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The door of Kitterchin's cottage flew open. Not, like, kicked open this time, but more like thrown open without any care whatsoever. Standing - or hovering - on the other side was none other than goddamn Razdor, wearing an unbuttoned, garishly-colored floral-print shirt and a pair of sunglasses - sunglasses with only two lenses, neither of which were correctly over any of his eyes. There was a suitcase clenched in his hand, containing god-knows-what. Probably nothing.

"AYYYYY, I'M BACK!" he yelled, rather disruptively. He tossed his definitely-empty suitcase onto the floor of the cottage that wasn't even his. What a terrible houseguest. "Hope the place hasn't fallen apart without me. I mean, I'm sure a bunch of reasonable gods like yourselves could keep the place from exploding for a little while."

Razdor opened up the door leading to the firmament to had a look, and stared for a bit. His ill-fitting sunglasses fell to the floor. "...Fucking seriously?"

In an instant, he vanished in a great gout of flame, and reappeared in much the same manner beside Tu'rebaal and Jule-Phren, the gods that gave him the least headaches generally. Yes, he was still wearing his terrible shirt. "...I step out of the universe for one turn and there's a bloody apocalypse out there? I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or disappointed. Or maybe it was just a stroke... of bad luck?"

Razdor winked at a nonexistent camera.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal's posture returned to neutral. "Much has happened while you were gone, Razdor," he said. "I suggest you familiarize yourself with the changes most recently made to the world. The mortals might need your intervention more, now."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"'Control myself'?" Jule-Phren asked, her tone shifting to mimic Tu'rebaal's. "I am in control of myself right now! Just because I'm angry doesn't mean I'm going to do something STUPID!" The logical follow up was for her to kick Tu'rebaal's desk, which she did just as Razdor appeared. She watched him for a moment before her shoulders slumped and her fists clenched. Not even Razdor's antics could mellow her out right now.

"And it's not even my fault!" Jule-Phren shouted, going back to angrily pacing. "If it was, I wouldn't be so mad at this right now."
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"Yeah, yeah, I got it. The cat mistook herself for a god of... disease? Omnicide? Poor decision-making? Fucked if I know. Can't be that hard to fix. Here, check it out."

Razdor raised a hand, as if about to commit some great godly act of intervention, before stopping himself. "You knoooow... Actually, that'd be rather boring, wouldn't it? A god snaps his fingers, and poof, everything's all better? No struggle, no fun? No, no, I got a much better idea. Check this shit out."

A new arm spontaneously rippled out of Razdor's side, gripping in its hand what looked like... an ordinary plastic spray bottle. On the label was a smiling picture of Razdor giving a thumb's up, with the words "DR. RAZDOR'S SUPERB FUNGICIDE™" emblazoned beside it. The bottle, despite looking like a piece of shit, radiated godly power.

Razdor has created a bottle of obscenely potent fungicide, guaranteed to combat even the toughest of universe-spanning fungal infections. (-5 acts)

Razdor winked, and snapped his fingers. A change took hold, now, at the Last Chance Casino. The garish marquee on the sign out front shifted to depict the very same bottle of fungicide, accompanied by the words "GRAND PRIZE: SALVATION". The casino's door had yet to move from its previous location, but that was step two of the plan.

"If the people of this universe want to save it, I'm gonna make 'em work for it. Now there's a story worth telling. ...And, uh, Jules, if you're so upset about your tree dying, why not just bring it back to life? I'm sure you could work out a dramatically appropriate way to do that."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Because I already did!" Jule-Phren replied to Razdor, pointing in the direction of Skulker Pyre. Once again, it erupted on command, though that burst seemed to have quite a bit less 'umph' to it than the other two did. "The problem was that it wasn't supposed to die in the first place!" She angrily breathed in, but her breath out seemed to be less angry than it could have been. "Not like that, at least. Not in a lame way, to some stupid fungus." She seemed to be winding down a bit.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Animoras, completely separate of this conversation and trying out new slimming suits of motley, wondered if he could use his godly power to make laughter and boners repel fungus.
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Yunmei had been sleeping high on a godsend cap when she began to stir... Mmmn, who... O dear... She looked to the Skulker Pyre with cowed ears and traced a path around it. "Oh friend I..." Within moments, she was meandering into Tu'rebaal's office, and setting down in a corner.

"Jule-Phren, my friend, my condolences for your loss. A mis-step, on my part, to have not thought of such a vital part of the forests, and such a fabled beast at that. I can only offer to make things as right as they can be, whatever that may look like to you..."

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Tu'rebaal was starting to see why Kitterchin made such a big deal about people knocking. There were now three gods in his office, and not one of them had asked permission to be there or seemed to actually need him for anything.

