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[CANCELLED!] Cottongrove University
The Lore and the Lowdown on Cottongrove University:
Trying Times For a College in the Woods

Cottongrove University, a lovely little college situated in the middle of Kerritine Forest. The campus, while not particularly large, is scenic, placed at the edge of the beautiful Lake Rozneth. There's a quaint path that winds through the forest, a simple dirt road barely wide enough for the buses that bring students, staff, and supplies on campus, leading to the slightly rusted iron gates, part of the fence that surrounds the campus grounds.

Good things have been said about Cottongrove. While the school is not large, it accepts a reasonable amount of people. The campus is attractive, with its cobblestone paths and grassy common areas. The programs that they have are in depth and well handled. The staff members, especially the current headmaster, are friendly, easy to talk to, and easily accessible by students and parents alike. Aside from the secluded setting, Cottongrove is, for many, a perfect campus.

For others, however, Cottongrove was much different from what they wanted. Some students with active imaginations claim that the dorms go bump in the night and that the halls rumble during class. That things shuffle and slither outside of their rooms, always present but never entering. Others say that there's a strange dissonance in the campus' design, something off in the way things are constructed and designed. Some potential employees claim the others act cold, distant, and suspicious to them, but only if they don't get the job. Many people, students and staff alike, say the higher ups know things, things they shouldn't, things they've never been told. And that's not even saying anything about the rumors going around of students that 'transfer out' without a word, never to be heard from again, even from their closest friends.

Cottongrove University is many things, though what exactly is hard to discern. Everybody seems to say something different about the quaint little campus in the woods. One thing is for sure, however. Cottongrove has just taken in its newest batch of students. And you're among them, aren't you? Enjoy your stay, and have a great semester!


Hey everybody, it's Kiven! Cottongrove University is a simple RP game about a quaint college in the woods that might have a little more to it than it seems. I'm planning on having this be a mostly PM-based RP due to the nature of some of the stuff going on behind the scenes, though due to the setting not being the biggest, there will likely be crossovers between characters which could return to the thread depending on the size of the group. In addition, things that affect all players and/or would be known to everybody on campus will be posted in the thread, even if players aren't posting there. There's also going to be an initial, in thread starting post to signify game start, but you don't have to stick around for long if you don't want. On the other end of things, I'd appreciate it if you kept things that happen to you in game a secret.

In terms of player count, I'm looking for about 4 people. However, I'm very weak, so it's possible I'll accept a couple more :V. I'm also going to try to play a bit loose with time despite the relatively close quarters, so that things don't slow down too much for everybody.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. If you have any questions, you can pm me, skype or steam me, ask in thread, whatever works.

Name: Exactly what it says.
Appearance: What do you look like?
Personality: What do you act like?
Hobbies: What do you like?
Biography: What's your life been like before you came to Cottongrove University?
Major: What are you studying?
Year: How long have you been in college? Are you a freshman? A junior? If you're not a freshman/first year, please list the reason behind your choice to transfer to Cottongrove.
Friends: Do you know anybody that came to Cottongrove? Please list their major and a few details about them (personality, appearance, age, and anything you think is relevant). However, there is no shame in not having any attending with you. There are plenty of individuals on campus just waiting to be your friends.
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RE: Cottongrove University
Name: Jonathan Hemsington East

Appearance: Rather un-notable verging on dorky, Jon is the type of guy that doesn't just blend into a crowd, he sinks into the back of it and slumps into the shadows. He wears plain t-shirts, regular blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. He has thick lens glasses with copper frames, a scruff of slightly curly brown hair, and a pair of dull brown eyes. He usually looks pretty tired and sleep deprived.

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn, but passionate about what he loves. Jon pursues his interests and knowledge above all else.

Hobbies: Biology. He also likes gardening. He has a few potted plants in his room, along with a chemistry set.

Biography: Jon has lived a quiet, law-abiding life. He's only had one instance of trouble and, listen, those kids had buried that dog, they weren't using it! He was just doing a studying on the decay of muscle tissue and nervous systems. He didn't see what the big deal is.

Major: Biochemistry with a minor in physiology.

