Godhood- Tapestry
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Godhood- Tapestry
From far and wide, these gods have come. To satisfy their curiosity. They have found the source of the shards that have traveled through the multiverse. A sphere. A shell. Holding within a universe. They enter to find the frantic work of a being taking the form of a triangle. Within their form float countless tools for the carving and etching of this firmament. The Artisan, as it is called, and as the gods understand it to be called naturally, works to mitigate the damage caused to its’ precious canvas. It is rounding out the edges of the jagged hole, to return some semblance of polish and perfection to their work. So engrosed is The Artisan in its’ work, that it pays no heed to the newcomers.

The universe is empty. Achingly so. While one can feel some ebb and flow to the fabric of this reality, an area where life might florouish, and an area where the walls between the godly and material realm are thin, there is nothing here at all. This nothing irks the gods. It feels against their very being for there to be so little. But that won’t be the case for long. Soon they will impose their will on this nothing. And together, they will weave the tapestry of this world’s story.

[Image: GtB4OeW.png]

Act cost chart

Cosmic bodies
Create Earth like planet: 24 acts.
Create moon sized planet: 3 acts.
Create mars sized planet: 6 acts.
Create Earth sized planet: 12 acts.
Create useful minerals for a planet: 1/3rd the cost of the planet.
Create water: 2/3rds the cost of a planet. This will create earth levels of water.
Create an atmosphere for a planet: 1 act. Earth sized planets come with an atmosphere by default.
Create rings for a planet: 1 act. Or, specify a planet has rings when you create it at no extra cost.

Basic life: 1 act. Mindless creatures, plants, and insects. The base of many ecosystems.
Small animals: 1-2 acts. Usually innocuous and unintimidating, creatures of this size are often overlooked by other mortals. But hold great potential in creative hands.
Medium animals: 2-3 acts. Lacking both the overwhelming numbers of miniscule creatures, and the monstrous size of titans, it is commonly agreed upon that creatures of this size are inherently uninteresting.
Large animals: 3-4 acts. Physically imposing and powerful. Large creatures are not to be provoked lightly.
Titans: 4+ acts. Kings and Queens of nature. Titans are inherently rare, as they require massive amounts of food to sustain themselves. A titan’s presence can strike awe in lesser beings. And their corpse acts as a feast for scavengers far and wide that can last for weeks.

Granting sentience and appearing to mortals
Make a creature intelligent: 2 acts. This will affect a large population of any animal. Giving intelligence to some animals will result in different outcomes than others. More numerous, social animals are common targets for ascension. But borderline hive minds such as insect colonies, or the sparsely populated titans, are also entirely valid options.
Appear to mortals: 1+ acts. Simply descending into a village from the sky costs less than riding across the city in a flaming chariot followed by visions of angels that seem to stretch the imaginations of whoever lays eyes on them, leaving mortals struggling to find the words to describe their appearance later. But interacting with mortals requires an investment of acts. (Until Priests and Prophets come into play later on. More on them when they become relevant.)
Incarnate: 1 act to do so temporarily. 3 acts to do so until death. This allows you take on a mortal form in whatever way you wish. While mortal your omniscience is severely limited (though you can briefly regain it at the cost of one act, or have another god tell you what is happening in the universe.) While mortal, you will be perfectly fit and healthy, never age, and never give in to hunger or thirst. You can still be killed by mortal wounds. Though you will be far more resilient than any mortal could hope to be. You will be virtually unmatched in any profession you choose. Be it in the arts, in craftsmanship, or in battle. Your very presence will seem to hold divine weight, and your voice will carry with it a sound of ethereal beauty, or terror, or madness. Any of these properties can be diminished or done away with for the sake of appearing more worldly.

Alternate planes of existence
Creating an alternate plane of existence: 5 acts. This will be enough to create any plane that does something simple. For instance, an afterlife to dump souls into. And it can be a pleasant afterlife, or a hellish one. They can be completely separate from the other planes of existence, such as the mortal or ethereal plane. Or be so close that the two planes can interact with each other in limited capacities. Such as a plane filled with the souls of the departed being close enough to the mortal plane as to create ghostly images of the dead in the land of the living, or vice versa.
Alter the rules of a plane of existence: 3+ acts. Some planes of existence may require their rules tweaked as time goes on. Or will simply require a larger act investment to accomplish what you want them to do. 3 acts will allow you to rewrite the laws of a plane of existence.
Create things in an alternate plane of existence: 1 act (usually.) Because these planes of existence are presumed to be mostly not interacting with the mortal realm, 1 act will get you almost whatever you want to create. However, the closer they are to the mortal plane, the more things will cost.

