Scattered Stars
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Scattered Stars
Scattered Stars
In the aftermath of a great war over the remaining resources of Earth, Humanity became for the first time united under a single banner. The Earth Union, founded by people tired of war, quickly encompassed all the nations of Earth and ended generations of conflict. The discovery of the warp drive which “folds” through higher-dimensional space to reach new destinations has finally opened space to us. What were before months-long journeys by chemical thrusters have become a few minutes’ jump. Humans expanded, colonized the solar system, and then the stars. Over time, the rechristened Sol Union became more authoritarian, and people chafed under its dictates, especially in the colonies. Tensions were rising, but nobody thought it would change as Earth controlled the network of jumpgates that made once-expensive travel safe and reliable. Solar fleets patrolled all the colonies, extending the long arm of Earth over the galaxy.

Everything changed two months ago. In a surprise attack, the colonies breached the jump perimeter, seized the jumpgate network and pushed back the Sol Union fleets to the solar system. The government collapsed suddenly, and it all looked like the war would end then and there. However, without a strong force to oppose them, the Colonials turned on each other instead of finishing off Earth. As they fought, Earth, Mars, and the Jovian moons formed a temporary alliance to kick out the colonials from Sol. They reclaimed one of the gate hubs, and since then chaos has ensued. The colonies have been quick to declare their own governments, while the Solars are trying to reunite humanity under their banner.

You have been caught up in this conflict, whether you like it or not. There is no escaping the war, for the war has reached even the most far-flung of stations. Neutrality is not an option – as many unfortunates have learned at the end of a plasma rifle. How you deal with this war is in your hands. Will you fight? Will you run for survival? Or will you seek to broker a peace between the warring factions? Only time will tell if you succeed…

Timeline of Recent Events:
2020: Global warming continues, and massive unrest starts across the globe.
2022: Wars over food begin in South America as drought and pests destroy large amounts of crops. Food aid helps, but it only delays the inevitable.
2023: China invades North Korea, citing recent developments in the nuclear program.
2025: US government collapses in a stunning blow to democracy around the world.
2026: European Parliament declares an EU-wide state of emergency, member states contribute their militaries to form an EU army.
2027: World War 3, as it is colloquially known, begins with Indian invasion of Pakistan. Nuclear bombs are exchanged before China and Russia invade to stop them.
2029: Ethiopia conquers Somalia and Eritrea, a member of the Solomonic dynasty declares the Ethiopian Empire restored. The West African states move to oppose. Tunisia and Algeria join forces, invade Morocco and Libya, and declare Maghrebi federation.
2030: Movement begins in Australia and New Zealand, called "People United for the Salvation of Earth". Unionists are elected to government, begin sending missionaries to the pacific islands and Indonesia.
2031: Japan joins the Union movement. Brasil begins peace talks with its neighbors, and logs much of the Amazon to provide cropland.
2032: In a stunning coup, the Chinese government is toppled by a clique of Unionists. The east joins the Union, the west erupts into warlords. An increasingly isolationist EU repels a Russian invasion of Ukraine and Ukraine joins the EU.
2033: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya join Union movement, move north into Central Africa and clash with the expanding Ethiopian empire. The Maghrebis move south into West Africa and seize Mali. Brasil finishes peace talks and joins the Unionists along with Argentina and Chile.
2034: The fractured US states join the Union. Surprisingly, so do Iran and Israel, both citing peace as their reason. The Middle-east is almost stabilized, with only an angry Saudi Arabia holding out. India's new government capitulates to the Union as it pushes west.
2035: A combined Russian-Turkish offensive cracks open the EU. Maghrebis join the Union and in joint operation crush the Ethiopian Empire. Russia and Turkey, surrounded by the Union, also join, and the last pockets of resistance are crushed. Earth Union assumes power as sole government, and declares year 1 Post-Unification (PU).
6 PU: Nuclear fusion finally viable, brings clean energy to rebuild the ravaged Earth.
9 PU: Fundamentals of Warp Drive discovered at CERN.
10 PU: First jump test.
13 PU: Moon colonized by helium miners.
14 PU: Terraforming technology developed.
15 PU: Mars colony established.
22 PU: Jupiter and Saturn colonized.
24 PU: First habitable planet outside the solar system landed on.
28 PU: Mars atmosphere becomes thick enough to walk without a pressure suit.
30 PU: First plants on Mars.
32 PU: First extrasolar colony, Sol Union declared.
37 PU: First jumpgate built
50 PU: 50th anniversary of unification, jumpgates begin being a "network" rather than just individual gates.
77 PU: An investigative journalist reveals that the Sol Union has been secretly breeding supersoldiers. She is imprisoned and sent to a deep space asteroid prison.
83 PU: Protests in Groombridge 1618 violently suppressed.
95 PU: Rebellion begins, Earth Government and Sol Union fall shortly afterwords.
A Note on FTL:
The warp drive is based on the fundamentals of higher-dimensional space, or hyperspace for short. It turns out that there are six spatial dimensions, not three, but in most circumstances we see only three because the other group of dimensions are parallel at all times to our own. This creates the illusion of three dimensions, though now we know ways to detect and manipulate these extra spatial dimensions. It turns out that gravity is the main force keeping the dimensions parallel, and thus with a localized concentration of energy in a particular configuration we can overcome the gravitational binding force and “fold” through the other three dimensions. The more energy put into a jump, the farther we can diverge the dimensions from parallel. This leads to a vital trade-off: for a fixed amount of energy, we can either fold a short distance a lot, leading to fast travel time, or a longer distance less, giving slower travel. Additionally, gravity will disrupt a jump, depending on the amount of energy we put into it. To be able to jump through a planet takes a lot more energy than making multiple jumps to go around, for example – though again the tradeoff is speed. Finally, jumps can be disrupted by adding additional energy to pull the dimensions back together; this is the basis for the jump inhibitor perimeter that kept Sol isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

It is theorized that in some parts of the universe, gravitational anomalies could result in natural folds in space-time. We call these folds “wormholes”, though none have been discovered so far. On the basis of this theory we developed the jumpgate – a pair of space stations which pull each other together through the parallel dimensions to create a semi-permanent fold. Jumpgates require a lot of initial investment, but once they have been established they are much less expensive to operate than long-range jumps. Most civilian transport is done through the jumpgate network, as it speeds up transit between far-flung reaches of human space.

Jumpgates are fairly reliable, though they occasionally require maintenance. As they usually cover longer distances, both gates must be active to be able to travel through them. If one of the pair is shut down, the other will go into a standby state, waiting for the hyperspace fold from its pair. Gates are usually arranged in hubs, protected by a military and administrative station which serves as a warp interdictor as well. Thus, gates are not well-suited for frontline action, as it is risky to transit warships when you do not control both ends of the gate. Still, they are an important piece of civilian infrastructure and are thus a valuable strategic target.

The era of mass communication that predated the warp drive sadly did not continue. Once it was perfected, the warp drive allowed ships to outrun their signals, making EM-wave communications obsolete for anything larger than planetary scale. As we colonized more of space, we became more isolated. Like in the ancient past, news takes days, even weeks to cross from one end of space to the other. Though many have tried to crack hyperwave theory and create an FTL communicator using various methods, none have succeeded. Until that hurdle is climbed, we are stuck with ships carrying information across space, with all the risks that entails.