His outward countenance remained completely unchanging.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"By Virical's club. This tiny thing does have power." The lead orc exclaims with the appearance of the shoes. One of the orcs next to him immediately starts trying to take his shoes off.
"Gah! Guthar. I can't get it off. It's tied to me foot with some sort of tiny rope." The orc exclaims in dismay.
"...Thorli do you need help getting your shoes off?" Guthar asks.
"Yes sir." Thorli says.
"Uh... can I get some help too sir?" Another orc speaks up. Guthar looks around and sighs.
"Alright. Who else is going to need help getting their shoes off?" He asks exasperated. Many orcs raise their hand. Guthar begins helping everyone work the knots of their new boot's laces. There is a brief interruption when Razdor barges in then poofs away. But soon everyone has their shoes off and are sitting around the dinner table as Kitterchin finishes preparing a nice afternoon snack of dreadfully stale biscuits and too cold tea.

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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Before tea Kitterchin made sure to watch every orc closely as they scrubbed up with soapstone. He was slightly surprised they didn’t just dissolve on contact with clean water. The ghosts at the table made some room and he offered them chairs (which appeared politely from nowhere the moment he offered) and they settled down to eat.

More specifically, the orcs ate, while Kitterchin talked. Mostly about life on the Firmament, and the state of orc-dom in general. His questions about their lives came with a healthy dose of guilt. Shouldn’t have written the orcs off. They’re mortals, they need protecting too. He was particularly impressed with how Guthar had helped his warband ponder the mysteries of shoelaces – less like a general and his soldiers, and more like a parent with his family.

Not that any of you are children,” he amended hastily, getting up to refill everyone’s tea. “Children are terrible swift sticky creatures. Wait, I didn’t mean terrible terrible, I… I mean, sure, of course, there are things about children that are appealing, but there are things about war that are appealing. Drama, pride, excitement,” he said, beginning to count off on a few hands while pouring tea with another, “being part of something greater than yourself, camaraderie, patriotism, a convenient measuring stick for the strength of your genitals… but then you remember the blood, the pain, the systematic destruction of a generation, environmental devastation, breakdown of society’s moral pillars and I’m not talking about children anymore and this is probably very insensitive, everyone, I do apologize. I know how you all feel about… war.” Not that Kitterchin could understand the appeal, but there was no adequate excuse for insulting the beliefs of a guest. Who knew, maybe war was trying to change for them.

“I just mean… What I’m trying to ask is, you’ll be getting them home safely after this? It’s dangerous out there, with the Godsend. Not for you, but you must have seen it.” Half of him was shouting that the orcs were a lost cause, the other half was muttering that hope can never be washed off no matter how hard you scrub, a third half was wondering why the second half had phrased that in such a disgusting way and a fourth half was cowering in the corner trying to figure out why the hell there were suddenly two of him. “Of course you’re welcome to stay as long as you want, I just –

I mean you didn’t have shoes, next you’ll be telling me you don’t have proper homes to go back to. Life can’t all be marauding and pitchforks. More biscuits?
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The orc leader seems to not know what godsend is. And on the subject of children seems to be of the mind that they are not his problem. Small, weak things waiting to grow to become adults.

On the subject of war, he express disappointment that his tribe has not seen a war worth talking about in a long time. There are stories of his tribe being victorious against others in the past. But they have since not found other tribes worth fighting. Kitterchin may take this time to see the rest of the tribe and... by golly that was a large number of orcs camped not far from his home... a very large number.

His tribe had grown over the generations to be larger than any other, and was a massive unstoppable force that had been traveling the day lands for centuries. It was interesting that this tribe had never seen anything approaching civilization other than other orc tribes. The humans have simply not expanded as far into the day lands as the orcs have.

"We feel the need for battle in our blood. And yet there are not enough mighty beasts in the land worth felling. Golems. The occasional dread steed. The pitiful monsters made from those small four eared animals. Our tribe has conquered all challenges. There is nothing left. So tell me. Is our arriving here a sign of fate? It seems we have conquered the greatest in the realm of mortal men. Are our next foes to be in the realm of the dead and the divine? Does our destiny lie here in the realm of gods?"

Space is warped and time is bendable.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
For the first time in his long life, Narala developed a freaking headache. A nasty thing, for a fair few weeks plaguing him. He'd heard of them enough for it to not catch him off guard and frighten him, but pain of all sorts was fairly new to him, and boy was it annoying. It's tenacity reminded him that perhaps this lifetime had gone on long enough. He felt power in him now, so much that the prospect of holding it in this strange living body concerned him. It was about time to use some of that, in the form it was intended in, where he could see so much more.

One day he took aside a favorite student of his, a young human woman with steady hands, a brilliant mind, and a noble heart. He took her to his workshop with a promise to get something special out of their work that day. Together, they made a book. Leather from long horns, flues to dye it, a more refined paper, pressed from pad leaves and bleached with many applications of soap stone. Inlaid with long horn horn and earth crystals, studding the spine and corners of the front and back covers. A symbol made of metal, shining like silver, in the center. A sword, a staff, and a hammer, the handles of them crossing. When they were done, he took it in his hands, and a deep purple light enveloped it, and then faded.

