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A tale of cybernatural terror!

In an alternative universe not unlike our own, the Y2K Bug was unprecedentedly dangerous. It wreaked havoc both private and public sectors, essentially resulting in the purge of all computer and communications network in the entire world. While the global network recovered a short time later, the damage has already been done. Data has been lost, companies rose and fell in the chaos. The world has changed, for better or for worse.

Gradually, life went back to some semblance of normalcy. People had their own problems and issues to sort out. It is the year 2XX0, after all. However, when the day is over, people shed their public selves and log onto GUILDCRAFT, enjoying the infinite potential and impossible fantasies of this online world. Almost makes you forget about the persistent rumors about people dying or being trapped in this game, but that’s just probably nothing, right?


GUILDCRAFT is a MMO developed by ARIAL Inc. It was the first MMO to emerge after the Y2K crash and had been the only one for a long time – perhaps too long, according to some detractors. Playing GUILDCRAFT requires a virtual headset the ARIALEYE™, but otherwise does not requires that much processing power and can work on most common OS’s, which contributes to its popularity.

GUILDCRAFT is vaguely fantasy-themed, although there is unprecedented appearance of technology far too primitive or advanced in the lore. The lore of GUILDCRAFT is a complete mess, as expected from a rather old game whose storyline is written by various individuals with their own separate ideas of how the story should go. Merchandise of GUILDCRAFT (tie-in novels, comics, plushies, et cetera) do exist and are quite popular.

Due to its age, GUILDCRAFT is large and fairly complex. You can do a lot of things including following main storyline missions, commence raids, role-play, collect rare items, and other fun activities. However, the common criticism of GUILDCRAFT is it is rather “haphazard,” as if games of different genres had been spot-welded onto the core game. This is true. There was a period in ARIAL Inc’s history where they took over companies, poorly converted some variables and textures, and put it into GUILDCRAFT. They took over a lot of companies, but ARIAL Inc. had been doing it less frequently since their aggressive assimilation had drawn them under fire.
Rumors from the Grapevine

GUILDCRAFT has accumulated its fair share of rumors. They are not exactly treated seriously (think bad creepypasta) but their persistence had lingered in the minds of many individuals. The most popular rumors are about the presence of supernatural phenomenon in-game, usually manifesting as phantom missions or actual phantoms. Skeptics pinpoint the origin of these rumors to the Beta of the game, when a tester died or got “trapped,” inadvertently going into a coma. You are not particularly sure. But ha ha, these sure are silly rumors! Am I right?



GUILDCRAFT ID: What other people call your character IG.
GUILDCRAFT Class: GUILDCRAFT originally had five classes: Fighter, Bard, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue. However, since then, GUILDCRAFT had a lot of expansions, official, fandom, or otherwise. Put any notable abilities or weaknesses here (i.e. multiclass, fire abilities, et cetera).
GUILDCRAFT Description: What your GUILDCRAFT character looks like. Your GUILDCRAFT character can be of any species - although default is human because GUILDCRAFT is banal like that.

RL Name: Your character's name OOG.
RL Description: What makes you different from others. Humans only.
RL Job: Employed/Unemployed? Student? Put it here.
Biography: What made you the person you are? Why you play GUILDCRAFT?
Friends and Enemies: Optional. Immediate only. Online and offline are acceptable, but you do not need both.
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GUILDCRAFT ID: •?((¯°·._.• ɨɲƒɨɲɨţ¥ •._.·°¯))؟• (for sane people, Infinity)
GUILDCRAFT Class: "?????" (hacker)
GUILDCRAFT Description: Looks like a rather plain brown-haired female figure that noclips around in a T-pose. Actually uses the model of the first tutorial-delivering NPC in the game, who has a unique (though not actually in any way impressive) outfit not normally available to players.

RL Name: A mystery!
RL Description: From Infinity's voice, you can tell they are either a woman or a child. They have a shitty toaster mic.
RL Job: Who knows?
Biography: They are probably a script kiddie. They do get banned, but they are usually back within 15 minutes.
Friends and Enemies: Many online friends. Even more online enemies. Who knows what's going on in Infinity's real life?

I'll check with Pharms to see if I can keep this secret, otherwise I'll update it.
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GUILDCRAFT Class: Ninja. Actually this class is pretty underpowered. It's a worse version of the Rogue class. The only thing it has, is that it's way flashier and cooler. It attracts weebs and Roleplayers. It has better stealth though.
GUILDCRAFT Description: Svirfneblin! Very tiny! Grey Skin! Greyish purple hair pulled to a tight bun on top of head! Grey eyes! Half jacket with a long dress and long boots! Goggles on head!
Sandy is a pure pacifist. She has made it her life goal not to kill any aggro mob against her. This has the consequence of ending her main quest progress very early, as she refuses to kill boars for progression. She is very low leveled. She gets by on crafting levels with Herbalist and Gold Smith. She's mostly in this game for social and rping purposes.

