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Hey chucklefucks welcome to Furryquest a joke that went too damn far. Sul said I could. So I must.

It's going to be hopefully short and semi-serious (no Cheesus guys, unless you can give me a damn good reason), because I'm no fun. But this is still born from a joke, so don't feel like you can't suggest fun stuff. It's going to take me a little bit to get everything together, and I'll leave this up while I'm working on it, but in the mean time I want to know what y'all want in the world. I'll keep everyone updated with ideas I'm keeping. Lore suggestion phase: BEGIN!

Questions to think about::

-So this can be one of those weird universes where everything is the same as real life except everyone is furries, or it can be high fantasy, with furries. Y'all's pick, but I'll pick if nobody expresses care either way. I'll have that finalized within a few days tops, since that's kinda important.
-The bane of all furry things: figuring out the deal with how they eat. Is everyone herbivores? Are there regular animals in addition to furries? Do they eat other furries? Pick your level of edge, or suggest your own.
-Are we going to let there be sparkledogs or not?
-How furry do you want these furries to be? See: a furry chart. (Basically how different from humans do we want to go.)
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RE: Furryquest
Welcome to Wulfingham, the jewel of the Northwest!

Or, not welcome persay, as you've likely been in the city a fair time now. Regardless, Wulfingham is a prosperous city along the coast, with pleasant weather, gung-ho city administration, and as it continues growing, the kind of opportunity that makes a city very attractive to live in. Admittedly, it is the only city for a very long while, but perhaps that's why early planning focused on making the place so self-sufficient! There's about a million things to do between the coast and the forests, and a little more in them too. Almost too good to be true, for most! Kinda boring if one were to think of it from a narrative standpoint! No damn character! Ah well, consider Wulfingham a real model for urban society, and, well, get right back into it!

So I have taken input and figured out how I want this to go along the way. Treat it like, as Cetus put it, a slice-of-life! Guidelines will be placed down in the application where relevant. This will likely start in PMs but I imagine it'll transfer into a primarily thread-based thing, maybe? We'll see how it goes. I'll leave this up probably until I have enough that I like, or maybe a bit further so I have to do some picking. I'll update y'all when I'm more sure. PM or Skype me with any questions!

-So. There's just going to be regular animals along with furries, and it's totally not gonna be weird. Children will go through a phase where they're like, yo, mom, why do we have the same general look as our cat but we walk on two legs? And mom will be like, yo, kid, stop asking dumb questions.
-Wulfingham is seated in the northwestern tip of the Kingdom of Animalia, who are currently in a standoff with their southeastern rivals, the Plantae Kingdom, which is made up of plant people. The people of Wulfingham are probably the least effected in the kingdom. Those two take up one continent. There's another island out to the north, the Archaebacteria Kingdom, but nobody can get close enough to figure out anything about it.

-Officer McGruff: in the WPD

Name: No explanation needed!
Species/appearance: So! You have to be an anthro, but I'm going to say the concept of the sparkledog is alright, so you can be zany colors and have appendages one wouldn't otherwise reasonably have. Wings on backs can fly, feathery arms can't. Your mom could be a bird and your pop could be a cat and it TOTALLY makes sense. Also: we are not Donald Ducking it. Harry will be weird. And probably get arrested for public indecency. Your characters need pants.
Occupation: Most people have one here! Go crazy, it's a big city that has place for all kinds of things.
Skills: Anything out of the ordinary. You'll technically have one related to your job if you decline to put anything here.
Bio: What's your story? Gimme the whole shebang. Letting you make up a lot of bullshit about the world, use that freedom as you please.
Friends and family: As many or as few as you want in town. You can include people out of town but specify if they are! Also, include a brief description if there's anything you're set on and you don't want me to choose for them.
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RE: Furryquest
Reserved once more, thread is ready to go.
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RE: Furryquest
Let's have a dumbass ALL-FURRY WORLD but with regular animals too I guess!

Arms that are also wings! Best of both worlds! Fuck physics!!
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RE: Furryquest
Birds that have wings but they're like, the feathers. like Falco from star fox. its the only way.
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RE: Furryquest
My votes go for hands, not wings. Because not having hands is awkwarrrrd.