Warfare was also changed dramatically by the warp drive. Suddenly, the old doctrine of long-range detection and engagement no longer applied – no matter how good your missile’s tracking is, it won’t be of much use if the enemy can see it and warp out of the way. Similarly, most of our sensors data became useless, as ships’ light-echoes still persist even after they’ve jumped. This has led to combat becoming much shorter-range, where laser communications and visual targeting are fast enough to not be affected by warping away. Ships will close in to where their warp interdiction fields meet and then engage, as anything farther-range is a waste of ammunition and power. One interesting consequence is the new reliance on fighters and on mechanical armor, or mechs. As short-range battles change the balance of power away from heavy firepower, the smaller target profile and larger maneuverability of small craft becomes attractive. Battleships are even more expensive than before, requiring huge warp interdiction fields as well as their long-range weaponry to be effective. However, this has made them far more deadly – able to stop a smaller ship from jumping while outranging its weapons. This has created a polarization in ship types – small and maneuverable versus large and powerful. Mid-sized ships are usually either highly specialized in their roles or simply produced by people who can’t afford large battleships.

One such specialized medium-hull ship is known as a punchthrough. This was the colonies’ secret weapon that allowed them to so quickly break through Sol’s defenses. A punchthrough is a ship consisting of three things – a huge warp drive, a lot of heavy ordinance, and a single pilot seat. They jump with as much power as possible, trying to get as close to the interdictor station as they can, and then fire the heavy weaponry to take it out and clear the path for allied ships to jump in. Of course, this is often deadly for the pilot, as the punchthrough has no maneuvering thrusters or defense weaponry. All sides have adopted these ships for attacking fortified positions, and work is being done on removing the pilot altogether. The best defense against a punchthrough is defense in depth – mobile interdictors with point-defenses fare much better than the old static stations with warship patrols.

App Template:
Name: What do people call you?
Description: What do you look like?
Homeworld: Where are you from?
Affiliation: Who are you working for?
Occupation: What do you do?
Bio: What’s your life story?
Resources & Contacts: Who do you know, and what do you have that can contribute to the war?

Polity Template:
Name: What’s the group call itself?
Systems, Planets, Stations: What does it control?
History: How did it get here?

Sample Polities:
Name: Solar Federation

Systems, Planets, Stations:

-Sol: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, various stations and mining colonies
-Gate Hub S-1: The oldest jumpgate hub and the closest to Sol, situated just outside the former inhibitor perimeter.

History: With the collapse of the Sol Union and the Earth Government, things looked bad for the cradle of humanity. The colonials were approaching quickly, having breached the jump inhibitor perimeter and occupied Titan. The remaining Solar planets decided that standing together would be better than dying alone, and so they formed a federation. From the ashes of the Earth Union arose the League of Nations, a resurrection of an old name for a new and more democratic purpose. The Central Martian Authority had always had a good grasp of the Red Planet, and it joined with much enthusiasm. Finally, the inscrutable Jovians joined piecemeal, each moon with its own groups independently contributing to the Solar cause. With these planets united, and the Colonials in disarray from infighting, the Solar Federation pushed them from the solar system, and reclaimed the nearest gate hub. The Federation is currently focused on defending itself from vengeful colonials, though who knows if they’ll try and reestablish the old order once more.

Name: Pirate Freeholds

Systems, Planets, Stations:

-Various stations throughout human space.

History: Less of an organized faction and more a diffuse menace, many pirates and fugitives have seized remote stations, capitalizing on the chaos of the war. Though they don’t seek to conquer anything, they are nevertheless a threat to both fleet logistics and civilian shipping. The pirates are a threat to everyone, but nobody can seem to eradicate them for good.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Étienne Volante

Description: Étienne is a black man with spacer genes, leaving him hairless and adapted to variable gravity environments. He is tall and maintains a toned musculature. He generally looks stern and humorless, just the kind of person you'd expect to be an authority figure (and get elected for such a role), but looks can be deceiving.

Homeworld: Europa, technically, though his parents emigrated when he was an infant. He grew up on Daryen Ring, an orbital in the Aralin Star system. Aralin is a low-population red dwarf star system with no habitable planets known only for a) its gas giant helium mining industry, b) its Mars-funded observatory station, and c) being the midway system between two more important gate-hub systems, one of which is out in a halo cluster.

Affiliation: The Daryen Republic, controller of the Aralin system. Well, they are still taking control of the system at the moment. The mining platforms are under their control, but the observatory actually has personnel who are loyal to Mars on it.

Occupation: He has been chosen as Admiral of the Daryen Navy. His previous job was space traffic controller at the Daryen freight bay. He also read a book on military strategy once, and has enough of a commanding presence for the President to choose him as Admiral.

Before growing up on the Daryen Ring, a toroid orbital, Étienne's first memories were of 'grounder' life, from his youngest years in one of Europa's many icebound cities. After his family migrated to Aralin, he had an unexciting upbringing, watching the ships fly past the station and, when he was older, hanging around the docks to meet the crews on station leave while their ships restocked their fuel and supplies. He enjoyed hearing their stories of life beyond Aralin, places with soil and skies and millions of people. To a backwater orbital kid, some of the most mundane parts of those stories were what stuck with him.

When Étienne reached college age, he traveled to nearby Procyon - one of the two gate systems connected to Aralin - to study mechanical engineering. He was not talented in that field and ended up dropping out before completing his degree, but the experience certainly expanded his horizons and helped him study more broadly (rather than in his chosen field, which he grew to hate). He also delved into leisure activities, from the VR arcade to the shooting range to the bar, all of which he also spent time at instead of studying.

Étienne ended up living there another year, working a menial job to support his dwindling savings, before using the last of his money to head home when he received a message about the failing health of his father. After returning, he finding employment as a space traffic controller in the port, readjusting to a slower and more purposeful life back on Daryen. He found that he'd missed his home orbital, and was glad to be back. He would work that job for twelve years.

When war consumed human space, Daryen initially avoided getting involved in the conflict - but after both surrounding systems declared independence, the station found itself in crisis. Initially loyalist due to their dependency on agricultural imports but cut off from Earth, they kept their heads down, but as a month passed without contact from Earth and increasingly aggressive demands for fuel supplies arrived from Procyon, the station was forced to throw in with the Rebellion.

Declaring independence was surprisingly clean and easy. The station director was an Earth-native and a hardcore loyalist who had to be pressured to resign, and was replaced by an elected President. The new President appointed a cabinet of his friends and trusted community figures, and in the storm of appointments that followed Étienne was given the post of Admiral of the Daryen Navy. The new Minister for Station Defense, Keida Rockwell, was one of his drinking buddies, and she thought he'd be a shoe-in for the job since he could shoot a gun, knew basic engineering and was one of the only people on the station who had practical experience coordinating ships. And this was even though there wasn't technically a Daryen Navy yet.

Working with Keida- sorry, Minister Rockwell now, as well as the station's Chief Engineer Jack Horley and his team, Étienne helped create the Navy by sticking cobbled-together guns and armor plates onto a light cargo ship, a space tug and two shuttles, and in doing so actually got recognized by the President for achieving these results within the first month of the President's term. Now ready to actually fulfill his role, he's ready to set out and further the will of the new Republic, hoping to secure its continued prosperity between powerful neighbors.