RL Name: Margaret McCoy
RL Description: Black long hair. 32. Thicc. Average height.
RL Job: Retail worker
Biography: Once she got stabilized in her life with payments and work, she found that she had a lot of time to kill. She didn't like uber violence in games but found out she could play this game without hurting anything!
Friends and Enemies: A lot of people know her for her odd way of playing they are usually very friendly and give her things sometimes. There are also people just out there to pvp her just cause she's well known.
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GUILDCRAFT Class: Dervish Dancer! It's a class that's been changed a bit since it originally launched. Initially, the Dervish Dancer could only buff themselves, but that's been changed to a more optional decision. Want to buff yourself? Sure. Want to also buff your friends? Go ahead, but then your buffs won't effect you so much. It's a good balance, and Navarasa very much toes the line. Why buff only herself when she can also inspire those around her? Dervish Dancers are high dex, constantly on their feet and moving around, hence the 'dancer' in their name. Dervish dancers can battle dance to buff themselves and those around them, and get bonuses to performance when doing so. They use their voices primarily as a weapon, though some might also have some sort of small stringed instrument as well to add to their performances. Navarasa does, and she also uses a scimitar as her primary weapon, though she prefers it be for show. Hurting people isn't her favourite thing, but she'll do so if need be! Though honestly, she's better at buffing herself, distracting an enemy, and dodging their attacks while other party members get the hard hits in. Dervish Dancers are fantastic at dodging, but have rather low hit points if you can manage to get through their general speed and elusiveness. It's their biggest downfall. That and, honestly, not being all that smart.

Weaknesses include: Undead icky things, nice shiny things, instruments of any kind she can add to her collection, people that don't like music, anyone who could probably hit her really hard, intellectual puzzles, books, and cute kids.
Strengths include: being totally boss at music, healing/buffing people with euphonious vocals and chords, driving enemies to agony with cacophonous vocals and chords (but only if she absolutely has to), being absolutely dope at dancing and general charm, being real fast, singing, playing the fiddle, and being dexterous.

GUILDCRAFT Description: Cat girl! She is a girl who has cat features! A tail and ears, namely. Along with fangs. Their a race that's well known for their dexterity and dancing ability. Also, they're pretty darn cute! She's pretty short and lithe, and has dark brown skin and cream coloured, shoulder-length hair. Her outfit consists of fairly light armour. Mostly dancer's garb, though Rasa prefers dancer garb that actually covers most of her skin rather than showing too much of it off. Like some of the cat girls in this game.

RL Name: Tarani Mahajan

RL Description: Tarani is a first generation Indian woman. About 5'4" or so, thin, pretty in a sort of comfortable way. Her hair is thick and wavy, black, and spills down to the middle of her shoulder blades. She wears glasses and dresses rather professionally for work, but in a multitude of colours! Colours are very nice! Your outfit is one of the first things people notice about you in real life, after all, and she prides herself on looking well but not necessarily too much.

RL Job: Being a public high school music/voice teacher is Tarani's passion! Sure, she's pretty new to it compared to her colleagues, being only 29 and all, but she's learning as much from the students as they are from her. In fact, she loves her job and music so much that she even plays a bard in game! Hell, she even connects with some of her students in-game to hang with 'em! If they want, of course. She's not about to force teenagers to hang out with her for extra credit, but if they wanna chill then she's totally okay with that. She also privately tutors/gives lessons to people of all ages! Regardless of whether they're young or old, male or female, able bodied or disabled, everyone deserves music as a form of expression. She'll teach 'em all!

Tarani's parents always stressed dance and music, almost to an extreme degree. She's been playing since she was very young, three when she picked up her first instrument and her mother attempted legitimately. Her mother, a nurse, and her father, an accountant, seemed to want her to fall into a life path that wasn't as rigid as their own. It was confusing,
then, that they still stressed her studies so hard and focused on such rigidity. Perhaps through seeking to control and structure her, they thought they might give her a different life? It's something Tarani still can't wrap her mind around.

Throughout her school career she bounced from instrument to instrument, filling every ounce of her free time outside of school with dance classes and music lessons. Part of her loathed this,
while the other part looked forward to the chance to perform. Certain instruments were her favourites above others, namely the piano, the violin/fiddle, and the guitar, and the flute. Music became a welcome distraction from the pressure her parents put on her for school. It also became a refuge from the same bullshit most kids go through during school. Lack of friends, bullying, teasing,
that whole general outsider couldn't touch her quick so much when she was playing and dancing. She turned into a different person entirely when she was performing.

It's difficult to pinpoint when she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but if Tarani had to say she'd think back to when her baby brother was five or so. He's 7 years younger than her, which made her 12 at the time. Her parents wanted her to teach him how to read music, and she found she quite enjoyed it. It was easy for her to put herself in her brother's shoes and speak to him in a way that clicked, even if it took a lot of trial and error on her young brain's part. She had patience most children don't, and a sense of nurturing that quickly had her parents taking advantage of her limited free time for babysitting service. Though Tarani didn't exactly mind.