If you have any questions about the cost of something, the best way to contact me is in the skype group I made for this game.

Universal Encyclopedia

The firmament: A sphere surrounding the universe. It slowly rotates around the center of the universe. It is covered in complex and visually appealing etchings through which the ethereal glow of the multiverse subtly penetrates. There is a misshapen hole in the firmament. It seems all but immune to godly power.
Cosmic energy: Ethereal power pouring in from the hole in the firmament. It seems to be weakening, and will likely dissipate in time. Until then, it supplies all the gods with acts.

Places of interest
The center of the universe: This area of space seems to have an unusually thin barrier between the ethereal plane of gods, and the physical plane.
Pocket of life: This area of space seems to have a unique life giving property. Given favorable conditions, life will likely flourish here of its’ own accord.

Demigods and spirits
The Artisan: A triangular metal form with various etching tools hovering within. It has the power to alter the firmament.

Empress Lea Anastella- 6
Kyheros- 6
Tu’rebaal- 6
Jule-Phren- 6
Animoras- 6
Balthasar- 6
Kitterchin- 6
Razdor- 6

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
You'd think the god of fire and chaos would have some flashy entrance planned.

You'd think he'd come in in a big explosion, or something else suitable for someone with such a big ego.

I mean, he always did it that way before.

But no. Instead, he was just... there. One moment The Artisan was alone with their ruined work, and the next, they was being tapped on the proverbial shoulder from behind by the claw of a giant grinning fire serpent.

"'Ey there, pal. Sure screwed this one up, didn't ya?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
The only response the Artisan gives is to redouble their efforts to mitigate their mistake. It is not entirely clear if they are even capable of speech to reply if they wanted.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Eheheh, of course you're the silent type. No one else would make a universe so lifeless. But don't worry, pal, there'll be plenty of new friends comin' your way soon."

Razdor leaned close to the triangle, the biggest grin on his ever-shifting face. "Must be your lucky day."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Yoohoo, anybody home?" Jule-Phren poked her head in through the hole in the firmament, her arm following a moment later. In her fist, she had a firmament shard. Her eyes scanned the rather empty universe, her irises crackling as they flicked around. Suddenly, they locked onto two individuals in what seemed to be the center, and one of them seemed to be busy at work. Jule-Phren let out an excited gasp and quickly moved the rest of the way through the firmament.

"Hello there!" She exclaimed, suddenly beside the other two beings. "I sense a cool story behind this place! Is this your's?" Jule-Phren extended the firmament shard towards Razdor, eyes sparking.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Razdor laughed.

"Oh, no, no. Credit where credit's due. This place was all this guy's doing." He pointed at the Architect. "Looks like he was its undoin', too. But y'know, the place is dreadfully empty anyway. What do you say we liven it up a bit?"

From one instant to the next, Razdor appeared significantly closer to Jule, extending a hand. "Name's Razdor. God of chaos. The god of chaos. Accept no substitutes!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
The Artisan turns from the firmament for the first time. Tools shoot out and snatch the shard from Jule-Phren's hand. It turns the shard over a few times, examining it. It seems to have become engrossed in the shard. You sense profound regret emanating from them.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ah, missed the 50/50." Jule-Phren sighed, clicking her tongue and shaking her head. "Could have been worse, I suppose..." She glanced up to find Razdor's hand near her face.

"Jule-Phren." She replied, giving his hand a curt shake. "Goddess of stories, I suppose." Jule-Phren looked like she was about to say something when the shard was snatched from her hand. She recoiled slightly in surprise, drawing her hand to her chest. "Hey, hey! Careful please, I tear easily!" She stared silently at the Artisan for a few moments.

"I'll get back to your question in a bit..." She told Razdor. "First, though, does this little fella have a voice?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros crawled into the universe, slowly and cautiously through a crack. Its death's shroud whipping to and fro in an unseen maelstrom as it surveyed the interior of the universe, in its free hand it carried a net of fragments it had collected on its way to this world before it arrived.

