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The Divine Struggle
A Scion Story

On an Earth not unlike our own,
an Earth of cities and skyscrapers,
of suburbs and cellphones,
the Old Gods are not so old,
their faiths not so out-of-date,
and their children still walk,
seeking adventure and glory.

What is this?

Ichor is a game adapted from the Scion tabletop system. I've taken the basis of first and second edition Scion and restructured it into something more adaptable to a fluid, forum-based RPG.

This will be a game that will be available to play partially on Skype (in the form of group sessions where you and other characters band together to accomplish quests presented to you by the GM) and partially on the forums (in the form of smaller groups or individual missions where you drive the narrative.) How much of either you do is up to you.

For a more detailed idea of how the game will be played, check out this Google doc - still a WIP, especially on pantheon powers. Lots of notes in there.

The part that should be relevant to you, the player, right now:

You will be playing the child (adopted or blood) of a god of an ancient pantheon. As the inheritor of Divine blood, great things are expected of you. By pushing forward and working towards something greater than yourself, you'll unlock the secrets of divinity and - with enough effort, ambition, teamwork, and luck - ascend to godhood.

The pantheons that are currently available to choose from are the Yoruba, Guna, Greek, Norse, Aztec, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptian pantheons. I'd like to include the Algonquian, Iranian, and Hindu pantheons, and have a bunch of ideas for them, but I'll need to make sure I properly research them so I can present them properly. Anyone who wants to help research them would be greatly appreciated. I'll also accept pantheon suggestions, provided you help me research them! I'd love to include Slavs and Semitic Pagan and Mesopotamian pantheons as well, but if I'm doing all the research alone, I can't shovel that much onto my plate.

So what can I do for now?

Make pantheon suggestions, god suggestions, or start making a character! Hit me up if you have any questions. I'll make another post once everything's ready, so keep an eye on the thread.
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Click the link above to see what's up!!! Holy shit I did not expect this to take so long but writing up descriptions of about one hundred gods taxes a dude!!!!!!

I will now be accepting apps! Keep in mind as you write them that you will be starting this game as a mundane human. You will learn of your divinity at some point during the game itself. Here is the template:

Character: What are they called?

Age: How old are they?

Appearance: What do they look like?

Gender/Pronouns: Are they a he, a she, or a they?

Divine Parent: Who gave you this divine blood? Additionally, are you their birth kid, or adopted? [NOTE: If adopted, you'll have to actually prove your worth before they adopt you. Getting visited as a mortal chosen by the gods will require bigger challenges and harsher risks, with a few exceptions outlined in the god descriptions.]

Abilities: What are they good at?

Personality: What are they like?

Goals: What do they want out of life? (None is not acceptable, but mundane, lame goals are totally fine. Your character can be a normal dude. Truckin' and fuckin' are acceptable goals, for example.)

Biography: What's happened to them so far?

Mortal Parent: What are they like? If I'm gonna be playin' em, I'd like a few pointers on their personality! If they're dead, that's cool and their influence on you was probs mentioned in the bio so leave this part out.
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Character: Amos McKissen

Age: 26

Appearance: 5’9”, with a light tan, short and curly dark hair, grey eyes, and a smile that is apparently very charming. Has a very shapely beard that borders on long stubble, very deliberate. Built like a part time baseball player, with a fondness for nice-but-practical clothing. Sturdy boots (cowboy style because he has a fair amount of flair,) and sturdier dark jeans, a button up usually with sleeves rolled to his elbows, his leather jacket (he keeps patches on the back of places he’s been), and a pair of wide sunglasses. He sometimes wears a black ball cap with a patch with his hometown’s name on it if he’s gonna spend a lot of time in the open.

Gender/Pronouns: [Image: 3df5d53fedad814e16827d98b0dda37e.png]

Divine Parent: Perun, birth son.

Abilities: He’s quite the charmer, in both the nonsexy and the very sexy manners. He is also a very good driver with passable car maintinence skills, a... singer (he gets bored and his cds are all he has sometimes, but he’s not the best,) and he’s getting to know his way around a bat.

Personality: Amos is a fairly laid back individual for the most part. He was raised to be polite, something of a gentleman, and he is so long as the person to be polite to in question hasn’t slighted him. Slighting him, though, can be direct, or less so. He’s the sort to step into situations that don’t concern him for the sake of anyone he thinks might need it. He can be a bit of the mysterious type, or more open, depending on the vibes people give him, and the ones he wants to give.

Goals: Amos is the wandering sort, desires so far only to be free to travel and befriend folk as he goes.

Biography: Amos, as far as he’s been told, was adopted as a baby, which always struck him as odd since he looks a fair bit like his father, but that was what it was, he supposed. He was raised in an apartment in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, by his father, who always did his damnedest despite the circumstances that came with being a single parent and a school teacher. He lived the best life he could have had in that city, or so he figured. That boy only ever got out of that town to take field trips and visit his grandparents (but even his grandparents were more likely to visit him than the other way around.) Didn’t sit too well with him. School didn’t either, despite his father’s best efforts, and as soon as he was able to fly the coop, he did, and in his first attempt he found what ended up being the career for him.

He learned to drive pretty damn well, and used his latent skill of never fucking sleeping to his advantage, and got to see a whole lot of the continent that way. Found he loves traveling a great deal, started putting patches on his back and pictures in albums for his father. So, he’s been doing that for years. The back of his jacket is filled, and he’s starting to have to put patches on the shoulders. But, in addition to the trucking, he’s been partaking in a couple of other activities. For one, guy’s a big bi slut, in the most strangely casual way. He’s just down. Always. And isn’t one to pretend otherwise. That charm has got him quite a few places. He’s also been interested in... casual heroism. Not much. He just has an image of what a man like him (a trucker?) should be, and he sticks to it. The road can be a scary place. And when one’s out and about, and their luck turns for the worst, wouldn’t it be good to have someone experienced in the place to help you get back the right way and ward off anyone who’d prey on that and give ya trouble? Amos believes so. He’s not above roughing people up, if he has to, either. He’s a friendly talisman against unwelcome attention in a quiet diner, and a fist to the face of a man who just don’t leave you be when you ask.

