In Progress ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
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ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
A Regrettable Foray
in which a Great Many Mistakes are Made
and in which Adventures in Imperial Conquest are Had
and in which Items are Acquired and Returned to a Museum and/or Sold for a Quick Buck

and Some People Get To Ride On An Airship as well if that's the sort of thing you're into

[Image: G88ChHD.png]

There was a storm battering the coast of the Jungles of Uakari. An Imperial gunship was at full steam, harsh waves breaking on its iron hull as it made its way out of the harbor at the Saint Statchel Coaling Station. It was heading southwest to investigate a column of smoke that had marred the sky before the storm had rolled in. Fighting through the wind and rain, the elite crew kept the course, following the coastline, looking for some sign of what had caused such a conflagration.

They almost missed the drowned remnants of the bonfire on the beach, in spite of its vastness. Spelled out in stones on the sand was the word "HELP", and a lean-to had been constructed out of branches just inside the treeline. There was no sign of whoever needed rescuing, but in the lean-to was a drenched Gran Corona sky-sailor's uniform, a still-burning oil lamp, an illegible waterlogged journal, and a hand-drawn map that had been wrapped in oily leaves to protect it from the rain. Of whoever had been here, there was no sign. The map was vague, though one thing was certain - it indicated the location of an ancient temple, deeper into the jungles than anyone civilized had previously explored.

It didn't take long for the news to leak out, and the Asmoburg Imperial Museum decided to capitalize on the zeitgeist by organizing an expedition to the Lost Temple of Uakari, as the papers were calling it. They would rush together the 'best' explorers they could find, telling them to meet in the colonial city of Starday for an airship expedition. Their mission was to explore the mysteries of the temple and discover whatever incredible historical secrets it contained...

This is a world of brass and steam, where locomotives steam across the plains, dirigibles prowl the open skies and ironclads venture forth over vast oceans. This is a world of science rather than magic, where world-spanning empires have embraced skepticism and empiricism, giving them the technologies they needed to colonize the world. The nations are established only vaguely, so feel free to make up where your character comes from, but wherever it is needs to fit into a mostly-mundane shining steampunk world where the 'civilized' nations find themselves in an uneasy peace.

Character Applications
Name: What is your character called?
Appearance: What does your character look like? Humans only, please.
Skills: What is your character best at? What are they worst at?
Background: Where did they come from? How did they end up here?
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Lord Godfrey M. Hellingmont
Appearance: A massive (6'6"), burly bear of a man with a huge walrus mustache. He dresses quite formally when he can help it, and is incredibly strong. He carries his family sword (a bastard sword), as well as a one-shot pistol and a flask of good whiskey. He is rather gruff in his manner of speaking, but is quite the gentleman regardless. He is also very nationalistic.
Skills: Godfrey is skilled primarily in matters of combat, both ranged and close quarters! He is distrustful of modern technology, and doesn't fully understand it unless it is truly simple (like a revolver).
Background: Godfrey hails from the Great Knightward Isles, a Kingdom (or some would say Empire) ruled over by the King (or sometimes Queen). The major isles (which are quite enormous) are Tristol (an expansive island filled with cities of industry and commerce), Loram (a flat, fertile isle of rustic farmers acting as the Empire's breadbasket), Cegaron (a relatively small hilly isle of sheep herders), and Kallandow (a mountainous isle of tough, strong, rough-talking men with a fondness for strong drink, with expansive forests allowing for a strong shipbuilding industry). Tristol is by far the dominant nation in the Knightward Isles, and conquered the others many centuries ago. It is from that island that Godfrey hails, being a destitute noble of an ancient house. His estate having been sold off by his financially imprudent father, Godfrey has lived a number of years as a "gentleman adventurer" (vagabond).

He hopes that, with this expedition, he'll gain enough money to buy his family back into prominence. Godfrey is an honorable, dependable, strong, well-meaning man who nevertheless comes across as something of a buffoon.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Miklós Vass

Appearance: Average-height, a bit portly with spectacles and sideburns. He is usually dressed sharp, with pressed, starched trousers and shirts and embroidered colored waistcoats - preferably dark green or ochre. He wears a stovepipe hat, bow-tie, and a gold pocket-watch inlaid with emeralds.

Well-connected: Knows lots of people. Wherever Miklós goes, he's sure to find an acquaintance willing to help him. Slightly less useful in uncivilized places, though he has some explorer friends as well.

Supplymaster: Having made his fortune trading, Miklós both knows what a reasonable price for a good and how to get that good. He is always well-supplied as well.

Swordsman: When Miklós was younger (and thinner) he was a champion fencer and duelist. Though his figure has gone a bit, he still knows his moves. Muscle memory and all.

Background: Miklós hails from a successful burgher family in the Principality of Unger, which, though not noble, is nevertheless well-established in the small country. As such, he was given a fine education and plenty of opportunity growing up, and he rubbed elbows with the princelings and baronets who were educated in the same schools as he. The young Miklós was quite a hotheaded boy, and he got into plenty of fights and trouble. His habit of associating with highly placed people, however, led him to perhaps avoid the punishment he deserved. As he grew, it seemed that he would never cool off - as a university student he was renowned for chasing after girls, and the number of his friends only seemed to increase. His fights, unfortunately, also did, and in a stunning duel with Count Gryf van Edels (Ostensibly, for the love of the most beautiful girl in town, though rumor has it that there was some other reason behind the spectacular fight between what seemed to be two very close friends...) Miklós finally found the limit to his ability to get off scot free, and was expelled.

Uncertain of what to do with him, his parents sent him off with an uncle who was a travelling merchant. Not only would it get him out of their hair, but he would learn a useful trade besides. Surprisingly, Miklós took well to the news, as he was itching for adventure. Several years travelling and seeing new places finally did what no amount of schooling or admonition could - it cooled him off, and Miklós settled down with a girl from another wealthy family in Unger once the shame of his expulsion had died down. Though he occasionally left the country for business, it seemed that his travelling days were done for good - he gained some weight and had a daughter, his sword was hung up on the wall, and everyone quietly forgot that he was ever a scandalous figure at all.

But Miklós wasn't finished. When he heard of the expedition, the old him emerged, almost suddenly. He read the papers for days, pored over maps, and sent letters to dear friends whom he hasn't seen in years. Finally, he packed his bags, took the sword from the wall, kissed his wife and daughter good-bye, and set off for Asmoburg. Adventure awaited him once more!

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Iona Naumov

Appearance: A thin, pale, spindly man with bags under his blue-gray eyes, short, wispy black hair, typically dressed in out-of-fashion fancy clothes. Has a shaky, nervous, but slightly deep voice. Frequently smells of ink and alcohol.

Skills: Talented poet, well-read, and a skilled writer of fiction. Polyglot. Strong knowledge of history. Knows decorum, even though his temperament prevents him from being anything other than socially inept. Strong liver. Weak as far as combat goes, terrible at cooking. Trembling hands keep him from being a particularly good shot. Nervous, easily excitable, and rather pessimistic at all times. Has a decent bit of money stored up in his savings account from his leftover allowance.


A young nobleman from the Tsardom of Zimaliya, Iona has spent the last five of his twenty-five years stewing in alcohol, depression, and parchment here in Asmoburg - a city that is as much a home as it is a gilded prison.

The Tsardom is a land of tradition, a land of aristocratic magnificence, and a land of intense suffering. The autocratic Tsar and his menagerie of pompous aristocrats rule in luxury as the people live in squalor. Some accept their lot in life as being part of God's divine plan, some cooperate with others to try and ease the burden, some grumble in the shadows, and some plot revolution. Several attempts at moderate liberal revolution have been made by richer members of the commons and nobles with less Tsarist sympathies, all of which came to a violent end. No longer trusting their upper-class allies, the poor have turned from liberalism. Now, more radical voices echo through the streets, speaking of absolute equality, the final struggle, the brotherhood of man, and the end of nations.