Another first since he'd come down to the firmament; Narala set his mask atop his head. "I think it's about time I got going. So keep this. It won't burn. If what you write in it is true and you've seen it to be the case with your own eyes, the ink that writes it will never fade or smudge. I know you'll make good use of that. It doesn't do to forget what's important, so when an experience is worth saving? You've a place to save it. Share it as you please. I've got a fair bit of faith in your judgment." He smiled, warmly, and then exited.

A couple divine 'see ya's and a few heart felt goodbyes later, Narala's incarnation disappeared, and he was back in the realm of the gods, with all that entailed. Omniscience was sort of strange to get used to again. Almost like putting on a new pair of glasses. Ugh. Yeah, he'd have to stay on the firmament more. This was weird.

In any case, it was time to set to work. It seemed like he'd be here some time, so he made himself a home. Kitterchin's had seemed so nice, so he started with a similar concept. He made a house. It looked similar to the one he was created in, with a warm, cosy, backwoods sort of charm to it. Still, one could note it looked purposely so. The rustic feel had more to do with its structure than the vaguely poorly done construction one usually assumed was at work with such places. He was particularly proud of the door, which he'd inlaid with some nice iron work and opaque glass. Anyhow, the door had no lock, and inside was... a room full of nothing? He was giving himself some time with that. He wanted to make his own furniture, with his hands, damn it. There was another door to the left, that led to a kitchen. Another to the right, which led to a hallway and a few smaller empty rooms. He'd turn those into guest rooms soon. Did they need such things? Did anyone sleep? Well, thought that counts.

The door on the other end of the room, however, led to a very full workshop. Huge, much larger than it had any right to be, judging by what the outside of the place looked like. In fact, there always seemed to be just enough room, no matter how crowded it got. Many machines lay around the walls of the room, along with several forge type places for glass and metals, and a selection of boxes, already containing materials to work with. Things from the world created so he could experiment with those, but also materials he remembered from his world. Work tables and carts with tools and other equipment littered the floor, with enough room to move between them, but only just so. There were a few closets in the walls, also containing selections of tools, protective gear, and other materials yet. One of these closets was a larger room, an office of sorts. A desk, many filing cabinets, and a ridiculous amount of paper and pens fit for blueprint drawing.

And one more room. Toward the back, a little library. Only one bookshelf for now. He wanted to make the shelves and furniture. But, he knew someone else who might appreciate something like it. He left a note on the bookshelf. Feel free to change things in here, Jule-Phren. I'll be adding some things later.

Lovely. For the moment, Narala took a break. There were still things to do, always were, but all of that creating at once was very strange, and he was done for a little bit. He went to the citadel, and announced his presence with the angels at the gates, asking if he might come in and speak to their lord. He wasn't raised in a cave, and thus did not just barge in.

2 Acts: The creation of a yet-unnamed artifact! A book resistant to flame. If someone writes a truth they've experienced in it, the ink won't leave the pages, nor can it be written over with other truths. If someone writes a truth they cannot honestly confirm, or a lie, the ink can be smudged, or fade, or otherwise be tampered with. Pages can still be torn out. There always seems to be enough room to write what truths one intends to, no matter how many pages have been ripped out. Edit note: Ripped out pages lose their magical qualities.

5 Acts: Narala's Workshop. Part home, mostly work space. There is no lock, Gods and wandering souls are free to come in as they please, and work on whatever they should wish. Narala is particularly open to teaching, one just has to ask. Also, the workshop in particular creates enough space for whoever is there to work in. Not the case with the rest of the rooms in the home. THOSE can get crowded.
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Anastella worked, worked harder than she ever thought she could, but it wasn't enough. Nothing would be enough. She taught medicine, warned people, wandered far and wide, and yet all she could do was delay the inevitable, maybe save a few lives here and there but so many more she couldn't reach, couldn't help, couldn't save. She was tired. Lea Anastella, divine mother of Mercy and the Empress of light, felt the weight of the universe upon her, and the weight of her failure. The Coronites' civilization had scattered to the winds. The humans had been forced from the land of sunset and the Merry Warband was split in twain. Nothing she did could change that. There was no power left in her to help.

And so when her time among the mortals ended and she took up her flaming crown and bright mantle once more, she did not return to her realm, nor to the other gods. She retreated to the small planet she'd been working on, saw with her tired eyes the seas and fungi and jellies, and felt at ease. This was her garden, and though the jellies had the touch of that rogue Animoras about them, they were not as repugnant as some of his other works.

She decided to continue working among the sea-life of her garden, and create an intelligent species to help her care for it. Taking water and fish and magic together, she shaped them into a long body with eight limbs, bright and colorful scales, a maned head with coral-like antlers, and two long trailing whiskers. They can change the color of their scales, and can luminesce to communicate at a distance. Their magical nature allows them to both swim underwater and fly through the air. She called them Rius, and gives them the spark of intelligence. (5 Acts - 3 for large creature, 2 for intelligence)

Lea then appears to her new creations as a crowned woman standing on a golden disk, ringed with flames. She says to the Rius,

"I am your creator, the goddess Lea Anastella. I have made you to tend to this world, my garden, and if you tend it well it will give unto you great bounties. I give you these commandments, and will favor you if you follow them."

