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Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat

It is a spectacular day at Lake Duhmanglum National Park! There's not a cloud in the sky, and as you checked the forecast, the whole week is pretty set on being sunny. Perhaps driving off the last of the spring rains. You know the place to be expansive, with world famous hiking trails, mountains to climb, wildlife one only found there, and of course many rivers and Lake Duhmanglum (affectionately called Lake Duhm by the locals.) As you stand in the designated meet-up spot with your bags, you're surprised by just how lush the place looks, and despite how you may have felt about this before, you're getting a hint of a damn good feeling about the next week.

Of course, the lead up here had been a bit strange. For whatever reason, you had been looking for a new job, when an interesting opportunity came to you. A local advertising agency was looking for fresh blood, and wanted to train some promising folk for all sorts of areas higher in the chain. It gave off an impression of stability, and promised a fair wage. You were pretty certain you'd heard of it before, though you couldn't quite recall from where. In any case, it checked out, and you called about the available positions. They scheduled you for an interview, to which you of course brought your Application. Another strange thing, but of course some businesses these days were taking a more laid back approach to things, that was fine. The interviews proceeded nicely for you, and you were hired in a heart beat!

First things first though, they wanted you to... do some team building shit? A company retreat kind of thing so soon? Well, apparently you didn't find that strange enough not to go. And so here you stand, with a handful of other new hires, a pleasant breeze at your back, and the promise of a swell week, and a swell career, ahead of you!

Application for Employment at the Ima Dulman Advertising Agency:
((If you write a LIE on this, heaven forbid because that is completely mega illegal probably, please put a truthful answer OOC))

Name: Your full legal name please.
Appearance: We've decided to put all that pesky stuff like "how old you are" and "gender please" and "what exactly did your mama give you" in one section!
Skills: What makes you a good fit for IDAA? We're looking for a diverse set, and we want to know what you could bring to the table.
Hobby: Weird question, we know! But nobody likes a stick in the mud. We like to get to know our team mates before we just hoist them aboard, so what do you do in your free time? Don't worry, we've all got our quirks here. ((Please just pick one!))
Bio: Tell us a bit about yourself! Please include a brief description of your employment and education history.
References: Three to five please, with brief descriptions of your relations to this person.

((OOC continuation:
Inventory: What did you bring? Must fit in a suitcase, a backpack, and your pockets. The trip is expected to last a week, and you'll be provided food, and cabins with beds to sleep in. It is expected to be sunny, and you'll likely make use of all of the natural wonders of the park, so pack accordingly. Semi-detailed, I'd like to know what KIND of clothes your character is bringing for example but I don't need to know exactly what they look like. This will be locked in at game start with zero exception, so double check before you send it in. :p ))

OOC nonsense:
Zero self control, screw it, I'm posting.

Hey guys! First off, totally ripped the idea off of a msparp rp group thing from years back. Thought it was a fun concept, so I fixed up some things and polished it up for the forums! Hope you'll have fun!

That said, don't get too attached to your characters. :) Part two with the rules and suggestions will come a little ways into the game. Only one basic OOC rule till then: don't make me make dumb rules, pretty please, I'm not about that life. I expect this to be fairly relaxed from a rules standpoint and fairly short too, but I haven't run anything for you schmucks yet so we'll see!

Edit: Signups end the 12th or if I get 12 acceptable applications, whichever comes first.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Jonathan Nicholas Normand (Jon)

Appearance: 22 year old white male, 5'8, average build, longish brown hair. (Looks kind of bland and a bit pale and unhealthy.)

Skills: Almost two years work experience and relevant degree in database management and computer operations. (Decent at math. Fairly well-read on science and trivia. Skipped sports way too much as a kid.)

Hobby: Miniature wargaming. (Spending hours painting tiny models and being asinine about dicerolling rules. Crack is cheaper.)

Bio: I am a hard worker looking for a long-term employment opportunities in your company... (Laconic. Sarcastic. Grew up in a modestly-sized city. Went to community college. Thinks human society is everyone trying to manipulate everyone else. Politically, a shithead.)

References: Professors Hank Swanson and Janet Walker were lecturers at college, and Carl Clark was head of IT at the firm he was previously working at and can attest to his commitment. (Prof. Swanson was blatantly underqualified and lazy, Prof. Walker was a good lecturer but did not hold students to very high standards, and Carl Clark is very happy to support Jonathan moving onto another job since it means he doesn't have to work with him anymore.)

Inventory: He literally just read a website on 'what to bring to a cabin holiday'.
-Wallet with $60 and cards.
-Pocket knife.
-Earbuds for use with cellphone.
-Bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, razor etc.
-Cellphone charging cable.
-Some shitty snacks and a water filter bottle.
-Batteries for the flashlight.
-Tupperware box containing unpainted wargaming miniatures and paints.
-Changes of clothes for a week, mostly button-down shirts and jeans but also a couple of t-shirts, plus boxers, socks etc.
-Sneakers and hiking boots (wearing the sneakers to begin with).
-Cold-weather/rainproof jacket.
-Dark grey beanie hat.
-Extra blanket.
-Spare toilet paper and paper towels, thoroughly flattened at the bottom of the suitcase.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Veronica Octavia Wilcox, but Ronnie will do just fine, too!

Appearance: 22 years old, female, Hispanic. (Dark brown hair, brown eyes, freckles on her nose and shoulders. About 5'9" and lean. A pretty girl, but definitely someone who's aware that she's attractive.)

Skills: 4 years of medical school knowledge. An abundance of knowledge of social media and ads, and also how they work. A year of work experience at (her mother's)pharmaceutical company in sales. Great with people! (Definitely a social media girl. Probably attached a link of her Instagram and her "modelling photos" because advertising agencies would love that.)

Hobby: Pilates! Physical fitness and health is super important! It's, like, a daily thing! (Spends a LOT of time on social media. Like a LOT.)

Bio: You can't make sales and advertise if you don't know how to talk to people, and I'd say that's one of my biggest skills!

(Ronnie really wanted to go to law school like in Legally Blonde, but her Dad insisted she go to med school and follow in his footsteps. So she's going through that and is getting pretty good grades! She's interned with him, and done observations of a lot of other things. Has a year's worth of mostly part-time experience at her mother's pharmaceutical company in sales.
VERY active on social media. Probably a big ol' Viner when that was a thing. Has tons of followers and considers that Important. Good with people legitimately, but definitely a little too bubbly for some.)


- David Jones: PR Manager of previously employed Pharmaceutical company, can attest to my work ethic, motivation, and people skills! (A friend of her mother's. Kind of a scummy douche, but owes her parents some favours.)
- Doctor Leslie Miller: An alumni of my college, allowed me to observe her general practice for college credit! (A pretty nice gal, but also pretty low-energy. Just glad not to have to deal with the loud girl anymore. Eager to have her working anywhere else but her practice.)
- Stephanie Stapleton: Pharmacologist. Worked with me daily during the year I spent with the business. Can personally attest to my problem solving skills, communication skills, positivity, and teamwork! (Complacent. Definitely eager to move up in the business. Pretty much just in the shit for money. Total kiss-ass to the Wilcox family in hopes of some sort of job advancement.)


Suitcase: A week and two day's worth of clothes! Packing a little extra just in case.
- blouses, tank tops, short sleeve shirts, and some light jackets.
- one pair of jeans, the rest jean shorts and some athletic/pilates shorts.
- plenty of socks!
- sneakers!
- plenty of hair ties!
- functional undergarments!
- rain proof jacket!
- two towels!
- basic med kit!
- tweezers, a razor, shampoo and conditioner, face wash, and deodorant!