Running jobs from city to city, stopping almost solely to keep things safe on the road, and get laid if it comes up. It’s a good gig. That’s my boy.

((I guess to sort of explain his lifestyle, I’ll explain what I sort of based him off of. When I was younger, and we’d take road trips out to take care of my grandparents, my dad would teach me about the open road. Some of it was more practical than others. But the most interesting stuff I think was what he said about truckers, painting them in what I now think to be a hilariously mythic way, and I wanted Amos to try to be that. He’d tell me things like this secret trucker code of light blinking, to say thank you, or hurry up, or say there’s a cop up ahead. Like they’re giraffes on the savana or something! And that they traveled in long convoys sometimes to cut down on wind resistance for the ones in the back and save gas. And that if I ever, Heaven forbid, needed to sleep for the night at a stop, I should park between semis, because nobody was gonna fuck with you with two of em so close. I always found them to be courteous enough when I would be around them, and I just think it’s a funny place for Amos to be.))

Mortal Parent: Michael McKissen! Mike and Amos are very close, and not a week goes by where they don’t have a good talk. He’s a history teacher in a poorly funded inner city middle school. It’s a rough gig, but he loves it. He’s known to his students as a big nerd, but not a snitch, or someone otherwise much untrustworthy. He’s the sort of teacher you can sit with during lunch, and just talk about how things are going elsewhere. The sort who gets the sort of unrepeatable stories that need taking care of, and who personally makes sure they do. He’s the sort of teacher who encourages higher education and helps students try and attain it, and gives advice on other ways to live lives if they can’t hack it. He works long hours, stays after school, and there’s a number of students who have his phone number, whether for help in school or otherwise. He gets a lot of invitations to high school and college graduations every summer. Mike McKissen is a stand up guy. And he and Amos are very, very close. Even if he didn’t see the most of his father growing up, Amos has (most of the time) deeply respected him, and taken a fair amount of his lessons to heart. Mike’s a loving Dad, and it shows.

He looks like Amos with brown eyes, no beard, and a softer jaw. Also: he looks like a Fucking Nerd. He’s gay as hell, but never ended up getting a partner. He’s also Jewish, though his practice with his son was not quite done to the extent his mother taught him. His parents, Edward and Rebecca McKissen, raised him in rural Pennsylvania, where they still live. Edward is a callous man with some respect for his son’s work, though that’s about it. Rebecca adores him, and her grandson, and is generally a sweet lady.
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Character: Eliza Kirran

Age: 24

Appearance: Eliza is tall, standing at 5'11", with dark olive skin and wavy black hair that goes down to a little lower than her shoulders. It is also long enough in the front to cover up her eyes. She has a strong jawline and a moderate spattering of freckles on her face. Her clothing errs towards the side of casual and mismatched, though both seem to be pretty intentional. Eliza also carries around a white cane (which she doesn't always make use of) and has a German Shepard named Milkshake that acts as her service dog.

Due to an accident from her teenage years, her brown eyes are damaged to the point of blindness, and she takes to covering them up with her hair and a pair of sunglasses. The same accident gave her a few notable scars on her face, as well as a couple on her left arm.

Gender/Pronouns: Female/She

Divine Parent: Aset, birth parent

Abilities: Eliza can be pretty imposing, and has a voice and visage that can command attention. She has a great memory, and is rather competent at keeping track of things. She is also good at picking out and recognizing sounds, especially if she knows what she's searching for.

Personality: Flat toned, composed, and serious, Eliza is a person with a dry sense of humor and a penchant for normalcy. She enjoys keeping a consistent schedule and a steady pace in life, and dislikes many things that seek to disrupt that. Eliza does her best to put on an air of maturity and composure, though it doesn't seem to be what she wants to act like. Her roommate, when pressed, can attest to her mischievous and fun-loving nature, and will claim that she loves poking fun and pulling pranks that she can get away with. In addition, she's not opposed to the occasional 'accidental' fuck up to make people think less of her capabilities. Still, Eliza will readily deny these claims (she would never mess up on purpose), and they might seem rather out there for somebody who interacts with her on an acquaintance level. She also tends to sell herself short and minimize other's expectations of her, but not out of any sort of self-doubt. She just doesn't enjoy being put into situations with heavier responsibilities.

Goals: Consistency. Eliza just wants her life to remain the same: boring, predictable, and easy to deal with.

Biography: A word to describe Eliza during the first half of her life would be... shitty. A curious and high energy baby quickly quickly developed into a problem child that loved to track mud into the house simply because it made the carpet dirty. She loved to freak her dad out with bugs she'd swiped from the plants outside and draw on her bedroom walls with crayon. The neighbor kids weren't saved from her terror either, though one kid named Calvin seemed to enjoy her antics, even if he didn't participate in them. School was no easier, and Eliza was the subject of many a parent teacher conference. Still, she kept most of her nonsense technically within the rules, and most of her 'pranks' and 'poking fun' was conducted in a safe, if incredibly irritating, manner.

That all changed in high school, when alcohol, small time drugs, and just a little too much freedom got involved. A surprise to nobody who knew her, Eliza was a party animal that got into more than her fair share of trouble, her attitude seemingly immune to any sort change by way of scolding or punishment. Her father and Calvin (who had somehow remained a long time friend of Eliza's) did their best damage control wherever possible, but some people simply cannot be contained. Eliza got into quite a bit of trouble, but just kept on truckin', ignorant of her grades, relationships, and even her health in some cases, just so that she could keep pursuing that rush she got from partaking in any bit of unrestrained freedom she could find.

Then, of course, she fucked everything up. Nobody involved in the accident was very willing to give out specifics, and Eliza sure wasn't telling, but one night around 3 in the morning, well past curfew, Eliza and three of her friends were involved in a car accident. Supposedly (and rather likely), there was alcohol involved. There weren't any deaths, thankfully, but the result was a couple broken arms, a thousand dollars in property damage, and irreparable damage to the eyes of the driver, 17 year old Eliza Kirran.