He floated in, took note of the gods who had already arrived... and promptly ignored them both and the primordial entity that frantically worked upon the firmament.

He finds the place in the world where the realms material and the realms divine are thin and proceeds to make, as it where, a border realm between the world where mortals may one day be formed and any other realms of the gods that are yet to be forged. A buffer, to prevent wandering mortals from losing themselves and trespassing on the realm of the dead. Kytheros creates the Realm of Dreams. (5 Acts)

It is, at first, a smokey, formless plane of existence, shrouded in perpetual Dusk where the blue and purple light is obscured and diffused to fill everything, and illuminate all with just enough light to see but never enough to discern. A realm where sleeping mortals sometimes enter in their sleep, where their dreams and nightmares are formed but never with clarity, never vivid, never truly seen nor understood.

Kytheros was unhappy with this limitation, but it would have to do for now, until he had more power with which to act and improve the realm of dreams. In the meantime, he turns and raises his hand into the air, summoning a colossal spiral of blackest night in the 'centre' of the Realm of Dreams. His city spire and palatial estate where he will choose to dwell. A towering mass, like a warped and twisted stalagmite, it could be glimpsed, as if seen through a mirror darkly, from any point in the Realm of Dreams, but never could it be reached. (1 Act)

And having, expended his power, Kytheros deigns to dwell within his empty palace, sitting on a tired, ash coloured throne of burned wood, in which embers could still be glimpsed to burn. And there, he waited.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry

Razdor stared with innumerable eyes as Kytheros drifted right by and did his thing.

"To answer your question, don't think so. I just got here a bit ago, but Triangle Man here isn't much for talkin'. ...Apparently, neither was that guy. Think we just landed ourselves in the Realm of the Socially Awkward, Julie."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
The Artisan jerks to look at the newcomer. It fades into the realm of dreams and makes a beeline for the throne of embers. As much as one could make a beeline to a thing that is impossible to reach. It arrives in the throne room, and jerks to a stop in front of Kytheros. Not facing him. But rather facing his net. Its' tools twitch irritably while looking at the shards within.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros looks down at his net and at the artisan. Glimpsing up at the firmament above. It lifts the net and tilts his head questioningly at the Artisan.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
The artisan reaches out with a curved hook like tool to take the net of fragments.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar appeared, clad in golden plate armor with a greatsword held before him. He was tall and auburn-haired, with a clean-shaven face. He was humanoid, and white of skin.

"Greetings to you all!" he announced. "I am Balthasar! God of Triumph! Of Heroism! Of Chivalry, and all that entails! May the world we create be a glorious one!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Well now, here comes the solution to our silence problem." Razdor grinned, bemused, drifting closer to Balthasar. "What're you, some kinda knight in shining armor? Come to slay the fearsome dragon?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros lets the net go and allows the Artisan to take the fragments. He looks up to see the newly arrived God of Honour, who was very very loud.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Nay, my ridiculing and scoff-prone friend, I am here to guide those who would seek such things! Those who would walk down the path to glory! Immortality as heroic and noble paragons awaits those who walk the truly righteous path!"

He laughed, nodding at Razdor.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
The artisan hesitates, then creates a symbol in the air before them. Kytheros understands it to mean "Gratitude." The Artisan then flies quickly from the throne room, back to the hole in the firmament. It arranges the shards to hover in space before them. After a few more moments of looking, it returns to work rounding out the jagged edges in the hole in the sky.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros holds the ethereal symbol in the air before him. He then raises his staff and hits the floor three times. The symbol wafts over to one of the seemingly endless Black marble pillars. Upon contact it warps, turning into white marble shot through with blue. The symbol is carved there along with images and diagrams representing the firmament and the Artisan as Demiurge as well as his tools in stylised representations.

So shall it be in every dealing Kytheros has in the Court of Embers that the plaintive is so honoured, mortal or divine, on the eve of happy conclusions.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Blah, blah, blah. Noble paragons, yeah, that's reeeaaaal excitin', pal. But don't worry. I can always liven up some heroes' lives."

