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ABYSS: The Second Expedition
The Second Expedition
in which the Hunt will be On
and in which More People Discover the Occult
and in which Greed and Loyalty cause People to make Difficult Decisions

and People Still Fly Around on Airships because That is Fun and I Won't Take No for an Answer

[Image: 1f1f449c71bcbc57e9261c804c8f2d75.png]

Not long ago, word reached civilization of a lost temple, somewhere within the Jungles of Uakari. Many expeditions set out to seek out its riches, hidden deep amidst the dangerous tropics...

This thread is just for applications for Team Two, which won't have as many people as Team One, most likely. It's the same game, same universe, same time, but Team Two will be a Group PM adventure until they meet up with Team One - since Team One won't know until they get there whether they are friend or foe.

Exactly the same as the first team, you're coming from a mundane world - none of you will know what's happened so far with Team One at gamestart.

Character Applications
Name: What is your character called?
Appearance: What does your character look like? Humans only, please.
Skills: What is your character best at? What are they worst at?
Background: Where did they come from? How did they end up joining an expedition?
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Karim al-Ceobaili
Karim ar-Ayman ibn Jibril ibn Yusuf ibn Aamir ibn Aodan al-Ceobaili, meaning Karim the lucky, son of Jibril, son of Yusuf, son of Aamir, son of Aodhán the Ceobailian

Appearance: Medium height and build, light brown skin, wears clothes in the Imperial style with a religious hat. Has a curly beard and long hair that is pinned up in the hat. Fingers calloused from writing, but no significant muscle otherwise. Has a belt of flasks and pouches.

Al-chemy: Having knowledge of the chemicals and their mixture, and some medicine besides. He's more of a natural philosopher, but I have a theme going on here.
Al-gebra: Knowing mathematics, geometry, and the secrets of the secants and tangents
Ar-cheology (shaddup, what do you mean it's not an arabic root): Raised among the ruins of civilization past, and able to analyze and classify unknown ruins as well.
Languages (bah, patterns are for nerds anyway): Speaker of many tongues

Foreigner: Always alone, no countrymen nearby, seen as weird by those around him for his speech and looks.
Bad at Fighting: Despite his father's best efforts, never learned to wield a sword or gun. Shameful.
Nearsighted: The world becomes blurred, though lenses may focus it they are only a treatment, not a cure.
Aloof: Whether it be sadness or simply misunderstanding, connecting with other people is a challenge.

Background: Karim was born in the banu Agrabid Sheikdom, son of one of the sheikh's favored generals and champions. He was the youngest of eight sons and five daughters, and when he was born he was called "the lucky" for surviving a difficult childbirth and serious illness as an infant. Unfortunately, Karim's luck didn't seem to last as he grew up, making the epithet more and more ironic with each year. First, he was uninterested in fighting, always getting beaten up by his older brothers in a shameful display for his militant father. Second, he developed nearsightedness, making him useless as an archer which was his father's next attempt at making his son a warrior. Disappointing his father further, Karim became interested in the natural sciences, begging to be apprenticed to the court alchemist. Acquiescing, his father Jibril allowed it, but warned his son that he would not receive any of his family's wealth or prestige if he did not become a warrior and earn glory in battle. Karim didn't care, and happily learned the secrets of science, mathematics, and languages. He even studied some of the nearby ruins with his master, learning about the history of the land and how to date various architecture and buildings. For a few years, it seemed that Karim had found his place in the world.

Karim's bad luck soon struck again. His master died suddenly and violently, shaking with an illness that no potions or tinctures could cure. Karim was appointed court alchemist, and he took up many duties without being fully prepared for them. After a few months of near-disaster, the sheikdom was invaded by its neighbor. Karim's father fought valiantly, but he and most of his sons were struck down and killed. Karim, as a noncombatant, was spared, but the new sheikh had little use for another alchemist, already having his own. With his father dead and his brothers either dead or in exile, Karim had nobody to support him. He took his meager savings from his position's salary and decided to travel to Ceobaile, to search for his distant relatives in that land.