Eliza went through a lot of physical and mental therapy after the accident, helping her through the results of her accident. Her family and friends were supportive, despite how much she had drifted away from them, and Eliza eventually made it through. She did her best to pick up the shambles of her schooling and repair her old friendships, and overall seemed to be a calmer person than she was before.

Eliza lived with her dad for a few years after high school, adjusting to her newfound lack of sight. Of course, it was difficult for her at first, but what things in life aren't? Still, once she had adjusted, she was 20, soon to be 21, and felt like her life had ground to a halt. She didn't want to spend her life living at home doing nothing. So, somehow, she managed to convince her dad to let her move out, under the conditions that she (finally) start making more use of her cane, adopt a service dog (though that was something she wasn't particularly opposed to), and live in a relatively small apartment with somebody that both of them trusted. And there was only one person who fit that criteria, though he luckily was more than okay with accommodating for his long time friend.

The day after her 22nd birthday, Eliza and Calvin moved into a cheap apartment in a city on the east coast. Eliza managed to land a job at a convenience store down the block, Calvin set himself into the city's professional photography business, and the two found that their situation worked out. Eliza has lived there since, and found that life was treating her... okay. And, honestly, an average life was more than she could ask for.

Mortal Parent: Morgan Kirran. A single dad, Morgan worked hard to take care of Eliza and keep the two of them afloat. He's a diligent and constant worker, and dislikes extensive moments of leisure. Morgan did hold a little irritation and dissatisfaction towards Eliza during her more rambunctious years, but did what any good parent should do and continued to help her, as well as doing his best to guide her down 'the right path'. He was very supportive and did everything in his power to help Eliza readjust after her accident. However, Morgan was secretly a little happy that his daughter was no longer the... ostentatious person she once was, though the feeling made him feel incredibly bad, and he didn't tell anybody about it. He worries more about Eliza now that she no longer lives at home and makes sure to call constantly, much to Eliza's chagrin and Calvin's enjoyment.

Upon first glance, it wouldn't appear that Morgan was Eliza's dad. Morgan is rather short (standing shorter than Eliza at 5'5") and stocky, with skin on the lighter end of brown, as well as very curly, sandy brown hair. His eyes are grey, and he's got a decent build. Still, it seems Eliza inherited his freckles and the bounciness of his hair. Morgan, when pressed, will insist that Eliza is his daughter, and that she simply got more from his mother than he got from him.
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Character: Shae Garrick


Appearance: 6' Short black messy hair, Brown eyes. Very physically fit. Burn Scars on right side of body, some on face. Tries to look presentable in public with a fashionable but masculine look (slacks, vest, long sleeve shirt)

Gender/Pronouns: She

Divine Parent: Morana, Born

Abilities: Physical feats! Shae's main line of work is being a stuntwoman, which means she is very physically capable and is aware of how to keep her body safe while doing more risky activities. She is very aware of identifying how high the risks can be of many stunts. Very Dextrous.

Personality: A mess. Tries to do the right thing most of the time, but can be led astray for an enticing outcome. Seems to have streaks of bad luck weather this is actually just because of her and her actions or an outside force, she can't seem to catch a break. Tends to fall into being pessimistic and having a bleak outlook on things. She is pretty amiable though! She generally enjoys the company of people. She is very loyal to her friends, the words "ride or die" Come into mind. Likes to sculpt/carve in her free time as a hobby. Wants to believe she is pretty polite and suave, in reality she can't talk well at all.

Goals: Shae's goals as of the moment are more inwardly directed and selfish. Mostly wanting to acquire more money and fame (and ladies). Live a comfortable life and be recognized as a cool chick. (Getting rid of her debt would be nice too.)

Biography: Her earliest memories are of her in the foster care system. They told her her dad left her with the system and even he didn't know about the mom much. She spent most of her adolescent life hopping from foster care to group home to foster family etc. She never really got to stay with the people she got close too, her either having to move out and away, or them needing to leave and or move away. She did end up liking moving over the place, but never having someone permanent to rely on affected her. She was an average student, but she mostly focused on fun instead of homework/schoolwork. She did let herself go into the school's softball team. Mostly though her fun consisted of immediately leaving the school and traveling to a new place she hasn't explored. Hopping over fences, jumping up stairs, climbing trees, finding ways up to top of buildings, this is how she mostly spent her free time and had fun.

Nearing the age of 18 the system helped her, giving her classes on life skills and how to survive on her own. The government also gave her a rent free apartment until the age 21. She was never able to go to college because of her grades, so she never got system help or a free ride to one. So she spent those three years saving up going from different entry level jobs and a few odd jobs here and there. She also made some friends that were in the film industry and she got a job as a new stuntwoman for low budget and amature films. She just lived in her car and other friends houses when the free apartment expired.

During her work as a stuntwoman, one of the setup stunts ended up exploding on her. She had extensive damage to her right side of her body and 3rd degree burns from it. She immediately got taken to a hospital and she requested any treatment needed despite not having any health insurance. She ended up recovering from it completely, keeping all her faculties. Paying back all of the healthcares money was another thing. It took up all the money she saved up so far. She had to work multiple jobs to keep up, still looking for stunt work as well. It was to much for her and she kept falling deeper into debt when she tried gambling and getting loans from unreputable people to keep her going. She knew it was a terrible idea but she had to get money somehow. The state of her life then was just getting enough money to pay off a small percentage of her debt, driving off to a new area/state and getting more money from new sharks to pay off previous ones.

That is how she is currently living her life right now, while occasionally still trying to get famous enough to break into the stunt business. Her current location is Washington state for someone's amature film.

Mortal Parent: Unknown to her and she could care less.
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Character: Griffin Platt

Age: 31

Appearance: 5'3", Asian-American. Black hair worn in a textured quiff, accented by a whisper of facial hair. He used to wear a lot of suits, but expanded his wardrobe to be far more casual (but not sloppy) as he became more confident in his appearance. Work attire is usually a black jacket over a button-down shirt and slacks.

