losses and got to loot in the wake of the battle.

You're not sure how this whole "apotheosis" thing will go. If it succeeds, hey, great, if it fails, ehhhhhhh, you can always recall your people into the Demon realm if this gets messy. Hey, maybe you can accept the other forces as slaves! No matter how this turns out, it's win-win... I mean, unless something destroys the portal. But it'd take a strong magical disruption to do that. You're not too worried.


Light exists to be snuffed. The greater the light, the greater the snuffing.

You stand before the Magma Heart, watching Dark Lord Agar finalize his preparations for the ceremony intended to make him a god. You know that gods are ideas and fears in the heart of man, made manifest only through belief and fear, and easily broken with the relentless flow of the river of time. Time is the equalizer of all men, magic, and nature, and-

"Stop staring at me, Hern, blast it. It's unnerving. Trying to focus on BECOMING A GOD here!"

You adjust your gaze. You weren't even staring.

Most of the Dark Forces don't like you. That suits you fine. You're only concerned with glory and battle. Agar keeps you busy enough. But one day, you'll challenge him again, and you'll win. Because fate is a flame not extinguished, but ever smoldering within the coals of time.

Philosophizing aside, you hope he fails. His hubris is something that should not go unpunished. But for now, you wait, and you watch, as always.


You don't know what Agar's doing right now, the man's a blur. He forced you to stand out of the way of the ceremony, and he's currently barely in your field of vision. He's just... A blurry figure in robes, doing blurry things. Not that you really care. It's not really within your field of magic.


Your raven decided then to squawk out. It's never been Agar's favorite pet. In fact, he's threatened to have it spit-roasted if it keeps up acting out. You see his blurry form turn towards you, likely to glare at the bird on your shoulder.

"Shut that damned overgrown canary up, Vanth! I can hardly hear myself think!"

The raven turns to you and seems to shrug.

You don't really care whether this apotheosis plan works or not. You just hope it doesn't kill him. You sort of need Agar's army to defeat Agloria. As long as King Tyron reigns, any of your surviving family will not be safe.

You think of your husband, and hope he's okay.


You stand in the innermost chamber before the Magma Heart, watching Agar prepare for his planned ascension, trying to ignore the presence of the other three in the chamber.

You smirk at the raven's outburst. You've tried to tell Agar as much. This will never work. This ritual was more complex than the one used to create your kind, and therefore even more at risk to miserable failure... Still, surely he thought to put in safeguards if it went horribly wrong, right?

You're hoping it works, though. Agar's been dependable thus far, at least, and if he becomes a god you'll probably be released from your geas. If he dies... Well, hey, out of all the forces in the Maw, you and your Smoke Legion will be safe from the risk of starvation! Maybe you could find a crack in the walls to slip through... You've also heard rumors that the Vampire is up to something. He seems to have experience with phantasms (in a way that somewhat unsettles you), and has so far kept the specifics hidden from you, but your agents suspect that whatever the secret is would be in the basement of his establishment.



You know what, Vespera, you're a huge, scary, magical unicorn. I have no idea how you would even begin to feel about what's happening, past a subtle distaste for Lord Agar. I do, however, know that you're currently waiting your master's orders outside the entrance to the Dark Palace. If his new godly form is incapable of flight, you're to resume your service as his steed and carry him into the battle that awaits.
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"Alright men, just like we rehearsed! A-one and a-two and a one-two-three-four!"

"♫ Agar is the coolest, Agar is so great ♪
♪ Agar is the kind of guy you'd like your mom to date ♫
♫ Agar is a sweetheart, Agar is a saaaaaaaaiint! Oh, ♪
♪ Agar's gonna be a god, the world is laid to waste! ♫"

FUCKING PERFECT. Anisim has never been so proud of his men. A tear rolls down from his eye.
09-22-2016, 04:17 PM
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Angelique reclined in the air as if lying on an invisible couch, watching the proceedings unfold with a grin and folded arms.
09-22-2016, 04:19 PM
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Unfortunately, their song was... Sub-par. A little below average.

Agar was a man known to appreciate the sentiment, though! And screw those demons that were booing. They CLEARLY didn't love Dark Lord Agar as much as you all!

Your song seems to inspire your troops. And only your troops. But you can't help but be proud of them regardless.

So I rolled a d100 to see your success, giving you a +20 modifier because you've had your men rehearsing it. You got a 39. Your troops still get a natural 100 at being adorable, though.
09-22-2016, 04:20 PM
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Anisim kicked them into another round of the song, filled with fraternal pride for his men!!!
09-22-2016, 04:21 PM
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Io, keeping a careful eye on all of Lord Agar's processes, took careful and detailed notes of his actions. She had the utmost confidence in him! Even still... things could go wrong, magic was so unstable (and so untrustworthy, not to mention abhorrent and... she was getting ahead of herself), so it would be good to know what Agar had done in case anything needed tweaking.