He traveled west, through the Empire and the Knightward Isles, and learned many new things along the way. While in Imperial territory he discovered that their superior optics had produced correctional lenses for nearsightedness; although they were not perfect they opened Karim's eyes to a new world of beauty and wonder. He learned languages and traveled, reaching Ceobaile at last. Unfortunately, once there he ran into a serious problem - nobody had any idea who his ancestor was. Karim had brought his family genealogical scroll, salvaged from the palace, but he was horrified to discover that the people in Ceobaile kept completely different records in a way that made all his information useless! After several months of wandering around, searching for both kin and work, Karim's savings ran out. He felt like an alien in Ceobaile, despite speaking the language impeccably, and felt the stares of everyone as he walked by and heard their furtive whispers. Eventually he gave up, realizing the futility of his quest, and decided to leave Ceobaile. Hearing of an expedition to the far-off Jungles of Uakari, he applied to join, hoping to find some purpose and meaning to his life.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Isabela (Bel) Zapatero De La Cruz

Appearance: Age 24. Isabela is a woman of mixed Coronan heritage. Both of her parents are darker-skinned, Coronan and Imperial speaking people, and she looks the part as much as they do. Her skin is dark, her eyes are the colour of honey, and her hair is a deep chestnut brown. The full-bodied curl to her hair she inherited from her mother, much to her frequent chagrin. Despite keeping her hair shorter (around shoulder-length), and always doing her best to pin it back or use headbands to keep it out of her face, it doesn't love to cooperate. There's usually a stray curl dangling in her field of vision when she's bent over something tinkering away. It's something she's had to get used to. Standing at only 5'0", Isabela is fairly dainty and unassuming looking, but that suits her just fine. Just like Mamá, her soft curves hide the callouses of her hands from her tinkering, and few suspect the field she specializes in. Best to hide her cards than flaunt them, anyway.

As for attire, Isabela tends to be versatile. She doesn't favour long sleeves, as they tend to get in the way, and has a specific set of clothes she likes to wear when she's working on any of her projects. She also has spectacles she must wear when the mood strikes her to get to tinkering. Pants, slacks, skirts, airy dresses, overalls-- so long as they're baggy enough to move in but not baggy enough to get caught in what she's working on. Comfort is pretty important when it comes to intellectual pursuits, it turns out!


Inventor: Much to her father's frequent dismay, he gave birth to a girl with quite a curious head. Isabela approaches situations analytically and is more than capable of throwing together some sort of tool to handle a situation in her way. She's even used her skills for others on more than one occasion. One only needs the right tool for the job to accomplish something, after all.
Tinkerer: If Isabela sees something she doesn't understand, or wants to change or work on, she's pretty adept at figuring it the heck out. Also, if something is broken and she gets the chance to check it out, she's pretty good at fixing things too! It's just the way her mind tends to work.
Math: Boy, math is an important part of engineering. She's great at it.
Bilingual: Self-explanatory. Fluent in Coronan and Imperial.
Well-educated: She smart. She learned a lot. Lots of learning.

Weak Social Skills: Boy, is Isabela not good with people. In fact, she's not spent a whole lot of extended time around people besides her parents and the people of the church. She is very bad at talking to people.
Understanding People: Man, it turns out that you kinda have to talk to and get to know people to really understand them and...Isabela never really has? The inner machinations of people's minds are an enigma to her. Makes it awfully difficult to understand why people do what they do.
No friends: Legitimately. She has like, no friends. It's very difficult for her to connect to people despite desperately wanting someone to talk to. What a troubled line she toes.
Physical weakness: Man, is Isabela not built for physical activity. She can run for short distances, but anything involving physical strength or combat she struggles with. Why do you think she's always carrying tools and stuff? She can solve her problems with those...sometimes.
Bad eye-sight: Well...if she really wants to see something, she needs to wear her tinkering glasses. It's not something she does constantly, though she usually has them on her somewhere, and a few spare pairs as well. It just means that she's real squinty sometimes until she gets them on, or if something is close to her face.
Bad Juju: She has a particular aversion to all things religious/occult. Sure, she believes in higher powers/forces to an extent, but also does her best to avoid them if at all possible. If truth be told, there's a lot of stuff there that genuinely unnerves and even scares her. There's a level of fascination there, but not necessarily the positive sort. She's very superstitious.