Resources & Contacts:
-Adalene Volante, mother. A strange woman even for a Europan. Something of a mystic. Retired computer engineer.
-Rosalie Volante, sister. Works on one of the hydrogen rigs down in the gas giant's upper atmosphere, gets to come back to the station on weekends. Has something of her mother's strangeness about her, thinks Étienne takes too much after their father.
-Samuel Guyen, President of the Republic. An old man, he is a respected member of the community who used to work in media and is known of by almost everyone on the station, though he's not a very proactive leader.
-Keida Rockwell, Minister for Station Defense. One of his drinking buddies, she used to be in the old Solar military before dropping out due to an injury and coming back home. As a military woman, she was quickly appointed by the President, and also appointed Étienne to his role.
-Jack Horley, Chief Engineer. Originally part of the old administration, he's still at his post under the new Republic, since someone has to keep the station's systems running.

The Daryen navy is composed of the Empire Nolan, a light cargo ship equipped with short-range guns and an improvised interdictor, the Babe, a tugboat equipped with a heavy cutting laser, and two shuttles that double as shitty fighters and boarding craft.
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: "Eric Johnson"

Description: Tall, heavily tanned, almost leathery skin. Coarse dark grey hair and sharp, close cut beard. Bright blue eyes.

Homeworld: "Earth, originally."

Affiliation: "For myself. And whoever happens to be paying the most." Eric is a smuggler, a mercenary, a bounty hunter, gunrunner of varying levels of legality and profitability. As such he hires himself out to whoever happens to need a job done that day. He's good at what he does.

Occupation: "Ya got the wrong guy, officer, I'm just a humble Irridium salesman." Eric is literally anything but a humble Irridium salesman. Ever.

Bio: Eric started life out as a boy on the streets of Earth. His father worked at the local spaceport in the Floridian crater while his mother was a schoolteacher. Earth being what it was, it was not long into his young life when things started goign down hill. Unable to pay burdensome taxes, they were forced from their home and become one of the many squatter families, turning to crime as a result, his father smuggling tools and parts from the spaceport and helping criminals smuggle goods offworld. It was during this time he learned many of the skills he'd use later in life, as well as understand many of the horrors the world had to offer.

All things come to an end however and his father was eventually found out. He and his mother were taken away and that was the last he ever saw of him, apparently the Union had better things to do than put him in a care home so he was left to fend for himself on the streets. Not having any of that nonsense, Eric did whatever he could, begged, borrowed and stole his way through life, learning everything through the school of hard knocks.

Eventually he caught on an opportunity to get off world and took it with a vengeance. From that point on he had been living on the run from system to system and station to station. Learning new skills and improving on old, whether it be shooting, fighting, flying, running and running drones. Eric is very good at making a lot of money in a short amount of time. However he has a very bad habit of resting on his laurels and soon enough, his money has run out and he finds himself, yet again, needing to go out to do 'One more job'.

With the war flaring up, Eric is of a mind to retire back to his private little shelter in the Denib system, a mostly empty and useless clump of rocks and clouds of dust circling a white dwarf star. A small, abandoned research outpost of some early colonial enterprise or another, Eric didn't know nor care, all he needed to know was that it could protect itself from nearby asteroids and nobody would give enough of a damn to give the system a thorough once over to find it. He'd just sit this out and wait for things to quiet down, sure he's running a bit low on the old money front but hey, not as if the economy was exactly booming right now, now was it?

Now he could just sit back and indulge in his favourite hobby of drone modding.

Resources & Contacts:
Denib Station - An old, really old station he found while on the run from some mercenaries he owed money to. It was bare of life and most of the floors where either empty or exposed to the void. However, it came equipped with a solar generator attuned to the white Dwarf's light and enough scrap lying around to let Eric do his own shop work. He has since reworked pressurised parts of the station into a makeshift hanger and habitation section. With some secure parts left over for storage and fallbacks, just in case the place ever did get raided. He hasn't bothered to explore much less alter the vast majority of the stations sections and doesn't care to.
The Smiling Dragon - Eric's pride and joy, a ship built for speed and, as typical of Eric, modded to such an extent one would swear it seemed almost made from scrap due to the mismatched colours on its various parts. A dedicated Q ship, Eric has specifically designed the hull to support modular ablative armour to make the Q ship resemble other classes of ships, typically slower freight models, which can be jettisoned at a moment's notice to reduce tonnage, enhance speed and, most often, catch both pursuers and prey off guard before unleashing a missile barrage to make cover for either an escape or a gunning run.
Q Bots - Dozens of effectively dumb drones with basic computational processes which allow Eric to instruct them via a computer to do complicated team based work, such as doing repairwork on the Smiling Dragon, or to carry out simple verbal commands.

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RE: Scattered Stars
Additional Factions:

The Tenth Crusade:
Systems, Planets, Stations: The constellation Rose of Providence, containing the star systems of Jericho (the capital and gate hub), the Star of St. John, New Antioch and the Star of Bethlehem, as well as a couple of other mining systems in the same constellation. Previously mostly cut off from the rest of the Sol Union, they have developed their own culture.

History: Originally the constellation of Providence was called Beta Surrexerunt, named for the rose-pink glow of the brightest star in it (that star is now named Jericho). It lies just outside the 25-light-year-radius bubble around Sol, and was primarily settled by private religious interests, at a location chosen to be deliberately as far out of reach as possible. It was always considered to be on the tenuous edge of Union space, and when it refused to connect the constellation's jumpgates to the network in 52 PU, it achieved de facto independence a whole 43 years before the civil war. At that point, the colonies were still young, and they had almost a half century to develop with only the occasional contact from long-jumping traders.

From this outside perspective, their spiritual leaders heard of the Sol Union's decline into fascism and sin, and declared that their own small constellation must be a shining example of morality in return. During the years of isolation, they took control of the constellation and ironically built it up into a powerful authoritarian theocratic society of their own.

Eventually, the Sol Union launched the small Expeditionary Force Laminae, whose mission was to connect the constellation to a jumpgate, allowing them to move into the constellation in force and revoke its autonomy. However, the constellation had been preparing for this, and in fact had built up a massive fleet - striking once the jumpgate was connected, they launched the Tenth Crusade, destroying Expeditionary Force Laminae and traveling through the jumpgate network to attack Sol Union space.

The Sol Union mobilized the bulk of their fleet to repel the invasion, forming Expeditionary Force Malleus to crush the Crusaders with overwhelming firepower. However, this required them moving a lot of their fleet out of position to fight a threat far away on the edge of their space. In the end, this is part of what allowed the colonies to rise up in a surprise attack, causing the Union to collapse. When Expeditionary Force Malleus got word of this, they went rogue and formed the Scions of Terra, and the Crusaders now rampage unchecked through a portion of former Union space, attempting to unite it all under their 'divine rule'.

Scions of Terra:
Systems, Planets, Stations: Having taken control of Expeditionary Force Malleus, the Scions of Terra live in exile on their captured warships.

History: When the Sol Union was at its height, the dictator decreed that a legion of elite gene warriors would be produced. They were created, raised, indoctrinated and taught to fight and deployed, but then the Sol Union collapsed, leaving them without a leader. Bred to be stronger, smarter, faster and physically larger than their peers, these supersoldiers have seized control of Expeditionary Force Malleus, the bulk of the surviving Union navy, and now seek to restore the Sol Union under their leadership.

Mechanists of Mars:
Systems, Planets, Stations: Though not fully in control of Mars, this faction is a major part of their authoritarian government.

