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Well. That was just confusing. What was Kitterchin even getting upset about this time? It was just one little door. Geez. He shrugged and drifted aside to let Narala in, then half-heartedly (and half-assedly) grabbed the largest chunk of door and propped it up against the doorframe. It'd fix itself within minutes anyway, probably. "There, is that better? 's just a door, Kit. How was I supposed to know it only opened one way? Other than lookin', I mean."

With an innocent grin, the totally-not-innocent-at-all chaos snake lazily hovered back into the house, coming to rest across the couch. "Name's Razdor, old-timer. 'Course, I bet you already knew that, since our gracious host decided to blurt it our for some reason. God of chaos and luck, and maybe a bit of fire while I'm at it. Feel free to go check out the casino, it's through the door ri-"

Razdor was distracted the moment his ambiguous number of eyes fell on the housecat in the windowsill. "Ooh, when'd you get the cat? Didn't take you for the pet-owner type, Kit."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal also stood, and inclined his head to Narala. "I am Tu'rebaal, and I too offer to welcome you to the universe. I hope that we can look forward to cooperating with each other in the future."

He looked to the window, where the brand-new cat god just got pointed out by Razdor. He inclined his head again. "And the same to you also, of course, once you are feeling ready to join us."
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Getting a good look at Narala, Jule-Phren quickly determined that she had no idea who the hell that was. Which could only mean one thing. A smile grew on her face as she jumped up from the couch. Quickly making her way over to Narala, Jule-Phren looked him over carefully, lips pursed and eyes narrowed. She then leaned back, stuffing her hand into her cloak before pulling out a fountain pen.

"Hmm..." She mused. "I like your mask. Gives an air of mystery, but... we've already got Mr. Speak No Evil, so..." Jule-Phren tapped the pen against the bridge of her nose before poking the tip into her eye. "You're mentor-ish, but more of a... grandpa mentor than Tu'rebaal." She nodded in satisfaction, pulling the pen out of her eye and beginning to write on the back of her other hand.

"Narala," Jule-Phren began, "an ancient wanderer, a haggard man of heavy tales and heavier hearts. His journeys bring him to the cottage of a new universe, whereupon he finally meets those similar to himself... what adventures await him here is anyone's best guess. Perhaps a god of fate could bring light to the future, but where would the fun in that be?" Finishing up for the moment, Jule-Phren squared her back and offered Narala a big smile.

"Hi, new guy! I'm Jule-Phren, Goddess of Stories. And uh... weather. And calamity, I guess." She shrugged, then held out her recently written on hand to shake. "Nice to meet you!" Her gaze drifted over to the windowsill, lighting up at the sight of a cat there. She turned back to Narala, eyes sparking excitedly. "Is that your cat?"
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You can’t own cats,” Kitterchin said automatically to Razdor and Jule-Phren, while marveling at what a treat it was going be to have a houseguest with manners. They could walk in the garden, plan ways to improve the lives of the mortals, enjoy how nice doors looked not kicked in… “They are indiscriminant balls of fluff and murder. They don't have owners, they have brainwashed henchmen. Besides, there's no cat. Over my unconscious fear-sweating body would I have a cat in here-“ He followed the snake-god’s fiery gaze and froze.

There was a cat in here. A sweet little tortoiseshell, curled up into a ball and fast asleep by the window, which was broken for some reason that was likely somehow linked to Razdor, and none of that mattered because there was a cat in his house.

Kitterchin blinked, very slowly. It looked asleep. Probably trying to lull him into a false sense of security. “Oh, no. No no no. This is not feasible. I cannot have a cat houseguest. I can’t even be around cats. My brain says ‘oh, look, someone’s come over, take care of them!’ and my instincts say ‘oh look, the agent of your bloody demise, time to write a formal letter announcing that you pack it in, good run everyone, cheers,’ and my face says ‘ah, furry feline quadrupeds! Time to swell up like a sponge and leak fluids, that ought to show them I mean business, and…” He was muttering again. No one would hear, even if they were paying attention, unless that monster heard, with its supernatural hearing and razor sharp claws and heat-seeking acid spit and-

…and it was just sitting on the windowsill. In his house, among his guests. Adequacy, Kitterchin. Remember what you’re striving for. Hospitality was the exalted art of putting up with bullshit. If a god couldn’t keep himself together in the face of unholy terror, how were the mortals going to learn the importance of manners?

Kitterchin went slowly to the kitchen, fur on his back prickling, then returned with more tea. “Miss… Cat. Will you. Please. Stay exactly where you are and don’t make any sudden movements. Would you like tea? A saucer of milk? My tears as I hide under the coffee table and try to think of even one thing in my existence worth remembering? That last one might happen anyways.” He held out two mugs of tea with hands that were shaking well within what he considered justified parameters. “Kitterchin. God of Hospitality. Also cleanliness and health, although I’ve been playing a bit fast and loose with those inviting all these people in and…

You are welcome to my house. Regardless of… you know. It’s lovely to meet you. Or some adjective to meet you, anyways.
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Yunmei flicked her tail at all the noise. First a door off it's hinges, then this... Mouse fellow starts his ranting.

"Why... I never. And here I was expecting a respectable bunch of gods... Oh never mind."

She hopped down from the window sill, stretching before sitting back down. What a strange collection, they could work with this, though hopefully this silly 'ownership' charade stopped soon.

"Thank you very much for the offer," her mewling rough from the startle, "but I really mustn't indulge yet. I've just arrived, and haven't earned my keep. Really, thank you, er, Kitterchin."

She walked toward a nearby couch, stretching out flat along it's backside

"I am Yunmei, most simply put I am a goddess of mutuality. Thank you all for the... crash course~"

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Razdor watched the cat with a bemused grin, though, since that was his usual expression, it hardly bore mentioning.

"He probably thinks you're gonna eat him, little guy," he said, before stretching out and yawning. "He thinks everything vaguely predatory's gonna eat him, if we're gonna be honest here. I'm pretty sure he still thinks that about me, even though we're such good friends now. Right, Kit?"

Razdor didn't actually wait for a response. "Name's Razdor. God of chaos, luck, fire, blah blah blah titles are boring. Try not to shed on the couch too much, or Kit's head might explode. ...Not that it wouldn't be funny to see that."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin tried desperately to think of a comeback, but his thoughts were mostly occupied with the various ways he could be dismembered in his own house. “Well… well with you shedding, Razdor, I’ve already got enough snakeskin to knit an extremely creepy scarf. A little fur is hardly likely to change anything,” he said weakly, backing slowly towards the staircase while trying to achieve the casual effect that the furthest place from the couch was just where he wanted to be. “And my head would never explode, I’d have to clean all the upholstery and that would take hours, and I’d have no head to see it with so how would I even know when the stains were out? I’d have to do the whole thing three times blind to be sure, and I wouldn’t do that, I’m lazy. Ask anyone. I tell myself I’m lazy every night as I crawl into bed, through the tears of exhaustion. And I sleep, which makes me double lazy when you think about it.

So my point is,” he said, realizing he no longer had any idea what his point was, “I think having a ca… a c-c-ca… a small furry predator that shall go unnamed to preserve what’s left of my nerves, is going to be fine. Things will be fine, won’t they? Just one more guest among the others treated the same. It is important that we take this development in context, because the context matters. It changes things. Here, uh, example…” He drummed a few dozen fingers on the banister behind him. “Time flies like the wind! Now, I could be talking about how when you’re having a nice time things go by much too fast, or I could be talking about how time-travelling insects enjoy recreational kite flying in between landing on garbage. Which... also presumably travels in time... ugh, and their kites would be made out of newspapers from the future and stray chest hairs from historical figures and… that would be awful.” Now his brain was full of flies. Why do you even think of these things, Kitterchin..?

Kitterchin sat down heavily on the stairs and buried his face in his apron. “Hello, milady Yunmei,” he said, muffled by blue print daisies, “I’m Kitterchin and I’m terrified of you. I’m going to go sit down and remember how breathing works for a few minutes now. Pardon me and please, make yourself at home.

Then, much quieter: “Did you say mutuality? That’s nice. Maybe it’s a nice c-c-caACHOO!
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"HELLLLLOOOOOO NEW PEOPLE!!! And Julie! Always a pleasure, Calamity Jules."

Animora shoots out from under the couch, like an un-noticed rodent, he twists and weaves about Narala and Jule-Phren, before twisting his cloak-body and tilting his mask into a crooked smile.

"Heeeeeyyyy Juuuuulieeeee... So you don't like it when I try to provide gifts that feed into your spheres. The romantic that I am, I understand that now. But! I do know you like your stories! And what are stories without ANTICS?"

He zooms to the cottage door.

"Watch our dear old Knight below! I'll put on quite the show! You'll see! I'll charm the ink off your pages!"

Slinking outside, he spreads his cloak wide, resembling a winged, patchwork beast, and flaps off.

He pauses near Unnamed Planet Number One, however.

"Huh. Aunty Lea, I'm gonna help out with this rock of yours. I like the mushrooms!"

His mask cracks, and a long tongue, seemingly made of mis-matching scraps of cloth, dextrously moves forwards and licks the planet's surface, leaving godly energy behind.

-2 Acts to create Jolly Jels, a race of bouncy, cheerful slime/amoeba creatures that feed off the Chaotic Fungus, adopting the magical properties of the fungus into themselves to eventually form many off-shoots as the species spreads.

Animoras' mask cracks back into one whole piece, and, looking satisfied, zooms back off the Firmament.

"Hm. Let's prepare the stage... Firstly!"

Animoras thrusts the tail of his cloak into the fabric of magic made by Kytheros, pulling at it and altering it, adding in energy of his own.

-1 Act to alter Kytheros' Winds of Magic to add a new aspect to it. Mortals can now study the school of Illusory Magic, which focuses primarily on misdirection and creating false images. However, in addition to traditional visual illusions, it also includes auditory and other sensory illusions as well.

"There's the Special Effects! Now!"

The motley god grunts audibly, and his cloak begins to balloon outwards, making him look comically bloated. Then, as it seems this is about to be a fart joke, he instead aims one eye at the Firmament's surface and fires a concentrate bolt of energy downwards. As it strikes the ground, it forms into a solid object, imbedded in the ground, a cane, the body an intricately-carved spiral, painted in many bright colors, and the top, a curved handle fashioned into a mockingly laughing mask with a comedically large nose. The eyes are a pair of polished quartz, which seem to change color when no one is looking. The cane is extremely durable, despite looking to be made of hand-carved wood, and radiates magical energy.

-2 Acts to create the Wabberwhack! The Whabberwhack is a cane that would not be out of place in the hands of a flamboyant court jester, and it possesses the ability to, when pointed at a target, create an illusion crafted off of the target's insecurities. If they lack those, it instead creates an illusion made to distract or obscure the target's vision. It's very durable and capable of taking strikes from metal weaponry, though it's not capable of breaking or piercing metal, either.

Looking satisfied, Animoras then draws his cloak around himself, forming a coccoon. Before it finishes enveloping him, he looks at the planet, his eyes glinting.

"Oh Balthasar. We shall weave comedies for the ages!"

-3 Acts to Incarnate alongside Balthasar. Animoras takes the form of a sleek, androgynous bard, traveling alongside the mighty knight, singing songs and using illusion magic to help defend the mortals. He wields the Wabberwhack, which is always with him. When his physical body begins to age and die, he'll gift the cane to the funniest person he can find.

However, unlike Balthasar, Animoras' goals aren't as simple.

At times he breaks from Balthasar, sneaking away to meet the Merry Band. Bonding with them via comedy and song, he tries to convince them to seek alliance with Balthasar's humans, and, likewise, when returning to Balthasar's side, tries to convince THEM to seek alliance with the Merry Band. If Balthasar's brutal war against the orcs targets the Merry Band, attacks on the Band inevitably go Quite Poorly for the Kaelingas. Likewise, if the Orcs attempt to genocide any humans, their assaults tend to go Awry. The horrors of war aren't that comedic, after all.

If Balthasar doesn't kick Animoras out on his ass (or, rather, try to), he'll serve as a Jester, Bard, and Advisor to his empire. Where Balthasar teaches them industry, Animoras teaches them recreation. Where Balthasar teaches them the ways of war, Animoras teaches them the ways of safe child-birth and tips for conception. Where Balthasar teaches them the Sword, Animoras teaches them magic. He, as well, teaches them art, writing, music, theater, and wood-crafting.

And if he IS rejected by Balthasar, Animoras uses his illusion magic to lurk in the shadows, pursuing the same goals. Because you gotta have your priorities.

Finally, Animoras writes songs. Lots of songs. For every misadventure he and Balthasar go on, there's a song for it. For every time Balthasar walked in on Animoras "entertaining" a bunch of people in the inn room they'd agreed to share, there was a song for that. But his songs went beyond their adventures, and touched upon the gods themselves.

The first songs he would sing centered upon the Knightly God of Chivalry and the Jovial God of Jesters, who were such good friends as gods that they decided to incarnate among the mortals, to share misadventures and lead mankind (and Orcs, Animoras would add when singing to the Merry Band) to a better age.

Many a love ballad sings of "The Lady of Ink and Disaster," who was "mercurial as she was lovely." However, she also stars in more comedic tales, wherein she (often violently) rebuffs the ineffective advances of the Jester God. The most popular one, performed alongside a hand-puppet show, involves the Jester God being pelted by a storm of heavy tomes.

A song written for marching and working sings of the God of Generals, a stoic fellow who has crafted a mighty citadel guarded by angels. He urges mortals to be strong, yet wise, and to strive to build towers and keeps as mighty as his.

Many children's songs sing of the God of Hearth, who cares for wayward travelers and awards children who keep their rooms clean with sweets. There's, as well, a story of how he convinced the God of Jesters to spare him of his jests, not by threats, but by the kindness of offering him a place to rest when his japes go poorly.

Songs sang in rowdy bar-rooms and gambling dens sing of The God of Burning Chance, who rolls the Stones of Fortune to grant boons and misfortune alike to mortals. A custom at certain celebrations are to, as they listen to the songs, leap through a fire and gamble on whether the flames will catch them. The God of Burning Chance is somewhat of a square, however, and in the few stories they interact, shows disdain at the Jester God's jests and japes.