As soon as she could she enrolled in college, receiving a damn good music scholarship and basically attending without much debt at all. A true blessing! She kept her head low, did well in her studies, did even better in her actual dance and music, and started tutoring and offering lessons on the side for extra practice and credit.

Rather than teach young children at schools, she opted for older teens. Those were the hardest years for her, and for most people, and she figured kids could use an outlet there more than any other years. So, she's got a few years of teaching under her belt, as well as an impressive list of tutoring and private lessons, who she offers to anyone willing. Sure, she can only teach teens at the school, but anyone can learn music! Dance, too! She attends weekly classes and even subs in as a couch/teacher on those, too. Tarani just loves that teachin'!

Friends and Enemies:
Anicetus: Co-guild buddy! Super good friend! Online pal! He's an awesome Rune Fencer man and one of Rasa's best friends!
Einrael: A character played by one of her real life students, a young girl of 16 or so. Super cute. Playing a rogue. Rasa tries to keep her out of trouble sometimes.
Drawila: Another character played by a student! This one is played by a 63 year old man in a wheelchair. Tarani teaches him how to play guitar, and his in-game character is a pretty angry tank.
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GUILDCRAFT Class: Rune Fencer - A greatsword-wielding class centered around swapping between two stances: Primal Evocation, in which the fencer adds elemental damage to his attacks in exchange for taking more damage, and Ascendant Warding, in which the fencer does less damage in exchange for higher defenses. The rhythm of the class revolves around drawing aggro via heavy damage while in Evocation, then falling back on Warding and casting buffs for other players while your healer gets you back in shape.

Rather stressful and inefficient, as other tanks can draw aggro while remaining durable, but has some solid lore about harnessing different aspects of the human psyche, swapping between pure, primordial rage whilst in Evocation and spiritual placidity while under Ascendant Warding.

GUILDCRAFT Description: A tall, lithe man with a scruffy face (sick five o'clock shadow!!!!) and fairly short brown hair. Glamours his armor to make him look like a cool swashbuckler in light armor when possible, even though the game makes him use heavy tank shit.

RL Name: Bruce Sholto.

RL Description: Mid-height, somewhat out of shape, thirty-something white man. Short brown hair, scruffy face, wears glasses. Is usually seen in a t-shirt and sweats when at home, or in office wear when in public.

RL Job: Data entry specialist at Isidinatech, a global conglomerate.


Bruce Sholto's last ten years of life have been a revolving door between the milquetoast and the tumultuous.

It wasn't what he'd dreamed of as a kid. Back then, he'd imagined he'd grow up to be some great knight (when he was five), an incredible video game developer (when he was eight), an awesome musician (when he was twelve), or a revolutionary author (from fourteen on. He was still learning to forget that one.)

There was one through line here: no matter what, he was always a fan of solid storytelling. No matter what it was, a solid story told through any medium or genre would captivate him. There was something about hiding a nugget of very real truth in a series of events that were otherwise wholly unrelated to reality without taking away from the events themselves that always blew his mind. He immersed himself in this sort of story telling throughout his life, running Towers and Tarrasques campaigns for his friends, writing down ideas for short stories in his ever-present journals, and constantly keeping an eye on which movies were worth checking out so he could spend his allowance on tickets for him and his buds.

Then adulthood came, and he...! hit the ground stumbling. His family had never been particularly wealthy, and his father's sudden fight with cancer waylaid his plans for college. He took this in stride, grabbing up a job as a data-entry specialist! He was good at typing, what, with how often he wrote, and he figured that applying those skills to a well-paying temporary gig would be well worth any boredom that came with it, just as soon as that tomorrow came around!

Except tomorrow never came. He made good money, but it was always one thing or another. Suffice it to say, it soon became pretty apparent college was out of the picture.

That was alright, though! He had a solid job, with a decent amount of security. It was boring as all hell, sure, but work wasn't supposed to be fun - then it wouldn't be work, right? Besides, by the age of 27, he had something else to set his mind on. He met this girl on a dating site - Jane was her name - and they hit it off really well! Soon enough, he was in love. They were a good pair, they agreed, and a year later they decided to settle down together, happily ever after.

One daughter, one son, and three years later, happily ever after just wasn't enough anymore. Mounting differences between the two caused frustration on both sides. They knew trying to stick together just for the kids wasn't worth it - Jane's parents had been through that, and she'd seen where it led - and agreed it would be best to divorce. Bruce was, of course, still heartbroken, but he took strength in his kids. They agreed, she'd get them during the week, he'd get them on weekends. Telling them stories at night was among his few joys. Sometimes he'd even slip in one of the silly little tales he'd written as a boy, tales of heroes and adventure, and get to relive his own childhood bliss through them.

A year later, Jane told him they had to move. Her job was shipping her out a couple states over. Weekend visits were going to have to become monthly visits from now on. Bruce pretended he was alright with that, for fear of making things harder for Jane, who was no more happy with the situation than he was.