Background: Born to Guillermo and Adelita in a country called Santierra, Isabela was an only child. This suited her parents just fine, as one child was all her father wanted. What her mother wanted mattered far less, a fact Isabela would become more than aware of as she got older. Where she was born, the man of the house made the rules, and it was only enforced stronger with her father's status as a vicar at the largest cathedral in the country. Guillermo was a proud man, and he ruled the house with an iron fist. Isabela was never particularly fond of him, though he had immensely high expectations of her. His daughter was expected to be composed, put-together, beautiful, dutiful, well-mannered-- the kind of good girl any Santierrian would be happy to bring to Church.

Isabela was very frequently none of those things all at once.

Her mother was a patient woman that nurtured her daughter in any way she could, despite the protests from her father. Papá insisted that she take etiquette lessons, and Mamá would allow her to head to the library after and check out as many books as her tiny arms could carry as an apology. What her father attempted to break down, her mother took care to build up, and Isabela lived a strange duality between the two, struggling with being this poster child as well as embracing the passions in her heart and chest. Mamá made sure she was well-educated and when Papá questioned, was easily able to explain the alluring nature of an intelligent girl. After all, religious men are so well educated, would they not want a woman on equal terms with them? It's difficult to argue with that train of logic-- especially when you're as busy as Isabela's father-- so he put her mother in charge of all of her lessons. She hired instructors and, once she learned how mechanically-minded her daughter was, made sure to help her grow as much as she could in that field with plenty of mentors.

Isabela was always a painfully inquisitive girl. The questions she had constantly wore on her father and often times her mother. It wasn't enough for her to read scripture, she needed to know exactly why what happened had happened. Why did he do that? Who was he looking for? Why didn't God intervene sooner? Why didn't they take a different course of action? Wouldn't it make more sense if they'd just brought what they needed in advance?
No amount of discipline, both mental and physical, could make her stop questioning everything around her. It enraged her father constantly.

A month ago, Guillermo had his daughter engaged to marry another young man he knew from the church, one already working his way towards becoming a vicar as well. There was a number of things wrong with this betrothal, all of which Isabela verbalized multiple times to her father. Isabela and Matías had met numerous times, but Isabela just wasn't interested. Of course, her father was hearing none of it. His daughter was going to spend as much free time with this man as he saw fit to establish a bond with his soon-to-be-wife. Papá was not the type to be argued with, and Isabela was forced to see a whole lot more of her fiancé than she wanted to. Much more than she was comfortable with. Matías was kind of a dick.

Her mother did her best to soothe, to answer, to assist her daughter through this struggle-- but she didn't do anything to actually change the outcome of the situation. Mamá was content with pacification rather than any actual change.

One night, while pacing around her room and observing her situation, Isabela realized something.
Nothing was going to change for her unless she did it for herself.
She was alone, and she was the only one who could potentially alter her fate.

So she did.

Packing her things, her tools, and a series of her books, she wrote a simple note to her parents that explained her situation and her reasons for leaving. She was headed anywhere away from Santierra to do anything else but get married and settle down with a man who would never really make her happy. She was prepared to do anything in this world except cook and clean and pop out babies for a person she could never truly love.
Fate smiled on her, and led her to a nice man named Diego. He was a member of the same church her father oversaw, and was familiar enough with her to wave her over when he saw her marching with a full bag down the street. He was on his way to an expedition, he explained, and if she needed somewhere to go, she was free to tag along. She didn't need any skills to clean a ship, after all.