None of this treasonous crock reached young Iona, though. His was a family fairly close to the Tsar's, and in good fortunes. His childhood was uneventful, but heavy with a sense of responsibility. Though he was his father's third and youngest son, it was drilled into him early on that his family's honor rested on his shoulders. He was a Naumov, a representative of a centuries-old line, and it was his lot in life to maintain and add to his house's prestige. This knowledge rested heavy in his mind and governed his every action from childhood through adolescence.

He was alone in this burden. Viktor, his eldest brother, spent his teen years drinking publicly and cavorting around with women far under his station. His other brother, Anton, died of consumption at age 11. As a result, the weight of his family's honor - which Iona was already ill-equipped to handle, being of nervous disposition - grew ever-heavier for the young man. This came to a head when his father decided to bring Iona in Viktor's place at a party held in the capital in celebration of the Tsarina's Silver Jubilee. The man even went so far as to imply that the then-twenty-year-old Iona might be given Viktor's place in the inheritance if all went well.

Needless to say, not all went well.

Iona was stellar in the first bit of the party - awkward, perhaps, but no more so than any noble making his debut at such an audacious event might be. He seemed to have kept his nerves in check and remained charming, gracious, and good-spirited. This was all an act. In reality, Iona was full of panic, certain that at any moment his behavior would falter and his father and him would face utter social isolation. To cope with this nervousness, he drank. Everyone drank, of course, but Iona rarely indulged, and he kept coming back for more. This was not a problem, at first. As he drank, he relaxed, and his good humor and wit shone through his jumbled mess of a brain. At first, it seemed to be working, until he was approached by the brother of a man executed for his involvement in the Summer Revolution two years back.

"I see the wine flows liberally for you," the man chuckled.

"Almost as liberal as your brother, sir," Iona joked back.

The air was sucked out of the room. It took the intervention of Iona's father to prevent the man from strangling him right there. Iona's father was humiliated - even more so when his son responded to the slighted noble's dueling ultimatum by giving his apologies. "If you start a fight, you finish it with honor," his father said. "If you speak loosely, you treat your life loosely, you little fool. It would be better for you to have accepted the duel and died a fool with a shred of integrity than for you to live a coward."

Iona agreed, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He couldn't risk another man's life, let alone his own, over something so petty, over a silly little mistake.

His father was incensed.

He gave him two options: Live in exile with a healthy allowance, or remain in Zimaliya a disgraced noble with no support from his family. Iona, with no real marketable skills and no chance of making it on the streets, chose the former.

With no friends, no family, and no contacts, Iona came to Asmoburg. He rented a nice little apartment with the salary his parents provided him and tried to cope with what had just happened. A myriad of emotions stirred up in his heart, emotions which he could indulge in now with no fear of judgement or reprieve.

Guilt. Anger. Melancholy. Outrage. Disgust.

With no one to speak with and only so much liquor he could drink before growing sick, Iona had to find another way to deal with these emotions. He decided on poetry. He wasn't very good - not at first - but he was honest. He poured his heart into every poem and found his soul's load lightened - only by a bit, as if taking grains of gravel off a mountain, but lightened none the less.

As he wrote, his skills grew. He tried his hand at prose, began writing of what he knew - of dysfunctional families, of disgraced noblemen, of the rigid, backwards, propped-up sense of despondency that echoed throughout all of Zimaliyan high-society. His first book was not published, nor were his poems. He stopped seeking out a publisher after a bit, tired of rejection and satisfied with his living as it was. Young Iona began experimenting with the myriad languages he'd learned as a young nobleman, began translating his work from one language into another and another again. He was not a happy man - quite the opposite - but in his art, he found relief.

The few friends he had were not genuine ones, though he did not notice, or perhaps chose not to. They were either high-society folk who treated him as an interesting curiosity or working- and middle-class individuals who thought they could use his money or his connections to claw their way up the social ladder. One friend of the former sort informed him one day of an expedition to far-off, distant lands. They suggested that maybe seeing the world could calm his troubled soul, or at least give him something to write about that wouldn't remind him of his misery.

Iona doubted what they'd said - a change of scenery hadn't done much for him here, after all, so he couldn't imagine why it would if he journeyed halfway across the world - but he was so touched by their concern that he agreed. He wrote a letter to his mother before departing, letting her know that, in spite of his uncertainties, he was excited for this trip. There was much to gain and little to lose.

It wasn't like his life could get much worse, after all. Right?
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Shae Garrick

Appearance: Age 23. 5'10". Short black messy hair, Brown eyes. Dresses masculine, wears trousers with suspenders. White shirt, brown worn Jacket, worn shoes. Stupid baker boy hat. Burn Scars on right side of body, some on face.

Skills: All her years in factories made her pretty good at physical labor. It was only later in her life when she gambled that she got pretty good at fist fighting, during this time she also learned to use a knife. It was only after she arrived at Asmoburg that she learn she had a very natural talent with being stealthy and sneaky. She is also a very loyal person.
She is really bad at saving money, usually throwing most of her cash into gambling. No education to speak of, she can't read. She knows some words though, usually more by recognizing the way the words look more so then actually knowing how to read. Her lack of knowledge leads her to be very gullible and makes her very easy to mislead. She is very defensive, usually snapping at people when they accuse her character of something. She also enjoys sneaking around and eavesdropping on people.

Shae was born in a country called Ceobaile, on an Island next to the Great Knightward Isles. Her family was impoverished and did what they can to survive. That meant that her entire family worked at the factories surrounding her home. Even she, at the age of 13 started working at Cormac Dougherty's Manufacture Inc., it being no stranger to child labour. Her days consisted of long, tireless work hours then a few hours after the setting sun she left with her parents to go home to eat what they could afford then after eating, immediately go to bed. Her life was like this for quite a few years, until at age 18 when she got caught in a boiler explosion. All she could do was thank her good graces that she wasn't as close to the explosion as the other workers, they didn't make it out like she did. She was still severely burnt on the right side of her body, her arm got the worst of it though. She spent many months recovering from it, barely making it out. She had to start using her left hand as her dominant one so her dexterity took a huge dive. Her right hand never recovered fully, not being able to move it as well and had a loss of feeling so she never stopped using her left hand as her dominant one.

During the last stages of recovery, her dad fell ill. With just her mother able to work, her family was placed under a heavy burden. Barely any food to go around and little medicine to come by her father was doing bad. Shae was devastated by this development, she promised she would do anything to help her father. With no headway and her father not getting better, she ran away. She thought that having one less mouth to feed would help them stand on their feet again. She stowed away on a boat headed for Asmoburg with no idea on what she was going to do when she arrived.
The best she could do was beg and steal until she was fully recovered enough to apply to another factory, she didn't eat much during this time. turns out she was pretty good at sneaking and stealing. Once she got a job at a steel mill, things started going better for her though and promised herself she would stop stealing from others. She was able to get a small apartment for herself and was able to feed herself decently. She also made friends with a coworker named Madoc Price. Madoc introduced her to the world of gambling and she loved it. She wasn't very good at it though so every penny she didn't need for food or cloths went straight to the house most of the time. So that was how her life was like for a long time, work, eat, then spend the rest of her night gambling. She thinks about her parents sometimes, but she is too scared to go back and see what happened to them after she left. It was only until very recently she came across an event that spiraled her life out of control.

