Godhood- Tapestry
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"Hmm..." Jule-Phren had been writing about some of the new things in the universe, her eyes in particular focused upon the things that Balthasar had created. That sure was interesting. What was not interesting to her, however, was the dragon that Animoras had brought into existence. Made with something that she herself had created, it made her... rather uncomfortable and kind of grossed out. "'And thus, into existence, came a being. Its thoughts and its purpose collided, causing it extreme distress. Perhaps it would squirrel away to its own corner of the universe.'" Jule-Phren sighed, "Please keep that thing away from me."

She then turned to Tu'rebaal, a smile on her face. "Hey old man, you look like you're thinkin' about something. I've got some ideas of my own, wanna share?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Oh come on, Julie! Bonerdragon is VERY intelligent! He'll probably love reading books, when you finally get around to making them. We should get around to making them! We can put colorful pictures in them!"

One would ask how Animoras could hear Jule-Phren from the cottage.

"Godly bullshit, that's how!"

Don't talk to the narration, Animoras, that's a no-no.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"He might be intelligent," Jule-Phren said back, narrowing her eyes ever so slightly. "But breathing is easy, and I don't want to see what happens when he breathes on me, thank you very much."

"And I was getting around to it!" She told Animoras. "Plus, while I don't mind illustrations, I don't think we have the same interest in... plotlines."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Oh, Julie, you and Razberry are so uptight! But listen, just for you, I'd keep everything squeaky-clean! Not EVERYTHING has to be about sex, you know, it can be about COMEDY! Oh think of the colorful, silly faces and farces!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal paused to wait for the echoes of the transdimensional shouting exchange to fade. Once that had happened, he finally reacted. "I had in mind the possibility of establishing some kind of order throughout the new mortal races, to allow them to organize and at least ward away these threats until they are more advanced. A number of competing hierarchical societies would spur innovation, as well, and I could encourage deference to physically powerful leaders among the orcs in that regard also."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Right." Jule-Phren said to Tu'rebaal. That... sounded pretty boring, actually. "That sounds kinda boring, actually." She sighed. "I don't really understand why you like all that stuff, honestly." She informed him, glancing down at the humans. It kind of ticked her to agree with what he was saying, however.

"But, I mean... I guess I can see what you're saying." Jule-Phren huffed. "Can't write any good stories if the main characters die in chapter one. And they're not gonna do well if they don't have good leadership and blah blah blah." She groaned and reached into her cloak, pulling out one of her stone tablets.

"I just wanted to make a cool thing to rumble around in the forest that everybody would be scared of, so that they'd tell some spooky stories about it..." Her eyes suddenly lit up, eyeing one of the Seedlings as it wormed into the dirt. "Actually... I could make one that snatches up those crazy Seedmonster spawns! Ooh, that would be pretty sweet! Protector of human and Coronite kind, the Forest Lurker!" She turned to Tu'rebaal, grinning. "That's pretty cool, right?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"An interesting idea, indeed," said Tu'rebaal. "A savior, rather than a scourge. I think it will be a great addition to the world. Just try to understand that the 'boring' parts of civilization are as important as the interesting parts."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I'm glad that you agree!" Jule-Phren replied, nodding happily. He was finally starting to see the merit in some of what she was doing! His mention of the 'boring' parts made her roll her eyes. "I know, I know. I'll just leave that stuff to you." She shrugged, then turned towards the forests of the land of eternal sunset. Holding the tablet out straight in front of her, Jule-Phren closed one of her eyes and stuck out her tongue, looking over the forest before grinning. "Okay, check this out." She told Tu'rebaal, scooting quickly over to the forest.

Once over there, Jule-Phren stood at the base of one of the trees, looking up the massive trunks, up at the leaves that blended together due to the distance between her and them. Her pen was suddenly in her hand, quickly dipped into her right eye, and she began writing on her shoulder. "Within the dense forest of colossal trees dwelt Coronites and Humans alike. They fought amongst each other like squabbling avians over a crumb of food, only there was no reason for their pecking. Still, a different threat loomed in the distance, one that would soon be knocking on the doors to their wooden homes." Jule-Phren knocked on the tree she was next to for effect, soon returning to writing.

"Another thing the mortals did not know was that they would be receiving assistance from above, one that they would never see coming until it was on top of them. Literally." Jule-Phren leaned against the tree she had knocked on, watching as the top began coming closer to the ground as the trunk bent in half without breaking. She reached over once the leaves were next to her, grabbing a branch and pulling it closer to her. The rest of the tree moved with it, and soon, the leaves were flush with the trunk. Jule-Phren reached into her cloak and pulled out a piece of an Inferno Core, grinning as she quickly crushed it up in her hand and tossed it into the leaves before it could ignite her.

The leaves lurched forward, ramming the branches of the great tree into its trunk. The branches started wrapping around the trunk, slowly fusing into it. Jule-Phren watched impassively as the leaves began migrating off of the branches, spreading throughout the body of the tree until they were evenly dispersed throughout the tree's length. The tree was now curved into itself, resembling a thick outline of nautilus shell, complete with roots acting as the tentacles. Little dots of light suddenly surfaced on the leaves, little specks of the Inferno Core, and the tree shuddered as it pulled itself out of the ground, its roots now far longer than they were before.

"And thus, the Forest Skulker was born." Jule-Phren said, grinning as she watched the massive creature wrap its roots around one of the trees, slowly beginning to climb towards the the forest's canopy. "A goliath creature born of the very woods in which it would learn to protect, the Forest Skulker would watch from above, it's presence only known should one know how to look for it..." Jule-Phren glanced up to see that the Forest Skulker had finally finished its ascent. "It held a glow from the Inferno Core dust within, a glow that differed just slightly in color from the sky and leaves that otherwise masked its presence."

"Although it seemed ominous, its mere presence easy to interpret as malicious, for those who made their homes in the roots, the Forest Skulker held no ire." She continued, glancing at a human emerging from the roots of a great tree, staring in confusion at the leaves above them. "Instead, the Forest Skulker would prey upon those who sought to do harm to the forest or it's inhabitants." Jule-Phren watched a mass of rock stumble past her, shambling towards the human standing out in the open. A massive root shot down from the canopy, coiling around the rock golem and pulling it upwards, out of sight. The human retreated to the roots. "With only a scarce amount of prey available, one would be wise not to mess with the Guardian of the Forests..."

Jule-Phren brings the Forest Skulker to life, a Titan born of one of the Great Trees that make up the forests. It likes to hunt creatures made by Seedlings, but is also willing to attack things that attempt to harm the trees or those that live inside of them. -4 Acts.
The Forest Skulker, being made from a plant, can subsist somewhat off of light, water, and air like a normal plant, and as such, does not need to eat as much as other beings that are its size. -1 Act.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal spent some time watching the Forest Skulker, seemingly in thought. It was an interesting beast, protecting the mortals who remained with the trees. But the world needed a little more differentiation, a little more variety, in order to produce the divisions that would keep it productive later on, creating the factions that would compete for advantage over one another. And variety hated homogeneity, so some of the mortals would have to leave the trees. And that required there being something out there to entice them.

To that end, he created new life on the plains of the sunlit lands, subsisting on the light of the rift and the rainwater, which they would catch in cupola-leaves. They would grow into flowering golden-leafed bushes, easily cultivatable and adaptive, producing a colorful variety of sweet and edible fruits.

Tu'rebaal creates fruit-bearing bushes in the daylands (-1 act)

Next would be transposing some of the grasses of the dusklands to the daylands, but in doing so transforming them to emerald green, making them spread more plentifully in the brighter light rather than being scorched by it, and bestowing amongst them medicinal wildflowers to spice things up and provide a basis for herbalism.

Tu'rebaal creates wild grass and wildflowers in the daylands (-1 act)

Tu'rebaal was not done with the wild grass yet, for it would serve another purpose. Over time, some of it would grow in different shapes, producing a variety of grains. I mean, they were basically staple crops like wheat and rice adapted for life on the firmament. There's already horses and humans in this world, might as well get this out of the way.

Tu'rebaal creates grain crops in the daylands (-1 act)

Next, he would take seeds of the Great Trees, and altered them into something that grew less densely. Rather than spreading everywhere with water, as they had in the dusklands, the Lesser Trees of the daylands would grow densely only in a few clustered woodlands and sparsely everywhere else. They would be smaller and faster-growing, with wide boughs and sparse coppery leaves, and their dark-colored wood would be lightweight and flexible, ideal for uses such as bowstaves and scaffolding. For their more durable wood and permanent constructions, the mortals would have to rely on the Great Trees, which would no doubt spread to the daylands over time of their own accord.

Tu'rebaal alters Great Trees to create Lesser Trees in the daylands (-1 act)

Finally for plants, he would create wild-growing fibrous vines, to wrap around the Lesser Trees (and keep them in check so that they didn't spread too far and choke out smaller plants) and climb across the sides of the great chasms in the firmament. Silvery-blue in color, the vines were hardy indeed, though they too would flower and fruit, and their deep blue fruit would be very sour. Their main product, though, would be the vines themselves, in that their fibers could be picked apart and woven into durable textiles. Such was it that the mortals might learn to clothe themselves, produce rope, and discover all the other uses for humble cloth.

Tu'rebaal creates fiber vines in the daylands (-1 act)

Done with plants for now, Tu'rebaal turned his attention to fauna. The first was an alteration to a proportion of the Keepers - shrinking them substantially down to the size of a hummingbird, and turning their diet from crystals to nectar. They would pollinate all the flowers he had just created while drinking their nectar, storing it as sugars in their bodies, and would no doubt be a sweet morsel of their own for predators.

Tu'rebaal alters some of the Keepers to create Flowerkeepers (-1 act)

Among the mortals, Tu'rebaal had a plan. He still intended to encourage their hierarchies, since he needed some kind of power source going forward. Among the orcs, that was easy enough. He altered the nascent race, causing them to naturally grow noticably bigger, stronger and smarter the more orcs that were loyal to them. It would be incentive to get those warbands together and demand obedience, and more reason for powerful orcs to break away and form competing bands of their own.

Tu'rebaal makes orc bosses get physically larger, stronger and slightly smarter the more orcs they lead. (-1 act)

The coronites, meanwhile, would be blessed with new wisdom. The wisest of them that had a connection to the Winds of Magic would find themselves drawn to the most ancient Great Trees, where they might through magic meld into the bark, becoming part of the tree, living as long as it lived, and gaining an ephemeral sense of what was happening in the forest. Though the actual benefits would mostly be a widening of perception, the fact that only the wisest were blessed with this magic made the melding itself a mark of great wisdom, and these coronites would become the elders at the top of a simple tribal hierarchy.

