[Shelved] Celestia
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[Shelved] Celestia
[Image: 81122fdb30ef7f80cd38b1e45252d3b9.png]

The core worlds of the Cyranta are awash with beauty and luxury, where the buildings are graceful edifices of pearl curves and spires, and the vehicles flawless metallic darts that swim through the skies like perfectly coordinated fish. Each and every Cyrantan citizen is rich, living a life replete with prosperity and good health. These eerily beautiful, silvery aliens often modify and adjust their forms from the bipedal humanoid ones they were born with, though they never add features to their faces, which have nothing but smooth skin, silken hair and and brilliantly coloured eyes.

This luxury is a long way from your home. Every race must do their part to support the noble causes of the Cyranta Union. Though some technologies and riches do filter out to the Outer Realms, they are but a pale reflection of the capital, and the hardships that the xenos are expected to undergo are significant indeed. Though the Cyrantans have brought prosperity and peace to the alien, they ask much in return, in resources, in hard labour, in bodies for the war machine and more. Such is the nature of empire.

But for decades, the Cyrantans have been drawn to the idea of something greater, a realm without want or fear, beyond the mortal world. They have sought Ascension, and at last have agreed, as a society, that it is their inevitable next step. The plans have been put in place, the great facilities built. Every Cyrantan citizen will, if all goes to plan, ascend from this meagre dimension and leave the petty frailties of mortality behind.

Needless to say, this represents a great shift for their subject races. Many have been choking under Cyrantan 'oppression', though obviously these benevolent patrons - beautiful and graceful always in spite of their great physical differences from many other races - deserve the right to demand whatever they please for their grand plans, programs and experiments that always advance the greater good. Many ungrateful xenos secretly wish their Masters death, and may take their coming waning as a chance to get revenge and seize the advanced technologies and luxuries that they never deserved...


Celestia is the newest states game! Having been unable to continue Spheres due to disappearing to the USA for the better part of three months, I ended up deciding to just start a new states game instead. Spheres is currently completing its epilogue – in the meantime, people can start coming up with ideas for what they want to play here. I'm breaking a few of the usual space-game conventions, such as not doing a 4X forced single-planet start with wild tech disparities, since I figure we might as well try something that is both different and closer to usual states games at the same time.

The game will progress with the Cyrantans gradually making their way into the great beyond, with players competing over the resources they leave behind – and even contesting their continuously-weakening fleets for control over the fading empire. As everyone will start in the same big space polity at the start of the game, you'll all start with more or less the same technology – the scraps the Cyrantans allow their alien subjects in the Outer Realms to hold onto, while they hoard their greatest advancements in their core worlds. On the Trailing Front, the Cyranta fleets and their soldier-subjects still hold off the primitive raider-bands of the Zynaxi, though as the Union starts to dissolve, the less-important worlds of their subjects may have to be abandoned to protect the Core Systems.

The Cyrantans, for all their incredible (genetically perfected) beauty and health, mostly would have modified their subjects for utility, such as genetically or cybernetically allowing them all to share the same food and atmosphere. That is, if they cared enough to modify them at all, which they often did not. Even so, they did have something of an irrational preference for creatures that naturally aped their own humanoid forms or appeared aesthetically pleasing to them, and so may have allowed them slightly better lives or less backbreaking labour than 'disgusting' blobmen or insectfolk (who clearly deserve every hardship they must endure for the good of the Union). Bear that in mind when creating your applications. Also bear in mind that since you are all part of the same polity, it is entirely possible for multiple players to have the same primary race – not to mention that might even bring some benefits.



Primary Race Name: The name of your primary alien race.

Description/Physiology: What the race looks like, as well as any important facts about its biology such as an unusual life cycle or (dis)advantageous ability.

Culture/Society: Any notable widespread divergences in behaviour from the Union's other loyal subjects, whether the Cyrantans see them as charming or concerning. Things that your race might take with them when they are relocated across the vast gulf of space to other Realms.

Union Role: Though every Realm was self-sustaining, the Cyranta Union assigned races a role, such as 'Labourer', 'House-Servant', 'Infantry' or 'Biological Resource'. Though not always explained to the race themselves and not often as applicable in realms where the race made up the bulk of the population, they helped Cyranta overseers assign them to other sectors – members of an 'Agricultural Labourer' race would, for example, be more likely to be relocated to staff an agri-plant with a labour shortage than other races. This system helped spread diaspora of all races to nearly all sectors.

NOTE: If there is another race that plays an unusually large role (more than a mere diaspora) in your polity, you can include them here too by duplicating the race application above, and simply removing the part about it being the primary race. If your region is instead highly diverse, with many races living together and the primary race only nominally in charge, just include that in the details below instead.

Polity Name: What your polity is called, at least while it is still a part of the Union. As the situation changes, so might this.

Polity Structure: Cyranta meddles a great deal in the politics of their subjects, doing their best to create loyal governors and stable realms. The two are not always possible at once, however, and in many cases, the Cyrantans left the traditional power structures in place, with the Union authority installed directly above the old leaders. (However, you needn't play an existing Realm leader – you can just as easily be an ambitious corporation, powerful citizens' organization or rebel group, to name a few, fully prepared and ready, waiting for the Cyranta grip to weaken so you may seize control.)

Polity Details: Were your people a primitive culture enlightened and uplifted by the Union to be made into their subjects, given rights to the local stars? Were they a minor spacefaring empire that had to be forcibly brought into the fold? Did atomic-age leaders form an alliance with the Union to help crush their terrestrial enemies, only to find themselves a protectorate? How did they arrive at their present situation, and what is notable about the current state of affairs? And perhaps most importantly, what does your region contribute to the Union?

Polity Leader: The name of the leader for your polity, a brief description and bio, and any official titles they may or may not possess.

Names of Stars: Whether important stars in your Realm or just ideas for the map, throw out all your random star-names here.

Sorry the application is so long, but you have plenty of time to fill it out. It's only nine fields, after all, and three of them are names!
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RE: Celestia
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RE: Celestia
Story Fragments

Slowly, consciousness returned. Zithu clumsily raised her head, struggling to bring her surroundings into focus through her myriad compound eyes. She was somewhere dark, surrounded by the lights of buttons and consoles, casting the room in a bizarrely multi-hued glow. It had the scent of chemical sterility, like a hospital ward.

With a start, she realized she had been pulled upright, all eight limbs clamped against a vertical plane. She tried to strain at her bonds, but her arms felt like husks, as if her limbs and head were stuffed with dry grass. She was restrained so tightly, she could barely look around. Turning her head slightly to the right, she saw a number of clear tubes running into and out of her side, filled with her own ichor. The sight was horrifying, and she almost vomited on the spot.

“Calm yourself, Zithu,” came a soothing voice, as a figure stepped into her limited field of view. It was one of the Masters, tall and silver in a shimmering robe – one of the self-cleaning variety, which all stains would run off of like water. The Master had its hair pulled back from its ethereally featureless face, and for a moment Zithu could not tell if it was one of the males or females – it had always been hard to tell, for they were such a different race from her own, and she had never seen one of them in the flesh before.

“Do not strain. You will only hurt yourself, and you could even make yourself bleed,” continued the voice, bypassing the vibers on her limbs and entering her mind directly. “Calm yourself and wait. You will be resting again soon.”

Zithu strained at her bonds again. “Pleasse...” she buzzed through her mandibles. It was an effort to speak the Union language at the best of days, and in this place it felt like her throat had been stuffed full of dry sponges. “Thiss masshine, it hurtss.”

The Master was quiet for a moment. “You shouldn't be feeling anything,” it said, its voice perfectly echoing through Zithu's mind. “My technician-servant has assured me that you will soon return to unconsciousness, though you will remain awake a little longer.” It paused, tilting its head slightly. Zithu wondered how it was so perfect to behold. The Masters had no pheromes, in fact they had practically no scent at all, and yet she could not help but be awed by their presence in person more than she had ever expected.

It continued, with a curious quirk to its tone. “You are blessed, in fact,” it said. “You are living proof that your race's potential has been squandered so far. Once I return to the Homeworlds with my research, your legacy will be a new generation of genetic therapy for all Cyrantans, one that will see our longevity require fewer ongoing treatments than ever before. Really, you are doing more for the Union now than you ever had the opportunity to in the shipyards.” It nodded almost respectfully. “You should be deeply humbled.”