One day after work, she came across her friend Madoc crying his eyes out in a corner. She went over to him and asked him what was wrong, he told her that he was deep in debt with the Sharkfin Syndicate, and it was only a matter of time before they take his life in payment. Shae was very distraught at this information, and offered everything she had to help him out of this situation. At first it was just her funneling her money to him. When that wasn't enough she started doing odd jobs after work to make even more to help Madoc out. It wasn't enough, and one night Madoc came to her, he had a plan to kill off Hayden Buckley, the guy in charge of the shakedowns for the gang. He wanted Shae to murder him. She first outright refused and yelled at Madoc harshly and kicked him out of her apartment. He kept coming back though, and she kept on thinking about it. It would be the best way to save her friend after all, if they don't get caught and burn the records, Madoc would be in the clear. Madoc came to her one final time while she was three drinks in, she agreed to his proposal this time.

They spent about two weeks planning the hit, she was dreading the day of the hit. The day of, she left work, had to stop to vomit on the side of the road, and went to join Madoc. She was successful in sneaking into their hideout, and she got to Hayden relatively easy. She hesitated when she had to deal the blow though. She had to steel herself and plunge the knife into Hayden's neck, but the hesitation wasted precious time, time in which one of the gang members wouldn't have walked into the room if she had just done it quickly. The guy saw who she was and Hayden's blood on her. She panicked, she didn't burn any files of the debtors and just ran. She sprinted out of a window and to Madoc, screaming at him with what happened. Madoc yelled to split up, and they did. Shae went into hiding, but she could never find Madoc again. He either died or left her to the whims of the gang. Hurt, betrayed, and hunted by the Sharkfin Syndicate with no money left, Shae had nowhere else to turn. She heard of Asmoburg Imperial Museum request for explorers. This was it, this is the only way she would to be able to get out of her situation alive. With nothing else to lose she headed over to city of Starday, the only lifeline she is able to grab.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Marilyn Isome

Appearance: A distinguished woman of 24, Marilyn stands at a short 5'4. She has tan skin with a thick spattering of freckles painting her face (and shoulders, when they're seen). She has honey brown eyes and dark brown hair done up in a thick braid. Typically wears clothing typical of a student, with tan pressed pants, a crisp white collared shirt, a black tie, and a navy suit jacket with her school's crest on the breast pocket. Also caries around a small chalkboard and a box of chalk to help express herself.

Skills: Marilyn is a skilled linguist, and is well versed in the study of both modern and ancient languages. She is a rather proficient writer as well, in both speed and execution, and has written quite a few academic papers for her university in her time. She also has experience with cartography, and can whip up a decent map if need be. Marilyn has the passion and drive required to do what she wants to do.

As for her weaknesses... the primary thing is that she is mute. Her temperament is irritable, and she is both quick to anger and slow to cool down. However, she isn't overly strong, and can lose a fight just as easily as she can start one. Her drive can just as easily be used against her, and she has a one-track mind once she gets going on something.

She'd always been unable to speak. Marilyn Isome was born in the city of Fernapels, the shining capitol of the country Harkshire. Daughter to Mattias Isome, a widower and famed cartographer, Marilyn spent her early life in Fernapels' golden embrace. Much of that early life was spent in and out of doctor's offices, with test after test being run on her, trying to figure out just what it was that caused her silence. Her lack of voice was a puzzling thing to everybody she met, and many (including the variety of doctors she visited) felt sorry for her. However, she had a passion for life that drew the admiration of quite a few and, for many, that was more than enough to bury (but not eliminate) the pity they held for the poor, silent girl.

Her father was far from rich, they lived nowhere near the glittering towers that housed the wealthy, but he did have connections. Primarily, he knew many an adventurer, those strong and powerful figures that came into her house on the regular to laugh and share a drink or five with him. Marilyn was enamored with these adventurers from the first time she saw one. She remembers him like it was yesterday: a man in rugged leather and ragged cloth waltzing through her front door with his hair blasted back by wind and his skin stained with soot and sunlight. He had a loud laugh, so unlike the soundless ones she managed, and it didn't take more than a second for her father to laugh back. When they moved to the kitchen, Marilyn followed, and listened wide eyed from her father's lap as the two spoke of an old, old adventure from days past.

Adventure was not Marilyn's only interest, however. Surprising to many, Marilyn took an interest in language as well. Something about the words that others spoke drew her attention like no other. The way they were spoken, the way they formed and changed and died just like a living thing drew her in. She wanted to know all about these things that were so close and yet so far from her. Her interest in writing sprung from that, and Marilyn finally found her way of communication.

As she grew up, Marilyn did her best to explore just like her father's friends did. She traversed darkened alleyways as though they were great cracks in the earth and abandoned rooms like hidden ruins. An old bathroom with a wet floor and a leaky toilet was, to her, a sunken temple. Her room was full with amateurish maps and beginner's linguistics books.

There was one place where Marilyn did not prosper, however. School. As she grew up, her temper grew with her, and she was oftentimes in the principal's office with a busted lip, a black eye, and bloody knuckles. She daydreamed of adventure during class and stories during lunch. Her patience with others was thin, and she didn't care for sitting in a desk all day and learning things she didn't care about. All she wanted to do was run around Fernapels all day, making maps and reading books. Of course, that's not how education works, and Marilyn continued to attend school with the minimum amount effort she could put in. And she continued to be a problem child up until the day she got into Fernapels Northern University. Her father insisted she go, claiming that she could do some great things in the linguistics field if she only payed attention for once. Marilyn was skeptical, doubting a university would even accept her. Her grades were passable at best and she had taken her diploma with calloused palms and split knuckles. Still, just this once, her father pulled some strings and got her in. And suddenly, Marilyn was interested in school. Learning about something she actually cared about helped her motivation, and she found herself invested in the world of linguistics.

In FNU, Marilyn seemed like a completely different person from the old her. She spent tons of time holed up in her room and the library, doing research and writing papers. Her time was taken up by as many projects she could take on without imploding, so much so that her roommate Perri Heathers got concerned with how quiet the room got. Perri insisted that Marilyn do something other than work because it was kinda freaking her the fuck out. Though Marilyn wasn't particularly happy about it (if looks could kill, Perri would be dead), she looked around for something to do other that work and, in the first semester of her second year, Marilyn found a job as a TA for one of her linguistics professors, and sharp witted motormouth named Joseph Tenning. They made an interesting pair, to say the least, and many students of Professor Tenning wondered if the new TA made anything even remotely easier.

Her work continued as per usual up until her senior year, in which she was assigned her final project for her linguistics diploma, a dissertation detailing the in depth study of a language that she had never studied before. The assignment was simple enough, she supposed, but she didn't want to do something... boring. And that was when Perri (who had stuck with Marilyn as a roommate even though she said "I don't even know why I put up with you" on a daily basis) read out to her about the discovery of an 'ancient and dumb temple they pulled out of the world's ass'. Perri knew she had made a mistake revealing this to Marilyn in a timely manner once Marilyn started packing for the trip to Asmoburg. A temple pulled out of the world's ass sound like exactly the place for an interesting language to pop up, and Marilyn wasn't about to miss the perfect topic for her dissertation! With a little monetary help from her father and encouragement from Joseph and Perri, Marilyn set out. It was time for an adventure! There was no way she wouldn't get a good grade on this!
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Klaas-Jan Van Kruidvatt
Appearance: A short and squat man with a short ruddy beard and wavy but short hair usually wearing a soot and coal covered overall with a (equally stained) flight jacket and a aviator hat and goggles. His gear is also littered with pouches and belts containing a variety of tools and components, When in polite company he usually sticks with just a clean blue overall, a beige flat cap and a red checkered handkerchief. He also seems to have a fondness of cigars.
Skills: Klaas-Jan is a ace aviator and avid tinkerer, usually quick to improvise at-least something with what he has on hand. He is however a total bumpkin and does not fare well in the upper circles, His down to earth upbringing also makes him superstitious.
Background: Klaas hails from the Republic of Westkade consisting of 10 cities and their surrounding lands cheerfully dubbed as 'Free Ports', It is rumored that the people of Westkade sailed to the area from some place far far away.. whatever the case they are usually characterized by their maritime tradition, Being a republic (surrounded by monarchies), ruthless pursuit of capitalism (Having set up the first stock exchange and international trade company) and for being slightly pragmatic defending their holdings with a policy of armed neutrality and mercantilism. There is a clear divide between the people on the rural who are usually farmers who usually live in small villages or single homesteads and are more sober and down to earth and the factory workers and traders in the cities who are more inclined to be a little bit less frugal with their earnings. Westkade 'Free Ports' are a popular vacationing spot for tourists and hedonist due to this, danger and excitement are rife to find.