With his dreams, his marriage, and his children all left either broken or far, far away, Bruce turned to GUILDCRAFT. He'd dabbled with the game since release, but other obligations had always distracted him. Now, with nothing left to take comfort in, he started to get lost in it. It brought him some small fragment of the joy of adventure, of seeing a story unravel before you, and of sharing in that experience. Quickly enough, he discovered the thing he enjoyed most in the game was helping other players enjoy it as well.

And hey: That's a source of happiness nothing and no one can take from him.


Friends and Enemies:

Jane Roderick - Ex-wife. A fairly outgoing woman. Loves hockey. Boxed in her youth. Her and Bruce divorced on amicable terms. Talking is still very, very awkward. Works as a corporate lawyer.

Maisie Sholto-Roderick - Daughter. 4 years old. Seems to've inherited her dad's love of stories, but who knows if it'll stick? She's four, after all.

Isaac Sholto-Roderick - Son. 2 years old. Is a baby.

Carson Sholto - Father. Fifty-four years old. Cancer survivor. Tells terrible dad jokes.

Meredith Sholto - Mother. Fifty-six years old. Calls on weekends, and is super interested in her grandkids life. Keeps up very well with Jane in pursuit of this goal, and has grown somewhat close with her. Probably talks to her more easily than Bruce does now.

Navarasa - In-game friend, first officer and co-founder of his guild, the Couriers of Dawn. See above for info!!!
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GUILDCRAFT Class: Paladin - Paladins are a hybrid tank/healer class. They can't take or deal as much damage as fighters, but they make up for it with aoe buffs for their allies and self-heals. They also have a weird chant mechanic that's been patched a billion times and nobody really understands how it works anymore.
GUILDCRAFT Description: A mountain of steel, Lord Uralik, Commander of the Fifth Legion of the Noble Order of the Unbreakable Iron (an in-game title earned through a lot of hard work and dedication). Rarely without a helmet, but as a nod to his background his character's hair has been dyed green. Lord Uralik used to be an officer in a top-tier guild, but it collapsed after some pretty nasty in-fighting. Since then, he's been going solo.

RL Name: Lysander Applederry
RL Description: Five foot seven inches, with dyed hair (usually reddish, due to using natural dyes), and a bit of a round figure (though not out of shape). Wears practical clothes that he makes himself. Has a couple of nasty scars, used to wear glasses but he got LASIK a few years back.
RL Job: Park Ranger
Biography: Lysander was in school for forestry back during some of the corporate chaos, and there he got really passionate about nature. He joined the Druidic Circle for a New World (DCNW), an eco-terrorist organization focused on protecting what was left of the world's natural beauty. He fought for a while, made friends, even found love and married Marina Yamagata, a marine biologist in the same unit as him. Eventually, when things calmed down the Druids realized that the only way to continue was to organize themselves like a corp. Lysander didn't like that much, but it seemed to work. Folks settled down, incorporated as Druid's Circle Cooperative, got exclusive license to a huge amount of land, and started making money from selling organic produce and natural crafts. Of course, they kept a more militant wing, but they were mostly focused on protecting what was theirs rather than going out and shaking things up in the name of nature.

Lysander got a job with DCC as a park ranger and patrol guard, and he took over the ranger's cabin from an old park on the border. He wanted Marina to settle down with him, but she liked DCC even less, and joined a small splinter group which stole a ship to go and protect the seas. She says she'll come back someday, but until then their relationship is long-distance. For a while, people came to the park, but these days he doesn't get a lot of visitors. Which suits Lysander fine.

His daily routine goes a bit like this - Wake up, check the instruments, feed Alfonzo (his cat), take Nana (his dog) out for a walk and feed her, check the test plots, patrol the woods (he has a drone or two to help with that), do maintenance on the trails, farm a bit and cook a bit, fix whatever needs fixing at the cabin, and so on. In the evenings, he calls Marina on sat-phone and then logs on to GUILDCRAFT. He laid a fiber-optic cable when he got the cabin just for that.

Lysander lives about 50 miles away from the nearest town, which on the rough backcountry roads takes a couple hours each direction. He goes maybe once every two weeks to stock up on whatever he can't produce himself.

Friends and Enemies:
Marina Yamagata - Wife, Eco-terrorist of the Sea-Druid Pirate League, currently on the high seas.
James Norman - Shopkeeper and mayor of Greenwood, the closest town to Lysander. A corporate officer of DCC.
Sir Ethrist of the Fifth Legion - An old guild-mate, still friends, plays techno-wizard (a sort of steampunk-flavored wizard hybrid class)
Captain Villaitenterth of the Fifth Legion - Old guild-mate, was on the other side of the split and still hates Uralik/Lysander to this day. Plays Berserker, a really aggressive DPS.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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Complete, I think. As always when I end up writing way more than I intended: oops.

