Thick as Thieves
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Thick as Thieves
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The city of Vilnus, the Seat of All Time as it has been known since antiquity. Located at the very edge of the central rung of the World Spiral, a continent large enough to host the lands of the Five Kings and the ruins of every civilisation that has ever descended from on high or ascended from the depths below scattered across its length and breadth.

The city itself is older than the spiral or so the legends say, seated at the base of Mount Eternity and is the very heart of the world. A city in Three parts, the upper, Under and Over cities, its population as diverse as the Spiral Rungs themselves.

Of course if you believe any of that, you probably have never stepped outside your home village before. It's an old city alright, built atop the ruins of a city that was here before it, but nothing more than that, surely. In truth Vilnus is a haven for every kind of scum and reprobate the Spiral has to offer. The second you step off the boat and onto its harbour your past is left at the door, so it is no surprise to find all sorts of colourful characters harboured up here with the 'good' folk of Vilnus. But make no mistake, you will find the city is no easy place to make any headway with any of the more... nefarious means of making money.

Y'see, there is no 'crime' in Vilnus, and the Houses like it to stay that way. Who are the Houses? The Houses are those families who control very nearly every aspect of life in the city, and everyone works for them in one way or another. Every streetrat, and thug, bounty hunter and mercenary pays their dues and obeys their rules and the safest thing you can do is pay your protection money and hope you never have an 'accident' with your latest shipment. Not even the local fatcats and would-be nobles are free from their grasp.

The city is prosperous enough in its trade in ores and minerals from the Undercity, practically the only part of Vilnus not directly controlled by the Houses and almost a city state unto itself, ruled by the Dwarven Clans who not only charge the High Council an exclusive contract for the maintenance of the sewer system which seperates the top side from the Undercity, but exclusively control the flow of goods and people from the Undercity to the Upper world. And no one enters or leaves the under city without the Dwarves knowing who, what, when, and why. After all, it is because of them after Vilnus accepted them as refugees, that the city's failing mines bore fruit and made the city state relevant for trade.

The Over Cities, those districts of Vilnus that orbit Mount Eternity on floating islands, are only reachable via Airship or gyrocopter and are the most 'Free' from the control of the Houses. Though who knows what happens up there, those six months of the year when the Over Cities are orbiting the far side of Mount Eternity and hang precariously over the edge of the world itself...

But between the mages and the mad scientists, the merchants and mercenaries, the diggers and the dwarves, there's nothing really special about Vilnus. Well, there is the old stories of the Eternity Gate, but if I had a penny for every fairy tale I heard of some magic door that grants any wish you could ever imagine, I'd own this boat rather than be stuck working on it.

In short, everyone can stay, and everyone must pay, and it is a wonder of the Spire the Five Kings don't reduce the city to ash for its various offences, but one supposes to do so would cause a chain of rather unfortunate events to befall their kingdoms, not least of which would be all the debt the city controls destroying their economies. Little Surprise then, that the more notorious pirate bands, and mercenary companies make their homes here, as well as every scum and villain within the Spiral. If you're running from something, Vilnus is the best hole to hide in, provided you don't run afoul of the Houses' good graces.

Y'see, there is no crime in Vilnus. Not when the Houses are the Law.

So, stranger, what brings you here?

[Image: NuRtElb.png]

NAME: Whats your name, stranger?
RACE: Self explanatory. Also please include intrinsically racial abilities, such as flight, telepathy, fire breathing, water breathing, etc.
APPEARENCE: What do you look like and why are you so hideous?
ABILITIES: What is your character good at?
Equipment: What ya got there?
BIO: Where are you from? What brings you to the City at the Edge of the World? Why have you left your rung and come all the way down here? (Or up here if you are coming from a lower rung on the spiral) What have you done that has driven you here? Are you simply looking for the one place where you can finally keep your head down? A respite from the law? Perhaps you are here for a new start, and are at the end of your tether? Or are you interested in the old legends of the Gate of Eternity, and seeking your One Wish?
RUNG: Most 'Rungs' of the spiral are largely circular continents ranging from the size of tiny islands to the size of North America. Each with their own unique ecosystems and biomes ranging from the pleasant to the downright alien and bizarre. Describe your home Rung and country here if applicable.
BOUNTY: How high is the price on your head?
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: "Princess" Jana of Djekelnefer

RACE: Human

APPEARANCE: Light brown skin, short black hair in a "Cleopatra-style" bob, shaped eyebrows and makeup to accentuate her eyes and high cheekbones. Jana is of medium build and height, with honey-brown eyes. She wears a lot of jewelry - earrings, necklaces, armbands, and so on, giving off the impression of wealth. Though most of the time she seems harmless, there are sudden flashes of danger, and some say that when she's angry, her looks can kill.

Black Magic - Jana is a witch. Well, sort of. She has a deep personal connection to the Duat, which her people believe is the magical realm where the Gods reside, and she uses that connection to draw forth spells. Unlike traditional wizards with their incantations and rituals, Jana can see and manipulate the strands of the Duat to affect the world around her. Mostly, this manifests as curses, divinations, and other such "witch-like" effects, though with concentration and effort she can impose the same structure as wizards do and reproduce spells. Not that she does that very often.

Cat-burglar - Jana's a born thief. She can fit through tight spaces and loves stealing jewels and magical artifacts. Her magic powers help, as she uses them to shroud herself in darkness and make herself less visible to normal perception.

Queen of Thieves - People respect Jana. She's got plenty of contacts in the criminal underworld, and has favors she can call in. She also owes a few favors too - though she'll never tell you who she owes.

Winged Scarab Necklace - A minor magical artifact which helps Jana access and see the Duat, the scarab is jet with lapis wings.
Ritual Dagger - Inlaid with faience and mother-of-pearl.
Belt of Knives - Throwing knives, well-balanced and practical.
Makeup kit - Doesn't go anywhere without it.
Senet Board - Senet is the favorite game of Djekelnefer, and though few play it outside the Rung, Jana is an avid and skilled player. Her board is her simplest possession, made only of carved wood.

BIO: Jana's first memories are as a temple orphan in the great city of Men-nefer, a child entrusted to the priests due to poverty or other ill-fortune. Under the care of head priest Setne, she was taught the duties of an acolyte and given the opportunity to learn to read and write. She grew under the priesthood but was never satisfied, always working harder and wanting more knowledge than Setne would dole out to her. Eventually, she turned to pilfering the scriptorium, stealing spell-scrolls under the cover of night and sneaking them back to her room. She would read the sacred papyrus in secret, and began practicing magic, exploring the mystical Duat. She found out how to ease her duties and cause trouble for her rivals, and things were going well for her.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Setne (a famed investigator) tracked down the source of disturbances in the sacred Duat. He was incensed that his most brilliant student would go to such lengths, and dragged her from her room. "Why did you not come to me, if you wished to learn more? Now you have caused a great deal of trouble for us all," he admonished. Jana was expelled, stripped of all her rights and privileges as a temple student, and worst of all, banished from Men-nefer.

Banishment wouldn't stop her, however. She laid low for a few weeks, but decided that with her inside knowledge, she'd be in a perfect position to steal the rich jewels and other treasures of the temples. She hitched onto a small heist of an outlying shrine, and through her magical vision realized that the scarab jewel was protected by a jackal spirit. Acting quickly, she bound the spirit and saved the heist's leader - after that, she had no trouble finding jobs. Over the next few years, her influence and money grew, and she was the go-to person for organizing a heist on the larger temples. One big heist led to the theft of the sacred crown of one of the two kingdoms - and that was the breaking point. It turns out that her client was the King of Thinor, who had been eyeing to unseat Luxis for a while - and the theft of the crown precipitated a civil war which threatened to tear apart the rung.

With war came more security, and things dried up in Men-nefer. Jana, however, was rich enough to move elsewhere, thanks to the patronage of the king of Thinor. She was warned that he couldn't publicly acknowledge her work for him, at least not yet, but as soon as he won the war she'd be appointed high priestess. As the war dragged on, however, Jana got antsy, and it soon became pretty murky whether or not her promised reward would ever come. Her suspicions were proved correct, as assassins showed up at her apartments late one night. Jana was prepared and snuck out, deciding to leave the Rung entirely.

After leaving Djekelnefer, Jana naturally gravitated towards Vilnus. It seemed natural for her, after all.

RUNG: Djekelnefer is a fairly small rung consisting of a central floodplain, a small sea, and a few islands rich with cedar. Most people live on the floodplain and farm, producing bountiful food as well as the cash crops flax and cotton. Djekelnefer is known for its fine cloth, which it exports. In the south there is a rich vein of gems, copper, and gold, which they also trade with neighboring rungs for metals and other imported goods. Two great cities dominate the central river - Thinor in the north near the delta, and Luxis in the south near the hills. Two kings rule from their palaces in a sort of cooperative dominion over the rung. In the dead center there is the ritual city of Men-nefer, where the two kingdoms compete in constructing bigger and more elaborate temples, obelisks, and pyramids.

The people of Djekelnefer are generally well-off, as their land provides them with a lot of surplus. This had led to a bit of overcrowding, as much of the land floods during the inundations. Thus, Djekelneferians are perhaps better represented across the other rungs then their land's small size would suggest.

BOUNTY: Sixty thousand gold deben

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Tanis Calyx Calinae

RACE: Kaaran, a humanoid species found in very hot climates. Humanlike, distinguished by dim grey-green skin, catlike eyes with nictitating membranes, a natural hardiness and resistance to pain, and a severe vulnerability to the cold.

APPEARANCE: Tanis is neither particularly handsome nor hideous, instead looking pretty bland for a weird alien dude. He has green eyes and short pale hair, and a neatly trimmed off-white beard. On cooler days, you can't see much of his appearance, since he is often seen wearing his thick dark-grey parka with the hood up and a navy blue scarf wrapped around his lower face.

ABILITIES: Killing. Particularly killing in a quiet and sneaky way, especially by sharpshooting with his crossbow or causing amusing accidents. Secondary to this is being stealthy and athletic, for obvious reasons - being able to scale a rooftop and remain hidden were prime skills when he was an assassin. He also has a fair degree of proficiency with both a variety of melee weapons and firearms, a sick sense of humor, and a complete absence of morality or loyalty, which might be considered an advantage or a disadvantage depending on who's asking.

EQUIPMENT: Redbrass Foundries custom-made self-loading composite crossbow, a few bolt magazines with bolts, reliable Axebreaker Forge "Hammer"-pattern revolver and ammo, about half a dozen knives, and a filament line and grapnel bolt, with clips for climbing. He doesn't have any armor more advanced than a civilian ballistic vest at the moment, hidden under his thick parka.

BIO: Tanis is from the Clockwork Empire, and they are the people out for his head. The Clockwork Empire is a Kaaran-ruled polity based in Meridian, a desert rung. The limits of the Clockwork Empire's reach are about twenty rungs up from Vilnus, above which they rule seven rungs in a steampunk-industrial iron grip. They like to send airborne gunboats to try and exert their influence over other rungs further afield, but beyond their home seven, they have very little permanent influence.