Klaas however would have none of it, Being raised in a rural village he usually spend his time helping out with the harvest, chores or just tinkered with stuff as a hobby. That was until one of his uncle's who was incidentally a sky captain in the republic's navy visited the homestead and filled young impressionable Klaas's mind with fanciful and slightly embellished stories about the sky navy... This had sparked a interest in Klaas that never fully awakened until he found a old wreck of a flyer from a past skirmish between Westkade and The neighboring empire.. Probably a trade war or so.. So Klaas began working on it for a few years trying to bring it in top condition, Not having the money to enroll in a proper university run in the cities, he just got his knowledge from various manuals and books he asked his uncle to bring with him when he visited.

His parents were not happy with this, They were even more unhappy when Klaas managed to get the former wreck to work and insisted on trying to fly it.. With supervision of his uncle of course.. The resulting short flight to the city did have consequences...while local authorities were impressed with the handywork, it didn't excuse the panic he had caused by flying a WARPLANE over the city... even if it was a bit antiquated and unarmed. He however was offered a apprenticeship and education in a prominent aviators guild held by a engineer named Fokker and kept working and flying on planes, some even were commercial successes! Now a young man in the prime of his life, he was send out by the guild to this airship expedition, Partly to promote the guild and see if their materials are up to snuff and partly to claim royalties on any successes this expedition might uncover. Klaas however was just really happy to be on a real airship going cool places... Even tho Ma said that flying out on the sunday sermon was to invite horrendous ill fortune over the journey, Looking back Klaas wonders if his mother was actually right about that...
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Probably gonna start this on Monday, get your apps in.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Sam Samson
Skills: Best at- FIGHTINGS! Worst at - BRAIN FIGHTINGS!

Naw, we're more creative than that, aren't we?

Name: Coville Hawkins

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, neck length, tied back under the protection of a weathered leather hat. His eyes are a sage green, his mustache thick, and his smile endearingly crooked. He wears the garb of a frontiersman, having grown up in the far Western colonies, and he ain't used to these parts, but if he adapted to the wilds of the west, he can adapt to where-ever these pansies send him.

Shootin' - Colville is a snapshot aim with his rifle, and can 'drop a mule from more'n a hundred paces!' Why he'd shoot a mule, he didn't say.
Swingin' - Colville wears a rather large knife on his hip, about three and a half inches wide and six inches long. And he knows how to use it, along with his fists, having a rather 'unique' and pragmatic brawling style learned from the rowdy saloons of the far west.
Survivalin' - Colville is a survivor in the wilds, and though these lands are unfamiliar to him, he figures he can manage.

Drinkin' - Colville really likes his liquor, and the ol' habit has gotten him in quite a bit of trouble.
Thinkin' - Colville is a simple man. If he can't shoot it or stab it, he'll- well, he'll try to shoot and stab it anyway.
Pretty Ladies. What do ya mean, I done broke a pattern? - Colville was raised right by his momma to respect women-folk, so he isn't pushy or anything, but he's still weak for a pretty face. More than once pretty con artist has taken him for a ride, and, you know what? He doesn't even regret most of them. Worth it.

Background: Colville would spin his tale as if he's a wandering adventuring frontiersman. In a sense, that's true, but it's hardly what's driven him so far from the Far West colonies. Debts and lawmen haunted him in the New World, and he was lucky to escape them. He couldn't help it- how was he supposed to know that pretty woman was recruiting him to rob a bank? How was he supposed to know he bet that much while drunk? How was he supposed to know the guy who attacked him in that bar was in the military?

But none of that matters. He's a different man, now, with different priorities. He's gonna collect enough 'exhibits' for this museum that they'll pay him enough to live comfortably for ages. He misses the Far West, and maybe he'll try going back home later in life, but for now? A wealthy life in some foreign country would serve him just fine until the heat dies down.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Sahira Kapoor. Better known as THE MAGNIFICENT MATILDA MAGNUS (Matilda is just fine though).

Appearance: 5'5'', long black hair, brown eyes, of Jagahian descent. Matilda's civilian clothes tend towards the boring and practical, although she has much more gaudier (and skimpier) versions in her suitcase. She has an unshakable air of grace and confidence, carefully built up after years on the stage.

Skills: Stage magician - her specialty is escapology and that requires a great degree of athleticism. She is quite limber, quick on her toes (and her hands), and can support more than her weight on her extremities. In addition, she is surprisingly good with people. While she isn't a fan of outright lying, she can deflect the truth in a way that seems particularly personable and charming. A magician is obligated to give a good show but a magician never reveals her secrets.

Background: tl;dr: Sahir/Matilda was an orphan in Jagah (think steampunk-Colonial India). She met her master, Boris Petrov - better known as THE IRREPRESSIBLE IVAN THE ILLUSIONIST - via a stolen wallet and was taken as an apprentice. Gradually, Matilda realized her master is kinda a tool, especially since he never put her (stage) name in their shows and of course at the same time, mis/fortune soon arrived as Ivan was revealed to be an ex-member of THE TRAITOROUS TRIBARCHY, a shadowy organizations of preternaturally-skilled stage magician-slash-assassins who dabbled in the occult.* Anyway, THE TRAITOROUS TRIBARCHY are not exactly happy that a member turned, erm, traitor on them and as soon as they caught wind of Ivan, they made him disappear. Or Ivan disappeared himself? Dunno, hard to tell with illusionists.

ANYWAY, Matilda realized that one) her master hadn't gave her the magician license yet (allowing her to legally practice stage magic in public places, not to mention make her resume look shinier), two) there is a group of stage-magician-assassins who may or may not had done human sacrifice that may or may not had killed her master, may or may not be aware of her existence, but definitely endangering her life by their sheer existence. Understandably, she fucked off to the colonies and laid low for a while - well, until she was starting to get strapped for cash so that's why she's here.

*Not actual magic (or is it?) but magic-associated practices. From what Matilda gleaned, they have an unhealthy fascination with human/animal sacrifice, torture, etc etc all that fun lovely stuff. Their members apparently are very wealthy or at least have a substantial means of liquid cash which might explain why their little shop of horrors had been around for a long, looooooong time.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Lilah Ann May

Appearance: Lilah is slim, platinum blonde, and by most standards beautiful. She’s made the majority of her career on her big blue eyes, breathy voice and innocent face. Carefully covers her Renadian accent and usually wears girlish dresses and does her hair in ribbons and curls. Just celebrated her twenty-seventh birthday for the fifth time.


Scream Queen: In the world of scientific advancement, the stage is OLD NEWS (it doesn’t have even one unnecessary cog). The real future of entertainment lies in MOVING PICTURES, where discerning viewers can see anything they can imagine, so long as what they imagine is in black-and-white and recorded at a fairly low framerate! Anyone who watches moving pictures (which is not everyone – theatres exist only in major cities or with large travelling carnivals, and while tickets are cheap they aren’t free) has probably seem Lilah beg for her life from at least a dozen makeup-caked fiends. She’s made good money and connections being famous, too.