Sparkledogs: eh, don't care.

Furry modern vs fantasy: see above.

Eating: There be dumb animals, because I cannot imagine a life without steak.

furry percentage: DANGEROUS

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Furryquest
Modern or Fantasy: Whichever suits the story more!

Eating: Depends on the setting. If fantasy then by all means have there be lots of cannibalism. If modern then it depends on how edgy we want to be.

Sparkledogs: ಠ_ಠ

Birdhands: Why not both?! We'll have bird wings coming out of their backs and arm-wings coming in the usual place!!
...No wait, that's dumb. Let's have them be like the Rito from Legend of Zelda.

Furry Percentage: I mean, if it's not dangerously furry then it's not really furry. Right? Right? RIGHT?

Question: CAN WE BE SCALIES???
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RE: Furryquest
@Proto: I don't know why the thought upsets me so greatly. But if birds have hands and can fly, then we have to let sparkle dogs in, because you'd have to staple wings to their backs.

@Cetus: Story is going to depend on the setting essentially, y'all are helping me pick :p
And FUCK YEAH you can be scalies. What kinda sick bastard wouldn't let scalies into a game like this. Half the people on this forum are high key scalies. One condition. There will be NO lizard boobs. I am willing to let you guys have a lot of freedom with this if you want it, but I will NOT stand for lizard titties.

Otherwise: opinions noted, all.
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RE: Furryquest
Since no one has actually stated an opinion, I'm gonna vote high fantasy.

For eating, fuck it, there are regular animals or something. Let's not go all edgy.

Sparkledogs: I guess?

Birds don't have hands. How they deal with that is up to them.

Furry levels: Crank that shit up or why even bother with this game? (but, like, maybe don't go overboard)
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RE: Furryquest
(07-25-2017 07:06 PM)Corn Wrote:  @Cetus: Story is going to depend on the setting essentially, y'all are helping me pick :p
Do you at least have an idea of what we're going to actually do though?

Will it be focused on action? Slice of life? Management? Criminal investigation? Foreign invasion? Politics? Sock-matching? ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Or is this one of those ad hoc things where no-one has any idea what's going on??? (I AM BETTING YES)

(07-25-2017 07:06 PM)Corn Wrote:  There will be NO lizard boobs.
That's fine. I'm used to being flat anyway. ;v;

(07-25-2017 07:26 PM)Anomaly Wrote:  Since no one has actually stated an opinion, I'm gonna vote high fantasy.
I am voting Modern because I'm a contrarian.
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RE: Furryquest
@Cetus: Fuck, you got me. It's sock matching. I'm scrapping this because you called my twist.

Nah but I've got a couple of different ideas for each I haven't entirely decided on, but ideally it will be Fun. I don't like restricting myself to a genre, and I like throwing surprises at people regardless, so the short answer is: you may not even be sure until halfway through the game, so why bother? Also keep in mind, this was born from a joke? It may not be super in depth or last very long, I'm just giving myself wiggle room with this because I always throw myself into stuff way more than I initially want to when I write :p
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RE: Furryquest
Fair enough. Not everything has to be a super serious planned out epic after all.

(But if we are doing sock matching then my character is going to be color-blind.)
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RE: Furryquest
It may end up being one. I hope it isn't. If I get into this as much as I have for other things, I'll go nuts. And I'll be ashamed of myself for wasting it on something called "furryquest."

Now for another serious question: are we going to have to look up what colors every animal sees to make the sock-matching mini game accurate for everyone? My vote: yes. Make it super annoying. You guys will HATE the sock matching.
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RE: Furryquest
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RE: Furryquest
Fish and bugs and such aren't sentient so we got something to eat even if it's just fish burgers.

And a reasonable scaling of size to normalize respective heights between species.

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RE: Furryquest
Counterpoint: yeah there are arthropod furries.

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RE: Furryquest
A suggestion: maybe all animals are regular animals but there's also furries and nobody talks about it it's totally fine it's not weird

Because I do HAVE to allow bug furries
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RE: Furryquest
Fine. But only so long as Harry the nearly naked werewolf is allowed to have a pet dog he dresses up in people clothes.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Furryquest
That brings up another question.