Tanis was originally a sky marine in the Imperial navy, having signed up the day he was old enough to join, swayed by the opportunity to leave his home, explore faraway places and kill people. He made an excellent sky marine, but for all the wrong reasons, and was quietly discharged by his CO after one too many unexplained incidents while on patrol outside the home seven. He got a job as a bodyguard for a ruthless Kaaran capitalist named Itana, who took... quite a liking to him. She recognized his true skills, and soon employed him as a personal hitman, giving him his current crossbow (since civilians were not allowed to own gunpowder weapons in the Empire).

When Itana inevitably got exposed for her schemes, Tanis was left in the lurch with a hefty bounty on his head. To make matters worse, he didn't see this as a reason to stop killing people, since he really quite enjoyed it. Eventually the Empire ratcheted up the pressure to the point where staying wasn't tenable. He fled the rung southwards (or downwards, in conventional terminology), eventually winding up in Vilnus. Here, he figured, he might stand a better chance of practicing his particular profession outside the reach of the Clockwork Empire. After all, this place was a wretched hive, so who would care if a few people went missing.

The cool and pleasant climate of Vilnus is to Tanis the equivalent of freezing to a human, and when it actually gets cold, he acts like going outside with any skin exposed at all is like wandering around naked on an arctic rung. It's not quite as bad on its warmer days, fortunately. Still, better here than some medieval wasteland further down the rungs, or back up where the inhospitable magma and ice layers lie between him and the Clockwork Empire.

RUNG: Nabil, officially known by its Clockwork designation as North 2 (two rungs up from their capital), was a jungle colony of the Clockwork Empire. It was a fairly inhospitable place at the best of times, and Tanis was happy to leave it behind to move to Meridian, the desert rung containing the Clockwork imperial capital.

BOUNTY: The price on his head is 20,000 brass crowns, the currency from the Clockwork Empire. Of course, few people here would care about that currency, but it is backed by gold.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Huxley Fox (Hu Xian/狐先)

RACE: Fox man or “Kitsune” as some people like to describe his kind to be like. While nimble and quick, they are notable for their ability to indefinitely transmute into humans. Contrary to the etymological origins of his species’ common name, he’s actually Fantasy-Chinese.

APPEARANCE: In his human guise, Huxley looks like a slim man in his late-20’s/early-30’s. He has greying hair and narrow eyes, which lends to his somber countenance. In his true guise, Huxley looks like a fox-headed man. Huxley is deeply suspicious of strangers – especially in this wretched city of Vilnus – so you’ll never really see him for what he actually is unless you catch him off-guard, or he’s dead.

Huxley is a wizard. His specialty is illusions and enchantments – magic of the mind-fuckery sort, but he can learn additional tricks/spells provided he had access to certain resources. Huxley is also fairly dexterous (both in hand and feet) and is particularly charming, even when shucked of magic-assisted help. You can take a man out of a fox, but you can’t take a fox out of a man, I guess.

Equipment: Huxley doesn’t really carry much because he’s trying to keep a low profile, but every fox/man has their own prized possessions. In Huxley’s case (metaphorically and literally), a spellbook-diary hybrid journal, spell components, a religious text, a dagger, and enough money to get by from day to day. He also got (note: stole) one of those newfangled metal contraptions called a “gun,” which he really only kept because he thought it was interesting.

BIO: Huxley had a fairly uninteresting childhood. He came from a lineage of religious wizards and as traditionally excepted, he became a wizard under the tutelage of the local monastery. Before he could complete his training, a mercenary company as patronized by a noble or some other kidnapped him and the others. Eventually, Huxley found himself in a parody of a zoo, where animal-folk or animal-like folk were kept in display. While he languished there, his mind was still sharp and his contempt for the authority grew stronger.

He would had died there if it were not for the fact, the “zoo” he resided in was attacked by outside forces. He wasn’t really sure if it was a rival family or even a punishment by their parent House, but he knew an opportunity when he saw one. He somehow got his spellbook, magically disguised himself, and spirited off into the night. Now, Huxley crawls among the destitute and the poor. He misses home but he feels an obligation to stay in Vilnus. This city is pretty damn awful. Huxley is sure he cannot solve all the city’s problems in his lifetime, but he will damn well sure it will be put into the right direction.

RUNG: Feywilds, a resplendent circle of magic and otherworldly wilderness. While it does have the more mundane fantasy races, it also houses a not unsubstantial population of animal-like humanoids, celestial-blooded, and various ilk of fey. There are Disney fairies/talking animals and pants-shitting terrifying fairies of yore. Huxley specifically comes from the Celestial Mountains, a "city-state" (fairies aren't really much for order, you see) which has like enlightened, immortality-pursuing furry monks and various ilk of spellcasters.

BOUNTY: The Celestial Mountains would like to pay 50,000 Quicksilver for the retrieval of missing persons from the Harrowing.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Trying to decide between two characters!

APP #1
NAME: Bakar Rosquilla

RACE: Human

APPEARANCE: Normal human man. Tanned skin. Dark brown, curly hair. No facial hair.

ABILITIES: Doughnut baking, doughnut salesmanship, doughnut business. Is an absolute killing machine.

EQUIPMENT: A set of cardboard doughnut boxes, a toaster-oven, plenty of dough and confectionery supplies, and a regular oven (but like, portable-like.) Two pistols.

BIO: Bakar was once a simple donut maker living in on the rung of Ciambella. He opened a store called Rosquilla Delights in the center of town with money borrowed from his father, Papa Rosquilla. His store enjoyed huge success, even in the oversaturated Ciambella donut market. This success brought with it the attention of the Donut cartels of Ciambella - the Krispees of the west, the Duncans of the east, and the Hortons of the north. One by one, each family sent a delegate over demanding protection money. One by one, they were turned away.

The cartels met to discuss this problem. They decided that since they'd all been wronged, they all had to strike fear back into the hearts of pathetic little donut men everywhere.

With that choice, they started a fire they could not extinguish.

Three hitmen - one from each family - showed up to Bakar's house at night. Knowing they were coming for his Bakar, Papa Rosaquilla had convinced him to buy not just one, but TWO guns. When a knock at the door came late at night, Bakar looked through the peephole, saw what waited for him, and suited up.

The moment the mobsters came through the door, they were all pumped full of lead. Bakar discoved two things that night: First, his aim and his trigger speed were both spot-on. Second, he REALLY hated killing.

Bakar had always been a gentle man, predisposed against violence. He'd never even been in a real fight before now. In spite of this squeamishness, he had that killer instinct.

The mobsters were outraged. These were only low-level enforcers, but they hadn't expected serious resistance. Next time, they wouldn't be made fools of.

Mid-day a week later, Bakar's store was riddled with bullets. He only barely managed to duck behind the counter in time. Once the raid team entered and began combing through the bodies of his customers, Bakar emerged from the counter and began screaming and firing. He dived and ducked between bits of cover, made himself difficult to get a proper read on, and shot with deadly accuracy. By the time all was over, the mobsters were dead. As he came out of his trance, Bakar recognized one of the assassins: it wasn't just any mobster, but Edmund Krispee, heir to the Krispee crime family!!!

Things spun out of control from there. His parents' house was firebombed. He only barely managed to save them and convince them to get out of town while they still could, while there was still some calm before the storm began.

The violence escalated with each passing day. His customers (who inexplicably kept coming to his shop despite the near-daily shootings) and mobsters died en masse. This was the one thing Bakar had - the one thing in this broken world he could cling to. All the same, this was getting to be too much. He felt less and less with each life he took, and it scared him. He didn't want to be the man he knew he was becoming.

And so he left. With a massive bounty on his head, two pistols in his belt, and a bag full of supplies, he hit the road and eventually ended up in Vilnus - a place where he could reinvent himself, a place where he could be happy, a place where he could go back to the simple life. The crime families weren't done, though - aside from the already-huge bounty placed on his head, they also hired a bounty hunter from the neighboring rung of Kanela. Known as the Cinnassassin, this katana-wielding cinnamon bun themed contract killer will stop at nothing to find his sugary mark. Still, Bakar lives in ignorance of his many enemies, hoping that this new home will hold the promise of a better tomorrow.

RUNG: Most 'Rungs' of the spiral are largely circular continents ranging from the size of tiny islands to the size of North America. Each with their own unique ecosystems and biomes ranging from the pleasant to the downright alien and bizarre. Describe your home Rung and country here if applicable.

BOUNTY: $$60,000,000,000 (60 Billion Double Dollars) [$20,000,000] from the Krispee Family
$$30,000,000,000 [$10,000,000] from the Duncan Family
$$3,000,000 [$1,000] [$1,336 CAD] from the Horton Family

APP #2
NAME: Lucette Allard

RACE: Human, boring and simple!

APPEARENCE: Tall, thin woman with dark skin, short, curly black hair, and bright eyes. Well-dressed, when the disguise doesn't demand otherwise. A fan of suits. Has a certain air of confidence about her.

ABILITIES: A skilled disguise and escape artist, Lucette is an expert at hiding in plain sight, nicking whatever she came to grab, and disappearing before anyone's the wiser. Can fire a pistol if she has to, but she finds such tactics ungraceful at best and distasteful at worst.

EQUIPMENT: A full kit of disguises, makeup, and a pistol. Tons of spare grappling hooks, ropes, and lockpicks.

BIO: Lucette is a gentlewoman thief hailing from La Ville Étoilée. Her past is shrouded in mystery, but there are two popular versions of it that she's willing to entertain.

The first is that she was born to a pauper who did all she could to provide for her daughter before succumbing to the red death. Orphaned at a young age, Lucette took up what would become a life-long career in thieving, pilfering, and nabbing what she had to take to survive. Now, her skills honed over a lifetime and at the top of her game, the Lady Thief steals from the rich that she might provide to the poor.

Ms. Allard finds this version of events charming, but rather trite and cliched. She enjoys that it provides a certain nobility to her actions, but finds it lacks any explanation for her modus operandi - particularly her preference for disguise and subterfuge over simple stealthiness.

The second camp suggests the Phantom Thief was born to disgraced nobility. At a young age, her father killed himself, and her mother was forced to sell all but her and her daughter's wardrobes to maintain something resembling their lifestyle. At a young age, Lucette realized that she could merely take things, hide them away, and no one would suspect anything, so long as she looked innocent enough. According to this version of events, she would steal bits of silverware, have them sold off, and use the money to pay the bills. Over time, she grew more ambitious and began using her wardrobe to take on disguises that allowed her to blend into different crowds - art galleries, museum exhibits, servant's quarters in the mansions of the rich and famous...

Lucette appreciates this version of events for how it at least attempts to answer her love for disguises, but she still finds bits of it rather impractical. Why, for example, would she have servants' clothes in her precious wardrobe? What happened to her mother? So many loose threads and unanswered questions!