Razdor grinned mischievously. He always enjoyed a good story. He gave Balthasar a jovial pat on the back. "Name's Razdor. God of chaos."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I am certain that we shall get along as well as a serpent and a mongoose, my friend!" Balthasar predicted, smiling pleasantly.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"You know, some cultures consider the mongoose a symbol of luck, my friend." Razdor put an arm around his shoulder. "It just happens that you're speaking to the GOD OF LUCK. Guess that makes you the serpent, hmm?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Perhaps so! Even a serpent can have valor, if given the chance," laughed Balthasar. "It all depends upon the serpent."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Hah! Well, you know. I'm all about chance, pal. I can see we're gonna have a wonderful time together."

Razdor already hated this guy.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin was just minding his own business when he fell through the door.

At least, that’s what he’d maintain later. He was dragging his mop bucket by the door when he heard the voices. There were two, at first, and then three, and something about triangles and universes. By the time they reached the part about dragons he had to lean with his ear pressed against the door just to stop his heart from racing. They needed to calm down, whoever they were, and if they happened to bring some good gossip with them, he could find it in himself to listen politely. So long as they asked nicely.

So he bustled to the kitchen and fixed a hot pot of tea, pulled four chipped mugs off the wall, opened the door, and promptly fell through a hole in reality.

“Unbelievable. Just my luck. ‘You should get out more, Kitterchin,’ they said. ‘Not healthy for a god to spend all their time at home, Kitterchin.,’ they said. ‘Oh, Kitterchin, you must be so depressed and lonely, won’t you try going outside?’ they said.” No one had ever actually said those things to him, but it felt good to mutter them anyways. “Well, this is what happens. Set one foot out the door and you fall into a black screaming pit of void only to emerge in a cosmic wasteland.”
He supposed it was a clean universe. It just feet so sterile. More of a lab than a place to settle down. There was nothing but that hole in the wall, the expanse at his feet, and…

Kitterchin’s ears shot up and his whiskers bristled. That castle. That grubby, dusty, uncared for castle with its unsanitary spires and nooks for spiders and that big shrouded lug on the throne didn’t even care that he was letting such an elegant mental construct go to ruin. Why, that stonework had to be in the region of ten minutes old! And he set a burning throne right in the middle of it!

No matter. Getting ash out of stone was as easy as easy as… getting Kitterchin out of his home, apparently. That was an unpleasant thought. Not one to be had when there was work to be done.

Kitterchin set his mugs down on the blank expanse of nothing and looked up warily at the ashen palace, then over to the three figures chatting in the middle. That fire snake made his fur bristle and the armored gent certainly had something to prove, but the woman looked friendly enough.

“Tea’s served. Not that anyone noticed. I don’t suppose,” he added halfheartedly, “that any of you chanced to bring some rags and baking soda?”
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Now this is what I'm talking about!" Jule-Phren grinned, tapping her chin as she watched the sudden arrival of quite a few gods. Things were getting quite a bit less quiet, and she now finally had a sufficient amount of main characters! Now, all she needed was some character motivation.

"Chapter One: The Cool... The Brooding..." She began to herself, grabbing her forearm and pulling out a long stretch of paper. Her eyes scanned over the (lack of) available space before finally settling on an inexplicably small open space. Jule-Phren held the end of the paper with her lips and reached into her cloak, pulling out a quill pen and giving it a quick dip into her eye before scrawling out some initial words about Razdor and the Artisan. Now, who to question first?...

"Why hello!" Suddenly, she was there with Kitterchin, staring down with interest at the mugs of tea. "Wow, this looks pretty interesting, though you wouldn't happen to have something a touch... drier, would you?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Up close, the young lady was a bit less regulation than Kitterchin had expected. He’d heard of kids these days getting tattoos. Maybe illuminated manuscripts were the new trend?

Anything for a guest, I suppose,” he said, pulling a spare teabag from his apron. “It’ll be mealy going down without any water. You’ll probably choke. Don’t worry about it, though, we’re all stranded in the cosmos and likely doomed anyways.” He looked up at Jule-Phren with renewed curiosity. “You… you are stranded as well, aren’t you? Or is this your home?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Mealy..." Jule-Phren repeated, plucking the teabag from Kitterchin's hand. She looked it over for a few moments before shrugging and stuffing it into her cloak.

"My home? 'Fraid not." Jule-Phren said, shaking her head. "I just got here. Razdor and that little triangle guy were here first. I'd introduce you to them, but Razdor looks like he's having fun and that triangle doesn't talk much."