History: The Mechanists are a transhuman faction that believes that cyborgization is the next step in human evolution. They have access to some of the most advanced cybernetic implants and prostheses in human space, and due to substantial cyber-organ replacement options they live even longer than normal. They wield significant power in the Central Martian Authority. Their attitude towards the advancement of cybernetic technology borders on religious zealotry, spreading propaganda, shouting down rival viewpoints and suppressing them using the Martian state.

To date, they are one of the only factions that has seriously embraced the idea of connecting to systems like weapons and ship helms cybernetically, and provide Mars a cadre of elite wired pilots as a result. They also control a large proportion of Martian industry, where working conditions are more than suspect and getting fired can literally cost you an arm and a leg as they 'reclaim loaned equipment'.
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Morgan Bixie

Description: THE MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE SOL UNION. His parents were feeling a little experimental when they made their test tube baby, eschewing the Grecian-statue standards of beauty popular among the upper elite. He is very short and very slim which makes his baritone voice a bit of a shocker. His skin is flawless, his hair shiny, and he emits no unseemly fluids or odor. He’s like an unicorn in transhuman form. Infuriatingly. Disarmingly perfect despite the countless amount of alcohol and cigarettes he seems to consume. The sheer nerve.

Morgan wants to be your friend and willing to tell a bit about himself to further earn your trust. Yes, he resents his parents. No, he’s not particularly fond of chess, and plenty more. He’s a great drinking buddy but best not to give too much about yourself. He has a zero-sum outlook on life. Don’t get him wrong. He’s not a monster. He does have a capacity to care for others but his empathy is a bit off-kilter. While he does not see people as tools per se, he knows that friends have a tendency to like a toolbox when you need to cut your losses.

Homeworld: Earth, Sol Union

Affiliation: Sol Federation. Morgan truthfully is not too sold on them. He only affiliates with them because his family are traditionally loyalists and he does not find any serious problems with the current social system. Sure, there is a lot of problems with the Sol Federation but they are small problems – they do not need drastic changes. In addition, he does not think too highly of the other side, the Colonials thinking them “irrational.” Just because there was this one expose does not mean you have to discount a revolutionary idea brimming with potential.

Occupation: CEO of Fusang Industries.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? His predecessors were white-collar workers who moved with their mother company to France, realizing their comfortable civilian life in China was compromised by the coup. The Bixie Family graduated moved up the corporate hierarchy with each successive generation – through hard work, greased palms, and an occasional bit of dirty work. While they steadily advanced, their prestige only meteorically rose with increasing interest in space travel. Through a series of clever investments (and a few scientists of importance, birthed from their families) Bixie rose from merely rich to rather important. Unfortunately, they had taken a couple steps backwards, their cunning focus on revolutionary technology hindered by their love of a decadent lifestyle. Despite this, they are still a force to contend with an independent, passive-aggressive presence that never seems to go away in the Sol Union like a winestain on cotton. What a bunch of jerks.

What? You want to learn about him? There isn’t anything particularly noteworthy about Morgan. Yes, he is a designer baby. Yes, he had an emotionally abusive childhood. Yes, he took university and graduate school – he’s older than he looks you know. While he might have some interesting things about him, the fact is Morgan likes his rich and boring mystique, sort of a cloak of anonymity against irritating questioners. Like you.
Resources & Contacts:
Fusang Industries, a paramilitary (shh, don’t tell anyone) company with a focus on human advancement. Unique among augmentation-centric companies, they do have extensive research on biological augmentations although due to current controversies, bioware are mainly a domestic thing (gene therapy, cosmetic surgeries, designer babies, et cetera). But we’ll see.

Fusang’s signature ship is the Sword of Damocles, a merchant-luxury cruiser hybrid. While SoD’s purpose is mainly as a company symbol, there is practicality intertwined with its aesthetics. SoD is heavily armored, surprisingly zippy, and is way bigger on the inside – no dimensional science or anything, just good old practical engineering. Despite its intimidating name, SoD has light firepower, preferring to use its moderately advanced countermeasures to evade attacks.

Bixie Family, one of the knowns of the Sol Union elite. Not the richest or the most posing but they are infamous for their unconventional natures, which are more fringe-cultured than actually cultured. The Bixie Family pride themselves to be the most “far-sighted” of the rich and indolent and are known to fund things they find beneficial to humanity in general much to the delight of scientist and public workers. Do not mistaken this as benevolence given freely out of their own hearts. When they mean beneficial to humanity, they also mean beneficial to them.

Mr. and Mrs. Bixie. Their first names don’t really matter. Old money, retired, and very, very old. They barely look human thanks to an ugly combination of extreme age, cybernetics, and exotic life-extension therapy which due to their experimental nature, fail often more than they succeed. Mr. and Mrs. Bixie are a fearful and superstitious lot, having a dated view on society and science decades too late. Despite their ignorance, they have a sort of a malevolent cunning to them. There is a reason why they have so much money in the first place and no, not all of it is clean. They desist Morgan, Morgan desists them right back.

Horace Mann and Bruce Hed. Ex-space pirates. Spirates. From the mysterious planet of Gloombridge 1618. Now they are loyal Fusang mercenaries with a tidy payroll under their belts. Horace is the more thinky of the two, Bruce likes to solve everything with excessive force, and the two are inseparable. In fact, they are literally married. Morgan is casually flippant to them. He has a hard time remembering their names and even a harder time telling them apart.

Yvette Bixie. Morgan’s niece. Morgan’s designer genetics renders him infertile and does not bode well for the longevity of cloned offspring, so nepotism decided his brother’s daughter would be the best candidate for inheriting Fusang Industries should he inevitably give up the ghost. Yvette is a baseline human, bright and capable, and that’s about it. Morgan actually never met Yvette in person much to his embarrassment.

Tisiphone, a member of the Furies, an all-female mercenary group who focuses primarily on corporate B&E which is more plentiful in space than you think. Tisiphone and Morgan kind of have a complicated thing going on. A complicated thing that usually results in disappearing clothes and smoking in bed, so to speak. Despite the rocky nature of their relationship, they have a deep, mutual respect and use for each other. Tisiphone gets a relatively safe haven if things go pear-shaped. Morgan has a technologically competent ally and hot deets to the more unsavory parts of mercenary space.

Samantha Chambers.
On paper, she is Morgan’s secretary but in reality, she’s more of a jane-of-trades, acting as a helping hand, a confidante, mediocre body-guard, and other roles that the current situation demands. Samantha is a stony-faced woman whose impeccable responsibility lead to the meteoric rise to this relatively cushy position. Some say she is humorless, but really would you have a light-hearted expression when you have to hear your boss bang his mercenary girlfriend once every several-months-weeks-days. In explicit, nauseating detail no less.

BUT.LAN. No, the name is not an acronym for anything. Anyway, it is a Butler AI who does all the menial work and errands that is far below Samantha’s paygrade: delivering messages, getting coffee, et cetera. BUT.LAN is relatively unique in the sense it has a sarcasm personality module instead of the usual quasi-British factory standard. Morgan installed it on a lark but then realized he could not uninstall it because BUT.LAN was adamant about keeping it. Anyway, BUT.LAN and Samantha are best friends™.
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Sarom Maset
Description: Fairly average looking sixteen year old. Short auburn hair, brown skin, and green eyes. Stands at about 5'6", but has plenty of room left to grow!

Homeworld: Kibomal

Affiliation: The Vega Confederation

Occupation: High school student!