"You shall honor me, your creator"
"You shall care for your home, which is my garden and gift unto you."
"You shall care for each other, and give aid unto those who need it."
"You shall respect your elders, and honor those among you who are strong, wise, and follow my word."
"You shall not kill each other.
"You shall not lie.
"You shall not steal."
"You shall remember these words, and build a temple of Light to keep them so that all may know what I have commanded."

"Keep true to me, and I will bestow upon you divine blessings uncountable, and when you die you shall live unto the ages of ages with me in the Celestial Court, where all is Just and Noble and Good."

She then ascends to watch her new creations from the gods' realm. (1 Act for manifesting)

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Jule-Phren wanted to be mad about this. She wanted to stomp around and be angry until the Firmament fell down. Unfortunately, it was looking like she wouldn't be able to the moment that Yunmei arrived and apologized. Her eye twitched as she looked at the Cat Goddess, her jaw clenched. Her irises sparked past her face, crackling through the air. Jule-Phren glanced over towards Tu'rebaal. And then her shoulders slumped, she let out an irritated snort, and crossed her arms.

"Forget it." Jule-Phren told Yunmei. "It's whatever. Not your fault. Don't worry about it." She let out an exasperated sigh. "I'll make something else."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I... Are you sure? Really, I'll do anything." She was confused... Surely this was her fault, after all she had brought about the fungus, and forgot to spend the energy in protecting the work of others... "It meant a lot to you, and I feel horrible about it..."

Yunmei tilted her head and purred, "Oh!! I know!! Whatever it is you're making, I can help! Even if it's just putting a little bit of energy your way, it'd be the least I can do! I'm sure it'll be wonderful!!"

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Word quickly reached the angels to allow Narala access. They offered to guide him up, but wouldn't be offended if he just decided to teleport up there instead, since there was a discussion ongoing between gods at that very moment.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Battle in the lands of the gods? What would Guthar do, try to fight one of the angels? That couldn’t happen, Kitterchin still had to beat them at cards. “I really wish you’d think of other hobbies. Knitting? Macrame? Planespotting? It doesn’t always have to be looting and pillaging. Admittedly I’m not the most bravely inclined - I mean, I was reading a book last night and it scared me so I put it in the freezer – but do you really feel safe like that, just wandering around in a… can I say ‘horde’? Is that the correct plural for orcs?” It certainly looked like a horde (pack? swarm? waaagh?), with warriors shouting and punching each other and comparing punch-sized bruises, all while blaring a battle song that he assumed was how trumpets say ‘help I’m being smothered by an orc’ in trumpet language. What they needed was a household, something to bring them together into a family. A large, noisy, terrifying family.

Kitterchin cleared his throat. “Listen, Guthar. I don’t think you’ve hit the end of the road quite so much as you think. There’s other cultures out there you haven’t even run across.” Admittedly the other cultures might prefer it that way, since the orcish word for ‘hello’ was a stab to the face, but they hadn’t wandered into his house – Guthar had. “You just need something else to invest in besides battle. Clearly you care for your people… What would you say to a gift? A token of hospitality.

Let’s see,” Kitterchin muttered, as he surveyed the land outside his door. There was a low rumble, and shards of black Earth Crystals began to thrust their way out of the smooth surface of the Firmament. “Start with a stone heap, to repel the magic. Might as well make it repel the Godsend, too. That sort of sounds like a detective, doesn’t it? Stoneheap. I’ve had it up to here with your loose cannon behavior, Stoneheap! You’re out of control. Just like your father. Stoneheap Senior.

Kitterchin creates the Stoneheap, a large home for the entire tribe of orcs to live in. It is well-defended and made of Earth Crystals. It repels magic and Godsend spores, but the floors in the bathroom are frightfully chilly. -2 Acts

Just make sure you give it a better name when you get a chance, alright?” Kitterchin said to Guthar. “Now, for the exploration.” Snails took their homes on their backs – there wasn’t any reason orcs couldn’t either.

Kitterchin cast around the Firmament for a Seedling – one that was sturdy and large, but not currently possessing anything. Six or seven of his arms seized the thing and dragged it back to him, then shoved it into the walls and floors of the new castle. Six long legs erupted from the sides of the orcs’ gift and the castle stood, on its own stone limbs, thrumming with its own kind of life. And not just for them, everyone should have a home. He performed the same action on a number of other Seedlings around the firmament – enough they would soon spread a minor version of this ability throughout most of their kind – so that they could inhabit the homes of the fastidious.

Kitterchin alters many of the Seedlings, so that if they ever possess a home they become benign house spirits, which will possess the homes of people that keep a tidy house. So long as the house is cared for, the house spirits would keep its inhabitants healthy and defend them from harm (a Coronite tree will use its branches to fend off attackers, etc). If the home falls into disrepair or the owner does not respect the laws of hospitality, the house spirit will leave. The house spirit of Stoneheap is noticeably larger than the others, and grants the castle the ability to walk. -4 Acts

I’ll give you a head start, though, Guthar. As my honoured guest, and to help you actually make use of your new home.” Guthar didn’t need any more strength – clearly he was doing well there even for an orc – but he could stand to expand his horizons from physical superiority. He seemed a thoughtful sort, for an orc.