Tu'rebaal harnesses the flexibility of the Winds of Magic that Kytheros created. He creates magic that allows the wisest magically-attuned coronites to meld with ancient trees and sense the forest. (-1 act)

If Anastella got her way and the outcast tribes were reintegrated, it'd mean less factions, which would mean reduced varieties of conflict in the long run. So Tu'rebaal decided to find the most charismatic of the outcasts most recently exiled from the human tribes, and quietly endow them with additional charisma - especially when they spoke on the resentment and desire for revenge against the humans who wronged them, something that was no doubt close to their hearts and that would really whip up the other tribesfolk.

Tu'rebaal helps shape the perceptions of the outcasts by seeding charismatic retributionists among the population. (-1 act)

He had a more direct plan for the humans. He would find the larger tribes that hadn't been in the area where Anastella had descended, and observe them to find out who led them, and which of them had a leader figure who would be best inclined to becoming a blessed warrior king (as well as obvious shit like finding out their name). Once he'd determined this, he'd send some of his angels down to the surface. He'd send ten regulars, under an angel officer named Ty'zin. Their mission was to grant the chosen individual his new rank and lead him to a new 'promised land' in the daylands, as well as granting the mortals basic agriculture and construction so that their lives would be improved. The angels would receive decorations for their service after the mission, but for now, it was time to create some prehistoric god-kings.

Tu'rebaal incarnated an angel officer and ten angel regulars, and sent them to the surface. (-1 act)

Meanwhile, he had another task for a large proportion of the rest of the angels. He would command them to head to the Realm of Dreams and find the souls of the deceased. They would take them before a court martial set up in the realm of dreams and presided over by a high-ranking angel officer, where they would weigh up the accomplishments and actions of the mortal in life. The mortal's memories would be conjured forth as dreams, and a fair judgment would be made of their life. The angels who served in this capacity would be allowed to display a black ribbon, indicating their service as psychopomps, while the officers permitted to judge mortal souls were given special white ribbons by Tu'rebaal.

If the mortal was a believer in a deity and was generally in line with that deity's ethics, they would be escorted on a march through the planes to that deity's plane - provided the deity had one, and didn't want them sent somewhere else. If they weren't a true believer, or if they were out of line with the deity's ethics, they would instead be judged according to Tu'rebaal's own ethics, with more of a focus on being a good, trustworthy and loyal person and less on actual combat, though dying a valorous death on the field was grounds for near-immediate approval. The approved were given the choice between joining Tu'rebaal's ranks (and eventually transform into an angel) or roaming to seek their own destiny in the afterlife. Those that were not accepted - the traitors, the criminals and the downright evil - were dragged back to the Citadel and thrown into the infinite oubliette beneath the walls. Eventually he'd set up a proper hell for the souls nobody wanted, but this would do for now.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Hmm..." Jule-Phren stood next to Tu'rebaal in the Citadel, looking out over the legions of angels. "'Though the universe held substance, to one such god, it felt lawless. It lacked the structure and strength of a good universe. To Tu'rebaal, the God of Hierarchy, the world needed a little frame. And thus, he began his work, making sure that the mortals would have the power to raise the societies that would let them grow.'" Lips pursed, Jule-Phren gazed out, past the walls of the Citadel. She absentmindedly reached out, pulling out the paper of her finger and starting to write.

"But they did not have all that they would need to produce everything the gods might want." She grinned. "Amongst the grasses of the daylands, some... unusual things sprouted." Jule-Phren put her pen down momentarily, reaching into her cloak. From within, she pulled out a small knife and, in a quick and practiced motion, sliced off the end of the paper she had pulled out. It wasn't very much, not much more than a small slip, and Jule-Phren quickly caught it in between her index and middle fingers. Staring at it for a moment, she pulled in a breath and blew on the slip of paper, sending it spiraling away. The paper twirled through the air, and Jule-Phren returned the knife to her cloak, retrieving her pen and going back to writing. The paper spiraled towards the daylands.

"The first was a pale plant, a bleached green that stood out among the swaying sea of emerald." Out in the middle of a field of grass out in the daylands, a sprout pushed its way through the grass around it. It waved in the gentle breeze before growing a bit larger, becoming a small bush of pale green. It had a thick middle stalk with large, circular leaves the size of a human's head coming from it at regular intervals. "The 'Pad Leaves', as they would be called, would serve as part one to achieving the desires of the Writing Goddess."

Jule-Phren creates 'Pad Leaves', bushes consisting of a central stalk with large, flat leaves. They exist solely in the grasslands of the daylands. -1 act.

"The other," Jule-Phren continued, "would grow wherever they could find the lifeblood of all living things." Near the waters filling the Firmament's grooves, a reed like plant grew shot up. It didn't grow taller than a Coronite's waist, and was cream colored. However, due to the way it filtered and retained water, the insides of the plant were a dark cobalt. When the part of the reed was severed, the broken off part would slowly drip the held navy blue sap, but it could be kept inside by simply pointing the broken end upwards. The plant's sap was sweet and stained things incredibly easy. They grew in clusters near bodies of water. "Part two found itself dubbed 'Drippers', and all the Goddess of Stories needed was for the mortals to put one and two together, for their stories would be uninspired in her eyes if the mortals could not write them on their own." She finished writing with a flourish.

Jule-Phren creates 'Drippers', reed like plants that grow near any large amount of water in the daylands. They have sweet, navy blue sap that stains things easily. -1 act.

Stuffing her pen back into her cloak and letting the paper coil back around her finger, Jule-Phren glanced over at Tu'rebaal, brow cocked. "So... question." She bounced up, moving over to be next to the God of Hierarchy. "I think making my own realm would be... kind of lame at this point. We've already got a lot of space to work with. So I was thinkin'..." She turned to him with a smile. "Could I just, kinda, tack a library onto this place? It would make for a more interesting setting!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Feel welcome to," said Tu'rebaal. "This place is much larger than it appears, and it looks more than large enough to begin with."

He many eyes turned to the Citadel for a few moments, before going back to Jule-Phren. "It strikes me that you would probably have a better idea of handling fitting and just punishments for the unworthy souls than I would, thanks to your grasp of their lives' narratives. Could I perhaps entrust that duty to you? Not immediately, of course, but once you have the time and power to spare."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Yesss!" Jule-Phren pumped her fist. "Don't worry, I'll put some cool books in there for you. Ooh, there was this one story about a war general that you might like. I'll show it to you later, it's aaaaaall about this super tough battlefield struggle, and the whole 'death of the squad', realization of the mortality of living things and the fickleness of life and uncertainty after death and stuff. You'll like it!" She told him, nodding matter-of-factly.

"Hmm? Punishments?" Jule-Phren cocked her brow at Tu'rebaal. Her mouth twitched up into a grin. "A fan of poetic justice? Didn't expect that out of you, Tu'rebaal." Her grin grew into an ear-to-ear smile. "Heck, since you're asking so nicely, I don't see why not! Still, you're gonna have to do a little something for me first." She straightened out her legs, motioning for Tu'rebaal to follow her.

Jule-Phren marched off into the Citadel, dipping her pen into her eye and pulling out the paper of her forearm. "Deep within the bowels of the Citadel that Tu'rebaal made his home," she began, "there rested a room, different from the doom and gloom of the rest of the massive fortress." Jule-Phren glanced up, eyes scanning the iron walls before her. She raised a foot, plonking it against the wall. Around her foot, the wall changed, the metal warping and indenting before swinging inwards.

On the other side of the door lay a room of completely different atmosphere to the Citadel outside. Within was an average sized room, bookshelves lining the walls. There were also two in the middle of the room that seemed to act as supports. All of the shelves were empty, though not dusty. There was a table, some chairs, and a beanbag chair. Jule-Phren marched into the room, looking around before nodding in satisfaction. "Said room was the lair of Jule-Phren. It was like a dragon's hoard, in some sense, though instead of gold, it held treasure of different kind." She walked up to one of the bookshelves, where she stopped writing and reached into her cloak. From it, she pulled a book, which she neatly placed against the edge, patting it gently before turning around and facing Tu'rebaal again. "Stories were the jewels that this goddess hoarded."

Finishing up her sentence, Jule-Phren headed over to the beanbag chair, flopping down onto it. "Before I become queen of the underworld, mind giving me that story you promised?"

Jule-Phren adds a large library into the Citadel, soon to be filled with stories of battle and amazing cities, but also destruction and calamity. -1 Act.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Well, I suppose it is long overdue," said Tu'rebaal, eyes swiveling to take in the vast new room of his fortress. "I'll tell you the story of Dyvsin, then. Consider it the prequel to my own origin story. I must warn you, it's not a tale of triumph or adventure, but one of perseverance."

"A long time ago in another universe entirely, there were four planets, held close in a preternaturally tight orbital dance put there by gods - gods who had long since grown bored and departed. The first was Achon, the second Tyvar, and the third Ryesh. All three were home to their own races, who had all but united their worlds in bloody battle and raised dictators and emperors to rule over themselves."

"The close positioning of the worlds made it easy for even primitive spacefarers from one world to reach another, and the belligerent parties took their guns and bombs to each other through the void. They quickly reached parity with each other, and each of the three worlds began an offensive campaign against all their neighbors - including the fourth world."

"That world was Dysvin, and the race there had fought like the others, but in doing so dragged themselves down into a dark age rather than inventing new and more powerful ways to kill people. When the other three worlds began their great wars, Dysvin was so far behind that it took a generation of battle to even understand what kind of weapons the enemy were fighting with."

"But the three great nations were so preoccupied with each other, and they were so far ahead of the Dyvsinites, that Dyvsin became a battleground between the other three. The amount of debris they left behind gave Dyvsin the technological means they needed to pull themselves out of the dark ages, even though their society never really caught up to the standard of their technology."

"They were always viewed as inferior by the other planets, so when they became a proper threat the other three worlds decided between them that defeating these feudal upstarts was the highest priority. They formed an uneasy alliance and attempted to crush Dyvsin. The battles were bloody and brutally scarred the world, leaving huge regions as poisonous and irradiated wastelands."

"Dyvsin wouldn't go quietly, however. They had defenders advantage, deep familiarity with the terrain, and the resolve of those facing annihilation and willing to fight to the death. There were individuals who fought like heroes and like monsters, and leaders capable of both better and worse. The war was close and permanent, and scarred the souls of the soldiers."

"One of the commanders who helped turn the tide was named Ha'nab, the mortal whose exploits inspired my own legend. Remembering that life would be another story in and of itself, at least."

"But the tide did turn, and the invaders were fought to a standstill. The fighting continued for generations, but the flimsy alliance of the invading empires could not survive a hundred years of war, and soon slights had turned to insults, which had turned to transgressions and conflicts once again. The four worlds were once again at each others' throats."

"Dyvsin lived on, ruined though it was. It was shattered enough that it couldn't compete with the other three worlds directly, and had little interest in invading rival planets. So they turned their focus outwards, to the rest of the universe, to supply their war machine. They never forgot how close they had come to annihilation, and never once lowered their arms."

