Oddhood Neo
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Oddhood Neo
There are tales of gods, who can create planets via putting ancient parables of wisdom into practice. Gods whose longswords can cut the celestial realm in twain, separating things that exist from the yawning abyss of nothings. Gods who can program those old timey VHS recorders.

You are not those gods. Well definitely not the first two, and the third one is irrelevant.

You are gods so small, you have to live on by the oddest of niches. Your powers are severely limited. Can you break out of your bonds and achieve greatness?

The setting is in a fractures land made up of a handful large islands, and many, many more small kingdoms, all of which have the ambition to become one large kingdom. There is technically an Emperor, but they have no political power, albeit they are still allowed to have very nice things.

The land is temperate, which means it is really cold in the winter, and really warm in the summer, and spring and autumn was cancelled due to the lack of participation.

Technology is on the cusp of great industrial discoveries. Printing press exists, along with effective matchlocks. However, most of the populace still swears by the sword and bow, due to the guns being too cumbersome to carry and reload. Construction is advanced, there are many architects capable of erecting a temporary fort under a day.

The population believes in many small deities. Not all of these exists. You have been lucky to form from the ambient faith, but unlucky to have become one of the really specific ones.

The people are kinda soft, squishy, malleable. They seem to be like mold. Their exists a caste system of many different social roles. The most common is a the Soft Serfs, these peasants wear robes, which they like to decorate and dye themselves. At the top, are the Shelled Shoguns, clad in ornately wrought steel from head to toeless foot.

There are possible other foreigner and immigrant species.

More lore to come during and after signups, courtesy of players!

As an oddgod, you can not access Acts, however you can still make a Scene. However, scenes are much smaller. A single scene might grant you a Sandwich, while four scene might create enough food to feed an extended family for a week. If you use a scene that is covered by one of your cubes, it has a greater effect! No extra effect for overlaps. Greater bonus effect for main cube, lesser bonus effect for secondary cubes.

Scenes are regained fully at the start of turns. It is not affected by what kind of deeds you performed last turn, for how will you break out of being a small god, if you repeat yourself?

As an oddgod, you are not as omniscient and omnipresent. You have to travel around the land on foot, or foot-equivalent. You can always teleport to a 'shrine' dedicated to you, to a 'shrine' of a fellow god who allows it, or to a generic All Hallows shrine.


Name: What is the name of your god?
Appearance: How does your god look like?
Mortal guise: How does your god look like, when they try to interact with mortals without terrifying them?
Your main cube: Your sphere is so constrained it is a cube. It has to follow the template of [ADJECTIVE][NOUN], like Green Tears. Adverbs are not accepted!
Two secondary cubes: two further even smaller cubes, in the template of [ADJECTIVE][ADJECTIVE][NOUN]

Due to upcoming lategame mechanics, please don't have cubes that consist of the same [NOUN].

Shrine: what does the tiny, tiny shrine dedicated to you look like?

Short description: What is your god like, personalitywise? What are their goals? Fate tends to attend to those who have even the vaguest ambition. Bio is not needed, you basically came into existence right now!

A more adventerous retry of Oddhood!

Tony: wacky but everyone in universe takes the world stoically seriously.

Also the main people are basically antropomorphic shuckles.

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RE: Oddhood Neo
Name: Tyrannosaurus Skillrex

Appearance: A scientifically-inaccurate, heavily-pierced sauropod with a feathery mane from head to tailtip. His mane and markings oddly pulse with a rainbow light whose colors slowly shift across the spectrum. Also has a part of thick-rimmed glasses,which gives Skillrex a sort of nerdy, hip vibe.

Mortal guise: A mundane if unconventionally hip young man or woman whose appearance totally not infringes on a certain musical artist popular in the early 2000's.

Your main cube: RADICAL PARTIES
Two secondary cubes: SCARY ANCIENT MONSTERS and NICE-HAPPY SPRITES (if this is too vague, think fairies)
Shrine: Its like a tiny boombox but with a rainbow strobelight haphazardly glued onto it, for impromptu parties. There is often a table nearby for snacks and drinks.