Bio: Sarom's life thus far has been fairly standard for a child of the Vega system. Even with the rising militancy of the local Vegan government, he hasn't taken much notice, far too engrossed in his life as a student-turned-juvenile delinquent.

Life in a single-parent household hasn't changed much on Vega from Earth in the twenty-first century. After Sarom's father left his family during the boy's youth, his mother was forced to take on a second job. His family life deteriorated, and as he hit his teenage years, he began to resent society. He began getting into fights, smoking, and getting caught with alcohol.

His more attentive teachers described it as a terrible waste, as the young man's mind was sharp, and could be honed into a formidable intellect. Sarom, on the other hand, couldn't give a quarter of a fuck about all that boring shit. He was doing exactly what he was interested in: fighting and having fun, regardless of what anyone else thought about it. So what if it didn't satisfy him on some deep, spiritual level? It provided him with a challenge he could actually overcome. That was enough to give his life some meaning.

Lately, though, everything's been getting worse. With war breaking out, the system government declared itself the Vega Confederation, demanding immediate independence from Earth and promising to work toward a new, egalitarian-minded democratic socialism system-wide.

This led to immediate war with their neighbors, the authoritarian Principality of Chuleon. Much of the system was devastated in the immediate weeks following the war. Sarom's home planet of Kibomal was mercifully spared, as it was nestled near the center of the system, behind all of the Vega Confederation's defenses.

Most of this flew over Sarom's head. It wasn't until today - the first bombing of Kibomal - that he truly understood what the war meant.

Ships from the newly formed Principality of Chuleon appeared in the skies mere minutes before the bombs started dropping. Entire buildings were wiped off the map in seconds. Sarom immediately became acquainted with a vista of destruction.

The high school had a bomb shelter built into it. Sarom, unfortunately, skipped class today. The nearest civilian bunker was six miles away. There was no way he'd make it.

Instead, he grits his teeth and decides to go for the next best thing: He'll take refuge in a military bunker. Sure, if he got caught, he'd probably be in a helluva lot of trouble, but it was better than death.

After hopping the fence and finding the bunker was sealed, Sarom is to hide in a warehouse on the military base. There, after stumbling around in the dark, he comes across what might be his salvation: A bizarre, experimental class of Mechanical Armor whose cockpit just happens to be open.

Filled with reckless determination and a drive to save his home, Sarom clumsily tries to figure out how to operate this thing and fight back the hordes bombing his home!!!

Resources & Contacts: Mobile Armor Gyosaif - An experimental mechanical armor unit that the Vega Confederation has sunk almost all of its resources into researching and developing. While most of the Vegan arsenal has lagged behind modernity, this armored unit is advanced far beyond the current capabilities of its contemporaries. Heavily armored, maneuverable, and fast, as with most mechs, it is not made for planetary bombardment, but instead for versatility and effectiveness in both stellar and terrestrial combat. It is the Confederation's last hope for survival, though no pilots have been successfully trained for the role (primarily due to this being the Vega Confederation's first mechanical armor model.)

Yomoba Yazura - Leader of a band of delinquents, and known as the best fighter at Sarom's high school. Loud mouthed, brash, proud, but exceptionally loyal to his gang. Sarom challenges him frequently, and they've formed something of a not-altogether-unfriendly rivalry. Probably the closest thing Sarom has to a friend.

Ritsna Woniran - Childhood friend. A skilled engineer and one of the top minds of their class. Still worries about Sarom, even though they've grown distant in recent years.

Arimi Maset - Mother. Works in a munitions factory. Has a rocky relationship with her son, and feels like a failure of a mother.
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Leo Xiang

Description: A round-faced man in his early thirties, with tanned skin, dark hair, bad posture and a woebegone expression. Generally manages to look like his clothes fit him badly even when they don't, and grooms rarely at best (it's not like the robots care).

Homeworld: Titan. He's appropriately embarrassed about it.

Affiliation: The Outer Sol Distribution Network, a large company that performs much of the trade and transport in the outer reaches of the Sol system. Controlled by a board of directors on Earth but day-to-day management of the company is left to the Network AI, a computerized system of debatable sentience that analyzes available economic data and allocated resources in what it calculates to be the best interests of the company as a whole. The Network chooses routes, determines cargo makeup, responds to messages, and even appears during job interviews to ask the same six questions it always does. Very recently, also some kind of pro-Cronian independence front, although he’s really starting to hope that one was just a paranoid delusion.

Occupation: Transport hauler, Network employee #1627351722-B12 and inept revolutionary spy.

Leo grew up on Saturn's moon Titan, where he spent most of his days trying not to be depressed about the fact that he was on Titan. Bright, awkward, straight-laced, and a decent pilot, he signed on after school for training to be a transport driver for the Outer Sol Distribution Network. Once training was over(it was basically all instructional videos) Leo began a career delivering goods from Titan to the various cruise ships and long-range vessels that passed through Saturn's rings. Since the Network takes care of everything there wasn't much actual driving needed. Leo was just a 'PR representative' to meet with customs officials and stop folks from getting too freaked out that their livelihoods depended on the whims of a robot several planets away. Mostly he filled in boxes on Network paperwork. Lots and lots of them, of horrifying variety. Did you know that when refusing to pay out insurance for unfortunate cruise ship accidents you could choose from all kinds of 'terrible misfortunes' including shipwreck, disease, maiming, exploding, getting smashed to bits by a shipwreck and then having the bits explode, and dying in the arms of your true love while they yell 'don't you dare die on me!'? (That last one was a joke. The instructional cartoon during orientation said that jokes could help you appear more personable and lighten the mood during long trips in isolation. He doesn’t think it’s working.)

Basically his job was very boring, and Leo was depressingly good at it. Then the freaking war started.

It wasn't that different at the beginning. Sure, more and more of the crates loaded on to his ship were labelled 'classified', and more of them went to military outposts instead of rich-people holiday spots, and there were some shipping manifests he wasn't supposed to open regardless of what protocol said, but it was all still basically deliveries. Until a week ago, when during a routine disconnect from the Network he received an encoded message from an unknown source, asking for some definitely-classified data on his most recent drop-off to an unmanned station on Hyperion. Luckily the orientation cartoon covered how to deal with that too, along with the correct kind of pencil to use when requesting replacement stationary, how large a gift it is appropriate to buy your boss because they 'seemed down', and what to do if some guy in a ski mask tries to stick his dick in your company-assigned Network mailbox. (If Leo recalled correctly, the answer was call in some neon rabbits on wakeboards and sing a song about respecting the boundaries of others. He might have been asleep by then.)

So Leo read the request in full, ready to send it on to his supervisor for reporting. It started with a cry for all Cronians to protect their homeland from turning into another bombed-out battleground (not that it would make much visible difference). After that it went into its anti-Federation tirade, made a brief stop to rail against the corporate claws of the Network digging into their beloved awful planet, and finally declared that there had been murmurs of an automated military setup on Hephaestus and that he, Leo Xiang, could help turn the war effort, make a safe place for his family, tell the Network to go suck it, and most of all actually matter for once. All he had to do was send over his Network delivery data for the past three weeks and he'd be a hero!

It was the nicest thing anyone had said to him in years. He sent the data, went to bed feeling patriotic and rebellious, and woke up in the light of day in a cold sweat because what the fuck Leo you just made yourself a war criminal and oh my God someone just bombed the living fuck out of Hyperion what have you done. There was only one possible response, and it was the same one he used for everything. Act like nothing happened and it will all just blow over! Aaand then they asked for something else, and a third thing, and after a while he just kind of stopped pretending next time would be different.