"The other worlds were quick to follow them out to distant stars, and the wars never ended. Dyvsin suffered further invasions and bombardments, but still persevered, even when its surface was nothing but scars layered over scars. They were far from flawless in their battleplans, but they never once wanted for discipline or conviction."

"They kept on fighting right up until the neverending war destroyed the universe. Though they could never overcome their enemies, neither would they let themselves be defeated. They remained unbroken right until the universe died."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin had meant to go back to the outside, but then the dust had got in, and something that looked suspiciously like mold had cropped up on the banisters, and before he knew it a whole week had gone by and he hadn’t left the house. It wasn’t the first time.

Come on, Kitterchin,” he murmured, scrubbling furiously at a nonexistent speck on his tiled backsplash. “Get your life together. Strive for adequacy. There’s mortals out there suffering, you know. Just having a look outside!” he called to the angel perched awkwardly on the edge of the paisley sofa. “Help yourself to anything you like. Coasters are at your left, I’ll only be a moment. Just seeing if they need… Anything…

Kitterchin’s furry throat closed as he peeked outside the door to the mortal realm. Someone had added something to the forest he’d started. They’d added something large. “Oh. Alright. So someone’s made a monster. Stay calm, it was bound to happen eventually.Alright. That’s, erm… He’s friendly, then,” Kitterchin said, as the Skulker let loose a roar that sounded like a tree cracking over stone. “That’s nice. Mustn’t judge on appearances.” That was the issue with being a god of small concerns rather than lofty values. One could easily forget that they weren’t so small themselves.

Other gods had been at work too – creating life and magic for these mortals to thrive on. Better, but they need more. The poor things had nowhere to hang their hats. They didn’t even have hats, aside from one enterprising orc making creative use of a pile of skulls. “They just need a little push,” Kitterchin decided, resting his pointed head in his arms. “Nothing flashy. They have to think its their own idea.” Idly he started polishing the chair with his sleeve, sprouting a few extra fingers for maximum efficiency. “The orcs will be the difficult ones. War is their rock. You know, the one tied to their ankle as they’re thrown overboard. Hard to have homes as part of a horde. Still, hordes need organization, don’t they? Places to… for… storing blood-soaked mauls. Not mistaking one pile of burnt skulls for another. Making sure they don’t pillage the same village at once, can you imagine the embarrassment, just red faces everywhere when they figure out they smashed the same war-ravaged huts. The humans shouldn’t be so bad. They’re clever things. More than they should be, likely – curiosity killed the creature-which-shall-not-be-mentioned-lest-someone-incarnates-it-as-a-sick-joke. And the Coronites have already got the idea,” he said, a note of fondness entering his voice as he surveyed the sunset mortals hiding in their trees. “Nice creatures. I do like the nice ones.

He’d have to do it for all of them, though, niceness notwithstanding. “Good grief, don’t they know what time it is?” Kitterchin said irritably, glancing at the six wristwatches on the new hands he’d sprouted just for the occasion. “Any reasonable mortal should be in bed by now.” He knew dreams were Kytheros’s territory, but surely he wouldn’t mind just this once. Just need to give them the idea. He considered appearing himself, but decided against it. Everyone took better to ideas they thought were their own. “And besides, it’s not as if anyone would listen to me,” he muttered, far too quiet for even the most attentive listener to hear.

There weren’t exactly nights on the Firmament, but life was hard and a deep bone-weariness set in amongst the mortals. When they finally crawled exhausted to their rough beds, the place that awaited them in dreams was no more comforting. It was dark and cold, and all around were the sounds of something large and crouching, tooth and claw, outside the light and looking in.

Suddenly a light appeared – a long yellow rectangle of a doorway, with a black figure silhouetted against the bright glow. “Come in, come in,” the figure said, ushering them through. “You’ll catch your death out there. If you see a large shape, don’t worry, it’s just the Forest Skulker. Unless you see two large shapes, in which case we’d better tell the Forest Skulker.

Inside was a home, suited to whoever stepped over the threshold. The humans saw a round house of stone and mud, the Coronites an elegantly-wrought treehouse, and the orcs a tottering war tent, but regardless it was warm and there was a table piled with food and drink. Their host was similarly appointed: a bright-haired human or quiet treedweller or the largest, fiercest orc they’d ever seen. The guests were welcomed to the table to eat and drink, tell stories or fight for supremacy as was suited. Most would forget their dreams waking up cramped and cold, but a few images would linger. All that mattered was the idea: a place for rules, for telling stories, for reveling in hard-earned glory, for being safe and warm and wholly oneself.

And for wearing pants,” Kitterchin said halfheartedly, even though the dreams were ended and the mortals couldn’t hear. “No impromptu window shows, please.” That one was a lost cause.

[Kitterchin sends dreams of homes to a wide array of mortals in an effort to influence their actions. To help a few recall their dreams, he expends some of his godly energy to make them memorable. -1 Act]

If they started building, they’d need to keep their homes clean. Furrowing his brow, Kitterchin pressed several of his long hands together and closed his glass eyes. A few seconds later, a small furry creature poked its pointed nose out from between his fingers. It was dull grey, with a pointed head, black ink-drop eyes and a long tail with a brushlike tuft on the end. It hopped down from Kitterchin’s hands to the floor, where it swept a few stray grains of dirt into a small pile and swallowed them in one gulp.

That’ll do.” With a flick, Kitterchin sent the thing flying out the door. It and its duplicated spread through the daylight and sunset lands, to help the mortals learn to care for whatever their hearts led them to build.

Kitterchin creates the doormice, a race of small mammals that reside around the homes of mortals. They are very fast and shy, and use their broomlike tails to sweep up dust to eat. He also grants them minor intelligence and adds the property that he can use acts to direct the doormice in the mortal realm (although they still have mousy wills of their own.) -3 Acts
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Destroyed the universe, huh?" Jule-Phren finished writing down Tu'rebaal's story, letting the paper of her stomach coil back around her. "That certainly sounds familiar." She pulled herself to her feet and dusted off her cloak, reaching into it a moment later and pulling out a book. Jule-Phren tilted the book over, and quickly scrawled out 'Ha'nab, Defender of Dysvin' on the spine. "Thanks for the story though, not every one ends well." She smiled at him. "Sometimes you just get set up for a sequel." Jule-Phren walked over to the bookshelf from earlier, neatly slotting it next to the first book.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but there are some things I wanted to liven up." She smoothed out her cloak. "But if you're looking for something fun, I left a story there for you. See you later!" Jule-Phren pointed at the book on the shelf that wasn't 'Ha'nab, Defender of Dysvin' before leaving, closing the door behind her.

"Yoohoo, anybody ho-ome?!" Jule-Phren rapped a couple times on the door to Kitterchin's cottage, standing on her tip-toes as if it would help her be seen. "I've got some fun stuff to talk about!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin was wearing his apron when he answered the door. The blue one, with the daisies. “Oh! Jule-Phren. Please forgive me, it’s my cleaning day,” he said, before realizing that didn’t really narrow the day down. “Come on in.

Inside an angel was sitting stock-still on the sofa, like a piece of industrial art chosen in a fit of decorating madness. “Have you met?” Kitterchin asked, waving a claw between his guests. “This is the goddess Jule-Phren, and this is… well, I’m not actually certain they have names,” he said, lowering his voice, “but he’s one of the ones that comes round. I’ve noticed his wings are a big pointier than the others and he drinks coffee instead of tea, but it seems a bit rude to point that out so I mostly just call him ‘Excuse me’. Excuse me, do you need another? You must not have coffee at that citadel, otherwise you’d be able to taste how burnt this is.” Kitterchin was in better spirits than he'd been in weeks. With two guests, it was finally starting to feel like a real home again.

Please, sit,” he called to Jule-Phren as he went to the kitchen. “That chair there with the horribly obvious stain is furthest from the fire. Can I get you anything? No tea, I remember that. Biscuits? Powdered milk?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"No. Thank you." The angel remarks politely at Kitterchin's question. He stands and bows at the waist as Jule-Phren enters. "Your Holiness." He greets, before sitting down and returning to his coffee.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Isn't every day cleaning day for you, Kitterchin?" Jule-Phren teased, bouncily following him in. "Thanks, though, this is a pretty nice place here." Her expression grew mischievous, and she snickered. "A lot less stuffy that Tu'rebaal's place, I'll tell you that."

Jule-Phren took a moment to actually look over the cottage. Wasn't a bad place at all. She put a hand to her cheek and waved her hand around in mock embarrassment as the angel spoke to her. "Oh stop it, you'll make me blush!" Making her way over towards the sofa, Jule-Phren placed herself down on the arm, offering the angel a big smile before turning back towards the kitchen.

"Do you have any ink?" She asked, placing her hands on her knees. "Blue or black is fine, but the red stuff is always fun."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Ink? Yes, some around here somewhere.” Kitterchin went to a drawer and retrieved a box of pens. “Ugh, Tarnished. You’ll have to let me clean them first, otherwise you’ll be getting this grubby nonsense all over you. What’s this for, then? Normally you seem equipped with your own materials. If you’ve a story to tell, we’d be happy to hear it. Stories are always welcome here-"

He pulled out a pen from the set and frowned, silver polish clenched in one of his hands. "Green? Where on the Firmament did I get that? What in hell is the point of that? I mean, they always have green, but what does anyone use it for, besides making mediocre schoolchildren feel better about themselves?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"What's it for?" Jule-Phren cocked her head. "Nothing in particular really." She confessed. "Sometimes, I just like to get stuff that's... I dunno, a little more concentrated. Like alcohol except I stay conscious when I'm done." Her mouth pulled up into a smile. "You know what I'm talkin' about, right? Oh, and green is more than fine, by the way."

"Anyway," She continued, motioning absentmindedly with her hand. "The whole 'story' thing was actually something I wanted to talk to you about." Jule-Phren swung her legs a little bit, her heels bumping lightly against the sofa. "Would you mind if I maybe plonked down a library somewhere in here? This seems like a place that could be even better with an abundance of reading material. It would be nice to drop by more often after I become 'Queen of the Underworld'."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ooh! Make her blush! I love blushing! Such pretty pinks!"

Animoras swung down from the rafters, his mask hanging from the end of his cloak, which was still coiled around an oaken beam.

He drew his mask back upwards, chuckling softly.

"Kit-katt, I'm sorry to say, but very few species wear pants in private solitude. But Julie, JULIE! A library? YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!"

Animoras drops back down between the two other gods, the firelight glinting off his ivory-white mask.

"No, seriously, you shouldn't. Your acts will be FAR more suited to helping mortals create libraries of their own! Instead, let me pay my rent. I've been quite the bum!"

He waves a tip of his cloak, and, for once, godly energy is emitted in a way that isn't comedically disgusting.

"You know, it's not funny if everything is a bodily-fluid joke. You gotta have VARIETY!"