- Spare toilet paper
- pads and tampons (just in case)
- a blanket
- a flashlight
- some gum
- travel sized bottle of hydrogen peroxide
- band-aids
- charger for phone
- spare batteries for flashlight
- perfume
- hair brush
- toothbrush/toothpaste

- collared blouse, jean shorts, hiking boots, ball cap, hair tie, sunglasses, windbreaker jacket.

- Cell Phone
- Wallet
- Lip balm
- Mace
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Albert Henryk Krakowski (Crak-oww-ski in American)

Appearance: 30, Male, White

((Thirty years old with hair black as ink and thick eyebrows. He has a disheveled look about him - stubble, sallow skin, dark circles around the green eyes, uncombed hair, crooked shirts, and so on. His hands are long and bony; his fingers look like knotted sticks. A child once compared his hairy hands to tarantulas - that was mean, but accurate. Thin-rimmed glasses seem in a perpetually precarious perch on his aquiline nose. His figure can best be described as "nonexistent" - he rarely takes his thick layers of clothing off, but judging by his arms he's basically a skeleton. In short, he looks like he could use about a year of sleep.))

Skills: I have eight years of marketing and product design experience. My specialty is multimedia. Please see attached portfolio.

Hobby: I like woodworking.
((Albert has not had time to carve in years.))

Bio: I graduated with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Communication and went to work for N.F. & Co. for eight years. Due to recent restructuring I am seeking a new job.
((Albert was a bright kid, a bit nerdy, but well-meaning. He liked people. God, he liked talking to folks. Thought he had it good, too, getting hired straight out of college. Sure, the company was in a bit of a remote location, but the benefits were good, right?

He was not prepared. Nobody could have prepared him. When he arrived, he noticed that the town was nearly empty, and there were guards patrolling around. He was escorted to a house that looked like the previous owners hadn't moved out willingly, and was told not to leave. He was shuttled back and forth between the house and his office for years. Albert didn't really know what he was working on - most of it was in code - but he was fairly certain it was not legitimate business. He looked for a way to escape, but there was never a gap that he could take advantage of. Eventually, the time ground him down and he resigned himself to working there until he was no longer useful. He made sure not to take too many risks, and constantly looked over his shoulder. Things were never stable, and he'd heard that those who knew too much eventually were found dead in the night. Albert slept little and knew less.

Then an opportunity came. Leadership had changed, or so the rumor was. He talked to the right people, or so it seemed, and managed to convince his immediate bosses that he knew nothing and it was better for him to leave before he knew too much. The severance didn't come cheap, but he'd been saving his wages, and managed to make a clean break with them, clean enough that he knew they'd cover for him if he gave them as a reference. They were good enough to do that.

Now he has escaped, but that place has left its mark on him. Albert just wants to live a normal life, which means getting a normal job.))

Marianne Krakowski - Mother.
John Krakowski - Father.
Drake Kulas - Project Manager at N.F.&Co.
Erica Ives - Faculty adviser at college.

The sum total of Albert's possessions are:
-Beat-up old suitcase.
-Two suits, very out of fashion
-Yellowing button-down shirt
-Black shirt
-Red shirt
-Black pants
-Carving knife.
-Black coat
-Grey coat
-Blue coat
-Pile of hats
-Jumbo prescription of amphetamines

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Switchy's my name, but like, my parents call me Bertrand Rutherford Johnson III esq., soooo... yeah.......

Appearance: I'm a dude with a rockin' booty, pretty darn skinny if you're askin' me! I know how to get my munch on, but I never put on weight, haha! My hair's like, sorta shaggy? and brown??? I guess? it's been a while since i checked in a mirror, haha, but it's pretty long, yeah. Falls down to my shoulders, dude, hope you're alright with longhairs here, lol!!!! i'm also like, 18, hope that's ok!

Skills: I'm like, totally a 10/10 conflict resolution specialist. I know how to get people feelin' chill! I also know how to roll papers really tight, weird talent, right? hahahaha!

Hobby: Philosophy and deep thinking. Like, sometimes me and my friends will just sit around and think about, like..... deep stuff, man... like.... what makes the sky blue? Why do groundhogs look for their shadow? Crazy stuff, dude...

Bio: A lot of my past is kind of a blur man, haha... Like, I know I went to high school, and that me and my friends dropped out senior year to start an amateur supernatural detective agency. That's when things get REALLY fuzzy, like, I remember a lotta crazy stuff, usually involving old men screaming in my face, but... besides that???? kind of a mystery, man, haha... we filed for bankruptcy last year, and me and my buddy Dooby (he's my dog lol!!! i promise!!!) gotta eat so im trying to join up here......


Frank: Sort of a jock... He hung out with me, but he like, beat me up a lot too??? it was sort of a weird friendship, haha! he hired me though, and agreed to pay me entirely in food and "dooby snacks" if ya know what I mean, so, I guess I gotta be grateful!

Daciana: Frank's girlfriend. Didn't talk to me much - or anyone, really. Her and Frank usually checked the closets for us while me Val and Dooby searched for the monsters in the halls... they sure were brave, those places are s-s-s-s-s-s-spooky!!!

Valerie: Sorta nerdy girl who was in the supernatural squad with me... like, i don't know why, but she always tried to get me to put Dooby outside so we could be alone. I was like, 'nah, heck naw! he's like, my best bud, dude!' She always seemed sorta bummed after that. girls sure are weird!

Doobert "Dooby" Scoobert: My best bud!!!! The best pup in the whole wide world!!! He's gotta come with me, cause, he, uh, is totally a service dog, man!!! Our life forces are like, super connected and stuff!!


-A backpack full of weed
-A bag of dogfood
-Two changes of clothes
-A heavy jacket
-A poncho
-A plastic bong
-A swiss army knife (for opening the dogfood + canned food)
-A flash light
-Dooby's meds (he's diabetic man)
-Dooby's bed
-A fucking hatchet
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Gustavus "Gus" McGill

Appearance: 5'6", probably around 140 pounds, runs a lot! Wears a rather old second-hand suit with elbow patches, wears a fake expensive watch, and loves making pitches!

Skills: Gus McGill is his name, and selling things is his game! He's appeared on infomercials, has worked as a door-to-door salesman, and doesn't actually have a place to live! He lost his wife ten years ago (she divorced his ass), she has custody of the kids, and he is currently neck-deep in child support, credit card, and student loan debt! He's actually a fairly good camper (he's homeless a lot, and travels a lot), can be very charismatic, and is INCREDIBLY persistent (he will sell you this doodad or DIE TRYING). He's also worked an endless stream of odd jobs to shore up his horrendous finances, and has a degree in marketing from a for-profit college that no longer exists.

Hobby: Crying himself to sleep every night over his wreck of a life! But more seriously, in better times he really loved working on cars. His car, to be specific. Before it was taken from him by debt collectors.

Bio: Ever since he was a kid, Gus McGill has been a natural born salesman! He loves selling things, no matter what, and always closes a sale!

At eighteen, he graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA and worked a variety of odd jobs before being accepted to Herbert Galloway's College of Business! He met his wife, Barbara, when they were both working at a Happy Burger, and they soon got married. She ended up supporting him for a number of years as he pursued his many ventures (they accidentally had twin daughters on top of this) before she finally divorced him. She later remarried, and is living a relatively well-to-do life.

Meanwhile, Gus has worked odd-job after dead-end job for most of his life. He's forty now, and he's gotten nowhere. But he's just waiting for his next big break!