Her irises let off a few excited sparks and her lips turned up into a smile. "Stranded, though... are you stranded? Ooh, that would make a really good story! Let's see... should that be another chapter or a spin-off in its own canon?... Title it... Isolation Blues, featuring..." Jule-Phren rubbed at her chin, using her other hand to pull out the paper of her bicep. Her gaze flicked back towards Kitterchin. "Oh, you have to tell me your name! If I'm basing this off of real people, then I gotta use real names, y'know?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Blip. Now Razdor was next to Kitterchin and Jule-Phren again, leaving Balthasar behind.

"Lost, are you, little mouse? Don't you know that's dangerous? I hear there are snakes around." Razdor chuckled at his own... joke? Was it a joke? It wasn't funny. "No, no, I'm just messing. Besides, it's fine. I'm a mongoose today. Name's Razdor, god of chaos. And I'd love some of that tea, buddy."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
It really, really wasn’t funny.

I- I- Well!” sputtered Kitterchin, before deciding that a flaming snake was even more alarming than a normal one. Shouldn’t there be rules against something like that? “If you’re wanting honey there’s some, but I don’t know that the milk will have survived being cast through a ragged hole in time and space. Lots of bacteria that can form that way. You’ll probably die horribly. My name is Kitterchin and,” he continued, handing over a tea mug and trying desperately not to make eye contact with the large predator at his elbow, “I don’t go in much for journeys or adventures. You’ll need to keep looking for a subject, madam. Incidentally, have you considered laminating? Does wonders for longevity.

He extended a claw to each god in turn, steeling himself not to flinch. Which would be worse, getting eaten or getting ink on his gloves? “And you are?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Tch." Jule-Phren shook her head at Kitterchin. "That's no way to think! I'm sure you'll go along some character development at some point." She glanced down at Kitterchin's hand and promptly grabbed it, giving him an excited shake.

"Right, of course! The name's Jule-Phren." Her face scrunched up. "There's no way I'm gonna laminate myself! Do you know how restrictive that stuff is? And there is no way I'm writing stories in dry erase!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Razdor gave Kitterchin's hand a shake, while sipping (or gulping?) tea with another hand.

"A little bit cold, but 's not bad. Pleased to meetcha, Chitterin'." He took another long, noisy sip. "So what're you, the god of room service? Hospitality or somethin'? Hot beverages?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
From the void swarmed a shape of eyes, momentarily abyssal and indescribably distant but quick to clothe itself in civilization. Holding peaked cap under one arm and with a smart step, Tu'rebaal entered creation.

"What an interesting theater," he said, to nobody in particular, his voice echoing out of the void a half-second ahead of itself. "What a work of art. What a backdrop, indeed."

With swift, certain steps, he walked through space towards the congregated gods, placing his cap atop his head as his swiveling eyes surveyed the universe. "Tell me, which of you created this place? It is an exquisite shell indeed to contain a new universe."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Jule-Phren's eyes widened a bit at the sight of yet another god. "Ooh, we must be getting into the supporting characters now! Excellent!" She looked Tu'rebaal up and down, pursing her lips. "Hmm... not quite sure if you're more of a... mentor archetype, or one of those... y'know 'military general' types. There's lots of those."

"Oh! But to answer your question!" Jule-Phren glanced over her shoulder, pointing out the Artisan. "It was him! He doesn't seem like he wants to talk to anybody, though."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ah, I merely wanted to offer them praise," said Tu'rebaal. "They are clearly a master artisan, by the work they have done here."

He surveyed the world once more, before turning to address all the gods so assembled, and any who were not. His pre-echoing voice traveled throughout all the divine cosmos. "Regardless! I am Tu'rebaal, the General's Spirit, God of Hierarchy." He nodded his head smartly, two dozen eyes momentarily closed. "This place has not quite granted us the power to shape it to our whims, so we will need to organize in order to impose our designs upon it. We could no doubt shape life upon a world here, but there is no world yet."

"I propose an alliance of shared cause. We can't have this masterwork firmament go to waste simply due to none of us having the power to create a world on our own! If six of us were to contribute two-thirds of our power, we could organize the formation of a great planet with all the amenities life will need, and all the contributors could put in a personal touch. We will have just enough left to get it started, and perhaps put a small sun in orbit around it, before we need to wait and recover. How does that sound as a strategy?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ooooh, a ~planet~. No one's ever done that before!" Razdor smirked, drifting lazily toward the newcomer. "I'm all for cooperation, pal, but why don't we at least make it something interesting? Why not a world contained inside a giant torus? Why not a series of tiny planetoids, each with their own fun physical properties? Hell..."