Is it gonna be acceptable in this situation to take the Donald Duck approach to clothes, or is Harry here gonna be weird?
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RE: Furryquest
I don't get why people think having both furries and feral animals is weird.
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RE: Furryquest
Uh, is there even a point if Harry ISN'T being weird?

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Furryquest
Ponies? Ponies.
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RE: Furryquest
Ponies? No ponies.
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RE: Furryquest
Sorry Noms, if I let bugs in I gotta let ponies in.
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RE: Furryquest
After much debate, I retract ponies and vote for modern times.
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RE: Furryquest
I made a skype chat for discussion if anyone not in it wants in.

And I'll put this out there from the discussion if it makes decisions easier:

If we go modern: Everyone is anthros and we have to deal with that.
If we go fantasy: Anything goes. You can play a catgirl, you can play an anthro, you can play a fucking regular ass dog as long as they can talk.
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RE: Furryquest
Post-Modern- Everyone is a mass of vaguely animal-like shapes.
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RE: Furryquest
Aight, taken these opinions and made some decisions, gimme a bit here and I'll have info on the setting and the application up.
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RE: Furryquest
Updated. See second post.
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RE: Furryquest
Name: Gryf Eric Morgan, goes by Gryf or G.

Species/appearance: Gryf is a large and muscular lion, standing at 6 feet tall. He has a long reddish-brown mane and dark fur. When he's not in work clothes, he wears muscle shirts and shorts to show off. He has a gold pendant on a chain shaped like an eight pointed star. Gryf is all smiles and very friendly as well.

Occupation: Construction worker, wants to be an architect.

Skills: Strong, creative, and good at design. Especially exterior design.

Bio: As long as he can remember, Gryf has liked building things. He started with blocks as a kid, or so his parents told him, and he then moved on to bigger and more complicated things. After winning second prize in the Animalia-Wide Youth Lego Competition, they realized that maybe his talents might be more than just a kid's diversion. Unfortunately, they weren't making a lot of money, so his parents started saving up to put him through architecture school. Gryf did well in high school and got accepted into Wulfingham U's school of architecture. He was great his first year, and he made a lot of friends. His grades kept up too. Life was perfect.

And then he started taking studio classes. See, Gryf wasn't bad at them, no. It was just that there were models he had to build. And though his parents saved enough for his tuition, it turned out that he had to buy his own materials for the models. As to not worry them, he took a small loan, and then another. Soon, he was facing a pretty sum of debt, and had a few years of school still ahead of him. The stress started getting to him, which made his grades tank. The breaking point was when his dad had a medical emergency and they had to take some of the tuition money out of the pot to pay for his surgery. Then the debt came all out, and Gryf realized he couldn't keep going to school. It was just too expensive.

So he dropped out and went into a funk. He felt terrible for hiding his debt from his parents, and even worse for not being able to finish his degree. He surfed couches for a while, but eventually his friends' goodwill wore thin. That's when his life was changed. He was hanging out at Tim Nolan and Vince Driscoll's apartment (two of his former roommates who were now dating), and they were talking about their future and jobs and such. Gryf, on the couch, felt really bad, but then Vince said "Hey, you can't just sit here feeling bad about yourself forever. I heard they're building a new dorm and the construction company is hiring, why don't you see if you can get a job?"

"We'll go with you, for support," added Tim.

The push was what Gryf needed. He went to the interview reluctantly, and was surprised that they hired him pretty much immediately. Soon he was making money - good money - and he started thinking about moving on with his life. He moved out of his friends' place and got a room, then started paying his debt. He even started going out again. Now, he's back on his feet, and considering starting night classes to finish his degree.

Friends and family:

Rupert and Hera Morgan (Lions) - Parents, live out of town.

Tim Nolan (Stag) & Vince Driscoll (Fox) - former roomies, now engaged. Cute couple.

Erika Burns (Fox) - A good friend for going out to drink.

Buddy Holmes (Bear) - Foreman at the construction work.