The den shifts, warps, groans. A doorway appears, a few feet away from the fireplace, and a room grows onto the cottage like a garish tumor. Colors begin to settle, and, outwardly, the expansion matches the rest of the cottage, but, inwardly...

Bright blue walls are supported with wooden columns, carved to intricately depict stacks of hard-covered books, covers painted with varying warm, aesthetically pleasing colors. Series of bookshelves tower throughout the room in an orderly pattern, thought the shelves themselves look to be slightly askew; that itself is an illusion, they are balanced and can't be budged by force. A circular fireplace makes up the center of the room, spaced far away from the shelves as to prevent fires, and a series of comfortable, multicolored, cushioned chairs surround it, allowing for cozy reading.

The books themselves contain knowledge of arts, crafts, home-making, midwifery, child-rearing, and literary arts, as well as containing a wide mix of comedies and tragedies. A single wheeled ladder for reaching the higher shelves graces, painted bright green and yellow, but the ladder itself has special properties; when mounted, it will roll to the shelf containing the user's preferred literary work. The ladder, in bright purple letters on it's side, labels it as "Dr. Wheelykins." The top of the ladder is a crude metal face with a wide smile and two bright topaz eyes, and to his side are two metal, rudimentary hands. He springs to life with a gleeful giggle.

"Wu-huh! Oh golly gee, I sure do love taking care of this library! And helping people find books! Geeeeeeeeeeee whillickers it's the best!"

- 1 Act for the Homely Library, a homely, if colorful library that contains works pertaining to Kitterchin and Animoras' spheres, including works on a variety of crafts, midwifery, child-rearing, sex ed, writing, comedies, tragedies, and anything pertaining to maintaining a home.

And for Dr. Wheelykins, a magical ladder in the Homely Library that guides whomever is using it to their book of choice. Dr. Wheelykins is painted in a motley of colors and has a pair of metal arms, with white-gloved hands.

And to make Dr. Wheelykins sentient. They act like a combination butler/librarian, cleaning and maintaining the library with an ecstatic glee! Their favorite thing of all is to help visitors find the books they need, and their second favorite is to dust the shelves! Oh golly gee they love their life! Whenever Dr. Wheelykins moves, their wheels give an ever-so-slight giggle. Not too loud! This is a library, after all.

AND to imbue Dr. Wheelykins with medical knowledge, specifically on child-birth and child care! A compartment in their base hides an assortment of medical tools, their PHD, supplies, and-

Animoras winds himself back up into the ceiling.

"There you go. Now, Julie, you can spend those acts on our poor, poor mortal children! Congrats on the new gig, by the by, but if you're going to be a death god, don't think that means you have to be such a stiff! Hee hee!"

He curls up in his cloak and settles into chuckling quietly to himself.

Then he stirs.


The mask spits a blob of godly energy out the window, causing it to streak to the Outcasts of Humanity. It gifts a portion of their number with a flair of comedy, to ease the burden of their lives.

-1 act to gift a portion of the Outcasts with the Gift of Comedy. Those blessed have an easier time coming up with quips and punchlines.

"Ah.... Nice and spent.... Now I can take a nice nap... And dream of boner jokes..."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Tch, way to ruin all of my fun." Jule-Phren crossed her arms, shaking her head and pressing her lips together. "I just wanted to install a nice little corner of my own in this cozy little place and you had to go and take that from me, huh?" She flopped backwards onto the sofa, staring up at Animoras in irritation. "Y'know, for a god that loves fun, you sure are a killjoy." She let out a sigh that seemed a lot more dramatic than it should have been, and turned away from the god in the rafters. "And for your information, I don't blush pink."

"Anyway, since what I came here to do is now a moot point, I guess I'll just hang out for a bit before I get my Underworld on." Jule-Phren turned to Kitterchin. "Thanks for the hospitality, anyway."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
What… What did you…” Kitterchin gaped at the library that had suddenly sprouted up in his house. “How long have you been on the ceiling?!” There were certain rules of hospitality, and right after avoiding the subjects of money and politics came the one about not redecorating your host’s home with a sudden outpouring of dubiously sanitary godlike might.

On the other hand, the library was actually really nice. Maybe he could edit those rules later. The books were certainly there.

It is.” He swallowed hard. “It’s a lovely gift. Thank you, Animoras.” A dozen or so hands sprouted at his wrists and began to reorganize the shelves. “Alphabetical by title and not by subject, why… Still, gift library in the mouth, but I’d really prefer…

In all the confusion he almost missed what Jule-Phren had said. Kitterchin swung around, six books still clutched in his claws. “Queen of the Underworld? Are you going to be looking after all those poor lost mortals now? I was wondering about them, all trapped in the Dreamlands for so long. I mean, we are gods – our plans don’t have mistakes, they have unadvertised bonus features – but all the same, you’d think someone would have invited the ghosts in from the cold before now. Until the angels started helping I was actually considering… Where are you keeping them? Somewhere friendly?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Lea Anastella, unsure of what to do, sensed that there were gods gathering in Kitterchin's cottage and decided to stop by. She went from her realm to the cottage, through the door, and illuminated every corner of the house with her brightness.

"Sorry, I'll turn that down"

Her light subsides to a dull glow, giving definition to her features. Her face is kind and motherly, though it is not marked by age or disease. Her robes are simple, but obviously of the highest-quality cloth, and finally, a circlet of gold crowns her head, unornamented yet masterfully crafted and a perfect fit.

"What's going on here, then?"

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros is, for once not on his throne. He is striding across the Dreamlands watching the mortals dreams, wandering amongst the lost souls who are stuck there.

The dreamers who he passes by, regardless of the context of their dreams, would see a tall, lanky, terrifying masked figure with a large ashen walking stick, his death shroud whipping about him in an unfelt wind, appearing vaguely like their species in certain aspects but noticeably alien in others. Always watching, never speaking, and always seeming somewhere in their dreams just out of reach.

He has refrained from many ages from enacting in his other spheres, that of encouraging intrigues and secrecy and from encouraging wars, subsiding only on the petty day-to-day secrets of the primitive societies of the cosmos and the small tribal wars as they happened without his influence. As such he has refrained from entering any particular dream personally, and interfering therein. His interference with mortal affairs this early in their development, could potentially hamper their development and lessen their potential for chaos and war and intrigue down the road.

As he passed by the souls, he noticed more than a few who were of such utter despicable nature that their presence among those less deserving of revulsion was... incorrect. He noted the gods talking and went to join them, leaving his realm and striding to meet them.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Hi!" Jule-Phren welcomed Lea Anastella, waving at her. She also offered Kytheros a glance to the side, not familiar enough with him to do anything other than give him acknowledgement. "We're just talkin' about the underworld."

"Speaking of, you're looking at the future Queen of the Underworld, Jule-Phren!" She grinned, thumping her chest with a fist a couple times. Kitterchin's next statement made her laugh, however.

"'Somewhere friendly'? That's not what was in my job description!" She sprung up off of the couch, fishing around in her cloak for a writing utensil. "Nope, I'm more... the other end of the spectrum. Tu'rebaal asked me for something a little different than a 'typical afterlife'. Think... poetic justice, but taken up to ten! Here, lemme give you an example." She pulled out something that looked like an elongated beetle and flicked the back before pulling out the paper of her bicep. When she squeezed the beetle, it let out a thin, ink-like paste. She began writing.

"Imagine, if you will, a human being. Simple, standard, almost everything about him is normal, from the way he walks to the Firmament tree he lives in. However... there is one thing off about this particular soul..." She looked up from her paper with a dissonant grin. "He's a killer! Not for food, mind you. No, this particular person kills for the thrill of the hunt, but he doesn't hunt those jumpers. No, under the guise of a normal individual, this killer parades around like he's done nothing wrong. But underneath his tree, far from the watchful eyes of the Forest Skulker, he commits his dirty work, each death more sickening than the last... He makes his murders an art. Blood and blades, his tools, flesh his canvas" Jule-Phren pursed her lips. "Tragic, really."

"So then," She continued, wiggling the beetle in her hand before continuing to write. "where is this poor soul supposed to go when he dies, slain at the hands of a broken soul who had lost their lover to his bloodthirsty hand? Tu'rebaal's angels have found him guilty of a crime that cannot be forgiven and no god will accept him. No god save one."

"That's when he arrives in a realm of mystery. Nothing has form, and though he walks and walks, he never seems to make any progress. There are no landmarks, nothing to walk towards, nothing... just nothing. As he walks, he has nothing to do but think about what he's done. His actions are irredeemable, and though he has tried to pay for them with his death, the lives he took weigh far more than his own... It's the moment that he realizes the magnitude of what he's done that the world gains form, and suddenly..." Jule-Phren snaps. "He sees somebody there. Before he can ask any questions... blam!" She stabs forward with the beetle, accidentally squeezing it and causing a spurt of ink to jump out. "There's a blade in his chest! And then, it yanks him down, down beneath the ground, just as he had done with his victims, pulling him down six feet under, never to see the light of day ever again."

Jule-Phren smiles, putting the beetle back into her cloak and coiling he paper back around her arm. "Something fun like that, y'know?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros looks at Jule-Phren, head tilted in consideration, he tapped his staff three times on the floor of Kiterchin's cottage and summoned forth an ethereal sheet of parchment on which he sketched forth with his golden dagger cutting designs and runes of non-euclidean nature into an impossible reality on the dream parchment, presenting a design of a pit of nightmares which he proposes to build for her underworld.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal knocked on the door of Kitterchin's cottage. Apparently, there was an impromptu divine party going on inside, but he wasn't going to break into Kitterchin's house just to attend.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros did not answer the door, for he was unfamiliar with the concept.

Instead he was glaring at Kitterchin.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Mmm?" Jule-Phren looked up, having been inspecting an ink stain on her cloak. How did that get there? In her face, she found Kytheros holding out a piece of parchment to her. "Hello, what's this?..." She took the parchment that was offered to her, quickly scanning over the sheet. Her eyes lit up in surprise and joy, a grin quickly growing on her face.

"This is really cool!" She pointed at a spot on the map. "This part right here, somebody could fall forever right here, right?"

She also, as a consequence of being enamored with the parchment offered to her, missed the knock on the door.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin managed to tear himself away from the horrors being discussed by the other gods. He jumped up and threw open the door. “Hello, yes, welcome, everyone is in my living room discussing torture, no, I have no idea how this happened, I swear I just had some guests over and suddenly its cosmic justice being enacted in the form of murderous revenge fantasies as far as the eye can see. Would you like to come in? No is a valid answer but given my other conversation options please understand that if you say no I will take it completely personally and knit a small effigy of you to burn in a candle flame and weep openly. Coffee? Tea? I’d offer a recommendation, but I haven’t got anything in a nine-millimeter and that's honestly what this calls for.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Do not concern yourself, Kitterchin, it is merely me," said Tu'rebaal. "I have actually come to join the discussion, but if you would prefer for it not to be held on your premises, I could invite all the other participants back to the Citadel."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
I... Yes. Of course. So sorry.” Kitterchin took a long, deep breath and blew out through his pointed nose. “Forgive me, I’m not quite myself. Someone dropped a library in my house and that's not a bizarre euphemism. Please, come in and join the other fine guests in their discussion.” He held the door open wide.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Thank you for your hospitality," said Tu'rebaal, walking inside and joining the circle of gods. He nodded to the angel seated in the corner when he noticed them, which was probably when they stood to salute him.