The God of the Hearth is not the only god to have songs written for children. Also, curiously, is the God of Dreams and Secrets. He resides in a foggy, barren, ruinous land, within which one can hear whispered truths they wish to know, but whispered just low enough to be mostly inaudible. Many of these songs deal with mortals traveling to his plane for selfish reasons, learning the secret they came to uncover, but afterwards regretting learning it. These songs are unnerving to adults, but the children happily sing them anyways, reveling in the spookiness in the way only mischievous children can.

Church-like hymns, sang for the sick and suffering, sing of the Queen-Mother Goddess of Light. They provide hope to those in pain, promising them that, even if they fall to their sickness, the Queen-Mother has a place for them in her Castle.

Finally, a scattering of songs sing of "The Kindly Grandfather of Craft", who smiles upon those who make gifts for those they love, and the Bond-Cat, an otherworldly creature that guides those who are having trouble with their relationships.
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Narala took the shaking cup of tea when it was presented. He thanked Kitterchin quietly before the poor thing had his meltdown, and roughly everything happened all at once. Goodness. What a cast.

Well. About that tea. He hadn't actually consumed anything before, and it took him a bit of time to figure out. His hand went to his face, and he pinched and pulled and poked at it until it was the same face, only not made of wood. It felt odd, but he took a polite sip of his tea and changed it back near immediately. Very interesting! He didn't think this whole consumption thing was going to be his gig, but tea was nice. Tea would do. Mental note made: learn all about consumable goods sometime.

He nodded politely to Tu'rebaal, Yunmei, Razdor, and Animoras, acknowledging them but not quite having anything in particular to say. Perhaps he'd join Animoras in a bit. Lively fellow. And he did seem to enjoy humans some fair bit.

Jule-Phren, however, gave him a good chuckle, and he set his cup down in an appropriate place to address her. The pen-in-eye thing was a bit strange, but he recalled That One Time when he kept paints in little wells in his forearms (THAT had been a decade of bad ideas) and found he couldn't be bothered to stay confused. Everyone seemed... pretty odd here. "A mask, is it?" He asked, tapping his noggin. It produced a rather solid wooden sound, being back to its usual state. "Well, aside from that bit, and perhaps the accusation of haggardness, I find it interesting how quick and well you've pegged me as the being you have. Am I so transparent? It's as though I wear life on my sleeves..." His brows raised, pleased at his own joke, and the patterns in his cloak swirled for a moment, the people-like images on it seeming to laugh.

He shook Jule-Phren's hand carefully, bringing ink back on his fingertips. Hmm. His cloak and apron he hung on his shoulder, and he rubbed his hands together, using an oddly sharp edge of a thumb to move the ink into what ended up looking like gloves, coming up to the middle of his forearms. Staining to give the illusion of shading was no difficult task for him, and with the addition of divine illusion nonsense it ended up rather convincing. The color went with the rest of his outfit, convenient enough. Pleased with that, he shook his head. Yunmei was not his, and she'd explained that well enough herself.

"Hmm... My domains are crafts, and bravery, and I'll tell you what, I love a good story just the same, though my preference lies in those that have truly existed. I may end up starting a few before the day is up... It seems there's meddling yet to do in the world of the men already made." He glanced back toward the door, moving his whole head since his eyes were more thin slits in his face than actual pieces within him. There were some things he had in mind, but he wasn't about to be so rude as to leave the moment he'd been shown such kindness, nor before finishing up this conversation. He was not born in a barn.
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"A pleasure?" Jule-Phren glanced over to Animoras, a rather blank look on her face. Her brow was knit, and her lips were pressed into a fine line. "Har har, that was a good one." She crossed her arms as he continued on, rolling her eyes at him.

"I don't dislike it when you 'provide gifts that feed into my spheres'. You just make everything so weird. Ever consider not being that way?" Jule-Phren asked, frowning as he zipped away. She only watched as he postured before slipping away. "Romantic? Charm the ink off my pages? As if." She shook her head, watching him go. Still, there was a small twinge of pride in her chest at his words. At least somebody could find it in them to openly appreciate her work. Like, jeez, what's a girl gotta do to get some recognition?

"Just a guess." Jule-Phrne told Narala. She offered him a shrug. "No offense, but your face looks a little... rigid to be 'normal' skin. Looked too... woody for that. And trust me, I'd know wood when I see it." She glanced up at him, a sly smile on her face, and tapped on her cheek with her pen. "Paper skin."

She clicked her tongue in mild annoyance after the handshake, pulling her hand back and examining the smudged ink there. Honestly, she didn't expect him to actually shake her hand. Nobody else had, save Kitterchin, and he was... well, he was Kitterchin. Jule-Phren pursed her lips, using her pen to fix up some of the smudged writing while she talked. "But aaaaanyway, it was kinda obvious." She smiled. "Appearance goes a long way, and I'm pretty observant." Jule-Phren glanced up and narrowed her eyes at Narala's face. "Well... with most things, at least. And I wouldn't be a very good writer if I didn't notice the small things."

Jule-Phren glanced up in time to see Narala turn towards the door, following his gaze. She smirked. "Thinkin' about heading out?" Letting out a dramatic sigh, she stuffed the pen back into her cloak. "Honestly, I am too. I think this whole 'impromptu gathering' thing was kinda lame, and Animoras ruined the whole reason I came here in the first place..." Jule-Phren let out an irritated huff. She was still kinda ticked at that. "Plus, I wanna check out that new casino, and I've got some stuff to do..." Jule-Phren's eyes lit up. "Ooh, speaking of!" She turned towards Kytheros. "Hey, Silent-but-Deadly! When do you wanna put in the underworld? Can I help make it, or are you gonna do it all yourself?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Anastella sat quietly in the corner and shed tears at the conflict and enslavement. Oh, why had they not listened to her?

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros summoned forth the dreamstuff parchment from the palm of his hand once more and went over the plans for the Pit of Nightmares. Feeling the power return to him and noting how crowded the cottage was becoming, he vanished in a wisp of black, scentless smoke which quickly dissipated.

He re-manifested in the Dreamlands and walked towards the Tower of Embers, going over the plans, apparently uncaring of the nearby dreams he was passing by or the dreamers' interpretations of him. Upon entering the lonely tower city, past its seemingly endless ballustrades and twisting staircases and towering buildings and bastions... and went down.

Steps manifested out of the 'ground' of the Tower of Embers into a large, impossibly large circle, forming a pit as the stair case ended just as it finally came full circle, at once the stair case was connected and at the same time not, ending at a plinth from which a being may be pushed off into the endless pit. And into this pit Kytheros tore off a part of his shroud and let fall.

The pit immediately became a twisting blackness of sharp contours and gnashing, crashing constructs of indescribable size and near infinity complexity and horror, those afflicted by them will suffer indescribable torments and horrific visions, made worse by the expanded intellects of the deceased souls, endless tunnels full of half formed nightmares and filled with endless shades of mindless creatures and monsters of the Firmament awaited the more prescient, or more unfortunate of those that somehow made it passed the endless pit. The bites of these shades cause them to bleed their hopes and dreams where they are lapped up hungrily by the savage beasts leaving the souls in despair, left only with the greyest of memories and twisted versions of happier times, left alone to wonder the tunnels in aimless despair until they rekindled their hope and regained the strength, at which point the shades would feast upon them once again.

They would then enter the Halls of Madness, endless series of palatial estates with windows peering into better realms and happier times that were always out of reach, but which can never be broken nor opened, each room connected to another in decadent, decayed finery and poisoned, rotten food to tempt and to mock the suffering souls with corridors of mirrors reflecting endless variations of themselves, of what they were, of what they could have been, of what they really are and what they would never have become, each reflecting another failure of their characters or actions and then, lost in madness and agonizing despair, they will always see other souls of reflections of the worst aspects of themselves... and only then will weapons be found in their hands with which to take action. The walls and floors of the Halls forever tainted with ancient blood and vile things.

If one were to escape the Halls, for surely there are ways out of the worst of prisons, they will enter the Fields of Unknowing. Here they face the innumerable dangers presented by the worst nightmares summoned forth by the imaginations of mortalkind as if they were real and forever witness the shades, though not necessarily souls, living through their worst torments and greatest failures, again and again and again, each variation and iteration slightly different than the one before. Causing the mortals to flee in fear. But every so often, should a mortal make it out of the Fields of Unknowing, they will leave behind a shade, a shade other mortals will see as always running towards the Lonely Mountains in the far distance.

Should the soul make it to the Lonely Mountains gone will be the torments, instead, they shall feel the full force of winter's fury, a kaledioscope of seasonal trials and terrors await them in their perilous climb, injuries will feel as they would were they still mortal, broken bones will heal at half the time they would naturally if at all as they climb the treacherous peaks, the weather worsening as they ascend. Every so often, the soul will be greeted with a temptation. At first they will be simple, a short rest in a shallow cave here, a copse of trees upon which they might rest and perhaps find tempting fruit, to more extravagant temptations, a roaring campfire, a bedroll, bottles of wine, a grove from which beautiful feminine voices can be heard singing, a house, a palace, a fortress, fabulous wealth and riches, weapons and armour, glories and triumphs. Each a lie, each a trap laid for fools, each resulting in excruciating torment and punishment for their hubris until the soul is finally broken.

At which point the soul will be tossed back into the bottom of the pit of nightmares to languish, as if they had been thrown there for the first time. Only those who persevere, who do not stop, who are not fooled, but climb all the way to the top of the peaks, only then will the find that they have not been climbing mountain slopes to a singular peak at all, but where in actuality climbing the sides of the walls of the pit of nightmares. There they will be alone, there they will be in echoing silence with the threat of the pit of nightmares beneath them, their grip precarious on the slick, smoothed edged bricks as they climb and climb and climb, only to eventually be met with a solid, black ceiling and a pair of red, glowing demonic eyes piercing into their souls, filling them with silent dread and despair and the promise of no escape and no rest.

It is only then, the worthiest, bravest and most determined of souls who reach up to claw away at the black mask behind which those red eyes hide will have the illusion dispelled, as they grip the face of the gargoyle that occupies the bottom of the plinth upon which Kytheros now stood. And it is from there they may pull themselves up and walk upright, their soul no longer bearing the pains of the pit of nightmares. From which they may wander the bottom floor of the Tower of Embers which they may climb, or the Dreamlands or whatsoever they may choose and be subject to whatever god claims them if they wish, for they would be a free soul. Frankly anyone who made it through all that would deserve it.

[Kytheros Creates the Pit of Nightmares - 5 Acts]

That done, Kytheros then creates the Key of Ending, a small glowing sphere that transforms into whatever shape a god who bears it may wish. turning into a literal black iron key in his hand. He returns to Kitterchin's cottage, and hands the key over to the new god of the Underworld, giving them all authority over the newly created realm that was the Pit of Nightmares to do with as they so wished. [Key of Ending - 1 Act]

Then he wordlessly returns to his tower and out of the rock and iron of the city he creates a race of armoured angels, each one standing at eight feet in height in blackened and burned plate armour that might have once been majestic or noble or elegant, but now were in ruins and their interior bodies where made of eternally burning stone which did not damage their weapons nor armour but scalded any mortal being who made it to the Tower of Embers with their mortality intact. These Knightmares were each different from the last, each bearing a unique coat of arms of their own making and their armour as elaborate and intricate of the greatest and most noblest of dreams of mortalkind, and their weapons were eternally ancient and eternally new, regardless of the Epoch the mortals came from. They spoke to eachother only through the Silence of their being. Kytheros set these Knightmares to populate and guard his Tower of Embers, to set traps and to populate its halls and bastions, to guard against and to slay any mortal, dreamwalker or lost soul who wandered the Tower. Only the greatest, sneakiest, or mightiest of mortals would make it to his court. [Created a race of angels, Knightmares - 1 act]

And with his final Act, Kytheros left the Tower of Embers and walked amongst the Dreamlands... looking for something. He scoured the dreams of mortals looking for a likely candidate, a likely... vessel for his inspiration. Many a mortal would find the Long Strider scowling at them through their dreams, young and old, of all races, looking, watching, judging, searching for something. Eventually he would find what he was looking for in a young Coronite, a young child of unfortunate circumstances, outcast but living amongst their own people. Destined to never earn a true living for themselves, to never have anything handed to them, and live a miserable bitter existence.


Kytheros reach forth with his golden knife of Ambition and cut into the dream of the Coronite, being careful never to directly appear to them in their dreams, and into their mind, night after night, Kytheros crafted bit by bit the mentality, the Inspiration the Coronite would need. Cutting weaknesses but leaving just enough for the Coronite to overcome by themselves, to drive them, to make them sit ill at ease, their dreams filled with the ideas of wealth and the ambition to obtain them, whatever the cost, the inclination for sociability and charisma, that they may charm their way into many homes and hearths if need be, and the ability to find their own way in if they so needed. And most importantly, visions of the Wand, the Wand of Unheard, lost amidst piles of rocks on a lonely field in the firmament. Waiting to be wielded. And so Kytheros had inspired the Rogue a coronite once destined to destitution, now inflamed with zeal and ambition to strike out for itself, and take for itself what life would not otherwise have given it. Making many enemies on its way through the nations of the land, destined to wreck havoc and sew chaos in the wake of its devious machinations and whose ambitions and desires may build nations... or destroy them, free the oppressed or enslave them, to rally the outcasts or to scatter them. It was not Kytheros' care one way or another which it did, that was not the point, the secrets this mortal would discover and hide, the wars it may cause or end, the dreams it would have and inspire in others perhaps for centuries to come... would be payment enough.

[Kytheros inspired a Hero - The Coronite Rogue - 1 Act]

And with that Kytheros retired to the throne of Embers, resting upon it as he waited for the turning of the age.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Well that hardly seems fair... Those poor souls need to learn, not just be punished... Yunmei hopped down from the couch, and meandered toward the door that now led to the Pit, clawing at it til it opens on its own. Soon, dozens of cats came from the horizon, intangible yet recognizable still as cats (which would make perfect sense to anyone viewing it, despite the real lack of cats in this universe. The cats would scatter across the Pit, a rare sight for a lucky soul.