Lucky for Isabela, with her particular skillset, she quickly secured herself a pretty invaluable spot with the rest of the team.
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Jagkai Harin

Appearance: To begin, 6 ft 1 and well built. Not a wall of muscle but clearly athletic. Somewhat flat in chest with a strong jaw, she can pass for male easily enough if she finds it useful. Looks to be either in her 40s and doing well or an aged-by-experiences 30 something. Has straight grey hair despite her youth, typically in a ponytail, pale brown tan skin and one light blue eye. Balances well between comfortable clothing and looking good. Trousers, shirt and jacket do well, with a bow tie always of course. Carries a more formal set of simple white robes with red trim with her, something inbetween martial and religious in style and functionality.

-Martial arts: Is well trained in unarmed combat for lethal and non-lethal fighting, and tripping, disarming, grappling techniques for controlling foes. Has some basic proficiency with simple weapons too, daggers and such.
-Spirituality: Jagkai claims to know about minor spirits and denizens that personify the forces of nature, ideas and qualities and so on, named Muki commonly, and how to deal with them. Knowledgeable about her own religion of Michika.

-Depth perception: Tricky to have with one eye.
-Addiction: Unfortunately, in the initial ship that had taken Jagkai out of Aihar, they'd been smuggling a variety of drugs and such. It...was bad for a little while, quite a way to have her under the merchant's thumb, but now Jagkai has substituted it into a heavy tobacco addiction instead. She's not happy with herself about it.

Background: Born in a village in the secluded lands of Aihar, under the shadow of the mountain Haka, Jagkai was initially a sickly babe, born near dead but clung to life and pulled through into a healthy young child. Without the love and support of her parents Jagkai knows she would have died, and in many other circumstances such a babe would have been long given up upon. The toil and effort put out for her causes the memories of her parents to be even more bittersweet in Jagkai's faint memories of them, for at around the age of 5, the first great calamity of her life struck as the great Haka erupted and with it's struggles and fury laid waste to the land immediately around it. Jagkai was one of the few that managed to flee the village, along with her father.

Rather than take her on the road to search for new potential work and livelihood, Jagkai was left at a nearby forested monastery with some of the other surviving village children. Here, the spiritual side to the world began to be shown to Jagkai. The monks worked inbetween penning letters, scribing calligraphy and creating art, practicing martial practices to hone their bodies, pondering both political, economical and spiritual issues of the times. Jagkai learnt her letters, the basic tenants of the faith of Michika and exercises to keep the body healthy and limber. When she was 13 though, the temple was attacked and raided. The lands of Aihar had grown dangerous and tumultuous with civil war, and her new home had been targeted. Partly for their affiliation, their suspected possession of key information, and their funds and treasures. Jagkai was in one of the few splintered groups that survived the ransackment, probably because they did not view much value in chasing down and capturing the group made up of the younger children. It was in this time that Jagkai lost an eye, from a glancing blow knocking her aside by an invading soldier as she'd attempted to foolishly defend one of the priests. She was lucky to only lose that but her weakness and the scenes of destruction of that event haunted her.

She cut her hair short afterwards, and took to running with a gang of other orphans and waifs after the fleeing monastery group reached safer civilisation. An ability to read and good physique was useful enough in making minor deliveries around town, and she quickly became a terror in gang brawls for territory and business. This was more mixed times, a more dangerous and cruel surrounding of people and lifestyles, but it was survivable and some close friends were made and even early loves in time. At 19 though, her gang's luck finally fell through after a betrayal led them into an ambush. Jagkai managed to flee, obviously, and took a job with a caravan out of town rather than remain as a survivor of a decimated gang.