Education: Herbert Galloway's College of Business and Marketing (no longer exists, the eponymous Herbert Galloway fled to Morocco)

Employment History:
-Used Snowball Salesman (childhood job)
-Blister Valley Car Wash (front desk clerk)
-Happy Burger (register clerk)
-Taco Hut (register clerk: always upsell!)
-Cahill Insurance (was fired once they found that he faked his resume)
-Glass Vacuums (pyramid scheme)
-Louie's Loans (payday loan agent)
-Moose Transporter
-Richie Ryder's Used Cars (sales associate)
-Uncle Vinnie's Pizzas (door-to-door pizza salesman!)
-Millennium 2 Real Estate (assistant assistant assistant realtor)
-Children's Soccer Assistant Coach
-Apprentice Ice Cream Truck Salesman
-Locke Tools Warehouse (Janitor's Aide)
-Paralegal (hired by accident, they actually intended to hire the other applicant and sent him the acceptance text by mistake)
-Williams Stadium (boxing referee)
-Clerk at Blister Valley Public Library (fired after a week for chasing after customers attempting to convince them to pay overdue book fees)
-Frank Ragsdale's Traveling Carnival (aspiring actor! Ended up manning a booth.)
-Wally's Watches (apprentice watch repairman in a mall kiosk)
-Glory Bank (assistant teller)
-Freelance Movie Screenwriter in Hollywood (only wrote half a script, as he couldn't even get hired as a waiter)
-Jim Junior's Lemonade Stand (Financial Advisor)
-Also starred in some infomercials for change (as the guy who couldn't do anything right)

-Barbara McGill (goes by Barbara Fisher now, but he'll show her he can change! He can make it work!)
-Rick McGill (brother, he's a Wall Street Investment Banker)
-James "Jim" Bird Jr. (he's a brilliant little guy! Owns his own business!)
-Eleanor McGill (mother, she knows him better than anyone!)
-Ricky Frank (childhood friend that Gus never calls outside of asking for money)

His trusty suit! (antiquated and in rather rough shape, with elbow patches and an awful color scheme)
A spare change of clothes!
A picture of his ex-wife and kids!
A well-worn toothbrush!
Wallace! (his childhood teddy bear!)
A can of shoe shine (for his worn dress shoes!)
A fake gun! (for intimidation purposes, as he could not afford a real one!)
His trusty old flip-phone!
A pen taken from a hotel lobby!
His swiss army knife! (well worn)
A plastic comb!
His wedding ring! (some day...)
Two father's day cards (my kids still remembered me! Five years ago!)
A picture of Gus and a moose!
A pink slip from Jim Junior's Lemonade Stand!
Scattered bobby pins in his suitcase! A depressing amount!
A cat collar with a name tag labeled "Snuffles"!
A collection of hard plastic nametags with his name on them!
A squeegee and an empty spray bottle!
A signed picture of Willy Hayes! (acquired by chance meeting!)
A collection of punch cards from various restaurants!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Veronica Abigail Pennison, but you can totally call me Ronna! You could call me Abby too, I guess, but like... I dunno, middle names are kind of weird, don't you think?

Appearance: I'm like, 21. I'm also a girl, and a pretty cute one at that, right?, and I'm Pacific Islander!
(A young lady with naturally tanned skin, brown eyes, and bobcut black hair. Stands at a solid 5'7", has a decent amount of muscle on her, and the cuuuuuutest button nose! Her hands also have a few scars on them from early mishaps with her hobby.)

Skills: Three and a half years of Marine Biology study and eight years of fishkeeping, so I like, super know a lot about fish and stuff? Plus, I'm a super good swimmer from, like, tons of years as a lifeguard, and I'm seriously fit, cause I like, go to the gym and stuff. I'm also good with people, cause I have, like, sooooo many friends, and don't even ask about my Instagram because, like, there are so many cute pictures of me and my fishes there and they all get tons of likes!
(In addition to her knowledge of marine biology and skill in swimming, Veronica is also pretty strong, and can lift a decent amount.)

Hobby: Fishkeeping! I like, study and keep a toooon of fish of all kinds, and I have two reaaaaaally nice marine tanks and a freshwater one at home! Also, like, I keep a few nano reefs, though they require a lot of work because they're like, really small? Fish are like, suuuuuper cute!

Bio: Okay, so my dad is a super important person, right? Like, his name is Aiden Pennison and he's real rich. He runs this really big telecommunications company, so I've always had like, a ton of allowance because he's SUPER generous, he donates to charity and stuff. But like, I don't really like metal, and my dad really wanted me to get a hobby so that I wouldn't be a lazy girl like all of the other girls at my school. I totally didn't know what I wanted to do until this one time I fell off of a boat when I was a kid, and then I thought that fish were super interesting, and they're also really cute! And after that, I used all of my money to buy and take care of fish, I've got all kinds! Ooh, I've got this one this one ray, oh he's so adorbs! There was one time when I was taking care of a different ray and she nicked me and I almost died and had to go to the hospital, that's what this scar here is, and then I... uh, what? Work experience? Um, okay. That's kind of boring, but alright...

So um... I don't really have too much, I guess? I used to do a lot of work as a lifeguard because the local pool was actually totally cool, and I got to catch some rays in between saving a bunch of lives. Now though, I do some work for this aquarium in my home city, oh it's so cool! They have this one nurse shark, oh she's so adorable, you could just hug her all day! Oh, I've also done like, conservation work down at the Great Barrier Reef and stuff. My professor runs some visits down there, and I usually go because its so nice to be in the water and see all of the coral! It's so bright, I feel so bad when it gets all bleached. God, it super sucks... Oh, but one time, I saw this one moray eel, right? He had the nicest little eyes and he, like...

(In summary, Veronica's father is fucking loaded, and she grew up going to private school. She's attending a private university and majoring in Marine Biology. She used to work as a lifeguard, but now works at her local aquarium and occasionally volunteers for conservation efforts down in the Great Barrier Reef.

- Uriah Telleran: Uriah is so cool! He's my professor, and he runs a lot of trips to Australia and stuff for... conservation efforts? Like, we go to the Great Barrier Reef and work on helping out all of the species down there! It's really fun and we get to help... so many species! (Veronica's Marine Biology professor. He makes trips down to run conservation efforts with the Great Barrier Reef, and often brings down some of his better students, including Veronica.)

- Patricia Kellan: Patricia is really nice! She works for the aquarium in the city, and she's like, my boss. It's a super cool place, and it's so much fun to look at all of the cool fish there when I'm off duty! (Veronica's boss at the aquarium she works at.)

- Ava Jones: Oh my god, Ava is the cutest thing you will ever meet! Oh she's so adorable, and not just because she has a pretty face! If you call her up, oh she'll talk on and on about the work she's doing, oh it's so, so sweet! Just um... watch for time zones, I guess? (The person that Veronica works under when she volunteers. Lives in Australia and heads some of the efforts going on down there.)

- Daniel Fitzgerald: Um... Daniel... uh... I mean, you wanted like... my previous bosses, right? He was um... one of them. I guess... (Veronica's boss when she worked as a lifeguard. He tended to be a bit too personal with his staff, and Veronica turned down his advances more than a few times.)

Current Clothes: Exercise shorts, white tank top, a red plaid button up shirt (currently unbuttoned), ankle socks, black running shoes.

