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Saving humanity from total extinction - no charge.

The truth is, we are not alone in this world.

And we are not safe.

Let us get down to business. You are a field agent of REDOUBT, a secret society dedicated to the protection of Earth (and by extension, the rest of the universe) against otherworldly threats. REDOUBT holds the distinction of being the worse-end of secret societies. There are other secret societies. They are not kind.

You will be expected to travel a lot. Work is dangerous and thankless. Good luck.

You will need it.

[b]CODENAME:[/b] Your unique designation. 1-2 words max.
[b]REAL NAME:[/b] Full name. Do not give out freely.
[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] Your appearance, personality. Be brief.
[b]EXPERIENCE:[/b] Abilities preternatural, supernatural or otherwise. You are assumed to have basic training (read: barest definition of competence) in firearms and mundane vehicles.
[b]BACKGROUND:[/b] How you got into REDOUBT? Be brief.
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[b]//REDOUBT DOSSIER:  ACCESS LEVEL: FUSHIA. (If anyone of you higher ups are reading this, Seriously why?)//[/b]

[b]CODENAME:[/b] Agent Variance
[b]REAL NAME:[/b] William Vortman
[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] Outwardly Mundane. Refuses to wear anything else then gaudy Hawaiian shirts, slippers and brown khaki's. His Personality can be summarized as.. easily cowed slacker
[b]EXPERIENCE:[/b] Nothing exceptional except for the ability to temporarily steal and then mimic many supernatural powers we have arrayed against him. He is basically stealing the talent from our people.. maybe we can use it on our more talented enemies as well?
[b]BACKGROUND:[/b] Agent Variance was a civilian encountered by chance on multiple REDOUBT mission parameters, being a detriment due to him (accidentally) stealing powers belonging to REDOUBT AGENT. Due to losses he was forcibly conscripted by Agent Darva

(Seriously, why do we have this guy, I mean our standards are kinda bad and we need people but seriously this guy?)
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CODENAME: Morning Delivery
REAL NAME: Lachlann Tosd
DESCRIPTION: Short buzzcut, red hair. Freckles. Tan. Sort of mousey face, with pointed nose.
EXPERIENCE: Good at disguising vans of spy equipment and/or agents as a mundane vehicle, such as a milk man's van. Talent at stealthily breaking locks, and then closing them, without leaving a trace. Can perfectly remember where everything in a room was, but only for a really short time, using this to make sure nothing looks out of place once they leave.
BACKGROUND: Lachlann used to work for a private security firm, Purpurham, which was not entirely legal, as they tended to conduct searches without a warrant (and they would never get a warrant in the first place). This has went on for a long while, and Lachlann was one of the top members of this team. He used to be a pretty good burglar, before being caught by one of the Purpurham agents, who gave him a choice of working for them or life in prison. Which was entirely unfounded but Lachlann didn't know he would only get a year or two at max, so he joined.
History repeated later, and Purpurham was busted by a much more formidable group, which resulted in its annexation. He was reassigned to one of the subgroups of his new employer, which was... Redoubt.

It is time time
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CODENAME: The Priest
REAL NAME: Azrael Alphonso
DESCRIPTION: Has a variety of different outfits depending on exact case, but wears an ornate set of dark green robes with runes upon them. Old chap with a grey goatee, mustache and bushy eyebrows. Quiet, but eloquently spoken, reminds people of an 18th century Victorian scholar.
EXPERIENCE: Knows numerous occult languages and master of rituals and charms to combat a wide range of flavours of occult threats, ordained in several religions and excommunicated in over a dozen more.
BACKGROUND: Was a theoretical scholar and researcher for the Christian church, until an encounter with a fallen angel revealed new shades of the world to him. Was one of a few survivors in said encounter, saved by Redoubt. Immediately requested to join up with them and strove to become an expert in monsters and terrors to help overcome his fear in them and to assist others in battling them.

“One day you wake up and realize the world can be conquered.” - Doctor Impossible

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