She made new friends in time, and her past as a monastic student helped her bond with an elder man named Kanui, a mukisei by unofficial profession, but officially, a wandering doctor and alchemist. A strange man with odd mannerisms whom laughed at jokes of her own devising and rarely others, who wouldn't drink anything hot or touch the colour blue if he could help it, and other quirks. Jagkai suspected he was slightly touched from his professions, either working with strange medicines or the influence of trucking with Muki. Still though, his odd ways were interesting and behind his strangeness, he was a kind and gentle man, so she became something of an assistant to him. Helping him with his goods, a second pair of steady hands and one good eye to read what his poor ones couldn't anymore. He passed in his sleep 6 years later, some sickness of the lungs choking his breathing from him in days, though he was prepared for his fate and passed with a minimum of pain and with dignity. Jagkai did her best to fulfil his final wishes, having part of his ashes brought back to his home town and what funds and goods given to the village elder. It seemed that he'd been sending small tokens of money back home for decades, for an estranged family that he was an uncle of.

Jagkai moved on to a nearby city, Kharan, known for having one of the few remaining ports in Aihar after the country had begun closing itself off following the civil war over a decade ago. Again, Jagkai took time to become a messenger and a sometimes brawler, finding what work she could that she could, passing herself off as male when possible. Another tragedy took place though, when a foreigner, a strange man in strange clothing bringing strange goods and foods, hired her gang for some work, it seems in some kind of smuggling attempt to get around the high and strict tarrifs set on the few merchants that came. The ship made good haste in fleeing the city, and rather than remain in town to face the consequences of her group's crime, Jagkai remained with the odd merchant's ship and sailed away, accepting a permanent banishment and exile imposed on all native citizens whom left Aihar, over possible execution seemed preferable.

She picked up the new language quickly, though was somewhat amazed at the range of different languages on the ship, having assumed all their nonsense words was of the same tongue. Jagkai quickly began to see that the world was much bigger than it had seemed. She learnt to be quiet and listen quickly, to keep her own ways and quirks to herself and to pay attention to others and their ways instead, accepting anyone's conversations and amiable interactions with a small smile. She continued to pass herself off as male when possible, her foreign and slightly masculine appearance helping hide her few feminine features, Jagkai seeing that it was one thing to just be foreign and more to be foreign and female and strange, which she was beginning to realise she was. Taller than most males, one eye and early greying hair, customs unique to her own land. A still tongue and private demeanor kept things simple. Her skill in brawling continued to grow, and she was able to continue her lifestyle of shadey jobs and violence as she travelled around on different ships, in differing port cities. A reputation for keeping her mouth shut, and a hard and capable worker helped.

It was in the city of Starday that she has gained her most recent job, some form of expedition was taking off in one of those odd "airships." For some reason this story stuck in Jagkai's mind, ticking in the back of her head. She broke her customary quietness and looked into the gossip of the adventure. Lost temples, foreign lands, a deep urge grew until Jagkai decided that there was something interesting and worth being a part of in this endeavour, so she applied for a post of security and menial assistance, whatever she could get to attach herself to an expedition.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Daibhedh O'Hara

Appearance: Middling height and wiry musculature, Daibhedh is far stronger than he appears and is very fast. Possessing a orange goatee and thin mustache, he is balding on the dome of his head with his hair flaring out crazily on all other sides with mutton chops to complete the image. Possessing wide blue eyes, hidden behind a pair of wire frame spectacles and a comforting smile, he is surprisingly charismatic despite his otherwise off-putting appearence.

Skills: Daibhedh has a masterful analytical mind and is excellent at puzzle solving, which makes him ideal for his life as an archaeologist and researcher. He is renowned back home for his discoveries and criticisms of long held beliefs about fallen civilisations and has written and read extensively on various topics of ancient civilisations to proper dig site etiquette and archaeological techniques. He also has a fondness for duelling and hunting, both for sport of course, putting his big eyes and keen sense for detail to good use from time to time.