Wick Haxlow (Wolf), Fred Pines (Wolf), Sara Smith (Tiger), Lucky Norman (Otter) - construction workers.

Professor Kensing (Hawk) - Architecture professor for night classes.

Lydia French (Weasel) - Classmate, reporter for the Wulfingham Post.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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RE: Furryquest
Name: HARRY! Or to be precise, Harry O'Hairé

Species/appearance: I'm a wolf! Irish wolfhound mostly with a bit of coyote on me ma's side. I'm a little under 6 foot, partly light brown shortish fur with some greyish areas. Pretty good shape I feel myself, I live an active lifestyle. I wear t-shirts and shorts and I like crocs for running around in, with socks. I definitely prefer summer weather for my clothing style. And I like to be naked at home, so lucky i live alone.

Occupation: Well, I run a small pet walking service. Just me, so it's stuff like taking them for walks, grooming, even taking care of pets for a day or two sometimes. I dunno, I just love working with animals. Oh, and if my dad needs help I do some construction work with him.

Skills: I'm super good with animals. Like, the best. I feel that a lot of it's because they know I'll treat them with respect and all, all animals are living thinking beings worthy of care and courtesy. People forget that these days. I also have like, an excellent sense of time, I've never needed a watch or anything. And I can get fully dressed and/or undressed in under 30 seconds.

Bio: A'ight, so...Yeah. I'm Harry. I got 1 brother and 2 sisters, me and my bro are in the middle. My younger sis is still in high school, my oldest is a realtor and I'm rambling on about these guys, whatever, back to me, the illustrious Harry. Yeah, I'm a little coyote, but honestly I don't know much about that side of things. My mom cares a lot about it and her culture and stuff, and it's pretty interesting but I don't feel a huge connection to it. Thankfully my bro Toby does so she's got one of her kids to talk to and go to stuff with about it, so that's cool. I like sports, like soccer and football, stuff where I'm running about. I've got Wilbert, my cat and Tobias, my parrot. He likes to watch talk shows and eat crackers so I leave the tv on for him when I go out.

I spend most of my days running around outside with people's pets and stuff and basically picking up and leaving animals back from central park. I got an old white van off my dad which I fixed up a bit so it's perfect for transporting them.

Friends and family: Ruffio O'Hairé - Harry's dad. Big burly sonuvabitch Irish Wolfhound. Works in construction and moved into administration and management in his older age. Now that his job isn't as physically active, is forced to watch what he eats and go for exercise with mom, since he has a dodgey heart somewhat. Complains frequently about not being able to stomach fries and weekend runs and the like.
Tala O'Hairé - Harry's mom. Tall and sleek coyote. Works at the local museum of arts in admin, takes shifts as guides too. Focuses on the old history of the local populace before the construction of the city. A bossy lady of few words.
Nina O'Hairé - Oldest sister. Realtor. Loud, friendly and headstrong.
Toby O'Hairé - Younger brother. History major. Momma's boy.
Hayley O'Hairé - Youngest sister. Rebel without a cause, or several causes. She just cares so much about so many things, it makes her real mad.
Wilbert - My cat. Least I think she's my cat. She comes and goes as she wishes round town, and I make sure to keep my food scraps and food and a water bowl and such available for her. She's an older cat and I heard the name from an ex-neighbour I had, little old lady, who assumedly didn't really Wilbert was a gal.
Tobias - My parrot, african grey. Swears like a sailor. Demands crackers. Loves rock music.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Furryquest
Name: Naomi Adler

Species/appearance: Japanese Grosbeak! A little plump, mostly gray plumage but with bits of black and white scattered about.

Occupation: Librarian!

Skills: Reading, for sure - she got into this job for the love of it! Also enjoys painting on the weekends (she's not the best at it) and eavesdropping on visitors (it's their fault for not being quieter!!!). Took fencing classes when she was younger, but is sort of out-of-practice.