Zithu's vibers shivered at the thought. As her consciousness ebbed, it was growing hard to understand a lot of what the Master was saying, but even so, she grasped enough to be terrified. “Don't want... to be a... medissine...” she said, as darkness started to close in, consuming the edge-images of her compound eyes. “Pleasse... I have... family...”

“Don't worry,” said the Master, as the darkness consumed Zithu completely, “they will be with you soon.”
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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Dalaxians

Description/Physiology: The Dalaxians are a lithe and beautiful humanoid species. They stand tall and proud, with blue-purple skin and dark eyes. Their hair is invariably metallic in color, usually gold or silver. The Dalaxians are fairly standard for humanoids, but they are known for their unique death rituals. A Dalaxian near death will begin crystallizing, their bones and flesh becoming hard and transparent. When they die, a statue is left behind, with part of the individual's memory and personality embedded into the crystal. Though not truly alive or even sentient, these statues nevertheless provide a sense of communicating with the dead to any Dalaxian who touches them.

Culture/Society: The Dalaxians are a legalistic and formal bunch, organized into "Houses" and "Guilds" which effectively control society. The Houses are noble families who work to preserve their power and influence through marriage, negotiation, and trade. Some Dalaxians of non-noble blood will align themselves with a House, seeking to further their status and perhaps be adopted into it. On the other end are the Guilds - powerful professional organizations which demand loyalty from their members. Some guilds are religious orders, others are secular associations, but they also vie for power with the Houses in the Celestial Court. Even when separated from their planets, a Dalaxian's identity is tied to their house or guild. Of course, all the Houses and Guilds are subordinate to the Cyranta Union, and the Cyrantans make sure this continues to be the case.

Union Role: Bureaucrat/Administrator - Dalaxians are well-suited to administrative work, being quite adept at maneuvering through arcane rules, regulations, and agreements. They are often sent to help organize other colonies, under the careful supervision of their superiors.

Secondary Race Name: Orobans

Description/Physiology: The Orobans are a stout and tough-skinned race, with scaly hide and slitted pupils. They are quite hardy and can withstand a lot of punishment. They are humanoids with a reptilian tail. Their lives are fairly short, so Orobans protect their eggs jealously.

Culture/Society: Orobans are a militaristic race, known for fighting and competing with each other. Before the Cyranta Union conquered them, they often served as mercenaries in conflicts between the Guilds and Houses of the Celestial Principality. Some even established mercenary Guilds which are still quite influential. Their physical toughness, short lives, and rough appearance makes the Cyrantans see them as disposable.

Union Role: Warrior/Mercenary

Polity Name: Celestial Principality of Elin Dal

Polity Structure: The Celestial Principality of Elin Dal is what remains of the Celestial Empire after its submission to the Cyranta Union. The Principality is ruled by the Celestial Prince, who is elected from the Heads of Houses and Guilds by the assembled Celestial Court. The Court is the center of machinations by the various Guilds and Houses of the Principality, and acts as a check on the Prince's power. However, a Prince cannot be elected without the approval of the local Cyrantan governor, and most of the Houses and Guilds either are lead by hand-picked loyalists or pay tribute to remain in the Union's good graces. Thus, the Union effectively holds the reins of power in the Principality, though in recent times their control has been loosening. In the transition from Empire to Principality, the Prince lost a significant amount of power, which has not been restored in the meantime. The Union prefers to manipulate the Guilds and Houses, as it is easier to promote loyal ones over disloyal ones and ensure that a loyal Prince is always elected.

Though they usually hate each other, sometimes it may behoove a Guild and a House to become aligned with each other. When they are equal in standing, it is called an alliance. When the House is more powerful than the Guild, the House is referred to as the Patron of the Guild, while if the Guild is more powerful than the House, the House is the Guild's client.

Polity Details: The Celestial Empire was a spacefaring coalition of Dalaxians which expanded from their home stars and incorporated the Orobans into their nation. The nation was structured around various princely houses and great guilds, who formed the Celestial Court. This body created a loose governing structure, headed by a powerful Emperor and their Diet. However, the Empire ran up against the terrifyingly advanced Cyrantan Union, and realized they were outmatched. This lead to a civil war within the Empire, with some princes remaining loyal to the Emperor while others sought the backing of the Cyrantans. Inevitably, the Empire was crushed, and most of the traitor houses and guilds were dissolved and their wealth sent away. The Cyrantans decided to take over the power structure, demoting all the Dalaxians to lesser lords and establishing a prince controlled by the Union above them.

Currently, most of the Guilds and Houses are loyal to the Union, with their leaders hand-picked by Cyrantans for loyalty. The Houses provide raw materials and manpower with their extensive holdings, while the Guilds manufacture goods and control trade in the Principality. The Principality is known for fine, high-skill goods, as well as providing a steady stream of Oroban fighters. A rarer export is fine art, including the crystallized remains of the most beautiful Dalaxians.

Polity Leader: Celestial Princess Hora Seleyse, client of the Sisters of Mercy - Hora was elected Princess quite recently, after the unexpected death of Prince Ergen Polic II. Her house is client to the Order of the Merciful, a religious movement which promotes peace and harmony within the Principality and the Union. The order is heavily funded by the Union to help suppress rebellious sentiment and keep the peace. She is considered to be somewhat of a sycophant, praising the virtues of her overlords. Thus, she is not too scrutinized by the local Cyrantan authorities, giving her a little more free rein to expand her personal power. However, she can do little without the approval of the Holy Mother of the Sisters of Mercy.

Names of Stars: Elin Dal (Homeworld), Oroba (Oroban Homeworld), Yssenis, Grannis Lor, Nagila

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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Hobboppoans

Description/Physiology: Big, bulky, and blunt. Hobbopoans range from eight to nine feet tall and carry most of their considerable weight in their massive shoulders and barrel chests. Their bodies are covered in a dense layer of short brown fur and their stocky limbs end in flattened three-toed hooves, capable of gripping simple devices but not made for fine-tuned electronics. Despite their intimidating size, Hobboppoan faces are kind of cute – broad and wide-eyed, with small round ears, a circular snout and a wide mouth filled with flat teeth. They are semi-aquatic and capable of holding their breath for fifteen minutes with no ill effect.


The Hobboppoans pride themselves on their martial prowess, their ferocious loyalty to the Cyrantan Union, and their impeccable manners. Thanks to genetic engineering they can speak the Cyrantan language with relative ease and a surprising lack of accent, but default to grunts and bellows when things get rough and they forget the correct etiquette.

Thanks to a particular quirk of genetics, Hobboppoan DNA is easily manipulated, and the Cyrantans bred them into the massive tanks they are today. Their culture isn't much to speak of - their music is best defined as how a drum might scream for mercy in drum language, and they dance like someone who has just discovered a colony of spiders living in their underwear - but with their new strength and Cyrantan-provided power armor and plasma guns they excelled at physical combat and military service. They've never quite shaken their attitude of subservience, and devote a large portion of their education to learning polite manners for interacting with their betters (so basically everyone, but mostly the Cyrantans). They are suited to bodyguarding and personal defense forces, since they understand the civil necessity of apologizing before and delivering a sternly worded letter after obliterating an enemy into a pile of radioactive sludge.

Union Role: Enforcer. They’re very proud of it.

Polity Name: The Protectorate of Hob

Polity Structure: Stratocracy. The Hoppobboan military and state are one and the same, and all government positions are occupied by military leaders, with the obvious exception of Cyrantan representatives (who receive the highest honours). The non-soldier members of their society are designated as support units, since a functional star system makes for a much better staging ground. Law at its highest level is conducted by an association of generals, and highest general of the council is, in addition to their other duties, given the most honored task of bodyguard to the Cyrantan representative placed over Hob. Nothing less than the most esteemed solider in the realm would do for such an important guardian.