Whatever the true story, Lucette seems happy to keep people guessing. She enjoys that - confusing and confounding people. It's why she has a tendency to warn the police of the exact dates upon which her heists will take place, why she sometimes returns to the scene of the crime to watch detectives puzzle over the clues, and why she will - after a particularly unchallenging heist - send letters to the cops detailing how they could have better dealt with security. She's a gentlewoman, through and through, always polite and cocky in equal measure.

It's that exact cockiness that's put her on the run, though. She's infuriated the police to the point where the heat is getting a bit much, even for her. With that in mind, she's skedaddled over to Vilnus - no point in lying low when there's other spots ripe for plunder! Dame Fantôme is prepped to strike at the heart of the city at the world's edge!

RUNG: An industrial-era cityscape called La Ville Étoilée. Small compared to most rungs, but densely packed and relatively modern, La Ville is a place where the rich steal from the poor, one man's life is worth less than another's land, and the true king is not the man on the throne, but the man holding onto the rail lines.

BOUNTY: 30,000,000 Francs
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Sayaid'e

RACE: Caph, a humanoid race of amphibious beings that prefer the water. Their skin is a pale pink, which could almost be mistaken for human skin if viewed at the wrong angle. Their bodies are adapted to swimming in the water, with webbed hands and feet and a very small, thin fin running up the backsides of their arms. They can breath through gills in water and have a secondary respiratory system for breathing air that works not entirely as well as the gills, requiring Caph to return to the water every few days or so or their breathing becomes more labored, as one would at a high altitude. They are found mostly in areas and rungs with high amounts of bodies of water, taking no preference over fresh or salt water. Sayaid'e is a Deepwater Caph, which is a variation of Caph that over generations have become less adapted to the land and more adapted to the water and the higher pressure, with slightly bioluminescent skin for better visibility underwater and more developed fins and webbing. Deepwater Caph tire faster on land, however.

APPEARANCE: Sayaid'e looks like a normal Caph, which is to say she has pale pink skin, webbed feet and hands, and a slightly unsteady gait as she walks. She wears traditional clothing when she will be in the water during a given day, which is made of thin, smooth material that allows for unhindered movement in water and dries off quickly enough not to soak the streets above land, but also has clothes more common to most of the people around here when she's not planning on being in the water. She also has on a small watertight pack that she carries around with her at all times.

ABILITIES: Sayaid'e can move faster through water than air with her high swim speed, faster than most Caph as she grew up deeper underwater. She also can breath underwater and abovewater as all Caph can, but is a bit less adapted to the air above, however, and suffers from what amounts to mild asthma after around a day which persists indefinitely until she spends a few hours underwater again. She possesses mild competence in fighting with a spear and dagger, and is more skilled in unarmed combat(especially underwater, where her ability to move quickly allows for quicker strikes). Otherwise, she's fairly versed in biology and writing, as well as thievery and lockpicking.

EQUIPMENT: Apart from her clothes, all her travelling equipment is kept in her watertight pack, which contains a journal, writing implements, various samples of plants in small vials, a few daggers, a few changes of clothes, and a few odds and ends like money, and a second watertight pack filled with the stolen research books and papers. It occasionally carries some new book she's found.

BIO: Sayaid'e grew up in one of the deeper cities of Velea, living in the slightly darker water and heavier atmosphere that comes with lower depths, rarely heading abovewater. She grew up fairly well off, learning how to fight off any hostile creatures that would come near the city, as well as becoming an adept swimmer and eventually moved to one of the larger, less underwater cities which was partially on land, and struggled to adapt to the new, more amphibious lifestyle that came with it. After accepting a position as a research assistant to a professor at one of the abovewater universities, she started to help catalogue various flora that lived abovewater. Unfortunately, the professor she was working under was arrested for reasons unknown to her(she was told it was stealing large amounts of money and supplies from the university, but refuses to believe that), and she was also arrested as an "accomplice" to the crime and thrown in a jail. While locked up, she learned a few more "useful" skills and eventually with the help of a few others(who were quickly recaptured as they were unable to swim through the water as quickly as her) managed to escape, after which she fled the rung in order to avoid her pursuers which were chasing after both her and the books that she had stolen from the university library during her escape(mostly books on biology, but a few books on various cities and rungs, including Vilnus and a few rumors on the Eternity Gate).

After making her way through various rungs, she eventually found her way to Vilnus, where she hoped to find adventure, interesting study subjects, and maybe even the Eternity Gate, which while she knew was just a rumor she was still fascinated with. While the water here is much less pleasant than Velea, she's sure she'll enjoy her new life and the varied sights and people, and doesn't miss her old home too much. She does suffer from not being in the water as much as she would like, but everyone has to make sacrifices here, don't they?

RUNG: Velea, a large run mostly underwater with a few medium to large-size islands. The dominant race on the rung is the Ceph, who have cities that expand across the water and onto the islands. The water is clear, with abundant and diverse fauna and flora throughout it. The temperature is almost always mildly warm, with heat waves every so often. The edges of the rung are capped by large, imposing mountains to keep the water inside.

BOUNTY: 50 thousand crescents for capture(alive), 100 thousand with the stolen research materials. Retrieval of only the research materials is 25 thousand crescents.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
I'll probably close applications by Sunday 26th.


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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Crystal Metheny (Has everyone call her Crys, Only Onyx knows her full name.)

RACE: Phosphorid - A humanoid race that has gas running through their being instead of blood. They have normal human hair but there is a lot of neon strands running through their hair as highlights. Their eyes glow, some even have patterns in their scalera. Their fingernails glow. Their veins glow through their skin (and heart, if they intensify it enough). The neon color they glow varies from person to person but the neon color they do have is unified, so they can't have glowing blue veins and then pink neon highlights in their hair. It takes a deep cut to get into the gas layer of their bodies but it's very hard to contain the gas leaking once they are cut.

They can intensify their body heat greatly, the neon glowing in brightness the hotter they are. One of them grabbing you with intense hands will severely burn you.

APPEARENCE: Her Neon gas color is blue. Her hair is green with a styled pixie cut with her blue neon highlights running through it. Neon blue eyes with angular veins running through her scalera. Pale skintone. She loves wearing bright neon yellow outfits. Her normal outfit is yellow yoga pants with a green stripe on the side. A green tight tank top underneath a two sizes too big yellow zip hoodie. Green and yellow sneakers.

ABILITIES: Explosions! And Demolition. Plus her race ability. She is also pretty good at running away, not parkour or anything, she is just fast. Decent at grappling and dodging. Fairly clever.

Equipment: Her main weapon is just a normal pistol when in civilian mode. When she's doing a job though, she carries a rocket launcher on her back, carries around 6 explosive grenades, 2 smoke grenade, and one emp grenade. She carries a satchel of c4 on her jobs as well. Well versed in regular bombs too. And for more risky jobs, she has a suicide bomb jacket underneath for bluff.

BIO: Crystal had the very unfortunate fate of being born with asshole stoner parents. You see here in Eventide, not much happens here, so the populace of this rung usually find one source of recreation and stick to it. Her parents found that recreation in drugs! Her father had been born into the name Metheny which, to be fair doesn't seem THAT dubious on its own for a Phosphorid. During one night though, while hot boxing, her mom came up with the brilliant name of Crystal, to be paired with the father's last name. They thought it was too hilarious to give up, and so Crystal was born.

She is pretty ashamed of her name though, and, so far as everyone else is concerned, her name is Crys(pronounced Chris).

She lived a very normal life for one from Eventide, went to school just fine, decent grades. She ended up more as a caretaker for her parents when they got home from their jobs, it made her a more mature sort of kid. Crystal's preferred form of recreation was comic books, as she had grown a strong dislike for drugs and refused to participate in it with her parents. She adored the comics, telling of lives so much grander than her own. She wanted that sort of lifestyle, a style unheard of in her rung. She didn't have too much in the form of super powers but she loved the destruction the hero's could get away with. What better form to mash those two together than with explosions? From then on Crys delved into the world of demolition, learning everything she could, and creating many things in her room, pipe bombs, fireworks, anything in between. She used them at night, throwing them into streets to cause a ruckus. She didn't particularly enjoy taking lives either so she made sure to study controlled explosions too. That's actually how she met Onyx.

It seemed they were instant friends from the moment they met. Crys was really happy to meet a kindred soul like hers, talking for hours about everything and anything but this shitty boring ring. It was like a knife cutting through the fog in her life. She spent the rest of her teen life spending most of her time with Onyx. Talking about leaving this place struck a chord with Crys, she never thought she could leave this place alone, but if she had Onyx with her... Well, it gave her all the motivation she needed to get out of this place.

Soon their talks of tall tales, magic, and lands faraway turned into ways into getting out of the ring. They spent years talking, scheming, and practicing their skills. Finally, on one perfectly normal, average temperature, semi cloudy day, they were ready. They spent quite a while planning out their first heist. Once Onyx got the layout of the building Crys pored over it. She spent days perfecting her bombs and charges, making sure everything would go off with 100% accuracy and no casualties, scientific precision as it were. The time was drawing near though, and the lack of sleep made Crys fuck up while creating the door charge. When the plan was enacted, everything unhinged from that mistake. This isn't the chaos she wanted. The house was falling down, she couldn't see Onyx, the only thing she could do was grab anything of value and bolt out of the mansion. They were one of the few lucky ones to make it out of that disaster.

They had to get out. Together they sold whatever they took from the house and got out of the rung. Crys didn't even bother writing her parents a note. She continued to travel with Onyx, they were a good pair, they had a formula down for their heists. She never felt the need to leave her partner. In fact she enjoyed Onyx being the only constant in her life, and happily followed Onyx on her whims.

RUNG: Eventide rung. It is constantly bathed in either twilight or dawn, depending who you ask. It's a rather peaceful rung of moderates. It's never too bright, never too dark, never too hot or cold, and never too good or bad. There's an even mix of rural, heavily wooded areas, to more carved out urban centers of civilization. Few people seem to flourish too much, but none really seem to suffer too badly. The people that are born here tend to die here, and don't very often make it out. This rung doesn't get many outside visitors, unless the arriving people are seeking stability.

Crys is from the Urban area of Eventide. The urban cities built more for practicalness then anything. These cities lack the gigantic skyscrapers, the ad filled streets, and any majesty you might think of when imagining a city. The areas don't get congested much and these cities have excellently designed infrastructure.

BOUNTY: 35,000 Rupees.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Onyx Pektid

RACE: Ombradox - A race of charcoal-skinned, mostly-humanoid weirdos. They're not a very prominent species by any means, or rather, they're more vast in numbers than people realize and they're just never really spotted. They're a rather non-confrontational race at their heart, and really more curious than anything else. Most of them tend to be long and lanky, suited to hiding around corners and lurking. Their most notable features that stand out against their dark skin are their entirely white eyes. Any Ombradox's that manage to make their way out of a confrontation injured will have scars that seem to glow against the dark expanse of their skin.