Genre Savvy: Moving pictures are still a pretty new tech, and the companies investing know to stick to what the people want: dashing heroes, beautiful damsels, and hideous monsters. Her roles have taught Lilah to mistrust mysterious levers (traps), abandoned houses (haunted), long-lost nobility (vampires), giant monsters (weirdly needy for attention), lipsticked brunettes (a second X chromosome is all the competition it takes to incite the first one to kill), and noted acting tour de force Lionel de Voray (breath like the runoff from a pickling plant).

Damsel In Distress: Lilah’s made a successful and lucrative career of letting other people save her. She doesn’t have much experience taking care of herself and knows nothing about fighting or adventuring in general.

Penny Dreadthrift here, reporting for the Blunden Herald. I’m standing outside the Asmoburg Imperial Museum with Miss Lilah May, actress and charity dinner aficionado, who we’ve been informed has just handed in her application for a dangerous expedition to the far-off jungles of Uakari! Miss May has generously offered to answer our questions on this exciting decision!

Miss May, you exploded onto the moving picture scene when the pictures hit the mainstream, and I think I speak for every fan when I say I’d rescue you from a dinosaur any day! Can you tell our readers at home a little about where you were before your stardom?

I was mass-produced! Good luck getting in touch with the third-world helpless blonde industrial manufacturing plant to complain, too. I've tried and their entire telegram line is controlled by a polite robot that only knows how to say ‘warranty expired’. Come on, I don’t have time for another interview - oh, right, contract Clause 45:B – "the talent will answer interview questions from the list of preperscribed answers provided by Gaslight Productions."

I’m a regular country girl at heart! I grew up on an orchard in the colonies, in a little Redanian town, and it is so true what you’ve heard about Redana that not much happens there. Oh, wait, bear attacks. Bear attacks happen. And blizzards. Sometimes both. Anyways, we were just regular folks! My mum stayed at home with us kids, and my dad owned a little property - or, most of the property, I guess the whole town now that I think about it – and I didn’t even know there was a world outside until the railway came through when I was a kid. We had a great big festival, with the first ever Miss Crabapple pageant, and I was too shy to enter, but my mother encouraged me and I just loved it! All those people coming to see me!

And with so many people around my mother couldn’t even nitpick at what I was wearing or try to micromanage me without everyone seeing her saying “You owe me this after what you did to Mummy’s body.” “But Mum, I’m adopted-“ “Time for the panstick, open your mouth,” and dammit Lilah, Clause 82:F – the talent will maintain a positive public image in any and all media interactions.

It turned out there was an agent in the crowd who’d got lost looking for the bar, and I guess I just plumb well got the acting bug! I moved to Tristol the next year, with nothing but a little suitcase, big dreams, and my mother to help guide me every single step of the way.

And then came stardom! How have you enjoyed your years in the spotlight?

Oh my stars, every morning I wake up and I can’t believe how lucky I am! I have made so many wonderful friends and learned so much working in this amazing industry. Always take the time to meet your fans, dress for success, learn your knots and be careful with your stunt harnesses, remember all the crew when accepting awards, show some decorum meeting dignitaries,

and occasionally take your dress to the dry cleaners to get the decorum stains out after (remember Clause 105:A – Gaslight Productions reserves the right to end their relationship with the talent at any time, for any reason, with no warning, and replace them in any projects they see fit)

Most of all, I’ve learned to love the exciting stories we’re telling through the amazing medium of moving pictures! Who would have guessed that my big break, The Werebat’s Revenge, would be such a hit, or that it would lead to so many fantastic horror roles in my future? I still can’t believe that watching me screaming for my life is how the people of the world choose to spend their time and discretionary income! It’s such an honour.

An honour that may become reality for one lucky little lady! Why are you applying for the expedition to the Lost Temple?

Nothing this important should go undocumented, and Gaslight Productions has bravely stepped up and offered to do the job! They wanted one of their stars going along with one of their brand-new mobile cameras so they can report back to you, the viewers at home, available in Gaslight theatres in most major cities!

Besides, if I’ve learned anything from hacky movie scripts, there’s bound to be at least a few millionaire airship barons or foreign noblemen on this thing, and if one of them could see fit to pull me from a bottomless pool of sharks it could lead to some exciting opportunities in the trophy wife sector! I guess there’s the adventure too, but let’s face it, I’d be more of a liability than anything, and besides as darling Mummy used to say, “Oh, sweetheart, you’re feeling unfulfilled? Why don’t you go have a nice baby and I’m sure you’ll feel much better,” and fuck’s sake Lilah, they have twelve more younger yous waiting in the hall right now.)

Oh, gosh, as soon as I heard I just had to apply! Even though I’m so afraid and I’m sure I won’t be much good to these brave adventurers, I just have to show the world what wonderful things there are to uncover in the Lost Temple! I’m sure with their help and my experience in front of the camera, we’ll have an unbelievable story to tell! And if we run into trouble, I can do my part, by, uh… Um… I, uh, is it warm in here? Oh no, I think I may… The room is spinning, I… Oh, my stars!


And they said I needed another fainting workshop. I've still got it.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Name: Herman Jenis, (Actually Artorius Keirnum)

Appearance: Herman is an unremarkable fellow, average in most regards apart from his long mane of blonde hair he keeps tied at the back. Dull green eyes with a slight patrician nose betraying his ancestry. Dressed in standard 'make-do' uniform common to many mercenaries in the empire to advertise their profession at a distance without impersonating regular soldiery.

Skills: Polyglot - Herman is a surprising genius when it comes to languages, familiar with almost all the major languages of the great powers of the Old World as well as their cousin and sister languages to greater or lesser extent. Capable of thinking in different languages if needs be and as a result of his surprising grasp of the tongues of men he can quickly pick up new languages with surprising ease.

Voracious Reader - One of Herman's few joys while he distances himself from literally everyone outside of strict work requirements is reading. A bibliophile at heart and without much opportunity to indulge his passion while younger, he spends much of his free time and coin buying and reading everything he can at an impressive pace, he enjoys making connections between sounds and concepts of spoken languages and their written counterparts.

Crack Shot - He'll never be a frontline soldier or the sort of man anyone would really want as an imposing bodyguard due to his unimpressive physique, however Herman brings a shockingly accurate shot to the table when it comes to firearms. Being capable of hitting things farther and more accurately than the vast majority of other soldiers, hence why he was chosen for this expedition.

Terrifying nightmares - Never 'dreams' but when he does it is always some horrific nightmares that can keep him awake for days at a time before he can sleep again.

Arachnophobic - Has, on more than one occasion, discharged his weapon indoors upon noticing a spider getting too close to his table.

Strange - Sometimes appears to be distracted to others when he is not focusing on something specific, sometimes asking others if they 'heard that too' when things are more or less silent. Starting at something unseen, even in open fields during high noon and often can't rest well unless he 'does things in threes' such as checking the locks on doors three times and other strange on the spot rituals as circumstances allow him to give him some peace of mind.

Background: "Kalipitus Keirnum! Hero of the Imperium!" Or at least, that's who his great Grandfather was, back when there was an Imperium. Garnered the name and epitaph while working as captain of the imperial guard and by saving the only heir of a dying dynasty who would only then go on to bring ruination to the capital city, leaving it a smoking abandoned ruin on cold forgotten rocks next to the sea, its peoples scattered, culture forgotten and lands divided. He was still called the name, but only then in bitter recrimination or in mocking jest, and his descendants had to live with the legacy of being the ones responsible for all but ensuring the Imperium's annihilation by doing their damn job.

For all that, the family persevered. They were not nobles but were wealthy all the same, so his grandfather and his brothers attempted merchantry. All of his brothers died on their first venture, his Grandfather lost his ship and investments and was left riddled with debt his entire life. He all but managed to pay it all off, literally handing over his last coin on his deathbed.