In the Halls of Madness, they would scratch at walls and doors, trying to lead the curious soul towards the nearest exit. In the Fields of Unknowing, they would wrap around the legs of souls who would not rebuke them, acting as though the shades and torments were not around, lending courage to the soul. Throughout the Lonely Mountains, they would occasionally appear before an exhausted soul, luring them away from the bait that was set across the mountains. Should a soul have accepted all three cats, with no expectation of aid, and reached the mask, then a cat would appear beside them, scratching at the mask as though it was a door, mewling loudly. Of course, only one in every 777.778~ souls would get this opportunity, and most would not take it.

[Yunmei makes guide cats across the Pit, a rare sight for a lucky traveler - 1 act]

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Jule-Phren's face scrunched up in irritation as Kytheros disappeared without a word (as per usual, she supposed), rolling her eyes again. Cool. She turned to Narala. "Yeah, I'd get used to that." She informed him, looking clearly displeased. "Lots of the other gods are biiiig sticks in the mud. Just means I don't have to do the boring stuff, I guess. Though I'd be careful. One wrong move and Tu'rebaal will lecture you on 'jumping the gun' or something. Bleh." Jule-Phren stuck out her tongue and made a sound for emphasis.

Suddenly, before she knew it, Kytheros was back, handing her a heavy, black key. "Oh!" Her eyes widened, looking over the key as it returned to the shape of a sphere before morphing right before her eyes into a quill pen and an ink well. She looked it over, and a tiny little ink specter rose out of the well, making a ghostly little 'ooooh' before descending back into the ink. Jule-Phren smiled. This was looking up a little bit.

"I'd love to stay and chat more," Jule-Phren told Narala, "but I've got an underworld calling my name! Catch you later!" She waved at him before excitedly bounding out of the door, making a beeline for the Dreamlands.

In the Tower of Embers, Jule-Phren stood at the threshold to a realm of her own, hands on her hips. The beginning was interesting enough, to say the least, but she had a bit of a feeling she wasn't going to be the most pleased with what she saw. While she was lost in thought, a mewl caught her ears, and Jule-Phren's eyes widened. She glanced down, finding a calico cat weaving in between her legs. Letting out an excited squeal, she quickly squatted down, scooping the cat up into her arms. It purred and rubbed its head against her neck. Jule-Phren let out a giggle, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Somebody had left her a housewarming gift! How thoughtful!

"What's your name, kitty kitty?" She asked, happily cuddling her new friend. The cat simply purred, rubbing up against her. Jule-Phren stared at the cat for a little while before her eyes lit up. "Ah, I know! How about you just tell me?" Carefully balancing the ink well onto the cat's back, Jule-Phren dipped her new pen into it before writing a little something onto her shoulder. 'Jule-Phren asked the cat "What's your name, my new friend?" And the cat spoke back, telling her...' Jule-Phren placed her ear to the cat's head, and it purred. A bit of ink smeared into the cat's fur, becoming a new marking. The cat wiggled its butt, and its tail suddenly split into three. All three tails moved forward, tickling at Jule-Phren's nose. She giggled, turning back to her shoulder. 'Kasha.'

Jule-Phren creates the demigod Kasha. Kasha serves as an 'assistant' of sorts to Jule-Phren. Her main job is to keep the unworthy souls in the underworld, though she also helps Jule-Phren decide on the fates of souls. Kasha has free rein of the Pit of Nightmares to do as she pleases, but is by no means restrained to that realm. Kasha also helps to keep the place running when Jule-Phren isn't there, sometimes taking over as 'chief soul judge' when Jule-Phren is absent doing other godly things. -3 Acts.

"Okay Kasha," Jule-Phren said, scratching at Kasha's head. "Time to finally check this underworld out, hmm?" Kasha nodded, rubbing against Jule-Phren's hand. The goddess grinned, stepping forward and dropping into the pit. As she fell, Kasha in her arms, she watched the shades swirl around her, noting with amusement that they seemed to be restraining themselves, though they obviously wanted to approach her. It took a while, and Jule-Phren had spent the time amusing herself with the flashing scenes of spooky visions around her, but a particularly big shade approached her, baring its maw of sharp, oversized teeth. Jule-Phren flicked it on the forehead, prompting an amused sound from Kasha, and then grabbed it with her index finger and thumb. "You'll do." She told it, and the shade looked incredibly unhappy at what it had just gotten itself into.

Jule-Phren landed on her butt in the Halls of Madness. She glanced up at the pit above her and, after a moment's consideration, walked on. That part was fine. And a bit fun, if she needed something entertaining to do. Kasha stretched in her arms and then draped herself of Jule-Phren's shoulders. The big shade followed behind, seemingly pouting that it was removed from its home. It would deal. She had bigger plans for it anyway. Stepping over a huge puddle of blood (gross!), Jule-Phren led her companions through the Halls. Along the way, she picked up a cracked hand mirror, the broken glass sporting flecks of blood. The halls were a bit classic in terms of 'eternal torment', but there was nothing wrong with the classics, Jule-Phren supposed.

She emerged into the Fields of Unknowing. The dark grasses swayed around her as she watched the (for now) sparse shades make their way towards the mountain in the distance. Some shifting shapes shimmered around her, but Jule-Phren paid them little mind. There... wasn't a lot going on her. She planted her hands on her hips.

"Well guys?" She asked. Kasha purred, the Big Shade sulked, and the mirror showed Jule-Phren an image of her touching an inferno core and getting burned into a crisp. Her eyes narrowed in annoyance. "Why do I even bother." She tromped onwards, dribbling a bit of ink into the grass as she went. Soon after, some of the grasses twisted into a vaguely humanoid shape and began plodding after Jule-Phren.

Finally making her way to the Lonely Mountains, Jule-Phren stared up at it, flanked by the big shade and the grass creature. She pressed her lips together, thinking. After shrugging, Jule-Phren began trekking up the mountain, her companions following her.

She found the perfect spot halfway up, a strange plateau that jutted in an almost comical way out of the side of the mountain. Jule-Phren snapped, and suddenly, there was a library in front of her, embedded into the mountain face. A wooden door was the only way in, and a small sign rested just above the door reading 'Jule-Phren's Library'. The place inside was rather small, consisting of one large room filled with a multitude of bookshelves, and five doors that could not be opened by the souls of mortals. In the middle of the large room was a large table with six chairs.

"Right!" Jule-Phren said, pointing at one of the seats. The grass creature plodded over, gently placing itself into the chair. Kasha hopped off of her shoulders, stretching before claiming a chair of her own. The big shade reluctantly followed, hovering over a third chair and pouting. Nodding in satisfaction, Jule-Phren made her way over to one of the doors labeled 'Manny' and popped it open. Inside was a headless mannequin, a slot where its neck would normally be. Jule-Phren placed the mirror's handle into the slot, and the mannequin sprung to life, moving around its arms and legs.

"There you go, Manny." Jule-Phren said. The mirror turned towards her and showed her an image of her getting run through a paper shredder. She rolled her eyes and pushed the mannequin over. "Manny, be reasonable." She said. "I gave you this body. I can take it away. And trust me when I say that its entirely possible for me to break you, to grind up the glass that makes you into a dust so fine that Kasha would have trouble seeing you. Nobody would ever remember you. You're mortal, just like the rest of them, and I can take that away with the flick of my wrist." The mirror was blank for a moment, before showing an image of itself being crushed under Jule-Phren's foot. She smiled. "There you go!" She led Manny out into the large room again, where it took one of the remaining seats.

"Congrats!" Jule-Phren told them. "You lucky souls are gathered here because I want you in my court! Yay!" She smiled. "As members of my court, you'll help me judge souls, do that stuff when I'm not here, and make sure souls in your respective areas are being punished correctly! When judging souls, always remember this: just because they're determined doesn't mean they're sorry! Truly evil mortals are willing to go to any lengths to get back to doing the evil they love, so you've gotta be careful. Look into their souls and see if they're truly sorry for what they've done. If they're not, send 'em right back to the start! Any questions?" They all sat there silently, except for Kasha, who yawned. "Great! You start today! I've got some other stuff I need to do, so get started and do your best!" Grinning, Jule-Phren started leaving the library. Kasha jumped from her chair onto the table, and then onto Jule-Phren's shoulders, and the two left.

Jule-Phren creates Judgement's Library, a section in the Underworld situated in the middle of the Lonely Mountains. No matter the path that a soul takes, they will always end up at Judgement's Library halfway up the 'mountain'. Inside, they are judged by either Jule-Phren, Kasha, or Jule-Phren's court to determine the repentance of their soul. If the soul has not truly repented for their crimes, they are immediately sent back to the Pit of Nightmares to go through the whole ordeal all over again. -1 Act.

Jule-Phren creates her court, a group of creatures from each area of the Underworld that moderates their respective areas, making sure that they're punished properly for their sins. They are also imbued with her ideas of poetic justice, and judge souls the same way she does. They assist her in the soul judging process as well. -3 Acts.

Jule-Phren knocked on the front door to the Last Chance Casino, letting herself in. "Yoohoo, anybody home?" She asked, calling out into the Casino. Kasha purred quietly on her shoulders, pawing at the air in her sleep.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Narala had noted the interesting qualities of Jule-Phren's skin, and it was pleasant, to him, that he wasn't the only one of his sort among them. Perhaps she'd been a book once? Well, more likely she wasn't. He didn't find it plausible that most gods were initially inanimate objects. Maybe she just thought the aesthetic was pretty darn cool. He could appreciate that. She made it work. He chuckled at the thought of Tu'rebaal, or anyone else for that matter, lecturing him about gun-jumping. Jule-Phren may have observed a thing or two, but it seemed she didn't quite have a complete grasp of his character. For the best. She seemed like the sort to enjoy figuring that kind of thing out.

"Yes... I think I'll be going shortly. I've only just arrived, but it seems there's much to be doing." He paused, and his tone held a sly amusement, "I'll keep your words in mind. Enjoy your underworld?" He waved, politely, and several figures on the cloak in his other hand followed suit.

Then it was time to get to business. Narala bid Kitterchin an appreciative fare well (and left his empty cup in the sink, rinsing it out), before exiting the cottage. He stared out over all of the current creation once more, and decided it was time to get to work, and help out both his new companions, and those humans he'd already begun to like. Before he joined them, he'd make things a little more workable.

1 Act: The horses these particular humans (those being led from slavery) were around developed singular long horns on their heads, which were rather hard and sharp. They would be a much paler version of whatever color the horses were, and sprout from their foreheads specifically(where a horse's star might be).

3 Acts: Narala manifested in the mortal realm! He appeared as a human man, of a similar build of his final puppet form, and wore the garb of a metalsmith, along with a tasteful wooden mask! Which probably looked rather strange, considering metal wasn't really a thing until recently, and thus probably betrayed him in his attempt to blend in initially. Weirdo in a big stupidly thick apron and gloves not befitting the current culture. Who even is this guy?

He incarnated with Balthazar and Animoras, and appeared to the enslaved humans to rally them! To be crafty about their escape, to take their experiences and turn it against their advantaged oppressors, and, well, get crafting. He would help them to improve their leather work, so they might protect themselves better than their enemies, and get on their ways to making other better leather goods. After the war. They did have some important things to do in the meantime. He'd teach them to make use of these horned horses for all they can do with them, (bone, hide, horn, hoofs, sinew? So much potential they hadn't yet gotten to, it seemed) so that they might be in better shape until Balthazar led them to wherever he was headed, with all those nice new minerals to mess with.

On the journey, when all had been prepared and the escape was going, he would stay to the back, traveling along with the young and the feeble. A spear (and a lovely thing at that) was always in hand when they traveled, ready to stand between the weak and danger. He'd tell personal stories which would sound like fiction, of beasts fought, and of triumphs against crueler peoples. There was always hope for those who'd strive for it; there was always a way for the cunning.

Once there, Narala would take in the most curious, brightest little craftsperson. As he was so fond of doing, he'd kickstart an age with a whole lot more metalwork through them. This one would get tutelage in general metal working. Nothing specialized, but a well-learned base he could teach others, and hopefully that would get them started for the next generations quite nicely. He was one to believe humans made their best works when they had a great grasp of many basics, and were allowed to experiment with them. It seemed they'd have plenty of time to do just that. A little encouragement went into encouraging them to take a look at the crystals he himself wasn't familiar with, to see how they might incorporate them into their works.

He was a bit simple still in his approach to humans, and didn't teach them more besides that, feeling that the capacity of people to learn things on their own was astounding, and things they learned themselves after he'd gotten them going would be far more valuable than the things he taught them at first. Aside from that, during the whole time, he actually tried not to spend a ton of time with Animoras or Balthazar in particular, taking a bit more of a back seat with the humans. In general, he was along for the ride, but didn't hold interest in directing the ride itself.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Seeing the plight of the humans, several gods manifest in mortal form in order to liberate them from their oppressors, and give them a better life. Balthasar, Animoras, and Narala, all incarnate on the mortal plane, and begin their work.

Using the power of the Wabberwhack and its’ illusions, and with a good deal of luck, a large group of slaves were liberated from one of the larger orc warbands. From there, their army began to grow. Sometimes with clever tactics and trickery. Other times with shock and awe attacks. The power of the human uprising came from their ability to gain new soldiers with every attack against a warband. Though the revolution was bloody, it was also effective. In time, their massive army had caught the attention of a massive horde of orcs. The battle against this horde was the greatest test the army would face. And it’s scale and importance ensured it would be told about for centuries to come.

The fighting lasted for almost an entire day. At the heart of the battle, Balthasar acted as a rallying force. His sword cut through dozens of foes, before he found himself faced with the Warchief. Massive and powerful, even for an orc warchief, he posed a challenge for even Balthasar. Their battle was legendary, with the war chief using his earth crystal club to knock aside Balthasar’s weapon early on, and Balthasar needing to rely on his armor and strength to survive blow after blow. The warchief finally gets passed his defenses, and grips his throat. But before he could choke the life out of him, Animoras uses the Wabberwhack to turn the Warchief’s greatest fear against him. Weakness. With his strength gone, Balthasar ripped free of the chief’s grasp, and beat the warchief into submission. He reclaimed his sword, and used it to pierce the war lord’s heart.