"I understand that you are all excited about the possibilities of producing an afterlife," said Tu'rebaal to the gods, "but please bear in mind the wishes of our host, while we are in their dimension."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Man," Jule-Phren sighed, flopping back onto the sofa next to the angel. "You're the one that asked me to do this. And I was just giving Kitterchin an example of what I had in mind, since he asked and all." Again, she let out a melodramatic sigh, leaning against the sofa arm. "But fine, I guess I can stop." She pouted. "Could have just told me himself though... didn't have to get Tu'rebaal to say it..."

Jule-Phren glanced over at Kytheros. "We can talk underworld when the party's over, I guess."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Oh, what fun they all had.

Tu'rebaal found a seat.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros nodded imperceptibly and rolled up his plans, placing the end against one palm and pushing it into his skin where it disappeared.

His golden dagger disappeared into a puff of dreamstuff. He remained standing near the fireplace.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Sorry, sorry about that all – you’re all my guests and getting snitty at you is yet another mark against me. It’s just, I suppose I see the mortals a bit like children and-

Kitterchin pauses, immediately realizing the ramifications of what he said. “Filthy, morally ambiguous, gross children.” Another pause. “So children. We’ll need to work on that at least. Still though, Jule-Phren, I concede you clearly have a vision, with the eternal stabbing and infinite pits and other things that you have definitely spent far too long thinking about, and who am I to get in the way of artistry? Maybe I could look after the undecideds. You know, those not comically amoral, just until they find their feet. Assuming they didn’t die from having a monster eat their feet. Then it would seem kind of insensitive, honestly.

[Kitterchin’s cottage gains the property that any mortal ghost wandering the planes can find a guest room to stay, if they so wish. It comes complete with a slanted roof, itchy quilt, and as many homecooked meals as they can tolerate as his honoured guests. To each of their individual impressions, the cottage remains comically small – though they may run into other guests at meals that, frankly, are almost as logically and physically impossible as they are from a hospitality point of view. Kitterchin still does his best though. -1 Act]

Of course, it would help if the mortals lived a little longer. And maybe if their lives weren’t so terribly short and nasty. I mean, we all know existence is pointless and the best thing that awaits us is having all our embarrassments forgotten at the heat death of the univserse, but there’s no need to rub it in, is there?” Kitterchin turned to the Empress, shielding his eyes before he remembered she’d turned off her glow. “Maybe some medicine, to help them on their way? We should give them plants and poultices and chemistry and… well, we should start somewhere anyways. Maybe with your work, sir,” he said to Kytheros, then quailed and backed against the wall, many hands fiddling at his apron strings. “Scary sir. Not scary. Uh. Imposing. Formidable. Nice words for scary.

[Kitterchin adds a new aspect to Kytheros’s Winds of Magic. Mortals who wish to learn medicine can harness magic to cure wounds and infection. -1 Act]

And then they need to build. Proper towns and cities and fortresses. It was one of them that suggested it, really,” he said, nodding towards the angel seated in the corner. “Your angels, Tu’rebaal. Not that one, I mean, I don’t think so, I mostly tell them apart by the pointiness of the… nevermind. It said they should have stone to build with. You created the Crystals, didn’t you? The Water and Sky, anyways, and we have Fire, so…

He paused, thinking. “Places to live for order, and protection. What was that old story?” he asked vaguely in the direction of Jule-Phren. “Protect from evil, something about a ring of salt? Might as well throw some in. I have more than enough of the stuff going round after my tantrum.” Although at least they had stopped all the torture talk.

[Kitterchin creates the Earth Crystals, great black outcroppings which grow around the rune lines of the Firmament and shimmer with internal light. They’re basically normal stone, but when when arranged in a circle naturally repel magic (including magical beings like the Seedlings) from passing through them. They are also kind of salty if you lick them, but don’t, that’s super unhygienic. -3 Acts]

I mean,” Kitterchin said, sitting down for the first time since his guests had arrived, “assuming you all don’t mind. Oh, dear, I really should have asked first. What are you all hoping to do, then? Should we invite the others around, see if they have any plans? We’re much more effective together, in my opinion, for what it’s worth. Which is nothing. Oh, hang on, someone’s missing.

[Kitterchin adds a massive perch to the roof of his house, large enough for a dragon. A message arrives to Bonderdragon, stating that he is a creature deserving of respect and awe and therefore has a standing invitation to hide from its shameful sacred duty and engage in bitchfests whenever it feels like it.]

There we go,” Kitterchin said, settling back. “It would have been a tragedy to leave out a being of such noble intelligence, and… well… intense suffering, let’s be honest, if anyone needs a break it’s that poor thing. Anyone need a refill?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Lea listened quietly to Jule-Phren's description of how she would punish sinners. She thought for a while, and then answered quietly,

"I believe that even the most broken of souls can be healed with time, and rejoin the infinite. Though, I would reward the noble souls with a place at my Court if they so wished."

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ooh, I never got my ink!" Jule-Phren said to Kitterchin, waving her arm around excitedly and nearly bopping the angel on the head. "You said you have green, right? That stuff's fine."

"Dunno, 'Mom'." Jule-Phren said to Lea, leaning against the sofa's arm. "Some mortals will never be quite the way you want 'em to." She shrugged. "But if you think you can 'fix them' or... whatever, then be my guest. Long as 'Big and Silent' over there is okay with it," she motioned towards Kytheros, "Then you can pluck 'em out of there all you like. I'm just saying that sometimes you can't fix everything." She sighed. "Dunno what I'll do with my followers though... I could let them stay at Tu'rebaal's I guess..."

Speaking of the mortals... Jule-Phren planted her cheek in her palm, absentmindedly pulling out the paper of her bicep. She didn't have very many opinions on them at the moment, mainly because there wasn't a lot to them. She could change that, though. And since this whole gathering had suddenly happened (all she wanted to do was put a library into Kitterchin's cottage!), Jule-Phren assumed that nobody would mind if she took a moment to herself. Pulling a quill out of her cloak, she took a moment to dip the tip into her eye before scribbling something down.

'Physical differences were not the only things to set humans and Coronites apart,' Her words began, 'for there were things rooted within them that separated them even further.' For emphasis, Jule-Phren moved to another paragraph.

'For the Coronites, born under a stoic god, nameless to others as he was, and named by the Empress, they would find solace in the straight and narrow, facts and statistics. To them, these made sense, made life understandable and easier. As easy, one might say, as one two three.'

Jule-Phren inspires the Coronites with a more methodical and grounded thought process. Statistics and facts come easy to them, and they're better at understanding things along those lines. -1 Act.

'As for the Humans,' she continued, 'despite their association with Balthasar, of all gods, nobody could deny that they had been touched by more... creative minds. And thus, from Animoras'... color to Razdor's chaos, it was unthinkable that the humans would turn out to be anything but explosive. Their ideas would be varied, and one would be hard pressed to find a similar thought process between any one human, mutant or no.'

Jule-Phren inspires the Humans with a more open and varied thought process. Creativity was the name of the game with them, and a Human could come up with an idea for anything, given enough time. -1 Act.

'Alas, the humans had quite a bit going for them, in the forms of boons from many other gods. So, being the metaphorical underdogs, Jule-Phren gave the Coronites a bit of a head start.' Finishing with her line, Jule-Phren let go of the paper she was writing on, moving to her fingers. She counted off on them before choosing her pinky finger. Reaching into her cloak, Jule-Phren pulled out her knife once again and, in a practiced motion, drew out a slip of her finger and sliced it off, leaving her with a small bit of paper in her lap. Winding the paper back around her finger, Jule-Phren scribbled something on the slip before crumpling it up and throwing it out the window.

Jule-Phren gifts the Coronites with a paper covered in glyphs that serve as a basic alphabet and number system. At the bottom, in the same glyphs, is a note simply saying 'A Head Start, from Jule-Phren.' -1 Act.

Once that was done, she wound the paper back around her arm and let out a sigh.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry

Wait, where the hell is Razdor? He’s been missing since he made that stupid die. Usually he’d have been around to gripe about peoples’ creations or something. But no, nothing but silence from the chaos god.

Well, until the whole cosmos lit up with fireworks and TRIUMPHANT MUSIC. Literally the whole cosmos. The show was visible and audible from everywhere on the firmament, as fireworks exploded in various fantastic shapes - a lot of which were just pictures of Razdor in various poses. Midway through the show, the music went quiet, as Razdor’s voice echoed in its stead.

”Gods and mortals! Ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise! I, Razdor, would like to personally invite each and every one of you to the grand opening… of The Last Chance Casino!”

At that, more fireworks went up, in the rough shape of some kind of giant palatial building.

”Of course, when I say you’re all invited, I don’t mean you’re just gonna be able to go there. Find the way in, or die first, and then we’ll see what happens. Today might just be your lucky day.”

With that, the obnoxious sound and light show faded away into nothing, as did the booming voice from the heavens. True to Razdor’s word, though, a door soon appeared in the firmament - and in every other plane of existence, in fact. Big, brightly-colored, and gaudy, complete with flashing neon lights and everything. Written on the sign beside it, in fancy script, was “THE LAST CHANCE”. This door would never be in the same place long, though, and it would always appear in place of something door-like - actual doors, archways, cave entrances, anything like that. Any mortal entering it would find themselves teleported to…

A vast, open desert, equal parts sand and ash from the many volcanoes visible in the distance. Barren and empty, with a sky eternally choked with clouds of smoke. The door they entered through would be nowhere to be found. Ahead, though, they’d see a great building, a palace of stone and metal and neon, with many spotlights shining through the dusty air. It was ostentatiously colored, and surrounded with inexplicable greenery - huge trees unlike any on the planes of mortals, topiary cut into all sorts of ridiculous shapes (including a big shrub in the shape of each and every god), and even a golf course out back. A sign out front, matching the one by the door, read “THE LAST CHANCE Casino & Resort”, with a sign under it announcing the day’s prizes.

Mortals wouldn’t find themselves alone in this plane - they’d be joined by the souls of those dead desperate enough to bet anything - even their very continued existence - to return to life, or perhaps to win other prizes. Other souls would just wander this plane aimlessly, possibly out of an unwillingness to give up more than they already had.

