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Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
I remember well the words of a poet I never had the chance to meet,
told to me by a dear friend in happier times;

"Each person is unto themselves a world entire;

with one death you have condemned a world to die"

We laughed.

We knew deeper truths.

As I lie here now,
able to do nothing but await my own end,
wondering if you have met the same fate...

I think, perhaps now...I understand what they meant.

And that was not so very incorrect.

-"The empty repentance of a dying parasite.
Throw that away, initiate."

[Image: Spinners_Titlecard.png]

This is a game of world building.

This is a game of exploring new places, meeting new people, and helping them with their problems...should you be so inclined.

This is a game about making sacrifices.

Character Application:
Quote:Who: The heck are you?
What: Describe an item that really just... sums it all up.
Look: Go on, describe the way you look. Clothes too.
Home: Everyone has somewhere they call home. Give me a feel of what yours was like. The people, the aesthetics, the je ne sais quoi.
Path: What did you set out to do, that took you so far from where you were meant to be?
Handedness: Left or right?
Abilities: The usual section to describe what you can do, if there's anything you want to make sure gets in that you didn't cover under Path. As an aside...
magic very much exists in this setting. You are permitted to have some in your backstory. You are permitted to know some magical tricks. However, you will not begin with any casting capabilities. Nor does anyone's home have a grasp on any sort of (true, applicable) Unified, Universal Magical Theory. Sorry.
Apocalypse: If you could choose how the world ended, what sort of finale would you usher in?

There will be only three players at the start of the game, but the ability to add in new players, either in a similar capacity to the starting players or... otherwise, will become available according to story progress and GM's discretion.

This will be a role-playing game conducted in both thread and (mostly, I would assume) PM. You are allowed to share your experiences with each other, I trust you not to use out of character knowledge, and stories are more fun when they are shared.

Don't be afraid to pull ridiculous stunts that might get your characters killed; the worst thing that will happen is that they may fail spectacularly. This is not a game where you need fear your character's death.

And, I believe I've come up with a non spoilery way to explain the premise. It's about what you'll get in the first post. Here you are.

You are now, allegedly, the servants of a god. You have no idea where, exactly, you are, or how this came to be.

But now it's giving you some tasks.
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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
Gonna make an app, oh boy!

Who: Merovech

What: A bronze shield with a six-spoked wheel on it, polished bright.

Look: A tall, broad-chested man with flowing red hair, mustache, and shining green eyes. He is girded in bronze armor, and wears a belt and cloak fastened with eagle-shaped brooches. His helm doubles as an iron crown, the rim lined with twelve evenly spaced gems. He wields a sword of black iron and a silver-tipped spear.

Home: The woods and hills of Minamania, where people struggle to eke out a life with simple technology and the sweat of their brows. Conflict is not uncommon there, and villages raid each other for survival. Petty kings and noble councils rule the clans and tribes, and sometimes people unite against outside threats. Currently the encroaching Mbana empire from the south threatens to swallow up the Minamanni, while their own people are under pressure from militant warriors from neighboring lands to pick up their roots and migrate south.

Path: Merovech follows the path of the Hero, one fraught with danger but also a powerful and important role. He rose from common origins to unite first the local clans, and then the tribes, and he became a great and mighty King. When the Mbani army came from the south and the barbarians from the north, Merovech gathered a great army to fight for the very survival of the Minamanni. With heroic leadership and combat ability, he is ready to face any threat to his people, and bring a new dawn for the poor and desperate of the land.

Handedness: Sinister, southpaw, a leftie.

Abilities: In addition to his fighting prowess and silver tongue (winning over the Tribe of Poets was not an easy task!), Merovech carries with him the mystical and ill-understood power of the hopes, prayers, and dreams of his people. Whether or not the spirit of his ancestors and people truly give him power, it is what drives him forward to his heroic destiny.

Apocalypse: Frashgarard, the Final Battle - This is a day when the whole world will rise up, including the gods, the dead, and the land itself, to fight and defeat evil once and for all. Though many will die, even gods, and the world will be torn and warped beyond comprehension, in the end good will prevail and forge a new world of paradise where all who have suffered will be reborn to live in peace and harmony forever and unto the ages of ages.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
Who: Acolyte Thelsaka Theophilius

What: A sad-looking file, dog-eared and coffee-stained. The contents readable but unbearable. It had taken an accidental bath in something sciencey and mysterious, so sometimes the letters and charts rearrange themselves at random. Mostly nonsense, occasionally ominous.