Suitcase: Enough of the following to last a week:
- Short sleeved shirts/tank tops/blouses
- Skirts and shorts
- Plenty of socks
- Plenty of underwear
- Two light jackets
- A pair of pants just in case
- An extra pair of sneakers and a pair of dress shoes
- A raincoat
- A washcloth
- A few towels
- Two swimsuits, one bikini and one one-piece
- A sleeping bag, rolled up and strapped to the top

- Toiletries! (Toothbrush, toothpaste, pads/tampons, travel shampoo/conditioner bottles, deoderant, face wash)
- Portable phone charger
- Two phone charging cables
- Backup waterproof flip phone
- An umbrella
- A hairbrush
- A book on freshwater flora and fauna
- A copy of the ten page list of detailed rules she left for the caretakers of her fish back at home just in case she needs to call and remind them of what to do
- A metal water bottle, currently full

- Smartphone
- Wallet (contains ID, credit cards, and $16.32 in cash)
- Chapstick
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Trina B. Small (middle name Beatrice)

Gender: I identify as a Cis Female.
Age: I am 25 years old.
Race: My race is Caucasian.

((4'10" & 3/4. Waist length long brown hair. is a twig. has thicc glasses. Tends to wear sassy sweaters and skinny jeans with mismatching socks. Has a hairband to hold her bangs. Her bag has TONS of fandom buttons. ))

Skills: I have a degree in Creative Writing, along with that I am a very agile typer. In regards to social skills; I am very in tune with trends, and social media. If you put me on your social media duties I will be very politically correct, I would be the last person to cause a pr problem.
((She is very good at writing! She is actually pretty good with words. She types pretty fast. She is also HIP and with the in crowd. She is also pretty good at predicting trends. Good at social media! Is VERY PC.))

Hobby: I do like to keep track of current forms of entertainment media.

((She spends quite a bit (almost all) of her time on the internet running her tumblr blog, she is v popular and gets like 100's of asks a day. She also has a couple tv series she watches religiously (mostly for the ships LOL). She also LOVES anime & video games. She has written many a fan fiction (it's pretty steamy though XD). She's also knows bits and pieces of any popular media rn.

Bio: I just finished my Bachelors degree in creative writing. My lack of experience of other jobs should not be a deterrent. I am a fast learner and an immense asset. My wits and inventive ideas will benefit your company greatly. I full heartedly believe that I deserve this job.

Ophelia R. Aarons - A friend who has kept her job for quite a few years now ((Her BFF! she's not even in America though. They like talk all the time through Skype and they just rant about nerdy shit together.))
Edna J. Thorp - A fellow writer. ((Her College roommate! They got along well together. They had the same major.))
Derek M. Coburn - A professional artist.((Gay nerd friend!!! Met at a con and the rest is history.))
Terrance R. Collins - Consultant. ((She thought he was a vampire for a while. She confronted him about it and he just laughed in her face. He thought she was cute though and they kept in contact. He's pretty good at dealing advice.))
(a week's worth of the cloths listed below)
-A very nice laptop.
-Internet broadband stick
-Her iphone
-Her 3DS with games
-Movies and
-Light sweaters/hoodies! She doesn't care if she's going to die in the heat she needs a sweater/hoodie.
-her contacts and spare set of glasses
-toiletries - brush, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, those one use floss things, tissues.
-tons of sunscreen
-fandom baseball caps
-fandom shirts
-A replica .50 Cal gun from her favorite video game.
-hand sanitizer
-Vape battery
-blue vape tank
-drip tip adapter
-vape charger
-regular chargers for all her gear
-3 portable all purpose chargers
-two weeks worth of vape juice
-Nintendo Switch with 1 2 switch and zelda
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Brad Chadson

6'3", buff, gelled/spiked blonde hair, chiseled chin, and blue eyes. Likes to wear a sports tank top to show off THE GUNS, and basketball shorts to chill in, along with Aribas brand sneakers. Sometimes he wears his letter jacket.
Yeah so I'm just about 6 feet 3 inches of PURE MUSCLE, brah. I work pretty hard at those GAINS, you hear me? I like to fix my hair up with some of that GEL to SPIKE THAT SHIT UP! I mean, I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm pretty popular with the ladies, right, all I gotta do is flex and wink one of these sky blues at them and panties just DROP brah, like, FLOOD ALERT, am I right? I normally dress pretty cas' but sometimes I wear the letter jacket, because I worked for this shit, brah. Wasn't quarterback for nothin'. (mostly for the beer and free tail you got me brah)

Sports - Brad's played about every sport there is to sport, he's all about the competition, brah.
Fighting - He's mostly wrestled and boxed. Tends to bite off more than he can chew.
Beer-drinking - Brad's alcohol tolerance is as high as his liver is damaged.
Bullying Leadership - Brad is willing to take the lead, any time.
SPORTS - I'm super dope at all the sports, brah. I've played everything from baseball, to hockey, to, OF FUCKING COURSE, foooooootbaaaaaalllll, brah! Quarterback, junior and senior year. Led our team to nationals, brah!

FIGHTING - Brah I'm sort of like a master of the Octagon if you feel what I'm throwing out. I could probably go pro.


LEADERSHIP - Sometimes people who aren't as great as you are need to be told what to do. I'm the guy for that, brah.

Hobby - SPORTS, BRAH. I've played about everything. Ever since I got kicked out of college on those unfair charges I've been getting into more of that MMA stuff.

Bio - Brah I was an all-star quarterback out of high school and sky was the limit. I got into a sweet college thanks to a sports scholarship and it was all beer and free tail from there on. But then some bitch got salt and made up all sorts of shit about me, and she got me kicked out. My old man said he'll get me back in but he needs some time to grease some wheels, so I just got to chill for a year or two. Until then, I just need to keep myself tuned up and my head low.

Chad Chadson Jr. - That's my old man, brah, he's pretty chill. I make him proud in sports and he pays my bills. We've got a pretty good deal goin' on, I think.

Coach Linus Hardback - My old coach in high school! Hah, that guy was on the LEVEL, he always looked the other way when we were sneaking beer into games or putting nerds in their place. I think he was a... War veteran, or something? Sometimes I just saw him sitting in his office, staring at a wall...
... Probably thinkin' about the CHEERLEADING COACH AMIRITE?

Samantha Lushington - My high school girlfriend, she was, like, head of the cheerleading squad? MASSIVE rack, brah. We had a good thing goin' until I found her with my best friend, Travis. That was a shit move, Trav. Total betrayal of the bro code. Then again, I broke into his house and kicked his ass, so I guess we're even. Glad my old man knew the cops. And it didn't hurt that-

Chief McConnell - Man the head of our police department was, like, the biggest fan of my family. He said I was the best football star our high school had seen since my old man. Chief made sure that whenever I got too fucked up and wild that any 'problems' went under the radar. But yeah he'll vouch for me, a cop as a reference is a big deal, right?

Three duffel bags - What I got my shit in, brah.
Sports jerseys, shirts, and tank tops - I don't like covering my abs brah but society says I gotta sometimes.
Sports shorts - Gotta show off my leg muscles brah. Plus, I move better in these.
Aribas™ sneakers - Brah I run like the wind.
A football - Brah can't leave home without this.
A volleyball - Same.
A baseball and a bat - Same.
A soccer ball - Same.
A tennis ball - Same.
A pair of MMA gloves - Same.
A jump rope - LEG DAY BRAH
A large jar of protein powder - GAINS BRAH
His smartphone - I can check sports scores on this, brah... And I can look up sweet babes.
Sunglasses - BRAH
Large Jar of Hair Gel - Brah I gotta keep my hair up brah.
A sports-branded baseball cap - Brah I kept the sticker on, that's some choice shit brah.
A pair of HEATS headphones - Brah I got to listen to my dubstep with something.
HATCHET brand bodywash - Brah ladies dig how this shit smells
Ol' Flavor Shampoo - Brah same
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Shoot these are coming in quick! Sign ups end on the 12th or when I get 12 acceptable applications, whichever comes first.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Father Kevin Killjoy

Appearance: Mid-30’s. Prematurely greying hair. Handsome in kind of a boring way.