In the casino itself, mortals would find no fee for entrance, and would be met with many thousands of tables and slots stretching off into the distance, ready to accommodate any and all gamblers. Anything at all could be gambled in these games - whether material wealth (whether they’d brought it with them was irrelevant), limbs, senses, and abilities, or even more abstract things like memories, happiness, or friendship. The higher the stakes, of course, the bigger the payout. The dead, if they were lucky, could even achieve resurrection - it was the jackpot of the slot machines, for example.

There were rumors of a high-stakes table, too, though not just anyone could find their way there. It was said that the high-stakes table was run by Razdor himself, and that one could pay a dire price to play a game of skill and luck for fabulous prizes - the prizes advertised outside on the sign, in fact. For now, though, the high-stakes table seemed to be closed.

If one grew tired of gambling their life away, though, the Last Chance had plenty of other distractions. There was, perhaps, the finest bar in the universe, run by an apparently normal, mustachioed human named Chadwick. All sorts of drinks could be acquired here, for a price - including the bar’s specialty, the “Cosmic Knockout” - said to be able to get even gods drunk. There was also a theater, which mainly played what looked to be home movies - but edited together from especially interesting memories acquired by the casino. For the right price, mortals and spirits alike could even opt to stay in the opulent resort - favored or lucky souls could even acquire permanent lodging there.

The casino was staffed primarily by faceless figures of crystal, with an indeterminate amount of limbs - however many they needed at a given time. Many were humanoid, many more were not. They were fully sentient, of course, and committed to ensuring that winners had an excellent time in the casino. They all wore matching pinstripe suits and hats, along with name tags listing their oft-unpronounceable names. The only exception to the crystal figures, oddly, was Chadwick.

Leaving the casino was a simple matter - there was a revolving door only accessible by the living, which would spit them out wherever they’d left from (assuming they hadn’t given up their ability to leave already). The resurrected dead would be ejected in a similar fashion, near the location they called home in life.


As the gods went about their conversating, an opulent door suddenly appeared in Kitterchin’s cottage, out of which Razdor drifted, a grin on his face.

”Heeeey, fellas. Hope ya didn’t miss me too much. You can see what I was up to now, of course. Feel free to play the tables yourselves, if you’re feelin’ lucky. Or try out the bar. That’s the best part of it, let’s be honest.”

Razdor drifted over to lie down on the back of the sofa. ”’Course, if you guys want to set up your own shit in there, just ask first. Casino’s not just for me, after all. Where’d be the fun in that?”

Razdor has created a hellish plane of sand and volcanoes, containing an opulent casino. The souls of the dead willing to gamble for their lives are drawn there, as are the souls of Razdor’s followers. (-5 acts)
The casino is able to take anything as wagers - memories, concepts, wealth from the material plane, et cetera. It can also give great prizes, such as wealth, superpowers, and even resurrection for the dead. (-3 acts)
Razdor has made an ostentatious announcement for the casino all across the firmament. (-3 acts)
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
For the ever excitable and yet seemingly infinitely bored Jule-Phren, Razdor had slipped her mind. Not for any particular reason, just that... she hadn't heard him for quite a bit. That all changed, of course, once the thundering of fireworks and excessively loud music caught her ears. Her eyes sparked in surprise, lighting up as she turned to watch the show from her position on the couch. A smile grew on her face with each passing second, and she soon yanked up the material of her shirt, using her quill to scribble out some quick words on her stomach.

'And though everybody, mortal and god alike, had settled down for the time being, ready to give an end to this turn of their lives, one individual was not quite done with his time. A cacophony rung throughout the universe, reverberating off of the Firmament and shaking every living thing to its core. And who could be at the heart of such a thunderous event besides Razdor, the God of Chaos himself?'

When Razdor arrived, Jule-Phren let out an excited gasp, pulling her shirt back down and stuffing the quill into her cloak. She pulled her arms to her chest and bounced as he approached, eyes shining.

"That... was so cool." Jule-Phren told him, a huge grin on her face. She turned around to face him as he draped himself over the back of the sofa. "I just... ooh!" Her hands clenched excitedly, and she giggled, clearly pleased with the display. "It looks so cool, gosh, this is gonna be so much fun!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
With a surge of power, the gods begin to create in earnest. Creating great waves in the mortal and ethereal realms alike.

Kytheros is the first to act, creating an interconnected web of magical energy across the firmament, powered by the raw cosmic power leaking in through the gap, allowing mortals to master the magic of the four basic elements. He also created the powerful artifact known as the Wand of the Unheard. Which would grant one spell to any mortal who found it in their possession. It seemed destined to become an artifact of incredible power as time went on.

Balthasar creates two creatures to add danger to the unfolding tale of the universe. The Orcs, who valued challenges and triumphs above all else. And the Seedlings, who could infest nearly anything, and turn them into monstrous creatures. The world will forever be more treacherous with the introduction of these two creatures.

Animoras creates… *sigh* ...the Bonerdragon. A dragon with a breath that could massively increase fertility. Being granted intelligence, it was informed of their purpose, and immediately hated it. But when a god gives you a lot in life, you sort of have to make the best of it.

Anestella creates a small planet in the pocket of life, in hopes that it would finally find use. She then descends to some mortals to reveal herself as a goddess, and instructs the strong to defend the weak. As well as creating a plant with various uses.
Meanwhile Jule-Phren, seeing the threat that seedlings can cause, creates a great being to defend the weaker races who reside in the forests. The Forest Skulker. Who would feed off of the creatures seedlings create.

Tu’rebaal creates a variety of plants in the daylands so that it would be more habitable. As well as alters the mortals to encourage hierarchies among the various races. Making war chiefs of the orcs stronger. And giving the Coronites who are most wise the ability to merge with the great trees of the forest, gaining prolonged life and heightened senses as a result. And for the outcasts, he seeded charisma among the most spiteful among them, that they might gain a following and enact revenge against the other humans. He incarnates a party of angels to lead a chosen individual among the humans, and his people, to a promised land in the land of day. Finally, he sets about dealing with the souls left in limbo in the land of dreams, creating a court that would weigh their deeds and faith to determine where they would go.

Jule-Phren creates a couple of plants in the land of day that would hopefully find use as paper and ink in primitive books and scrolls. She then creates a library in the Citadel, that she might have some small space to call her own in the lands between the purely ethereal, and the material. While doing so, she is granted the offer by Tu’rebaal to handle the punishment of mortal souls, suspecting her to be more fit to handle this given her natural grasp of a mortal’s narrative in life.

Kitterchin tries to spread the idea of homes to the mortal races, that they might begin to settle down in more appropriate lodgings. He also creates the Doormice. Small animals of some intelligence who survive off of dust, and prefer to live near mortal dwellings.
Animoras meanwhile creates a library in Kitterchin’s cottage, home to Dr. Wheelykins, the wet nurse ladder… don’t ask. He then gifts some of the outcasts with quicker wits.

Kitterchin ensures his home will always have room for wandering ghosts and spirits. While he was at it, he created a roost large enough for a dragon, so that the immortal Bonerdragon could come by and complain about their horrid life. Casting his gaze to the rest of the universe, Kitterchin adds a healing aspect to the winds of magic. As well as creating earth crystals. Black stone which, when arranged in a circle, repels both magic and magical creatures.

Jule-Phren decides to gift the Humans with a spark of creativity, while gifting the Coronites with methodical minds that grasp raw statistics and facts with more ease. She also gives the Coronites an alphabet, along with a note saying 'A Head Start, from Jule-Phren.'

Razdor chooses to create a plane of his own with a grand spectacle of fireworks to accompany it. In his plane of ash and sand, there was a casino where the stakes were as high as the rewards. Anything from money to memories, from limbs to valor. It could be gambled away here in search of fantastic prizes. Including reincarnation, powers above and beyond that of mortal men, and more. A doorway to this casino could be found in every plane, including on the firmament. Though the door there tended to never stay in one place for long.

The gods finally began to exhaust the surge of power that came to the universe. And so centuries pass, and the fruit of their efforts is revealed.


The conflicts in the land of sunset escalate with the introduction of magic, and is further exasperated by the meddling of Tu’rebaal. With the most vindictive members of the outcasts gathering support, and the humans and Coronites becoming more different thanks to the various blessings of the gods, hatred only continues to grow.

It is fire which defines the conflict. Being the easiest to leverage against an enemy in the woods, it became popular amongst the humans. Both the normal humans, and the outcasts. Coronites seemed to avoid it at the behest of their elders, who foresaw grave consequences to relying on this scorched earth tactic. But in the war between outcasts and humans, battles often resulted in forest fires. Conflicts like this quickly drew the ire of the Forest Skulker.

Humans and outcasts were attacked ruthlessly by the guardian of the forest. Village after village fell to the behemoth in the dead of night. And with their numbers dwindling, Coronites began to gain the upper hand. Humans and outcasts were driven out of the forest almost entirely. And in the open fields, they faced new dangers.

Each tribe individually faced varying degrees of danger. Some fared better than others against the frozen Dreadsteeds. Horses infected by seedlings who came galloping out of the land of night, skeletal and permeating the air with a lethal chill. Some found themselves unlucky enough to stumble into the lands of the territorial golems, each as strong as ten men.

And then there were the orcs. The roving warbands greatly outmatched the humans. The smart tribes attempted to appease them. The lucky ones managed to avoid them entirely. Those that tried to fight were torn apart. And many tribes were turned into slaves. There was a noticeable exception among the outcast tribes. With the gift of comedy, a tribe of the outcasts managed to befriend an orc war chief. Amused by their clever wit, he welcomed them into his warband. It so happened that some of these outcasts had been witness to the incarnation of Lea Anastella, and preached her word among the orcs. While not open to the message at first, over the next few generations, it became the dominant religion of The Merry Warband.

The orcs, although a danger for the humans and some Coronites, are actually indirectly protecting them. Their craving for challenging enemies leads them often to fights with the monsters created by the seedlings. The monster population is therefore kept reasonably in check by the roving orc hordes. And when seedlings are scarce, they keep themselves in check by fighting each other.

Back in the woods, with the threat of the rival human tribes aside, the Coronites began to create a prosperous and thriving society. While the fringes of their civilization lacked the protection of the Forest Skulker, they had enough advantages to quickly establish themselves as a dominant civilization. They began to create primitive cities, in the woods, shaped from Chromatic clay and Earth crystals. Their primitive writing helped shape codes of law and education that was far more advanced than anyone else on the firmament.

Within this new nation is where the Bonerdragon chose to make his home. In a city known as Suding he made his home, performing his god given duty for the local populous. Overall, he supposed his situation could be worse. He was given free food. A nice home. And there were no less than three festivals that he was a key part of. Though the attempts of mortals to be sociable with him using boner jokes got old after about five minutes.

Coronites sometimes have to deal with orc warbands stomping through their forest. But with the powerful forest skulker acting at their guardian, even the orcs are often driven back by their combined efforts. Though some fights are uncomfortably close, and the prospect of defeating the forest skulker seems to entice the orcs to come more than it acts as a deterrent.