Gender/Pronouns: He/His

Divine Parent: Chang'e, by birth.

Abilities: An inquisitive mind, a steady hand and steadier smile, and the learned ability to locate the right reference materials. More concretely, an M.A. in art history. Not a professional hacker by any means, but has enough knowledge to break into poorly guarded systems and change a few records. Can pick simple locks with a bobby pin, but it's usually easier not to. Decent at laser-tag, crossword puzzles, and sewing. Speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and American Sign Language.

Personality: Not nearly as shy as he used to be, but Griffin's still happy to stay out of the spotlight, and comfortable with extended periods of silence and solitude. Has a great customer service smile, and a knack for sounding genuine and engaged without actually divulging anything personal. Loves learning new things, seeing new places, and solving new problems.

Goals: A bigger, fancier apartment. An assortment of nice things. To stay out of prison. To get his (half)sister a goddamn babysitter or a husband or SOMETHING so she stops trying to dump her kid on him when she's reporting overseas. On that note, he'd really like to keep out of the constant, almost gravitational pull of family drama. Just his own life, his own space, and plenty of free time to read a book or plan a heist or what-ever he feels like doing that day.

Biography: Born Melissa Platt, Griffin grew up in a household characterized by relentless family drama. His mother was often out performing, auditioning, attending social functions (parties), or traveling on spontaneous road trips with casual acquaintences to see some limited time performance or other, while his 'dad' was occupied with his own world of finance--functionally speaking, Griffin and his older (half)sister were raised more by their step-siblings and various extended family members than their parents.

The first time he ever pulled off a heist was in first grade, stealing a glittery gel pen from a classmate's cubby during recess. Griffin was caught almost immediately, since he started using the pen the next day. He's learned a lot of lessons since then. Some by getting caught (a LOT), some by reading crime novels and real-life accounts, some just by sitting and thinking about it. Work alone. Plan ahead. Never rush. That sort of thing. As he got older and the penalties for getting caught became harsher (He does, indeed, have a bit of a juvenile record), he stole less impulsively, and far less frequently. These days, it's only after careful consideration and planning that he'll go after something, but he's not afraid to go fairly big. Probably the riskiest heist he's pulled off was from a museum on the east coast. He's now got a fairly large work by an obscure and not terribly prolific French impressionist hanging in his apartment.

After a fateful gender studies class as an undergrad, Griffin began experimenting with his own gender presentation, eventually coming out as a man to his family towards the end of his studies. This caused friction at home, to say the least, with every family member feeling the need to put in their own two cents on the topic. Sigh.

These days he runs a consignment shop, through legitimate means. Being a small business owner is a bit more demanding than he anticipated, but in a good way. It's a challenge. Griffin's tapped into the auction house scene, since an item brought to his shop may do better on the auction block if a bit of research turns up an interesting history. And though he hasn't yet made it his business to steal for the interests of other people, one does hear rumors of such and such wealthy collector, searching for those rare goods that simply aren't for sale--and one day-dreams of the sort of bank that could be made by dipping into the business of 'acquisitions' as well...

Mortal Parent: Ssu-Yang Platt (nee Hsu) had a mildly successful career as an actress, beginning with a recurring role on the day-time drama The Bold and the Beautiful and eventually landing a few film roles--though never a leading lady, alas. Not for a lack of networking. Still, she recieved fan mail from time to time, including mysterious, beautifully written letters whose return address read simply 'The Moon'. Despite the obstacles involved, she established a correspondance with the fan, then a romance, and eventually (despite an existing marriage to a twice divorced hedge fund manager) a kid.

These days she's living happily single, managing a small black-box theater on the outskirts of LA.
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Character: Pablo Sanchez

Age: 22 years old.

Appearance: What do they look like?

Gender/Pronouns: He/His

Divine Parent: Tezcatlipoca. Smoking Mirror, Enemy of Both Sides, et cetera, et cetera. Associated with rulership, sorcery, and the night. King of Kings. The Ur-Bad Boy. Real piece of work, this deity. Tezcatlipoca sired Pablo and placed him up for adoption for some reason.

This may or may not fucked up Pablo.

Abilities: Pablo is an Art School graduate (Jewelry Major, specialized in Teaching Art). He is well-versed in application and theory of aesthetics. It also means he’s a borderline criminal. While he has not been arrested (yet), he has mastered the fine art of petty crimes. He knows how to pick locks, find drug dealers, pirate textbooks, other things a student can reasonably learn after much practice and wikiHow articles.

Personality: Uh? Kind of an asshole? Pablo has been corrupted by the persuasive nihilism of the youth and A R T S C H O O L. He’s kind of an elitist, which translates to snobbishness and reluctance to like popular and problematic things. He has high expectations of people and also of himself. That drive towards perfection, while powerful, is self-defeating sometimes and causes him no end of grief.

He is also a fan of goth subculture. He sometimes makes "music," samples and all, but he’s no aural expert.

Goals: In his optimistic dreams of halcyon youth – that is, freshmen year, he wanted to better society, to subvert norms in his own way. He wanted to be an (gasp) ART PROFESSOR.

Currently, he’s trying to keep afloat rent and get a better job. Oh, maybe a cat.

Well, he just graduated from Art School and everything seems hopeless and chaotic right now. His life is pretty boring to talk about but it keeps him pretty busy. He is mildly upset about having to give up his recreational activities (clubbing, going to his favorite bands, et cetera) to focus on real-life stuff, but you do what you got to do.

Mortal Parent: Camila Sanchez. Works as a banker in M&A and basically coasts on life on her cushy, upper middle-class income. Lazy and indolent but has an occasional streak of cunning.

She adopted Pablo as a sort of a middle finger to her family and her ex-husband. Her relationship with her adopted son is tenuous but they are on speaking terms.
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Character: Isabela Zapatero De La Cruz

Age: 25.