On his resume, he’s worked as a secretary clerk and basically does data-input and organization. He’s also a sanctioned priest (theology and religious-themed knowledges, also he could marry you if you really wanted to) and ex-mafioso (well Dixie Mafia technically, basically he’s good with guns and he’s more athletic than a regular priest should be).

Compulsively cleaning, country music, and soapboxing.

Bio: So back in his criminal days, Kevin was basically an enforcer who was known for his ruthlessness and ridiculously high body count, but then he imbibed a cocktail of coke, DMT, and other mysteriously noxious substances and he…experienced rapture? Anyway, he did a 180-degree personality turn and converted (and also got a degree in theology). He had a church but it got closed so that’s why he is a clerk and here.

He’s also Protestant. And comes from Alabama.


Carl Lifesad – his supervisor.
Jane Goodwill – the lady who is part of Lake Duhm and referenced him.
Henry Rightwrong – his co-worker who Killjoy kinda-sorta-intimidated him into referencing him.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Kathryn Holloway, or Kat for short

Appearance: People say I'm pretty, which is super nice but I'm fairly traditional looking about it. I have long red hair which I either pull into a ponytail (if I'm busy or lazy) or leave down (if I'm feeling good or lazy but don't have to go out). People say I'm pretty stylish but I mean, I don't put that much effort into it. I have a few freckles that I'm embarrased about no matter how many times people say they're cute and bright blue eyes.

Skills: Well I'm a pretty good copyist and can type up to 70 words per minute, vice captain of the two time finalist NAQT team (only because I was the person who knew all of the pop culture questions), captain of the Ballard Volleyball Team, vice captain of the Ballard Tennis Club (all state doubles champions with my sis, even if she got pretty competitive), co-founder and head of the Ballard Humanitarian League, oh and apparently I'm a pretty good photographer, though I'm more interested in the editing side of it. (Somewhat fit, very personable and good with people, pretty quick reaction time, perceptive, does fantastic at interviews. Is pretty good with animals.)

Hobby: Composition, specifically in pictures and video. It all started with me trying to get the perfect shot of my cat and lizard (an angora and beardy and a total troublemakers/sweethearts) snuggling together and a video for my sister's birthday and apparently I've got a total eye for putting things together like that. It's pretty fun too, truth be told.

Bio: Well me and my twin sister Kate (I like to sometimes tease her and call her my little sis because she's a whole four minutes younger) have always, you know, been super close. People call us the Kate-Kat, like the chocolate, which I love because it's so cute and perfectly describes us! We've basically done everything together since we were little kids, even though she's a little serious sometimes - she's a hard worker though. Anyways, that led to me enrolling in her college of choice - Ballard, you know that Ivy League school. She was a definite shoe in but I was pretty sure I wouldn't get in. However, apparently Mr. Harrison (our highschool math teacher) apparently sold me really hard to them even though I thought he always hated me and loved Kate. College was a great experience, I made so many friends and contacts and really got to explore my interests - the fact that I got to do all of that with Kate was just icing on top! During college I also took a few part time or temp jobs to help build my resume, and the professors and club heads Kate and I got to know were again a great help (though a few of them I was again surprised by, since they seemed more enthusiastic about by sister being a success but hey I guess that goes to show you how inherently helpful and kind people are), including secretary, helpdesk, and customer service work.

- Katelyn Holloway, my darling and amazing twin sister, she's always got my back and is super smart. You should look into hiring her too!
- Professor Gellar, a literature professor at Ballard. I took a bunch of her courses and she's always been proud of my creativity and go-getter attitude. (Gellar is nice but a huge flake like Kat, which is probably why they think so much of each other.)
- Professor Kent, my internal law professor. I only took the course as an elective to share a course with my sister but I thought it was super interesting, I know your legal team is one of the divisions you're hiring for so I figured I'd include him in case your other slots filled up quickly. (Kent is very serious and only liked his best students, but accidentally mistook Kat for Kate and gave a glowing reference about her excellent work ethic, attitude, and intelligence).
- Sarah Parker, my sales lead at Ad Infinitum. Kate and I worked there for a couple of summers and I stayed on part time during my later college years. (Parker, again, incorrectly thought she was giving a reference for Kate and similarly sold Kathryn really well.)
- Trevor Amari, junior executive at UpScale, an up and coming tech company based in networking and expanding small businesses. A senior in my junior year and an ex boyfriend, but we're still really close. Trevor and I were apparently set up by friends who thought I was super into him (even though we had only had a few conversations in class). He showed up at a restaurant I just happened to feel like trying out saying that he was sent to meet me and I figured why not. He turned out to be really smart and nice and we dated for the next two years before parting amicably since he got his job at UpScale and long distance relationships are hard.

- Sundress
- Belt
- Light jacket
- Wedges
- Sunhat
- Sunglasses
- Purse
- Wallet with $100 in various bills, cards, and ID
- Mace
- Cellphone
- Gum
- Headphones
- Pencils and pens
- Perfume
- Pads/tampons
- Makeup kit
- Lip balm
- Hairbands
- Aspirin
- Swiss army knife
- Notebook
- Flashlight
- A few protein bars
- A few unhealthy snacks (shh)
- Fancy water bottle
- Binoculars
- Raincoat
- Five days worth of more casual clothes - dresses, blouses, tshirts, jeans, and skirts
- Two business casual outfits
- Two hiking outfits
- Week+ worth of underwear and socks
- Hiking boots
- Pair of sandals
- Pair of dress shoes
- Pair of comfortable sneakers
- Swimsuit
- Another hat
- Towel
- Blanket
- Good quality Video/Regular camera
- Backup camera and phone batteries
- Camera and Phone chargers
- Sunscreen
- Shampoo/conditioner/soap
- Toothbrush and paste
- Dental floss
- Deoderant
- Razor
- Tweezers
- Toilet paper
- Travel first aid kit
- Batteries
- Hairbrush
- Two trashy books
- Lighter
- Small bottle of gin (double ssh)
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Name: Kaitlyn Holloway, or Kate for short

Appearance: I can assure you from my previous employment that I have experience dressing professionally and looking put-together in a business setting. I always keep my hair tidy – except right now but it is raining pretty hard and I ran out of leave-in conditioner which is strange because I never forget things, I swear, it really is weird for me, I feel like my sister must have borrowed it but she said she didn’t which would be just like her and ahem. I, uh, promise my appearance will always be tidy and up to your standards of conduct. (Red hair, freckles, blue eyes. Dresses in very plain neat jeans and sweaters with no logos, or business casual. Tried wearing glasses for a while cause she thought they made her look smarter, but they mostly gave her a wicked headache. Identical twin of Kat, although Kat is a lot more stylish.)