Though the warchief had been killed, it seemed like it would not be enough to win them the day. The orcs were too numerous and powerful. But then, the merry warband arrived, rushing over the chromatic hills. Announcing their arrival with a great song of battle, the enemy orcs were struck from behind. Now fighting a battle on two fronts, the army was routed. The battle was won.

The march to the promised land began, with a few more humans liberated on the way. But many had to be left behind. The army had grown too large, and food was already becoming a problem. The march to the land of day was bittersweet. But though the march was harsh, spirits were still kept from dipping too low by the knowledge that they had finally earned their freedom. The gods who had incarnated were also beacons in the dark. With Balthasar’s steadfast strength, Animoras’ humor and song, and Narala’s eagerness to help others, all working to encouraging them to push onward.

They finally arrived in the promised land. Protected on two sides by the still filling grooves of the firmament which formed a right angle. And on the third side by mountains of metal and earth crystals. And work began immediately to build homes here in their new land.


A few generations have passed. A great stone city stands in a mountain pass, acting as a gateway to the liberated lands. Here the gods lived, inspiring the humans with many advancements. Including architecture, metalworking, and grain alcohol. (One guess as to who’s idea that was.)

The gods are waking from their sleep. Balthisar in his keep. Narala in his workshop. And Animoras in the tavern. Though it seems like a normal enough day at first, Animoras quickly notices something awry. And it is then that they see that the Wabberwhack is missing!

Up in the heavens, the other gods are capable of seeing, if they care to cast their omniscience to it, that the Wabberwhack has been stolen by the Rogue. Who used masterful illusions to sneak into the city and steal the artifact, before riding away with it back to the land of sunset on horseback.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Anastella notices the actions of the other gods and her mood improves.

"Thank you, all, for doing that which I cannot do and freeing the humans from their enslavement. Truly, your battle was just and good. Now, I must concern myself with the aftermath."

She goes down into the mortal realm, to the lands of the Merry Warband, and reveals herself to them as a shining star.

"My children, you have done great good in freeing the humans from captivity, and I have come to reward you. Here are my gifts unto you."

She touches the spiritual leaders of the Merry Warband and grants them the power to heal by touch. No matter what species, they can channel the divine power of Lea Anastella to heal so long as they follow her teachings.

She also produces from within her a circlet of bright gold.

"This crown I give unto your chief. Its power is such - you will be recognized by others, even from outside your band, as their leader, so long as you are a Just, Noble, and Merciful ruler."

The crown settles on the chief's head.

(-2 for Circlet of Nobility, -1 for Healing Hands, -1 for Anastella's manifestation).

"Now, go out and extend the hand of forgiveness to your orc brethren who are lost without a warchief, and protect those humans who were left behind on the long march to the Lands of Day. This, I command."

With that, she flies back into the heavens.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal spent his time mostly insubstantially watching Balthasar's crusade with uncharacteristic interest. It had been a long time since he'd seen a campaign like it. It was impressive to behold such a rallying of the slaves into an effective fighting force.

It seemed they were now stable, secure in their fortified nation. He was happy that the incarnated gods had taken the time to teach them great construction, but there was still room for improvement.

Tu'rebaal reached down to a human child, found staring up at the high walls of the stone city and realizing what her future desires would be, and blessed her with architectural genius that would emerge in adulthood. She would feel the desire to invent and advance science and architecture, but how she took that would be her own choice - designing new fortifications and palaces for the city as Balthasar's chief architect, writing legendary treatises on innovations in mathematics and construction or even teaching others her methods - or perhaps all three.

Tu'rebaal blesses a young girl with genius. She will grow up to be one of the great polymaths of mathematics and architecture. (-2 acts)

However, Tu'rebaal felt the need to exert his divine influence on this new empire. And it would serve as a way to safeguard his investment, just a little. He called forth a large number of platoons of angels into his high iron tower, and explained to them a new mission. They were going to be incarnated in paragon human bodies, supernaturally strong, tough, fast and long-lived, perfectly adapting their skills in war, with traces of their true bodies echoed in things like glowing-fire eyes or iron-grey skin.

They would be sent down to the surface of the daylands to establish fortified settlements in defensible locations such as mountains and chasm-crests. Their first objective would be liberating slaves from orc warbands to help build and fill them. The goal was to create a number of strictly-regimented independent city-states with these liberated peoples. To them, they would teach the arts of war and civilization, to allow them to best fortify themselves and resist the inevitable orc assaults on their cities, and establish worship of Tu'rebaal and understanding of the other gods, of course.

Concessions would be made to the three gods of the new empire, so that the settlements near their realm would be positively received. Each city-state would be encouraged to develop a tradition of warriors who went out to liberate more slaves to help fill the cities, hopefully producing great heroes to fight gloriously for the freedom of the oppressed. Fraternization would not be forbidden, and the angels would be encouraged to be a full part of the communities they created rather than just distant leaders. And beyond the skills Tu'rebaal wanted them to give to the mortals, each angel could ask Tu'rebaal for an additional skill or craft of their choice to be experts in, which they could practice and teach when on the surface.

Two such communities would be placed in the mountains protecting the new empire, and for them Tu'rebaal had one additional mission: the angels of each settlement would take turns sending someone to watch over the genius he had blessed in the empire, intervening if it looked like she was in grave peril. They were literally going to be her guardian angels.

Tu'rebaal incarnated a large number of angel platoons in super-mortal bodies, given them extra skills and knowledge to teach to the mortals, and sent them on a massive mission to the surface. (-4 acts)
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Yunmei began to feel concerned about the longevity of the orc species. The coronites had their forest cities, and the humans had their kingdoms, but what of the orcs? Warbands and strong leaders, certainly, but even the largest of warbands ended up all but useless against the armies of humanity. She had decided; the orcs would become their own homes, filled with vibrancy like the rest of the world around them.

Across the warbands, orcs would unknowingly become infected by a mutualist fungus. For most of the lifespan, it would lay mostly dormant in the skin of orcs, surviving off of dirt and debris (mostly blood and dead skin), spreading only by a light dusting of spores, and the occasional instance of skin contact. Over time, the fungus would completely replace the outer layers of the skin, forming a tough burgundy layer, similar in structure to kevlar, without harming the host. Further, when an infected orc died, it would quickly decompose, growing into a large scarlet fungal tower, sometimes several meters tall, with a multitude of caps around it's branching stalks. These stalks would be made of the same stuff that replaced the hides of orcs, and often still had the bones of their hosts deep within their cores. The life cycle of the fungal tower would be stagnant, continually pushing out cloud after cloud of spores, until it eventually starves or is destroyed. Orcs would be the only species, at the time, capable of surviving in this "cloud" "forest", as the spores themselves would harden in the lungs and mucous membranes of most other species, causing them to suffocate and grow into yet another tower. This would be their Godsend, if all went well.

[-2 acts; Godsend, a fungal infection found in a large number of orcs]

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal saw these new fungi. Something about them deeply disturbed him. Though his homeworld had never seen their like, they reminded him of a biological weapon that had caused omnicide in another warlike reality he had visited.

He would warn his incarnated angels, in their dreams. This was something they would need to prepare for.


A figure charges up the steps of the castle of God-Emperor Balthasar. His skin is pale to the point of being almost blue, with an unnatural glint to it that reminds a watcher of diamond. Shouting, he demands an immediate audience with the Emperor, claiming to have dire portents of what is to come. Close behind him are three others, varied in appearance but similarly attired. They are garbed in sculpted seasteel armor, worn by hard labor in the mountains but polished to a shine. They move with an insistent urgency that betrays their unnatural might.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros looked down from his throne, through the Tower of Embers, through the Dreamlands and down onto the Fungal Plague afflicting the mortals below.

He inclined his head disapprovingly.

Then looked forward, waved his hand and the Dream image floating before him changed from the dreary miserable existence of some man who had lost his entire family and was suffering immense self hate for the fact to what could only be described as a comedy involving six Coronites, three orcs and painting fences.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Anastella notices Yunmei creating the fungus.

"You devil! You monster! You'll slaughter them all with this foolishness!"

She tears at her chest until she bleeds - bright golden blood flows out, burning to see. Anastella grabs at her blood and it solidifies, grows, until it becomes a white flower with small, sharp leaves. The flower's pollen acts as an antifungal agent, while its petals make an anti-inflammatory tea when infused in water.

She scatters this throughout the lands of Day and Sunset. (1 Act)

Then, she lands on the ground and transforms herself. Where before was a bright being in a pure robe now stands a Coronite woman, though her top two eyes are small, and her crown is wreathed in gold. Lea Anastella goes out to teach the medicinal use of plants to cure various aliments. She first travels among the Coronites, and then to the nearby humans to teach them the art of Medicine. 1 Act

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Jule-Phren made her way around the casino, happily taking in the flashing lights and exciting sounds. This place was great! She couldn't wait until people actually started showing up, though. Trotting over to the bar, Jule-Phren plopped herself down on one of the bar stools and gave it a spin before planting her elbows on the bar. She wasn't a drinker, as liquids tended to make her pages a bit soggier than she preferred.

On her shoulders, Kasha yawned, cracking an eye open and letting out a quiet grunt. Jule-Phren smiled, reaching up to scratch at her chin. "What's wrong, kitty kitty?" She asked the demigod, leaning over to press a kiss to Kasha's head. Kasha flicked her tail, gesturing in the general direction of the mortal world. Jule-Phren rolled her eyes, glancing over at it. What were those guys getting up to now? Her lips pressed together at the shenanigans she could see from here. Of course.

"Mmm... nah." Jule-Phren shrugged, causing Kasha to grunt again and migrate to Jule-Phren's head. "Not gonna get into this one."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar instructed his guards to let Tu'rebaal's angel in at once, for Balthasar regarded Tu'rebaal as one of his closest allies in the realm beyond man. As much as he'd never expected it to be so, he also regarded Animoras as a friend now. While he knew that the God was filled with madness, he'd saved the entire crusade with his actions once upon a time, and Balthasar would forever remember that.

And as for the newcomer Narala? Balthasar regarded him highly as well! A good ally and comrade to have in the crusade to save mankind.

"Please, speak, tell me your news," Balthasar requested once the angel was in the audience chamber. Balthasar was standing where a throne would normally be. He'd refused a throne when offered one. A ruler should be accessible, but never resting. Never growing complacent. The dangers facing humanity never rested upon their laurels, so if Balthasar could help it, he wouldn't either.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"A great peril has come to the firmament," said the lead angel, dropping to one knee before the divine emperor. "My master Tu'rebaal above has informed me of a new danger that festers among the orcs, one that has the potential to destroy all you have created so far. Please, I beg you to allow me a private audience with you and your two Companions, so that I might explain."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Somewhere in the sunset lands, there lived a particular Coronite among the trees, otherwise unremarkable but for one thing – they were the tidiest mortal alive. As such, they likely didn’t get many houseguests. It was a bit of a shock to their daily routine when a knock came on the door, and standing on the other side was a god.

Hello,” Kitterchin said, ducking his head, “yes, I am a god. If it helps, be aware that I am probably more alarmed by that fact than you are.” He hated wearing an incarnate form. He never felt entirely attached to his own body – it tended to knock things over and just generally make an idiot of itself, like a badly behaved mount he was piloting. “So sorry to invite myself over like this, but times being what they are. Which is… times, I suppose, what else would they… Tea?

Before the mortal had a chance to answer, he pulled out two mugs from an indeterminate pocket and set them down on the spotless table. Distractedly he ran one hand over the tree wall. “These are coming along nicely, aren’t they? I made these, ages ago. Sort of forgot about them to be honest. You’ve been taking nice care of them.Always did like the Coronites. Sensible people.

Tea served, it was time to get down to business. “Alright, listen,” Kitterchin said to the mortal opposite. “I know you’ve probably had a rough go of it. It’s not easy caring about the little things. People make fun of you, call you obsessive, or weird, or ‘it’s just a little mold you maniac, there’s no need to burn the house down’, but they wasted their youth making friends and leaving the house so what do they know about safety? Thing is, you’re the best one here for what’s coming. And something is coming your way. It’s…” How to describe it? Mushrooms erupting from living tissue, warping what had once been caring beings into shambling pillars of destruction. A long painful death with nothing but more violence and destruction at the end. A death not fit for the lowliest of scum who don’t even wash their toothbrush…

…it’s a horrible fucking plague,” he finally decided on. “Pardon my language. Long day. Moving on to instructions now.

First of all, keep things clean. Everything. Every single day. Staying rigorous will help keep the stuff away from your and your family, so clean the floors, clean the windows, clean the garden, clean your children, clean the whole Firmament if you have to. I mean, yes, it’ll break some people. But they’re weak. They need to be culled from the herd. I need to stop talking now.” They were going to need some basic supplies for that. Casting out his power, Kitterchin took the calcified roots of the oldest of his Great Trees and softened them until the white bark flaked off into something soft enough to mark with a fingernail. Mixed with water, it would make a foaming disinfectant. Now they could finally start keeping house properly – albeit not for the reasons he’d once hoped.

Second,” he went on, trying to stay on track, “medicine.” How did mortals pay attention to anything while wearing these dying shells for bodies? “There’s herbs out there that can be brewed into a tea that will fight this thing off. Made by the Empress, lovely person really, bit shiny but you all owe her a lot. I’ve written down the recipe,” he said, handing a green-inked page to the Coronite. “The honey and bergamot aren’t actually necessary. Just makes it taste a little less like licking the floor of a prison. Drinking that should keep people alive, assuming they want to me in a universe where the pitiless whims of gods can destroy everything they ever stood for at a moment’s notice.

Last, you’re going to need to make sure everyone knows. Not just the people in your city, and not just the Coronites either. This plague is threatening every home in the firmament and people need to know how to protect themselves. Just arrive in peace, show them you want to help, and try not to start anything new. Not that you’re not to going to want to get in fights. I mean, seriously, you’re going to have to leave the forest. You could run into orcs doing this. Have you met orcs? Their faces are like pin-up models for fists. Fists fantasize about their faces every night while they punch their wives and realize the romance isn’t coming back. Thing is, this isn’t their fault either. There are dark things at work in the universe, mortal. Little furry ones with teeth.“ He was never trusting a cat again.