His father and his brothers did every job they could get their hands on, before finally pooling together to buy a plot of land to farm. It was never enough, and one harsh winter they were cut off from all civilisation by heavy snows, the foodstores had burned down and several of his cousins starved, his uncles fell into argument and scattered to the winds. Last he heard they had all died by his father's reckoning falling prey to one disaster or another.

By the time his father passed, war had come to the land and the farm was razed and he and his brothers were dispossessed. One became a bandit and was promptly strung up not a day afterwards, another tried to be a cobbler and somehow managed to have his cobbler's hammer buried into the back of his skull and the last became a fisherman and was promptly lost at sea.

Artorius, on the other hand, had quite enough of the mockery of anyone who had the vaguest knowledge of the downfall of the Vernilian Imperium and the apparent curse God had placed on his family line. Being the youngest, least capable, least ambitious and the strangest of his entire family line, Artorius saw the writing on the wall. If the world was going to hate and mock him anyway, he might as well throw off the needless baggage that only adds to it.

So he changed his name and signed up with a merchant company for a while as a guard. Surprisingly, nothing horrible happened to him and he went on like that, accepting jobs were he quietly did nothing in the background where no one important had to see him with a gun he never had to use. Seems when you accept your lot in life, life accepts you more readily in return

He got the museum's attention when while accompanying a rich merchant on a hunting trip, he nailed a bear on the head from nearly a 100 yards before it mauled the guy's wife. Soon enough he was offered a place as a guard on the expedition. He figured it was worth it, he had already abandoned his name, moving to the colonies would only cement the change and he'd leave his family's history and rotten luck thousands of miles behind him, forever.

Sides shouldn't be too hard, just waiting here for the important explorer's to arrive and just being prepared to shoot anything that gets too close to camp at night. He was good at that, it'd give him plenty of time to read.

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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The players who got in are
Klaas-Jan Van Kruidvatt
Lilah Ann May
Godfrey M. Hellingmont
Coville Hawkins
Shae Garrick
Iona Naumov
Marilyn Isome
Sahira Kapoor aka Matilda Magnus

as chosen arbitrarily by, since all the apps were amazing. Sorry to Vancho and Gallo, but I knew ten would be too many, and honestly was close to revising it down to six if it weren't for all the apps being good. If people drop out, replacements are possible.

The rest of you, enjoy the game!

A Telegram Wrote:

Ah, Starday city. As the closest truly civilized stop on the way to the pooly-mapped islands of the far new world, the small Knightward colonial city was beyond most frequent traffic, but large enough to still be connected by its own trade routes. Rows of townhouses and open-front shops lined its sunny streets, and the industrial sector did little to cloud the brilliant skies, though dawn was frequently a little smoggy. It was a pleasant place, no doubt a welcome relief after the weeks of museum-funded sea travel in cramped quarters it would have taken most people to get here. Horse-drawn wagons and cabs roamed the streets, helping a few of the would-be explorers find Dewey House.

Dewey House turned out to be a large red-brick townhouse on one of the nicer roads in Starday city. It seemed recently built for some officious purpose, but was now on rent to whoever had use of it - today, it seemed, that was the Empire, the perennial friend-slash-rival of the Knightward Isles. Welcomed in upon showing their telegrams by a doughy servant, the explorers were directed through a carpeted hallway to an elegant dining room, where the dining table was doubling as a conference table. The doughy servant explained that Von Austelung would be along shortly, and that they were to make themselves comfortable, and would they like any refreshments, it would be no trouble, really.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The AMAZING MATILDA MAGNUS (okay okay she'll stop) would glad accept some refreshments, namely a nice spot of tea and maybe some snacks. She is glad to have some sustenance in her system because oh me, oh my she wanted to forget everything that happened before her arrival to Starday.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The doughy servant was quick to fetch some tea and biscuits, and brought them in on a platter with a selection of fine porcelain teacups. But even while pouring the tea, he would keep an ear out for the arrival of more explorers.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
As she hauled her suitcase down the street, Marilyn was peeved that she hadn't thought to bring her trunk. It was a dumbass thing to do, and she was not happy about it. She had stuffed all of her garbage into the suitcase (including her chalkboard for some god awful reason) and now the thing weighed like five million pounds. Plus, it was warmer than she expected, and her skirt was in the suitcase and it's not like she had any place to change anyway. God.

Lucky for her, she had thought to put her telegram into her breast pocket instead of her suitcase. Upon arriving, she angrily let the suitcase thump onto the ground so she could fish it out and loudly knock on the front door. Once she was led into the meeting area, Marilyn unceremoniously dumped her suitcase onto the ground and popped it open. She fished out her chalk board and box of chalk, popping the carton open and scrawling 'water' out onto the board before presenting it to the servant.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The doughy servant bowed and departed, and he soon returning with a jug of cool, clear water and a few plain glasses.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Upon his return, Marilyn gave him a thumbs up, her face blank, and erased her chalkboard with her sleeve. She scrawled out a quick 'thanks' before pouring herself a glass of water to cool herself down.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
After showing his telegram a little dazed from the sudden arrival in a for him too busy city Klaas followed the ...butler? towards the meeting hall entranced in all the fancy decorations. He unknowingly tracks mud over all of the carpets. He just enters with a dumb smile on his face and refuses the offer of refreshments "Me ol' Ma said it ain't healthy to indulge while traveling. Thank ye for the offer tho."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Iona stares at the door. Every once in a while, he raises his fist as if to give it a gentle pounding, then lowers it nevously. It's as if his attempts at knocking are interrupted by some new obstacle that presents itself to him and forces him to rethink his course of action. He spends a full five minutes flip-flopping and hesitating before finally knocking. He stutters out a greeting to the butler before following him in.

He offers a polite bow that goes far too deep and lasts far too long to the group upon his arrival to the dining room.

"Привет! Er, that is to say... Hello! I am Iona Afanasiy Patya Lazar Grigoriy Naumov! Not that you've got to r-refer to me by my full title! That would be nonsense, hahahaha!" His laughter is a bit too loud, drags on for just a tad too long. He seems aware of this and is clearly embarrassed as he stops. "I... My sincerest apologies. I look forward to departing on this voyage with you, Товарищи! I mean... Um."

He stammers out a few incomplete sentences before finally sitting down.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Godfrey took a seat with tea and some biscuits, and politely waited for the host while snacking idly!
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"Hello, 'Iona,'" Matilda smirked as she sipped at her tea. "You have shown bravery introducing yourself when no one else would. I'm Matilda Magnus. Obviously not a real name but good enough for me."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Marilyn looks up from her suitcase, hearing the others start talking. She doesn't particularly care for them at the moment, so she wipes off her blackboard with her sleeve, scrawls out 'Marilyn Isome' onto it, and loudly plonks it onto the table where everybody can see. She then goes back to rooting through her luggage.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"O-OH. Were we... Were we waiting to introduce ourselves? I'm sorry, I'm still new to these lands and I'm not familiar with your ways. I, er... I apologize."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"'Salright, we're all new to each other anyway. Why not have a snack?"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"I'm waiting for the others to arrive before I bother with introductions," Godfrey said, nodding firmly before continuing his tea time.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Lilah hadn’t meant to be late. She’d heard that being late was fashionable, which as far as she was concerned meant it was minutes from being outdated and stuffy. The streets of Starday were so confusing though, and when she’d airkissed the just so accommodating crew of her ship goodbye she hadn’t thought to ask for a map. Which was ridiculous, since she’d had no trouble asking for the best berth in the place free of charge. Thankfully the captain’s wife was a fan.

Still, she was late, and the moment the door of the old house opened she left her trunk on the ground and headed inside. “Oh my gosh, isn’t this just the most-“ out of the way backwater “-darling place! We’re having an adventure already!” She shrugged out of her coat and tossed it to the butler, then swept into the dining room to find the adventure had started more than she’d realized.