Skills: I would definitely say that my strongest point is my organization. That and my work ethic. And I’m very punctual, and I never give up on a problem. I’m co-founder of the finalist NAQT team (I know they made my sister the vice-captain but it was me and Bryan who founded it so it really should have been me, just because Kat knew all the stupid pop culture questions, like who even cares who wrote some dumb song in the 80s, they never even put the history of physics categories up during the finals), vice-captain of the Ballard volleyball team (and do most of the organizational work anyways), captain of the Ballard Tennis Club (partners with my sister, who is really pretty good even if she never shows up to 5AM weekend practices), co-founder and treasurer of the Ballard Humanitarian Association (I actually set up the whole cross-town marathon for cancer awareness, it was just that I was better with the numbers than Kat so I let her do all the dull ‘taking pictures with the mayor’ stuff so I could do the real work), plus I’m on the chess team, the debate team, the Model UN, the rotation of volunteer student counselors, and…

Oh yeah, concise! That’s the other thing I am. I, uh, forgot to say that. (Somewhat fit, excellent organizational skills, looks really great on paper, very good at remembering, following, and arguing rules, is generally a big fucking square.)

Hobby: I don’t have a ton of time for hobbies, with all my extracurricular activities and other commitments. I do try to make time for my birdwatching, though. I’m the record-keeper of my local Audubon Society and whenever I have time on weekends I go out with my list and try to check off another rare bird. I also bring Kat, because she is like, weirdly good at finding them. Like, I’ll be watching some finches or something through my binoculars and I’ll look over to try to silently signal that I saw something, and she’ll be standing there grinning with a snowy owl and six bluebirds eating out of her hand like fucking Snow White or some shit or- Or- I, uh. I… like birds.

Bio: Well , grew up alongside my twin sister Kat (she’d call me her little sister, because I’m four minutes younger and apparently that joke has still not apparently got old in twenty-three years of existence on this planet) but we really don’t have that much in common. Even if people call us ridiculous stuff, like Kit-Kate or something annoying like that, its not like we hang out all the time. Kat’s way too into her social life to have time for serious things, like grad school or planning for the future or anything. It’s a shame – she’s good with people, she could really change things if she applied herself. Instead she mostly follows me around. Like, there’s no way she would have applied to Ballard if not for me, but she got in because things just tend to work out for Kat, and I guess it was kind of nice to know someone the first time we moved away. The really annoying thing was that I’m pretty sure that Mr. Harrison, my favourite high school teacher, thought he was recommending me and wound up writing her this huge glowing letter instead, but that’s not really the kind of thing you can ask, expecially since we all knew that his eyesight was starting to go and no one wanted to call attention to the fact that he might have misread our names, and it was this whole thing, and… Anyways, it doesn’t matter! I made it in on my hard work anyways, and I applied for my masters right after. I applied for a few internships within charity organizations before I settled on law as my major and made sure I expanded my horizons by working within as many college clubs and organizations as I could fit in, which didn’t leave a lot of time for meeting people or partying or sleeping or anything frivolous like that, but if I’m going to be a judge by forty I really don’t have time for that nonsense anyways, right? I can always see it the next day on Kat’s Facebook or Instagram or whatever the heck it is that she put on my phone that keeps popping up little messages full of LOLs and hearts and… is that a bird emoticon? Huh, that’s actually kind of cute. I wonder if she’d show me how to do those?


Professor Ruiz, my applied mathematics professor. Great lady and can tell you all about the times I came to her office to make absolutely sure I understood every facet of the homework.

Dalton Lau, the current chairman of the Audubon Society. Really the one who made me understand the value of a paper planner over a digital one. Sure, it’s nice when your email and your schedule sync automatically, but there’s something about seeing all those boxes checked off in print that really makes you feel like life might be an uncontrollable march towards dark oblivion but at least you are in control of ticking off those boxes, you know?

Professor Kent, my internal law professor. He supervised my thesis and has generally been a wonderful helper and mentor, and even let me read a few chapters of his textbook in advance. He seemed kind of embarrassed when giving me my reference for some reason – I guess he thought that since we spend so much time working together he thought he’d done it already. (Kent already accidentally gave Kat a reference, and was genuinely embarrassed he couldn’t tell these friggin twins apart).

Sarah Parker, my sales lead at Ad Infinitum. I helped Kat get a media internship there while I worked in the law department and Ms. Parker really helped me learn more about succeeding in a corporate environment (Parker also gave an accidental reference to Kat. Unlike Professor Kent, she still thinks Kate and Kat are the same person who changes their clothes a lot.)

Trevor Amari, junior executive at UpScale, an up and coming tech company based in networking and expanding small businesses. My upperclassman and Kat’s ex, and my coworker on several charity ventures around campus. Funny story, haha, I was actually supposed to go out with him one time, and I was pretty excited since he sounded so great, but when I got the restaurant I guess he’d already met Kat and was totally smitten. Not that I’m bitter or anything! All those Thanksgivings where he came over and we had to make conversation over stupid bean casserole were such a wonderful opportunity and you don’t have another copy of the application form, do you? I seem to have somehow shredded this one into tiny flakes of paper.

Katherine Holloway, my twin sister. You can call her if you need to confirm any of my…

Wait, what? She already applied?

Four minutes ago?!

%$!#&(!%^&#^!%^!&%#!&#%@&(%^(&@%&*@ CAN YOU LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING %&@*#%&@%#&*@(%^&*@!!!!!!!!


- Black jeans
- Cotton T-shirt
- Blazer
- Flats
- Sunglasses
- Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag:
- Wallet with $320 emergency money (hidden in various pockets just in case), cards, and ID
- Cellphone
- Mints
- Pencils and pens
- Planner
- Backup planner
- Emergency contingency planner
- Binoculars
- Birdwatching guide and checklist
- Pads/tampons (!%^&% syncing)
- Moisturizer
- Hairbands

- Compass
- Swiss army knife (our mum bought us the same one for some reason.)
- Flashlight
- Granola bar
- Water bottle
- Cigarettes, but they’re not my fault, Kat was the one who started smoking and I just tried one and then of course she was just able to quit right away like it was nothing, not that I can’t quit cause I totally can any time and goddammit I need a smoke so bad.
- Lighter
- Tennis team hoodie
- Emergency flare
- Backup copies of resume and reference letters

Duffel Bag:
- Week's worth of more casual clothes, mostly dresses, blouses, jeans, and skirts plus underwear and socks
- Three business casual outfits
- Two hiking outfits
- Hiking boots
- Pair of dress shoes
- Pair of sneakers
- Swimsuit
- Sunhat
- Towel
- Sleeping bag
- Phone charger
- Sunscreen
- Bug spray (Kat always forgets)
- Toiletries (remembered the leave-in this time!)
- Travel first aid kit
- Law textbook
- Dumb magazine about dumb clothes that I swear isn’t mine, shut up
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Holy crap and with like a second to spare we've got two new players and sign ups are CLOSED!

Everyone with a complete application at this point in time is accepted. Starting the game at this time tomorrow, and you have that long to double check your inventories are what you want them to be. See you then!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
And here we go! No more editing your applications, thanks!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
A moment of quiet hopefulness passed, and the breeze settled down some. Ten total (and a dog? Alright.) gathered in the designated spot to meet. Said spot being a large sign. On one side was a map of the park, and on the other was a bulletin board with several notices and flyers. It was situated at the junction of a parking lot (which these ten had arrived from) and some trails leading further into the forest, the trees being too thick at that point to see far into it. Also by this parking lot was a small building containing rest rooms and a container of brochures, and an area with a couple of cement tables and a trash can. On the opposite end of the lot from the sign was, of course, the road leading back to the highway, a fair distance away. Whatever rides had been taken drove off, leaving them alone.

Completely alone.

