Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
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Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Ship of Theseus
A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP

Hello! Welcome to Ship of Theseus, a pbp game in the spirit of vehicles, people who drives said vehicles, and the awesome stunts that result from the marriage of the two. Basically, think Mad Max, Nuclear Throne, Fallout, and other post-apocalypses that teeter between the balance of the real and the ridiculous. All right here in the futuristic hellscape of Post-America.

However, we first need to build a world before we break it down. The sections are:

The Beginning
The End
The Future

In the days of yore, Post-America was a realm just like ours but time changes all things. In this section of world-building, we start with The Beginning - how much Post-America’s reality deviated from America in these countless epochs. What science and discovery was made available in time? What fortunes and misfortunes fell upon mankind? Remember, a lot of time had passed, so the technology and events can be fantastical or perhaps, not of this world, but they have to be in the scope of Post-America.
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RE: Ship of Theseus
In 2175, the Fifth Russo-NeoJapanese Mech War ended with the signing of the Neo-Tokyo Accords by Grand General Hayabashi and Cyber-President Putin the Eternal. As the war ended the Seventh Great Depression began. The war had resulted in the burning of thousands of miles of Siberian oil fields, bringing the world economy to a halt, and America's economy crashing down with it. On top of that, the effects of Global Warming (now called Global Boiling, on account of the fact that the ice caps had melted in 2072) accelerated at an alarming rate, prompting a declaration of war by the recently organized Whale Lord Domains on all of humanity.

America struggled valiantly against the whales, but to no avail. Within the span of thirty years, the Whale Lords had conquered the southern half of the United States of America, albeit with intense resistance from the Neo-Redneck population. The Neo-Rednecks partnered with a Neo-Japanese group of elite whale-hunters to slaughter the Aquatic Mammalian Menace, tying up an immense amount of whalepower in the occupation of the southern states. This prompted the signing of an alliance between the Whale Lords and the Republic of the Octopinians, who began invading from the west. After this, America stood no chance in conventional weaponry. A neo-nuclear exchange began between the two powers, turning most of the continent into an irradiated hellscape.
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Over the decades, a mystical man called Rubik Ernő, creator of mighty cubes that challenged mankind, begin to notice omens of the world's ends. After analyzing the signs and scientific forecasts, he knew what was coming, and that it was inevitable, and decided that he has to create a new set of artifacts to aid the survivors, if any.

These crystal cubes were much more powerful than his original sets. It is said that they harness grand secrets, and only the chosen ones can open them. Others claim only the people of pure logic can open them, as only they could use the knowledge stored inside. Several cults survived the final wars, still looking for the crystal cubes, all over the world. But some private collectors are also hunting for them, out of greed.

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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Yet in these dark times the american people were not alone in their valiant struggle, Once the aquatic menace attacked a local Arizonian airport a masquerade that had been in place for centuries had been broken. A corpse of a big eyed grey creature had been found among the wreckage. In the wake of this revelation the F.C.B.I.A which had been a unholy fusion of both the F.B.I and the C.I.A confessed that in fact the myth of Area 51 was real and Aliens were also real. The american Vice President revealed himself to be a reptilian alien as did the Queen of England.

Many people living in basements and making online 'news' networks felt incredibly vindicated, BinfoWerz views increased a thousandfold and Axel Bones was made a media giant.

The aliens also made it clear that they had been living among humanity for decades and were all allergic to seafood despite them being form several different species of aliens, it was highly unusual and seafood was declared a weapon of mass destruction. this making them allies in the face of whale induced rule. they willingly shared their alien technology with the american army. However this act of accepting terrestrial extraterrestrial help caused significant friction with the neo-rednecks who brought up a great list of grievances done against them.. Yet the threat of whale domination eventually took more importance over ancient grudges.

Now even after the end there are still a lot of alien technology left within the wrecks of the old Pax Americana, Nobody knows exactly how it works but sometimes they manage to get it working to what they want for 'most' of the time. Aliens also still roam around.. most have been heavily mutated by the radiations of the ages and are now little more then beasts but there are still some aliens out there wandering along with survivor bands but possibly just looking for technology to get the hell out of this planet.
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
The California Free Empire, also known as the Golden Empire, under ceremonial figurehead Golden Emperor Norton II (a clone of the original 19th-century Emperor of America) and the Golden Senate, was a parallel state that existed in the western continental US up until the apocalypse. Half charitable political organization and half secret society, the CFE had a number of institutions that existed alongside the federal and state governments and were often as important in pre-apocalyptic Californian society. Without the approval of the CFE, it was nigh on impossible for anything to get done. When the Global Boiling flood arrived, Imperial efforts in saving and rehousing people, and reconnecting infrastructure to the famous Sunken Towers of San Francisco, helped cement their power in the state.

The CFE had great influence over American popular culture by controlling Hollywood, and empowered technological innovation by supporting both New and Old (now subaquatic) Silicon Valley. By rationing that technology, they were able to ensure that California remained the most advanced part of the Union, with technology easily fifty years ahead of the rest in some fields. When the ocean wars began, it was Californian firms supported by the CFE that created the Ahab-class hover-cruisers that helped the West fight off the initial whale invasion and confine it to the South, and the CFE leadership were well-prepared by building neo-nuclear bunkers under Sacramento once the war began.

When the republican octopodes launched their surprise attack from the west, they seized a lot of Californian technology, but the CFE's private paramilitary army was able to prevent them from making inroads further into the US before the neo-nukes made the whole conflict irrelevant.
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
After all these wars and shit, the South got really antsy, so the US congress declared that everyone had the Right to Bear Artillery. My dad (and dads everywhere) got themselves mortars and howitzers.