“Oh, no, am I late?” she said, putting a hand to her forehead and looking around the assortment of adventurers in wide-eyed dismay. "I am so sorry to have kept you all waiting, the trip here was just so long and they said we oughtn’t bring any help and I am just such a mess all on my own! Have I missed the tea cart? I am just famished.” She flopped dramatically into a chair, keeping one eye half-open. Ignore the biscuits Lilah, the studio isn't letting those costumes out anytime soon...
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Getting to Starday was quite an ordeal with Shae.

First off she had to get to her mailbox that was in her apartment. Her apartment that was being watched by a Sharkfin. She had a plan though! She just waited for him to go take a smoke break outside the building, for she was sure that the attendant in the lobby would yell at the dude for smoking in there. Though, it was quite awhile, Shae was beginning to think that she would have to cause a ruckus, but no sooner than she thought that the gang member left the building out the back to smoke. Quick as a whip she darted right past him, slammed the door shut and locked it. First she raided her mailbox, not looking at what she got she continued on her way to her room. She grabbed whatever she could stuff into a rucksack, which only turned out to be a few pairs of clothing, her money, her knife, and a deck of cards. With that packed she exited out her window and onto the roof, traveling by it until a few blocks.

She then got down and searched quickly for someone to read her what she received in her mail. She excitedly shouted and spun the child around that read to her the acceptance telegram. She left the child a few copper and started to repeat what the child said as a mantra so she would not forget. "Dewy house, ten am on Sunday the twenty third." She repeated.

She traveled to the train station with the ticket the museum sent over, all the while on the lookout for anyone from the Sharkfin gang, not wanting to... well.. be thrown to the sharks as they say. She had a pretty easy travel, seemingly outrunning her pursuers, it looked like she was home free! Yeah... free to go to the unknowns... as a newly christened murderer... fun... Well that brought down her mood.

She actually found the place pretty easily, only having to stop a few people for directions. She knocked on the door and showed her telegram (upside down) to the portly fellow and he let her in. There was already a few people here (noticing how well dressed they all were), she was about to introduce herself before she saw a long black haired woman with tea and crackers. Shae's stomach gave a small grumble. She looked embarrassed and politely requested some food.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The doughy servant soon returned with a plate of small sandwiches, placing them on the table easily within reach of Shae.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Shae immediately grabbed 3 sandwiches and a glass of water. Devouring them immediately.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The party hears the jangling of Colville's spurs before they see him. He enters the door coolly upon showing his crumpled telegram, the struts his way inside.

"Howdy," he tips his hat to the rest of the group. Upon noticing Lilah and Matilda, he tipped his hat to both of them with a wink. "Howdy."

Smirking, he makes his way to the table, sits in a chair, tilts it precariously, and rests his feet on the table. He tilts his hat over his eyes.

"Ya'll just let me know when the Capitano shows up, so we can start this pow-wow."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Marilyn finally found what she was looking for, a thin cloth that seemed stained with streaks of chalk. She shook it out, sending out a small cloud of chalk dust into the air, before placing it onto her lap and doing her best to cram all of her garbage back into her suitcase without fucking anything up.

After that... Marilyn poured herself another glass of water, then tapped on Shae's shoulder and pointed at the plate of sandwiches. She was making it a point to ignore the dude that had just waltzed in. Getting into anything like that was just gonna be trouble, she could tell already.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Klaas looked the sandwiches with slight disdain. White bread that was soft flavorless and spineless? Stale packed mayonaise? /imported/ vegetables and dried herbs?! CHEESE THAT WASN'T GOUDA?!!?!?

Ugh.. city folk food. What's wrong with rye bread with cheese, fresh lettuce and some ham? Klaas reached into his overall pocket and pulls out a corn cob pipe.

"Mind if i take a smoke?"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
The doughy servant was still smiling, but his eyes shot warning glances at both Colville and Klaas that were likely ignored or easily missed. Regardless, he was almost immediately pulled away by another knock at the door.

This time, nobody new was immediately led into the dining room, and the servant didn't show up again. A couple of minutes later, three people entered the dining room - the doughy servant, carrying a large case, and two bespectacled men.

The first man was old and portly, with thinning grey hair and a deeply lined face. He was smartly dressed, with a navy-blue waistcoat and gold-rimmed glasses. He was carrying a small briefcase, which he immediately put on the table. "Hello, hello! It is good that you could all make it in time. I am Julius von Austelung, head of exhibit acquisitions at the Asmoburg Imperial Museum. This is my associate, Dr. Bakker," he said, gesturing to the other new man.

The doctor was tall, thin and nervous-looking, with black hair tied back in a ponytail and a dark-grey frock coat that looked far too warm for this weather. He gingerly raised a hand to wave to the group, but before he could say anything, von Austelung continued.

"Now that you're all here, I think you should introduce yourselves to each other," he said, with boisterous enthusiasm. "You will all be working together for the good of the Imperial Museum and our cultural heritage, after all, so it is important you know each other! I'll explain exactly what you'll be doing afterwards. But we won't spend too long, since I imagine you are itching to be off!"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Klaas nodded and worked his yet unlit pipe to the corner of his mouth allowing him to speak with some clarity.

"I'm Klaas Jan, I represent ta 'Westkadian Aviators guild' under Mister Fokker's and they told me to have a looksie at what rigs yer flying in this whole expedition of ye... I'm a aviator me'self too."

He is silent for a bit.

"Anyone got a light?"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
“Darling, never without one,” Lilah said, snapping open her purse and offering him her monogrammed lighter. She’d had a makeup artist once tell her that smoking was good for the skin, and she was sticking to that story. Even if what was coming out of Klaas’s pipe smelled more of industrial waste than tobacco. “Maybe I can find a way to help our after all!”

For a brief moment she entertained the idea of making up a new identity – ooh, a Zimaliyan knife-fighter like in that possession scene of the Dread Castle of Count Alexei - but wide-eyed self-depreciation hadn’t failed her yet. “Lilah Ann May. I’m afraid I don’t bring much to the table - I’m just here to record everything you brave folks do, so that everyone at home can know just what adventures you get into!” Or at least, what adventures the photogenic among you get into. Klaas and his pipe might be better off as background players in the final cut.

“Oh, dear, I do hope none of you mind Gaslight Studios making a moving picture out of this wonderful expedition? You're all willing to sign a contract, I assume?”
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
'Thank ye Miss May.' Klaas nodded appreciatively.. 'Don't know anything about recording things but i suppose i'll be flying you from ship to ground and the other way 'round. So i suppose you got to arrange what you take down with ya with me when i know what i'll be flying.' He let the lady continue with her introduction but gazes quizzically at the whole fancy moving pictures thing and mouths something akin to 'even more paperwork?' under his breath.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Shae was halfway through her second sandwich when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She glanced behind her and saw a woman with freckles pointing to the sandwiches. Shae bashfully scratched the back of her neck, feeling bad for hoarding them, and handed one over to the freckled woman, assuming that was what she wanted.

She glanced at the, what she assumed was some sort of airship pilot considering the way he dressed, and shook her head. She was used to being around smokers. Her attention perked up as she noticed the three new men coming into the room. Julius von Austelung and Dr. Bakker, she made sure to remember their names, but she was a little distracted by the case Mr. Austelung was holding. Wait, what did he say? Introductions? Just great... She wasn't really itching to go either.

She turned to look at Klass. Ah so he was an aviator after all. Her eyes widened a little when Lilah introduced herself, Shae recognized her from some movie posters around Asmoburg. She got real anxious when she heard that the woman was going to be filming this and nervously pulled her hat down over her eyes. THAT was something she was not going to look forward too.