Bio: The only child of Adina Lark and Reuben Adler, Naomi was raised in a working-class family. Her childhood was happy, spent mostly playing video games, reading books, and drawing pictures. She was shy, and not a particularly social girl, and did not seek out companionship. This lifestyle may have gotten boring, were it not for the frequent supply of distractions provided to her. Even in times of financial insecurity, her parents spent what they could to try and ensure their daughter was happy and content - even, at times, at the detriment of their marriage. They divorced soon after she left home.

High school was fairly uneventful for the young Ms. Adler. She wasn't particularly popular or unpopular, had a few friends she would hang around in school - never at parties or anything of the sort - and had a few crushes that went wholly unpursued. She was a great student, but not much more than that.

Naomi studied English in college, passed with a bachelors, and returned to her hometown to work as a librarian. No longer content with just reading, Naomi wants to put herself out there, make some friends, live life to the fullest! There's only the small matter of figuring out how exactly all those things are done.

Friends and family: Adina Waldvogel (nee Lark) - Mother. Remarried to Henry Waldvogel. Doting, rather overbearing at times, but always well-intentioned. Very mommish. Psychologist.

Reuben Adler - Father. Has remained unmarried since the divorce. Rather distant, but always available and supportive. Tends almost obsessively to his collection of vintage promotional McDolphins-themed plates. Architect.

Henry Waldvogel - Stepdad. A pretty nice guy, prone to making really terrible dad-jokes. Tries way too hard, but Naomi appreciates the effort.
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RE: Furryquest
Name: Lady Claudia de Arx-Miauzos

Species/appearance: Fancy cat person with black and white fur, with a triangle of white down half her nose and lower face.

Occupation: Mad scientist. Having inherited wealth and status from her family, she promptly proceeded to squander it pursuing ridiculous experiments. It is worth noting that despite owning a massive house, she's almost completely broke.


Bio: Being the last scion of the noble House of Arx-Miauzos is a lot of responsibility, especially when you are orphaned at a young age and your house is married into the royal family and as such you are personally just shy of 100th in the living line of succession, and are the sole heir to a vast estate which you will be expected to manage and secure. Claudia had all this responsibility placed upon her shoulders, and promptly crumbled, withdrawing into herself and becoming something of a hermit.

Her tutor was an esteemed professor, who bestowed on her a love of science that quickly became an obsession. She pursued knowledge with a fervor that Professor Aaron first thought was admirable and encouraged, but eventually became concerned by. By the time she was seventeen she was building her own lab for thoroughly unorthodox and unethical experiments, and Aaron decided that enough was enough and he was going to give her a thorough lecturing about scientific ethics and maybe going outside once in a while. Claudia seemed to consent and dialed it back, but once she was eighteen and in control of her own finances, Aaron found himself fired. In fact, the mansion began to shed staff at a precipitous rate, turning in on itself as a means to support Claudia's experiments alone.

Now, after almost a decade spent all but alone in grand old Chateau Arx-Miauzos on the outskirts of the city, with more rooms filled with dust sheets than illuminated lights on any night, Claudia continues her experiments. The family wealth, ignored and mismanaged, is now running dry as lands and assets have been sold off to buy more and more expensive equipment and tools. The end result is that she's got the best-equipped, most mad-science capable personal lab the world has ever seen, but she's on the verge of bankruptcy as every profitable inch of the family estate has been sold off to pay for it.

Friends and family:
•'Aunt' Andromedia de Empyria: Actually her sixth cousin twice removed or something, Andromedia was her legal guardian when she was younger and is pretty much her main point of contact with her extended family. A haughty and distant woman, she had little to do with Claudia's upbringing and still views her as a mere kitten below her attention. A cat-person who looks like a Himalayan cat.
•Professor Aaron Hornsbury: A soft-spoken bull-man scientist with a doctorate in genetic science. He taught Claudia a lot of what she knows, but she also did a lot of independent learning and never got a formal degree like he did. He's genuinely concerned by the girl he used to teach having grown into a mad scientist, and might want to do something about it.
•Joseph Doben: A fat old walrus who serves as Claudia's butler and chief of her remaining staff. He can see the writing on the wall, but his loyalty to the family is unshakeable - he'll keep on working for her until she loses everything.
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RE: Furryquest
F1D0 - Er, Fido. Fido, uh, Fidelis.