Polity Details:
The Hobbopoans view themselves as the little species that could, and proof of the Cyrantan's boundless generosity. The rest of the Union views them more as the little species that got knocked down in the playground and started building a death ray in their basement. Their language has been mostly lost to history, mainly because none of the people themselves bothered to remember it once they learned their shiny new one. As a result, the version of their past that has survived through time is simplified, but is told something like this:

Centuries ago, the Hobboppoans were a race of small, lumpy furry creatures, living under the recently-space age rule of the Lairan Empire, an aquatic society that enslaved all other life on the planet. Due to their small size and physical weakness, the Hobboppoans were designated manual laborers and farmers. Their lives were short and unpleasant, ruled by whatever internal war the Lariats were waging right at that moment. Then the Cyrantans came from the sky.

To a species used to petty conquering, drab surroundings, and casual condescension, the Cyrantans were a marvel to behold. They were brilliant. They were beautiful. Their condescension was top shelf. The Cyrantans welcomed both the Hobboppoans and the Laira into the Union with open arms (or at least a polite wave from the distance), but the Laira ranting about something called 'empire' and 'culture' and 'self-esteem', attempted to throw their new benefactors out. It didn't go great. The remaining Lairas were sent to a single planet in the system to cool off (quite literally, since it was an ice world) and haven't been heard from since. Their enclosed underwater cities and swampy lands were granted to the Hobboppoans, under the condition that they serve their new masters faithfully and without question. It was a pretty easy promise - they literally didn't know how to do anything else.

Anyways, despite all that drama, they're really very happy, thank you so much for asking! For now, anyways. There's nasty rumors going around about a rapture or something, but the Cyrantans love them! They wouldn't ever leave them here, would they..?

Polity Leader: General Mobbop, Chief of the Army and First Bodyguard of the Protectorate. Getting old for physical combat at seventy, but can still hold his own in a power-amour wrestling match, and is known among his people for his flawless courtesy in all situations. Once ended a successful storming of a rebellious client race's palaces with a forty-minute apology for stepping on an insect in the flaming ruins, to a standing ovation from his own troops and silence from the extremely dead alien royalty littering the ground. He has an unsettling habit of staring at the floor when speaking to basically anyone (wouldn't want to presume to make eye contact), although some have remarked that his devotion to the Cyrantan representative he guards borders on "clingy", "pathological", or "too far even for you, General". Those people usually get flattened. Then he apologizes to the bits.

Names of Stars: (WIP)
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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Koiternalians

Description/Physiology: Bipedal mollusk creatures with light, thin shells covering their back and lower neck and eyes planted in soft, gooey faces. Largely resistant to psionic forces, and slightly above average lifespan, provided they make it there.

Culture/Society: Koiternalians are a race of people who, by their nature, follow one of two paths after birth. Half of them yearn a quiet pastoral life, far from the din of battle and the concern of interstellar politics. The other half crave excitement, adventure, battle, and honor. As such, upon reaching the age of adulthood, they join one of two classes. Some of them join the ranks of the yeomen and live in communities of other yeomen, farming the land (and, for some unlucky few, mining) collectively and enjoying a largely peaceful lifestyle. The rest of them join the ranks of the Chevaliers and ride forth, protecting the peace of the yeomen from the outside world and seeking a righteous and honorable cause to fight for among the stars.

Union Role: Agriculture, Star-Cavalry

Polity Name: The Chevalier's Star-Kingdom of Aboiter

Polity Structure: The Star-Kingdom's military is organized under either an Astral King or a Stellar Queen, who rules from the Cosmic Fort-Palace of Etoiniella. Upon the death of one such king or queen, the Chevaliers gather together and elect a new leader to lead them, come glory or come death. The yeomen are largely organized on a local level, and elect delegates to local, regional, continental, and planetary offices to discuss how much food is expected from each community for the use of the military, usually based on how well a harvest went for any particular community. Young Chevaliers are typically selected to gather the expected resource tribute from the yeomen and protect it on its way to the army.

Polity Details: Prior to the arrival of the union, the people of Aboiter were bickering feudal lords. Honorable Chevaliers clashed lances between one another in the absence of worthier foes, and the yeomen were often caught in the crossfire. When the union arrived, they came with the promise of more honorable battles on a cosmic level. All the Chevaliers and their petty Dirt Kings and Dust Queens came together and, enticed by the glory of this offer, agreed to pursue whatever villains these space-wanderers had to offer. They were united under the first Stellar Queen, Joaennon I, and became among the most elite and suicidally brave members of the Union army.

In interstellar fights, the Chevaliers specialize in high-speed, high-power, short-ranged fighter ships, their space-corps motto being 'glory lies within a hair's breadth of death.' In terrestrial combat, they fill the roll of heavy infantry, crashing through the enemy line and fearlessly plunging into the fray, bringing COURAGE and JUSTICE to the chaos of warfare!

Unfortunately, this dichotomy of societal roles leaves them a bit wanting in terms of industry and research capabilities. Those who are curious typically utilize that curiosity for wanderlust and adventure, and those who remain behind are happy to farm and live happy, peaceful lives.

As for their feelings on the Union: The Chevaliers bow to none but their King, and their King bows to the Union so long as it continues offering honor and glory. Should this arrangement ever change, or should the King find it both more chivalrous (and not entirely suicidal) to fight against the Cyrantans, they will ride along with him, their warcry echoing throughout all the infinite cosmos: 'For Righteousness, We Ride!'

Polity Leader: Astral King Coruntille XVII

An honorable man who ascended to his position through valor and bravery, Kaerol Coruntille is a force to be reckoned with, on and off the field of battle. He is known to be full of vigor and bluster, even in his old age, and uses his psyonic abilities to augment his ability to read his opponent's moves, giving him the appearance of near-supernatural reflexes. He is known to be the greatest friend to his friends and the bitterest enemy to his enemies. As he nears the end of his lifetime, he yearns for one last great battle, one last charge into the fray, one last brush with death. Perhaps the crumbling of the empire will provide him a chance to do just that...

Names of Stars: Franette's Heart, Gion's Honor, Jaumette's Final Charge, Pyronnes' Hold
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RE: Celestia
Expression of both interest and RIGHTEOUS FURY.
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RE: Celestia

Primary Race Name: Skavarrii Acenti

Description/Physiology: The Skavarrii can be aptly described as humanoid rodents yet with a distinct kind of development pattern, it would seem the race has been divided into two subspecies which are closely culturally interwoven with each-other, Curiously both Skavarri races have a distinct mark or brand in the back of their neck, A oddity they themselves have no answer for. The Skivarri Acenti have a close resemblance to mouses in their appearance, Smaller and more approachable looking compared their Untari brethren the Acenti are much the 'face' of the Skavarri when dealing with other species. They are smaller then their brethren and even smaller compared to most humanoids but they seem to have a sharp intellectual capacity, it seems they have extra part of the brain their brethren seem to lack.

Culture/Society: Skivvarii culture has always been a cooperative inclined between the two species as they are dependent on each other to a extent. it is all together known that the Untari help the Acenti with defending themselves and much of the industry relies on them.. however the service the Acenti provide to the Untari isn't readily apparent to outsiders. The Acenti support the Untari with council and seem to evoke a bit of serenity to the otherwise slightly shivery and ill at ease Untari even before the time the Cyranta came upon them (not that any Skivarrii can remember a time without their gods). Speaking of the Cyranta, the Acenti seemingly have devoted themselves into worship of the Cyranta creating a whole priesthood. It is said a single Acenti priest would be able to council a entire space station full of Untari...

Union Role: The Acenti were classified by their union masters as [Biological Resource]. However attempts to split up the Skivvarii met with disastrous drops in efficiency and production on both ends of the places the split subjects were sent to, so the two races are usually mixed in at-least 'some' number if in a somewhat sporadically and imbalanced way. Acentu usually are used to proselytize on newly found worlds by sharing select 'relics' and 'rituals' (technology and knowledge decided by the Cyranta Union to 'uplift' them into their dominion) with the populace, This is usually paired with extensive biological therapy to at-least mimic the looks of the species they have to work with if it is necessary. those not chosen for those holy tasks are chosen to work in the propaganda machine around the union or redeployed to places unknown.. never to be seen again.