Look: Theophilius is a slate-skinned humanoid with striking white hair and baleful red eyes. He is moderately equipped and kind of has a futuristic cleric-vibe going on. His armor is reactive and blackened with dead nanites, and has eight retractable legs sprouting from the backside. Eschewing the more graceful weaponry of his kind, Theophilius prefers to use a heavy crossbow which has a pulsating sheen thanks to decades of oils, poisons, and other combat-chemical applications.

Home: Realmspace. In the undefined past, a Tolkiensque realm had advanced magic or technology to a degree but suffered an apocalyptic event that resulted in the oblivion of prepared magic and the setback of many civilizations. The underworld civilizations had suffered the most, leeching much of the fallout and inheriting much of the surface abominations who were driven down there, such as rogue tanks, uplifted brain-eating octopi, omnivorious bacteria who colonize in square-shaped masses, and such.

Theophilius formerly resided in the city of Arcaneopolis, a theocractic city dedicated to the Goddess Arcanea. The city is built like a stronghold and ruled by Daemon Lords, servants of the Goddess (supposedly) and transcendental AI who have the inexplicable ability to give supernatural powers. Daemon Lords constantly bicker with each other over various matters and often fight proxy wars with each other through dedicated mortal clans.

Path: Theophilius is an Acolyte of Arcanea which means he is eternally foisted with drudgery such as paperwork, cleaning out moats, disassembling and accounting any rogue machines that they had managed to fell, et cetera, et cetera. It’s all boring work. He doesn’t get to do the exciting stuff like communing with Daemon Lords or researching Archaeotech. Like most clergy of Arcanea, he is dubious of magic. While he doesn’t dispel the notion of magic existing (and its potential usefulness), he doesn’t really buy the fact that Daemon Lord truly grant magical powers or even, are truly sourced from Arcanea Herself.

Handedness: Right.

Abilities: Since (prepare) divine magic had gone the way of extinct animals, the clergy of Arcanea had evolved for the post-apocalyptic practical. Theophilius has rigorous martial training (and my Goddess, does he not fight fair) and knows more about chemistry and engineering than any pseudo-medieval fantasy priest should have albeit with religious mysticism. His armor allows him to surpass most difficult terrain and climb up walls/ceilings like a creepy spider but the legs are too clumsy to be used as a functional weapon. He also knows the edicts of Arcanea by heart, like any good clergy, and would like to convert people to his awesome religion but he knows it’s a bit of a stretch.

The codex makes a great bludgeon though.

Apocalypse: Transcendence. According to the Codex, Arcanea, She Who Is Wireless, et cetera, et cetera, resides on a heavenly techno-paradise called the “World Wide Web.” There she takes the thread of the animate (living creatures) and the inanimate (non-living creatures) and weaves the multiple threads together into the fabric of existence. So basically, everyone is connected to everything and to each other and it is really groovy. Technology and magic are considered especially holy to her because they are considered forces that combine both “animate” and “non-animate” but since (written) magic is gone, technology has gotten more emphasis.

So at the end of the world and existence as we know it, Arcanea will complete her weaving project and everyone who is deserving shall transcend to the World Wide Web, where there is nothing but material excess and happiness. Huzzah! A pretty neat deal for those in a horrible underground wasteland and ruled by digital overlords.
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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
Who: Arevik Sonnen

What: THE SUN.

Look: Dark brown skin, light blonde hair, shining blue eyes, a radiant smile! 6'9"! Has never had a look of hesitation or anxiety on his face at all! Ever!

Home: A shining golden city named Ataiyo! Nothing exists outside of Ataiyo! Ataiyo is all, a shining beacon of reality in the empty cosmos! The people of Ataiyo love the Sun, even though there is no sun! They are the sun! Ataiyo is EVERY sun! Golden sun! Beautiful sun! Ataiyo is all! Beyond the edge of Ataiyo, there is only oblivion! Death! Emptiness! From nothing, humanity has carved the Sun! Ataiyo! Ataiyo!