When not being a terribad spy, Leo dreams of living somewhere nice, with nonplastic plants and the kind of gravity where a dish-throwing fight would have some impact if he wasn't terrified of confrontation. He knows his job is bad and his second one’s going to get him killed, but covers his nerves with good humour and a bland veneer of forgettability. In some mortifyingly earnest recess of his brain, he really does believe in an independent Saturn, and intends to keep passing information to the enemies of the Sol Federation until he gets caught. And when he does, well... his head couldn't come off quite as easily as those cartoon traitorous employees had, right? He was pretty sure it was a metaphor, the human body doesn't even contain that much blood, and he doesn't have the Network's authorization to be constantly terrified anyways! Just joking, haha!


Contacts and Resources
Martingale - Leo's Company vessel, a medium-sized trading ship with a big hold, a few guns, and very little else. Designed to be staffed by a crew of one, Martingale is heavily automated and contacted frequently by one of the millions of server threads that comprise the Network AI to scan the logs. It's a stable ship, even if it sometimes seems like it was made to be as deliberately uncomfortable for its human crewmember as possible.

The Outer Sol Distribution Network - Leo's employer and subject of his nightmares. Would hand him over to the feds in a heartbeat if it found out he was sharing information - unless it already knows and approves, which is somehow more terrifying.

Shirley - the onboard representation of the Network AI. Kinda an amalgamation of every automated phone system ever, only smarter and with an even more supernaturally neutral female voice. Is the recipient of much bad language whenever Leo is upset, a few teary declarations of love when he's drunk, and a lot of apologies when he's sobered up cause things get kind of weird in space sometimes but she gets it, right? She gets it. (All of these are logged for his next performance review.)

Oliver Patel - his direct human supervisor at the Distribution Network. Oliver has the job one station up from Leo - he fills out paperwork about the paperwork, and is compensated accordingly. A tall man, somewhere in early middle age, and generally an affable sort of dude.

Titus Meeran - One of Leo's coworkers and Oliver's husband. Titus claims he was meaning to sleep his way to the top, but fell in love around middle management and had to settle for a job babysitting roboships instead. Leo has been stupidly in love with him since orientation and hates Oliver on principle.

Carole and Corbain Xiang - Leo's parents. Originally from Mars, are the kind of people who settled on purpose around planet named after a god that ate all its kids. He loves them unconditionally anyways and dreams of setting them up a real retirement fund.

??? – Someone very interested in military deployments around Saturn. Claims to be working for Cronian independence, although Leo didn’t actually take the time to verify that fact.

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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: The Vega Confederation

Systems, Planets, Stations: The Vega system and its six planets.

Kibomal - An earth-like planet and the capital of the federation. It has a major focus on agricultural biodomes and hydroponic farming, but otherwise has a rich, diverse economic and industrial output.

Ramah - A barren rocky planet with no notable resources used only as a military outpost. Subject to frequent skirmishes with Chuleon.

Nawakak - A molten planet near Vega itself. Uninhabited, but used for research on planetary formation. Currently in Chuleon space.

Kuihm - A gas giant. Its two moons are used as operating bases for miners who harvest the gas. Currently in Chuleon space.

Sabah - The most economically vital planet in Vega space, much of its surface is covered in solar panels that harvest the rich blue light of Vega. Half of this world is occupied by Chuleon.

Sulb - A dead planet with a toxic atmosphere near the edge of the system that was used almost exclusively for harvesting its metal-rich surface. Miners occupy its single moon, which has been terraformed into habitability Currently occupied by Chuleon.

Unlisted: A number of military, agricultural, and research stations.

History: [WIP]
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Captain Cecelia Cynnings

Description: Cecelia is a woman of average height and pale skin. Her eyes are an inviting grey, and her hair is long and strawberry blonde. Of course, her attractive features don't detract from her imposing aura. It's a rare sight to see her out of her battle scared, patchwork armor, similar in coloration and assembly to the armor of pirates seen harassing Saturn bound ships. In addition, her pale skin allows her scars and burn marks to easily stand out. Still, she always has a friendly disposition and a smile on her face. Always.

Homeworld: Titan: born, not raised; Space: raised, not born

Affiliation: The Heaven Breakers, leader of (See below)

Occupation: Space Mercenary / Space Pirate. Tends to lean more towards jobs involving shooting things, as those tend to be easier, but it's not hard to convince her otherwise, especially if the pay is good.

In the year 75 PU, a small portion of the outskirts of Sector 94, one of the cities on Saturn's moon Titan, was besieged by space pirates. It wasn't clear what they wanted or who, if anybody, had paid them to do this. All that was known was that three buildings were destroyed, two buildings were damaged, and a multitude of personal computers were stolen. The three confirmed casualties were a single space pirate, and Mr. Felix Ontar and Mrs. Joslyn Ontar, all found in the Ontar household. Their only child, Cecily Ontar was reported missing and assumed dead. Authorities, focused on other, more severe, space pirate attacks, chose not to investigate the case further.

In the year 85 PU, a plan for the attempted bombing of Iapetus was discovered on a recovered personal computer. The reasoning for it was not able to be recovered, though the Saturnine pirates that it was confiscated from were readily apprehended and brought to a prison on Titan. Among the apprehended suspects was Kellar 'Buzzsaw' Shennings, the leader of the notorious pirate gang 'Solar Scourge'. Due to that and the failure to execute it, the bombing plan was overshadowed in media reports.

Early in the year 90 PU, Solar Scourge stops harassing inbound transport ships. A few months later, their base is discovered in a remote area on Titan. A majority of the gang is dead, killed with conventional weaponry. Due to the status as a band of pirates, the authorities leave the area mostly uninvestigated, assuming that there was a rival group that offed them. Despite that, there was no evidence that anybody entered the base before the slaughter, only bloodied tracks leading towards the base's launch pad and a missing ship.

In the year 92 PU, a ship landed unannounced at a Jovian refueling station. Station authorities were called to the scene and arrived about an hour after the ship's landing. The crew appeared to have left, leaving the ship empty. Station security ordered a sweep of the ship, which quickly revealed the cargo hold filled with explosives. The explosives promptly detonated, and the security team was killed, along with a few station workers that were close to the ship at the time. The ship, seemingly an old Saturnian model, was destroyed, as was the loading dock it had landed in. The station itself suffered minor damage, with the only heavily damaged area being the loading dock the ship landed in. Media reports listed it as a terrorist attack with an unknown target. Jovian citizens were reminded to be on the look out for suspicious activity.

In the year 95 PU, a woman calling herself Captain Cecelia Cynnings formed a mercenary gang known as 'The Heaven Breakers'. They have begun accepting jobs involving fighting and transporting war paraphernalia, usually explosives. The group seems more keen on running jobs for the Solars, though why space pirates would be allying themselves with the Solars is unknown.

Resources & Contacts:
- The Scrapheap, a ship that does its purpose of getting people and things from Point A to Point B
- Smith, a rudimentary AI installed upon the Scrapheap that helps chart courses. Good at complaining (who programmed this damn thing???).
- The Heaven Breakers, the mercenary group that Cecelia leads. She hand picks the members herself, which means that the group is loyal. Unfortunately, that also means it's small. Still, they can usually get their jobs done. They need to get paid, after all.