With that, Kitterchin stood and brushed off his apron. Was it his imagination, or could he already see spores in the air? “I brought a few things to help you on your way,” he said to his chosen Coronite. “It’s not much. Probably worthless. “ With one more spark of power, he cleared the mortal of any illness or infection, for the rest of its life. A few of the doormice were crowding around the windowsill. Kitterchin indicated the mortal with one hand, then pointed at each of the mice with a few dozen more. This is your master now, for as long as it abides by my instructions. Keep it safe from any who would harm it. If you have to, eat the bastards. Gift receipt’s in the bag.

The mortal’s door was still open. His own home was calling to him, warm and finally cat-free, but Kitterchin found he was having a hard time leaving. Poor things.So that’s it,” he said, standing in the doorway awkwardly. “Make the medicine, spread the word, keep people safe. It might be a little thankless, and I’m not sure people will notice. They don’t tend to notice unless there’s a lot of violence and glory and blood involved, which is absurd, because blood is meant to stay inside people, because they made it, and it’s theirs, and this won’t be like that but I’m hoping you’ll accept it anyways. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that there are always going to be heroes. You know, the ones that swoop in on a unicorn-studded diamond and save the fate of the universe while performing open-heart surgery on an enraged silverback gorilla, because that’s what people like them do and they don’t know how to stop, but the world is going to need you, alright?” By then he was fading away, light shining through him sunset-orange, but he took a last second to dig through his pockets and produce a newly-copied brass key. “If you decide to accept, come find me later, in the afterlife. It’s Kitterchin, with a K. I’ll make a sponge cake with toff-

Then he vanished, key clattering to the floor.

In his own living room, Kitterchin gave a small shudder. “Ugh. Incarnating. Feels so… so…” His ears perked forwards. “Hang on, is there dust on the drapes?

[Kitterchin incarnates before the Coronite Herbalist and makes them a hero tasked with spreading the word of health and hygeine. They are immune to the fungus and have knowledge of how to create a herbal remedy to cure the sickness. They can also command the doormice to protect them, should they find themselves in danger. He also creates soapstone, a naturally occurring rock that when combined with water acts as a disinfectant. -4 Acts]
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar nodded grimly.

"Yet another trial for creation. I shall gather my friends," Balthasar said.

And so Balthasar did just that! He would send word to Animoras and Nayala, and request that they all convene to hear the angel's dire news!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Ohhhhhhh... What was so IMPORTANT that you HAD to INTERRUPT my MUSINGS? I was composing A GLORIOUS BALLAD!"

Animoras strode in, a wiry, almost androgynous man, clad in hooded patchwork robes and wearing a golden mask with a comically large nose, his faux-Whabberwhack in hand. He raised the cane's tip next to his head, bobbing it's faux image as words seemed to come from its mouth.


Animoras shot the cane a scandalized look.

"Oh, Jabberjabs, you WOUND me! I assure you, one can do both!"

He laughed, then flourished the cane, smacked the base against the tile of the throne room, and leaned upon it.

"SO! My good knight-king-emperor of the Very Nice Chair, what reason do you call I, a humble bard and troubadour, into your court?"

Animoras sighed melodramatically.

"And, no, I still haven't found Whabberwhack, before you ask. Hence why I have my new friend Jabberjabs with me. I'm working on a terribly clever jest to repay that silly rogue, though, worry not."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Thankfully, Narala came in after Animoras was done. Narala was a busy man. He was on the other side of the complex, actually doing things. When he came to them, he was in a thick leather apron, with heavy gloves, and similarly sturdy boots. And a mask, as he had been doing some welding. He lifted that mask, to reveal another mask, which was much nicer looking, but not so extravagant as Animoras's. The one he'd come down to the world with. No beard this time (a shame, truly, but it had the potential to get in the way of his work.) He looked to his companions... friends? He hadn't been the most outward about his familiarity in the time they'd been down there, seeing as he didn't allow himself time for fooling around, but you know. They were alright. A bit happy to harm, he thought, but eh. In any case, he stood by them and looked down to the angel, and opened his mouth (strange strange strange). "What word have you been sent with?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"O Gods, I bring word that the new goddess Yunmei has created parasitic and lethal fungi that pose a threat to all of creation," said the angel. "They kill any creature they infest except orcs, and create huge totem-mushrooms that emit toxic spores immediately upon their hosts' death."

The angel explained, in detail, exactly what Yunmei had created and answered the Gods' questions so that they'd be brought up to speed with recent events.

"I can only assume the Gods Above are already moving against this threat," said the angel to conclude, having been informed of what was going on before all the other gods started acting. "But as you are here in the material world, you must be made aware of this terrible disease that threatens to sweep across the land."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Hm, Yunmei? I thought she was a god of... Balance, or something or another. A death fungus is HARDLY a balanced foe for humanity!"

Animoras stood straight, spinning Jabberjack around in his hand in a flourish.

"Perhaps it's a prank! But I just don't get the joke. Oh, but Julie will be so delighted, my Lady of Catastrophe!"

He sighed, pacing the room.

"But dire news for us, I lack godly god juice, I used it all coming down here! Hence the lack of pink. I'm simply all spent! Oh the comedy, the god of fuckery being overfucked! Now that's a joke, my dear Yunmei, pay attention to it."

Animoras turned back to the other people in the room.

"Welp. I suppose I'll just cast some illusions wither and hither until I get infected and die. Oh I'll need to make this death most comic! Perhaps on the toilet. The common people will enjoy that, a good poop joke... But until my timely demise, dear friends, I'm afraid I'll be of little use in fighting this dire, dire, terribly uncolorful threat!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Oh, come now. Who is truly useless without the use of such things? Beings have always gotten along themselves without it, and in such interesting ways." He didn't understand some of the gods. It was like they were never not divine, which, when he thought about it, might actually be the case. That would explain some things. Weirdos. Honestly, there were less kind words than weirdos for this lot. He'd have to have a word with Yunmei when he got back. That word, he decided, was going to be, why.

Well, Narala was no fool, and he had some power left in him, and the smarts to not necessarily need it. If that angel told the truth, then the day's peculiar rain held some promise. The timing was right. Perhaps they'd been given some aid already. He went to the angel that had brought them this news, and thanked him and his companions personally, asking them their names to remember. This would have blind sided them entirely without their help. There were two words he'd have to have with a strange god, except this one would be Tu'rebaal, and the words would be thank you.

They were already in the land of day, so keeping things dry would be simple enough, and help prevent the fungal spores from being able to take root in anything but beings (which couldn't exactly stop being damp on the inside.) Excellent. An advantage already. "Let's make use of what we've got then. I think you men can better handle the preparation for a fight, and figure out how to keep it away from us. I'll be doing what I do best. If I'm not back with some solutions, I'll give it some flair to fix it, but I think we've got all we need between us."

So much to do! First, he went outside (which he hadn't in a while, whoops) and picked a few of the new flowers, bringing them into his workshop. Anyone in the workshop he took aside, and explained to them the gist of the situation. One man could do nothing of substance, they needed to work together. He had some ideas, and their help would be instrumental in stopping this plague from destroying them. He sent for one of his craftsfolk to find pieces of molding fruit, to provide a fungus to work with, and held a few experiments over the course of a couple of days, determining that the pollen was the antifungal agent. Of course, he'd have Balthazar and Animoras informed of developments as they came. During these days, he went out with his folk (attempting to recruit whoever he could along the way) to gather wax from the leaves of Lea's blessing. There would be time to teach all the glories of plant based wax later (supposing this didn't kill them all), but for now, he set to work. He set up a huge pot and melted the wax, infusing it with the pollen, and had someone spread the word to the medicine folk of the town, to start figuring out some things to do with the plant. Maybe some eye drops? Figuring that out would be pretty good, and he wasn't sure how much time he'd have to do it himself.

Anyhow, with this infused wax, Narala had them get to work. They put a thin layer of this wax over the leather armor of their warriors, first off. Then, they'd make masks for them too, waxed cloth (the fibers being waxed, then woven, to ensure they would still be breathable) with a band of flimsy metal at the top that they could pinch over their noses to ensure a good seal. He didn't think they had time to go through the invention of glass, nor the time to produce it, so the masks just covered the nose and mouth of the wearer, with a strap going around the back of the head to secure it. When those preparations were done being made for their army, he'd set them to making robes and more masks of waxed cloth. Emergency stuff, for civilians if a fungal tower sprouted too close to the city. If he had time, any horses riding into battle would need some masks too, he was pretty sure, but people were his first priority.

Had the angels had not left the city by then, Narala gave them each a set of this protective gear, to bring back to their own settlements' makers for ideas to work with. Very much a 'share the means to not die' kind of guy. If the angels were gone, he'd find a suitable messenger to send to each of the two angel-led cities, and give those messengers each two sets, so they had their own in case of attack on the road. He almost said, "Godspeed." as they left, and had to stop himself, because that was just too much.

He would, after those days had passed and the preparations made, go to the medicine people he'd had informed of the issue. If they'd actually been working on eye drops, he'd offer his own left eye to test, since eyedrops didn't seem to be a big thing yet, and perhaps the risk of blinding someone was best left to someone who had already been around too long anyway.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar got to work immediately!

He'd train his people in longer ranged tactics (including the use of siege weapons, and basic slings, bows, and perhaps even crossbows). He'd also instruct his soldiers and people in the various HORRORS of the disease, and would try to recruit healers to deal with the problem.

Hopefully, it'd work out.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
While waiting for the fungal infection to spread and combating it to begin in earnest, Tu'rebaal decided to bless his angels to make them better equipped to deal with it. He imbued their human forms' blood with resistant properties to make their bodies inhospitable to infections and fungal parasites, as well as gifting them and their cities with knowledge of destructive elemental magic to help purge the infestation and better combat the orcs.

Incarnated angel bloodline disease/fungus resistance (-1 act)

Angel cities learn destructive elemental magic (-1 act)
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Yunmei found it strange, the way the other gods dealt with the problem through human force. A moth would have sufficed... Moths... Her wandering would soon take her to where the forests met, an empty place beyond the plants and fungus. Too empty, and definitely unstable - the perfect place for the perfect things! As she bumped into tree trunks and fungal stalks, the wind began to take mortal form. Fungal spores and loose leaves formed together into brilliant burgundy-winged moths, with white bodies that were reminiscent of murky quartz, and with larvae much the same.
The moths ate spores during their short lives, where their larvae would eat the leaves below. They were hermaphroditic, pairing off for a week before death, and would lay their clutches of 3-7 eggs on the undersides of branches, wrapped in a paper-like substance made of wood pulp. The larvae would make cocoons out of similarly papery substance, formed from the leaves in their diet. These moths would be, of course, immune to the spores. The average moth would live for 5 months.

[-1 act; Rose Moths: A brilliant moth that survives on the life between fungal blight and great forests. They keep fungus in check by eating spores,]

She soon realized, as she chased a moth through the canopy, that the moths would need predators - nothing too extreme though, just a lazy ambush predator. In the hollow nodes of trees, and on the underside of fungal caps, dark bodied arachnids would come, in small colonies of 3-7. They were dark, in the way the sunset sky is through the leaves of a great tree, with long legs, more than 50 times the size of their body yet extremely frail.
They would weave large nets in the spaces between branches and stalks; widely spaced strands that could catch the odd rose moth. In each colony, the majority - if not in its entirety - would be males, working together to maintain the net and collectively breed with the female. Females had a body several times larger than a male, and would lay a clutch of eggs, half of which would never fully mature to hatching. The spiders were very territorial, males often fighting to the death over a bough. In most cases, seeing one colony in a 7 square foot range could be expected, and about 2/5ths of moths could be expected to fall prey to them. They possess a toxic bite that causes hallucinations and a cold sweat in most sentient mortals, although it can stop the heart of smaller animals. The spiders are mostly disinterested in larger animals; not doing much to avoid them, but biting the unfortunate being that walked in the wrong way. They are, of course, also immune to the spores of the godsend.

[-1 act; vagrant spiders: an incredibly long legged spider that lives in between the great forests and fungal blight. Venomous. Preys, inefficiently, on rose moths.]

Wow, that wasn't so hard... I wonder if I can still help over there... Yunmei looked over at the humans, now flooded with blessings... This... What a shame... She found herself on the edge of the blight once more, now much closer to the human civilizations and angelic cities. These were the veritable strongholds that the other gods thought would fall to a little mushroom? She tilted her head with a look of amusement; all that energy spent on such a little problem, a cast where a bandage would suffice, and such an uneven one at that.

"A-aren't you guys even a little bit worried about driving the orcs to extinction? You're all going so rough on such a small thing..."

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
With the threats facing humanity, the gods see fit to intervene that they may be saved. But while old problems are confronted, new terrors rise in their place.

Balthasar, Animoras, and Narala choose to incarnate among the humans, and lead them on a crusade against their oppressors. Hundreds are freed from bondage, and make pilgrimage to a new land, made bountiful with minerals by the god of heroics.

Animoras, before incarnating to help the humans with his Wabberwhack and cunning, creates the Jolly jels. A cheerful amoeba that feeds on the chaotic fungus of Anastella’s world. He also infuses the winds of magic with illusionary properties, that mortals might gain the upper hand through cunning and guile rather than brute force.
Meanwhile Narala creates a unique breed of horse with a horn, which would in time be nicknamed long horns by the humans.

Kytheros creates the pit of nightmares. A gauntlet of challenges reserved for the wicked souls who are judged by Tu’rebaal’s council. As well as the key of ending, which gives control of the realm to whomever wields it. Handing the key to the Goddess of stories, he turns his atention elsewhere. First, creating angels for his own realm. And then, creating the Rogue. A Coronite inspired through dreams to great deeds. Though acting selfishly, they would still in turn inspire others. Becoming a figure larger than life.