Appearance: [Image: tumblr_ozw76cmUZe1sfu2c4o1_250.png] The Short One.
If one had to wager, a nice, flat, 5' even with her shoes on would be fair. Darker skinned than both of her parents, Isabela's eyes are hazel, though she really just considers them brown? Hazel is just brown trying to be fancy. She has a number of moles and freckles on her face and dotted along her body, blemishes she used to be self conscious of. There's a scar that bisects her right eyebrow, trailing up towards the top of her forehead, and a number of scars on the palms and knuckles of her hands. She's just got a pretty good number of scars. Her hair is dark brown, thick, fluffy, and curly, and she does her best to tame it. Isabela's clothing is either flowy, feminine, and flattering for her curvy figure, or completely and totally comfortable and functional. Who wants to solder in a white lace dress? Not her. Sometimes, a girl's just gotta put on her overalls.

Oh, yeah, and she's got big huge dumb nerd glasses she wears on a rather frequent basis. Contacts are basically torture devices that should only be tolerated for a few hours at a time.

Gender/Pronouns: She/her!

Divine Parent: Biological daughter of OGUN.

Abilities: Isabela's abilities mostly have to do with inanimate objects. She's a whiz at math, science, programming, building, and machines. It's what she does for a living! She's also rather observant, and great at noticing things about people. Talking to people? Not so much. It's easier to talk to machines. They just want to be fixed and perform one action. Math is way, way easier than people. Dancing, reading, singing, and repairing and fixing watches (and other gadgets) are a few of her hobbies. Also, she's got a dog! Her name is Chiquita and she is big, fluffy, and white.

Personality: It's difficult to sum up an entire personality in a few short words, isn't it? Isabela thinks so. People could be broken down into formulas, sure, the sum of their parts and all that, but it's not always that simple. People are complex! Still, traits can be bulleted. A few of Isabela's include stubbornness, being analytically minded, and being very, very, often dangerously curious. The girl is so, so inquisitive, to the point that it annoyed the hell out of her father. She. Questions. Everything. That phrase about the cat? That's her. She is the cat. The satisfaction often brings her back. There are more though, of course. Isabela is a free spirit, wanting to lead her own life and find her own way. Being and feeling trapped is one of her biggest fears, along with loneliness. The idea of being really, truly alone in the world? It's enough to keep her up at night. Well, that, and general anxiety and over-thinking. She's prone to doing that a lot. Oh, yeah. Blunt, too. She's very blunt. Words can be hard and it's best to really just get your ideas out as clearly as possible while you can. Time on Earth is so short for people, y'know? Way too short not to just...say what you're feeling at all times.

Goals: Tons. She's an ambitious gal. Owning her own technology company, managing to program AI capable of learning and adapting to environments, building a series of machines that can assist people with disabilities, inheriting her family's fortune and donating the money to things that actually matter, making even ONE really good friend, never seeing her horrible fiance ever again, finding someone to love, MAKING A LEGITIMATE ROBOT LIKE IN MOVIES-- but without the murder and power struggle...


Biography: The formative years of Isabela's youth weren't bad! She was a precocious child and learned to read at an extremely young age. It became quite clear quite quickly that normal schooling wouldn't exactly work for a kid like Isabela. Her appetite for learning was voracious, and she required many a tutor on top of the private classes she attended. There was nothing more fun than learning to young Bela, and that didn't change when she hit her teens.

What did change was her father's attitude.

Having a young child building with Legos is fine. Having your young daughter grow up to take that Lego hobby into actually building functional little RC cars and models is less fine. Especially when you're a rich, influential man with a lot of eyes on him. By the time Isabela was 13, her father was less keen on (Jodie) fostering her behaviour. He resented his daughter's playful attitude and carefree, fun-loving nature. He insisted she take her studies seriously and realize exactly what their family name went. The De La Cruz's had a sizable fortune he'd built himself, something he couldn't have done if he was giggling with tiny little helicopters.

Isabela's mother did her best to still keep things fun for her daughter while also not treading on her husband's toes. Bela attended dance classes from the age of 13 onwards, took etiquette lessons she loathed, and got fitted for plenty of dresses. It was certainly not fun, but Bela knew better than to outwardly complain. Not only was she in a better situation than a good lot of kids in the world-- something she knew all too well-- but she didn't want to earn herself a smack for backtalk.

Not that it stopped really...

With all her private lessons and tutoring, Isabela graduated at 16 and immediately went into college. To her enormous benefit, her schooling was entirely covered and paid for by her father. Made the family look good to have a woman going into the engineering and tech industry after all, even if he barely knew what she did. Something with machines, right? Or some kind of programming? Doesn't matter.

Within the last handful of months, Guillermo arranged a betrothal for his daughter. Standard among ring families really, and yet something that completely blindsided Isabela. She was never told in any way and never even thought to ask. Even with her boundlessly inquisitive nature, it's difficult to ask about something one doesn't even know is about to take place. The entire thing was presented to her upfront. Matías was there when her father announced their betrothal, and barely listened to her as she confronted him after, face red as she protested! Was this the 1800's? Was she property to be bartered around now? A man's thing to own?

The one confidant Isabela had, her mother, couldn't offer much help. It would be dangerous to go against her father for a number of reasons, and trying to break off an engagement that would be so good for the family, for their funds, for their simply couldn't be done. It's something Isabela stewed on as she went through the motions. She sat through dinners, went on dates, met Matías's family, and even did a few interviews about the stupid shit.

Unfortunately-- as if the situation could really get worse-- Matías ended up being a...not so great man. A very not good man. Powerful, rich men rarely are. It was one night in particular that finally broke Isabela, and reminded her that she didn't need to sit through this. Sure, these people were her family, but there's only so much a person can take before they break.

That break ended with her taking what money she had, trashing all the shit they could track her on, keeping the engagement ring Matías gave her, and booking it the fuck out.

Mortal Parent:

Guillermo: Old! Very rich! Telecommunications bastard! A big, stoic, unfeeling asshole! A master manipulator! Gives really good hugs, to be fair, but still very much not a good dad. His priorities are very much not his family or his 'love' for them, as far as Isabela knows. Fuck, he was going to marry her off like she was some sort of item to be auctioned. There's no way that was for love, right? Fuck that guy.