Wasn't someone supposed to be here already? It was two o'clock in the afternoon, supposedly when this business was going to get started. 2:05? 2:10? Umm.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Jon had rocked up in a beanie with earbuds and music playing. He couldn't see any paved roads leading away from the meeting point, so he had his hiking boots on.

He leaned against the sign, quietly remembering and filing away in his mind how the corporate suits in this company had been late to their own party.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
A tall, lanky man wanders in along with his dog.

Once they reach the assigned meeting place, he... Talks to the dog?

"Man, Doob! This place sure is peaceful! A long walk, though. I wonder what they got in the pantry... Maybe we can whip ourselves up some PB&J once we get there!"

He pokes the guy in the beanie.

"Like, do you know if this is the right place or anything, man?"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Mm?" Jon pulled out an earbud. "What?"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"The right place! For like... The job meet and stuff, man? Like... Crap, am I in the wrong forest?"

A laugh track plays in the young man's head.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Yeah," said Jon. He gestured around. "Nobody's here, though."
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat

The man kneels and pets his dog. "I know, Doob, I know - they'll be here soon, and then we'll eat!"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Mm," said Jon, and put his earbud back in.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Gus was waiting nearby. With a big grin on his face! He was so excited!

A job! An actual job! In advertising!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Dooby, for his part, seemed uneasy here. He watched the path carefully, until bothered anyway. Regardless, he wagged his tail at the attention, leaning in for some good pets!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Jeepers, boy, don't worry, I'm sure they won't run out of bread before we get there!"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Veronica, like, is so totally okay with waiting a bit? While it's a little unprofessional no one's here right away, maybe they just got caught up in something. Life just, like, goes ahead and happens sometimes and even big boss badasses can't really keep that shit at bay.

The pockets of her jacket swish as she sways her arms back and forth, rocking on her feet. Heel, toe, heel, toe, swish, swish, swish!

"So, like, when was this thing supposed to start again? Does anyone remember the exaaaaaaaact time?" Her eyes dart between her peers, lingering on the dog. What a cute dog. Like, totally a little too big for what she normally liked, but still pretty cute.

She was totally gonna pet that dog.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Trina took to walking around the sign and looking at the map and brochures, while sipping her Xpresso 2 Go. She didn't think much of her... Well, she guesses the proper term right now would be coworkers. They looked like a bunch of neural-typical assholes. She bet they never even heard of Alexander, or Yuri on Pavement, or Dr. Thing. She snorted to herself, they probably didn't even know what an OTP was!!! Oh well. She needs this job, so she will try to be as polite as possible to them. Well, until she finds out their social media and can blackmail them with receipts. Yeah, she will suffer through this, being as nice as she could. Because she was better than them. Another positive though, is that she can get inspiration for fanfic from this trip. Just imagine all the fluff she could write because of this trip! That was something right?

She continued to drink her Xpresso and study the brochure side of the sign.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Dooby locked eyes with Veronica. His tail wagged a little faster.

Trina took a look at the bulletin board. One paper was a fairly standard Sooty the Wolf poster, preaching personal responsibility with regards to campfire safety. Another dealt with water safety. There was a post it note just above it with a crude knock off drawing of "Smokey the Bear", flicking a smoking cigarette into a bush. Freaking teens. One notice listed precautions for dealing with wild life local to Lake Duhm, such as bears and raccoons and wolves and Duhm eels and viscous wild parakeets (non native, some irresponsible birdkeeper brought them in about sixty years ago and they've only gotten meaner.) A paper listed the process for camping lot and equipment rental, the camping lot part crossed out thinly in black pen. Two pins held the remains of a piece of paper that had apparently been torn down, the only visible words being: "LAKE DUHM CAMPGROUNDS". A paper beside it reminded hikers to stay on the trails. A picture of a huge fluffy dark coated dog was taped to the bottom, "LOST. RESPONDS TO HERB." It also included a number to call, if found. And of course, one paper in large red letters said: "IDAA MEET HERE".
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Veronica sighed. Gosh... like, she knew some people were busy and got up into shit that took up time, but... she was getting a little bored. The day was so totally nice, she could be walkin' in the forest or laying in the grass and tanning or swimming. She could be swimming! Veronica sighed again, this time in slight happiness. God, she heard that the waters of Lake Duhm were sooooooo nice. She wanted to go swimming.

"Oh my god, I wish!" Veronica replied to Veronica's question. Ooh, she was cute. "I heard it was like, 2:15 or something? But, like, I was sooooo looking forward to starting early, y'know? That way, we could get into the super fun stuff a lot quicker!" Like swimming! Veronica bet there were some cute fish in the lake.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Oh, what a puppy!"

Kathryn runs up, her darling twin trailing (presumably) much more nonchalantly behind her. She immediately heads up to Dooby and begins trying to pet him.

"What a good... boy? Girl?" She looks up at Switchy and nervously asks. "Oh right, yeah, and is it okay if I pet your sweet amazing dog? Guess I should have asked first, sorry you two! Oh right, I'm Kathryn, or Kat. Sorry for being so late, which one of you is the IDAA welcomer?"
04-15-2017, 04:19 PM
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Switchy smiles at the newcomer.

"He's like, totally a boy, dude! His name's Doobert Scoobert - Dooby for short, Doob for double-short! Pet away, man! He's a lover, not a fighter! My name's Bertrand, but like, all my best buds call me Switchy! There's a super funny story behind it, man!"
04-15-2017, 04:21 PM
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"They'll be here! Aaaaany minute now!"

Gus was still smiling, rocking back and forth on his feet!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Albert shuddered as he arrived. He felt terribly alone with his beat-up suitcase, despite there being people already there who were probably also for the IDAA meeting. Well, no matter. He straightened out his shirt and sat down nearby, tapping his bony fingers on the suitcase.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Dooby's tail wagged at incredible speeds! He let out an excitable bark, and went right up to Kat, sniffing her and then giving the petting hand a SMOOCH!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Any minute now..." Veronica's tone makes it seem like she's rather uncertain. "If they were gonna be here, wouldn't it be all, like, actually on time and stuff?" Her eyes dart to the other Veronica, taking in her suggestion. Ooh, she was also cute. "Swimming..." She trails off, gaze falling to her boots as she scuffs at the dirt with the toe. "I wanna go swimming, too! Or do, like, just about anything else besides stand here!"

To prove her point, she starts stretching! Stretching for a hike, stretching for, like, swimming, stretching for any kind of physical activity. Gotta limber up!
"Anybody got a number to call or something? Did they, like, totally forget about us? No harm no foul if we can go ahead and, like, remind them, right?"

AS SOON AS DOOBY WAS DONE WITH KAT, HE WAS GONNA GET PET. Damn other people hogging up the only dog she wants to pet. Jerks.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Dooby was just, having the time of his life. Veronica also got some smooches! It was freaking swell. He seemed very friendly, and excitable in general.

After a short while of this, he stopped, staring into the woods again. He barked! Not one of his playful barks either.

The time was 2:15, and two figures came out of the forest, via the path. The ten gathered recognized them! They were the pair that had interviewed everyone, as well as the dual heads of the agency.

Ima Castor Dulman was a rather stout woman, with pale blue eyes and sensibly short blonde hair. She was starting to grey, and appeared to be in her forties. She wore a red shirt with "IDAA" in black letters across it, and some khaki capris. Equally sensible sneakers, a silvery watch, crystal stud earrings, a plain wedding band, and a black rope necklace with whatever pendant was on it tucked into her shirt. Her hands were dirty, and she was in the process of remedying that with a damp cloth. Her voice managed to sound light, though it carried fairly far. "Sorry about that, had to wrap up a couple of things last minute!"