What lets him down though is his otherwise terrible interpersonal skills. You could never ask for a more effective communicator when it comes to actually doing some work, but outside of such interactions he is amazingly antisocial. And while strong and fast, he has rather poor endurance and cannot take a punch very well, more of a glass cannon than anything. Good with words but terrible with numbers.

Background: Daibhedh is an oddity as far as Ceobaile's nuveau riche families are concerned. Disdainful of his family's pretensions but also uncaring of the nobility's haughtiness, he cared more for the individual's accomplishments rather than their family names. Which won him as many enemies as it did admirers amongst the great and the good of Ceobaile.

A respected though midranking researcher in the University of Daubhaclain, he never let his position bother him as much as his accomplishments bothered, and threatened his peers. So much so that many conspired to get him involved in the latest 'expedition' to the colonies. Selling it to the man over beers as being a great chance of discovering new civilizations. Daibhedh was not sold however, not at first, as appeals to his vanity did nothing for him, what did intrigue him however, were the dark temptations of finding out what the old rites and practices of the savages to the southlands were all about.

Daibhedh was a religious man, but one of an unconventional nature. Oh yes he very well believed there was a God, he just didn't particularly care. What Daibhedh wanted was knowledge, and the esoteric and the occult fascinated him. Most of it was, of course, nonsense, which is exactly why he kept his inquiries and research into the matter discreet. No sense letting his peers know exactly how many failed experiments and discarded hypothesis he had to go through before making his grand insightful forays cutting the wheat from the chaff of popular archeological theories. The Ancients were wrong about a lot of things, but how many things were they merely glimpsing, as if trying to discern a shadow in the mist at night? What were they searching for?

Knowledge was power, after all, and perhaps the sum of esoteric knowledge would unlock a power as unforseen in modern natural philosophy. Some new science or, perhaps a lost art that man forgot. Who knows, maybe when all was said and done, it would give him insight into his theory of Unified Ancestral Philosophy. That'd be enough of a magnum opus.

With that in mind, he agreed to their proposal, his peers, eager to be rid of him and masking their cheerfulness with fond regards and bon voyages, wished him the best of luck.

Luck, now thats a funny thing.

Whats unlucky for one man may be a great fortune for another.

I am not apologising.

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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
If you want to apply, please at least have an incomplete app up by Wednesday. I will only wait for apps posted before that day to be complete before selecting players and starting, and will not wait for any apps posted after that date.
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Rebecca Baker

Appearance: 26. Tanned, rough skin calloused by years of rough manual labor. Short black hair(it kept falling in her face so she ended up just cutting it), brown eyes, and messy bangs. Wears a set of functional work clothes, consisting of some very beaten trousers, a modified blouse, and a hairband she uses more as a sweatband then a hairband.

Skills: Strong: Rebecca is quite strong, due to years of carrying crates and doing other types of work.
Diligent: Rebecca can focus on a task when she sets to it, ensuring that it’s done to the best of her ability.
Fighter: Rebecca is an experienced fighter in unarmed combat and wrestling, but she’ll more likely resort to dirty plays then fight with any semblance of honor.
Uneducated: Almost none of the Bakers have a really strong education anyways, so her not knowing much wasn’t a big deal. She can read and write, but any sort of complicated subject is completely out of her grasp.
Hot-Tempered: Rebecca can get into fights really easily, and she does so with glee sometimes.

Background: The Bakers are a large family, comprised of workers of all sorts. They’re almost an institution in Thressia, and being born into the family pretty much ensures you have a job, even if you don’t like it. There’s artisans of all kinds, in addition to store runners, dock workers, and generally just any kind of label there is. If someone’s last name is Baker, they’re probably related in some way to any other Baker you’ve met so far. There's a loose family unity between Bakers, in the sense that if you had a random Baker pick who to trust between a random stranger and another random stranger with the last name Baker, they would lean towards the Baker.

