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Gridland Survival!

Welcome to Gridland Survival! Its a variation of Gridhood which contains only one major civilization of which each player is a member. The game will start off being fairly simple, with new rules being added as things happen. You will be hunting for food, exploring new lands, researching technology, fending off monster attacks and maybe participating in an election or something.

Rules (More will be added later. All rules will be added to the first post)

Player Avatars
Each player will get their own unique character which will generally be superior to the other members of the species. Player Avatars are always 100% loyal to the player controlling them. All Player Avatars can perform research in addition to performing a regular action. Player Avatars count as adults.
Food is the number one most essential resource for your survival. Each turn 1 food is eaten for every member of your species which remains under your control. You will ALWAYS want to have food available. Without food people will starve and eventually die.
Most of the map will start off being unknown. You may spend turns exploring a tile that is adjacent to a known tile to learn about it, or you may attempt to discover previously unknown aspects of land you already own. Scouting is potentially dangerous and can cause injury or death to your civilians. (Player Avatars will always survive this if they are uninjured).

The more presence your species has in a tile, the more effective exploration of that tile and adjacent tiles will be. When you attempt to explore a tile you will often discover keywords which give hints about what exists on the tile before you actually unlock the location on the map. You can attempt to travel into unknown lands and try to forage, but this is an extremely risky thing to do.
Each turn you may attempt to research something to grant your species a new ability, such as allowing you to harvest specific resources, build stuff etc. Research is done on a per player basis so multiple things can be researched at a time. Non Player Avatar members of your species can also partake in research.

Several members of your species can collaborate on research if they are in the same tile. Collaborating will reduce the amount of time it will take to complete a research. Note that if multiple civilians work on the same kind of research as individuals, you will unlock multiple similar techs.

You can try to research anything you want. Note that some technologies will probably be hard to get without first getting some prerequisite stuff. If a technology is going to take an unreasonably long amount of time to get such as Time Travel or Immortality or something, you will be notified about this so you can stop wasting turns on it.
Two adult civilians of opposite genders on the same tile can spend a turn to create eggs which will hatch into new civilians. The eggs may take several turns to hatch, during this time they will be especially vulnerable.

After hatching you will have some new civilians, but they will start in an adolescent state. These children will have low stats and are not especially intelligent. If they survive for a few more turns they will become adults which are generally quite useful.

Any player may tell civilians to do things. Civilians have a will of their own, but will generally take your suggestions seriously.

If a member of your species is problematic for whatever reason, you may disown them. A disowned civilian will not take from your food stockpile, but they will still exist. They may exhibit problematic behaviors, and you may also have diplomatic issues with other players if you didn't have a good reason to do that.
Most civilians will have at least one ability which will grant them specific advantages. Note that genetics will be a major factor in determining this. Abilities will also affect how a civilian will generally behave.

Signup Sheet
Here is the signup sheet. You will get five character abilities as well as one species ability. Character abilities can be summed up in a single word or you can give a short description of it. This can be physical traits, personality traits or whatever else you can think of. Feel free to be creative here.

I'm not sure how many players I'll be accepting, but it will probably be a lot.
Character Ability 1:
Character Ability 2:
Character Ability 3:
Character Ability 4:
Character Ability 5:
Species Ability:
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RE: Gridland Survival!
Name: Finsternis Geist
Gender: ???
Character Ability 1: Inspirational Leader - description goes here
Character Ability 2: Hawkeye - description goes here
Character Ability 3: Blacksmith - description goes here
Character Ability 4: Blessing of the Wind - description goes here
Character Ability 5: Trapper - description goes here
Species Ability: Natural Cover - description goes here

Bleh, let's see how this goes

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RE: Gridland Survival!
Looks like an excellent application, but I will need to inquire about what you mean by "???" in the gender section. Is this an indication that you have not yet decided on what gender your character will be or is it a desire to have a non-binary gender identity?
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RE: Gridland Survival!
Undecided mspa

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RE: Gridland Survival! Day 5 of needing more players!
I'll possibly be moving this game to another forum due to a severe lack of interested players here. If there are any other forums that you hang around in, I can pick one of those.
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RE: Gridland Survival! Day 5 of needing more players!
I'll go wherever activity is

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RE: Gridland Survival! Day 5 of needing more players!
Sounds like things might get overcomplex quick but if this is still something you're still planning on running I don't think I've ignored a gridhood yet.

Name: Shams Thom
Gender: M
Character Ability 1: Fighting and killing
Character Ability 2: Speed in the chase
Character Ability 3: Hunting and foraging
Character Ability 4: Resistance to harm
Character Ability 5: Mastery over beasts
Species Ability: Sonar
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RE: Gridland Survival!
That application will work. There is a bit of overlap in your skills but that should not be a problem.

I decided to play it safe and just moved over to Eagle Time forums. I'm hoping it will get at least a bit more attention there.
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RE: Gridland Survival!
The game has gotten zero attention on Eagle Time forums. I am now going to attempt to move to the Bay12 Forums.

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