Arthur Phishall Dulman was a gangly fellow, seeming to be just a bit older than his wife. His hair was black, though still greying, and he had dark eyes and soft features. He had on the same IDAA shirt, and a black turtleneck underneath it, along with a sturdy pair of dark jeans. How he wasn't melting was anyone's guess. Hiking boots, brown leather gloves, a silvery watch, and a hearing aid in his right ear. His voice was very quiet by comparison. "You think you-"

Dooby continued barking, taking a few angry steps toward the pair. Arthur smiled.

"S'ppose this fella's got a thing or two to say about the wait."

"Artie, I thought you said he was bringing a service dog."

"Term's a bit looser these days dear, I'm sure he's just... young? You just hold onto that one Switch, don't want little Dooby here bothering anyone."

Ima sighed tersely, and Artie made a wide gesture, ushering everyone to gather up. "Well, you've got our 'pologies. 'M sure you're all itchin' to get started, so let's go and getcha settled huh?"

The pair took the group into the forest, about fourty five minutes of easy walking. The trees got thicker and thicker as they progressed, some parts of the trail getting dimmer. Ten minutes into the walk, Dooby stopped, seeming very intent on digging up a bluebonnet. Considering their poisonous nature and the preservation efforts of the park, this was dealt with quickly. Dooby, no. Bad dog. Keep him close, please, and thank you.

The group came upon a very abrupt clearing, the sun returning to them. "Welcome welcome," Ima said, "To home base, for the week anyway."

Camp was set up around a fire pit, all front doors pointing toward it. There were several yards of dirt between the pit and any building. In this space were some logs, situated for campfire sitting of course, a grill, a few cement tables, and a couple of trash cans. In front of them were two cabins, the left Ida explained as being for the lads, and the right for the ladies. Around those two buildings were thick bushes, as well as several... singular poppies? Freshly planted, by the look of it. Alright. Going clockwise, there was a long portable building with a door on either side facing the pit which would be where they'd be doing most of their actual work. It was slightly raised, planks of white painted wood covering the space underneath. Then there was a smaller cabin, which was where Ida and Artie would be sleeping. There was a lovely assortment of flowers around it, and a couple of wind chimes hanging off of the roof. The final building, to the right of the ladies' cabin, was a small set of rest rooms, the back door leading to a couple of showers. Holla. Several yards of grass surrounded the area behind the buildings, a ring of flat stones separating that from the dirt area, and behind that was thick, thick forest. There were four paths leading out of the clearing, including the one everyone came in through.

"Well, why doncha get yourselves all settled, and we'll meet back up to get things going?" Artie looked down at his watch. "It's three now, so howsabout at four we all come cop a squat at the fire pit?" He nodded, to himself. Perfect. With that, the pair went into the portable building, left side.

4:00 equals this time tomorrow!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Gus was ECSTATIC! He knew they'd show up! He KNEW it!

He went to go claim a bed and unpack his things!
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Dooby would like, never bug anyone, man! He's like, totally a saint!!"

Switchy follows them to the camp site. Soon as their bosses are in the portables, young Bertrand reaches into his backpack and pulls out some odd green stuff and a roll of paper.

"Like, anybody looking for a hit, man?"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Gus went into the men's cabin. Inside were three sets of bunk beds and two dressers. The bunk bed in the back was pulled a foot from the wall, and there was a window behind it, blinds down. There was a cheap circular table in the center of the room, and five chairs stacked in the back left corner. There was a ceiling light, and a switch by the door.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Jon put his earbuds back in after the Dulmans walked off, gave Switchy a sidelong glance, and went to go dump his bags in the cabin.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Trina was huffing and puffing from that walk, man lugging all her gear was a pain! She really regretted her sweater already. She glanced at the blunt the... Switchy guy pulled out. She muttered a "...Maybe later..." to him. As soon as she was able to, she ran into the girls cabin and grabbed the closest lower bunk (because no way in hell would she be able to reach the top ones). She just dropped her bags on the bunk and just laid there, catching her breath.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Kat looks over at Switchy, and his obvious drugs. Tempting, but she did her best to make a policy of not indulging herself during the day (especially when there might be some new job related stuff). "I might take you up on that later. Your story and the, uh, hit."

She gives Dooby one last pet and reassures him that while these people were maybe a little odd they were definitely not scary, and then goes and puts her stuff in her room! She throws her stuff on a top bunk for now, and waves at Trina before changing into her sneakers.

"Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Katheryn, but you can call me Kat if you want. You excited to be here?"
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
"Aww man." Veronica let out a sigh. "I, like, didn't even get to ask about the lake. It's... such a good day for swimming too, oh my god..." She scuffed her shoe against the ground, kicking up a little cloud of dirt. "That's like, super lame..." She really wanted to do something fun, but maybe it was like, better to wait, or whatever. It was only an hour. Still... that's like... a long time to wait without anything to do. Veronica thought back to her fish and pouted.

Before she got too down in the dumps, Veronica headed over to the girl's cabin. Maybe the rooms would be like, a super surprise and be out-of-nowhere chic. She wasn't surprised to see that it was just a typical, like, 'camp rustic' feel, down to the kid in their bunk dying after an easy walk. The pretty girl was a decent enough difference though.

"Oh my god, are you like, alright?" Veronica asked Trina as she moved to claim an open top bunk, effortlessly tossing her suitcase up there. "I didn't think the walk was too hard, but you like... look like you're gonna die. Do you need CPR? I used to be a lifeguard, so you can totally trust me to give CPR. Like, there was this one time where this kid slipped and fell into the deep end, oh my gosh he was only like twelve years old, or whatever. I had to like, blow my whistle really loud, right, and then I jumped into the water and..." Veronica proceeds to go off on a tangent to Trina and Kat about the time some kid almost drowned in the kiddie pool.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Dooby was less excited by these pets. Restless pup, he paced around his owner when Kat left.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
After dumping his bags on one of the bunks, Jon looked around to see if there were any sockets for his charger.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Well, better late than never on these guys, right? And they were like, so totally cute! Nothing better than seeing old people happy in marriage together. What an adorable couple, honestly. Totally cute, and definitely quick to quash any frustration buzzing in the back of her brain.

Ronnie is quick to head towards the girl's cabin as well, with the other girls! The cute girl, and then the huffing puffing one.

Uh-oh. Was there a medical emergency?

Oh, shit. She was so, totally, very much, super ready for this.

Setting her bags down by the same bunk as, like, the other Veronica, so she's, like, the bottom bunk, she's quick to move to Trina's side as well.
"Hello! I am here and, like, so tooooooootally qualified to check up on you. Beyond qualified, even. It's, like, community college stuff!" She's quick to grab for Trina's wrist. Was there a clock in here? She's gotta find a clock--

"You're gonna be okay! Like, between my medical knowledge and a lifeguard, we'll so totally make sure you don't stop breathing! Like, I'm also fully CPR qualified too so one of us is totally bound to get this right." Where the heck was that clock...
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
There was no clock! And, as Jon found, there were no electrical sockets. The ceiling lights appeared to be the only powered things present in the cabins.
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Ugh, no clock. Bummer. Ronnie's gonna start a stop watch on her cell phone and get that pulse, then. No biggie! Totally a chill thing. She's just gonna listen to the other Veronica's story while she hums to herself to keep count. Nice and easy! Like, one, like, two, like, three...
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RE: Infection: Lake Duhm Retreat
Gus turned on the light and whistled a merry tune to himself as he unpacked his things.

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