Year: Freshman, and eager to finish getting his basic courses out of the way so he can take more serious courses. Fortunately, he got a start on that in high school already.


Edmund Gore - A fellow graduate of Jon's high school, Edmund is Jon's best friend, but pretty much because nobody else is friends with him. He's sort of... Bland. And goes along with most everything. Jon has jokingly referred to Ed as his 'henchman.' Ed does have hobbies, however, he's a member of the football team, but not a popular one among jocks. Not necessarily unpopular, either. Like Jon, Ed just seems bland enough to go largely unnoticed in groups.
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RE: Cottongrove University
Name: Timothy Müller

Appearance: Dark brown hair, light brown eyes with bags under them, sort of skinny and usually smiling - when he's in public anyhow.

Personality: Publicly, while high: A PARTY DUDE. LIFE OF THE PARTY. Not in a weird, creepy, fratboy way, but in a 'genuinely likeable fun guy who's DEFINITELY on something and should probably get some help but we're not gonna suggest that 'cause this is a college party' sort of way. Privately: Depressive, paranoid, prone to mood swings and rants.

Hobbies: Parties, fun times with large, large groups of friends (meaning people who know his name, mostly), cocaine, and occasionally nihilist literature.


Born to a middle-class family living comfortably in the suburbs, Timothy used to be a pretty alright kid - did his homework, got decent grades, listened to his parents most of the time. Then puberty happened. He skipped over the 'rebellious punk' phase, right into the 'depressive goth' phase.

Even then, he was pretty normal - for a teen, anyhow - up until one of his goth friends suggested he read some Nihilist philosophy. Most people would deal with this normally - that is to say, either by shrugging it off or by using Nietzsche quotes to enhance their edginess. Tim did not. He took most of it to heart. Even the weird parts that Nietzsche wrote when he was, like, super syphilitic.

This provided his already-nascent depression with negative thoughts to feed on, sending him from introvert to utter isolation. It eventually got to the point where he couldn't handle it and, in the heat of the irrational moment, forced himself to go to a party next door. There, a dude named Travis offered him some coke. It was the first time Tim felt pleasant in months.

After that, he was all about the party life. His parents got a LOT less worried. He started dressing normally and going out again. He was going to parties, making friends, and acting like a normal teenager. He got a job - mostly to pay for his new habit - and hell, his grades even started improving - primarily because he started paying this one dude, Hugh, to do his homework for him. The sudden moodswings he'd acquired were worrying, but hey, he seemed better overall! Despite mediocre entrance exams, his grades were good enough to get into Cottongrove. God have mercy on anyone who has to share a room with him and deal with his mood swings.

Major: Law.

Year: Freshman.


Hugh - A 'friend' from high school. A fairly serious student, and generally nice, responsible dude. Tim payed him to do some of his homework for him back in high school. Doesn't really like Tim, but still hangs out with him because he's sort of worried about him.

Sandra - Ex-girlfriend. Something of an introvert. Broke up with him when it became apparent they were drifting apart as he became more extroverted. Never found out he made out with Kara Jameson that one time when he was high as balls.

Travis - His dealer. Kind of a scumbag. Drives his mom's minivan. Doesn't go to Cottongrove.
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RE: Cottongrove University
Name: Verry Kilsmintin
Appearance: None
Personality: NONE
Hobbies: None
Biography: None.
Major: Marine Biology
Year: Junior. Didn't really want to stick around his last campus after the whole 'school shooting' thing. Lightning never strikes twice, as they say, so he'd probably have been better off staying, but the atmosphere was just...grim, after that.
Blake Fredricksburg. 27. Used to date Verry's older brother, Berry. English/History major, went into museum stewardship. Long, brown hair tied up in a man-bun. Pretty insufferable, but knows a lot in his field.
Meena Legion. 19. Undeclared. Childhood neighbor. Verry thinks she's probably going into journalism. Actively stalking her ex, who is a year above her at Cottongrove.
Chad. 20. Verry keeps forgetting his last name. Transfer from the same school, same program. Likes sports, and keeps in shape, but sucks at literally everything competitive. He's not even very good academically. A solid C student.

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