Secondary Race Name: Skavarrii Untari

Description/Physiology: The Skavarrii can be aptly described as humanoid rodents yet with a distinct kind of development pattern, it would seem the race has been divided into two subspecies which are closely culturally interwoven with each-other. Curiously both Skavarri races have a distinct mark or brand in the back of their neck, A oddity they themselves have no answer for, The Skivarri Untari in contrast to their brethren resemble rats more closely causing them to be bigger and stronger then the Acenti (yet barely reaching most humanoids necks). This extra stamina and prowess is that the Untari prefer more martial pursuit's and usually will be encountered in hostile situations by outsiders, They also seem to be somewhat resilient to polluted and irradiated environment to a small waste processing organ not found in their Acenti brethren.

Culture/Society: Skivvarii culture has always been a cooperative inclined between the two species as they are dependent on each other to a extent. The Untari by default are restless and superstitious beings and ill at ease when removed from places familiar to them, they do however thrive under good leadership. they look most of the time to their Acenti brethren for that but old and hardened Untari's are also regarded with great reverence having seen and survived many many years. Untari are less religiously motivated then the Acenti in a fashion that you'd would never see a Untari priest but they still do follow the believes of the fate. Mostly out of respect and fear for the gods. Some however have become jaded and disruptive which is a rather taboo thing. Since Untari prefer working group-based, someone who disrupts the group is usually ostracized and viewed as a outcast or they would drag the entire group down into a squabbling mess

Union Role: The Untari were classified by their union masters as [Hostile Environment Laborers ]. However attempts to split up the Skivvarii met with disastrous drops in efficiency and production on both ends of the places the split subjects were sent to, so the two races are usually mixed in at-least 'some' number if in a somewhat sporadically and imbalanced way depending on the planet they were sent too. They usually end up working in area's ravaged by natural toxicity, irradiated or long time warzones as workforce due to their resistance against much of the things that would very quickly kill normal workers.

Polity Name: The Bond of The Faithful Houses

Polity Structure: The political system of the Skivarrii has always been house based, big and wealthy families are common on their world, all competing or cooperating with each-other to grow in power and stature. Large industrial guilds and trade empires flourished but it was ravaged petty blood feuds and grudges between houses.. at-least that was until the gods arrived..according to the gods of course. They decreed that the ruling of the Skivarrii would be two permanent station, A union between the high priestess and the high chief representing the two halves of the Skivarrii, one who speaks for the families and helps them with disputes and issues between the people and the other who speaks for the gods and tends to the spiritual needs of their people. Together they are the highest authority and impartial mediators between the families who usually rule their own fiefdoms. There are of course rules to unseat the current high chief in a system of honor duels and to change a high priestess can be changed if the gods decide so or the high priestess does something so reprehensible that public pressure will oust her from her position. the rules are written down, ritualized and carefully preserved to prevent abuse.

Polity Details: That is where the records are spotty... that is to say there are no actual records or evidence about the time before the gods.. except for what the gods say themselves of course. Skivarrii culture seemingly completely changed with their arrival as the newly found priesthood found resemblance in half-remembered stories of old and these new visitors. They immediately started worshiping them, allowing for the unification between the two rulers to come in effect, the gods brought many gifts with them.. oddly familiar but yet so alien in nature too.. however this was not a seamless transition. Some houses distrusted the gods or were not pleased with the changes like House Zaltea, a old and infamous family known for a recurring madness that plagued their generation was one of the biggest detractors for the new gods. There was a long civil conflict between houses and entire families were wiped out, It was even rumored the Zaltea patriarch died in battle ranting about 'star demons in white garb, poking and prodding inflicting their mark upon them all'. but in the end and after much loss the faithful houses won the day and so the houses has served the gods for eternity and so shall they continue to do so many lifetimes over... yet with the waning of their gods many call for a grand pilgrimage to the holy sectors.. which they were thus far barred from entering to reconnect with their gods

Polity Leader: The Current Union is headed by High Chief Aganos of House Pheytea, A honorable but grim Untari however it is noted he is growing increasingly cynical and such talk worries the populace, There is also High Priestess Arisbe of House Voudkoggs. Even for a Acenti Priestess she is... a zealot if you are gentle in descriptions but seems to be primarily concerned with the well-being of her people, even those who are scattered across the various systems of the Cyranta Union, However this clash of believes is straining the relations between the two and the houses they represent, luckily they both are rather subdued about it, if the public would know about any friction between their two representatives of all the Skavarrii houses there would be mass panic in their realm

Names of Stars: Hek (Homeworld), Acappea, Icromeur, Iphiacs, Kaltenborn's Folly (Forbidden System)
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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: The Yuelren

Description/Physiology: The Yuelren are a short waifish folk, rarely growing taller than five feet tall and possess thin bodies. Their bodies are completely hairless and are the colour of burnt umber. They have two sets of eyes, each completely liquid black and large and wide. One set of the eyes is more apart so as to be looking in perpendicular directions and set above the lower, larger set of eyes, giving them a wide range of vision. Speaking of senses, they also have the additional ability to sense magnetic fields to some degree, due partly to their particular biology and evolution. They possess metallic bones, have a strong amount of bio-electricity and can sustain themselves on both food and electricity.

They have 2 thumbs and five other fingers on each hand, and possess similar feet with spread out toes. They mostly rely on a swiftness of foot and great dexterity to avoid trouble, but all Yuelren can discharge electriciy from their bodies, fatiguing them, and alter their own magnetic field to move small amounts of metal, or attach themselves magnetically to metal. They tend to live up to around 2 centuries if they take care of themselves, bleed blue and have metallic bones. Their race was genetically engineered to be able to control their magnetic fields better, so they could adapt to living on other planets or city areas or spaceships and so on.

Culture/Society: Yuelren are a quiet people, on their home planet, they evolved to live amongst the trees of their forests of living metal, leaving the ground to the larger and more violent creatures. In time, they spread outside their forests but still as a culture gravitated to high points, their mountains in particular became holy points to them. Due to their natural make-up, when they began to advance technologically, they took great interest in the relationships between electricity and magnetism and waves, and frankly, ended up making a rather large amount of noise from their planet, where they spent large amounts of effort into listening into space and sending messages out to the heavens.

When they finally got the Cyrantan's attention, they worshiped the strange beautiful beings as both angels and the enlightened beings that they were. Whilst they have become more advanced since this introduction, they still view the Cyrantan as great beings and as a race to aspire to, for their advanced technology and loftier goals and culture.

Union Role: Engineers/researchers. The Yuelren took to working with advanced electronics and other alien techs with a passion, they spend their time attempting to find and keep copies (or originals) of galactic knowledge however they can, building cities devoted to giant libraries and the understanding of the knowledge within. They were also used as grunt workers (or as they preferred, assistants) for Cyrantan projects at times, helping with the menial work or construction/maintenance of devices.

Polity Name: The Collaboration of Librastrum

Polity Structure: Cyranta meddles a great deal in the politics of their subjects, doing their best to create loyal governors and stable realms. The two are not always possible at once, however, and in many cases, the Cyrantans left the traditional power structures in place, with the Union authority installed directly above the old leaders. (However, you needn't play an existing Realm leader – you can just as easily be an ambitious corporation, powerful citizens' organization or rebel group, to name a few, fully prepared and ready, waiting for the Cyranta grip to weaken so you may seize control.)

Polity Details: The Yuelren view the arrival of the Union as a great moment of ascension to a greater awareness of the universe around themselves, bring brought out of an early-atomic age to become a space spanning empire. All their previous split countries and affiliations set aside in this new age. Their home world, Niorren, remains the most popular and heavily populated of the 4 planets in their system, despite being the smallest. Mostly due to the difficulty of replicating their home world perhaps. Currently, each planet is ruled by a great library that collects information exclusively about it's people and history, and houses all the elected officials and other major bureaucrats that organise the grand schemes. The home world is sent records and reports from each other planets and hosts their off-planet siblings when they arrive for lectures and great meetings. Currently, the question of the time is whether to set up a second base of information on either one of the three other planets, or to colonise another planet all together, and make it the new primary de facto hub of information whilst Niorren becomes the secondary back-up. Ignoring the time and effort it would take to organise and set up another collection of the Yuelren empire's hoarded information, the planet of Niorren worries about the drop in authority and power setting up a new base of information would lead to, whilst the other planets would appreciate the more neutral standing between the home world and secondary worlds if the primary hub was set on an off world planet too, and the benefit of a doubled back up of information.