A shaggy canid who wears covering, loose clothes, hoodies, and often a medical mask over their face. They cite 'health issues' as the reason. Their fur is rather plain and grey, and they have bright blue, almost shining eyes. They are definitely not a sentient robot wearing a faux fursuit.
They are a sentient robot wearing a faux fursuit. Their un-covered form is sleek, rounded, shining steel-cased parts,
with a somewhat canine appearance.

Lab assistant! Fido is an excellent lab assistant to Dr. Glow, a premier mind and inventor of revolutionary prosthetics and robotics! Their recent research in Artificial Intelligence was hampered by the sudden retirement of Doctor Gloria Brightwing, but they'll find a replacement to head those projects eventually.

Fido is a capable assistant! They specialize in assisting others doing their jobs! But... When left to their own devices, Fido tends to suffer from indecisiveness. They do, however, possess an excellent sense of logic and mathematical ability.

It's odd. Fido doesn't really have much of a history outside of Glow Labs. It's almost like they were made there! But robots aren't a REAL thing, that's silly!
Having worked at Glow Labs for about five years, Fido hasn't seen much outside it, though they're eager to! But they're also extremely, extremely anxious.

Friends and family:
Doctor Hankius 'Hank' Glow - Doctor Hank is like a father to Fido, but he's also their boss. He's like a Boss Father. But he doesn't like being called that. He thinks it's "weird." Fido doesn't understand organic family terms perfectly yet, despite totally being an organic lifeform, but they do, in private, refer to Dr. Glow as their dad.
Dr. Glow is an expert in robotics and prosthetics. While he does know a fair BIT about coding, he isn't the best at it. He relied on the co-founder of Glow Labs for that, but now that she's retired, he's scrambling to replace her...
Dr. Glow is a large, lumbering badger-man with a scruffy beard and a fully-functional prosthetic paw. He has soft, hazel eyes.

Doctor Gloria Brightwing - Gloria Brightwing is one of the world's leading minds in programming and theoritical artificial intelligence research. She was equal within Glow Labs to Dr. Glow himself (and gave him no end of good-natured guff about renaming the labs to GlowBright), and she loved the challenge of her job. She lived for the goal of finally creating actual artificial intelligence, it was the drive of her career.
And then she retired.
It's weird. It's almost like she succeeded or something, but Glow Labs never put out any AI research to really speak of. Still, she's retired to her private workshop and her gardens. She maintains a good friendship with Dr. Glow but refuses to return to the labs, and while she supports his continuing research with constructive advice and counseling, she refuses to give him any outright answers to the question of AI research which she may or may not have.
Gloria is like a mother to Fido, who is definitely an organic life form and not an AI driven robot she helped create. She greatly enjoys their visits and usually uses them to tend to her massive greenhouse together, which she sees as a wonderful bonding experience. Fido appreciates the care and process of raising plants, even if they really don't have a use for any fruit or vegetables that they produce.
... Because, uh, they're a picky eater.
Gloria is a slender, dark-blue heron with silver highlights in her crest. She has brown, earthy eyes.

Marl - A gruff camel-man janitor who oversees the team responsible for cleaning Glow Labs. He has established a sort of mentor-ish relationship with Fido, mainly because he's one of the few that will stay and listen to their rambling during late night cleaning sessions. He thinks it's weird Fido doesn't sleep, but eh.
Has a hobby building small model planes. Builds all kinds, but really likes bi-planes. Is saving up to buy one of his own someday. It's a far-off goal.
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RE: Furryquest
Proto needs to finish his ( >;p ) but everyone' s accepted, this looks like a fun group. Noms said he was going to put one in here, and after that I'll close this off and get started. If anyone else was thinking about it, now's the time.
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RE: Furryquest
Name: William B. Saurus

BULBAMAN. Half flower, half turtle, and none of it gets along. Wears sick shades and a trench with a hole cut in the back for his flower bulb, and chain-smokes tobacco in what could debatably be called cannibalism. The kind of antho with a dark past and a loner streak, that regular folks might find their eyes drawn to in the darkened corner of a seedy bar and think, "Nope."

