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The Divine Struggle
A Scion Story

On an Earth not unlike our own,
an Earth of cities and skyscrapers,
of suburbs and cellphones,
the Old Gods are not so old,
their faiths not so out-of-date,
and their children still walk,
seeking adventure and glory.

What is this?

Ichor is a game adapted from the Scion tabletop system. I've taken the basis of first and second edition Scion and restructured it into something more adaptable to a fluid, forum-based RPG.

This will be a game that will be available to play partially on Skype (in the form of group sessions where you and other characters band together to accomplish quests presented to you by the GM) and partially on the forums (in the form of smaller groups or individual missions where you drive the narrative.) How much of either you do is up to you.

For a more detailed idea of how the game will be played, check out this Google doc - still a WIP, especially on pantheon powers. Lots of notes in there.

The part that should be relevant to you, the player, right now:

You will be playing the child (adopted or blood) of a god of an ancient pantheon. As the inheritor of Divine blood, great things are expected of you. By pushing forward and working towards something greater than yourself, you'll unlock the secrets of divinity and - with enough effort, ambition, teamwork, and luck - ascend to godhood.

The pantheons that are currently available to choose from are the Yoruba, Guna, Greek, Norse, Aztec, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptian pantheons. I'd like to include the Algonquian, Iranian, and Hindu pantheons, and have a bunch of ideas for them, but I'll need to make sure I properly research them so I can present them properly. Anyone who wants to help research them would be greatly appreciated. I'll also accept pantheon suggestions, provided you help me research them! I'd love to include Slavs and Semitic Pagan and Mesopotamian pantheons as well, but if I'm doing all the research alone, I can't shovel that much onto my plate.

So what can I do for now?

Make pantheon suggestions, god suggestions, or start making a character! Hit me up if you have any questions. I'll make another post once everything's ready, so keep an eye on the thread.
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Click the link above to see what's up!!! Holy shit I did not expect this to take so long but writing up descriptions of about one hundred gods taxes a dude!!!!!!

I will now be accepting apps! Keep in mind as you write them that you will be starting this game as a mundane human. You will learn of your divinity at some point during the game itself. Here is the template:

Character: What are they called?

Age: How old are they?

Appearance: What do they look like?

Gender/Pronouns: Are they a he, a she, or a they?

Divine Parent: Who gave you this divine blood? Additionally, are you their birth kid, or adopted? [NOTE: If adopted, you'll have to actually prove your worth before they adopt you. Getting visited as a mortal chosen by the gods will require bigger challenges and harsher risks, with a few exceptions outlined in the god descriptions.]

Abilities: What are they good at?

Personality: What are they like?

Goals: What do they want out of life? (None is not acceptable, but mundane, lame goals are totally fine. Your character can be a normal dude. Truckin' and fuckin' are acceptable goals, for example.)

Biography: What's happened to them so far?

Mortal Parent: What are they like? If I'm gonna be playin' em, I'd like a few pointers on their personality! If they're dead, that's cool and their influence on you was probs mentioned in the bio so leave this part out.
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Very excited, WIP

Character: Amos McKissen

Age: 26

Appearance: What do they look like?

Gender/Pronouns: he (insert noms’ spectacular meme here)

Divine Parent: Perun, birth son.

Abilities: What are they good at?

Personality: What are they like?

Goals: What do they want out of life?

Biography: Born on a mountain, raised in a cave, truckin and fuckin is all he craves.
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Character: Eliza Kirran

Age: 24

Appearance: Eliza is tall, standing at 5'11", with dark olive skin and wavy black hair that goes down to a little lower than her shoulders. It is also long enough in the front to cover up her eyes. She has a strong jawline and a light dusting of freckles on her face.

Due to an accident from her teenage years, her eyes are damaged to the point of blindness, and she takes to covering them up with her hair and a pair of sunglasses. The same accident gave her a few notable scars on her face, as well as a couple on her left arm.

Gender/Pronouns: Female/She

Divine Parent:

Abilities: What are they good at?

Personality: Flat toned and serious, Eliza is a person with a dry sense of humor and a penchant for normalcy. She enjoys keeping a consistent schedule and pace in life, and dislikes many things that seek to disrupt that. Eliza does her best to put on an air of maturity and composure, though it doesn't seem to be what she wants to act like. Her roommate, when pressed, can attest to her mischievous and fun-loving nature, and will claim that she loves poking fun and pulling pranks that she can get away with. Still, Eliza will readily deny these claims, and they might seem rather out there for somebody who interacts with her on an acquaintance level.

Goals: Consistency. Eliza just wants her life to remain the same: boring, predictable, and easy to deal with.

Biography: What's happened to them so far?

Mortal Parent:
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Character: Pablo Sanchez

Age: 22 years old.

Appearance: What do they look like?

Gender/Pronouns: He/His

Divine Parent: Tezcatlipoca. Smoking Mirror, Enemy of Both Sides, et cetera, et cetera. Associated with rulership, sorcery, and the night. King of Kings. The Ur-Bad Boy. Real piece of work, this deity. Tezcatlipoca sired Pablo and placed him up for adoption for some reason.

This may or may not fucked up Pablo.

Abilities: Pablo is an Art School graduate (Jewelry Major, specialized in Teaching Art). He is well-versed in application and theory of aesthetics. It also means he’s a borderline criminal. While he has not been arrested (yet), he has mastered the fine art of petty crimes. He knows how to pick locks, find drug dealers, pirate textbooks, other things a student can reasonably learn after much practice and wikiHow articles.

Personality: Uh? Kind of an asshole? Pablo has been corrupted by the persuasive nihilism of the youth and A R T S C H O O L. He’s kind of an elitist, which translates to snobbishness and reluctance to like popular and problematic things. He has high expectations of people and also of himself. That drive towards perfection, while powerful, is self-defeating sometimes and causes him no end of grief.

He is also a fan of goth subculture. He sometimes makes "music," samples and all, but he’s no aural expert.

Goals: In his optimistic dreams of halcyon youth – that is, freshmen year, he wanted to better society, to subvert norms in his own way. He wanted to be an (gasp) ART PROFESSOR.

Currently, he’s trying to keep afloat rent and get a better job. Oh, maybe a cat.

Well, he just graduated from Art School and everything seems hopeless and chaotic right now. His life is pretty boring to talk about but it keeps him pretty busy. He is mildly upset about having to give up his recreational activities (clubbing, going to his favorite bands, et cetera) to focus on real-life stuff, but you do what you got to do.

Mortal Parent: Camila Sanchez. Works as a banker in M&A and basically coasts on life on her cushy, upper middle-class income. Lazy and indolent but has an occasional streak of cunning.

She adopted Pablo as a sort of a middle finger to her family and her ex-husband. Her relationship with her adopted son is tenuous but they are on speaking terms.

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