In the meantime, partly as a distraction, Niorren has been pushing that the Collaboration of Librastrum must focus entirely on collecting the remaining technologies and data the Union is leaving behind in their ascension, before the other, more primitive and ignorant, races get their hands on it. With the ascension of the mighty and noble Cyrantans, while the fact that they are leaving us behind without their guidance and leadership wounds us, the Yuelren must look past this and see that the Cyrantan's great legacy must be secured in history before it's torn apart in the coming struggle for galactic supremacy.

Many Yuelren ships are already spread out amongst the Union Empire collecting and organising paperwork and information about what's happening, being good little helpers and bureaucrats and note-takers.

Polity Leader: Librarian Voraus, a greatly aged and wizened scholar born of Niorren, whom earned his early credentials as a scholar on researching the classic and popular field of electromagnetism, then showed himself to be a masterful organiser and diplomat amongst the Yuelren people over the decades. He regrets not having more time for his academic studies, but someone needs to do the dirty job of politics.

Names of Stars: Niorren-2nd planet from their sun (Oruj) - A planet made largely of metal with 2 moons of similar make-up, known to have been created millenia ago when an asteroid split them off Niorren. The relationship between Niorren and it's moons has a larger magnetic relationship than most planets, not just gravitational. Niorren is prone to wild lightning storms and winds, which even now cause large complications for space ships coming in and out due to the chaos of the resulting magnetic fluctuations. When these storms build up, travel outside the cities typically just stops and activity in the cities themselves shuts down to minimal activity. The biological races that evolved on Niorren all have some quirks to interact with Niorren's magnetic flux, some like the Yuelren have inbuilt defences to magnetic and electric attacks, and can feed off electricity.

Cytorren - 3rd planet from Orug, the largest of the 8 planets in the Oruj system and first planet to be colonised after the Yuelren's meeting with the Cyrantan, and named after them. This planet's populace are also more devoted to the Cyranta Union, and to finding information and working with the Cyrantan.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible
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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Alkanter

Description/Physiology: A hardy race with tough skin, they have two legs yet 4 arms; perfect for both combat and more mundane utility such as factory work and handcrafting. The Alkanter have teal rough skin; and a muscular body type. Their diet mostly consists of starch and meat, with little vegetables. Their legs are stout yet short; giving the entire race a height of around 4’0” to 4’6”. They have claws, yes, but they’re retractable and are useless in this age. The Alkanter bleed a sharp, contrasting red and have general anatomy similar to a human.

Culture/Society: The Alkanter are hardworking xenos. They value the handiwork of objects and their creations; Artists, Craftsmen, and Architects are valued in their society. Family heirlooms may be specially made tools or creations of high value. The works of their society can be said to be of the high quality. Sometimes, though, they can get attached to the creations they make and sometimes the works can be very dangerous; see the history of the Polity before Cyranta came.

Union Role: Architects and Designers. They design houses, spaceships, space stations, weapons, etc in the non-Cyranta worlds. Their work have a special touch that can’t be replicated sometimes.

Polity Name: United Communes of Genera

Polity Structure: The United Communes can be compared to a worker’s rule. Accomplished designers and craftmen gain positions of prestige and supervise the work in the worlds under the Polity’s control. Wage is distributed equally, even to those who work the hardest, which can lead to some strife. In practice, many planets under communes end in firm, somewhat despotic, control of a few prestigious workers, who report to their supervisors in Cyranta. These rulers serve in a council to ensure continued survival of Alkanter as a species and the continued success of the United Communes. This council meets in Genera, the original world of the Alkanter.

Polity Details: The Alkanter once lived on their homeworld of Genera. At the time, the world was split in twain between two nations whose names are lost to history. Tensions rose due to a dispute between the two over an ancient great statue. Before the first interstellar spaceship launched, Atomic War began. Beautiful cities, wonderful works, and millions perished quickly. Genera seemed fated to wipe themselves out in nuclear fallout. Few isolated states survived and attempted survival in the nuclear winter of Genera. The Cyranta, interested in their nuke designs, took a few survivors and surveyed their works and found functional yet elegant architecture. Interested, they decided to save the race from extinction in nuclear winter if they became the main workforce behind outerworld design. These days, they maintain an oligarchy of workers in the stars around Genera and their race is shipped to other realms to oversee construction and factory work to ensure what is created is quality. Genera never got the fallout cleaned, but rumor says that a group of rebels are working in the irradiated wastes for freedom. Of course, they can’t be strong.

Polity Leader: The Council contains many people, but the main spokesperson is Haveriner Ghintra, one of the workers of the council. He oversees Genera. He’s a tall 4 foot 9, and rallies for the people. He tends to focus on art, not craftmanship and he can be very passionate sometimes. This has led to hot water with their overlords in the past. Rumor has it that he works with the rebels in the irradiated wasteland of Genera, but they don't have much credit behind them. In personal life, he can be quite cynical and stern.

Names of Stars: Genera, their homeworld. Bintur, Faunin Neubla, Khener, Balliae, Renre, Mbnea, Langyr.
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RE: Celestia

Primary Race Name: Terrans (To distinguish themselves from Baseline humanity while acknowledging the explicit link)

Description/Physiology: Terrans are in effect a collection of five races. Humans who have been genetically bred and modified by the Cyrantans in an experiment to utilise the robust nature of the human genome in an attempt to create a stock race of improved chattel from which they can create entire breeding populations tailored to specific needs (while keeping the humans near Sol more or less unmodified for a controlled baseline population elsewhere). The five races are as such:
Terranus-Raucus - Colloquially referred to as 'Reds' by their fellow Terrans, are usually averaging about seven feet tall, with robust musculature and athletic frames, are incredibly physically imposing and capable warriors, used for ground operations and policing and garrisoning operations on planets and battlefronts the Cyrantans wanted capable, yet expendable 'all around' ground troops fighting alongside more specialised xeno battle castes. Their skin colour is almost uniformly varying shades of deep red, causing their many coloured eyes and hair to stand out starkly in colour.
Terranus-Robustus - 'Diggers' are the engineers, builders, miners and specialised 'skilled' and educated labourers of the Terran races, they come in a variety of statures from dwarf like to being as big as Reds or larger, depending on the strain. Of all the races of Terrans, Diggers possess the most in common physically with the Human Phenotypes native to Earth, keeping a variety of skin colours, facial characteristics and hair and eye colours, which are divided almost evenly among the strains of Diggers and family lines.
Terranus-Tempestus - 'Wisps' are humans that were modified specifically to test the 'lower' races of the galaxy's aptitude for psionics. They were a mixed bag of success and failure. Psionically, the only thing Wisps are good at it is low level telepathy and emphatic links, though the latter only works with other wisps, other races can receive telepathic communication from Wisps, though it sounds otherworldly with strange echoes. Out of politeness Wisps tend to talk to other races by non-psionic means unless pressed for time. Frail by comparison to other humans, they are noted for only having a thumb and three fingers on each hand, larger heads, universally pale skin regardless of baseline phenotype, and generally being mad as there is no real way for non-Wisps to be sure if Wisps are talking to a telepathic communication, or they are schizophrenic and shouting at the air. They do, however, make for excellent researchers, mathematicians and scientists.
Terranus-Augmetica - 'Clankers' as they are known among other Terrans, are humans unfortunate enough to be subjected to experimentation with 'Living Metal', and as such have become bio-cybernetic augments. While still broadly humanoid with some of the similar needs and desires as other Terrans, their appearances are alterable and they can 'grow' new augments with sufficient time, modification and proper nutrients. Due to their nature, they are incapable of interbreeding with other Terrans, and population growth amongst this subspecies is considerably slower than other races. They are however, more or less immune to psionic influences.
Terranus-Aquas - 'Fishies' Are humans genetically modified to be amphibious and pressure resistant. While not ideal to the conquest of water based civilizations as other xenos, it was found they were exceptionally useful at underwater exploration, observation and research having the benefits of bipedal forms. The most colourful of the Terran races, they are however universally bald, with the males having vestigial dorsal fins down the back of their necks.