GUILDCRAFT ID: The servers she plays on don't actually support the characters of the name she picked so she's known as ▯▯▯▯▯ or, as it is pronounced and typed by others, "Boxy"
GUILDCRAFT Class: Swashbuckler. Introduced after the popularity of that gimmick boomed as a result of a series of pirate movies. Not great for team play to be honest, but they're pretty good for solo play. Somewhat self reliant with use for ranged and one handed melee weapons (simultaneous). High in the skill tree you can take a skill that increases currency gain, and another that increases your critical hit percentage by kill count within a time limit, but Boxy isn't nearly there yet. (Boxy is a filthy casual.)
GUILDCRAFT Description: Honestly, she spends a lot of in-game currency on enchantments that make your avatar look like a Purrgle for a week (kinda hilarious, watching a shitty fat cat-orb mascot thing take down a dragon). Always has a Purrgle pet out too, and switches what one every time she logs in. With the enchantment on, she looks like a giant Purrgle (the white tiger one) with a gun, sword, and hat just... clipping into it. Because they STILL haven't fixed that. Just put the weapons in the nub arms , it's not that hard... Anyway. Out of the enchantment she's a pretty plain human. Keeps a cutlass, pistol, and tri-cornered hat, and the outfit of the main character of those pirate movies. She actually has a male avatar because the pirate stuff looks cooler on them. (Aka: less 'sexy')

RL Name: Marina Yamagata
RL Description: Fifty feet tall, smokin' hot, 5'10", kinda cute. Japanese, fairly slim, keeps long black hair up for the most part. Looks pretty serious most of the time, just the way her face is. Wears contacts because glasses on the high seas is just asking for trouble.
RL Job: Her official title: Practical Hackplications Druid of the Sea-Druid Pirate League, aboard the Raging Tide. Provides support to her crew mates from the ship when they deal with other vessels.
Biography: College was a wild ride for Marina. Turned her on her head, gave her a passion for the world so boundless she didn't know what to do with it, made her useful useful useful, and nobody could take it from her or tell her she was wrong. She gained a confidence she never had as a child, educating herself in her off time about the workings of a world consuming itself. Or, she felt more accurately, a world we were consuming. It enraged her like nothing else had managed, and in the grasp of an emotion that gave her so much energy, she thrived. She changed majors, and found a hobby in... repurposing equipment. The DCNW fell under her radar, and she immediately signed up.

Things, as they do, changed further. She met Lysander in all that mess, and married him, as the eternal wisdom of her mother reminded her that one did not let a boy like that go. Not that she would have approved, but, meh, she had effectively given up on traditional persuits and a need for familial approval of anything when she signed up to wreak havoc for the earth. An unfortunately short time after, the DCNW couldn't call itself that anymore, and Marina could no longer stand to be associated with them. What was the point if they were sitting complacent in what little they'd secured? What was the point if they wouldn't act on their purpose? She couldn't sit still like that.

Lysander could. She... guessed that was fine. Maybe she could.... deal with that......

Oh hell no. An old acquaintance from another section of the DCNW called her up not long after the split, telling her he and some folk of similar dispositions had stolen a ship. They were going to go out to sea and fuck shit up and take vast swaths of the ocean away from all sorts of evil-doers. Marina was so onboard (HAR HAR). She packed up her belongings and bid her husband fare well, with a promise to return when her work was done. And call a lot and stuff.

Thus began her life in the Sea-Druid Pirate League. Nowadays she's making much better use out of an old hobby, repurposing nautical equipment. Disrupting the equipment on enemy ships and using it against them to help her team is incredibly satisfying in the moment. Sure, she'd prefer actual fighting to having to stay on the ship and monitor junk, but she knows she's more effective this way. She's also fairly useful when they have to go on land, since, well, they're sort of kind of definitely wanted in a few countries. Maybe more than a few. Anyway, there's only so much for Marina to do when they're not at sea. She repairs her own equipment, works on new ideas, but most of the things that get done while they're land bound aren't really hers to do. So, she finds herself with more free time than she can handle (which, if we're specific about it, is any free time.) A fair while back, she became aware of Guildcraft, mostly through inordinate amounts of merch for a creature she immediately took a liking to. Purrgles. She's been playing that for a while now when she's on shore, collecting the shitty little creatures and generally dicking around in Meropis. Is probably the Crazy Purrgle Lady of Meropis, but that doesn't mean she won't kick your ass. Maybe. Honestly, she's not as into the game as most (she probably can't kick that many asses.) but anything's better than doing nothing.