Yunmei takes interest in pit of nightmares, and creates cats to roam the various trials. Helping various lost souls in the gauntlet to free their soul. The new queen of the underworld, Jule-Phren, seems to not mind this addition to her realm at all. She creates from one of these cats, Kasha. A demigod in charge of the realm. As well as a full court of unique creatures to help judge the souls of the pit in Judgement’s Library.

Anastella manifests to the Merry Warband, who more than any other peoples she had appeared to, took her words to heart. She blessed them with the power of healing magics. As well as the Circlet of Nobility. A crown that makes others perceive them as a ruler so long as they are noble and just.

Tu’rebaal blesses a child in the liberated lands with architectural and mathematical genius, that she may grow and progress society, and build incredible fortifications. He also incarnates a great many angels, with the charge to create impressive settlements to withstand the ever present threat of orc warbands.

A shadow over this bright new age comes in the form of Godsend. A fungus that was lethal to all but orcs. Highly infectious, and capable of rapidly spreading, it threatened life as the Firmament knew it.

Reacting to this threat, the gods scramble to save the helpless mortals.
Anastella creates a flower that would come to be called Anastella’s mercy. Which could be used to fight the fungal infection. She walks among the humans to teach them how to properly brew the cure.
Kitterchin creates a prophet of cleanliness. Immune to disease, and tasked with spreading knowledge on how to fight the oncoming threat. He also creattes soapstone. A rock found in the forests of the land of sunset which acted as a disinfectant.
Tu’rebaal gifts his angels’ bloodline with resistance to infection, and sends his angels to warn Balthasar of the oncoming threat. And the gods of the liberated lands began preparations to fight the plague with the news.
Even Yunmei creates a creature to help mitigate the spread of the spores she created.

And with power all but exhausted, the gods watch to see if their efforts would be enough.


On the planet created by Anastella, life continues to flourish with surprising speed. The elemental magic of the chaotic fungus and the amoeba which feed off of it, have begun to create air and water. Small seas are forming, and a primordial ooze has begun to create a hotbed of budding primitive life. Algae, tiny fish, some sort of aquatic slug. Most of these creatures have some inherent magical properties or abilities to them. Seeing as the food chain begins with magically infused plant life.

On the firmament, water has almost completely finished filling the grooves of the firmament. And soon boats will make travel on the firmament much easier. Where as before one would need to find a particularly shallow groove to climb down, then climb out the other side (making the majority of the firmament unexplorable save for creatures with wings) people will now be able to swim or sail to their destinations.

The Merry warband gains word of the fungal infection fairly early on. The attempt to get away, but the human members of their tribe began succumbing to the infection. They realize the orc members among them are likely already infected, and are forced to split. The humans moving on to the land of day, and the orcs staying behind. By some grace of chance, not all of the humans were infected in the time they were exposed. And the pilgrims of Anastella escape the land of day in search of greener pastures.

The pilgrims help to spread the word to the Coronites during their escape. Old conflicts forgotten in the sands of time, and in wake of this new disaster. Some Coronites listen. Others insist on staying. The exodus from the land of sunset is gradual. Ghost towns begin littering the great woods over the course of the next few generations. The Bonerdragon leaves as well in this time, relocating to the land of the liberated, and finding home in Balthasar’s kingdom.

Fear of the encroaching fungal infection grows. And becomes more real with every passing year, in the face of orc hordes wiping out villages and even cities with their corpses alone. And the new, fungal beasts and zombies the seedlings monsters create. Gathering food becomes ever more difficult and dangerous. The efforts of the Coronite Herbalist and Anastella keep the infection from destroying many settlements. But this proves to only give them enough time to flee before warbands or monsters or starvation take them.

The greatest turning point is the fall of the forest guardian. It is found mere miles away from the capital. It had succumbed to the fungus, and a massive fungal tree was beginning to sprout from its’ cadaver. The Coronites who find it use fire to destroy the great tree. And a forest fire begins to spread. The largest in any memory, mortal or otherwise. The capital is evacuated, but many are trapped by the spreading fire. The casualties would have been far greater, if not for the efforts of a great mage, who fought the fires tirelessly for an entire day to give the people time to escape. They lost their life in the process. But many were inspired by their selfless actions in the process.

The forest guardian was consumed by infection. Entire cities had been devastated or abandoned. Even the Bonerdragon had left. The Coronite nation had crumbled.
And the vast but staggered exodus from the land of sunset has led to as many successes in finding new homes as failures.

Some found themselves in the liberated lands, led by Balthasar, who accepted the refugees with open arms. Some found themselves aimlessly wandering the lands until the succumbed to exposure or dayland orc warbands. The Coronites are often finding themselves enslaved to the orcs in the land of day, just as the humans were in the land of sunset.
Some found themselves lucky enough to come across new fertile forests, where they were able to make new homes for themselves.

One group of Coronites came across the the holy kingdom of Tu’rebaal. It has expanded over the years, with many towns and a few cities. All of them fortified with impressive walls. The Coronites were turned away when they requested help though. The kingdom had grown insular, and distrusting. Their edges rough from the never ending struggle against orc raiders and seedling monsters. And so they moved on.

Razdor’s d20 was discovered and rolled by a Coronite from this group. A man known as Hesi. Rolling a respectable fourteen, he chanced upon a particularly fertile and safe location in a dense forest. His people made home here. But that would not be the end of his accomplishments. For his luck also crossed him paths with the Rogue. They bonded, and the Rogue passed on to Hesi the Wand of the unheard. They had little use for more magic beyond their illusions. These two would each follow their own paths to help the Coronites.

The rogue chose to infiltrate the holy kingdom of Tu’rebaal. Using illusions to conceal his identity, he gleaned the techniques that the kingdom used for agriculture on the local fauna. And discovered how to use the stone circles to defend against magic. How to best build walls to stand strong. Their ingenuity, luck, and skill, made them an invaluable spy. And he returned to his people with many secrets to help begin building their own civilization once again.

Using the wand, Hesi gained the power to create new great trees in new parts of the world. So that the Coronites would not lose the ability for elders to connect with the forests. Using the wand, they grow in hours what would usually take generations. And their forest home begins to flourish anew with the great trees from the land of sunset. After several years growing the forests in his new home, he moved on to find where the other Coronites had settled. And began growing the forests there as well.

A group of Coronites inspired by the actions of the selfless mage of the old capital have created an organization dedicated to the mastery of magic to help others. They travel the barren land attempting to do good deeds. They have met with the pilgrims of Anastella, who have joined their ranks. The merry mages evolved into a pseudo religious order from there. Continuing their journey with the mantra of defending the weak. They spend much of their time either fighting orc warbands as best they can, or building secure settlements for Coronite refuges.

The holy settlements of Tu’rebaal are acting as wardens against the orc warbands and fungal forests. Outposts are dotted around the countryside. And soldiers are sent to be posted there, often for months or years at a time, to burn any sign of the infection they find. Protected by the gas masks invented by Narala, casualties from infection are minimal. And whenever warbands get too close, reinforcements are sent to help.

The prodigy inspired by Tu’rebaal works on not only creating more suitable fortifications out on the field, but on more impressive walls closer to home. Her designs are spread far and wide to the settlements of Tu’rebaal. The orcs struggle even now to mount successful attacks against the outposts. If they ever make it past those, they will find taking the cities immeasurably more difficult.

But though their efforts are admirable, they only protect one small part of the firmament. Vast swaths of wild land elsewhere on the firmament are being infected. There is little that can be done about this. Though the spread is somewhat mitigated by the rose moths, which are so numerous they can blot out the sun at times, the spores are simply too effective an infection to be properly mitigated.

Within these new forests however, entire new ecosystems are being created. With the seedlings ability to infect the corpses of the infected animals, new fungal versions of the creatures are coming to life. From an objective viewpoint, these ecosystems are just as viable as the ones the fungus has destroyed. Though typically consisting of far more hostile creatures than before.

There are new visitors to Kitterchin’s cottage. A large orc warchief and his band of warriors have barged into his home without knocking. How rude!

Universal Encyclopedia

Cosmic bodies
Unnamed mars sized planet: An unnamed planet in the pocket of life. It is rich in minerals and has crystals with magical properties.
Chaotic fungus: A fungus that survives off of the energy in the magical crystals of the planet. The fungus grows in strange ways that make each specimen look drastically different, despite all technically being the same species. Each one has unique magical properties.
Jolly jels: An amoeba which survives off of chaotic fungus. It takes on the magical properties of the fungus it eats. It has begun to create water and air on the planet.
Primitive sea life: A rich array of aquatic plants and animals which are characterized by their magical properties.
Materials of interest
Magical crystals: Crystals with magical properties. Without some guiding force, this magic serves as raw, unharnessed energy.
The firmament: A sphere surrounding the universe. It slowly rotates around the center of the universe. It is covered in complex and visually appealing etchings through which the ethereal glow of the multiverse subtly penetrates. It seems all but immune to godly power.
-Geography of the firmament: The firmament has a ring of night, and a ring of sunset. Most of the firmament is in eternal sunlight. The temperatures in the ring of night are very cold. Most of the rest of the firmament has mild temperatures. There is a hole through which light and raw cosmic energy pours in. Water slowly fills the grooves of the land of day. There is water in the grooves of the land of sunset and the land of night.
--The ring of night: A land of freezing temperatures and harsh winds. It has colorful, mineral rich water. It is plagued by storms.
Vines: A simple vine plant that grows along the edges of the water. It is designed to survive the harsh weather.
Storm Bubbles: A herbivorous jellyfish creatures that float through the air. They are not fit to survive in the cold environment in which they live, and rely on The Premier for warmth. [SEE ARTIFACTS]
Painted Serpents: A carnivorous serpent that eats Storm Bubbles. They live within the firmament as two dimensional creatures until they need to leap out and strike their prey. They are very sensitive to warmer temperatures.
Materials of interest
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
--The land of sunset: A ring of the firmament where the sun is always partially hidden by the horizon, creating a blood red sky. The weather here tends to be on the cold side, but is otherwise mild. It is dominated by the godsend fungal forests.
Godsend: A fungal infection that kills most animals. With proper nutrients, it grows into a stalk which releases clouds of spores. Nearly all creatures in the dayland have been infected by both Godsend, and seedlings. All animals listed here are fungal monstrosities mimicking the original species. There is a high rate of sterility among these species, though most the species will also not die of old age.
Rose Moths: A burgundy colored moth which survives off of godsend spores. They are so numerous in the fungal forests that they can blot out the sun at times.
Vagrant spiders: An arachnid, just as common as the Rose Moths. Though far less conspicuous. They are an ambush predator that feeds off of Rose Moths. They live in small colonies.
Unnamed Lagomorph: A brightly colored, herbivorous animal with four ears and a long wispy tail. They are endangered in the land of sunset thanks to Godsend.
Blue grass: A simple blue weed that grows on the firmament.
Great trees: Massive trees with tangled, winding roots. They have burgundy leaves. They grow around the seas and great rivers of the land of sunset.
Horses: A quadrupedal species with hooved feet. They have brightly colored fur thanks to Flues.
Long horns: A species of horse with a horn growing out of their foreheads.
Orcs: A humanoid species with species with green skin, red eyes, and tusks. They are resilient to chaos and magic. They naturally crave challenge and triumphs. [SEE CULTURE]
Seedlings: A nymph-like species which can infect virtually anything. Once it infects something, it turns into a monstrous version of whatever it infected.[SEE BESTIARY]
Lea’s Blessing: A plant with broad and strong leaves which can be used to help create shelters. It also has nutritious fruit.
Anastella’s mercy: A flower with white leaves which has a pollen that acts as an antifungal agent.
Materials of interest
Inferno cores: A crystal which emits intense heat that ignites anything flammable it touches. A massive burst of energy is created when it encounters intense cold or blunt force trauma.
Chromatic clay: Bright blue clay which creates scattered hills around the land of sunset.
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
Soapstone: A rock which acts as a disinfectant when mixed with water.
--The land of eternal day: The largest area of the firmament by a massive margin. This land always has the sun shining on it. But the temperature is fairly mild in spite of this.
Coronites: A species of humanoid with broad forearms and feet, four eyes, and a tree shaped crown. [SEE CULTURE]
Unnamed Lagomorph: A brightly colored, herbivorous animal with four ears and a long wispy tail.
The Keepers: A bat sized fairy like creature that eats Sea and Sky crystals. There is an arial and aquatic version of this species. [SEE MATERIALS OF INTEREST]
Mudwhips: An amphibious carnivore which feeds on The Keepers. They like to create mounds of mud to live in.
Humans: A bipedal species of diverse, but dull skin tones. Thanks to Flues, they almost universally have bright and interesting hair. They have been touched by the chaos of Razdor, which leads to many unique mutations. [SEE CULTURE]
Horses: A quadrupedal species with hooved feet. They have brightly colored fur thanks to Flues.
Long horns: A species of horse with a horn growing out of their foreheads.
Flues: An insect which secretes a brightly colored liquid that inspires creativity. They live off of dead skin and hair, and dye the hair of whatever creature they happen to live on.
Orcs: A humanoid species with species with green skin, red eyes, and tusks. They are resilient to chaos and magic. They naturally crave challenge and triumphs. [SEE CULTURE]
Seedlings: A nymph-like species which can infect virtually anything. Once it infects something, it turns into a monstrous version of whatever it infected.[SEE BESTIARY]
Lea’s Blessing: A plant with broad and strong leaves which can be used to help create shelters. It also has nutritious fruit.
Fruit bearing bush: A bush with cupola leaves. It is easily cultivated, and produces colorful and sweet fruit.
Wild grass: Modified bluegrass. This strand is emerald green, and includes flowers which can be used in herbalism.
Grain crop: Modified wild grass. It is useful as a form of staple food.
Lesser trees: Modified great trees. They are faster growing than their parent species, and tend to not grow as clustered as them.
Fiber vines: A silvery blue fine which grows around lesser trees and along the grooves in the firmament. They produce sour blue fruit. They are useful as textiles for clothing and rope.
Flowerkeepers: Modified Keepers. They are smaller, hummingbird sized animals, which pollinate the plants in the land of day. Their meat is very nutritious.
Pad Leaves: A bush with large, flat leaves, which can serve as paper.
Dippers: Reed like plants which tend to grow near bodies of water. They have a sweet blue sap which can act as ink.
Doormice: A small species that eats dust. They have some degree of intelligence, and like to live near mortal dwellings. They tend to be skittish. Kitterchin has some degree of control over them, though must expend power to do so.
Anastella’s mercy: A flower with white leaves which has a pollen that acts as an antifungal agent.
Great trees: Massive trees with tangled, winding roots. They have burgundy leaves.
Materials of interest
Sea crystals: A crystal which grows in the grooves of the firmament. It turns air into water, until it drowns itself. It then becomes useful metal.
Sky crystals: A modified, lighter than air sea crystal. It turns solar energy into air, and useful, lighter than air metals. This creates a phenomenon of metal clouds.
Inferno cores: A crystal which emits intense heat that ignites anything flammable it touches. A massive burst of energy is created when it encounters intense cold or blunt force trauma.
Earth crystals: Black, stone like material. It grows around the grooves of the firmament, and acts as a shield against magic and magical creatures when formed into a circle. It also tastes a bit salty.
Soapstone: A rock which acts as a disinfectant when mixed with water.
---The kaleidoscope eclipse: A very large, brightly colored phenomenon, created by light passing through the center of the universe. Shifting colors dance across the far side of the firmament constantly. This is the heart of the land of eternal day. Life and materials found in the land of day are typically found here.
-Places of interest
The hole in the firmament: A large hole through which light and cosmic energy pours in. An aurora borealis effect occurs around the hole. The raw energy of the cosmos makes this area inhospitable to life.
The door to Kitterchin’s cottage: A door on the far side of the firmament that leads to Kitterchin’s plane of existence. It resides somewhere in the kaleidoscope eclipse.