Adelita: Very rich through marriage and pretty much marriage alone. Still, does her best to be nice, right? Kind of a...slave to her circumstances and understandably very afraid of her husband. Isabela doesn't blame her at all. Instead, she just feels sad for her mother. It's hard not to, watching someone trapped like that who doesn't even want to escape anymore.
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Character: Madelynne Devlin

Age: 27

Appearance: Jet black shortish hair, down to neck length. 5'10, athletic build, likes to wear clothing that can show off her physique, typically trying to go for a look clothing-wise of something inbetween elegant and comfortable, preferring dark colours, and has three black icon tattoos, a spider and a snake on her upper shoulders, and on her back, a wing-spread set of black feathery wings. Dark green eyes, short bitten nails and iron studded earrings.

Gender/Pronouns: She

Divine Parent: Morrigan

Abilities: She is in the process of finishing up medical training to become a surgeon, was held back a bit unfortunately. Also seems to work out fairly well and practice martial arts to keep in shape, such as capoeira. She also, for some reason, finds herself really liking knitting, it's relaxing. Speaks french and english.

Personality: Driven. Madelynne makes decisions and goals and sticks to them firmly, unless better options appear or the goal becomes logically impractical. Ambitious too, she works hard to do well in her studies and career and aims for high expections in her interests, although unfortunately, she rarely bothers to focus on something she isn't interested in and can lose focus quickly when bored. Typically a straight shooter, but, can be rather selfish and assholish, and is not above majorly screwing people over if they're in her way, especially if she doesn't like or respect them. Quite a lot of the world can go hang for all Madelynne cares. Isn't superb at making close friends either, tends to hold people at a distance or not be willing to put the effort in, but seems to be okay with that, and is quite happy to have the odd good time with people she gets along with.

Goals: Currently? She intends to become a fully-certified surgeon and then just keep on mastering specialties from there. Maybe she'll get bored eventually and start something else, but that's the plan for now. Keep practicing martial arts and moving up the belts. Maybe look into this "dating" thing at some point but that can be left on the back burner til she has some spare time.

Biography: Lets see...Went to kindergarden, where the teachers quickly began to notice certain warning signs in Madelynne's behavior, such as a refusal to talk to anyone, symptons that would lead to ADHD diagnosation, prone to fighting other children, stuff like that. She had to go to a certain elementary school for some help for a while which eventually turned out pretty well. Madelynne seemed to mellow out a bit when she was 12, when her sister Destiny Bonheur was born, partly in that the responsibility of helping out seemed to work well with her. Well, more like that it was a good distraction anyway. Skimming through high school and such, she showed a higher interest in maths and biology, and enjoyed extra-curriculur sports even if she had some trouble with team play. A couple of years after she started medical training to get into surgery, her final sibling Luna Roux joined their midst. Around this time, Madelynne was taking a minor break from her higher learning due to an, altercation, with a fellow student. No serious charges were pressed, but Madelynne felt leaving some time to cool off and maybe find a different area to continue her learning would be wise, and was happy to help with Luna for a while anyway, up until she started walking and talking, but ended up taking a little longer to get back into things.

Mortal Parent: Buzz Marley - Madelynne loves him but...Well, her dad is a quintessential, archetypal, prime example of a gawd-damn ultra alpha hippie. He gets by on selling various paintings when under his "herbal medicine" and teaches guitar and piano privately. Buzz used to be in the military, pushed into joining by his dad to "straighten him out", but after leaving, seems to have mixed feelings about it and doesn't like talking about his past back then. Can put his foot down rather hard, one point sticking out in Madelynne's memory being when she was caught experimenting with drugs in younger high school and, she was surprised and horrified to find the sudden authority and reckoning with which he came down on her over it. Took his "girlfriends" names for his daughters when he took them in since he figured they should have something to know those absences by.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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Character: Aster Katsen

Age: 28

Appearance: 5'5", short hair, round physique. When in scrubs, looks vaguely professional, but as soon as they get home it's black clothes, makeup, and high collars.

Gender/Pronouns: They

Divine Parent: Hel (Birth)

Abilities: Doctorin'

Personality: Aster is an intensely focused person. They seem unapproachable, either being absorbed in whatever they're doing or standing around, looking anti-social. However, once you get to know them they're deeply passionate about the few things they do.

Goals: Fix their dad's legs, more long-term is help as many vets as possible (and fight to end war).

Biography: The first thing Aster can remember is being on the road with their dad. Johann had the wheel of the RV, and Aster was sitting in the front seat even though they weren't supposed to. They moved a lot back then. Johann said that their mother was the most intense woman he ever met. That Aster reminded him of her. Shame they never met, but that's how it goes. Finally settled down in Baltimore, dad doing odd jobs around town. Got himself recruited into the Army, said that it was steadier work than he'd had before. Maybe he could even go back to school. Finish that degree.

Aster was a moody kid, having moved around a lot. They never really fit in anywhere in school, so they gravitated towards the goth subculture. If they were going to be an outcast, might as well be a stylish one. Gender didn't really fit either. Dad didn't say anything, but he worried. At least he didn't try to change them to fit a mold. He understood. Aster's mom didn't fit a mold either. But he was there for them, a beacon of stability, the rock on which Aster's life stood. So they did well enough in school, without any real direction but at least not doing too badly. Johann remarried (or maybe it was for the first time), and Aster didn't hate Jenny. They tolerated each other, and Jenny was always nice.

Then Dad got deployed. It was a stressful time, but at least there were letters from all the way out in Afghanistan. Letters about the sand, about the platoon, about the locals, all sorts of stuff. Aster heard about one of Johann's buddies getting shot in the field, and, since they didn't have any better idea of what to do, decided to start studying to be a doctor. They weren't too dedicated to it, but it was better than nothing. That is, until the IED. Blew up the APC that Johann was in. Put a four-inch piece of shrapnel into his spine, too. The doctors didn't get to him until it was too late, and the damage was irreversible. Dad got sent home with a disability check, and that was it.