Shae ignored the question about the contract and quietly introduced herself. "I'm Shae Garrick... I'm probably just here to help you guys move equipment..."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Marilyn thanked Shae with a simple nod, taking the sandwich and taking a few small bites.

As the others began introducing themselves, however, Marilyn grumbled silently. She'd just closed her suitcase and hadn't thought to bring out any of her example maps or linguistics books to show the others. Smart one, Marilyn. Now she'd have to tell them what she did and, surprise surprise, that wasn't exactly easy for her. She rolled her eyes at herself.

Once there was a break in the conversation, Marilyn roughly pushed back her chair, letting it loudly scrape against the floor. She tromped over to an area of the room where everybody could see her, then knocked on her chalkboard. On it, underneath 'Marilyn Isome', she had writted the words 'maps' and 'language'. She motioned with her hand, moving it horizontally underneath the chalkboard, before returning to her seat and, more importantly, to her sandwich.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Now that he's properly acclimatized to his setting, only Iona's hands shake, sending the glass of water he poured for himself into quaking little ripples. At least his voice is steady, though! He speaks in a thick Zimaliyan accent. "Iona of the House of Naumov, as previously stated. Son of Pytor of the House Naumov, Duke of Travask, Count of Petragrad and Voynadoma. Not that that matters much..." He shrugs his shoulders weakly.

"I'm a wri-- er... That is to say, I've tried my hand at literary pursuits - poetry and novels and such. That's the only skill I have to speak of, I suppose, though if we are in need of any extra funding at any point, I have a fair bit saved... Oh! And I speak my native Zimaliyan, all of the Imperial languages - Fransk, Dotsk, and Allerian - as well as Tristolian, and Ceobailic. Not that... I expect that to be useful... here...?"

He glances around, shrugging. "Unless any of you feel more comfortable with your mother tongue."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"I'm the amazing MATILDA MAGNUS, I am a professional escape artist and amateur archaeologist."

Matilda would make a bow but she's currently sitting.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Godfrey stood up, politely waited for others to finish, then spoke.

"Lord Godfrey Hellingmont!" he said. "A proud Man of Tristol, adventurer, and explorer! Pleased to meet your acquaintances! I pray that we shall all share the most glorious of adventures!"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"I reckon I should introduce myself right here and be done with it."

Colville tips his hat back up straight and sets his chair down, standing.

"Ya'll can call me Colville. Ain't a lord. Ain't a Duke, and the only Countin' I do is of my fingers and toes, but I'm from the Far West, and ya'll know how we determine who's who out them parts?"

He shifts his shoulder to grab his rifle from his back, letting it rest in his hands to show the others, but also not holding it in a way that could be considered "threatening."

"Out there, don't matter what yer blood is. Out there, matter's are sorted by the Gun. And I'm pretty skilled at sortin', if I do say so myself. And survivin'! So while ya'll book-smart folks are figurin' out what's worth haulin' back, I imagine I'll be watchin' yer backs and making sure ya'll don't die somethin' awful. And if you ladyfolk ask nice, maybe I'll break out my guitar and sing ya a nice country ditty. Ain't ever heard music until ya've heard an ol' coyote like myself croon to a six-string."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Marilyn took a bite of her sandwich and rolled her eyes, her head propped up on her arm.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Iona shrinks a bit as the cowboy speaks, shrinks further when he pulls a gun, and shrinks further still when he calls out nobles in particular. By the end of his chatter, the normally six-foot-something Naumov had spent a solid two feet of that height on trying to make himself small as possible, crossing his arms under his chest and hunching over a bit. All in all, he looked slightly ridiculous - more than usual, even.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Lilah fluttered one hand to her chest. “Gosh, isn’t this exciting! I feel so much safer already, Mr. Colville!” She was pretty sure that any fight taking place in this house would be more focused on which of six hundred identical pottery fragments was set to bring the archaological world to its knees, but in her limited experience the concept of a time and a place was for people without guns. Besides, that sabre-toothed cave armadillo awakened from its eternal slumber might have been a musty-smelling puppet manned by a drunk stagehand, but wild animals and bandits were unpleasantly real.

She smiled brightly at the other adventurers. “I’m so glad to hear you’re all so talented! I have no head for languages or archaeology myself.” Unless it’s that one brooch Grandmother left. Her grandmother had borne a striking resemblance to the cave armadillo puppet, actually. “Say, would you mind introducing yourselves to the camera? After Mr. Austelung is finished, of course. This is all just so thrilling, I can’t wait!”
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
"Oh! Language is simple, really - quite beautiful, too! There's so many little similarities and differences and similarities, so much great and terrible history behind the formation of every word - even something so simple as the Tristolian word '<knapsack>,' meaning something akin to this land's word for 'backpack' has a bloody history to it! There's so many patterns that appear throughout them, so many sentiments and emotions and deep spiritual fears and longings that can only be properly expressed in one or another! If any of you would like, I'd be more than happy to assist in your learning of lang..."

He starts to realize how much he's rambled. Whoops.

"then I'd be happy to help anyone who is interested my apologies."
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Dr. Bakker stepped forward. When he spoke, his urbane voice had a mild Westkadian accent, and betrayed a nervous hesitation. "I'm Doctor Marten Bakker, but you can just call me Marten. Or Dr. Bakker if you prefer. I don't mind, really! I've worked with the museum before, I'm an amateur archaeologist too, but normally I work at Zeehaven city hospital, and-"

Von Austelung butted in. "-and he's going to help you all out during this excursion! He's going to be in charge of keeping track of what gets discovered, what's important and what's not, and so on. He's responsible for making sure everything and everyone gets back to the museum in one piece!" He chuckled to himself, while Dr. Bakker flinched slightly and stepped back.

"Of course, you will all be entitled to share whatever commendations are awarded by His Imperial Majesty for this discovery," continued von Austelung, "as well as a guaranteed payment simply for surveying the site directly from the museum. And of course, if a few trinkets disappear along the way and turn up in your private collections, that's just one of the perks. Provided it's not anything of historical significance that the museum would prefer to keep, of course!"

Von Austelung popped open his briefcase and pulled out a folded map and a few sheets of paper, which upon closer examination were handwritten contracts. He held up the folded map. "Now, the museum was fortunate enough to claim the map that actually set off this whole fracas from the Imperial investigation, and we've managed to correlate it to local landmarks and produce this navigation chart. We're the only ones who know exactly where the temple is! But that hasn't stopped people from setting out to plunder it anyway, especially since some cad leaked its approximate location to the Asmoburg Herald, so time is of the essence... that's why we're hiring all of you for this expedition, after all! Your job will be to get there and excavate the site as quickly a possible, before anyone else finds it and muddies the issue of discovery rights - or worse, just makes off with all the artifacts!"

He started handing out the contracts to everyone. "This is just your standard fare, waiving rights to any historically significant artifacts in exchange for being supplied, equipped and paid, admitting responsibility for your own health and well-being, et cetera et cetera. Sign your name at the bottom, please, quickly, quickly! And while you're doing that, if you have any questions, ask away!"
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Shae decided to just sit back and listen to the conversation. It seemed the freckled girl was doing it too. She was keen on keeping quiet actually, only scribbling... something when everyone indroduced herself.

The contract was intimidating and by that, she meant, that was a whole lot of words alright. She pretended to look like she was reading it over and signed her name at what she hoped was the right spot. Her signature unsurprisingly looked like child's scrawl.
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RE: ABYSS: A Regrettable Foray
Marilyn took the contract when it was offered to her, leaning back in her chair and inspecting it closely. She snorted at the 'responsibility for your own health' remark, but otherwise had nothing notable to bring up. Her chair thumped back onto four legs, and she quickly signed a neat signature onto the line. Honestly, she didn't care much for treasure or artifacts, only wanting to study any language they might find for her dissertation.

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