APPEARANCE: It's a little difficult to tell how old Onyx is, but that doesn't matter! She's old enough to be pretty experienced, but young enough to be in her prime! She stands at a rather average 5'7", though she can't weigh more than 120 lbs soaking wet. Onyx has the soot coloured skin of her race, with a number of criss-crossed, spider-web like scars along most of her body. Her hair is long and jet-black, reaching down almost to her lower back, and falls around her face and shoulders like a curtain. Her attire tends to alternate between loose and draping to hide the more visible parts of her form, and entirely form-fitting to make her sneaking and shifting even easier. Still, she favours clothes without a lot of bulk that are easy to move around in. Leggings, loose baggy pantaloons, harem pants, loose blouses or tank tops, and a lot of very thin climbing shoes are her go-to's. Boots are too noisy, and she needs to be able to curl her toes around the stuff she's climbing. Hell, she goes barefoot a lot, too!

ABILITIES: You ever heard of umbrakineses? Kinda like that. Onyx has the ability to make her form far less tangible than most, allowing her to "morph" herself into shadows for quick escapes. Kinda fucks her up if there's a ton of light though, or not very many things around to cast shadows, but it has its stealth uses, for sure. Her ability to manifest shadows on her own isn't great, but she can make currently available shadows grow at will with some focus. Makes a quick getaway, and makes her super slippery. It also helps that she can kind of become intangible along certain parts of her body, though that has the tendency to exhaust her if she tries to make her whole form that way. Exposure to bright, harsh light makes it difficult for her to use her powers, though. Aside from that, she's very dexterous. You gotta be to do what she does! She has to be able to parkour her way up and around, scale up to windows, and sneak into places. Oh yeah, and she's pretty damn good at picking locks. Not too shabby with knives, either, but nothing to write home about. She ain't a big combatant, but she very much is a stealth and breaking-and-entering specialist.

Equipment: A handful of knives, both of the throwing and non-throwing variety, some bandages, some disinfectant, and some remote bombs given to her by Crystal. Also, just general provisions, and a little journal she likes to scribble in sometimes. She's a terrible artist, but hey, everyone gets the urge to doodle sometimes, right? That, and Nana's gotta have something to hang up on the wall. She mails her Nana pictures of her adventures all the time, even if they're total bullshit, made-up ones!

BIO: Onyx was raised by her grandmother, Nyx, a wizened woman with knobbly hands and a powerful voice. She taught Onyx everything she knows, from cooking, to cleaning, to book learning, to using her powers, to pranking and tricking people! Nana might've been a hardass, but the gal always knew how to have fun, and it's something she instilled in her grand baby. Still, it's the longing for fun, thrills, and adventure, that got Onyx into plenty of trouble as a kid and, subsequently, as an adult. Nothing was ever fun enough, or fast enough, or exciting enough. And it still isn't. The rung she was born in was dull incarnate, and it kindled a fire in Onyx's chest that had her longing for something more. For anything more.

When pranking the other members of her village got dull-- people's screams don't change much-- she decided to venture out. The city was mostly unexplored territory to a lot of Ombradox's and what better place was there to go for some adventure? There was so much to learn and see out past the trees, and she wasn't going to let anything deter her. Nana didn't seem to mind either. In fact, the old woman sent her off with a home-cooked meal she could eat while she was out there for the day, and merely pressed a finger to her lips and gave her grand daughter a wink.

Onyx was kept entertained by the city for a number of weeks, always travelling back home to rest before heading back out. Everything was new for a while, until it wasn't. Slowly, the hustle and bustle of the lighter-skinned beings became less interesting, and she felt that itch in her chest coming back.

That's when she bumped into Crystal, throwing fucking fireworks in the street. What's more exciting than that?! Not much, for a bored kid. Not much.

Now Crys was a girl that seemed to understand her. Crys seemed as bored as she was! They became quick friends, and Onyx found herself travelling between her village and the city less to explore, and more just to talk to Crys. The girls talked of what they would do when they moved away, as teen girls are wont to do. They painted pictures of exciting adventures they could go on, of treasures they could find, and magic powers they could harness and control. Their talks became an escape from the humdrum monotony of everything, but talking about all the things they could see and do beyond the confines of their rung only made Onyx want out more. That flame in her chest was quickly turning into a wildfire, one that only grew in size each passing year.

There was no way in hell she was going to be born here, live here, and then die here. Nuh-uh.

It takes years for the girls to formulate a coherent plan and to find their skills up to the task, but they manage eventually. There's a structure to the way things work in the city, and the easiest way to get some excitement is to shake that formula up! So, they decide to go for the pulse of the city, and target the wealthiest family in the rung. Their manor was expansive, and had existed in the town since Nana Nyx was young. It was practically a historical site, which made it the perfect target for the young women.

Initially, they were only aiming to break in, maybe blow up a few things, shake some stuff up, steal some junk, and maybe some valuables, and then make it away without getting caught.
Things rarely go the way you plan, though. The women had spent months planning the heist and break-in, and Onyx had stayed up for nights memorizing the map. Shit, she'd even broken in a few times to stake the place out and sketch the room layouts so Crys could get an idea of things, too. The plan was simple! Place a charge in front of the door, have Crys be a distraction while she plants a few more charges and steals a few things, and then they both get away!

Only the door charge didn't go off. It never went off, so they never got to go in the way they planned, the way they learned, the way they spent hours analyzing. Onyx had to find them a side door, which changed their entire layout. The charges Onyx placed were placed improperly because of this, and ended up blowing up a series of rather important support beams and pillars.
A good half of the manor came crashing down, and they were only barely able to make it out. There were a number of people who weren't that lucky. Most of the family, in fact.

From there, the girls ran. They took what valuables they could scavenge and booked it the fuck out of the rung. They traveled throughout many rungs, and ended up in this City at the Edge of the World. Would there be excitement? Adventure? Anything to do? God, Onyx hoped so. There damn well better be. A wish and some shinies would be good, too.

RUNG: Eventide rung. It's a rather peaceful rung of moderates. It's never too bright, never too dark, never too hot or cold, and never too good or bad. There's an even mix of rural, heavily wooded areas, to more carved out urban centers of civilization. Few people seem to flourish too much, but none really seem to suffer too badly. The people that are born here tend to die here, and don't very often make it out. This rung doesn't get many outside visitors, unless the arriving people are seeking stability.

The specific part of the rung that Onyx is from is almost infamous for its deep, dark woods. Seemingly impenetrable, they stretch on for far more than most people are aware. Urban children dance around the trees edges, but never dare to venture in too deep. Not because the woods are genuinely horrifying, of course, but just because of silly, passed-down wives tales and general ridiculousness. There are whispers of wispy creatures that flit around the tree trunks, with spindly limbs of pitch black and eyes as bright as the sun. Sometimes, in the tales, they snatch children away. Sometimes they eat them! Sometimes, they get fed up with their terrible, false reputation, and walk their way out on normal-sized legs to buy some fruit with the vendors in the city. No children-snatching done.

If one were to shrug off superstition and venture deep into the woods, one would come across a series of houses built into the large trees. The Ombradox fully believe that they shouldn't destroy nature and instead exist alongside it, and the trees provide them shelter and the right amount of shade in exchange. A bit superstitious on their own, you might say, but it's gotten them along for a very long time and they don't seem eager to change their ways. They exist as a sort of hunter-gatherer society more than their urban friends, though they do enjoy a few amenities the city folks have.

BOUNTY: 35,000 Rupees.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Corey Rodellen

RACE: Gioheds - A race of rock based humanoids that occasionally have crystals protruding from their 'skin'. Gioheds are hulking creatures that have adapted to underground life. They all have between three and five glowing eyes set into the center of their heads, and most walk with a prominent hunch. They all have extended torsos and arms that are longer than their legs, and their four fingered hands tend to drag along the ground when they walk. Their stony bodies hide innards made from crystal of all colors of the rainbow that slice through their bodies at irregular and jagged angles, though they do hold similar structure to human bones. Occasionally, the crystal will jut out of their skin in pointy spines, typically out of their backs and arms. They are naturally heat resistant due to their place of origin, have quite a bit of physical strength and endurance due to their rocky make up, and any jutting crystals are strong enough to be used as natural weapons. They also, surprisingly, have a strong sense of smell.

APPEARENCE: Like other Gioheds, Corey is a massive, hunchbacked humanoid creature made of stone. At full height, they stand at 7'10". Corey has a fair amount of bulk to both their arms and their torso, making it look like their arms and chest are bulging out a little. They possess five eyes that glow indigo, and a large amount of long, indigo crystals protruding out of their back. There are also the faint impression of nostrils underneath their eyes, and a mouth that is nothing more than a faint crack when closed.

ABILITIES: Corey is far stronger and more resilient than the average human due to their rocky nature, meaning that they can not only take a shit ton of punishment from physical weaponry, but also dish it back just as easily to anybody within their reach. In addition, giant rock monsters can be pretty good at intimidation, and Corey is no exception. Corey is also adept, due to their 'practice', at procuring flammable objects such as gasoline, wood, and untreated cloth. Corey's most defining skill, however, is a near immunity to fire. Multiple times they have been lit on fire, sometimes by their own hand, and has emerged no worse for ware, aside from some charred 'skin'.

Equipment: Corey doesn't carry much around with them. They have a custom made belt that wraps around their waist and is host to a multitude of pockets. The pockets hold things like books of matches, lighters, lighter fluid, and charcoal; in addition, a length of rope is wrapped around the belt as well. Corey also has a can of gasoline strapped to their chest with criss-crossing ropes that wrap around their torso and back to hold it in place.

BIO: Curiosity is dangerous, and Corey found that out the hard way. From the moment of their conception, life was as straight forward as it was monotonous. Climb up the stone stairs to harvest the Topshot. Climb down to pack the Topshot. March the Topshot down the tunnels, large twisting caverns held up by massive pillars made of the very stone that was carved out of them. Life was quiet, simple, and structured. Corey was okay with that. Corey was okay with a lot of things.

One day, that changed. Corey remembers the day clearly. They smelled it all the time, after all. They were scheduled to help haul up Topshot for the traders that came by that day. Corey wasn't sure how the other Giohed didn't smell it. It was a sharp, pungent smell that nearly hurt them to take in. It was hot, but not like the heat of the lava that Corey had become accustomed to. No, this was a heat waiting to happen, like a contained fire that had yet to be released. It remained even after the traders left. The other Giohed left Corey behind, stuck on their schedule, but Corey could not get over the smell. It invaded their core and made them dizzy, it stuck to their crystals and bogged down their eyes. And then Corey found it, a red container about the width of their chest, half full with a mysterious liquid. Corey took it, stashed it among the obsidian spires near The Post, and then descended back into the tunnels.