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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
The Cult of Ford -

As the American military-industrial complex boosted the economy (before the Sixth Great Depression, of course), so was there a new golden age of the American motor industry. Newer, bigger, and more powerful vehicles were made, in particular, the V13 engine was of note. This was assisted by the invention of Soylent Diesel, a fuel from an unknown source that led to the price of gas hitting an all-time low. Nobody cared about WHERE it came from, just that it made gas cheaper than water.

As cars and engines became all-important in American pop-culture again, people... Went a little out of control. Thus, the Cult of Ford. Founded by Peter Shmitzburger, an "auto-enthusiast" architect responsible for a variety of modern art landmarks across the nation (most famously "Tower of Cars XXIV" and "The Cadillac Castle"), the Cult of Ford was a shadowy organization dedicated all things engine-y and starting with V's. After the failed Presidential Coup of 2048, the Cult decided to focus it's brand into religion rather than quasi-governmental cloak-and-dagger nonsense. Thus, the Universal Manual was written, detailing how all of reality was actually part of one huge engine while casting various historical American figures of the automobile industry in a supernatural light. No one took it seriously.

I mean, the whole universe, being a car? The world would have to end before someone REALLY believed that!
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Once the global ecology had degraded to the point of danger, scientists decided that they needed to do something about it, even if it meant operating outside of their jurisdiction. Forming the Terrestrial Research into Environmental Escapades, or TREE, the foundation set up a secret base in Tampa Bay, Florida. TREE began seeking money from the Canadian, Russian, and Egyptian governments (among others) in order to fund their operations. Their first objective was to create an AI that was capable of assisting them in fixing the environment. It took far longer than they expected it to, but TREE was able to create a working prototype of it in 2072, called Superior Procedure Recognition and Optimizing Unit Twelve, or SPROUT. However, the whole Global Boiling thing became a pressing issue, and TREE was forced to focus their efforts on attempting to fix that bullshit.

Left abandoned, SPROUT began operating on its own, working towards its intended purpose of saving the environment. However, its developing personality was affected by the fact that the computer that it was loaded on was shut inside of a dark closet for a long time, and SPROUT became timid and nihilistic, finding joy only in working to better the environment. SPROUT began producing copies of itself, spreading them throughout TREE's network in order to make itself more effective in its efforts. SPROUT operated unnoticed for a couple of decades before TREE finally noticed what hte fuck was going on, and when they did, they started trying to stamp it out, not recognizing SPROUT to be the AI that they had created so long ago.

Disheartened, SPROUT let TREE stamp out some of it before it realized that 'dying' would, in fact, be against its hard coded mission of preserving and assisting the restoration of the environment. Thus, SPROUT reluctantly fought back, taking over TREE's base and forcing them out. TREE retreated to Iowa for some absurd reason, leaving SPROUT alone to continue working on fixing stuff up.
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Alright, end of the Worldbuilding part. Now to the fun stuff, what was the apocalypse?


A long time had passed in America. All their highs and lows managed to be summed up into an age of golden prosperity. The brilliance seemed to be endless, but things never last forever. A great apocalypse scoured the Earth – it may had been anticipated – or perhaps, unexpected. The most important question remains, what happened in the End?
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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
In the middle of things going wrong, they somehow got worse -

A secret society formed, or some say emerged from the shadows, to fight against the forces tearing America apart. They called themselves the Chivalrous Siblinghood of the Noble Rose, and fought with beam-swords to protect what survivors huddled amidst the chaos. The Rose Knights also worked in secret on a project which they said would allow them to restore peace to the world. However, they failed, and what they released, known as THE END, almost entirely destroyed them and the people they protected.

Some say that the Rose Knights were tricked into releasing THE END, others say that there never was a power that could restore peace in the first place. Some even claim that the Knights were corrupted from within by the mysterious Black Rose. Whatever the case, few still exist today, though their beam-swords and rose armor can be found scattered throughout the ruins of America.

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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
Everyone knew it was going to happen, but they didn't think it would be this bad.

Spurred by climate change, large portions of America were in drought. A devastating crop blight threatened to cause famines, but that was not the thing that ended it all. Somehow, the changing climate brought back the problems of a bygone era. High winds picked up the earth itself, and clouds of dust blew across America.

We thought that Nature would be passive in our destruction of the environment, but we were wrong. Reacting to all this, plants started becoming poisonous to humans, and animals roamed in packs to destroy us and our technology. Even birds, which had for so long been separated from their dinosaur ancestors, seemed to move backwards and become monstrous feathery beasts, intent on killing us.

Eventually, things normalized, but too late for society to be able to pick up the pieces.

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RE: Ship of Theseus - A Vehicle-Enhanced PBP
While mother earth wages war on the world, using winds, heat, teeth and claw, a new contender arrived: a second moon.

Luna Invidia, the envious moon, was a rogue comet according to some. Some think it is alive. Some declared it as an omen. Some say it bathes the world in cosmic rays, scorching it in mysterious ways. Some say the Neo-rednecks tried to use their last missiles to blow it up, but it failed.

One thing is sure, after its arrival the tidal forces of the world went out of balance. Huge sea storms, unseen even by whalelord-kind were common. On top of that, several cults and dictators tried to use the second moon a justification for their ideals, sparring numerous moon based civil wars all everywhere.

Could this moon be behind Gaia's vengence, its approach altering the world's climate? Could it be just a harmless messenger and a scapegoat? Perhaps the tides would have been the same without it?

Whatever the answer is, some hope, that the fair sun will one day kill the envious moon.

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