Kitterchin blesses Guthar the Orc with the ability to magically communicate with seedlings, stonespeak, and makes him invulnerable to disease. For a placated house spirit this basically amounts to a command, but for others there is no guarantee they will act any differently without bribes or promises. This will be passed on to his descendants, and the language to whomever they teach it to. -2 Act

Kitterchin pointed to the walking fortress, which was shuffling on its feet like an awkward guest waiting to be introduced at a party. “This is your house. I made it so it’s horrible drafty and cold and those tiles might be nice to look at but they’ll scuff like anything without polishing, but it will obey you so long as you care for it, and so long as you respect the hospitality of others’ homes. That means no pillaging and no surprise murder, understand? War is fine, just do it sensibly like grown-ups, and maybe invite them round for tea first to talk it through.” He reached out a few hands patted the orc on the shoulder in what he hoped was a reassuring way, and not in a ‘what the hell is that stain don’t make me touch it’ way. “Don’t worry, it sounds like a lot but you’ll be fine. Just remember the magic formula of housekeeping: a layer of disinfectant, a layer of clean water, and a layer of sarcastic desperation. Also, all of life’s problems can be fixed with a liberal application of waterproof caulking.

Oh, and you’d best take Wheelykins,” Kitterchin added. “He can teach you some things about parenting. Help you value your children via a different method than ‘process of elimination’.” Wheelykins could go with the orcs until they got the basics, and then return to Kitterchin’s library when he was finished. Probably a good thing he was made by a god – it might take the orcs a while to figure out the intricacies of furniture polish. “And feel free to take some cheesecake back to your masses of violent troops. There’s napkins in the drawer. Actually, why don’t they all come in for dessert? I’m sure there’s some ghosts that would like to meet them, and Razdor’s doubtless hoping for guests at that ghastly casino of his…

For good measure, Kitterchin alters his plane so that any guest who enters his house is immediately cured of all diseases, injuries, and ailments. Not that he’s suspicious of his orc guests, but they still have some learning to do on the subject of hygiene. Any who come in peace seeking a cure will be welcomed to his table, for an entirely inadequate supper. -3 Acts

He shuffed back to the door, shaking the pinpricks of godly power from his claws. Alright, so I might have just given the orcs a war machine as a housewarming gift. Enh, it was probably fine. He always got overexcited when he had company over.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar would commence plans for his succession! He and his fellow Gods would likely be leaving (or in the case of Narala, had already left!), and he his help would be needed to counter the threat to the world!

He organized an elective monarch to replace him, with a semi-constitutional senate that could act as a legislative and advisory body for the Emperor. He established a stable and strong constitution to act as a guiding body of law for the country (though it could be amended if necessary). Once he was certain that everything could and would remain stable, Balthasar bid his people farewell, stating that their lives were their own, and that his actions were needed in the heavens to help save the world.

And with that, he ascended back to godhood, and rejoined the heavens.

"RIGHT!" he yelled to his fellow Gods and Goddesses. "What the hell did I miss up here!?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Narala told the angels he would be teleporting up since he had permission, as he didn't want to hold them up from their work more than was necessary! So he did so, and knocked on the door before entering Tu'rebaal's office. Quite the commotion going on inside! Goodness.

"I won't intrude long... Just stopped by to express my thanks." He said, to Tu'rebaal, and NOT Yunmei. "It's not quite taken care of yet, but the warning and aid from most involved were invaluable to containing the fungus to any degree. Good to know the sentient folk on the firmament have a few allies here."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"You are most welcome, Narala," said Tu'rebaal, inclining his head. He didn't say any more than that.

Also he wasn't sure if Balthasar was also in his office with almost the entire pantheon at this point, or if he was just yelling so loud everyone in every spiritual realm could hear it.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
It certainly seemed like the incredibly loud yelling was the case. Oww. Just got over the headache, Balthazar. Narala nodded, and his business was concluded, so he waved goodbye! He picked up the hem of his cloak and twirled it, consuming him and disappearing!

Trying to have a little fun with the teleportation. He ended up in his workshop, and took some time to just. Work. Furnishing his new home as he considered what he could do for the next while.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"Wood lice," Kitterchin said glumly when Balthasar's absurdly loud yell rattled the teacups in his cupboard. "I am certain I have wood lice in my baseboards. No one's actually created any but they probably appeared just for me. Sort of thing that would happen to me. Also plague, and doom, and just the most dreadful racket from that casino. Isn't there a zoning law against this sort of thing?"