Corey could not get the smell out of their mind. The pungent smell hit them every time they surfaced at The Post, and it further confused them how none of the others could smell it. Corey spoke to them all, and none of them could tell them anything about a strange liquid with a painful smell. Corey would not be deterred. What was this liquid, what did it do? Corey knew of water. This was not water. The pain of curiosity built up inside of Corey until they knew that they could take it no more. Corey went and fetched the red container, bringing it down into tunnels.

They were quickly found out. To the others' credit, they were patient and calm with Corey. They asked nicely, politely requesting the container so that they could return it by way of the next set of traders to arrive. Corey couldn't accept that. They disobeyed and ran, the smell pervading their nostrils and surely giving them away... until Corey noticed that the container felt lighter and the smell was milder. Corey looked behind them, finding a shimmering trail from the direction that they had just ran. The container was upside down and, even while closed, the liquid had found its way out. Corey kept running, heading towards the caverns in which Genesis Crystals were found. The air grew warmer around Corey, their proximity to the lava lake's basin growing, but they kept running, dribbling the liquid as they went.

It happened right as Corey thought it was over for them. The air wavered with fumes from the liquid on the ground, and Corey could see the other Gioheds gaining on them. They anxiously squeezed the container, making it belch out a burst of putrid gas... which caught fire near the ceiling. Fire spread down the tunnel, snaking down the tunnel along top the spilled liquid. Corey stared, enraptured, at the fire. They reached out and felt it licking at their fingers while the others made sounds of pain in the background. It was warm, but didn't hurt. Not at all. And it smelled putrid, just like the liquid and the gas, and cemented itself into Corey's memory. They would never forget this smell, ever.

Corey escaped the tunnels and hid out in the jagged surface of the Terntis Systems. It was easy to get away after they managed to ignite a patch of Topshot, sending flames roaring across the top of an entire Giohed town, lighting up the underground like never before. They managed to pay for passage out of the Terntis Systems with a saved up bunch of Topshot, and headed off to... one of the other Rungs. They didn't remember names too well... From there, Corey used their abilities to fight fires. It was fun, they got to run through fire and had access to all sorts of cool stuff.

Well, it was fun up until Corey got word of a bounty on their head by way of a couple of novice humans trying to claim it. A couple of minutes later, the unprepared bounty hunters introduced Corey to a new smell: one of burning flesh. After that, Corey made their way out of that rung, headed towards a different place to stay. Corey remembered the name of this place, often times from the other firefighters whenever they talked about escaped criminals. Vilnus.

RUNG: Terntis Systems. Also known as 'The Spires' and 'Boiling Lake', the Terntis Systems are a large and thick rung made primarily of rock. The surface is very dangerous, considering that most of it is taken up by a massive lake of lava, and the area that isn't is full of sharp, jutting spikes of obsidian that stick up towards the sky like fingers. Even though the surface of The Spires is hazardous and more or less unfit for life, there is life upon the rung, though that life finds itself prospering underground.

Terntis Underground is a system of below ground villages and towns of Gioheds. Each village/town finds itself inhabiting a natural air pocket underground, connected by Giohed made tunnels. The villages/towns find their sustenance through a type of fungus known as Topshot, which grows on the ceilings of the air pockets and leeches the scant minerals from the rock and compact dirt that they can reach with their tunneling roots, as well as the heat from the massive lava lake on the surface. Topshot is also the main export of the Terntis Systems due to its unusually large nutrient content and slight hallucinogenic effect on most species with an immune system less robust than Gioheds alongside obsidian fashioned into coins, known as Black Glass. The tunnels that stray closest to the lava lake's basin also hold the reason that Gioheds exist in the first place, the rare and sought after Genesis Crystals. Special gems in all colors of the rainbow that form only under intense heat, Genesis Crystals, when fully encased in stone (usually accomplished through packing stones around one and then dunking it in lava), will begin growing using the material around it to create a 'golem' of sorts that is capable of thought through some sort of ancient magic.

The one above surface structure is a small stone building used as an above ground station to send off the Topshot to the other Rungs, known as 'The Post'.

BOUNTY: 76,500 Black Glass or 10 Genesis Crystals.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Angela Cazadora

RACE: The S'kilotan are a tall, spindly, vaguely insectoid race, with a rough whitish-gray carapace covering most of their entire bodies that strongly resembles bones. Their heads especially are eerily reminiscent of a human skull, albeit a human skull with razor sharp teeth and two sunken black eyes. Despite their size, the S'kilotan are well known in their homeland for being able to move quickly and quietly, like a ghost on the wind. Outside of their homeland, they are particularly not well known for anything at all. Due to their limited facial expressions, S'kilotan commonly express themselves via lively hand gestures and vibrant face paint. S'kilotans have occasionally been known to live for as many as 200 years, and can easily survive for weeks at a time without food or water. Strong against stabbing and slashing attacks, weak against crushing attacks.

APPEARENCE: Standing at just under 2.5 meters, Angela is a perfectly average sized S'kilotan, though you would hardly know it from the gaping looks of the local children. She is wearing a long black robe and a dark wide-brimmed hat, leaving only her face and hands exposed. She has taken great care to emulate the face paint of the locals, in a misguided attempt to blend in. Her skull-like face has been decorated with a liberal amount of blush and eyeliner, her sharp teeth have been encircled by a ring of pink lipstick, and the tips of her bony fingers have been painted a tasteful blood red.

ABILITIES: Like many S'kilotans, Angela's quick reflexes and distracting hand movements make her an excellent pickpocket, and a pretty good escape artist to boot. She likes to think of herself as the fast-talking con-artist type, but whether that still holds true in a city she knows next to nothing about remains to be seen. She's also trained as a sharpshooter pretty frequently in the past, and can easily hold her own in a gun fight, if it ever comes to that.

Skallhide Hat, Skallhide Robes, Skallhide Boots/Jacket/Belt/Shirt/Pants/etc - Skalhide leather makes for some sturdy, long-lasting clothes, but isn't very popular among races with so-called "skin" due to its abrasive and painful texture. Angela doesn't mind though, these clothes were super cheap. Her favorite is the jacket, which comes with dozens of convenient pockets inside for hiding away all sorts of fancy belongings, her own or otherwise.
Two Silver Revolvers - State of the art, probably less than a year old. She lifted these off the body of one of the bounty hunters that killed her friends.
Two Foldable Pocketscythes - Very handy for cutting up delicious raw meat. Like her father always said, utensils are the only thing that separates us from the animals. She keeps them both plainly marked on the hilt, so as not to get the eating scythe mixed up with the stabbing scythe.
Various garbage stored across many pockets - Crumpled up papers and receipts, tissues, pens, loose change in multiple currencies, makeup/facepaint, a few lockpicks, a silver pocketwatch, some floss, an empty flask, spare bullets (packed tightly to avoid unnecessary noise), dirty silverware that she hasn't had the chance to pawn yet, some old guy's medication, you know, just normal stuff.

BIO: Angela Cazadora was born in a farflung region of a remote desert rung, under a completely different name that she has long since abandoned. Her parents were simple bug ranchers, and many of Angela's early years were spent herding upsetting large beetle-like creatures to sell as food in the nearest town. Being a dirt-poor farmer in the middle of nowhere can also have its downsides too though, like for instance when a bunch of low-life bug rustlers steal most of your family's flock, or when your parents die of gunshot wounds because the nearest doctor is almost two days away. And so at the tender age of 18, Angela led her younger siblings to the big city in the hopes of starting a new life there. What they found in the capital was less than inspiring. Few people particularly cared about the plights of yet another bunch of S'kilotan orphans, and so Anglea quickly had to resort to common thievery in order to keep her siblings alive. Within a few short months, they were invited to join a small local gang, known as the Black Tarantulas. To hear Angela tell the story, you might get the impression that she was sort of like a Robin Hood figure, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, which is only maybe partially true if you look at it in a generous light. She had the stealing from the rich part down for sure, but her gang probably drank and gambled away a lot more than they actually ever donated to anyone in need. Still though, barkeeps gotta eat too you know?

For over a decade, the Black Tarantulas terrorized the desert wastes, robbing banks, casinos, and hypertrains all across the country. They were good times mostly, save for whenever she had to see a brother or sister or an old friend get shot, or carried away in handcuffs. After many years, she eventually took over leadership as the gang's oldest surviving member, and it was under her leadership that she led the Black Tarantulas directly into a massacre. No one else alive can say for sure exactly what happened that day, some say that she sold them all out for a quick buck, others say that gang's luck had just finally run out. Either way, she rode away that day as the only survivor of the battle, leaving behind the bodies of over a dozen other gang members and bounty hunters to dry out in the desert heat. (No doubt to the delight of the authorities, who no longer had anyone to pay for the many bounties that would have been collected that day.) In perhaps an even bigger tragedy, Angela was forced to leave behind many years worth of stolen loot, instead having to take the first airship off-rung with nothing but the clothes on her back and the trash in her pockets. Two weeks later, here she is on course for Vilnus, eager to put the past behind her as quickly as possible.

RUNG: The Umbra Land is a shadowy desert world, located near the bottom of the world spire, and surrounded by a huge circular mountain range on all sides. The desert typically only receives a few hours of sunlight a day, since the sun is frequently blocked by mountains, or one of the other larger rungs floating overhead. Temperatures can be anywhere between slightly chilly and blistering heat over the course of a single day. Plants here are few and far between, and nearly all native life here is carnivorous. For centuries, the Umbra Land was treated by the outside world as little more than a prison rung, suitable only for getting rid of society's most irredeemable criminals, such as blasphemers or tax evaders. It wasn't until about 200 years ago or so that anybody actually tried colonizing the place, much to the outrage of the native S'kilotans. Today, the rung still remains relatively poor and sparely populated, with only a few medium sized city states, separated by vast expanses of desert. Civilian uprisings and military coups are common occurrences in The Umbra Land, and most governments here are neither very friendly nor very long-lived.

BOUNTY: 25 million Mongolian Pesos. Why does the country of Mongolia exist in this world and why do they use pesos? Don't ask me, I'm not the GM.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Diane Wilde

RACE: Big. Fucking. Furry. Or to be precise, a canine humanoid. Lupinus are a race of big wolf people, they're pretty much a lot more superior at physical activities than humans, but are colour blind, carnivorous and require more food to keep themselves going. Their hands are less good for dexterous work and they're prone to more feral moods and rages.

APPEARENCE: Six foot six and jacked. Dirty yellow eyes and darkish fur. Prefers to wear light and loose clothing, walks around in either bare feet or light sandals. Her knuckles, and slightly on the back of her fingers, on her fists are rather bare of fur. Doesn't have large claws, but her nails are still definitely dangerous, her feet moreso. Is missing some teeth but still has most of her more prominent fangs.

Fucking fighting. If you want someone to go tear someone else into bits with their bare hands, you'd probably picture Diane. Horrifyingly enough though, when Diane get's serious, she stops fighting with mere feral ferocity and sheer brute force, and suddenly begins to strike with deadly precision also. She's trained in various martial arts and is able to kill swiftly and efficiently against unprepared foes, with knowledge of the weak points on most physiology, and the ability to hit those points fast and hard. She fights better unarmoured, dodging and weaving swiftly, combining fast reflexes and trained intuition and sensitivity to avoid enemies attacks.