Friends and Enemies:
Lysander Applederry: Husband, park ranger, out in bumfuck nowhere. He's got his own app with relevant information. :p
Captain Darius Rucker: Captain of the Raging Tide. Got her to come out to sea in the first place. He's missing an arm, and lets Marina tinker with the prosthetic (which is now, as a result, KINDA RAD.) Tries to be a mite closer to her than she thinks is entirely appropriate. Captain mostly by name because and he is a leader, less because of his control of the ship.
And the rest of the crew of the Raging Tide:
Winny Fletcher: Maneuvering Operations Druid. She's the best sailor they've got, and she does so much more than just steer the dumb boat. Works with Darius to figure out where to go and who to hit next, and gets it done. She and Marina are usually the only ones still on ship when the others go to board.
Jeremiah Abelson: The freshest recruit. Does odd jobs and cooks, no particular skill that brought him aboard. He's just passionate about the cause.
Oswald Kamau: The medic. Err, he means, some dumb Druid title- oh fuck it he's not about that life. Just wants to make a difference and keep these dumbasses from getting too hurt. Used to be a registered nurse. He's one of the older folk on the ship, in his late forties.
Gerry Eld: Acts as Quartermaster. They're also easily the best with firearms.
Carol Tiryaki: An engineer. She does practical repair work on the ship and makes sure it has no problem moving.
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Remember, GUILDCRAFT beta will end at 4/29 (next Sunday).
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RE: GUILDCRAFT (Signups end 4/29)
GUILDCRAFT ID: Lord Murderdread

GUILDCRAFT Class: NECROMANCER SUPREME, LORD OF DEATH - An arcane class, focusing on minion summoning and debuffs mostly. This hybrid class takes some inspiration from the basic wizard class, granting some access to specific skill and power trees, but also some overlap with cleric abilities with summoning and debuffing. The Necromancer class focuses mostly on minion summoning and debuffing, and grants certain generic wizard abilities such as crafting abilities and being int based. Is known for, like the wizard class, being better at higher levels, but due to the NPC hate and restrictions that come with it, the class doesn't see many players bother getting to high level in it, with most just swapping over to wizard and enjoying being able to have drinks in towns without PCs attacking them and having team-mates and golems protect them instead of having to dig up graves or find a stronger PCs corpse to use to make a buddy. Higher levels benefits allow the boons of powerful wizards, as well as the ability to make good contacts with other powerful 'evil' beings and access to specific dark forbidden rituals.
Is weak to holy and radiant attacks obviously, is hated pretty hard by 'good' classes and is likely to be attacked if directly noticed by devout Paladins and such. Is a weak pathetic caster...for now.
GUILDCRAFT Description: Wears patchy ultramarine blue and purple wizard robes, and uses a wooden staff with a skull on it as his implement. Murderdread is a tall weedy looking human with patchy black hair, bloodshot sunken eyes and clammy pale skin. Has a backpack full of paper and scroll tubes, and some gross looking "samples" and empty bottles to collect things in.

RL Name: Jim Crotzee
RL Description: Similarly to Murderdread, Jim is pretty fucking tall, but does NOT look like he's about to keel over and die. Normal looking-glasses, brown hair, small smile. Wears comfortable simple and dark clothing that he doesn't have to worry about getting dirty and shit.
RL Job: Student. Medical student right now. Unsure on his exact future career, ideally a surgeon but possibly mortician depending on how his reviews go with patient interaction.
Biography: Jim's just a quiet boy, whom mostly enjoyed reading comics and fantasy and watching cartoons and stuff as a kid. In high school, was pushed/pressured into applying himself and began to look into biology and chemistry, basically following some slight interest in medicine from the careers mentioned by his parents. Enjoyed playing D&D and stuff in high school, but after moving to the main city for uni, found it hard to make any new friends and set up any groups, so to keep in contact with his old friends, moved into playing online games with them and found his way into GUILDCRAFT. So outside of uni, he mostly talks to people online over skype
Friends and Enemies: Optional. Immediate only. Online and offline are acceptable, but you do not need both.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: GUILDCRAFT (Signups end 4/29)
Mystery and Miseries

The world is called Pleroma and the sentient natives Pleromans. In lore, the world is a sphere as GUILDCRAFT is takes place in a “WORLD UNLIKE OURS…” In reality, the world wraps around – i.e. going far up north will inevitably land you in the far south, go far southwest will eventually reach the most northeast – not unlike a torus-shaped world.

Most PCs who aren’t hardcore roleplayers call it the Donut.

Calling it the Donut is a great way to immensely annoy hardcore roleplayers.

The World/Pleroma/Donut is a giant megaserver. The megaserver is divided into seven Regions, which are essentially like interconnected “mini-servers.” Regions have their own distinct biomes and trappings. They are rather large in area which is usually rendered pointless with fast-travel (usually). Jumping from Region to Region is a different story however – it takes RL-time to transfer your character’s data. Time can be passed with in-game crafting or provided minigames, but you have to wonder why the hell ARIAL Inc. didn’t remove this feature. Or at least make it an option.

The safety and relative balance of each Region is maintained by a Moderator and their chosen army of Sub-Moderators, if those exist. Moderators are of various competence and temperance but are all living, breathing people.


[Image: tumblr_op5h4rRpUA1riva2to1_1280.png]


Elysium Region (Forest, NW)
Moderator: K1NGFISHER (Kingfisher)
Biome: Composed of rolling green hills and verdant old forests. Always covered in an aesthetically pleasing mist. Sort of pseudo-medieval fantasy with fairy tale trappings. This Region is actually fairly pretty (in a mystical way) if it not for the various levels of offensive graffiti and other defacements covering this place.
Noteworthy: Contains a not-unsubstantial population of trolls, griefers, and other various dredges you can find at the bottom of the barrel you call internet culture. They do not make the majority but they run this place so to speak. The Moderator for some reason is willing to turn a blind eye to this.