She did, however, momentarily divert her gaze away from her notes and towards Vanth's bird, giving the avian a solid glare. It would work.
09-22-2016, 04:22 PM
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Riachik was bored out of his mind. Of course, there was no way to know what would happen in the apotheosis, so all he could do was wait.

Well, at least I should do something useful, he thought, and decided to go over the supply situation. And made sure to dispatch demons to look after them. You know, in case the enemy broke in and wanted to steal the salt pork. And hey, if the fortress fell, then surely nobody would mind the demons taking those supplies for themselves.

The one, the only, Vancho!
09-22-2016, 04:40 PM
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Vekna was really fucking bored.

Yeah, this couch was nice, and it sure was nice of her cultists to drag it all the way out of Lord Agar's living room (without telling Lord Agar first), but that really didn't make up for the fact that nothing was fucking happening.

She sat there, reading a book with the boredest expression on her face. So bored you could tell it was boredom despite her lack of eyes. She almost hoped some paladins would bust into this place just so that she would have something to do while waiting for her idiot employer to finish toying with forces he couldn't possibly hope to understand.
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Hern, adjusted his gaze. Now idly looking at the runes and circles he was drawing and working on. He could see the magic in the air in hues and vortices most mortals could not perceive, thanks to his fae nature, but did not fully understand it. Magic was not his forté, his powers were innate, he would leave that to the sorcerors.

He adjusted his gaze further, just in case Lord Agar found him 'staring' at his work even more unnerving. Sides he wasn't staring, surely it did not count as staring if he had no true eyes and did not blink. looking around the chamber. Angelique being her usual ghostly self, like him, enthralled by geas to Agar's service. Other than that he did not know her nor cared to. And Io, the mage-creature at her desk. Dull company. And Vanth with her damnedable raven-creature.

He looked at the odd raven for a moment longer before choosing to look back up at the magma heart.

If nothing else it was pretty.

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"Awh, com'on Aggy. Apollo is just tryin' to be charmin.' You know 'bout ravens," Vanth forced an apologetic grin, scratching at her companion's chin. "So wat it like becomin' one of dem sparklefolk? Painful? Tingly?"

To be honest, Vanth shared the sentiments of her animal friend. Not that she was unfamiliar with the dark arts, but this was simply too...icky to be normal. Not to mention, too good to be true. Vanth was a little worried honestly.
09-22-2016, 05:02 PM
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The Magma Heart, a great cylinder of glass, through which flowed steadily the volcano's magma, it's lifeblood, was indeed a beautiful sight. And, thanks to enchantments on the glass, safe to stand near, not emitting more than a comfortable level of heat.

Apollo cocked his head at Hern curiously. It had never lost fascination with him since the Great Nesting Incident, threats and attempted attacks be damned.


Vekna read GALTHAR THE GALLANT, a gripping tale of a barbarian who lusts for women and adventure! And mostly adventure! In fact, he never actually romantically approaches the various maidens he rescues, instead spending his time wrestling with his male adventuring companions!

Nobody understood why this series had a following among lonely housewives.


"Of course, Lord Bludmayne. I'll make sure to send soldiers... The least likely to eat any of it."

A squad of demon footsoldiers breaks off from the army, passes in front of the pleasure house, and heads to the buildings used as stockrooms.


Alexi notices a squad of demons pass in front of his establishment... They're going the opposite way from the entrance. Weird. But those demons hardly got up to anything interesting on the best of days... Some 'demons' they were.
09-22-2016, 05:04 PM
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Vekna unironically enjoyed this shitty, shitty book.

She shot the most deadly deathglares at any cultists who gave her funny looks about it.
09-22-2016, 05:09 PM
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"You shouldn't be bothering Lord Agar." Io spoke up, addressing Vanth. Her eyes, however, did not leave her notes as she sketched out a particularly intricate rune. "This is an incredibly detailed process."
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Vanth rolls her eyes at Io and proceeded to laced her machete with necromantic enchantments for the umpteenth time. It was absolutely useless considering it had fourteenth exact same enchantments on it. She huffs.

"So, don'ya reckon dis 'Magma Heart' hoodoo could run any faster? Dem pallys are not gonna wait for ye to finish."
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Alexi lazily swirled the last bit of blood in his glass as he watches the demons pass barely resisting the urge to gag. Really demons are just so incredibly dull. He idly wondered if he could find the way to the treasury when everything inevitably goes wrong... It is only natural he should get back some of my investments in this whole mess of a campaign.