Mobility. Key skill to surviving long enough if you like fighting, is being able to get out of unfavourable fights. Diane is good at climbing and falling, including in combination, sliding and leaping down walls. She's got a ridiculous skill at jumping around places too, clearing long and far distances. She can cross distances quickly, outrunning most foes.

Ki. Part of the explanation for some of Diane's heightened physical abilities, is claimed to be due to Diane's mastery of her own ki. Allowing her strikes to deal more damage, her footsteps to cross terrain swiftly, her defences to move with almost preternaturally evasion to enemies attacks, up to even deflecting projectiles such as arrows. Maybe it's just mumbo-jumbo, but it's something Diane takes very, very seriously, so don't mock it in front of her.

Equipment: Hmm. Not much admittedly. 2 bags. 1 bag is full of spare clothing, wrapped around training items such as stretching mats, weights, etc. The other bag has other items such as spare food, some climbing gear, a couple of daggers, spiked knuckledusters, reinforced sneakers, some books and personal hygiene items.

BIO: As far as Diane's known past goes, her first act of infamy came with her expulsion from the fortress monasteries in the mountaintops of Kin-Shaley. The monks in charge remain numb on her exact crime, but claim it involved the participation in a monastic cult practicing forbidden techniques and beliefs that did not mesh with the ruling order's beliefs. Her exact situation did not seem to imply that her beliefs were entirely in line with the associated cult so they merely exiled her from their lands, but the order have decided since hearing of her future activities that her actions bring shame and disgrace to their reputation.

Her total acts since climbing up the rungs of the world imply a single-minded dedication to sample and/or learn any mastery of martial arts, focusing on those of a more spiritual nature and leading to a sense of personal perfection of body and soul. Her methods include the challenging of practioners of these arts to study their techniques if she cannot initially learn their ways peacefully and the theft of sacred texts if they garner her interest. There are numerous stories of her being drubbed out and beaten down previous to her expulsion of these groups and the flight of her escape from those she had more antagonistic initial relations with. It seems she's been able to survive the non-lethal punishments from the groups not seeking permanent repercussions, and fleeing the others. There are few organisations she has truly offended or harmed with her actions, but she has certainly soured opinions with numerous groups.

She came up to the Edge of the World seeking respite after a particularly poor split from the Odem and their arts of Tekan, where they attempted to sever her thumbs and cripple her martially once they'd determined that she was not actually of the Tekan ways and would bring trouble and danger with the knowledge. Diane is currently interested in the myths involving the Gate of Eternity but short of some particularly tempting information, is willing to keep her head down for a bit.

RUNG: Gogal is her home rung, a world of barren landscapes and mountainous terrain. The plant life is extremely sparse and whilst somewhat flexible and workable, the most populace and famous trees are as resistant to damage as steel. The life forms of Gogal are made up of two groups, the first of more humanoid beings, made up of a wide variety of races from upper rungs, but mostly a combination of different beast-men, that live in a collection of connected gigantic forts with huge walls tying them together into three circular rings and splitting the rest of the rung off from the largest mountain of Gogal, the Spiral mountain that is connected to the next rung of the world. The purpose of the forts is to protect the spread of the other group of denizens of Gogal, a group of brownish hive animals that attack every decade or so in massive hordes of ravenous killing machines, led by a hierarchy of even more dangerous and intelligent leader creatures, similar to the escalation from soldier, sergeant, captain, etc up to the queen, a creature always new and unique with each horde, that dies with the failure of each horde attack. These creatures are known as Kyran, and collect the taken dead of both sides after, and have varying states of intelligence. They seem to communicate in some way beyond sound and whilst the lone brutes are animalistic, their leaders increase to truly frightening intellects, with the queens and their direct underlings being capable of devastating telepathic and telekinetic attacks, and mentally direct down the chains of command. It is known that they feast on living matter to make more of themselves, gorging slowly on the steel-like trees inbetween each horde to replenish their numbers.

BOUNTY: Her total bounty adds up to about 5,000,000 woolong, added together from various different sources claiming for her death.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Thick as Thieves
NAME: Katja Becker

RACE: True blue human! The brain and the body don’t exactly match, but both of them are plain old people with no particular abilities.

APPEARENCE:What do you look like and why are you so hideous-

Hey! HEY! Are you insulting the radiant beauty of the Princess Adelisa? Are you implying that she is anything less than magnificent in her stature, noble in her bearing, and beautiful enough to break the hearts of a thousand princes? No? Okay, good, cause- Wait a second, you’re not looking at the body of the Princess with base desires in mind, are you? Draw your blade, knave, so I can cut your fucking face off!

In actuality, the body Katja’s found herself in is distinctive and pretty in a slightly ghostly way. The Princess is short and very slender, with pale skin, dark eyes and waist-length black hair piled up in ringlets on her head. The waist-length hair has been a serious hinderence, but Katja would never dare alter the appearance of royalty, and has been trying to banish any concerns about how much of the taxpayers’ money gets spent on royal conditioner.

Her real body is a tall, athletic brunette, plain-to-average with short hair, a pug nose, and a face full of freckles. Unfortunately her real body is probably off trying to nest in a tree somewhere and planning its ill-fated migration, so that point is somewhat moot.


Honour Guard of the Carrow: The career path she always dreamed of! Katja spent years dreaming of joining the Royal Family’s elite personal bodyguards, and her training familiarized her with the ins and outs of what a royal might do during thei day (so as to better protect them). Too bad they probably won’t let her finish her internship before her execution date.

Trained Fighter: Katja has some experience with a variety of weapons, although she’s best with her halberd. Unfortunately, the Princess is more the ‘delicate grace’ kind of girl than the ‘buff guard’ type, so her fighting has taken a serious hit in this new body. She can still hold her own, but her muscle memory and training are skewed by her change in strength. (Seriously though, I know you’re busy studying to become the greatest and most benevolent ruler that Carrowclune has ever known, but no muscle mass at all? Dost thou even lift, Princess?)

Mediocre Spellcasting: Officially, all of Carrowclune’s royal bodyguards are both mages and fighters, trained to protect their charges with whatever weapons they can bring to bear. Katja never quite got the hang of the magic side of her training, or really anything that didn’t involve swinging a pointy thing attached to a big stick. She knows enough very basic evocation-type spells to have passed her final exam (such as magic armour), but the idea of holing up in a library just to learn more gives her a stress headache.

Equipment: Not much. Katja’s exit from the Carrow was swift and unceremonious. She managed to make it out with:

-The clothes on her back (some roughspun farmer duds, hastily traded for the hand-beaded gossamer dress that the princess was wearing, with many many apologies).

-Her Honour Guard armaments (a halberd, crossbow, and short sword). That stupid bird dropped them on the floor before running off into the garden.

-The Crown Princess Adelisa Wraxford of the Carrow. Also a small cage for her to live in, with paper on the bottom and a bowl of seeds. At least until this ‘unfortunate workplace accident’ is resolved. Being a paragon of wisdom and learning, the Princess has learned a few phrases in her new body, ranging from ‘fuck you’ to ‘go fuck yourself to ‘Katja is a moron’. Katja is particularly proud of that last one. Wait till her parents hear that the Princess knows her name!


There were bells rung, trumpets blasted, and celebration in the streets on the day twenty-six years ago that Katja was born. None of it was for her, obviously – she just happened to have the same birthday as the Princess Adelisa, heir to the throne of the Carrow and descendant of the greatest kings and heroes that the Rung had ever known. Growing up, Katja had dreamed of being the Princess, or at least being best friends with her. Then she dreamed of becoming one of the Royal Bodyguards, to keep the princess safe as she protected the proud history of the Carrow’s nobility. (She also dreamed one time that she and the Princess were being married by the butcher down the street wearing a hat made out of math textbooks in front of an audience of fruit bats. Katja never quite deciphered that one.)

Now she’s wanted for kidnapping her. It’s all just a big misunderstanding though, really!

Katja is from Midmark, an agricultural village in one of the Carrow’s fertile areas along the Stonehollow River. Her parents were farmers, but since Katja demonstrated an early athletic ability and one of her dozen or so siblings was bound to give a shit about the right soil conditions for radishes, Katja began training with the village guards in swordsmanship and combat basics. Her hope was to move to the capitol to see the ancient palaces and walls of Carrowclune, to live where so many heroes had forged their legends, and she was accepted to train among the royal family’s most trusted bodyguards and protectors.

Unfortunately, not everyone could see how obviously great and cool the royals were, and some of the vassals started getting cranky about something dumb (probably taxes, they’re always whining about that, who even knows). It was Katja’s fourth day as a bodyguard trainee when the filthy rebel scum launched a full-scale assassination attempt on the Princess herself. Katja had only just met the Princess, but she was pretty sure that the ‘noble who doesn’t give a shit about the peasantry’ shtick was just a cover for her true deep level of caring and nobility, and was ready to lay down her life in defense of her charge.

The rebels were apparently pretty intent on that not happening, and the Honour Guard was driven back to the Princess’s private gardens, where in a desperate effort to help, Katja seized an ancient wand from a glass viewing case beside a parrot cage. She couldn’t exactly read the runes, but she was preeeetty sure it was some kind of teleportation spell – that squiggly one meant ‘transfer’, and the pointy triangle she kind of remembered signaled swapping locations? Ugh, that was the class where she kept getting distracted by that one guy Franz’s jawline. Whatever, no time for nerd stuff!

Thirty seconds later, she found herself surrounded by blue-black smoke and a faint smell of copper, wearing a completely different body than usual. Whether it was her fault or that of the ancient scholar who had made the ‘location’ rune look so freaking much like the ‘consciousness’ one, she’d finally got her wish – Katja was the Princess Adelisa.

The other guards saw the blast of smoke and immediately drew the conclusion that Katja was in league with the rebels and had performed some kind of bizarre mind-control magic on the Princess. Katja’s own body stared off into space for a few seconds, then shrieked ‘Want a cracker!’ and dove out a window into the moat. The Princess’s favourite parrot gave an unholy howl, then landed on Katja’s shoulder and screaming in distorted parrot-talk about how she needed to give her her body back immediately or be burned for a witch. Katja took this as her cue to depart, but not before grabbing the Princess-parrot and stuffing it in her pocket.

Since then, she’s had one goal in life: to track down her own body and find some way to restore the Princess to her proper state. Her own body is currently housing the mind of Mister Fluffernuts, a semi-trained exotic bird. The mind of the Princess seems mostly intact, but is housed in the body of Mister Fluffernuts, and Katja is currently wearing the face and form of the Princess Adelisa herself. In the immediate future, she’s trying to earn some money, avoid the knights on her tail, and find anyone who knows more about magic than she does. It seems hopeless, but there has to be at least one other mind-swapping wand around, right?