Razdor drifted over to the firmament, knocking on it with a fist. "Why not just make life that lives on this thing? That give us tons of space to work with."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Yeah, I kinda wanted to talk to him, ask about how it was made so I could write it down, but he didn't wanna talk... All he did was grab that shard that I found." Jule-Phren frowned, crossing her arms and letting her paper curl back around her arm.

"I'm Jule-Phren, Goddess of Stories, I guess." She looked past Tu'rebaal, at the nothing that made up the space they occupied. She pursed her lips and glanced down at her arm before smiling.

"I'll offer my power to you for a bit. Shoot, I'll give you all of it! I can't think of anything to do with it right now! But only on one condition." Jule-Phren sported a mischievous smile. "You look like you've seen a lot! Tell me some of your stories!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal turned to Razdor as the firesnake god tapped on the firmament. "Well, if you have something else everyone here would agree to invest their power in, by all means, pitch it to your hearts' content. I don't particularly care what shape this world may take, merely that we have some land to stand on. A planet seemed the logical choice, but if you prefer, we could perhaps give the firmament an atmosphere and put the minerals in the clouds."

"As for stories, I do have many to share," he carried on, "once work has begun. We should not sit here in idleness before we have a plan."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Well you can work and talk, right? Gods have all sorts of powers, I assume multitasking would be one of 'em." Jule-Phren snorted.

"But still... A world within a world... now that's an idea." Jule-Phren mused. "Some kinda crazy... recursive kinda thing. Yes, that sounds right." She nodded in satisfaction. "How would one go about doing so, though?" She mused, tapping at her chin. "I've got plenty of ideas..." Reaching down, Jule-Phren unraveled a large part of her calf. "Let's see... I know they're around here somewhere..."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Sarcasm does not become you, Jule-Phren," said Tu'rebaal cordially. "I'd rather we were all engaged and understood what we were to build before I start telling my stories. Many of them are quite long, after all."

"So, what do we think? Building on the firmament poses an interesting possibility, as we would already have a foundation far larger than any planet we could make, but we may need to rewrite some physical laws to ensure life can actually develop up there." There was a pause. "Which in and of itself would prove interesting, I believe."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"You say that like there are already physical laws." Razdor grinned, cracking his knuckles. "How often gods forget, we can just make our own! Now, let's see."

Razdor tapped the firmament a few more times, inspecting it. "No way we can crack through this thing, and besides, that'd just break the universe more. If we want natural resources, we're gonna have to put 'em elsewhere. Like in the sky. Maybe we could give the Firmament some gravity or somethin', if you guys want to bother with gravity."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Psh, they better be. Short stories don't look like they become you, Tu'rebaal." Jule-Phren responded, tracing her finger across he paper she was looking at. How she distinguished between any of those words was anybody's guess.

"What laws would you suggest we 'fix'?" She asked.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal tilted his eye-covered head and thought for a moment. "Well, it all depends what we're actually building towards. If we want mortals to live upon the firmament, we may need to give it gravity so it can hold an atmosphere and the mortals don't float away. If we want instead to base life entirely in the void of space and do away with planets, perhaps making the void more easily survivable is in order." He looked around. "Simply making an oddly-shaped planet would no doubt be the easiest in terms of how much we'd need to change compared to the rules already acting here, but we would still need to alter them a little."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Building on the Firmament for Dummies:
What you have: Gravity! Or something like it.
Energy! Seeping in through the etchings on the firmament. Plant life can flourish around these etchings easily enough. And this energy could be harnessed in innovative and unique ways by gods and mortals alike.

What you need: Water! It would take a joint effort of many gods to completely cover the firmament with enough water that all of it could house life. But the same number of acts required to cover an earth sized planet will still cover an earth sized area of the firmament.
Air! Three acts worth to cover the entire firmament to be precise.