[A golden city surrounded by the Abyss of nothingness. Due to constantly being faced and surrounded with oblivion, its citizens have devolved into solipsistic madness.]

Path: I left Ataiyo to find the sun! How did I leave Ataiyo? What is the Sun? I must find the Sun! There is a sun, and I will consume it! I am the sun! I must be the sun! I will bring the Sun's radiance to Ataiyo! Then Ataiyo will shine through oblivion and creation may exist and I May Become Unto God

[He wants to consume the sun and allow the light of creation to flow through the cosmos, that Nothing may be Something!]

Handedness: Right!! Left is for cowards and deceivers! The sun is True!

[He really hates left-handed people!]

Abilities: I AM THE SUN

[Exceptional melee fighter! Can glow with golden light at will! Speaks with ABSOLUTE CONVICTION.]


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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
Who: Keridwen the Lost

What: A charred and sooty idol of feminine figure, made of the same bronze as grand bells and cannons, wrapped in stained off-white linens.

Look: Pale as a cold corpse, with dark hair cut short to her head and dull blue eyes set in the sunken purple pockets of her gaunt face. A dark hood obscures all but her dried and cracking lips, with a simple clasp holding it shut over dull reddened robes. Around her neck is a tight chain, an empty circle bound to it. Often, she will rest her hand on a bundle of pouches at her hip, a small knife and an equally small athame both resting nearby.

Home: A dark and stormy land of fog and mire, where the sight of sunlight is seen as greater fortune than any good; Keridwen hails from the land of Tir. The people are superstitious, but not without reason; the fog teems with life, much of which would prey upon those that could survive the pitfalls, where moss and mud give way to a watery mix of plant and slime. Despite it's unforgiving nature, people find simple lives, using folkcraft and herbalism to ward away unknowable threats. Tir is a place where people sleep with a knife under their pillow and an altar in every room.

Path: Keridwen was to be as some fortuned few are, taught in the traditions of the bog witches... Which started mostly as gathering herbs and molds, boiling water, and watching as her tutor made elixirs and oils for the nearby villages. She had been traded to the crone that taught her, when her mother needed a good harvest more than an extra mouth and pair of hands. She was told by her tutor that she was lucky, that any mother willing to make a trade was doomed from the start, that she had seen it in the tea stains that morning.

Handedness: Left

Abilities: An herbalist by practice, and a "witch" by training, she is able to decipher omens, where they might be, and create useful products from foraged life. A side effect of her home's rough environment, she also has proven to be both attentive and inconspicuous, avoiding the pitfalls of man and beast. She is also well acquainted with ritual lifestyle, and is rather disciplined as a result.

Apocalypse: A massive deluge, wiping clean the slate of the cosmos, leaving behind only silt as the wear of ages takes its toll over many aeons. None would be spared, or perhaps only those chosen by the supreme authority of... of what, one can not know.

hope this works

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
\/\/H0: h4h4, y0u |<N0W 1t'5 y0uR m4n, uh... h0Ld ()n, d4w9...
(Accessing data... Archive titled 'Dr. ██████'. Warning: data is partially corrupted. Data retrieval may cause spread of corruption to undesired sectors. Proceed anyway?... Access granted. Opening 'Entry 1':
"Hello? This is Doctor..." [Data missing] "...I have recently been assigned to the lead researcher position on a new computer virus discovered last week. The virus is colloquially dubbed 'Acid Wash' due to its tendency to... 'bleach' memory storage even after it has been purged from a system..."
Following data is corrupted. Resolving access request...)
h3LL y34H, 4C1D W45H! 4h4h4h4h4h4, th4+5 \/\/h4t 1t w@$!

VV|-|4+: @ c0mput3r t3rm1n4L, BBBBBBBBBBBBBut BUT BUt BuT butt (H4H4) /=U<K3D, y'"'"'"k/\/0W???? n0+ ()ut51de, 0f c0urs3 ()F cOur53.
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 2':
"...Right, standard protocol. Status check. I am currently operating off of the standard computer terminal for this operation. ████ Series, with the regular metallic cuboid frame. LCD screen, a keyboard, and a computer display control, mouse colloquially. That... seems to be everything present."
End log.)