RUNG: The Carrow, a lower rung of the spiral. The Carrow is made mostly of pale granite mountains, snow-capped and too steep for even scrub vegetation to find purchase, but is cut with deep river valleys overflowing with greenery. The capital city, Carrowclune, grew to surround a deep lake high on a mountain that overlooks the entire kingdom. At the very top is the palace of the Wraxfords, the Carrow’s royal family.

The Carrow is known for turning out a higher-than-average number of knights, heroes, and generals, probably because the mountains contain an absurd density of Legendary Beasts. It’s kind of hard for the knights of a particular Rung not to get a leg up on the competition when they stumble over six griffons, a dread serpent and a dragonling on their way to get the newspaper. Because of this, the royal family of Carrowclune has a massive array of legendary weapons and artifacts – a fact that further annoys the already grouchy vassal lords, who would like to point out that their great-grandfathers slew a deep wyrm too, so the Wraxfords can all just shut up about it already, it was barely even a thing. The vassals of the Carrow frequently stage minor rebellions, although those usually get crushed on the quick.

BOUNTY: 100,000 silver marks, plus a castle and lordship in the Carrow (taken from Lady Vannel after the assassination attempt). None of the bounty can be claimed if the mind or body of Princess Adelisa is harmed.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
I'll be closing applications around Sunday.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Applications are closed, the game will start soon. Everyone who made an app got in, congratulations. Now try not to die.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
[Image: kJhJdOD.png]

Player List:

The ship chugs along as it approaches the island and the walls of Vilnius come into view. The great southern sea gates lay open as boats of all kinds trawl the waters beneath the monolithic towers and the titanic chains that disappear into the water below.

"Welcome to Vilnus." says the hunchback little man who seemed to have spoken to virtually every passenger on the steamship as he wiped the floor with his mop. The ship passed by what appeared to be a massive industrial district on its left and the imposing sight of the fortresses and barracks and arsenal buildings of the Vilnus military on its right. Soldiers and various machines could be seen doing their drills and patrols on the latter, but barely anything could be seen through the groun hugging smog of the former, apart from the spectral forms of gasmasked workers, creating an eerie and foreboding sight despite it being an otherwise beautiful day.

Far more advanced and... much less advanced ships could be seen passing the boat by heading to and from the cross section and deeper into the city. The boat itself was an old steam paddle design made from material more advanced than the people who built it had any right to have access to, but it was hard to tell through the patchwork. The majority of the passengers were on deck, talking amongst themselves as the ship finally reached Vilnus.

It was a brand new day and a brand new city, who knows what fate awaited them here at the city at the end of the world.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tanis leaned on the rail, looking out at the city. He was cold. This entire rung was cold. Most rungs were cold.

He checked his bagstraps (his crossbow was partially disassembled and secreted inside) and tugged on his parka's hood, looking around. What a dull trip it had been! Yes, he knew that vehicles tended to be delayed when they experienced his kind of recreation, and he'd been keen to get off the cold sea, so he'd avoided distractions so far. But here he was, finally at Vilnus. About damn time.

"About damn time, right?" he volunteered to whoever was at the railing next to him. His voice was a little muffled from behind his scarf. "I can't wait to get off this rustbucket."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Jana stood at the railing as well, looking incredibly underdressed for the weather, her bronze skin practically glowing in the morning sun. Her short black hair moved gently in the breeze as she looked over the edge and out into the city. Only one who was very magically-inclined would be able to sense the faint sheen of Heka over her body and her short dress, protecting her from the wind and keeping her comfortable. She was excited to finally reach a new city, and one so well-known and impressive as Vilnius. She noted with great interest the differences in architecture from her native Djekelnefer, the city's wooden and stone buildings much different from the brick and limestone of Men-nefer.

Hearing a muffled voice next to her, she turned to look at whoever was speaking. For a few moments, she looked over the thickly bundled man, and reached out with her second sight to see if he was hiding his appearance under illusion. Couldn't be too careful with the King of Luxis's assassins after her. Satisfied that he wasn't from anywhere near Djekelnefer, she relaxed.

"I've enjoyed my journey here, but I agree. It's about time we reach the famed Vilnius. I'm Jana, by the way."

She extended a hand encircled by a gold bracelet.

"And you are?"

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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Mnn..." Corey let out a quiet groan, sounding creaky and gravelly. The ship ride was boring, but it wasn't like Corey wasn't a patient being. They could wait. They'd spent their whole life waiting. Plus, lighting something on fire probably wouldn't be a good idea at this point, even if it would be fun. They tugged at ropes tying the gas can to their chest, adjusting its position, before returning their gaze to the smog coating the ground below. It would be nice to see where that came from...

The sound of talking drew Corey's attention from the smog for a moment, and they glanced to the side. A woman of metal coloration and a bundle of clothes seemed to be conversing. Corey rumbled in agreement at the clothes' remark.

"Boring..." They murmured out, returning their gaze to the smog.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Meanwhile, Huxley is just...there, staring at the rapidly encroaching Vilnus. It would be more practical for him to ruminate on the past few months of his life, but really, he's just missing his hat. Just a little, it won't really work well with the drab beggar-like attire ("punk fashion," as he heard from some youth describe it) he has going on right now.

But ah! There is something strange going on with the jewelry-bedecked woman - or rather, the weird shimmering thing around the woman. Huxley shuffles to Jana and in his most polite tone, goes "Hello, forgive me for your intrusion into this conversation, but I am quite interested in this enchantment you have on yourself. Do you know what enchantment by any chance?"
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Katja had spent the majority of the trip hiding belowdecks, trying desperately stop anyone from getting a good look at her face. Princess Adelisa was destined to become the ruler of the entire rung – surely everyone everywhere must be looking for her. Even if the other rungs had their own governments, they must recognize the obvious superiority of the Carrow royals, right? The only way to avoid attention was to speak to no one, duck out of the way whenever anyone came down the hall, keep her hood up at all times, and goddammit she had been acting like a common criminal, these fine upstanding folk are probably all talking about you Katja!

Gathering her few belongings and stuffing the parrot cage in her cloak, she slunk upstairs and settled against the rail beside some kind of huge craggy rock-man, trying to act natural. A few people were talking, and the city of Vilnus sprawled below them, bigger than she’d ever imagined. Everything might be terrible, but at least I’m seeing this. The Princess must be impressed too. Maybe they’d bond over their mutual adventure and Katja would be forgiven for what was really the kind of mistake anyone could make and they could fix this and tell everyone back home about what marvels they’d seen and-

“Boring,” agreed a small hoarse voice from inside Katja’s cloak when Corey spoke, and then more quietly under its breath, “Fucker.”
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tanis had briefly considered giving the woman a name, but she was quickly distracted by another magic-user. "Oh, no intrusion, we were just making conversation," he said, backing off further down the rail.

Which put him next to the massive rockman and someone who was either horribly deformed or was hiding some kind of massive object under their clothes. This ship was full of strange company. Hidden behind his scarf, he smiled.

"So!" he said, turning to the two of them, trying to distract himself before he went back to thinking about the cold. "What're you two here for?"
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Jana turned so that she was looking at both the fox-man and the bundle of clothing, thus unfortunately missing the view of the city.

"Oh, you noticed that? It's nothing special, really. I just made a protection charm on my dress, to keep myself comfortable out here."

She touched her necklace and looked down for a few moments, examining her own magic. Jana waved her hands through the air and the field momentarily dropped. Satisfied, she pulled at the energies of the Duat again, touching parts of the dress and speaking words of power.

"That's all it is."

Jana turned back to the bundled man, but he seemed to have scuttled off. A shame. She looked back out over the water, making glances at the bundled man who left. How rude, to ignore her like that and not introduce himself! She started thinking of curses she could put on him, before deciding that it would be bad form to curse a fellow traveler over such a minor affair.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Huxley scratched at his chin. "Interesting." Interesting, indeed. It may seem like standard enchantments for magic items at first glance. However, at close examination, it was shaping raw magical energy that was already there. Like how a plant take the water and sun to bear fruit. Interesting! Very interesting. Huxley would want to study more but it would seem rather rude to stare. Instead, he introduced himself.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself. It's just magic is a significant interest of mine." A pause. "I'm Huxley. Huxley Fox."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Greetings and well met!" Katja's hand made it halfway to her head for a salute befpre she remembered that this was not an honoured guest of the Princess speaking to her, but rather a strange man on a paddle ship who seemed to have gotten mixed up and put on all his clothes at once. "I... I, erm... am a... tourist. Enjoying the... the fine weather. Yes. I mean," she said, gesturing vaguely at the smog-laden factories below, "who wouldn't want to be exactly here, right now, under these circumstances? Have you ever seen anything in your life half as, uh, whatever this is?"

Yes. Perfect. No one will suspect a- "Idiot," her cloak muttered. Katja turned back to the view, cheeks burning. Stay positive. Maybe one of the gasmasked folks toiling below was an enchanter specializing in minor body-inhabiting mixups who just happened to enjoy the satisfaction of practical hands-on hard labour in a filthy factory instead.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tanis laughed a slightly discomforting laugh. "You could say I'm a tourist too, here to have a good time. Not for the weather, though. Far too cold here for my liking."

He looked over the side, leaning on the rail. "It's certainly a big city, I'll give it that. I just hope it's half as interesting as people made it out to be."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
At the new arrivals, Corey once again tore their gaze away from the smog below. Sure, they'd get a chance to look at it once on the ground, but it was interesting now as well. Still, the rockman gazed down at the two bundles of clothing now addressing it. Had the clothing reproduced while they weren't looking?... Did clothing reproduce? Corey wouldn't doubt it, things were a lot different outside of the Terntis Systems. Still... reproducing clothing... Their eyes returned to the smog.

Corey realized that the clothing was attempting to initiate a conversation. Cool. They glanced over at the clothing yet again.

"Here for..." Corey thought for a moment. How to put it? "Reasons." Good enough.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Jana," she replied to Huxley. "Of Djekelnefer. Our practice of Heku, what you'd call magic, is a bit different from what you're used to. It came as a big surprise to me that other people were so... constrained with their spellweaving."

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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Oh, Djekelnefer. Nice place for vacation, if you can stand the prices," Huxley reminiscences his boyhood dream of going to the Rung of the Two Kings - although that plan fell through, because expenses and all. But Heku? He never heard of this, but he can believe in the concept of different variants of spellcasting existing harmoniously. After all, the universe is so big, filled with so many different people. This had interesting implications. "And, yes I agree. Spellweaving is rather constrained - it is rather different to challenge current standards of magic when they had been existing so long - but we must continue to do so. Otherwise, we will never learn more."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
The ship continued to ply its way through the city, turning a bend and heading deeper. As they continued on, they saw another fortress come into view to port just beyond the industrial mess of factories and refineries.