- Roy Marquez, a Latin American man and Cecelia's right hand man. Roy is a programmer and an engineer with a morbid sense of curiosity and a staggering lack of morals. Still, he is surprisingly loyal to Cecelia and is usually found on the Scrapheap, running experiments and tests on things. As long as he isn't doing his shit out in the open, Cecelia lets him do what he wants. Don't wanna lower morale. He is onboard with Cecelia's plan and actively works to help out execute it.
- Janice Pallen, a Jovian woman born on Io and Cecelia's left hand woman. Janice is a wall of muscle and handles the heavier weapons when it comes to shooting things. Cecelia saved her from a band of pirates who had kidnapped her, though she left her with her remaining family on Io. Janice later tracked Cecelia down somehow and demanded to be a part of whatever she was doing. Cecelia relented, and Janice has served as Cecelia's bodyguard (not that she needs it) and heavy weapons expert ever since.
- Conrad Kirran, a Martian man, a former soldier, and the Scrapheap's ace pilot. Other members of the Heaven Busters are worried about his nihilistic attitude combined with the fact that they're basically putting their life in his hands when they're going places. Still, Cecelia likes him and trusts him not to do anything dumb. Cecelia and Conrad have a secret agreement, known only to them. If Conrad helps Cecelia achieve her goal, she'll kill him herself.

The Heaven Breakers

Systems, Planets, Stations:
-The Scrapheap, a singular ship that doubles as a huge pile of crap. Has weaponry typical of Saturnine pirates and a pretty basic AI installed that helps to chart courses and complain about decisions Cecelia makes.

History: Formed and lead by Cecelia Cynnings, the Heaven Breakers are a small mercenary group with a hidden goal. They are based on their own personal ship, the Scrapheap, and do odd jobs for anybody who hires them, though they have an eccentric tendency to turn down any jobs relating to the assistance of Earth's moon. Unknown to anybody outside of the organization's leaders, the Moon Busters' true goal is to destroy the Earth's moon, uncaring of any of the ramifications that the completion of their goal would bring. Seems to be a relatively affable group, though whether or not that facade is intentional is unknown.
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RE: Scattered Stars
Good group of apps so far! Apps are closing Friday, if you are planning to apply get it in by then!

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Scattered Stars
Name: Ambrose Hector

Description: Looks like the kind of person they cast in war movies; ruggedly handsome with curly blonde hair, grey eyes, and a pale complexion. His skin is slightly marred with burn scars - mostly a gift from the moon he grew up on - across his limbs and torso as well as a somewhat notable one running from his left ear to the neck. Unfortunately, his dramatic looks are generally not matched by the way he dresses. Sure, he looks decent and professional in his old military uniform or pilot's suit, but otherwise he generally wears clothing two or three (or seven) times before he worries about maybe doing some laundry, and he's never spent more than twenty seconds picking out an outfit. He's also incredibly awkward and socially inept, incapable of most basic social situations without making a complete fool of himself.

Homeworld: Io - you generally get the exact kind of person you expect from a place that is always trying to kill you.

Affiliation: Previously with the Solar Federation, now works as part of a freelancer group.

Occupation: Pilot - specifically starfighters but has some experience with terrestrial vehicles and mechs.

Bio: Ambrose lives a pretty uneventful and normal life as a kid and eventual teenager on Io - meaning that either he got an early job in the mines and died a horrible death to constant eruptions or giant spiders (something here made regular earth ones massive because of course it did) or stayed at home and wasted his life on VR games. He opted for the latter, starting a vicious cycle of being the social equivalent of a dumpster fire because he spent so much time in his head and playing every game made because he was a garbage person with no friends.

One of his favourite games was a popular war simulator, Cael Praelia. Favourite mostly because he was really, really good at it. So good, in fact, that when the Union began to fall two recruiters from the Jupiter military found their way to his home. Cael Praelia, apparently, had been yet another one of the Union's ill-advised secret government projects - this time, to train soldiers from nerds. Only a few deranged scientists kept up the project after most of the funding was cut (primarily due to the move towards supersoldier programs) but had come up in the Union's desperate attempts to save itself from the growing rebellion and the increasingly independent Solar planets' attempts to keep themselves relevant after it inevitably fell.

Ambrose was quickly tested for his capability beyond being good at a stupid war simulator, and proving to be the right mix of adaptable, trainable, and fucking terrified compliant was placed into a program to test the project. It turned out that, while not the roaring success Cael Praelia's designers had likely hoped for, the few players who did make it past all of the initial screening and survived training were naturally adept pilots for the varied single-operated warcrafts produced to match the fictional ones in the game.

Ambrose, of course, was included in this number, and served with distinction against varied rebel insurgencies and pirates for two years before the fall, making his name as an ace fighter. Honestly, he kind of enjoyed it, once he got over the constant fear of death - it was basically akin to a more visceral version of one of his favourite games, except he got a regular paycheck and a huge amount of respect for doing it (instead of the regular mockery and scorn). You just had to pretend your life wasn't constantly on the line, that you weren't killing real people, and that regularly taking sleeping pills was totally a safe and rational way to cope! When the colonies organized and breached the jumpgates, he was on the front lines. Against all odds survived both the Union's final defeat and the Federation's first victory, even becoming something of a war hero for his squadron's part in destroying the Rebel Flagship, the Pax Liberator and actually surviving - denying the Colonials a rallying point to stop their infighting and push their way into victory against the core worlds.

However, the rules and regulations of the military wore thin on Ambrose, enough to outweigh and replace the fear and glamour that kept him with the army thus far - probably due to how many friends and comrades had died, how he had almost died about twenty times in a week, and how the new Sol Federation just wanted everyone to immediately get back into the fray. It certainly didn't hurt that his commanding officer had already convinced most of his squad to run off as well so that at least if he was caught and tried for treason he'd be shot with friends. It never actually came to that, as after the desperate attack to force out the Colonies the new Federation was completely revamping its military to, you know, not suck so badly so as to be completely caught off guard again, allowing for various mercenary companies to swoop in and start bidding wars for the best individual soldiers or form from groups of them before the reorganization was complete.

Fast forward a little under two months and Ambrose is doing well as one of the top pilots of the 20 Remnants. Pay is good, and their work during the war as well as the few successful jobs they've worked since have given them a good name throughout the Federation, several of the closer (and richer) independent Colonial powers, and rich assholes who need people to do their dirty work.

Resources & Contacts:
Osborne Comstock - A middle aged eastern European man with dark, prematurely graying red hair and green eyes. He's very much kept up with his old military lifestyle unlike most of the men and women who serve under him, keeping lean and fit and dressing practically for any situation. A talented pilot and greater leader of men he formed the Remnants out of the various survivors of the 20 fighter and mech squadrons sent in the first wave aimed at retaking the solar system from the Colonies. Cares about his people but also about keeping them in order now that they don't have some higher authority to constantly answer to. Does tend to give a lot of the other aces a bit of a break for being so goddamn good for business and bad at social skills, but when Ambrose gets an inch he takes a mile and needs to be reigned in almost constantly.