Aster felt lost. Their dad was different from before, changed by the war. The only thing that was left was medicine. Maybe if they studied hard enough, they could fix his spine and let him walk again. Aster threw themself into studying, and powered through medical school and residency. Now they're trying to find a practice at a research hospital to study nerve damage.

Mortal Parent:

Johann Katsen(Father) - A nice guy, but he's been different ever since he got back from Afghanistan. More emotionally distant, and definitely still resentful of his disability.

Jenny Katsen (Stepmother) - Trying as hard as she can to be a mother to Aster, bless her heart. A kindly lady.

The one, the only, Vancho!
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Character: Vivian Mariana Talison

Age: 28

[Image: tumblr_inline_oss4m2aX5w1t0kz3b_500.png]
The first thing most people notice about Vivian is her height - she stands at a frankly ridiculous 6’6” tall, towering over pretty much everyone she meets. Pretty athletic build, no doubt from the borderline-Olympian amounts of swimming she does on the regular. Short, black hair, sorta darkish skin, deep brown eyes. Has some pretty severe scars on her face and left shoulder/arm from a very unfortunate run-in with a box jellyfish some time ago. Honestly, she was lucky to survive that one. Wears clothes as casual as humanly possible whenever she can get away with it.

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Divine Parent: Ryujin, birth parent.

Abilities: Marine Biology! Specifically, she has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, and is especially versed in studying the migration patterns of various cephalopods and sharks. She’s an expert swimmer and diver because of this, too. Basic martial arts training (not related to marine biology; she has never punched a shark). Reasonably good at running. Knows how to drive a boat. Can play the bass clarinet.

Personality: Honestly kind of reserved in general. Not really very good at talking to people, tends to make any given conversation veer off into talking about, like, vampire squids or something. I mean, if that’s what you like, she’s a great conversationalist I guess?? Severe anxiety, moderate agoraphobia. Tries to do the right thing when she can, and more importantly, tries to be more responsible than her REALLY VERY IRRESPONSIBLE MOTHER. Typically level-headed when not panicking, prone to occasional bouts of RIGHTEOUS FURY about very specific topics.

Goals: Hopes to someday make some great discovery about some squids or something, maybe get a paper published in her own name?? Probably planning on ending up in academia one of these days. Bonus objective, punch an oil executive right in the goddamn mouth. She’s down for that too.

Biography: The circumstances leading to Vivian’s birth are just a little bit murky. Something about a one-night stand after a party thrown by some really rich assholes? She’s never really known the details, and honestly, really never wanted to ask.

Regardless, some 28 years ago, Vivian was born to Olivia Talison, the rich heiress of a large microelectronics corporation, complete with all the pointless and wasteful eccentricities the rich are prone to. For Olivia, the main of those eccentricities was a love for crab fishing, of all things. Yes, as in, getting on a boat off the coast of Alaska in the dead of winter, fighting off horrible storms and frostbite in order to fish up as many damn crab as possible. Yes, that is among the most dangerous jobs in the world.

To make matters far more fun for little Vivian, Olivia insisted on bringing her along, pulling her out of school for months at a time, and dragging along private tutors in the meantime. Naturally, this resulted in a pretty shitty childhood of near-complete isolation from everyone around her, and a growing resentment of her irresponsible asshole of a mother. But, honestly, what could she do? Not a hell of a lot, until she finally escaped to college and could finally turn down her mother’s terrible, terrible hobbies. Still, the damage was done, because you don’t just go through that without a little bit of mental fuckery.

Over the course of eight long years, Vivian worked toward a doctorate in marine biology - she’d always had a love for the sea and the creatures therein, in spite of Olivia’s best efforts. Except for jellyfish. She could tolerate them enough at first, until in the middle of her master’s degree, while interning at an aquarium in California. A box jellyfish, of all things, just happened along while Vivian was diving off the shore, and she promptly got wrapped up in its stingers and came particularly close to dying a horrible and embarrassing death. Fuck that jellyfish. She still has the scars.

Other than that particular incident, though, things were pretty okay! She managed to cut off pretty much all ties with her mother, got her Ph.D., and got a reasonably decent job doing research in the field. So, you know, things turned out pretty much okay. Surely nothing crazy will happen to throw off her entire life, why would that happen?

Mortal Parent: Olivia Talison, rich heiress of a large microelectronics corporation. Kind of a dick with very limited regard for others. Vivian really doesn’t like her much.
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Signups end on December 1st! If you have an idea and no time to actually submit an app, let me know and I'll keep you in mind for consideration!
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Character: Nathaniel Hunt

Age: 45 (born 1972)

Appearance: Black hair (starting to gray), average height, blue eyes, tan skin, short well-trimmed beard, athletic build. Generally wears functional, practical clothing when out and about. Or that's how he'd like to be if he weren't in prison. Currently, his hair and beard are both very long, and despite his best efforts, he probably isn't in fantastic shape. Not much opportunity to exercise in a padded cell, beyond the basics.

Gender/Pronouns: He.

Divine Parent: Persephone

Abilities: Covert Ops! Stealth, planning, ambushes, observation, tactics, marksmanship, close-quarters takedowns, that kind of stuff. He's been imprisoned for roughly fifteen years, however, which has made him pretty rusty. Regardless, he's done his best to stay in shape.

Personality: Calm and collected. Hunt is brave and capable, and generally attempts to do the right thing. He was well-regarded as a leader in his unit, and his career in intelligence was previously storied. However, after being ordered by his superior to assassinate a prominent American leftist, Hunt refused. The true nature of his mission was covered up, and he was sentenced to a lifetime of solitary confinement. It was a miracle he wasn't killed. This has colored him with an intense distrust of government, politics, and power.

Goals: Hunt wants to do what he once believed he did. That is, to say, protect the world from existential threats and put important information in the right hands.