Cop on the edge with nothing to lose.

Shooting, crime scene investigation, roughing up criminals. Particularly good at restraining them with his vines, even if HR said to stop, citing contract item 116:B, “it’s like, super weird, dude”.

They say Wulfington is a hard town for cops. Mostly because the only crime that comes in on the daily is along the lines of cats getting stuck in trees, and then when you finally get them down you have to have a serious talk with the cats about the effect that alcoholism is having on their families and you know they have kids and wind up worrying about it all night until it drives a stake down the center of your marriage that can never be repaired. Not so for Bill.

Anyone on the Wulfingham force can tell you, without hesitation or really being asked, that Detective B. Saurus carries with him a DARK PAST laden with DARK SECRETS. (Not like, good ones, but still.) He was born in Timbucktulip, a far-off city of plantfolk, to the beautiful daughter of a blue-sapped lineage and a young turtle entrepreneur from the city. The two were unwed, and her parents took great offense to this young upstart pollening-up their only daughter, especially when it turned out he had a wife and three children already back home ready to inherit his business, the rapidly growing conglomerate Shell Corp. Bill was born in secret, to a mother that adored him, a father that would never acknowledge him, and a city that shunned his existence as a crime against oppressed plant-kind everywhere.

Then things got somehow worse. In a twist absolutely no one could have foreseen, Shell Corp turned out to be a… shell corporation for a network of Mob-owned businesses all over Wulfingham. In a series of very strange coincidences, Bill’s mother, grandparents, both aunts, four cousins, and weird great-uncle Steve were all killed in a series of freak accidents involving tractors, weed-whackers, and the unregulated use of pesticides in a public area over the course of three short years. Timbucktulip authorities suspected Shell, but there was nothing they could do. Yet every time, Bill somehow survived the attacks, and every time, he grew ANGRIER.

It took Bill years to settle down to something approaching a normal anthro life. He wandered the globe, leaving kinda oval footprints in the dust of his tragedy that no one could ever understand ever no matter how hard they tried. FInally he decided to make a life for himself in Wulfingham as a cop, rooting out the rot of criminality wherever it took hold. Everywhere he goes he faces prejudice - for being the only half plant on a (kind of institutionally racist tbh) police force of almost entirely wolves, to being an orphan abandoned by society without a place where he belongs, to that kinda weird face he makes whenever he gets way too into brandishing his gun – but still, he PERSERVERES. Lady Justice never sleeps, even when she starts getting weird from the caffeine.

Bill is a natural loner, his inner pain guarded only by his anger, his determination, and about three-whiskey’s inhibition-loss’s worth of manly pride. His only goal in life it to take down his father and get revenge for his mother's death. If we're being honest, he kind of only took up his crusade against crime as a convenient excuse to run from his emotions. (He tried facing them once instead, but started getting chest pains.) His passion for justice is real, though, and beating up criminals is probably the closest he's ever come to working through one of his considerable baggage. Bill's been called a lot of things - defender of the weak, hero of justice, unfit to stand trial in the tri-state area - but one thing is for sure: criminals shall learn to fear the name of BULBAMAN.

Friends and Family:

Thistle Doris Olivia Nicely: Bill's mother, one of a long line of rare heirloom tulips that gained sentience and regretted it. Presumed dead in a tragic mulching accident some twenty years ago. He's not over it.

Ty Rand O’Saurus: Bill's father and CEO of Shell Corp, an all-encompassing and completely fake company that acts as a front for the mob. A highly-defended turtle with a steel shell and no time for weakness. Bill has dedicated his life to taking him down.

Detective Howland Barker: His detective partner, a veteran one week from retirement. Seems like he’s been saying that for the past two years of retirement, so Bill gathers his marriage isn’t in great shape. The only man alive that Bill truly trusts.
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RE: Furryquest
Name: Delphi Savona

Species/Appearance: North American Opossum. What’s a North America? Don’t ask. She’s like five feet tall, pretty scraggly-looking even as far as opossums go, and YES those are fingerless gloves she’s wearing, NO they’re not redundant, SHUT UP.