Misc. info: The firmament is a bit like black glass, save for the etchings. Which lets in a white glow. The lines carved into the firmament are usually very wide. Even the thinnest grooves of the firmament are nearly a mile wide. And many are wider still. Sometimes they are shallow (giving off a subtler glow) while other times they are quite deep (letting off a more powerful glow.)
The hole in the firmament lets in raw energy from the cosmos. The area around this hole is very inhospitable.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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Kitterchin pulled a glass thermometer from his kettle and checked it for the sixth time. The tea was the perfect temperature. He was sure of it. He glanced up to ask Razdor if flaming snake-people required their drinks so hot they vapourized and got halfway through wondering if that was discriminatory towards those who had been born on fire before he realized the conversation had moved on entirely.

More guests?” he asked, wandering over to where Tu’rebaal and Jule-Phren were discussing the future of their new world. The story god might be flighty and there was no possible excuse for the newcomer to have that many eyes, but remodeling was a subject he was very comfortable on.

Kitterchin. God of the Homestead. Not that I have one of those anymore.” He suddenly remembered the mug in his hand and offered it to Tu’rebaal. “Good grief, my manners. I can't take me anywhere. Here, it’s cold as ice and you’ll hate it. What was all that about not needing gravity? Bit unorthodox, don’t you think? The dust alone would be ruinous. We’d all get sinus infections. Still...
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Tu'rebaal took the mug, leaving his other hand behind his back. He held it, not drinking it due to the fact that he had no mouth or really any facial features apart from eyes. "Thank you for your hospitality, Kitterchin," he said with a nod.

"Actually, considering that the firmament already has a form of gravity-like force, I honestly doubt we will need to do much altering of the physical laws that this universe already has. Simply giving the firmament an atmosphere should allow us to begin working on finding ways to bring it to life, though we'll likely be a long way off of conventional forms of life I've seen before."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
A sphere of bright light entered the universe, shining, moving with a steady speed towards the other gods. It stopped sharply a short distance away, and dark seams formed across its surface, snaking together to meet at both ends. Then the sphere unfolded, revealing a tall, glowing figure, robed in white, with a crown of fire and a golden halo.

"Greetings to you, assembled deities. I am by right Empress Lea Anastella, Queen of Light, and Mother of Mercy. Many blessings upon the creator of this Universe. I ask permission to enter and take my place here among these gods."

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Greetings, Anastella," said Tu'rebaal. "I wish you best of luck in establishing yourself an Empire, as you have claimed. But first we should move forward with making this firmament inhabited. I welcome you all to help create this atmosphere."

Tu'rebaal contributes one act of the three required to give the firmament an atmosphere. (-1 act)
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
A streak of light and color shoots from the hole in the firmament, spinning wildly, shooting off sparks and displays unseen by the mortal eye.

Fortunately, there are no mortals as of yet to miss the occasion.

The colorful light slows its spin, revealing itself a motley cloak. It slows down besides Lea Anastella, and from within the folds emerges a nose, followed by a grinning visage of a mask.

"And I, good Queen, a fool!"

He spins about, shooting off more displays of light.

"Animoras am I, Animoras I'll be, and when the Fool provides what the wise man needs, what a poor fool is he!"

He twists into a humanoid shape, arms, a waste, the suggestion of legs, and strikes a flamboyant pose.

"Time to make it rain. HHUNH!"

With a pelvic thrust, a burst of energy shoots forth from his groin and into the surface of the firmament. It takes the form of liquid, of water of many different colors, stained with minerals of various non-toxic nature. The Myriad Sea encircles an earth-sized landmass surrounding the breach in the firmament, though there will likely need to be some more added to form a complete ecosystem. The waters shift colors throughout their expanse, with patches of water being green, cerulean, and other bright, neon colors. They stain whatever they touch, though the color is easy to wipe away, because to stain something one color forever would be to ruin a canvas forever.
All 6 Acts to create The Myriad Sea, an ocean surrounding the portion of the Firmament we'll be using to (at least for now) create life.

Animoras sighs contentedly, collapsing into a mask-adorned pile of cloth. He floats past the other gods without shame.

"Well, blew my load, heheheh! Was watching you all through the hole until now, maybe you want some air next? Oooh, make it hallucinogenic, THAT'S fun! Ohhhhhhh, fun fun fun fun, we're gonna have so much fuuuuuuun... I hope Birdie doesn't mind me borrowing her text color. Someone else already claimed mine! Uwheheeeheheeehehe..."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I am going to go vomit now."

Razdor made a face of UTTER DISGUST.

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