He vanished and appeared beside Balthasar with a faint pop. "I have some guests over if you'd like cake. They wandered in through the door to the mortal realms and I think they'd be very excited to meet a god that wasn't a complete disappointment. Besides which, you did create the orcs. They could probably use some words of wisdom, although be warned you may have to phrase it in the form of a casual massacre for them to pay attention. Unless you're busy, that is..?"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
A black line appears from the hole in the firmament incarnate in the material realm but untouchable, as if a shadow. It draws itself through the nebula in the center of the universe to the surface of the kaleidoscope eclipse where a diagram it drawn by it. The diagram begins as a simple dodecagon covering the entire kaleidoscope eclipse like a shadow, then it begins connecting all the points to one another and circles with runes in the center of them at each of the points. Once the diagram is finished the line then disappears as if it is pulled into the diagram which at this point looks something like this:
[Image: aspects_by_jbmiller97-db4rjph.png]
The diagram then begins to pull itself off the ground and into the air, looking from every direction as if it is rising to face all those that observe it. When it has finished rising it reaches all the way to the nebula. It then rapidly changes it's form in strangely decipherable ways, and to all that see it, which is pretty much everyone within the firmament, they know the diagram is named Call. It then, seeing the nebula and the magical winds surrounding it, moves to surround the nebula.
When directly on top of the nebula Call creates twelve very small asteroids he calls Aspects that altogether have the mass of 1/3 of a moon sized planet that each have their corresponding rune that they were created on top of. These twelve asteroids are created in perfect balance with each other so that they all orbit around each other and the nebula so that none of them collide with each other, pass through the nebula, or fly off towards the firmament. The asteroids are then imbued with magical constructs to absorb, alter, and emit magic.

Call spends 1 point on creating twelve asteroids, each 1/36 of the mass of a moon shaped planet and 2 points imbuing them with magical properties.

[Image: spa_by_jbmiller97-db4s4bl.png]
The first asteroid, which is called Spa, absorbs a third of the earth magic and changes it to space magic. Space magic is of creation and truth. It is opposed by time magic.

[Image: doo_by_jbmiller97-db4s4bg.png]
The second asteroid, which is called Doo, absorbs a third of the fire magic and changes it to doom magic. Doom magic is of sacrifice and rules. It is opposed by life magic.

[Image: bre_by_jbmiller97-db4s4b5.png]
The third asteroid, which is called Bre, absorbs a third of the air magic and changes it to breath magic. Breath magic is of direction and fantasy. It is opposed by blood magic.

[Image: har_by_jbmiller97-db4s4aq.png]
The fourth asteroid, which is called Har, absorbs a third of the water magic and changes it to heart magic. Heart magic is of identity and order. It is opposed by mind magic.

[Image: ra_by_jbmiller97-db4s48y.png]
The fifth asteroid, which is called Ra, absorbs a third of the earth magic and changes it to rage magic. Rage magic is of perception and restrictions. It is opposed by hope magic.

[Image: li_by_jbmiller97-db4s48l.png]
The sixth asteroid, which is called Li, absorbs a third of the fire magic and changes it to light magic. Light magic is of knowledge and luck. It is opposed by void magic.

[Image: ti_by_jbmiller97-db4s46t.png]
The seventh asteroid, which is called Ti, absorbs a third of the air magic and changes it to time magic. Time magic is of destruction and lies. It is opposed by space magic.

[Image: fe_by_jbmiller97-db4s46k.png]
The eighth asteroid, which is called Fe, absorbs a third of the water magic and changes it to life magic. Life magic is of power and freedom. It is opposed by magic.

[Image: blu_by_jbmiller97-db4s43r.png]
The ninth asteroid, which is called Blu, absorbs a third of the earth magic and changes it to blood magic. Blood magic is of bonds and reality. It is opposed by breath magic.

[Image: mi_by_jbmiller97-db4s43l.png]
The tenth asteroid, which is called Mi, absorbs a third of the fire magic and changes it to mind magic. Mind magic is of decisions and chaos. It is opposed by heart magic.

[Image: ho_by_jbmiller97-db4s433.png]
The eleventh asteroid, which is called Ho, absorbs a third of the air magic and changes it to hope magic. Hope magic is of belief and possibilities. It is opposed by rage magic.

[Image: voi_by_jbmiller97-db4s42t.png]
The twelfth asteroid, which is called Voi, absorbs a third of the water magic and changes it to void magic. Void magic is of mystery and skill. It is opposed by light magic.

The effects of the asteroids is much like that of a transformer, all of the types of magic are a third as powerful as before but there are three times as many types of magic. Call reasons that this will not only expand the diversity of magic users but also lower the point of entry into magic using. Old types of magic can still be used by combining the three elements the old elements were split into to create the old element to use in magic, but this process makes old spells more difficult to cast and require more casting time.

With his work done, Call goes shrinks down to the size of a man and floats to the center of the kaleidoscope eclipse, now with an added twelve shadows of the Aspects roaming across it, to rest. When he arrives there he finds a rather quaint and inviting looking door and decides that maybe that would be a good place to rest. He extrudes a line from his matrix and gently knocks on the door three times.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Anastella pops, or rather appears in a bright flash of fire, next to Kitterchin and Balthasar.