Rebecca was a Baker. For her, this meant that her job consisted of manual labor along with her siblings, transporting crafts of other Bakers from warehouses to ships. This was Rebecca’s daily life for quite some time, and she hated it. While she did the work assigned to her, she never really wanted to just do the same menial work over and over again. So when she turned 25, she explained it to her parents, who were a bit disappointed, but agreed to let her go out and see the world, on the condition she visited back in a couple of years or so. So Rebecca set out, heading for a job on some expedition to a continent. She was sure she could convince them with her adeptness at physical labor, and while she wasn’t personally too excited about doing more menial tasks, at least it’d be in some new place with exciting opportunities.

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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Name: Marta Ferro

The next candidate walks in. She is a young woman, short at barely over five feet tall. Seems to operate under the motto of 'look exactly like a pile of dirt' as far as I can tell. Brown eyes, brown skin, dark brown hair, brown boots and heavy work gloves. The only thing about her that isn't is a long sleeved white shirt and overalls, and even those are filthy. She rolls up a sleeve and - wait a minute. Is her... her right arm is a prosthetic below the elbow. The sleeve and glove were just covering what looks like a metal plated stump with a hook on the end. Now she's... unscrewing it? She's screwed on a shoddily carved wooden hand and offering it for a handshake. Fantastic. Might as well get this over with.

"Tell me Ms. Ferro -"

Marta grins and rocks back on her seat. "Call me Marta!"

"I will not. Tell me, what do you would offer to the expedition?"

All the Live Long Day

"Well," Marta starts, "I'm a railway kid, first and foremost. Grew up there, worked there most of my life, heck my popses said I was born on it."

"I - what? How did you? Popses?"

"Yeah my dads! They found me when they were laying the Trans-Imperial Railway. Just sort of sitting in a basket along the unfinished tracks, apparently. Decided to raise me as their own instead of just letting me sit there, and once they convinced my moms-"

"Moms too, eh."

"Yup! Only 11 of them though, and they didn't really come to the tracks with my dads and brothers and me. Anyways, yeah I learned everything about working the line, laying tracks and clearing debris. It's kept me pretty fit, and good at dealing with long days and the occasional cramped dark tunnel, though obviously I'm hoping to be out in the open a lot more but it'll help with jungles and ruins right? I read all about them in the adventure books and they sound just as dark and small."

"I don't imagine that gave you a lot of time to work on your education."

"Not at all! Never even learned how to write!"

"I, uh, didn't expect you to be so honest about that. You can read though?"

"A little."

"Let's move on then Ms. Ferro. What else?"

Strong and doesn't tire easily. Can deal with cramped and dark areas with less issues than the average person. Proficient in various tools such as pickaxes and drills both against rail lines, rock, and the occasional robber, and has basic working knowledge on metal repairs. Was taught to read and little else, but even that is a trial for her.

What Some People Want to See

"Oh right, the part I got into the most was, well uh, clearing the tunnels."

"Right, mining. I'm not so sure how that-"

"No no no, with explosives! I just had a nose for it, my dads always said. Pretty fun too, mixing the powders and watching the perfect charge go off. If it was in the way we had to clear it, and I got really good at blowing it up or burning it down."

"I, oh." I look at her arm. "Any accidents?"

Marta rubs her fake arm. "Oh yeah, when I was fourteen I got cocky. I had thought I was already an old hand at expanding caverns."


"Yeah and already as good as my old man. Not oldest, Papa Gregor was always more of an organizational type, but Papa Bruno was the main explosives guy. But you don't care about that I bet."

You're right.

"Point is he was the best in the family - er, town. Doesn't matter how good you are though, all it takes is one dumb mistake.
Won't happen again though, I promise! Oh, and as for setting controlled fires and improvised -"

"Alright, alright. I get it."

Expert in the mixing, setting, and blowing up of all matter of explosive devices. A natural prodigy in the art of destruction in general. She knows all the best ways to break and/or destroy just about anything she's had a bit of time to look at. This interest did cost her an arm, teaching valuable lessons in patience and double checking everything. The arm is actually of surprisingly high quality,
allowing her to screw on or off a handful of very, very basic attachments.