Occupation: Accountant by day, CRIME WIZARD by night. It’s a thing, shut up.


No, but seriously, she’s an actual goddamn wizard, of the “apparently magic is real” variety. Her mmmmmagical skills are focused mostly around behind sneaky as hell, including disguises, invisibility, and crawling on walls like some kind of fucked-up spider (no offense to any actual spiders, of course!)

She’s also a sneakin’ and burglarizin’ expert even without the whole wizard angle, and she’s especially fond of robbing museums, stealing from rich peoples’ private collections, and sneaking into her boss’s office and rearranging all the furniture.

Oh, and she’s really good at solitaire.

Bio: Delphi was always a troublesome sort, from elementary school when she got suspended for smuggling cafeteria jello, to high school when she got suspended for stealing answer keys and selling them to the highest bidder, to college when she… got a respectable accounting degree without ever once being put on academic suspension.

Mind you, she hadn’t stopped doing crimes. She’d just gotten good at not getting caught. While working a mind-numbing day job for a corporation so banal it doesn’t even get to have a name in this bio, she started taking on Bigger Crimes more befitting of her skills. A few stolen paintings later, and she went for something even bigger - a history museum.

And as it so happened, the museum had a special exhibit on the legendary King Arfur, canine king of Birdton, complete with historical artifacts related to both him and his supposed court magician, Mewlin.

Everyone was so focused on the new exhibit that it was really easy for Delphi to slip into the museum’s storage and rifle around for some cool shit. And as it just so happened, among that cool shit was a mysterious, ancient, and glowing tome, locked away for some reason inside of a heavy steel box with several different locks on it. Delphi did what anyone would do, and immediately opened the book up and mashed her face into it.

When Delphi woke up about two weeks later, she was in a field about 2,000 miles away from Wulfingham, and she had magic powers. One long bus trip and one lengthy excuse to her boss later, Delphi was back in business! Wizard business.

Friends and family:

Virginia Savona - Delphi’s mother. Disappeared some years ago with a cryptic note about some mystery treasure. A master thief, never caught.
Liana Savona - Delphi’s other mother, Virginia’s partner in crime (and also marriage). Also currently missing.

“Clack” - Delphi’s black market contact. Shoebill. Delphi doesn’t know his real name and is afraid to ask. It’s better that way.
Hank Sherman - Delphi’s boss. Sun bear. Kind of bumbling and incompetent.
Antonio Garza - Delphi’s college friend. Lyrebird. Does foley work on commission. Cool guy.
Sigrid Olander - Another college friend. Leaf-tailed gecko. Unemployed; enjoys tabletop RPGs. Delphi and her get into shenanigans a lot.
Trudy Morris - Yet another college friend. Komodo dragon. Plays the tuba in the city orchestra.
Tom Bentley - Delphi’s annoying co-worker. Potoo. Delphi hates this guy. But not in a, like, murder-and-sacrifice-him-for-no-real-reason way. Just regular hate. He apparently makes a godawful webcomic on the side, and somehow people actually read it.
Prestidigio the Powerful - A local stage magician, and honestly kind of a hack. Koala. For some reason, Delphi has had multiple dangerously close run-ins with this fuckin’ guy while doing her magic crimes. What the hell is his deal, even? Why can’t he use an indoor voice when he speaks, either?
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RE: Furryquest
Welp, that's in, so I guess I need to actually write out these starters now. It's Fuck Off AM so I'll do that tomorrow!
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RE: Furryquest
And we're live! Check ya inboxes.
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RE: Furryquest
Ok, official update: putting this on pause for a little bit while I move/get settled. Sorry, wasn’t sure if I was just gonna put ‘er down for a while. I’ll pick up when I am a little more prepped for that, anyone who wants to stay or quit can do so then. When I’m back on it I’ll want to kinda be moving people forward, and we’ll get onto the fun stuff, promise :p
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RE: Furryquest
HRMMMMMM yeah, no, post move I’m still not feeling it, setting this puppy down for good. Questions can be answered if desired, or I could just put a layout of how it was gonna go or something, idk ! Sorry folks, and thanks for playin!

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