But beyond that they saw the sprawl of the city for what it was worth. Towering buildings of finery on the inner shore, bustling markets on the peninsula just ahead of them beyond more industrial smog on the starboard bow, the famous Horn of Gold of Vilnus. Fine houses and school buildings in the Cobalt blue that was so associated with knowledge and wisdom on the central rung dominated the port bow beyond the fortress. But chief of all was the Grand Academy of Vilnus, the centre of learning and research of the city, all things magical and technological that was to be found in Vilnus was studied there, kept safe within its cyclopean libraries, vast archives, laboratories and workshops. Some even said that it was what people really referred to regarding the Mountain of Eternity and not the gargantuan mountain that dominated the skyline to the North of the city.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Oh my God, that is a huge academy! I mean there was a huger mountain in the back, but oh my God, that is a huge academy. Huxley wonder if he could get a nice hat. Or maybe if he can scoff a spell that allows him to fly. Or maybe a hat that can allows him to fly.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Sayaid'e suddenly appeared at the railing, appearing from wherever the heck she had been throughout most of this journey, eyes wide upon seeing the academy. "Wow! That's really big." She leans over the railing for a second, catching herself and leaning against the rail, buzzing with energy. Her eyes darted from side to side, taking in the various others at the rail but a bit too nervous to go talk to any of them.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Oh, you're interested in magic too? I am very pleased there seems to be plenty of spellcasters on board."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Oh, uh, I'm not a spellcaster. It's just a really big building, you know? Just very impressive. Sorry if I disappointed you, uh..." She looks quizzically at him. "Sorry, what's your name? I must not have met you before."

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Bakar Rosquilla was similarly impressed by the skyline, but he kept it to himself.

He didn't want to attract attention. He didn't want to be special, or to meet cool, interesting people. He just wanted a chance to start over. He just wanted another chance to be happy.

He leaned up against the railing and watched, holding the slightest flame of hope in his heart. Maybe this was where he'd get his new start. Maybe this could be home.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tanis shrugged at the rockman's vague answer. "Fair enough," he said, leaning on the rail and looking out at the view. It seemed that they'd moved past the grimy industrial sector to now see something worth appreciating. "Ah, there! That's a more impressive cityscape, now we're past the smogtown."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
... And the Ship sailed right past both the Horn of Gold and the Academy district. It looked like they weren't heading there for their destination. As the ship sailed on it seemed as if it was heading for the rather nice district straight ahead of them, filled with tall buildings with autumnal roofs dominating the skyline, clean, bustling streets and well dressed people. But to the port of the ship was an even more impressive vista of Huge estates and massive mansions of the Vermillion district, where the 'Great and the Good' lived it up. The streets were bedecked with decorations, bunten, flags and stalls, looks like there was a celebration of some kind going on over there.

Low flying jet vehicles buzzed overhead drawing attention up to the skyships plying above, moving to and from various docking towers in the city districts with their cargos.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Sayaid'e isn't going to lie to herself and say she wasn't at least a little bit disappointed that the ship kept going on. But this place is pretty nice, too. She wonders what the celebration is for? It's been a while since she's seen a celebration of things.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tanis was pretty sure this ship wasn't heading for there, either. It was too much of a rustbucket. They'd probably veer off and head to some kind of junk dock.

Oh well, he was enjoying the tour.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Jana nodded at Huxley as she watched the scenery go by. The academy no doubt held many powerful magical artifacts for her to get her hands on, and she was pleased that there were rich houses - plenty of clients, plenty of marks as well. Surely there would be no lack of work for her as she built herself up in this new city.

"Well, not everyone meets the priestly class of Djekelnefer; they tend to keep to themselves, or be busy with temple duties."

She noticed the pink-skinned and finned girl gaping at the buildings.

"Well, well. You must also be from very far away. I'm Jana. You?"

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Angela Cazadora emerged from the ship's lower decks, her hands gripping both sides of the hallway, trying to keep her balance as the ship gently rocks back and forth beneath them. Angela has hardly been out of her room at all on this hell voyage, and is more than eager to make it back on dry land again. She only has to look around for a few short moments before her eyes immediately lock onto the most interesting person on deck, the lady covered in jewelry.

Angela clumsily stumbles across the deck towards the railing, before catching onto it and slowly inching her way over towards Jana and the several other, less-wealthy looking people around her.

"Ugh, it's about time, I can't be the only one here eager to finally get off this ship, can I?"

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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Yes, I am from very far away. I guess that might have been a bit too easy to guess." She grins sheepishly. "I'm Sayaid'e. Nice to meet you!" She extends her hand warmly.

She looks over at Angela but doesn't say anything to her.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
"Ah, I'm Huxley Fox." The fox-man says to Sayaid'e. "You can call me Huxley."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
A large humanoid wolf form silently steps out of the lower decks behind Angela, and takes a great big stretch, and a large yawn, bearing a larger set of teeth. She scratches herself casually and looks around blearily.

Yeah, interesting looking place. Diane grins quietly. Real colourful bunch of people around here too.

Well, colourful was relative, colourblindness and all that. She stalks confidently over to the rails too, everyone else is. She leans over and sniffs deeply, taking in the deep scent of the city and it's air.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Inky black fingertips curl and wiggle as Onyx twirls a pocket knife between them, her gait slow and her posture slouching. She lifts her other hand up, a mug making its way to her lips as she takes a long sip.

"So like I was sayin'--" Her voice is a raspy sort of drawl, her sentence interrupted as she takes a step forward, towards the rest of the group. Towards the ship railing, really. All the weirdos were gathering at the railing. "--I'm pretty sure, pretty sure that wasn't real meat. Or, like, not what he was sellin' it as." She seems to be engaged in an ongoing conversation with the other woman beside her. Onyx's features are animated, her charcoal skin split in a toothy grin. Her teeth are bright white, just like the near-glowing eyes above them. Her outfit doesn't seem to be anything flashy, though. Just a pair of baggy black pantaloons and a cream coloured blouse. Low profile enough. There is a deep purple shawl wrapped around her shoulders and draped over her head as well.

"Animal, maybe. Or kid. Kid meat, ya think? He was big enough he probably ate kids. Just a huge chap, even by chef standards. Like, ya can't get that fat off just your own cookin'. It wasn't even that good. Bet he was that wanted murderer."

Her companion hums in affirmation, and that seems to be enough for her.

As they approach the others-- a rock man, a cloth man, a princess looking gal, buncha weirdos, but Onyx approaches a big ol' wolf in particular-- she clicks her tongue, the grin on her face turning into a toothy smirk. She then stops her knife twirling, if only to point an index finger at the gathered weirdos. Mostly princess, drunk lookin' stumbly gal, and Miss Lupus.
"Yo! How's it goin' up here, ya'll? We gettin' close?" She snickers. "Both metaphorically close as in, like, ya'll are gettin' to know each other, but also close to dockin', 's what I mean."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Crys was indeed the humming companion next to Onyx. She was slightly shorter than her friend, but with Onyx hunching over she looked like the tall one. She brushed back her green hair with blue highlights, then had to fix it back up. She wasn't particularly glowy right now because she was feeling quite calm at the moment. But anyone looking would see a slight glow from some of her features.

Crys took a sip of her coffee and gave a short wave to the people Onyx was addressing. She nodded her head politely. "Sup."
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RE: Thick as Thieves
The ship turned away from the pretty districts and headed...

Straight for the most run down docks in the entire damn city. Surrounded for as far as the eye could see with winding streets and drab buildings And plenty of people in ragged clothing with beggar's tins awaiting whoever was rich enough to come off the various boats there to take pity on them.

They heard a whistle blow as the various dockmen brought the ship into harbour. A guardsman in distinctive silver cloak waved a sword around and kicked some of the rabble out of his way, followed by a troop of six masked guardsmen wielding short, spiked polearms with holes in the top, just beneath the blade. The leader wore no mask but wore a high peaked helmet bearing a silver star with an anchor imprinted on it.

"Alright, alright you lot, busy day, captain isn't getting any business with his cargo till the passengers are accounted for, three Gildas per head, come on you lot, haven't got all day, move it, move it, move it!" the sergeant bellowed with a frustrated, red faced look as he gestured to the gangplank with his sword.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Huh, this pair made a nice contrast.

"Sup." Diane responded, giving her head a jerk up to Onyx.

"Yeah, I think we're going to land in a bit." She replied to Onyx, giving her a side look as she readjusted her clothing slightly, not self-conscious at all about it. "I wouldn't say we've bonded yet. Oh, and I think whatever that meat was, was grown. Young meat is more tender, and has less taste ironically. I like my meat tough myself." She grinned ferally.

Ah, and they'd arrived then. Diane frowned. She hadn't brought her bag with her, would have to go grab that. "Got to get my stuff." She grunted, quickly moving to get back to the rooms.

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RE: Thick as Thieves
Yeah, this was about what he had been expecting. Tanis rolled his eyes and dropped his backpack, reaching in to have a look-through, fiddling with its contents. Those near him on the rail could hear the quiet click-clack of something mechanical being assembled inside the bag.

Once he was done, he reshouldered his pack (which seemed a bit more cumbersome now), and looked up at the fellow travelers nearest him. "None of you have any particular attachment to this boat or its owner's reputation, right?" he said, speaking softly. His scarf had shifted lower on his face, to reveal a vicious grin of pointy teeth.

He was about to have some fun.
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RE: Thick as Thieves
Tough meat! Onyx's lips part in astonishment as she tucks her knife in her pocket, if only so she can theatrically slap her knee and snap her fingers.
"That makes so much sense! Crazy I never thought of that!"

Then the wolf gal stalks away and uh. Well. There goes the interesting conversation.
"See ya 'round, meat girl!" She calls out after her.
Hopefully the rest of these guys were talkative. Finishing off the last of her drink, Onyx tucks the mug into her satchel, then enthusiastically rubs her hands together.

Seems that's a gesture that's totally fruitless though, especially as she turns on her heel to move away from the gangplank. Just makes her look like she's heading back to the rooms too. 'Cept she's not. She halts while still on the deck, turning to Crys and gesturing for her to follow.

"Gonna skulk in the shadows, Ray. Trust ya to find a way on on your own, yeah?" She gives her companion another click of her tongue and brushes her bangs back to make both her eyes visible. So her wink is actually noticed this time. "Meet up with me at...there." She points a finger at one of the dilapidated buildings, not too close to the dock, and between enough other obstacles to get lost in. It's got some kind of sign on it.

With that, she takes a breath, pulls the cloth around her head up to cover her mouth and nose, and then focuses on her center. One second she's there, and the next she's gone, leaving only a mass of black on the deck of the ship. The shadow is fairly large, an amorphous blob until it begins to move.

In the commotion that's about to be caused, Onyx is going to make her way to the gangplank, hop on some figure's shadows, and make her way towards that building whilst riding the black.

It's the best way to travel. All the rage. Only made easier by all the shadow available to her with the sun in the sky. Definitely gonna tucker her out, but totally worth it to not be immediately involved in murder.

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