Biography: The story begins with Hunt's father: Kurt. Kurt was born in Chicago to lower-class parents, and dropped out of high school early to pursue a factory job. He was drafted into the US Army at eighteen, and was shipped off to Vietnam after a run through boot camp. After serving two years, he returned to the United States to find a strong and healthy protest movement against the war. He promptly joined it, and was attracted to a rather beautiful dark-haired woman during a party. One thing led to another, and they ended up producing a son. Shortly afterwards, the woman departed, and Kurt mentioned her rarely.

Nathaniel had a good childhood. His father was fair and did his best, raising his son well. Despite this, they were still poor, and Nathaniel grew up in Chicago as his father did. Upon coming of age, the younger Hunt decided to join the military as a way to escape the urban blight. He found that he was well-suited to the work, serving with distinction in the Gulf War before getting into the Army Rangers. From there, he was recruited into the CIA's Special Activities Division, and performed missions in the former Eastern Bloc, China, the Middle East, South America, western Europe, and the United States itself. These were all done under his trusted handler: Monica Dunaway.

Following 9/11, he was recruited into a new division of the CIA. This division was known as the Patriot Project, and it's goal was to remove extremist influences from the United States and her allies. Hunt was assigned a new handler by the name of Warren Hiett, and his missions immediately took a darker turn. He was asked to surveille US political dissidents, bug their houses, and collect information on their day-to-day activities. Eventually, he was asked to do the inevitable: kill a leftist leader by the name of Ellen Jackson. A US citizen and a radical socialist, she'd been advocating revolution against the Federal government.

Hunt refused to go along with his orders at the last moment, and his superiors panicked. He was quickly apprehended and placed into CIA custody, where they tried him in a kangaroo court. Convicted to life imprisonment in solitary confinement (ostensibly for the crime of treason), he was placed in the deepest, darkest wing of a military prison. He was effectively dead to the outside world.

And that's where he's been for fifteen years.

Mortal Parent: Kurt Hunt is a good man, with a strong hatred of the federal government for both the Vietnam War AND for his son's unjust incarceration. He believes that his son was falsely-accused, but has been powerless in securing his release.
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Character: Cleo "Loveless" "Dead-eye" "The Natzi-Punchin' Vigilante" Love

Age: 27

Appearance: 5' 11'', muscular, African-American, Cleo has a strong chin, a strong smile, and amber eyes. He keeps his head shaved, preferring to wear a cowboy hat. He normally wears long-sleeve paisley shirts, sometimes with the sleeves rolled up, a belt with a black-iron star belt-buckle, and cowboy boots.

Gender/Pronouns: He.

Divine Parent: The one and only Pecos Bill.

Abilities: Ridin', ropin', shootin', square-dancin', and charmin'.

Personality: Cleo is a proud Texan, despite having seen and experienced the less-than-stellar side of his state very frequently. He's happiest when he's out on one of his Uncle's ranches, camping, or, alternatively, when drinking and dancing with his Austinite friends.

Goals: Cleo wants two things most in life. First, to help spark a social revolution in his state so that the better nature of it (which, despite everything, he believes in) can prevail. He wants a new age of Texan politics free from the oppression of the old, white, racist, wealthy class that has bled it dry for so long. Secondly, he'd like to somehow get back his family ranch back for his Momma.

Biography: Cleo is an Austinite, but it wasn't always that way. Growing up, he lived on a ranch with his Momma and his grandpa, out in West Texas. They were never particularly financially well off, but his family had friends in the area, so Cleo got to grow up learning livestock, roping, and various other activities. However, when he was sixteen, his grandpa died of a stroke. In the fallout, a national oil company who had major pull in the area, Big Shell Petroleum, managed to convince the state to allow them to invoke Eminent Domain to buy out the family ranch for a pittiance. Though the Love family tried to fight it, ultimately they were forced to accept the deal. Cleo and his mother moved to Austin, due to family living in that area that could help support them. Cleo took a while to adjust to the city life, but once he did, he found that Austin represented most of what he loved about his state, and had a healthy nightclubbing scene to boot. He became very active in the local political activism scenes, helping champion progressive causes, and, when introduced to the concept of Antifa by a casual boyfriend, achieved national fame/notoriety by punching out a noted white nationalist. Though clad with only a black cowboy hat and red bandana covering his face, somehow no one has managed to identify him as the assailant, however, something he finds odd, but is willing to take advantage of if it means he might punch more Nazis.

Mortal Parent: Justina Love - Justina always had been a bit of a wild child. Raised up on a ranch, she learned roping and cattle in and out, but ended up enjoying country music and beer drinking just as much. At 25, after an encounter with a mysterious stranger, she found herself pregnant, and, though prideful, went to her father, George Love, for help. Her father was surprisingly supportive, and offered to let her stay on the ranch and support her until she figured things out. After having her child, she proved to useful enough on the ranch that the topic of her 'figuring things out' never came up again. Justina is strong-willed, but despises the system she perceives as having done her family wrong. She hates living in the city, particularly in the lower-rent neighborhood she lives in, but she hates imposing on family more, and as such hasn't accepted any of her brother's offers of staying at their ranch-houses. Though she's mostly lived off of what little she was paid for her father's property, Justina supplements her income selling embroidered pillows with 'country sayings.' They've picked up in popularity thanks to Justina's colorful vocabulary and internet exposure. Justina doesn't talk much about Cleo's father, but also hasn't really seen any men since. She claims that she 'doesn't have time for that foolishness.'

STANDS: R E N E G A D E: Cleo's Stand hasn't manifested properly, so he hasn't seen it, but it takes the form of a humanoid figure, a shiny chrome red, covered with black stars. A black bandana, with a pattern of sharp red teeth, covers their face, and a black cowboy hat, with the rims folded upwards, dons its head. It wears silver-studded leather chaps and has gun-barrel fingers. No facial feature can be seen, as the mouth and nose are covered by the bandana, and a pair of yellow cats' eyes shine from underneath the hat's shadow. Renegade allows for Cleo to hide his identity as long as he covers the lower half of his face, a power he has unknowingly already manifested. It can shoot projectiles from its fingers, as well, but they aren't as strong as actual bullets, and this is an ability Cleo hasn't awoken to quite yet. As of currently, he can't control the stand's ability at will.

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