Genesis Region (Jungle, NE)
Moderator: ♥ Lady_Wyldheart ♥ (Wildheart)
Biome: A lush tropical jungle but extra rainbowy. One of the biggest complaints of this Region is it has too many flashy and moving effects, which causes lag and migraines (and more than a few trips to the hospital for the very unfortunate). Used to have a tribal and “animal-man” style going on, but after some lawsuits, it’s just animal-men.
Noteworthy: This Region is a popular target for jokes mostly because avatars there tend to be rainbow or animal-men or rainbow animal-men. Certainly not helped by the fact that animal ears and tails are obtainable for free as long as you’re in this Server. The Moderator is known to be a bit of a firebrand.

Aaru Region (Desert, S)
Moderator: herme5anubis (Hermes or Anubis)
Biome: Deserty. Ancient Egyptian theme all up in your face. Has enormous ruins and statues of fantastic creatures everywhere but it is not as fantastical as the other servers. It is the least populous Region of GUILDCRAFT, which kind of gives it a creepy aura at dead hours.
Noteworthy: The Region is noteworthy for the fact it has no noteworthy things. No population of jerks or weirdos, nothing exceptionally funny about its lore or history to make fun of. Sure, it has its fair share of trouble but it is easily dealt with or not especially unusual. The Moderate is very effective at their job but not especially personable or talkative.

Meropis Region (Ocean, SE)
Moderator: cpatian777 (Captain or Captain Seven)
Biome: Completely oceanic. Dotted with islands of various levels of size and valuable resources. There is sort of a nautical vibe going on – sea shanties, silly hats, and all. There is an underwater part of this Region but it is incredibly dangerous and so does not get that many diehard explorers.
Noteworthy: Originally designed for exploration and dungeon-diving – but it has since been appropriated into a PVP zone by PCs and ARIAL Inc. is very aware of that, providing accommodations for the discerning duelist (i.e. Team Colors, portable Safe Zones, et cetera). While other Regions have mixed feelings about PVP, this Region wholly accepts the art of PKing and in fact, encourage it.

Saket Region (Canyon, SW)
Moderator: Naruto_420 (Forty-Two is preferred, thank you)
Biome: Monochromatic canyons and arid plains. Buildings are far and few between and seem to blend into the environment. The entirety of the Region is picturesque and minimalist, not unlike an inkwash painting you can explore and interact with.
Noteworthy: You can taste the passive-aggressiveness through the VR because this Region is known house PCs who believe if you don’t play GUILDCRAFT in a certain way, you are not playing the game right. This Region houses the most powerful Guilds in the megaserver, hence hold much political clout OOG. Too bad most of them are jerks.

Valhalla Region (Tundra, N)
Moderator: Aur’Ora B’Orealyss (insists on full name, but people call them Aurora)
Biome: Featureless and freezing cold. There is an option in VR to emulate the sensation of cold but most PC’s shut it off because there was a lot of effort to make it realistically unpleasant. Vaguely space-Norse themed but in a fantasy context. Has really pretty futuristic buildings.
Noteworthy: Other Regions have RP-exclusive locations. This Region is infamous for their RP-only enforcement (note: not universal) because the powers-that-be insisted upon it despite the fact there is other possible interesting things to do. The Moderator is notorious for their frequent intervention.

Irkalla Region (Void, Center)
Moderator: [] (Bracket or Brad)
Biome: Evil McEvil-Land. Technology Wasteland with noxious fumes, black metallic spikes, like woah, calm down the Edge. The Region is shaped like a spiral. Only the outer curve have Safe Zones so that shows how ridiculously difficult the rest of this region is.
Noteworthy: The inner curves contain “Post-Game” material, intended for the high-leveled, the ambitious, and the bored. Infinite Dungeons (think Fractals from GW 2), Boss Rushes, Elite Raids, et cetera, et cetera. Some people think there might be super hidden secrets but that is usually treated with the same amount of respect as creepypasta. Other Moderators tend to defer to Brad for some reason.
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RE: GUILDCRAFT (Signups end 4/29)

GUILDCRAFT Class: Blade Sprinter. Focuses on being VERY FAST, and sometimes, when a certain gauge is filled, is capable to wield TWO entire swords. Gets bonuses for hunting down robots.
GUILDCRAFT Description: An extremely boring human, in grey clothes, dark hair, and a kiwi shaped backpack. Has an extremely determined look on his face, which a lot of people mistake for constipation. An assortment of swords hang on his back. For some reason has white silk gloves and red sneakers. Extremely fast in multiple unconnected ways.