Short description: Skillrex is all about Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. He would rather party (you can say, DO. THE. DINOSAUR.) but he isn't above breaking heads if there is especially rude people or someone is ruining a good time.
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RE: Oddhood Neo
I remember this! Here is my application.

Name: Flopsy
Appearance: A two foot tall rabbit that appears to be made of copper or something, who wears a yellow crown.
Mortal guise: Same as the main appearance. This is not a particularly scary deity.
Your main cube: Copper Weapons
Secondary cube 1: Small Fuzzy People
Secondary cube 2: Cowardly Giant Rabbits
Shrine: A small boulder which coincidentally eroded in exactly the right way to spell out a description of this god. A couple of kids thought it was a genuine article, which in turn caused this god to exist.

Short description: This hyperactive character aspires to dominate the world with an army of rabbits, Starting with some peasants back yard, or perhaps a basement or something!
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RE: Oddhood Neo
After much consideration, due to mechanics i intend to introduce later, I would like you to ask you to not Cubes that have the same [NOUN] part. I have updated the OP to reflect this.

Also, Rather is an Adverb, which i have forbidden in the OP.

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RE: Oddhood Neo
So. Can this game be a thing with only two players?
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Not really.

Also Bunnies and Rabbits are sufficiently different from each other, even though constraining.

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RE: Oddhood Neo
Just so you are aware, I am going to stop periodically checking this thread. If this game is ready to get started please send me a PM.
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Name: Gallis

Appearance: A truly massive beetle with a series of cracked shells from various creatures strung together into armor. Smells like mint and freshly cut grass.

Mortal guise: An extremely top heavy man with tiny tiny legs and a wide head. A handlebar moustache extends further than his shoulders and his fingers are too long. Is always shorter than whoever he is talking to.

Your main cube: Broken Shells

Two secondary cubes: Small Smelly Snails, Big Bulky Beetles

Shrine: A cracked rock covered in small spirals from the local weather patterns. It houses a small but interesting tiny little ecosystem of beetles, snails, and moss that convinced people it was a god's place.


This cool PL or you need me to change anything?
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Can this game be a thing with three players?
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Giant bug is extremely relevant to my samurai shuckle people, yes.

I'll probably need a fourth at least, and please, be a bit more patient.

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RE: Oddhood Neo
Name: Varia

Appearance: A sprawl of toxic ivy that creeps surprisingly quickly across surfaces and wraps herself around people who have displeased her. A few of the larger leaves have eyes.

Mortal Guise: A local mortal shuckle thing (whatever they are called), except green and slightly leafy.

Main Cube: Wild Plants

Secondary Cubes: Abandoned Overgrown Buildings and Small Angry Animals

Shrine: A particular treestump.

Short Description: Born when a tree that got cut down got revenge on the lumberjack by falling on and crushing his shack, Varia emerged from the lumberjack's superstition (he refused to admit he made a dumb mistake, and instead blamed an oddgod he made up). Varia wants revenge on mortalkind for the damage they have done to the environment, and wishes to return the entire world to wilderness.
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Name: Horton

Appearance: tentacles surround a horrible face. All eyes. All mouths.

Mortal Guise: A simpering adviser

Main Cube: Small victories

Secondary Cubes: Petty, pointless revenge and overreaching, ruthless ambition

Shrine: A crown the emperor never wears because it is so incredibly steal-able, making people think that it might be mystical.

Short Description: Born of the emperor's desire to actually matter politically, despite the best efforts of his treacherous advisers and underkings.
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Name: Floyd
Appearance: An assortment of constantly shift musical notes
Mortal guise: a simple looking fellow wearing clothes embrioded with musical symbols.
Your main cube: Mercurial Muses
Two secondary cubes:
Sharp Clear Sounds
Grand Indelible Songs

Shrine: Consists of a sheet of musical score weighed down by a prism.

Short description: Floyd is a mercurial being of musical emotion. He looks to bring music to those around him and inspire them to create grand things.
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RE: Oddhood Neo
Apps will soon close, probably on the 20th..... and after that I will be on vacation far, far away, so this won't start for a while.

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