Culture/Society: Terrans, by and large, are traditionalists, mostly out of a sense of longing for Old Earth. They view their heritage as something stolen from them and they want it back, desperately, and thus ravenously consume and appropriate cultural artefacts from Earth whenever possible. However this is tempered by a sense of betrayal by Old Earth, rightly or wrongly, cultivated by the Cyrantans. Terran Myths persist that the human stocks were 'given' to the Cyrantans rather than taken by them, as Earth tossed off its unwanted surplus populations to their new Cyrantan masters. The result of this is a curious racial solidarity between Terran races, but also an acute xenophobia of other alien races, the less humanoid the race, the more hostile the Terrans are towards them. The Cyrantans found this useful when placing large detachments of Terrans as part of larger invasion forces, as they could almost universally be trusted never to side with potential rebellious alien battalions in a revolt. The curious mixture of xenophobia and racial solidarity, mixed in with their cultural longing and integration of Earth culture results in strange admixture of home grown culture and languages with those of Earth.

Union Role: Varied. Reds were used considerably as infantry and cannon fodder alongside other races in invasion forces, very often ending up being used as military occupation forces for worlds the Cyrantans recently conquered as well as acting as military police in mixed race military bases. Wisps were used throughout the empire as scientific and research personnel as well as a stock race of data entry pencil pushers and technicians when the need arose, they were also, sometimes horrifically used as 'Biological Resources' to test the application of psionics in other races. Diggers, were, predictably a labour resource, Clankers were more of a curiosity into the extent of cybernetic augmentation and very often were used as free roaming mercenaries on hire to corporations within the empire. And Aquas, when not used for exploratory and settlement of distant waterworlds, were more often then not, sold out as large breeding populations on distant worlds to be 'food resources' to the Cyrantans' pet Megalosaur monstrosities on ancient frozen ocean worlds.

Polity Name: The Terran Confederation.

Polity Structure: The 6 worlds of the Terran Confederacy are more or less self ruled, each race running their planet as they see fit, with the sixth capital world forming the heart of the Confederation government. Overseen by a Cyrantan regional governor, whose remit it was to oversee several star polities in the area rather than just the Confederacy in particular. An Oligarchic republic, the confederacy chooses its leadership upon appointment by the five other worlds, choosing their race's representative to the high council, while the mixed race 6th world forms the lower legislative body through elections.

Polity Details: The planets of the Cofnederacy were initially experimental reserves for the creation of the 5 races drawn from human stock, before the Cyrantans 'gifted' these reserves to the Terrans as their own homeworlds. The confederation was given rights to the local stars for mining and material purposes but were not allowed to colonise, instead each world occasionally being 'tithed' to give populations to the Cyrantans when the worlds grew too populous. As a result, the 6 worlds of the Confederacy are bursting at the seams in terms of population and it is beginning to cause a lot of social unrest, especially now as the Cyrantans have missed their last three scheduled Tithes. The Confederacy is growing restless and its leadership is scheming.

Polity Leader: Azakin Throwl is an unusually gifted Red. Currently the leader of the Terranus-Raucous world of Salafor-Primaris, he is the unspoken leader of the Azure Circle, the true power of the Confederacy, operating in secret from Cyrantan eyes. Dating back from the first founding of the Confederation, when the initial leaders of the races met in secret prior to the formation of the Oligarchic Council. He has been at the forefront of the secretive construction projects of additional fleet compliments to the Confederacy's standing fleet as well as organising and arranging secret orders given to each Red commander gathered up by the Cyrantans' tithes, to start a rebellion wherever they are and with whatever xeno allies they have to hand, encouraging Reds occupying primitive worlds to claim those worlds for themselves and the Confederacy if possible, or else lead them to independence with the help of their local governments. He has been planning the Confederacy's rebellion for some time now, masking his actions as the 'typical' inter-racial politicking of the Confederacy to amuse and throw off their Cyrantan masters' attention. The Cyrantans are waning, it is clear now, whether they are truly ascending or it is a cultural hysteria to mask their falling power, it matters not. Azakin Throwl is preparing for his rebellion, and to take his place at the forefront of a revitalised Terran Confederacy and strike out to claim their place amongst the stars. They will have their Dominion.

Names of Stars: Gerenhail, Salafor, Derlind, Auspex and Terris (Capital world)

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RE: Celestia
Random Story: The Fall of House Kaltenborn

The bridge was awash in anticipation and excitement as Anargyros Kaltenborn surveyed it, all around him were Skivarrii of his kin busily preparing for the final leg of the long journey that would finally make their fortunes turn around. It was certainly jarring for him to see such a difference in demeanor as he compared it to the state floor he had stood almost a year prior, He had to mentally stop himself from bruxing and suppress his tail which was about to start swishing anxiously from the memory.

House Kaltenborn was never much more then impoverished and ridiculed for their past friendship with twice-cursed House Zaltea which had left the House with comparatively less resources then most houses as well as a stain upon their reputation making maneuvering in even local politics rather difficult. Anargyros theorized this previous ostracization was most likely the reason not a single priest of the gods wanted to join this venture toward unexplored space which in turn drove most other recruits away resulting that the ship was now crewed by most of House Kaltenborn's scions and family and lacking totally in priests but this was all just a momentary setback! after they arrive in this unknown system they could survey whatever was in there and claim ownership for themselves! mining and settling rights would be sold and House Kaltenborn would rise in its stature and its stigma would be no more!

They had a lot riding on this and it filled Anargyros with a sense of pride as he watched what all of his house accomplished so far. Even getting the parts necessary to build one of those vessels is a rather daunting task, as those like all technologies given by the gods are slightly revered and would not easily be given away.. His house had to twist several arms, call in lots of old favors and even cross and stand on the toes of other houses and even the priesthood to gather enough for the construction of their exploration vessel, Anargyros wondered if they might have annoyed the gods with such behavior... but quickly answered that moral quandary with the fact that the gods haven't been exactly generous to his house either, so they could stand allow a little bit of skullduggery. He also felt pretty proud that all of this was the result of his house working toward it despite everything the priesthood, the other noble houses and even the high priestess had thrown against them, he counted himself lucky that the high chieftan was convinced by him, his old friend to reluctantly allow this venture.

Anargyos was shocked out of his reflecting thoughts by the ship suddenly shaking a bit announcing that they had dropped out of FTL travel, They had arrived into the unknown system and he ordered the view-port bulkheads to retract so all could see what would bring them the prosperous future they so deserved... only for his breath to hitch as he just saw a solitary star shining its light into a uncaring void. The system was bereft of planets! not even asteroids! But it felt off.. as if it was purposely made so, it all felt remarkably artificial... be he was to angry to care. Loudly cursing his fate he almost didn't hear the deckhand calling his attention.

The scanners in the system had detected nothing but one signature. It was close to the star but still within range to safely traverse. Like a being possessed Anargyon ordered the ship to set course to the object and soon they saw it get closer and closer. It looked like a construction that was made to withstand the rigors of space, To Anargyron it had a weirdly recognizable build form, His eyes widened it was there was a similarity in the structure that was seen in many of the temples the priesthood communed with the gods with back home.. His grin grew even wider when he realized that this might be a ancient temple.. and if not they could make it look like one, The profits he would make from pilgrims and the clergy would be even better then expected to get for the system anyway and the potential for increasing their houses renown was almost unimaginable.... He knew he had to take this chance and ordered a scouting party to prepare to go with him into the structure.

After preparing and docking the ship with the station Anargyon along with his favored sons and his daughter, who was the closest among them who had even a passing interest in theology and was until recently a acolyte in the priesthood waited to for the airlock to finish cycling. the station to their surprise was still powered and local life support was surprisingly tolerable for their species so there was no need to take voidsuits.. Some of the boarding party were nervous but that slight moment of doubt was shrugged off with the lust for treasure and rewards. Only Alayean, his daughter seemed very nervous about entering the station but she could not explain why.

Yet they all disembarked and continued trough the hall..which led to a small but steep incline leading to a closed entryway, Nerves frayed as they saw the symbol engraved upon the doors and quickly some of Anagryos's sons seemed to touch the back of their necks a little.. On the door was the sign that all Skivvarii had since the beginning of race it seemed. no one had ever seen a Skivvarii without it, even those of the unfaithful houses... Anargyros couldn't resist the urge to begin bruxing this time and was about to speak to his sons when he saw his daughter stand up and come towards him..but something was wrong.