"...So what's up with the new guy?"

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Balthasar shrugged to Anastella, then looked to Kitterchin.

"Cake sounds lovely! And don't worry, I have plenty of experience with orcs..."

He thought back to the awesome battles he'd had against them.

"Love those guys!"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"New guy?" Kitterchin didn't like the sound of that. With a small slurping noise, he vanished into the ether and reappeared in his house amidst a raucous orc party. "Hello? Is someone at the door?"

He threw open the door and sighed in relief. "Oh, thank the us, its just a sentient being woven of pure geometry with motivations beyond mortal reasoning. I thought you were a cat. Don't mind the orcs, I've got a bit of an infestation and they're kind of sweet when you're used to them. Please, come in for cake." The last was directed at Balthasar and Anastella as well.
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Call, having been invited in, drifts his mass of geometry and runes through the door and into the, as he can now see, very quaint and welcoming cottage. He almost feels at home here, well, as homely as a existential plane with more than the two dimensions he is used to can be.
Then, wondering what the grey furred thing what referring to, Call rapidly changes his form in a way that seems to ask "What҉ are͟ ̸c͜a͡ts,͏ ͞or̀çs,̡ and͠ thi͝s̨ ̕t̷h̷i͟n͝g̕ ̢y͘oư c҉a͢ll c҉ąke?̢"
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kytheros briefly looked up at a particularly interesting dream of a philosopher pondering the cosmos to study the new comer and its effects on magics.

He then went back to watching Dream TV.

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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Lea Anastella reduces her tall form to one that can fit through the door, and she squeezes inside. She bows to Kitterchin as she enters,

"Quite gracious of you. I believe I shall have a slice of cake."

Noticing the orcs, she looks them over and sighs.

"Oh, these creatures remind me of my precious warband, torn apart by that damnable fungus... It pains me still to look at that part of the firmament."

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
Kitterchin was busily setting up his best chairs for his godly and - demigodly? Half-godly? Whatever that swirling mess of lines was - guests. "Orcs are these rather large noisy things sitting around my table," he explained, "or at least, the ones that aren't ghosts. Actually some of the ghosts are also orcs. And some of the others were likely clubbed to death by orcs. Hm. Best revisit the seating plan to avoid awkward reunions. Cats are a terror that we never speak of in this house, aside from this introductory statement which shall never be repeated under pain of having all future invitations lost in the mail? And cake is..."