The Coronites have no true nation after being forced from their homes by the godsend.
They have small scattered setlements around the daylands that are often endangered by orcs.
-The city neighboring The holy kingdom:
The most advanced city the Coronites have right now.
The Rogue spies on the Holy Kingdom of Tu’rebaal to gain their secrets. It gives the Coronites an edge.
They have a mutual distrust and dislike with the holy kingdom.
-The merry mages:
A group of humans and Coronites who practice magic and travel the land of day doing good deeds.
Many worship Anastella, and follow her creed of the strong protecting the weak. Particularly the humans.
Humans have a diverse range of cultures based on where they live.
Humans have been touched by Razdor’s chaos. Humans more clearly affected by this chaos tend to form communities of their own within cities. They are not exactly second class citizens. But they still find themselves shunned by many more “Normal” people.
-The merry mages:
A group of humans and Coronites who practice magic and travel the land of day doing good deeds.
Many worship Anastella, and follow her creed of the strong protecting the weak. Particularly the humans.
-The holy kingdom of Tu’rebaal:
Descendants of a chosen tribe led by Tu’rebaal’s angels.
They are fairly advanced both technologically, and culturally. Second to both only by the liberated lands.
The orcish warbands and seedling monsters make their expansion slow and difficult. But the land surrounding their capital, Nairora is dotted with walled downs and cities.
Their army is one of the most impressive mortal forces in the universe.
They distrust outsiders.
-The liberated lands
A kingdom led by the god Balthasar.
It worhips most deities to some extent.
It has a sizable Coronite population.
It is the most advanced civilization in the universe by a good margin.
-The settlements of Tu'rebaal
They dot the land around the kingdom of Balthasar in the liberated lands.
They are led by incarnations of Tu'rebaal's angels.
They are situated in strategic and defensible areas.
They make up the bulk of the forces keeping the Godsend out of the liberated lands.
Orcs tend to travel in great warbands led by charismatic and strong leaders.
They fight anything that gives them a challenge. Primarily seedling monsters and other warbands.
-The merry warband
A hoard of orcs in the land of sunset that, in the past, picked up a tribe of outcast humans. They were delighted by the wit of those who held the gift of comedy, and welcomed them as friends rather than slaves.
They tend to have far better humor and cheer than other orcs. Or even other humans.
They worship Anastella, and follow her teachings of the strong protecting the weak. But they only apply these teachings to those within their own hoard.
They have a good deal of clout with other warbands in the area thanks to the Circlet of Nobility.

People of interest
The Rogue: A Coronite trickster inspired by Kytheros. They are a skilled illusionist. They infiltrate the holy kingdom of Tu’rebaal in order to gain their secrets.
Hesi: A friend of the Rogue. They are a skilled illusionist. They wield the wand of the unheard. They travel the daylands to grow greatwoods where Coronites might call home.
The architect: A young woman inspired by Tu’rebaal who builds impressive fortifications. Her work is instrumental in keeping the orc warbands way from the liberated lands.
The herbalist: A prophet of cleanliness instructed by Kitterchin to help fight against the plague of godsend. He currently resides in a town that is within a few days travel of several other Coronite settlements. He tirelessly works to ensure people keep things clean and themselves healthy. Though generally agreed to be odd, he is also considered a respected elder and community leader.

Alternate planes of existence
The realm of dreams: Kytheros’s domain of sleep and unconscious thought. It is a land of haze, where nothing could ever quite be discerned. At least not with clarity. From all places in this realm of dreams, one can see the palace of embers. A dark spire where Ktheros resides. This realm acts as a barrier between the mortal plane, and the other planes of existence.
The bright realm of her merciful majesty, Empress Lea Anastella: An expansive realm of rolling green hills. The most prominent feature is a pristine white castle, which acts as the goddesses court. It is surrounded by a town populated by the Empress’ angels, the courtiers, whom hold with them a piece of Anastella’s healing flame. If one travels far enough, they will reach the other planes of existence.
The homely cottage: An entire plane of existence dedicated to a simply, comfortable cottage, with a sensible garden. There are doors leading to every other plane of existence. There is a comfortable library here. It has an infinite number of rooms upstairs with acceptable if not fantastic accommodations for lost souls.
The citadel: A massive fortress dimension, built upon obsidian. Trenches stretch out in all directions, protecting the outermost wall of the iron citadel. Within work the legions of angels at the command of the god Tu’rebaal. Jule-Phren has a large library within the fortress. If one travels far enough, they can reach the other planes of existence.
Silvermont: A divine city surrounded by pristine countryside. The countryside is ripe with adventure, for those who seek it. This realm is staffed by the Silver Knights and the Silver Guard. Angels in service of Balthasar. If one travels far enough, they will reach the other planes of existence.
Razdor’s plane of ash: A plane of sand and ash and volcanoes, where the skyline is forever engulfed in black smoke. The most prominent feature of this plane is The Last Chance Casino. Mortals and gods alike can gamble here for amazing prizes. A door to this casino exists in every plane.
The pit: A hell reserved for those deemed evil by Tu’rebaal’s angels in his court in the realm of dreams. It is filled with trials that, if completed, lead to redemption. But they must first be judged worthy of competing them by Jule-Phren’s court of demigods and spirits in Judgement’s library, near the end of the trials.

Cosmic energy: Ethereal power pouring in from the hole in the firmament. It seems to be weakening, and will likely dissipate in time. Until then, it supplies all the gods with acts.
The premier: A never ending storm of scalding hot rain. It travels through the land of night on the firmament.
The Hearthstar: A fiery celestial body which travels over the ring of night, providing warmth.
The d20 of Razdor: A die which will randomly appear near mortals every few years. When rolled, it alters the fate of whomever rolled it forever. After which, it disappears.
The winds of magic: A property of the firmament powered by the breach. It is a magical energy that can be found all across the surface. Adept mortals can make use of it. It allows for fire, earth, air, water, and healing magic.
The wand of the Unheard: A wand that allows one to cast a spell without training. It grows more powerful with age. Currently in possession of Hesi.
The key of ending: A key which designates the wielder as the master of The Pit. Currently in possession of Jule-Phren.
The Wabberwhack: A cane with a jester's mask as the handle. It is capable of creating illusions, and turning the worst fears of a mortal against them. Currently in possession of the Rogue.
The circlet of Nobility: A circlet which allows one to lead with ease as long as they are noble. In possession of the merry warband.

Fungal beasts: Found wherever there is godsend, fungal beasts are stronger and more vicious versions of animals and mortals infected by godsend. They are mostly sterile, but also immortal.
Dreadsteeds: Skeletal horses that permeate cold. Herds of these beasts are enough to cause a pseudo winter in their wake. Found in the land of night and wherever there are horses.
Golems: A rather doscile beast compared to others, these humanoid creature are created from chromatic clay and earth crystals. They are highly teritorial however, and will viciously attack anyone who approaches their home, knowingly or otherwise. They vary greatly in size, with some being more than twice the size of humans. Found everywhere.
Zombies: Infected humans and coronites turn into mindless husks that crave raw meat. They are identified mostly by their paler than average skin and feral appearance and nature. They are a rather weak monster. Found wherever there are humans and Coronites.
Trents: Infected trees which rely mostly on ambush to capture unsuspecting prey. They are hard to distinguish from regular trees at a glance, though one who knows what to look for will find little trouble spotting them. Found mostly in dense woodland in the land of day.

Places of interest
The center of the universe: A nebulous cloud dominates the center of the universe, acting as a barrier between the material realm and the realm of dreams.
Pocket of life: This area of space seems to have a unique life giving property. Given favorable conditions, life flourishes here of its’ own accord.

Demigods and immortals
The Artisan: A triangular metal form with various etching tools hovering within. It has the power to alter the firmament.
The Bonerdragon: An immortal dragon created by Animoras who has a breath that greatly increases fertility and causes arousal.
Dr. Wheelykins: A ladder wet nurse that lives in the homely cottage’s library.
Kasha: A cat that is in charge of the pit of nightmares in Jule-Phren’s absence. It frequently is seen roaming the other realms.

Act gains
Empress Lea Anastella- 11 (+11)
Kyheros- 10 (+10)
Tu’rebaal- -14 (+13)
Jule-Phren- 18 (+13)
Animoras- 10 (+10)
Balthasar- 15 (+15)
Kitterchin- 12 (+9)
Razdor- 18 (+13)
Narala- 15 (+13)
Yunmei- 10 (+8)
Usimi- 3 (+3)
Call- 3(+3)

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros inclines his head at the state of the Coronites, lost without their shelters. They would die if he did nothing and he would get no wars nor secrets from the mortals.

He steps into the dreamlands and draws his golden knife.

Into five dreams he plunged, of five likely Coronites with the most agreeable traits and advantageous positions. In one he carved the deep seated desire to unite his tribe and neighbouring tribes into a great kingdom, a noble desire tinged also by the jealousy of the might of the orcs and the organisation of the humans, so that while he emulates them in creating walled cities so that his people might prosper, he will more than be prepared to make war for his peoples' sake. In him, Kytheros has inspired the Warlord.

In another he found equal parts charisma and analytics, an ordered mind best suited to the calculations needed to create great citadels and to order his people into a mighty republic with himself as prince, but so too was this desire tinged with paranoia, also mistrustful of strange races and other Coronite tribes. He was well suited to navigate the byzantine labyrinths of the bureaucracies he would create and the intrigues they would spawn. In him Kytheros Inspired the Builder.

In yet another, he took elements that were there, of agreeableness and holiness, he would lead his people into deep study of the gods and the mysteries of the cosmos, he would take their despair and turn it into burning hope and goodness, he would bring many into his flock by conversion, persuasion and debate but so too was his desire for holiness be tinged with fear always afraid of those stronger than his kingdom and bound to play the game to play the other nations off of eachother for its benefit and safety, while urging them to unify in the face of greater threats. In him Kytheros inspired the Theocrat.

And second to last a hermit given to his musings but who was filled with pity for his peoples' plight. The hermit was full of vast wisdom and knowledge though he had no one to measure it up to so was both humble and unaware of his great gifts. In him Kytheros inspired a love of his people and of knowledge and he would inspire them with his rhetoric and challenge them with his mind to create a civilisation of philosophers and warrior poets. But with this came a fierce pride and an arrogance that would cause them to challenge others and become suspicious of their motives. In him Kytheros inspired the Philosopher.

In another he found an opportunistic soul, a shrewd man who knew how to profit from any disaster, in him he inspired a desire to take from chaos and found order so that he and his people may flourish and prosper from trade and arts, he would forge a society built on hard work and commerce, of interaction and agreement, however, in his desire to see his fellows flourish he would also be inspired with greed to tempt him to use his honeyed words and shrewd mind to the detriment of other nations, or to bring them together in times of crises to reap the largest reward from the least investment. In him Kytheros inspired the Merchant.

(Kytheros inspires five Coronite Hero Kings: The Warlord, Builder, Theocrat, Philosopher and Merchant - 5 Acts)

In these five Heroes did Kytheros inspire the desire to create kingdoms and nations to save the Coronites, for them to make war and to bargain and plead, to intrigue and to scheme, to dream, to war and to keep secrets. But as Kytheros was leaving, he did spy the human refugees who fled the Godsend, who had no land to call their own, lost and far away from the liberated lands. In them he found a man and to this man he stepped into his dreams, in his full glory and horror. And over his head, Kytheros extended his great staff and shook it, showering the Human with ash to change his skin, his veins appearing blue with the scelera of his eyes turning black leaving only his pupils to glow a luminescent blue. And into his heart, Kytheros, the god of war, of secrets and dreams, plunged his golden dagger, imbuing the mortal with the will of the Unheard, to know that he and his people in their exile have been chosen as Kytheros' secret favoured people, to propagate his worship by their secret acts, promoting war where war would profit, to trade in the buying and selling of secrets, and where they can to inspire in others dreams of hope and glories. For him to know that this cycle is what keeps society going, and that its careful balance is what most pleases Kytheros and benefits both man and all the gods, and that for him to lead his cult and tribe to do all this while remaining hidden, is what would please Kytheros most.

In return for his faithful service, Kytheros not only gives his prophet the gifts and inspiration of a hero, but gives him also the gift of Dreamwalking magic that he could teach in secret to his disciples the art of walking among another's dreams to spy, to inspire and, if they be strong enough and willing to risk their own lives doing so, to kill.