Hmm.. He should get some more thralls to guard this place and more importantly the way out.. perhaps it was time to socialize... Oh how he wishes he knew where the rum had gone.. There wouldn't be anything left for the victory feast if the boss suceeded at this rate. Did gods drink? or do anything for that matter? Being a god does sound so incredibly dull. Why would you even want to succeed anyway. No fun in it at all.
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Tarek paces back and forth in front of the lava curtain, straining his eyes for a glimpse of the enemy that awaited him on the other side, stopping only briefly to clobber Davian with the steel-shod pommel of his halberd. His incessant flailing and moaning about retribution was a constant annoyance, but atleast he could take some satisfaction from beating the fool up. It didnt bother him much that Davian welcomed that sort of abuse.

Soon enough, Lord Agar would ascend to ever greater heights of power, and battle would be joined at last. He would get his chance for vengeance, then. He would have to keep a sharp eye out for the heraldry of the Aglorian paladins, that he might trample their corpses when the vaunted army of the light inevitably turned and fled before the might of Agar.
09-23-2016, 03:04 AM
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Vespera looks at the Anisim and his men. In another time, in another place, she might have joined in. Back when the spirits and forest creatures danced around the Great Oak and delighted in the sacred wood, and offered their appreciation to the Heart of the Forest and her as its guardian. Before Agar arrived. Just like then, this was a war chant. As the animals gathered around her as she took in as much power as she could to defeat the dark lord, her new master gathers the force of the Heart to defeat the army at his gates.

A small part of her feared for her master, what his failure and even death might mean for her, but much more was worried what would happen if his defence didn't go the same way hers did. The Heart was an ancient and powerful artifact, and she knew that regardless of how things went meddling with it would only end in ruin. Then again, Agar had defeated her at the height of her strength. Once one of the world's guardians, he now had her waiting outside like a common horse, forbidden by Agar to even speak unless he had specifically directed her to lend him her wisdom.

So, instead of partaking in the great ritual she looks around at the Dark Lord's forces, keeping an eye out for any who might be 'given' her as a gift by Agar if he no longer needed her.
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Angelique twisted through the air as a puff of smoke, reappearing in midair, leaning her chin on her crossed arms just behind Vanth's shoulder. Though she was still smiling, she spoke quietly, barely audible over the ominous arcane humming and grinding of molten rock that filled the chamber. "You want him to rush? Just remember that if he does explode, we're the ones standing in the same room as him."
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"Lòr̵d͢ Agar͡ ̵need͜ ͝n͜ot̴ ҉r͟u͘sh҉.̢" Hern interjected, his voice low, reverberating and somehow out of synch with their hearing. He was evidently in a weird mood this week, the fae creature never talked like this if he wasn't in a brooding mood. "S̸ho͢u̡ļd͠ ̴the Pa͜ladin l͡ord a̡tt̵ack̷, ͡h͞e h͡as ̀to̕ ͜make i͜t ́pas͟t al̀l͜ o͞u͡r͠ d̵ef͘e͡nce͞s҉. And͡ Lorḑ ͜Ag҉a̧r's̨ arm̢i̷es̛, ̕a͟nd̢ his wall͢s, ҉a͢nd ̸sho̴uld͞ t̷ḩos͏ę ̨fa̡i̡l? Th̷ȩy̴ nee̸d ̸to͝ s̢urv̴iv̀e ̀u̵ś.̶ He̕ ha͡s p̢l͡en͞t͠y ̕of͢ ̧ti͏m͡e͘ ͠for͘ his a͞pot̀hȩosis͞."͠

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Alexi meanwhile has wandered off to the demon entrance portal thingy... well maybe a fair bit away from it actually, the damnable thing was just so inconceivably bright and obnoxious to his senses and he didn't feel like mingling with the red dullards down below.. Demon blood is also utterly disgusting.

Speaking of dull and disgusting, Alexi manged to spy that Riachik demon guy standing around looking as bored as he was, The coniving bastard probably send those demons over to cause some mischief or just rob or smash something i suppose, Who knows. He quickly finished his bloody drink and warmed up a throw. With a audible 'clinck' the bronze coated goblet that was thrown somewhere toward the place Riachik was standing hit the wall. Alexi just lounged on the railing giving his best shit eating grin.

" 'Howdy' , Nicking stuff already Riachik? Such a Abuse of office, Oh my"
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"Alright, guys! Great work! We'll reconvene to do an encore and the real second verse once Agar's ascended to godhood. You guys did great! I'm so, so proud of you. There are snacks in the break room, don't wander off too far!"

It was probably safe, right? No one in their right mind would attack on a day like this, and the men have been standing here for so long!
09-23-2016, 07:12 AM
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"Alohrs pas, Angie but dis light show s'too long! Not in Aggy's character y'know?"

Vanth surreptitiously gets herself and Apollo some tiny skewered shrimps. She slowly pops one in her mouth, watching the glowy blurs thoughtfully.

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