"Hang on, do you actually not know what cake is? Were you raised by wolves that didn't love you enough?" It was a good thing that his larders couldn't actually run dry, although the orcs were giving the godly realm a run for its money. "Stay right here. I'll fetch you a few different kinds. Nothing weird, don't worry - no one should be faced with the moral bankruptcy of coconut on their first day out. Where did you come from, incidentally?" Kitterchin asked Call as he returned with forks and plates. "Here I thought everyone had already been round to say hello."
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RE: Godhood- Tapestry
"I ͘u͜nd͝er̵s̴ta̢n̷d," Call gestures, "the̴se̛ ҉'́o͠r̵cs'̡ ár͟e̶ ͞se̡n͡t̛ie̡nt ͠lif̡e" the runes Mi and Fe flash at those last two words "i̧nfu͜se͝d w͜it͡h ̶t͝hę r̨age͟ of de͟structi̢o̢n͝." again two runes pop into the swirling mass, this time Ra and Ti. "And ̛t̢h̷ese͝ '̵g̕hos͠t̕s̷'̀ ̀a̴r͟e sìm͘p̛l͜ỳ b̸eįn҉g͜s̕ t͘h͝at͞ ̀h̨a҉v̨é ̨l͏os̀t ̸t͞h́ei͢r͢ ̴bon̶ḑ wit̴h r͘e͠a͟lit͠y.͝" the rune Blu flashes twice. "A͘h, you ̕wis̢h t̷o̸ ͘k͢no͡w̕ ͜w̕he̛rè I̧ cǫme͏ ͏f͢r̶om,̴ ̵I co͟ḿe̷ ̀f̕rǫm ͏a͜ uni̛v̀e͝rse wìth three dimen̢sio̢ns,̡ ̷t҉wo in͠ s͝p͠a̕c͞e and on͏e i͜n ͝ti͡m͟e. À̸͘s̡͞ ́͏ỳ͠o̴u҉͘ ̷̨̡c̷̷a̵n͏ ̛̀i̢͞m͜a̡g̢i̶͟ne̴͘͠,͞͏ ̢s̨uc̵҉h̴́ ̧͘á̴̡ ưnì̧v̀e͟r̕s͏e ̵̨c҉͘͜o̴̢͝u̸̶͠l̶̕d͢͏҉ ̀no̶͟t͟ ҉su̸͜p͢por̛t̀͞ ̨͜l̢i̷̸f͘e͟͠,͞͏ w̷ith̶̶̢ ͡͏oņ̴l̕͟y̸͜͝ ͜t͏w͝͝o̕ ̢̕s̢͝p̷̶̢a͟͠c͏͜į͟al̶҉ d͏̸i͘m͞e̕ns̷͢͞io͟ǹ̷s̶̛ ̵͟͟ś̷u͘c̨h̀͝͠ ͜a ̷th̀̕i̶̧n̢͢g ̡͞w̵̢o̸ùl̕͜ḑ͟ ͘̕͞be̴ ̸͡im̢po̢̕͢ss̶҉įb̡̡͜ļ̷e.̢͝͏ T͘͏ḩ͢͜͜͠ę̵́ ̴̨͡o̸̸̷͢͡ţ͡h̢́͝e̵͝r̸̵ ̛́g͜͏̸̧ò̶́̕͝ḑ̕͡s̨̛̀͞ ̵͝w̸̶̡͝͠e̛͠r̴̷͢͝e͏̷̨̕ ҉͜͠҉ç̸͞҉ǫ̀n̸̢t̶̶̶͠e̴̛͢͞҉n̶̢͜t̷̵̡͢ ̡͝͡w̶̨í̧t̷h͘҉̶̀͜ ͘̕t͝͡h̴e͢҉̵͜i̡̢̡̕͜r͝҉ ̷̷̸T̷̵w̸̡̛͠͡ǫ̕͠ ̸̧̨̛̛d̶̢́i̷͘͢͡m̕͞ȩ͜͝҉͘n̢s̷i̧̕͡͠o̶̸̶͡ņ̸̴̀a̡̢͜͠ļ̀͢͞ ͘͘͞s̷̴͏̕à̴̢̛ǹ́̀͢͝ḑ̴̛̕b̴̶͞͡ó͢͝x̸̵̨̕,̸͏͘͡ ̷̨̀͢b̵̨́u͟t̷̨͘ ̢͘͢͢͡Ì̸̀ ̡͞w̡̛͠a̵̸s̛̛҉ņ̢'̧t̡̧̕͠͞.̸̧͜͞҉ ̴̷̀͜͟O̧͜͢n̡͠e̷̵̡̡̢ ̴̶̵́́o̡̕͘f̷̛͜ ̷͢͏ḿ͘͡y̨̨̧͝͡ ̶͜͡t̢͠w̷̢͠e̸͡l̢͟͢͞͠v̡͢e̷̴͝͞ ̧͡e͏̷͜͟l̸̕͟e̶̴̶̛m҉͏͢e̷̕͟͢n͘҉̕͡ţ̴͜͟͠s͟͝͞ ̸̡́́i̵̵̴͠͠s̨ ̧̛҉̵͡l̵̵í͘f̨̨̛͝e̸͏,͞͝ ̶͝͞a̵̡̛͜n̡͏d̢ ̴̢͘à̸͘͡n̶̨̛͞ǫ́t̨͠͡҉͡h̵҉̴è̡r̶̸̢͟ ͜͏͘į̧̕s̢͏͟͠͞ ̀҉̸s͏҉a̸҉̴c̶͢r̀̀͘̕͜í͏f̸̧҉̶ì̢̀͘͞c̕͜͠ȩ̡̛́,҉̸͏ ҉͢͞͡t̶҉ẃ̷̧͞o̵̷̢ ̴̸͢͠҉t̸̀͡h̀į̵̵ņ̷̀͢͝ģ͢͢͞ś͝ ̶҉̡t̷̛̕͟͞ḩ͝͡͠a̴̕͞t̵̢̛̀ ̴̕w̴͟͞͠ǫ͟͞͠͠u̧͜͢͞l̷͏͜͜d̴̸̸ ̸͢͜n̴̨̛͜͡e͜͠҉̢v̧̢̀́̀e̕҉r̵̨̡͢͡ ̨҉e̷̡̕x̧́͜͞i̢̕ş̛͘t͘ ̸͜͠t̶́͠͏h́̕͝͏è̶̷̵̡r̷͘̕̕e͏́̀.͏̷̶̶ ̶̨̧̨s̸̵͜͠͞o͟͝͡ ̵̸̨I͜͝ ͠͠d́̀͢͠e̵̴͜c̴̸i̶͘͡͝d̵̸̵̴̀e҉̵͡d̶͏͏ ͏̵t̶o̢̨ ̢́̀͟͡l̴͏ę̸͢͡a̸͏̨̧v͜͏̨̡é̕͞ ́́͢͞͝ą̴̵͠ǹ͘̕̕͟ḑ̵͠͠ ̸f̢͟͟҉i͜҉̛n̷̕͘d͘͠ ̧̡̢҉g̡͝ŕ̡͜͟e͢͡͝҉e͝ń͠͝͏e̕͢r͏͞͠ ̛́p̶̵͜͟a͠҉̸ś̶̨̕͞t̶̡͘͡ù̷̡ŕ̸̴̡͏e̸̕͢͠ş.̴͜͠ A͡ńḑ ̵t̸ha͞t͞'s͝ ̸why ̵I͞'m ͜h͝ęre.͟"

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