RL Name: Dr Kilroy William Batoe
RL Description: A wizened middle aged man, with a really bad beard. Wears a checkerboard suit, and a monocle (non functional).
RL Job: Dr Batoe works at the social psychological research arm of a famous university. Well, soon to be famous. He is the designated player of the BLADE TECHNIQUE CONNECTED, in which several psychologists had pooled their theories about what the young people consider cool, and they use GUILDCRAFT to test out their theories.
Biography: Professor Batoe could never understand people in his whole life, which is why he attended Psychology. His doctorate was on the changes that go through the mind of bullied children.

While he is extremely pragmatic in mannerism, over the years, he did actually learn to interact with people, and he even made friends among his colleagues and peers. Still, he decided to join BLADE TECHNIQUE CONNECTED to brush up on his speech skills.

Friends and Enemies:
Dr Garia: One of the psychologists in BTC. She came up with the idea that since kids like fast things, Batoe should pick all the traits with speed or fast in their names, such as Regen Speed, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Quickdraw, and Fasting (yes).
Dr Crocolda: Another researcher. He designed the outfit, and several future outfits for the Kiwitoe avatar. He is making constant changes to it.
Dr Herbert: Another researcher. He just.... sleeps in the corner in his comfy chair.
Study Group 3B: This study group was assigned to him, and they have become quite fond of each other! He often takes them to bowling, minigolf, and roller coaster parks.
Aunt Mathilda Batoe: She is actually ten years younger than him. A Loonix expert. They often go to the zoo to feed the penguins.
Online: He has no online friends yet! He is excited to meet people.

It is time time
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RE: GUILDCRAFT (Signups end 4/29)

GUILDCRAFT Class: Arms Master, a class for the indecisive! When GUILDCRAFT introduced weapon advantages a lot of people became concerned about only being able to use a single weapon type. Many classes were expanded to include a few more, but none like the Arms Master who gets to choose a plethora of weapon types on character creation and gains a few extra with level ups. However, this versatility comes at the cost of lacking the true proficiency of a more focused class.

GUILDCRAFT Description: A pretty plain looking girl, like someone wanted to make a good looking avatar but didn't really know how character customization worked. Just off the default preset for an elf. Can wield swords, shields, polearms, guns, and traps. Currently uses in her primary slot the Seventh Heaven, one of the special items in the game - each region having one single unique item. She found it completely by accident through a glitch in GUILDCRAFT's code (that was supposed to prevent anything but high level characters finding it) and I mean it just has killer stats. For a bow, Because it's a bow. As such, it is currently used much less effectively as a polearm. She'll get that proficiency though, in a few dozen levels!

RL Name: Sydney Acosta
RL Description: Twenty something Puerto Rican girl. Short and with even shorter brown hair along with similarly brown eyes. Has nice clothes but tends to be lazy about getting dressed, and mostly wears one of the two same pairs of jeans and a t-shirt.
RL Job: Employed for sure, in IT! As a part time intern paid in experience! It's totally legitimate! They said they might even hire me, which would be great you know?
Biography: Sydney grew up in a fairly boring upper middle class home, where she wanted for very little and was expected - just like her parents and older siblings - to apply herself, go out into the world, and make good money doing what she enjoyed. College was hard though, and she didn't get fantastic marks or a fantastic job right out the gate. She's pretty sure this internship will do it though, and then she finally won't have to get her parent's help to pay for rent! Turns out it's mostly a tax scam though, and neither her nor her fellow intern actually get called in more than half week and even when they do they don't always get a job to do.

She joined Guildcraft because the other intern said it was a really great way to kill time until they finally call you in for/actually give you work, and got right into just how huge the world was. She somehow managed to get in way over her head almost immediately and find a hidden unique item that a lot of people want to kill her for.

Friends and Enemies:
Graham Simpson Jr. is her boss. Really smart and never actually impolite or mean, but he's kind of a shithead who does everything he can to avoid paying as much business tax as he can.
Robert Humphreys, or L0nestarr on GUILDCRAFT. Her fellow intern. The only player she knows that doesn't want anything to do with her bow, but mostly because he doesn't want to deal with constantly dealing with people trying to lure him into PK zones so they can loot his corpse. Into westerns, so of course he picked a Gunslinger class.
The Cabal of Regert. A very angsty guild founded by a bunch of dramatic high level roleplayers who didn't realize they had a stupid typo in their guild name until it was way too late. They like to pretend they don't. Believe that Robert and Sydney literally stole their special weapon out from under their nose and haven't gotten over it.
M1ch1l1n, a high level player who mostly just likes to collect and/or resell valuable items to other players to feed his ingame pet addiction. Is very cordial towards Sydney but wants to buy her bow off her - for a collection of other random bullshit since unique items don't have a price tag built in. Is a Chef Class, a literally insane class that makes meals to fight in their place.
Ceuthonymus, another high level player who is much less cordial. An actual Archer class and one of the best at it, so you get why he feels especially jilted.
LGMasterson, occasionally plays with Sydney and Robert. They're friends even though she kiiiiind of thinks about wanting to PK Sydney sometimes despite the fact that she'd come under fire next. Plays a Battlemage because she was also unsure of what she wanted to play but knew magic would be involved somewhat.
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GUILDCRAFT has now started!

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