"Moving on Ms. Ferro, tell me how you came to sign up for the expedition?"

"Oh you know, I saw the ad and my family said I should go for it because -"

"Well, we more want a little bit further back, how you came to be the person you are, as it were. We want to know what kind of people we're hiring."

Marta's eyes widen. "Oh, you actually want my life story?"

I feel like I'm going to regret this.

"Yes, Ms. Ferro."

Marta takes a huge breath. "So, like I said, I never knew my birth parents, what with being left in a box by the railroad."

Oh no what have I done.

"Ms. Ferro I more meant -"

"So my dads found me starting the shift. Almost got run down by the test train car until I was spotted by Papa Reese, pulled me out at the last second. What a mess that would have been huh? Tiny thing like that smashed by even a slow moving car, wow. Anyways, they took me in. Couldn't bare to see a little girl abandoned like that. Took me back to the prop up town - you know, where they set up their living conditions and stuff, and talked my moms into it. Maybe a strong word, I mean a lot of my dads insist on fighting for me but truth is a lot of my parents didn't have kids because of the constant backbreaking labour and the disease and the risk of death and all that."

She laughs awkwardly at this, was that supposed to be a joke?

"Yeah so for a long time I was sort of the whole town's son, er, daughter. Like I'm a girl and all but my dads wanted to show me the family business as it were and usually that stuff is guys only. Turned out pretty well for me I'd say, learned a lot and discovered natural talent - which I already told you about."

"You lost your arm Ms. Ferro -"

"And learned a lot from it! Plus my whole family chipped into their savings and bought me one of these fancy city prosthetics. Shoulda saved it for themselves but I really appreciate it, and you know what? It's more useful than my old hand was anyways."

She begins pulling out several other 'hand replacements'.

"See I can scoop with this one, or hook things with this, and this one lets me cut line for explosives like nobody's business! I even got one with a hammer built into it so I can do repairs and rail laying, though I imagine that last one won't see as much use in an airship. Now, where was I? Right, growing up..."

This goes on for another twenty minutes. I will spare you most of it and skip to the end.

"... and you know what, they all supported me fully. Said that if I wanted to go out and see more of the world I should sign up for the expedition. But then Mama Susan got real sick with the rail cough - don't know why they don't call it something else since the Trans Imperial Line's been done for three years now - and I sort of missed the signups then. I'm so happy there's gonna be another open flight though! Hey, uh, if you pick me, and I know you might not because I'm sure there's lots more qualified folk than me, would it be a big deal if my family saw me off? Not all of them, just my eight dads, five moms, two step moms, step dad, and eight brothers and sisters that stayed in the area with me after the line was finished. They won't get in the way I promise, I just want to show them I'm following my dream!"

"I-I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. Twenty four direct relatives..."

"Plus any that come in from outta town when they hear!"

"Thank you for your time Ms. Ferro. You'll hear from us soon."

Marta Ferro leaves the office. In summary, she is a wordy, naive bumpkin with no experience in any sort of field regarding exploration with a bad arm that - despite her assurances - will likely be more of a hindrance than a boon. However, records and her own words today seem to indicate that she is vastly more talented in demolitions than even some academy engineers, and if you pardon my negativity on our leadership I can't think of any sort of ruin or situation more generically dangerous and deadly than living in one of those godforsaken railway villages or mining out the mountains for the railway and the experience will likely only benefit any delving done. Life she's lived she might as well be a walking talking deathwish, and given how these voyages can sometimes go... at least we won't have to worry about getting in trouble with any more families of daring and adventurous noble scions. Recommended for expedition.
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RE: ABYSS: The Second Expedition
Right, Wednesday's here, apps are closed, accepted four people, writing up the first PM.

Accepted characters:
Karim al-Ceobaili
Isabela Zapatero De La Cruz
Daibhedh O'Hara
Marta Ferro

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