And as Kytheros stood there he reached out, as if to a great distance to the great hole in the cosmos, and though the mortal could not gleam what machinations he did there, and would wander as to its implications forever more, Kytheros drew another strand of magic from one end of the web to another, creating another section, dedicated to Dreamwalking Magic. And as he drew his hand back, streaming dark clouds that turned to starlight, he enclosed his fist around the head of his Secret Prophet and thus imbued him with inherent knowledge of the magic, to use and to teach.

A dreamwalker would need enough of what belonged to another mortal in which to traverse their dreams, the more personal, the more likely they will be able to walk in their dreams when they dream regarding the concepts related to the object. The more personal and plentiful the objects they have, and the more skilled, the more they will be able to walk amidst the target's dream and to affect it. And, which is more, the more blood they have, they are able to mix it with their own and set it alight as they sleep, to be able to engage the target mortal in their dreams, manifesting and making the enemy mortal aware of their harmful intent and violent intrusion. The loser of such a contest would perish in real life, as if dying from a terrifying nightmare.

(Kytheros created a Hero the Secret Prophet. He appeared to a mortal, and created a new wind of magic: Dreamwalking - 3 Acts)

And with that, Kytheros retreated to the Tower of Embers, sat upon his throne, and watched as the other gods did their will.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin was sitting on his couch darning a pile of gloves the size of a snowbank when the orcs arrived. His ears pricked up at the sound of heavy footsteps and loud voices in the other room. “Who on the Firmament..?

Who’s there? If that’s the rather tall angel with the very serious expression, then you won’t win every trick this time. I think I’ve finally determined exactly what your strategy is. Unless it’s the other rather tall angel with the serious expression, in which case you are some kind of card-game witch and you winning seems to be some kind of inviolable law of the universe.

There was no answer. He tried again.

Razdor? Is that you? I hate to point this out, but you are supposed to knock before you walk in. I am beginning to seriously question your level or respect for doors, and if we gods don’t respect the personal rights of inanimate objects who will? We need to set an example. Think of the children, and the stupid adults.

No response.

Y-y-y-y… Milady Yunmei? Is that… That’s not… Please don’t eat me..?

Nothing. Maybe I shouldn’t have muttered it all. Too late now. Kitterchin gave a sigh that lasted far longer than necessary and dragged himself to his feet. “It is normal to announce who you are when you walk into someone else’s house. Come on, now. Don’t make me angry. You won’t notice me when I’m angry-“ He froze when he saw the pack of orcs lumbering through his cloakroom.

Oh, right. The Firmament door. He needed to stop leaving doors everywhere and forgetting about them – just plain careless. “I’m afraid you’ve missed supper, the lost souls already finished it all. Something about losing everything they’ve ever known and being ripped from the physical plane into an immaterial world that reacts largely with indifference to their brief lives seems to instill a desperate need to consume, as if screaming to the void one last time ‘I exist’! Can’t imagine why. My name is Kitterchin, and I welcome you to my home. Shoes off, please, and something to drink?” They were orcs, but they were guests, and that came before anything else.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Guthar. What is this tiny thing?" One of the smaller orcs asks the larger one leading the group.
"I think I saw one of these in a field once. Building a little house out of blades of grass and twigs. I was a thousand paces from it but it still bolted when it saw me." Guthar explained.
"How could a creature this big make a house of grass and twigs?" The smaller one asks.
"The one I saw was much smaller. It could have fit in my hand." Guthar explains.
"You could see something that small from a thousand paces?" The smaller one asks in awe.
"Yes. I could." Guthar says with a hint of pride.
"You've got the eyes of a... uh... what has good eyes?" The smaller one asks.
"A cat?" Another orc suggests.
"What's a cat?" Guthar asks.
"I dunno. I just thought of it for some reason." The third orc says.

The other orcs have begun picking up and examining various things in the room. Another orc with a square jaw has found his way into the kitchen and is grabbing things to eat at his leisure.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Dirt was being rubbed on the clean walls, heirloom crockery was being rattled, and Kitterchin’s blood pressure had already started to spike. “Please, sirs, try to calm down,” he said, in a voice that sounded suspiciously like a squeak. “I understand that you’re in a new dimension for what is likely the first time and that things are rather confusing now and that you’re looking for answers on your recent discovery and… and that your faces are actually hilarious now that I get a good look at them and that that is something you have probably had to cope with your entire life, which has probably contributed to the orcs you are today-

Suddenly it struck him. They weren’t trying to be rude, they simply didn’t know any better. Who knew when any of them had last been welcomed? Admittedly, that was probably because they mostly visited placed with the intention of looting them and razing them to the ground, but didn’t they deserve a chance to learn?

Pardon me. Wasn’t expecting more company. You’re thinking of my doormice,” he explained to Guthar, the apparent leader of his woefully impolite houseguests. “I created them.” He could see a few of his doormice poking their heads out from under furniture and peeking nervously around the cupboards. “I am a god, creating things is a bit of a job requirement. They don’t exactly give you an aptitude test to see if you’re spatially challenged before granting you the cosmic keys to the universe. I know the god who created you, actually. I mean, I actually know him, not ‘I know of him’, or ‘I saw him’, or ‘I shook his hand once at a party and now act out an imaginary friendship using a ventriloquist dummy with a picture taped to its face’ and I’m not entirely sure why I mentioned that as a possibility.Stay on target, stay on target…

My divine nature, however, is not important in this context. What I am right now is your host, and you are my guests. My rules are very simple. You will take your shoes off when entering my home. You will not behave violently or cause my other guests any stress or harm. And,” he went on, ears flattening against his head, “most importantly, you will never, ever, say the word ‘cat’ within these walls again. So long as you listen to me, I swear to you, by all my power, no harm will come to you. Break them, and…

Well. Creating isn’t all that gods do. ” He could always make Balthazar some new mortals as an apology.

Now,” Kitterchin said, clapping several hands together, “can I fetch you a drink? Something to eat? A little model village to stomp on? Please, make yourselves comfortable. Have you journeyed far?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"...it's chatty isn't it?" One of the orcs says.
"Think it might be a bit weird in the head too. What's this about being a god? He's no Virical the mighty, that's for sure." Another orc pitches in. Kitterchin immediately recognizes the name as this warband's god. Predictably a brute who does things like arm wrestle giants and probably headbutts gorillas just because he can. Or he would if gorillas were a thing in this universe.
"And what's a shoe?" Another asks. "It mentioned those twice." The orcs are notably wearing only loincloths. And nothing that could be called a shoe. Or a boot. Or even a sandal.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
As Jule-Phren left the casino, leaving the flashing lights behind her, she heard Kasha hiss from atop her shoulders.

"What's wrong, Kasha?" Jule-Phren cooed, taking the demigod into her arms and stroking her back. Kasha continued to hiss, making Jule-Phren frown. "Poor kitty... something aggravating you? It's okay, you don't have to come if you don't wanna, I'll take care of god stuff by myself." Kasha quieted down a little, looking up at Jule-Phren. The Goddess of Stories smiled and stooped down, gently placing Kasha on the ground. "Go on home," she said, "Go play with some spirits. I'll deal with whatever's going on over there!" Kasha looked conflicted for a moment before scampering away, quickly disappearing from sight. Jule-Phren smiled, watching her demigod before turning around. Time to see what ruckus was going on.

The forest fire caught her attention. Jule-Phren headed towards the inferno, curious as to what the hell this was. She was really really behind in what was going on because she... really hadn't cared. But clearly she should have, because things were burning! Jule-Phren scooted closer to the fire, ignoring all of the spores floating around in the air. What had caused such a massive forest fire? Not that she minded a bit of fire, that usually meant there was something fun going on. Still, she didn't think that the mortals were the kind to just start up giant fires in the forests they lived in.

"Hmm?" Jule-Phren bobbed down, getting just a little bit closer to the burning mass. And then she noticed the swirl of its shape, the familiarity of that form despite the massive 'tree' slowly disintegrating under the heat of the fire consuming it. And she was livid.

Her jaw clenched, and the massive fungal tree, slumping under the heat of the fire consuming it, stood up straight, towering over the burning forest. "The discovery of the Forest Skulker was not pleasant." Jule-Phren growled through gritted teeth, roughly yanking out the paper of her left forearm. Her fingers dug into the page, crinkling the page even as she wrote on it with a paintbrush and red ink. "And the Goddess of Destruction made her displeasure evident." The tree began to shudder, its 'branches' growing and stretching to form a cone-like shape. The branches formed a jungle-gym esque shell around the trunk, which grew thick and began secreting a scalding, viscous liquid that let off steam as it rolled down the body of the tree.

"And the mortals would know of Skulker Pyre." Jule-Phren squeezed the paintbrush until it snapped it her hand, and the tree erupted, spraying scalding sap out into the air, raining it down onto the burning forest around it, steam and ash filling the air. Jule-Phren tromped off.

Jule-Phren creates Skulker Pyre. It is a volcano-like plant creature made from a mixture of Godsend, the Forest Skulker, and fire. Skulker Pyre is a massive plant that, instead of infectious spores, produces a sap of unnaturally high temperatures. The sap builds up inside of it, and every once in a while, sap buildup will result in a quick expulsion of it from the top of the trunk, similar to a volcanic eruption. Due to its nature, Skulker Pyre has a natural heat resistance. -4 Acts.

"Hey!" Jule-Phren approached Tu'rebaal, fists clenched and the paper of her left arm crumpled. Her face held a furious scowl. "Do you know who killed the Forest Skulker?! Who made that fungus stuff?!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Oh.” Kitterchin hadn’t really looked at their feet. “Well.I guess I can’t ask them to take those off, can I?That’ll be the first thing, then. How have you not invented foot covering yet? Don’t you have snakes and sharp crystals and cold floors getting out of the bath? You know, feet, those lumpish things at the ends of your legs. I must have something around here that will work. Earlier today I put on a sock and it turned out to be a mitten and I’m making it work. Necessity is the mother of invention and all-

-or at least it is when you aren’t a god. Which I am. Which is absolutely something I remember on a regular basis. Forget it. I’ll show you.” A mouse heartbeat later, each of the orc warband was wearing their own pair of shiny brown leather sensible boots. None of them struck him as the wingtip or stiletto type.

Now, for what I apologize is the third time, shoes off, please,” he said, going into the kitchen and shooting a disparaging look at the orcs rummaging through the cupboards before putting the kettle on the stove. “That’s if you’ve chosen to come in, I mean. If you’d rather leave I can’t really blame you. It’s ghastly drafty in here, and I burned a pie six months ago and you can smell it everywhere. Do you eat pie? Cake? Turkey legs the size of a curtain rod? I had a scare with a cat a while back and lost some weight, but luckily it was in the fridge all along so there ought to be enough.” I could make your lives a lot better, you know, if you decided to listen. I don’t like chasing mortals down, feels so… so vague and messy and desperate, bossing people around to do their chores, but I hope you’ll listen.

Do you want to settle down for a bit, or do you need to be on your way?
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal turned as Jule-Phren materialized in his high office at the peak of the Citadel. His countenance didn't change, the same impassive collection of eyes as ever, but his pre-echoing voice contained a small measure of caution. "The fungus? The new one, Yunmei, I believe." He paused, examining the angry goddess before him. "Why are you displeased with it? I do not like them, personally, but I thought a calamity like this would have exited you."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Grrh," Jule-Phren growled, jaw clenched. "Weren't you listening?" She asked, throwing her hands up. "I just said it." Jule-Phren began pacing, her feet roughly pounding the floor with each step. "The Forest Skulker, my Forest Skulker, is dead because of that... grah, that damn fungus trash!" The Goddess of Calamity let out a growl and, far in the distance, the Skulker Pyre erupted again.

"I'd be fine with this if my hard work wasn't getting slain." She replied, angrily attempting to smooth out the paper of her arm. It didn't seem to help. "I swear, I'm gonna... gah..."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"These things happen," said Tu'rebaal simply, his faceless expression ever-unchanging. "Everything we create is vulnerable to the world we create it in, and the actions of each of us. Things change, constantly, in ways we can't always predict. Nothing we create is going to exist in exactly the same way forever."

He withdrew a document from his desk, the right one having immediately appeared in the draw he'd opened. It was a small book's worth of pages, a complete record of soul-court proceedings for a life far longer than most. He offered it to Jule-Phren. "For what it's worth," he said simply. "Take it, if you want to find out where they went next."

The top of the record said simply, in the blunt script of Tu'rebaal's angels: FOREST SKULKER.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"So what?!" She snarled, clenching her hands and trying not to pull at her hair. "I didn't make the Forest Skulker to die! It was supposed to live, supposed to be cool, supposed to inspire people! It wasn't supposed to die!" She slammed her foot against the ground, letting the 'slap' echo around the room before she did it again.

The crinkle of paper distracted her from her tantrum, and Jule-Phren stopped stomping long enough to take a look at the record offered to her by Tu'rebaal. A scowl painted her face as she yanked it out of his hand, her eyes scanning it over. She flipped through a few pages, and it crumpled in her hands as she tightened her grip. Her face took on a stormy expression, the lightning of her irises began sparking out. They arced out a few times, brightening the room just a little bit, before she slapped the record back onto Tu'rebaal's desk. The paper was crumpled, and held a few ink stains on the edges.

"I don't want this." Jule-Phren growled. "I already... mmn" She huffed. "I don't want it."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal calmly returned the papers to the desk drawer.

"You don't get to write the entire story," he said. "You have to accept that others will change the world you're working on. Divine beings have to learn to exist with each other's actions, and the mortals rarely stick wholly to our plans."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I don't care about what the mortals do!" Jule-Phren yelled. "They're just dumb, and don't know how to do anything. If they blow up my stuff it's because they're dumb. I don't care about them." She groaned in annoyance, running a hand through her hair. Her eyes sparked angrily. "This is different! I trusted everybody else to not mess up my shit."

"I'm pissed off!" Jule-Phren shouted.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Control yourself," said Tu'rebaal sternly. He leaned forward slightly. "Wild anger will not help your case. If you have taken this much offense to Yunmei's actions, take it up with her in a civil fashion, after you have had time to calm down. She will most likely be willing to help, I would predict. This was clearly just a side-effect of a wider catastrophe rather than a targeted blow against one of your creations."

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