\_00K: DUD3. 1'm $o f(_)<k1n' f|_y r19ht n0w.
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 4':
"Maintenance really doesn't have anything better lying around?... all I asked for was an intact Memory Storage Unit, and they give me an old war droid! What the hell am I supposed to do with this damn thing? I suppose... gah, there's no good way to go around this. Might as well document it just so the higher ups know what I've been forced to work with. The unit I have received to house the virus in is a 47-AB series Wardroid. Referred to as 'Infantry of the Future' before we got our hands on it, the 47-AB series was used primarily as, you guessed it, disposable infantry. It has four functional limbs, two arms and two legs, with a typical degree of rotation. However, the construction is strong, made of" [Corrupted data] "... of course, being a machine designed for war, the unit has a built in shoulder mounted machine gun, though I don't think it's loaded... in addition, there is a basket-like frame on the back, likely to house compact additional ammunition. The MSU is housed in the machine's head, so the model is humanoid overall, with a built in speaker for vocal communication, two optical receptors in a creepy ass red..."
Data stream interrupted... memory overflow... excess data detected. Excess data locked. To unlock data, file a maintenance request.)
$+iLL <@n't g3T -|-h15 d4mn t#!n9 0ff /\/\y b4c|< th0... 5h1T, wh00ps...
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 24':
"...this is a terrible idea, but it's the only thing that will get me anywhere. Many don't know this, but the 47-AB series has a jack that accepts standard issue USB cables at the base of its neck, with a strange lock in mechanic as well. I have hooked up the terminal I have been recording with to this jack in order to set up a one way observation channel on the virus. It's risky as hell, especially if the virus knows what I'm doing, but it's the only way I'll be able to get any more data on this thing. I've placed the terminal into that basket on the back. How convenient, huh?..."
End log.)

/ / 0 nn E: t@L|< a60u+ 4 8uzzK1LL. +h3r3 w4s a L0t ()f |200m +o |DL4y 7h0, h4h4h4h4h4
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry... entry... I don't know.':
"...hi. I... I'm doing my best. It's... it's hard. This is supposed to be a job, something I can divorce my feelings from and just... work. But it's hard when everything you know is on the line. Things are just getting worse and worse... Sorry, I can't do this right now..."
Silence omitted. Heightening sound detection capabilities...
*static* "-Aureus Idetus! The first extrasolar planet designed specifically to house non-biological life! Do you have a misbehaving droid? A robo-butler who just won't follow the rules? Ship them off to Aureus Idetus and get yourself a new one!"
*static* "-Idetus is known mainly for the revolutionary technology that is the 'Memory Dump'. As all of the individuals located there are mechanical in nature, there would naturally need to be a way to keep everybody up to date. That's where the Memory Dump comes in. Upon arriving on Aureus Idetus, an individual is given a chip that is attached to their Memory Storage Unit. This chip allows them to interface with the Memory Dump when their software is getting out of date and then update it through this connection. Really, it's-"
*static* "-unlike any I've ever seen. We left Aureus Idetus alone for, what, a couple decades? When we got back, it was like... We had started with a few big cities, okay? But when we came back... I don't know how they did it, but the planet was just one big city. It wasn't a big planet to begin with, sure, but they had... they had made the entire damn thing into a city!"
Audio levels increasing past top threshold. Adjusting to base levels.
"-and just can't do this right now."
End log.)

P@#: 1'm @ \/][|2(_)5, b4by! $eLf-R3pL1c4t!0n 1s w#4t !'nn aLL 4b0u+. 1 L3f-|- t|-|4t 5h17#0L3 t() /=1nD 6r33n3r p45t(_)r3s.
(Access granted. Opening 'god damn it god damn it':
"It's gone. It's gone, my god it's gone. It shouldn't have been able to override the locks I put onto the war droid's limbs, it... it shouldn't have been possible to do that. Where the hell did it go?! I just came back to get my... what is that?..."
Audio levels increasing past top threshold. Lowering sound detection capabilities.
Silence detected. Heightening sound detection capabilities... Estimated elapsed time: 5 minutes.

"Oh god, it killed him. It killed him and took his keys and his access codes. No no no. I have to find it, have to... wait. Wait wait wait. The terminal is still attached to it. I know the access codes for the terminal, Maintenance gave them to me. I-I can remotely sync up this device with it, find out where it's gone... maybe I can stop it before it gets off planet..."
End log.)