The humans led by Ty’Zin found many trials on their journey. It did not help that their leader found the Cosmic d20, and rolled a six. He was often plagued by food poisoning after that, and became infamous for his explosive diarrhea. But that aside, they also fought their fair share of seedling beasts, orc warbands, and threats of starvation in the more barren stretches of land. And in one instance which provided the greatest challenge of faith, needing to descend into the depths of one of the firmament’s grooves, and then climb their way back out the other side. Many families in the procession of humans abandoned the journey then and there. But many more persevered.

They finally reached their promised land, and began to build a great city there. They boast the largest, most magnificent city on the firmament, Nairora. With a stable, well structured society based on the values of Tu’rebaal, as taught by his angels. Though Tu’rebaal’s holy nation is often harassed by orc warbands, the people stand strong against hardships. Just as their ancestors did in their travels.

On the planet created by Anastella, against all odds, life began to sprout. Right now, all that could be found was a strange type of fungus that lived off of the magic crystals. No one specimen was the same as another. It is a testament to the power of where the pocket of life that anything could grow here, in spite of the lack of air and water.

Universal Encyclopedia

Cosmic bodies
Unnamed mars sized planet: An unnamed planet in the pocket of life. It is rich in minerals and has crystals with magical properties.
Chaotic fungus: A fungus that survives off of the energy in the magical crystals of the planet. The fungus grows in strange ways that make each specimen look drastically different, despite all technically being the same species. Each one has unique magical properties.
Materials of interest
Magical crystals: Crystals with magical properties. Without some guiding force, this magic serves as raw, unharnessed energy.
The firmament: A sphere surrounding the universe. It slowly rotates around the center of the universe. It is covered in complex and visually appealing etchings through which the ethereal glow of the multiverse subtly penetrates. It seems all but immune to godly power.
-Geography of the firmament: The firmament has a ring of night, and a ring of sunset. Most of the firmament is in eternal sunlight. The temperatures in the ring of night are very cold. Most of the rest of the firmament has mild temperatures. There is a hole through which light and raw cosmic energy pours in. Water slowly fills the grooves of the land of day are slowly filling with water. There is water in the grooves of the land of sunset and the land of night.
--The ring of night: A land of freezing temperatures and harsh winds. It has colorful, mineral rich water. It is plagued by storms.
Vines: A simple vine plant that grows along the edges of the water. It is designed to survive the harsh weather.
Storm Bubbles: A herbivorous jellyfish creatures that float through the air. They are not fit to survive in the cold environment in which they live, and rely on The Premier for warmth. [SEE ARTIFACTS]
Painted Serpents: A carnivorous serpent that eats Storm Bubbles. They live within the firmament as two dimensional creatures until they need to leap out and strike their prey. They are very sensitive to warmer temperatures.
Materials of interest
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
--The land of sunset: A ring of the firmament where the sun is always partially hidden by the horizon, creating a blood red sky. The weather here tends to be on the cold side, but is otherwise mild.
Coronites: A species of humanoid with broad forearms and feet, four eyes, and a tree shaped crown. [SEE CULTURE]
Unnamed Lagomorph: A brightly colored, herbivorous animal with four ears and a long wispy tail. Typically hunted by Coronites and humans.
Blue grass: A simple blue weed that grows on the firmament.
Great trees: Massive trees with tangled, winding roots. They have burgundy leaves. They grow around the seas and great rivers of the land of sunset.
Humans: A bipedal species of diverse, but dull skin tones. Thanks to Flues, they almost universally have bright and interesting hair. They have been touched by the chaos of Razdor, which leads to many unique mutations. [SEE CULTURE]
Horses: A quadrupedal species with hooved feet. They have brightly colored fur thanks to Flues.
Flues: An insect which secretes a brightly colored liquid that inspires creativity. They live off of dead skin and hair, and dye the hair of whatever creature they happen to live on.
Orcs: A humanoid species with species with green skin, red eyes, and tusks. They are resilient to chaos and magic. They naturally crave challenge and triumphs. [SEE CULTURE]
Seedlings: A nymph-like species which can infect virtually anything. Once it infects something, it turns into a monstrous version of whatever it infected.[SEE BESTIARY]
Lea’s Blessing: A plant with broad and strong leaves which can be used to help create shelters. It also has nutritious fruit.
Doormice: A small species that eats dust. They have some degree of intelligence, and like to live near mortal dwellings. They tend to be skittish. Kitterchin has some degree of control over them, though must expend power to do so.
Materials of interest
Inferno cores: A crystal which emits intense heat that ignites anything flammable it touches. A massive burst of energy is created when it encounters intense cold or blunt force trauma.
Chromatic clay: Bright blue clay which creates scattered hills around the land of sunset.
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
--The land of eternal day: The largest area of the firmament by a massive margin. This land always has the sun shining on it. But the temperature is fairly mild in spite of this.
The Keepers: A bat sized fairy like creature that eats Sea and Sky crystals. There is an arial and aquatic version of this species. [SEE MATERIALS OF INTEREST]
Mudwhips: An amphibious carnivore which feeds on The Keepers. They like to create mounds of mud to live in.
Humans: A bipedal species of diverse, but dull skin tones. Thanks to Flues, they almost universally have bright and interesting hair. They have been touched by the chaos of Razdor, which leads to many unique mutations. [SEE CULTURE]
Horses: A quadrupedal species with hooved feet. They have brightly colored fur thanks to Flues.
Flues: An insect which secretes a brightly colored liquid that inspires creativity. They live off of dead skin and hair, and dye the hair of whatever creature they happen to live on.
Orcs: A humanoid species with species with green skin, red eyes, and tusks. They are resilient to chaos and magic. They naturally crave challenge and triumphs. [SEE CULTURE]
Seedlings: A nymph-like species which can infect virtually anything. Once it infects something, it turns into a monstrous version of whatever it infected.[SEE BESTIARY]
Lea’s Blessing: A plant with broad and strong leaves which can be used to help create shelters. It also has nutritious fruit.
Fruit bearing bush: A bush with cupola leaves. It is easily cultivated, and produces colorful and sweet fruit.
Wild grass: Modified bluegrass. This strand is emerald green, and includes flowers which can be used in herbalism.
Grain crop: Modified wild grass. It is useful as a form of staple food.
Lesser trees: Modified great trees. They are faster growing than their parent species, and tend to not grow as clustered as them.
Fiber vines: A silvery blue fine which grows around lesser trees and along the grooves in the firmament. They produce sour blue fruit. They are useful as textiles for clothing and rope.
Flowerkeepers: Modified Keepers. They are smaller, hummingbird sized animals, which pollinate the plants in the land of day. Their meat is very nutritious.
Pad Leaves: A bush with large, flat leaves, which can serve as paper.
Dippers: Reed like plants which tend to grow near bodies of water. They have a sweet blue sap which can act as ink.
Doormice: A small species that eats dust. They have some degree of intelligence, and like to live near mortal dwellings. They tend to be skittish. Kitterchin has some degree of control over them, though must expend power to do so.
Materials of interest
Sea crystals: A crystal which grows in the grooves of the firmament. It turns air into water, until it drowns itself. It then becomes useful metal.
Sky crystals: A modified, lighter than air sea crystal. It turns solar energy into air, and useful, lighter than air metals. This creates a phenomenon of metal clouds.
Inferno cores: A crystal which emits intense heat that ignites anything flammable it touches. A massive burst of energy is created when it encounters intense cold or blunt force trauma.
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
---The kaleidoscope eclipse: A very large, brightly colored phenomenon, created by light passing through the center of the universe. Shifting colors dance across the far side of the firmament constantly. This is the heart of the land of eternal day. Life and materials found in the land of day are typically found here.
-Places of interest
The hole in the firmament: A large hole through which light and cosmic energy pours in. An aurora borealis effect occurs around the hole. The raw energy of the cosmos makes this area inhospitable to life.
The door to Kitterchin’s cottage: A door on the far side of the firmament that leads to Kitterchin’s plane of existence. It resides somewhere in the kaleidoscope eclipse.

They have one of the most advanced civilizations and cultures on the firmament.
They live primarily in primitive cities and villages in the great woods of the land of sunset.
There is scattered worship of Anastella, but no organized religion.
They have a tribal culture that is very primitive.
They tend to struggle to survive in the planes of the land of sunset after devastating losses in racial wars against the Coronites, and the outcasts of those touched by Razdor’s chaos.
They tend to ostracize those more obviously touched by Razdor’s chaos.
Many of them are enslaved to orcs.
-The outcast tribes:
These humans are the descendants of those who had been ostracized due to their mutations.
They struggle to survive in the planes of the land of sunset after devastating losses in the war against the regular humans.
They have many comedically gifted individuals. [SEE THE MERRY WARBAND IN ORC CULTURE]
Many of them are enslaved by orcs.
-The holy kingdom of Tu’rebaal:
Descendants of a chosen tribe led by Tu’rebaal’s angels.
They are fairly advanced both technologically, and culturally, compared to the rest of the firmament.
The orcish warbands and seedling monsters have made their expansion difficult, and they live primarily in a heavily fortified city known as Nairora.
Orcs tend to travel in great warbands led by charismatic and strong leaders.
They fight anything that gives them a challenge. Primarily seedling monsters and other warbands.
Many Warbands will make slaves of weaker, human tribes.
-The merry warband
A hoard of orcs that, in the past, picked up a tribe of outcast humans. They were delighted by the wit of those who held the gift of comedy, and welcomed them as friends rather than slaves.
They tend to have far better humor and cheer than other orcs. Or even other humans.
They worship Anastella, and follow her teachings of the strong protecting the weak. But they only apply these teachings to those within their own hoard.

Dreadsteeds: Skeletal horses that permeate cold. Herds of these beasts are enough to cause a pseudo winter in their wake. Found in the land of night and wherever there are horses.
Golems: A rather doscile beast compared to others, these humanoid creature are created from chromatic clay and earth crystals. They are highly teritorial however, and will viciously attack anyone who approaches their home, knowingly or otherwise. They vary greatly in size, with some being more than twice the size of humans. Found everywhere.
Zombies: Infected humans and coronites turn into mindless husks that crave raw meat. They are identified mostly by their paler than average skin and feral appearance and nature. They are a rather weak monster. Found wherever there are humans and Coronites.
Trents: Infected trees which rely mostly on ambush to capture unsuspecting prey. They are hard to distinguish from regular trees at a glance, though one who knows what to look for will find little trouble spotting them. Found mostly in dense woodland in the land of day.