Annabel Smythe - A smart looking woman with light brown skin and only slightly darker hair kept in a relatively neat bob. She has the slightly lanky proportions and angular features typical of Martians, as well as varied high quality mechanical implants and augmentations and a near impeccable style. A genius scientist and engineer and one of the Remnant's regular employers and sources for equipment/repairs. An outcast from the Mechanists she now roams freely and plies her trade while working on all sorts of dangerous projects (or resorting to low level piracy when needs be). She is cripplingly agoraphobic and relies on drones carrying holoprojectors to every meeting outside of her ship. Ambrose is pretty sure that she is actually just a VR avatar which is the only reason he can reliably carry on a normal conversation with her at all.

Guillermo Dom Soco - Young, genetically engineered to perfection, with exception of severe albinism. Head of one of the largest and most powerful companies on Earth's moon - built up with nothing but his blood, sweat and tears as well as fourty trillion dollars he got from selling off all his parents' assets. Sol Golpeador primarily produces focuses on the various parts of creating spacecraft and is known for its unusual, albeit effective designs. They also fund countless smaller ventures including mercenary companies like the Remnants to help build contacts. Secretly, behind the charm and friendliness Soco is a complete lunatic, and his entire organization is a front for his 'greatest' project. Namely, a way to destroy suns by punching and/or firing rockets at them in their stupid smug faces.
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RE: Scattered Stars

Announcement of who got in to come in a few days.

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RE: Scattered Stars
After a lot of thinking over this crop of very good apps, I have decided that you're all in.

PMs to come later in the week.

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RE: Scattered Stars
It started out with a joke, how did it end up like this? It was only a joke- it was only a joke!

Name: Serena Usagi
Description: Serena is 5'4", a fit young (20) woman of Japanese descent. Her hair is generally kept up in a bun, and falls to her mid-back when undone. She gives off a rather airy vibe, between her general slack stance and often far-off look. Overalls are her favorite when she doesn't have to wear a space-appropriate suit.
Homeworld: Luna, born and raised.
Affiliation: The Lunar Research team! Which is obviously part of whatever the Earth ends up doing and likely to stay so. They're not self sufficient enough to manage breaking off so close to Earth anyway, or so Serena thinks. She doesn't care much for politics, and doesn't see too much reason to care. So what if there's more people on the moon, creating an uneasy feeling and taking up a bunch of her favorite old abandoned spots...? Hmm. She'll have to do some thinking.
Occupation: She works with her parents and other researchers at the main research facility. Being the youngest person there, she is often a butt-boy of sorts, doing errands and running things to other facilities on the moon. She doesn't mind this so much. It can be a laid back gig, and she finds time to slack off and escape. Technically her work is supposed to involve shadowing the Taylor Kennedy Taylors, and working with them on local equipment, and that's fun, but what she loves is when she gets to work with fabricating things. It's like... magic! Transmutation, specifically! Even if she doesn't get to design anything or make crazy cool stuff, it's intensely interesting.
Bio: Serena's parents were otaku trash. Hence her first name. But along with that, they were an architect and an electrical engineer, and ended up going to the moon because, wow, what a cool opportunity! Serena was born in the back of a moon taxi, and after having her, her parents decided the only logical thing to do was to stay there, where they could balance the work they wanted to do with the work that was raising a daughter. Perfect solution, surely.

Or so she thinks, anyway, because Earth's moon has always been a home she could love. She grew up exploring lunar ghost towns, and following rigorous schooling and tutoring to prepare her for the new family profession: being useful on the moon. She didn't have many friends growing up, but that never bothered her much. For the most part, she prefers her own company, and the things she can get up to with it. Quiet hijinks, with little in the way of damages. There's probably some minor graffiti and left-out toys in an abandoned space or two. Some small footprints in odd places. (Three empty beer cans in a small outpost dome where she, Oswald, and Katrina went Earth-gazing. Shhhhhhh!)

Anyway, she completed her education as expected with swell marks, and when given the opportunity to go to Earth for her "college experience", she declined. She's halfway through a degree in mechanical engineering, and figures that will be useful enough to allow her to stay moon-bound even if things change at the research station. Right now she works, does her online schooling, and goofs off where she can. She initially didn't care too much about the war, but as its clutches makes the moon start to feel rather crowded, and as she gets news of how things are out of the union's grasp... she's not sure. But hey. She's got all the time in the world to consider it. Not like anything ever really happens on the moon.
Resources & Contacts: Who do you know, and what do you have that can contribute to the war?
-A pack of unused glow sticks she KNOWS she left in one of the less-used mines on the dark side when she was 10.
-I mean, that big ol' 3-d printer she sometimes has access to has to be good for something. Like. Surely.

Takumi and Nina Usagi - Her father and mother. Researchers from Earth, rather laid back. Takumi is an architect, and is generally involved in addressing issues with the dome and any large construction projects. He's also largely involved with the moon rock 3-d printing process. Nina is an electrical engineer, and works on things related to the moon's biggest export. Both in their early 50's, in fairly good health. A loving family, if not particularly hands on. As long as Serena continues to do well, no issue.
Taylor Kennedy and Kennedy Taylor - Basically the moon's favorite parts of the research team. Theirs was the only wedding Serena's ever been to. More or less permanent members of the team, they came to the moon about ten years ago. Very friendly guys. They're mechanical engineers specifically, and work on much of the moon's equipment. As such, everyone gets to know them at some point or another. They inspired Serena to go into the field.
Katrina Reddy & Oswald Greene: Serena's best friends! And kind of her only friends. Neither of whom live on the moon anymore. In fact, they were only ever really together for about a year, when Serena was 15. Katrina is the daughter of some short-term researchers, Oswald is the son of a Helium miner. They all happened to be on the moon at the same time, and clicked pretty well. Quite a few adventures into the "unknown" (aka the known but not quite used anymore.) Katrina is a firey sort of girl, and quickly grew tired of moon life. Looking for something more exciting, she joined the military as soon as she was old enough. Being a couple of years older than Serena and Oswald, this didn't take long. She's currently stationed on Mars, which isn't incredibly exciting either. Or, well, wasn't until recently. Oswald left the moon when his father did shortly after. Right now he works at CND (Colonial News Distribution), generally also being a butt boy for bigger people in his field, namely, reporters on Earth. The three of them keep in good touch, via snail mail to and from Mars and frequent emails between the earth and moon bound friends. As a result, Serena knows Oswald a bit better than Katrina. Oswald dreams of being a reporter, traveling through the colonies and getting the scoop. Definitely on the side of the colonies for this, and wants to head out there to document everything, but hasn't been able to as of the start of this. Katrina is much more reserved about her opinions, though if Serena were to guess, she'd think Katrina and Oswald were likeminded on the issue. Neither of them have heard from Katrina in a month, and they are concerned.
Roger Kramer - One of the miners' kids. 8. A short lived issue, they'll be going back to Earth soon. Serena was nice to him once, and like a raccoon he keeps coming back. Probably has a little baby crush, but he's not annoying about it. She's taken him out to Mare Nubium twice now.
Professor Wagner - One of her professors from her first year, who she got along with very well. She still goes to him for advice regarding her academic career, and they are almost friendly penpals. He has a wife, and seven dogs, and is in his early 60's. Stern man.

Other Notes:
CND/Colonial News Distribution : One of the bigger news groups in the Union. Mainly concerned with bringing news of the Union's old outter reaches back to Earth. Have had a scandal or two with their (considered nosy, 'bleeding hearts', sensationalist) work in the past year. Contact has been cut off from some of their outposts, and has been considered dangerous to peruse.

Mare Cognitum: One of Luna's Seas, where the biggest city is located. Main research facility is here.
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