Her face was...serene in a almost otherworldly manner, she walked deftly and light, as if the ground was something beneath her notice. She looked around the group her expression still serene but slightly curious and amused as if someone found a oddly shaped rock in a stream, "You are not supposed to be here." She said, her voice neutral but with a tone of malicious amusement.

Anargyros hairs stood on end as he heard a smothered bang and turned around to see to his horror that his ship's reactor core had exploded.. and more explosions formed across the ship, reducing to to wreckage in but a few seconds.. it didn't seem to phase the station. He then watched in anguish as his own sons turned their weapons against themselves. soon blood covered the tiles and he was alone with the thing..no.. the god that possessed his daughters body. He never really believed the priesthood and he wasn't quite sure of their existence and even blamed them for his misfortune.. but he was convinced of how wrong he had been now and that the words of House Zaltea might have had some truth in them.

"To be honest I never thought anyone would walk into this place willingly. It would be rude not to show you around" the god said, with a hint of jolliness and the door began opening..however Anargyros's nerves couldn't take much more, his mind told him run but his body wasn't listening, it was all to much for him and fear overtook him. The last thing he saw before he lost his consciousness was the door opening and the thing wearing his daughter's face looking down at him with a barely perceptible smirk..

[[Scanning Report: System R-3846, 'Kaltenborn's Folly' as surveyed by 'third party surveyors']]

"The system is completely empty safe from some old and useless ship debris orbiting around the star. Wonder why it is there, this whole place seems like a waste of time to me. No wonder why those rodents don't want to come here. A empty system is as much as a curse as any.

Lets get our people outta this dump, We got better places to scout out.

- Bubba Joe. United Salvaging Inc. "

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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Dismar (pl; Dismari)

The dismari are a lanky bipedal race, averaging 2.5m tall, evolved to withstand the rigors of constant space travel. They have 6 arms, each ending in 4 digits (two opposable thumbs and two thick grasping digits), and perfectly smooth pale blue skin, not a single hair on their body. The bones of a dismar are light, and do not degrade much in low-gravity environments. Much like their bones, their lungs came to tolerate the poor conditions brought on by malfunctions, able to thrive even in near-void situations. They are hermaphroditic, each individual taking the role of male or female based on the needs of the community. The dismari are also psychically active, to a minute degree, just enough for them to sense when something is wrong in the nearby space, or, more importantly, on their ship. Some dismari possess cybernetic augmentations, to allow for better interfacing with electronics and improved reaction times.

Culture/Society: An extremely loyal race, it has long been the tradition of the dismari to cast their disobedient kin into the void of space, the longevity of a ship being seen as the ultimate priority of the people. They follow a strict hierarchy, doing as direct by their superiors whenever necessary. The dismari feel ill at ease on solid ground, having spent countless generations in space, with there being little known of their origin, only that long ago the dismari were cut off from the rest of their people, lost in the void until they were "saved" by the Cyrantans. Vessels will often have multiple shrines to their amortal gods, adorned with riches, bright red lights glowing over top. It is commonly believed that the Cyrantans chose the dismari to survive, out of all of their people, for their loyalty and dedication, and that for their virtues they will be rewarded with countless heavens after this life. When not directly working for the Cyrantans, dismari usually can be found engaging in interstellar commerce, though still they do this in the name of the gods and give much of their profits as sacrifices - for good fortune of course.

Union Role: Pilots/Crewmen - Operating a fair portion of the Cyrantan ships in the Outer Realms, be it freight, leisure, and even military vessels.

Polity Name: The Seraphus League

Polity Structure: The Seraphus League is a tight coalition of captains from civilian vessels, spacestation councils, and the commanders found on Cyrantan ships. While these ships typically have autonomy, they are still subject to the High Admiral, and will follow their order to the letter, for they alone were chosen by the gods to commune with their mortal forms. Members of the coalition meet semi-regularly in a non-standardized fashion, being encouraged to handle issues between themselves without intervention, unless it is harmful to the gods or the wellbeing of the league.

Polity Details: encountered the cyranta in deep space, lost from their kin, and believed them to be gods and devoted themselves to serving the union (wip section)

Polity Leader: High Admiral Sirena Amentha, the direct heir of the first dismar to devote themselves to Cyrantan rule, as every High Admiral before her, and all that would come after. As loyal as one would expect of a dismar, they are dedicated to serving the Cyrantans above all else, as any self-respecting dismar would. With the ascendancy of the Cyrantans on it's way, she, like many others, is both at ease and worried; the gods were leaving them to watch after their home, until they returned. Sirena, however, goes further than the pack, and believes that it is the destiny of the dismari to follow their gods into the next world, one free of pain and servitude, the heaven that their dead go to.

Names of Stars: Elysia (homeport orbiting in an otherwise empty system), Asphoda (a bustling system filled with trade stations), Aara, Khand

Working Name: Anarkismo
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RE: Celestia
Primary Race Name: Kyalao

Description/Physiology: Soft and malleable, the Kyalao are a species that can only be described as 'gelatinous'. As a species, they are akin to jellyfish in a way, with their bodies being jello-esque in appearance and feel. They mostly transparent in coloration, allowing their internal organs to be seen easily. The Kyalao also have four tentacles that they can use for grasping and manipulating things, though there is not an extreme amount of strength behind them. They have proportionally large brains, taking up a good portion of their inner body space. Most notably, the Kyalao are rather small (usually no larger than a foot and a half in height, and a foot in diameter) and squishy, meaning that as long as a space has roughly enough space for a Kyalao's brain, they can fit into it without issue.

After the Cyrantans got their hands on them, however, the Kyalao have a new part to their bodies that is vital to their interaction with society. All Kyalao have a massive robot body that they inhabit, which they function as the 'brain' of. The bodies vary in appearance, depending on what sort of moving/lifting/construction job that they're assigned to, though they are usually humanoid in structure unless required otherwise. They also have a compartments holding a smaller set of arms for more mundane and delicate tasks. The Kyalao's robot bodies also assist in their dealings with other species, giving them a more notable visage, as well as giving them a voice and improved motor skills. For all intents and purposes, the robot bodies are a part of the Kyalao, as they are physically connected to their mechanical bodies.

Culture/Society: The Kyalao are, to put it simply, not the smartest bunch. They are frequently simpleminded and straightforward, looking to complete their work simply and efficiently. They are easy to order around from those that they view as their superiors, and stubborn and bullheaded otherwise. They are not usually ones for recreation, much preferring a cycle of work and rest, but have recently found themselves enjoying simple, flashy light displays as a suitable form of entertainment. Outside of that, the Kyalao employ simple, communal familial structures, and governmental systems based upon the heads of families. At least, they do when the Cyrantans aren't around. When they are, the Kyalao seem wholly obedient. They also have a system in which young Kyalao are left mostly within their birth homes, taken care of when the adults are not working. When they reach maturity, they are immediately taken to be hooked up to a robot body, and are summarily integrated into the work force.

Of course, it is unclear how much of these traits were natural, and how much were implanted by the Cyrantans.

Union Role: Heavy Construction/Manufacturing. The Kyalao deal with the creation and construction of huge objects, usually buildings and large manufacturing machinery.

Polity Name: The Industrial Sector

Polity Structure: The Kyalao didn't have concrete government before their interactions with the Cyrantans. They were just beginning to become a society on their primordial planet when the Cyrantans found them and stepped in.

Now, the Kyalao have what boils down to a monarchy. They have a singular head that chooses what happens to the people as a whole. The head, known as the Foreman, is the final word on what the Kyalao do. However, the Foreman does have assistants and advisers that recommend paths for them to take. The Foreman is groomed to keep the Kyalao's best interests in mind, beat out only by completing their jobs and serving the Cyrantans.

Polity Details: Before the Union, the Kyalao were nothing. Barely sentient and wholly simple, the Kyalao were just creatures with an inkling of intelligence. It is told in stories and history feeds that the Cyrantans swooped down in their shining ships, landed on the primordial swamp that was Plyalo, and saved the Kyalao from a fate of either death or mediocrity. They saw something useful in the barely sapient creatures (perhaps it was obedience?) and decided that both Plyalo and the Kyalao were worth their time.