Alternate planes of existence
The realm of dreams: Kytheros’s domain of sleep and unconscious thought. It is a land of haze, where nothing could ever quite be discerned. At least not with clarity. From all places in this realm of dreams, one can see the palace of embers. A dark spire where Ktheros resides. This realm acts as a barrier between the mortal plane, and the other planes of existence.
The bright realm of her merciful majesty, Empress Lea Anastella: An expansive realm of rolling green hills. The most prominent feature is a pristine white castle, which acts as the goddesses court. It is surrounded by a town populated by the Empress’ angels, the courtiers, whom hold with them a piece of Anastella’s healing flame. If one travels far enough, they will reach the other planes of existence.
The homely cottage: An entire plane of existence dedicated to a simply, comfortable cottage, with a sensible garden. There are doors leading to every other plane of existence. There is a comfortable library here. It has an infinite number of rooms upstairs with acceptable if not fantastic accommodations for lost souls.
The citadel: A massive fortress dimension, built upon obsidian. Trenches stretch out in all directions, protecting the outermost wall of the iron citadel. Within work the legions of angels at the command of the god Tu’rebaal. Jule-Phren has a large library within the fortress. If one travels far enough, they can reach the other planes of existence.
Silvermont: A divine city surrounded by pristine countryside. The countryside is ripe with adventure, for those who seek it. This realm is staffed by the Silver Knights and the Silver Guard. Angels in service of Balthasar. If one travels far enough, they will reach the other planes of existence.
Razdor’s plane of ash: A plane of sand and ash and volcanoes, where the skyline is forever engulfed in black smoke. The most prominent feature of this plane is The Last Chance Casino. Mortals and gods alike can gamble here for amazing prizes. A door to this casino exists in every plane.

Cosmic energy: Ethereal power pouring in from the hole in the firmament. It seems to be weakening, and will likely dissipate in time. Until then, it supplies all the gods with acts.
The premier: A never ending storm of scalding hot rain. It travels through the land of night on the firmament.
The Hearthstar: A fiery celestial body which travels over the ring of night, providing warmth.
The d20 of Razdor: A die which will randomly appear near mortals every few years. When rolled, it alters the fate of whomever rolled it forever. After which, it disappears.
The winds of magic: A property of the firmament powered by the breach. It is a magical energy that can be found all across the surface. Adept mortals can make use of it. It allows for fire, earth, air, water, and healing magic.
The wand of the Unheard: A wand that allows one to cast a spell without training. It grows more powerful with age. As of now it is lost and unwielded.

Places of interest
The center of the universe: A nebulous cloud dominates the center of the universe, acting as a barrier between the material realm and the realm of dreams.
Pocket of life: This area of space seems to have a unique life giving property. Given favorable conditions, life flourishes here of its’ own accord.

Demigods and immortals
The Artisan: A triangular metal form with various etching tools hovering within. It has the power to alter the firmament.
The Bonerdragon: An immortal dragon created by Animoras who has a breath that greatly increases fertility and causes arousal.
The Forest Skulker: A beast created from and living in the great trees. It protects the forest, and attacks creatures created by the Seedlings.
Dr. Wheelykins: A ladder wet nurse that lives in the homely cottage’s library.

Empress Lea Anastella- 6 (+6)
Kyheros- 8 (+8)
Tu’rebaal- 8 (+8)
Jule-Phren- 12 (+8)
Animoras- 8 (+7)
Balthasar- 5 (+5)
Kitterchin- 7 (+6)
Razdor- 8 (+8)
Narala- 6 (+6)
Yunmei- 6(+6)

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"And now, my humans, I grant you hope. I grant you a chance. I grant you the fire that'll drive you to the greatest feats of heroism."

2 acts - Balthasar creates useful minerals in a fertile, secure region of the daylands.

"As I look down upon the world, I see the Kaelingas. A proud tribe of humans split, beaten, shattered, and enslaved by the orcs. A noble enough people!"

He looks towards the other Gods and Goddesses.

"I think I'll go lead them! Good fortunes to you, my friends!"

3 acts - Balthasar manifests for a lifetime in the mortal world. He appears as himself: a large, clean-shaven, armored man with a greatsword.

Once manifested within the world, Balthasar begins his work. He aims to rally the human slaves, fight the orc tribes, train humanity in the ways of war, and lead them on an exodus to said secure, fertile, mineral-rich part of the day lands. Once there, he'll lead the humans in a brutal war to conquer the region from the orcs, and forge an empire. He'll also teach them in industry, commerce, and engineering. And, of course, he'll teach them about himself.

Because why the hell not.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
A shard of the firmament phased into existence, the size of a door. For a moment it was shining, and then a being just smaller than it stepped through, and it lost its glow. The being was man-shaped, and covered in both a very interesting cloak and a big, styled beard that didn't look as though it could possibly be real. He looked rather friendly, in that way that old people are, and he peered across what was already in creation with awe. So much had already been done, and- oh! The first thing that caught his eye was the humans. He loved people! What a swell place this already was--

They certainly were having a rough time, weren't they? Well, perhaps they would need a little help, but there were probably things to do first. Like: taking stock of all this existence! He looked over the firmament, surprised at his ability to just DO that. This whole divinity thing was very strange in his opinion. Didn't quite have it down yet. In any case, he took note of all sorts of interesting places and things. The bodies of the air, the seaish things, the land! The various homes of... Other gods. He wasn't sure how he knew that, and assumed it was another aspect of godhood he hadn't yet had the opportunity to figure out. That, and knowing the Artisan. Many an instinct he didn't used to have. There were so many forms of life already, including... a very upset looking dragon? Perhaps because he was alone- no. No it wasn't. He was for a moment a bit upset himself, somehow knowing why that poor, poor dragon was having the time he was.

Umm. That was enough of that for the moment.

As far as first acts in a new universe went, Narala was pretty certain of what he should get done. He looked to the Artisan, folded an arm before him, and bowed at the waist. When he was up again his hand disappeared once more behind his cloak, and while he did not smile, his tone implied it.

"Greetings, and thank you, Artisan. This world is already so interesting, and I look forward to nudging it along its way."

With that concluded, he went to knock on Kitterchin's door, sensing that almost every freaking deity was hanging out there.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Yunmei wondered why gods, so often, had such cinematic entrances. After all, they could do it with such variation. She peeked her head out of a shrub in Kitterchin's garden, before hopping in through a conveniently cracked window. She would sit on that windowsill for quite some time, not wanting to disturb the others, were they to be conversing. It would be a good time to clean herself anyway.

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Razdor watched Balthasar go off on his mortal crusade, a bemused smirk on his face. This was just too good. A thousand potential ways to make his little rampage more interesting crossed Razdor's mind, ideas dying as quickly as they formed. Hell, Razdor could incarnate himself, rally his own forces against Balthasar. That might be funny. Especially if he gave them all guns or something.

Razdor's musing was interrupted by a knock on the door. He'd been hanging out in Kitterchin's cottage, mostly because everyone else frequented the place, and partially because even chaos gods could use a break from the eternal light and noise of a casino. "Well, well. Seems we have guests, don't we? You wait right there, all of you. Razdor's got this taken care of."

Razdor slithered over to the door, reached to open it up for the mysterious knocker, and then instead kicked the door wide open. The door that opened inward. Yeah, it kind of made a mess. And let's not worry ourselves too much about how a being with no legs kicks open a door, because Razdor is a chaos god and he wouldn't worry himself about it either. Narala, meanwhile, was greeted with a fiery asshole serpent grinning away in the doorframe, casually leaning against it as though he hadn't just broken the shit out of the door.

"Eeeey. Welcome, old-timer. Don't worry, the door'll grow back. C'mon in, I'm sure our gracious host'll get you some tea or somethin'."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Half a second, just need to check the door,” Kitterchin started muttering, pushing himself up from his chair. “Not sure who’d be knocking at this hour of the… non-day.” It couldn’t be Bonerdragon just yet. As acute as his misery was, it couldn’t quite yet bend or break the laws of time and space by force of sheer ennui. He headed to the door, where he found that Razdor had already kicked it in.

Razdor, why?! Is this your normal behavior as a guest? You come over to advertise your gambling endeavor, then destroy property? That’s not how you thank someone for their hospitality, its how you tell them they’ll be the first to die. Were you planning this, or was it just a happy accident?

Kitterchin turned to Narala, who, god or not, looked far too old to be outside alone, even in a plane as mild as this one. “Please, please, sir, come in, you’ll catch your death out there. Tea? Coffee? Have a seat, over here, far away from these rampaging maniacs. Pardon my other guests. You’ll find quickly that your fellow deities can be a bit… Well, I told myself there would never be moral justification to use the word ‘zany’ in cold blood, but circumsta-a-a-ACHOO!

Kitterchin looked around, annoyance slowly turning to abject horror. “Hang on, there isn’t… Is there a CAT in here?!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Jule-Phren was still so enamored with the mere concept of a casino. She'd never particularly thought about it before, never seen or visited one in person even throughout all of her years. The concept had never interested her in particular. And yet... there was something special about The Last Chance Casino. None of the other casinos had quite had the flair and the flash of Razdor's own little place. She could tell that she was gonna have a lot of fun with that. As for Balthasar, Jule-Phren didn't much care for what he did. He was kinda boring in her eyes

And then a knock at the door caught her attention, as did Razdor flambasting it with a fistless punch. She watched with interest as wood chips flew all over the place, snickering quietly at Kitterchin's horror at his obliterated door. However, due to the two gods in the doorway, Jule-Phren couldn't see past at the new arrival.

"Is that Balthasar?" She asked, reclining now that Razdor wasn't taking up the back of the sofa. "I didn't think he'd be back that quickly, but I've been wrong before..."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
What a... erm. Colorful group of gods this was. For the duration of all this talk, Narala stood quiet, his jaw hinge slightly parted, unsure of how to take this. His experience with deities before now had been much mellower than this... Well, he had a lot to learn here, he could tell. Chin up, old thing. You're one of them now too. It never served well to

His mouth shut with a wooden thump. "Ah, don't-"

He cleared his throat. Which was probably a useless gesture? He'd never had a throat before, and he didn't think he used one now? Hmm.

"Ah, don't fret over me, thank you. One so frail wouldn't quite make it this way." A soft chuckle rumbled in his chest, where, oddly enough, it sounded like his voice was coming from. His cloak shook a bit, and he stepped inside upon Kitterchin's invitation (NOT Razdor's, as his complete disregard for the door told him enough about his likelihood of being the home's owner.) Once inside, he removed his cloak, revealing a rather colorful set of folksy clothes, and a leather apron full of tools. He removed the apron too, and folded those over his left arm, feeling that wearing such things indoors and out of a workshop might be a bit rude. This mouse god seemed the sort to care about such things about as much as he did, if not more.

"I do appreciate this hospitality. Generally I wouldn't impose, but..." A gnarled hand settled on his chin, and he thought for a moment. "I've never had tea before, and it always seemed like such a charming thing. I would love a cup, if you don't mind. You keep such a lovely home, by the way."

Finding a wood chip in his beard, he sighed, and pulled it out, before turning to one of the many faces he hadn't yet seen. "I am not this Balthazar, but Narala. A pleasure to make your... All of your acquaintances. Might I ask... Well, who all of you are? I feel as though I'm intruding, do forgive me."

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