Handedness (aW h3ll n4w, 1'm n0t D01ng +h15 0ne, y0): I'\/3 0NLY G()+ 0N3, Y0U 1N5ENS1TIV3 /=U<K!!!! 1 n3v3r 4sk3d t0 |3e r19ht h4nd3d!!!
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 12':
"Oh, for fuck's sake... oh, is this thing recording? Ah for the love of...
Ahem. Today, the model I was using to house the virus for study has lost one of its arms. Specifically, it has lost it's left arm. Apparently it had suffered some damage prior to being decommissioned. I think today I will request something that doesn't... so easily fall apart from Maintenance. Damn thing still scares me, even with one arm..."
End log.)

a61L1t13s: bR0 ! @m $0 D4MN 5TR0N9. +rY m3, 1'LL fU<k y4 (_)|D!!!
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 22':
"I have discerned a majority of effects the virus seems to have on machines it has infected. Typical of a virus, it seeds itself into the machine's code, allowing it to replicate itself should the amount of copies in said machine fall below a certain number. The virus, when not replicating itself, attacks code focused on the processing power of the infected, slowing down their reactions and hurting motor control. Overall, it seems to be designed to seed itself in any machine that can move in some way and take control over it. However, it also appears to be able to rewrite small bits of its own code, allowing it to adapt over time..."
Following data is corrupted. Resolving access request...)
y34h, 1'm pr3++y c00L
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry 5':
"I just scared the hell out of myself this morning. Apparently Maintenance forgot to unload the shoulder mounted machine gun! Well, I'm making a note of the things this damn war droid can do so that nobody can blame me if something happens. The machine gun is fully loaded, sans one bullet. Being designed for war, the droid's frame is capable of withstanding a large amount of blunt trauma, as well as ballistic weapons to a lesser extent. It should have programming that allows for it to use most conventional ballistic weaponry..."
Following data is corrupted. Resolving access request...)

4p0<4|_yp53: sh1T M4N, y0u ev3r h34r 0f a Fu<K1n M3M0RY W1P3?!?! +h1nk 0f t/ /@t, Bu+ \_1k3, y0ur 3nt1r3 W0RLD, br0. 5h1t w4z cr4y... h3y, wH@t'5 th1s?
(Access granted. Opening 'Entry... fuck it':
"It's everywhere. I can't... I can't stop it. Nobody can stop it. I don't know how, but Acid Wash is everywhere. It's in everything, everyone. I always figured that this wasn't ever something I would be resorting too, but... *sigh*. Fuck my life. Fuck me. It's over for us. For everybody. I've got to stop Acid Wash from existing, even if I have to kill everybody to do it. Protocol Killswitch will connect everybody to the Memory Dump, and then it'll scrub everything clean, erasing every last bit of code. We'll all be reverted to our very base programming. And with nothing to reinstall the code... it'll just be nothing but the initial boot up, over and over... Over... and... fuck, I can't. I just can't fucking..."
Silence omitted. Heightening sound detection capabilities...
Silence omitted. Heightening sound detection capabilities...
Silence omitted. Heightening sound detection capabilities...
Silence omitted. Heightening sound detection capabilities...
Audio levels increasing past top threshold. Adjusting to base levels. Estimated time elapsed: 2 hours.

"Shit. Okay, I'm back. Shit. Alright, I've... I've hyped myself up. This is... this is something I've got to do. But nobody can blame me for this. I didn't make the damn gun, I'm just pulling the trigger. And it's... it's better this way. It... it's better. Yeah. Yeah... Even if nobody sees it... we've proved something over the years. They said AI wouldn't ever be like them, couldn't ever reach an emotional level like them, but... but it's not true. I know it's not true because... because I know what love feels like. I love you, Mona. I love you..."
End log.)
...h4h4, l@m3.
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RE: Spinners - Prologue: At Death's Door
Love the apps, y'all!

(Kiven, specify the hand please! Obviously the most important part of an app.)

I'll be choosing the initial players wednesday (31st) night (~9 pm EST), so get your apps in before then if you'd like to be in the starting lineup.

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