What the Cyrantans built was, to the Kyalao, describable only with a single word. Godlike. From the swamps they pulled up massive buildings of metals unknown, keeping the weather and the outside world at bay. From the creatures and the plants the drew out useful resources beyond measure (and forget anything like conservation for the gross things that lived there). And from the Kyalao, the Cyrantans made capable workers. They gave them machines and resources to make huge and valuable objects. They gave them bodies beyond their imaginations, bodies that let them do so much more than they ever would on their own. And the Cyrantans gave them knowledge, information beyond their comprehension now at the tips of their new metallic limbs. And all they asked for in return was the fruits of their labors and complete and utter obedience. Who in the right mind would have said no?

However, not all is well with the Kyalao society. They, as a species, were raised by the Cyrantans. Of course, the analogy is more akin to a child living in vaguely the same area as their supposed parent, one that they rarely see, but it is a usable analogy nonetheless. So what, then, is a child supposed to do when their parent says that they're leaving for good, never to return, and starts neglecting them even further in order to achieve their goals? Why, what any child would do. The Kyalao began working to get the Cyrantans' attention. They worked harder, pushed themselves more to create works of architecture and industry that were bigger and more useful than before. And the Kyalao continue to do so, hoping that one day before the Cyrantans ascend to their godhood, they'll realize what the Kyalao mean to them and bring them along. Or... at least, give them something to remember them by.

Polity Leader: The Foreman Hyleao CT-847. In Kyalao society, there is not a big focus on personal identification. In fact, most Kyalao don't even possess names, going by the serial numbers assigned on their mechanical bodies, if they need to be identified at all. The Foreman, however, is different. Foreman is merely a title, but one that most Foremen use frequently. All Foremen share the same name as well, that being 'Hyleao'. Foremen are differentiated by, again, their bodies' serial numbers. The current Foreman is known as Hyleao CT-847.

Hyleao CT-847 has not had a very complicated service as Foreman. It has served all typical duties of a Foreman, overseeing transactions of products and services across Union controlled systems, the rare diplomatic meeting, and leading attempted efforts to once again curry the favor of the Cyrantans that the Kyalao as a whole have felt they've lost. However, it has recently been discovering a new problem in ruling: a lack of direction. Under the Cyrantans, the Foreman simply did what it needed to for them, carrying out any orders that were required. But now that the Cyrantans have become even more sparse than they were before, the Foreman has faced the problem of simply not knowing how to continue. Still... there is always a way...

Names of Stars: Motherboard, District 57, Plyalo/The Workshop (Kyalao Homeplanet)
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RE: Celestia
Excerpts from "Herpeto-logical: Charming Kens and How to Keep Them":

Primary Race Name: Ken

Description/Physiology: The Ken are a race of slithery snake people. They are long, coldblooded, scaly creatures that come in all sorts of colours and patterns and have such serpentine features as a Jacobson's Organ and venom. Their tails are also prehensile and extremely dextrous, allowing them to interact with objects even without hands - though in this new age of science and wonder most have hands now in some way, shape, or form.

Culture/Society: Members of the Ken race are an adaptable, creative, and industrious race, though perhaps not inherently powerful or brilliant. As much of their culture is based on an individuals colour palette and patterns, they are also interested in finely designed goods and buildings.

To make up for a lack of arms or hands, an individual Ken will often construct (or buy) some sort of mechanical arm set. They range everywhere from cumbersome arm sets for the laysnake to floating, mentally controlled hands for the wealthy, inventive, or important to Cyrantans. Because of this, their military is based a lot on vehicles and remote control combat.

Their charming colours, patterns, and attitudes towards nice things and those who owned them make them an interesting and exciting addition to any Cyrantan household, or those who want to try and impress an overlord or two.

Union Role: Pets, and occasionally servants and aides but in a kind of condescending way, like a monkey butler.

Excerpts from "So You Want to Join BOA?":

[Image: IZKDS7l.png]

Polity Name:B.O.A. - Battle Organization Arbo

Polity Structure: Enlightened Dictatorship/Military Organization. The organization is centered around three planets. Arbo, the nominal homeworld of the Ken race, is practically an industrialized machine, pulling resources from uninhabitable resource worlds to keep itself running. It is here where one of the largest production facilities exist in the non-core worlds, as the Cyrantans built upon the massive industry Arbo had for war machines when they first discovered the race.

Abmam and Laroc are the first two colonies of Arbo and fully fledged planets in their own right, the former a largely desert world with little water and primarily housing land based members of the Ken race and other races, and the latter being an ocean world with a handful of small continents and islands and being a home for more aquatic races and members of the Ken. Laroc also serves as a sort of homebase of BOA, being the planet the organization originally called their centre of operations, and they have few enemies there.

Polity Details: The Ken race was a minor space-faring power before the Cyrantans arrived, having colonized various small planets and moons as well as setting up new homes in Abmam and Laroc. However, conflict proved to be the undoing of Arbo's attempts to grow. Conflict, and an effort by other Cyrantan client races to take over the world on their own so the Cyrantans didn't have to waste their own time. As the capital began learning the secrets to producing massive powerful war machines out of ore and pistons, two different powers would arise from their two founded worlds, Battle Organization Arbo from Laroc and the Garter Infantry from Abmam. Both organizations had built massive power bases, and would fight over Arbo in an attempt to see their version of a Ken future come true.

Despite greater numbers and the mass of Ore Piston machines built in Arbo, BOA was consistently defeated by the G.I.s and a powerful Red leader John, who had the support and technology brought by the Client Races. The water snakes and allies of Laroc just were no match for the land snakes and Reds of Abmam. Things changed, however, when the Cyrantans finally got fed up and decided to deal with the troublesome situation. BOA, beaten and willing to do whatever it took to win control of the Ken worlds, agreed to serve as a client state under the empire, while G.I. John and his forces thought they could do better than serve under the Cyrantans anymore thanks to Arbo's resources and dangerous notions of freedom and liberty. You probably know the outcome of that.

Regardless, now BOA rules all three worlds with a sort of iron fist, or at least they did at first. In fact, they spent so long reinforcing their rule instead of coming up with schemes and power plays that they kind of became focused on the idea of peace and stability over tyrannical might. There are still some who wish to be free from the yoke of their overlords, but most members of the Ken race and the other species of the planets are okay with whatever causes the least turmoil.

Polity Leader: Boa Boss is the incredible, mysterious, and unquestionable ruler of the three planets (excepting, of course, his merciful Cyrantan overseers). He showed up to lead BOA around the time that G.I. John was building up to oppose them, and him and his multiracial elite team were the only ones who prevented BOA's complete collapse. Once the Cyrantans stepped in and gave Boa Boss power, he used it to make Arbo and her colonies less focused on eternal warfare and more focused on advancement, collaboration between all client races (including
encouraging immigration), and serving the mighty and benevolent Cyrantans who at any moment could rush in and ruin his shit right back to the snake stone age if they felt like it.

Boa Boss is an imposing snake/humanoid figure (lower half snake) completely covered in a suit, armour, and a stylish helmet. Nobody has seen what he looks like, or even what race he is, but he and everyone else knows for sure that he must be a Ken, and that his brilliance allowed him to concoct a sweet set of cybernetic arms (which the Cyrantans then must have upgraded for his service).

Boa Boss leads by example. and from the front. This is why, just in case, he has Boa Beacon Bosses who serve as his exact body doubles and he can control through interstar relays from any system where BOA is active. Furthermore, to extend that range, Boa Beacon Beta Bosses - which are exact body doubles but with TV screens for faces and with shittier tech under the hood - remain active in different parts of said systems. He also has a multirace crack squad of themed goons, each of whom serve with the utmost talent and loyalty.

Names of Stars: Boidae, Elapid, Thamnophis
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So as it turns out, I don't think I'm up to running this. I definitely want to run a game, but now's probably not the time for a states game.

This definitely will be the next states game. It's just gonna be shelved for now. Sorry for messing people around, but keep your apps - this'll come, eventually. But I probably want to run something more like an RP first.
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Cool! Cheers; this really feels like it'll be fun once it starts up.

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